Adam Poch’s Big Brother 19 Player Rankings – Week 08

Adam Poch tries to burn down the Big Brother house

Remember a few weeks ago when I said Big Brother 19 could possibly compare with Season 6 as far as drama? Yeah – I was wrong!!! This season had lots of fights and you were afraid to miss the feeds cause who knows what was going to happen next. This has been the most boring week so far this season. We do have the prospect of some new drama as Paul’s setting up his minions to attack each other, and when the dust clears – he could be $500K richer.

BUT FIRST – lets take a look back at this week and see who I think deserves some porky delights, and who has to wallow with their pressed soy!

Paul Abrahamian – 5 strips of Bacon – as much as I am not rooting for him, his hard work early on making “friendships” is starting to pay off. As I mentioned in the opening this week, Paul has put himself in the middle of 3 duos – with all 3 thinking he is with them more than the other duos. All of them need Paul as a number, and he knows this – so he stirs the pot by dropping little hints of which duo is targeting who.

This late in the game, paranoia is out the window, you know people are trying to get you out. So feeding into their psyche is the best way to ensure they will take shots at each other and Paul will be handing out ammo.

In a rare occurrence, I am giving the rest of the house Tofu this week.

Jason Dent – 1 strip of Tofu – if anyone almost got bacon this week, it was Jason. First off congrats on becoming a dad for the 2nd time. I cannot imagine what that was like finding out “on national television.” That may be the only thing that could have topped Tori Spelling coming in on BB13. Next, congrats to Jason for winning HoH during the Double Eviction, and then the Veto this week to remove himself from the block.

Quietly he is starting to rack up some wins and making his case for the jury later. BUT…. all the bacon he should have gotten for this, he loses for that horrible, HORRIBLE speech during his nominations. That just blew up his own game, and he did not / still does not know how he showed his cards. The worst part was his cards were just a pair of 2’s. I was convinced he would be the one to take a shot at Paul – nope… enjoy the jury house in 2 weeks or less.

Christmas Abbott – 1 strip of Tofu – if you make a big deal about how you are going to make monumental moves as HoH & then go and take out the houses biggest target, that means one of 2 things. 1) You do not know what a big move really is. 2) You do not know what a big move really is. The only way her HoH would have been great is if Mark won Veto. Christmas is still in a good spot as her injury keeps people thinking she will be easy to beat later. But she just got the cast off, and we are still a couple weeks from the final HoH, so…

Josh Martinez – 2 strips of Tofu – for the first time this season, Josh was not the most annoying HG this week. He has a strong bond with Christmas, and of the duos, this is the one that Paul wants to take to the end because they are easy to beat. I saw someone compare Josh to Phillip on Survivor, how he was the reason Boston Rob won his 15th time on. This is a perfect analogy, For those of you that do not know, Rob was hated by the jury… Phillip was despised. Josh is so unaware of how to do jury management. However, he is playing the game hard, for Paul.

Mark Jansen – 3 strips of Tofu – it looks like the player I thought would take it all at the beginning of the season is walking out the door this week and pretty much his game was flawed all season. Mark came in as a lovable teddy bear but he played a horrible social game. He did win the Veto to protect himself during the Double Eviction – but that sent his showmance partner home. He tried to get some “friendship” in the house back by protecting Paul with his “Save a Friend” Temptation Apple but that was also too little too late.

Mark did have the chance to save himself again by winning the Veto, but he lost that as well and walking out the door. However he is not going out without a fight. He has made his case to everyone why they should keep him and has been speaking the truth about who is targeting who – but too many flip flops up til now caused no one to believe him this time around.

Kevin Schlehuber – 3 strips of Tofu – poor Kevin – he’s been homesick for the last couple of weeks and that has caused everyone to think he is shady. He was in such a good spot before that but he was a little too caring about the last couple of people walking out the door & that has also made people question his intentions. Kevin was the only one doing jury management whether he knew it or not. Hopefully Kevin can figure out how to win a competition soon or he will be walking out the door soon as well.

Raven Walton – 4 strips of Tofu – I am still so over this girl. Just like Mark, Raven was one of the people I was rooting for preseason – but she really is one of the worst players of the season. Raven has done absolutely nothing gamewise, and her undying loyalty to Paul & Matt has kept her safe for now. She talks the biggest game without actually doing anything. I actually do feel bad for her when she gets out and sees she is not as beloved as she thinks she is.

Matthew Clines – 5 strips of Tofu – similar to Raven – Matt has not done anything this season – although he has taken the role of pawn pretty well. That’s maybe because he thinks playing pawn is a great game move. The reason he gets an extra strip of Tofu this week over Raven is because he has said a few things out loud in front of people about how great Paul is – and now Paul is getting paranoid that people may pick up on it.

Loose lips sink ships in this game, and Matt should have kept his mouth busy shoving cereal in it instead of talking. It’s really cute watching him & Raven try to talk game with people because they have no clue.

That brings me to the Tofurkey of the Week – and that honor goes to Alex Ow. I have been holding out hope that what Alex said weeks ago about getting in good with the big group and then turning them all against each other would come to fruition. But as the weeks went on, she stayed on Team Paul – and then in an absolute HORRIBLE move – called Jason her Ride or Die in front of the whole house when Derrick came in. Everyone knew this was true – but you do not bring attention to it.

To make her game even worse, Alex thinks she has Josh in her pocket along with Jason, but turning her back on Kevin who actually is in her pocket. She is setting herself up to be a target with Jason and her bad attitude to everyone walking out the door will lead to people not wanting to vote for her IF she happens to make it to Final 2. She says she is a gamer – but does not look at the long term game. She looks one step ahead, not 4. Now Alex is going to look back at her game and be the HG most likely to complain and beg to be on again.

Question of the week – of all the people left in the house – who is most likely to take a shot at Paul? (No one is not an acceptable answer)

Alright – another week in the books and lets hope that something exciting happens these last couple of weeks and does not let this become the worst season in BB history when it started off as possibly being one of the best seasons.

From outside the Big Brother House – I’m Adam Poch – have a great day!!

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  1. I’m sorry to say that the answer to “Who is most likely to take a shot at Paul?” is “Nobody,” and I agree it’s unacceptable. Perhaps if someone’s game is about to be over, like Raven or Matthew or Kevin next week, they will initiate something out of desperation, but that’s how it will be perceived within the house — desperate — and it won’t work. Jason, Josh, and Kevin can’t and/or won’t take a shot. The people who have the ability to make something happen if they do take a shot at Paul, Christmas and/or Alex, won’t do it. I think someone will take a shot at Paul when it’s way too late, at the final four level … Alex and Christmas may band together to give themselves a shot at winning. Probably too little too late.

      • Kev can see through Paul. We don’t know that Kev really thinks because Kev is smart enough not to tell anyone. What we need is Kev to have alone time with a camera and to have him talk game with us. Or maybe the DR can coax it out of him.

    • I agree with this… if Kevin ever actually won HOH I think he might make a big move and maybe even put up both Paul and Alex. He is on to both of them and with less and less people in the house he may finally make a move like that,

  2. I’m hoping Alex and it would take Jason being BD’d to do it. That might wake her up if she felt that Paul was involved. However it will be too little too late, she won’t be able to rally the support, it will seem like sour grapes. Hope to be surprised.

    • If Alex waits till Jason gets backdoored, it would be too late for her! She will not have the votes to save herself let alone backdoor Paul! She will be lucky not to be evicted the week after! The way I see it now, Matthew, Raven vs Alex, Jason targets each other with Kevin a pawn! Josh, Christmas, Paul would be safe and just be waiting on the others to evict each other one by one! Whoever winds up on the block will be voted out by the other couple with help from Josh, Christmas, Paul and of course, Kevin!

      • If Jason wins HOH then one of Maven goes. Then Kevin wins HOH and puts up two of the Paul, Santa and her elf. Maybe Paul won’t go but one of them will.

      • Kevin probably will not put up Paul. He is still too loyal to Paul for his own good! Paul would evict Kevin because he is expendable. He will get to Final 2 with someone like Josh or Christmas and win easily!

    • I agree it will take Jason to getting evicted for Alex to see she was backstabbed. That’s why Paul doesn’t want HOH because then he doesn’t have to show his cards. Alex trusts him because she doesn’t see what we do. And most alliances work together and trust each other until the end. I just wish they would start comparing notes. But they don’t because they all think they’re in an alliance with Paul.

      • And if she’d start really listening to Jason and his suspicions about Paul and then consider the possibility that Paul may be playing all sides

      • And if Paul is such a terrific, aggressive player – why doesn’t someone ask why he is so averse to getting his hands dirty. The whole “I’m not going to win this week so I can win next week” game play is so stupid; they can plan all day and night which comp they will win, but that doesn’t guarantee it. If you want to make a big move, take the win when it’s presented and do it.

  3. I think you summed it all up fairly well. I especially agree with the Christmas assessment. Christmas could have gotten Alex but she didn’t have the guts to do it.

      • I honestly think she might be the one with Paul in her sights. She has definitely needed him and used him to further her game. She’s no dummy, though. This next HOH will be crucial to her game, I think.

      • her convo last night with Paul where she was basically stroking his ego was either setting him up to fail, or she is pushing him to the end as well. I would vote for her to win over him.

      • Why would you vote for her to win over him? I mean, I really don’t like Paul. Christmas was one of my early favorites. I just think he’s outplayed her and she hasn’t done much, but I’d like to know your thoughts as a former HG.

      • I think she has a really good chance at winning as long as it’s not against Paul. If she manages to pull the cord and get Paul out, she’d be deserving of the win. I don’t care for Christmas at all but if she could mastermind Paul’s eviction, she’d win, I believe.

      • She’ll never evict him. At least not according to her game plan she talked about yesterday to the cameras.

      • I don’t either. Listening to her talk to the cameras yesterday about her game plan she wants to push Paul to the end. She doesn’t want him to be a pawn because she’s afraid he’ll be a target. SMH.

      • yep posted similar statements earlier..I believe she is setting Paul up and gonna use Josh to help her..

      • There is a whole lot of stroking Paul’s ego going on. I might be giving these Hgs too much credit, though. I mean, you don’t think they seriously worship him, do you? smh
        Hopefully, Christmas has control of her faculties and she setting him up. She might be gone before we get the chance to find out. Their exit interviews sometimes reveal their strategies, but some are reluctant to say anything at that time.

      • If she’s sitting beside Paul, I’m curious to know, based on game play, what’s your logical basis on voting for her to win over him?

  4. There is no scenerio where Paul can go before final 4 unless production plays feeds of his discussions to the HG’s. He has situated himself as everyones third, so up against anyone else on eviction night, they will take the shot at someones couple not him. But he wont even see the block until final 4 as there is other options for people to put up. Also him going home at final 4 only works if one he is against someones couple or if this is when Alex takes her shot. But by then she wont be there and he will be everyones second. He will win final hoh as he will have built a final 3 with weak competitors. Not one of them are smart enough to see this coming.

    • All we can hope for is some of the couples start chatting and it slips from one of them how Paul pledged his allegiance to them and it gets the other couple to be like, “Wait, what? That’s the same thing he told us!”

      I’m not convinced any of the remaining HGs would STILL take a shot at him but it’s our only hope, Obi Wan.

  5. This cast is a bunch of petty scumbags, they are still talking trash about Cody, who is not even in the house anymore!

  6. Every time i see Christmas riding around on that thing of hers, in the back of my mind i think of the wicked witch theme when the witch is riding her bike in the wizard of oz.

  7. Adam, this is my favorite article each week. Nice job, as usual. I do have one piece of advice that I think would be cool: include a chart at the end each week that shows how much bacon/tofu each HG has gotten each week, along with season totals. It would be fun to see visually how everyone is doing overall and how they fluctuate from week to week.

  8. “In a rare occurrence, I am giving the rest of the house Tofu this week.” And they all deserve it!!!

    I think Jason might be the most likely to take a shot at Paul. I feel like he has picked up on things and sees the bigger picture, but yes, his speech was dreadful and he’ll have to find a way to take his shot without letting Alex shut him down like she always does. It might actually be better for his game if someone can get Alex out this week and he can maybe hook up with Kevin.

  9. I think once Jason fully realizes that Alex isn’t a great ride or die and values nothing other than his blind loyalty and physical abilities he’ll take the shot at Paul. and if he’s smart he’ll lean on Kevin and try to shake some sense into Matt’s dumbass! damn and he could have had Mark to rally an army for Paul, because Xmas and Josh are laughable and forced Alex’s hand to pick Jason or Paul.

  10. Jason is the only one that has been iffy about Paul, and with the dumb a** gone, he can start playing for himself. I disagree with Josh not being able to handle jury members. I think he has a pretty good shot of winning, unless Paul is next to him. He has done all the dirty work for the house and that gives him points with them. If he does make it to the end, then all of the jury will be his users and abusers. I think Kevin may be the only one at the end to beat Paul. If he is sitting next to him.

    • I thought so too, until Kevin starting pissing people off the past few weeks. Not to mention, he hasn’t done ANYTHING in this game. Paul would have Alex, Matt, Raven, Josh, Xmas, probably Elena, probably Mark, maybe Cody

    • Kevin stupidly told Paul he would beat him. They were playing pool and Kevin counted people’s votes and thinks he would get 6 against Paul. Paul of course just listened and said he would be ok with 2nd. Kevin also mentioned Alex would never get enough jury votes to win. Kevin made a lot of good points that got Paul thinking about keeping her longer. Kevin plays good for a minute, then spills too much.

      • I still think secretly Paul wants to be in F2 with Alex but just telling everyone else what they want to hear.

      • I’m leaning more towards him taking Josh, which I don’t like at all!

      • My perfect F3 is Paul/Kevin/Jason, as for F2, still not sure but Paul and one of those 2. I wouldn’t mind any of those 3 winning the game but I think Paul has worked the hardest for it and should be rewarded accordingly.

      • I don’t like Kevin that much but idm him in f3. Jason has really grown on me and after Sunday’s episode, I want him to win 2nd to Paul… That’s a 180 for me because I absolutely hated him in the beginning. I don’t mind Alex in f4, she’s worked hard, I think she deserves it.

      • Same, I hated Jason in the beginning but now I absolutely love him. I don’t really think Kevin deserves to be in a F3 to be perfectly honest. He hasn’t done much in the game, Josh has done more than him in that regard. I just have soft spot for Kevvy and I think he really needs the money.

      • For what, retirement? His kids are grown, kev is going to gamble. Lol the people I think need it the most is Kevin and unfortunately Cody. Cody is really poor.

      • They took his house, when his father was arrested, he has 7 kids, a lot of them are still dependent on them, Kevin and his wife. I just think he has a lot of financial strain. Cody, he has only himself to take care of, he’s in arrears with his child support and I don’t think he will do anything about that. He will spend money on his ho (jess) before he puts it toward child support.

      • Ha haaa! You right about Cody! Have you noticed with both his speeches he said he can’t wait see Jessica before his daughter?? He realized he said Jessica first both times then threw in his daughter. Jessica done gave him some of that PROFESSIONAL ussy! Lol he whipped.

      • Ha, you know I did girl, first thing I picked up on. He mentioned his ho first before his daughter. That’s why I say, he will spend all of his money on her before he ever pays for child support.

      • I think he reconsidered wheb he and Kevin played pool the other night and Kevin said no one would vote for her and I know when Paul’s engine goes running. He gets a look.

  11. Tofu galore!…That’s what I’m gonna have today. Panda Express/tofu eggplant…they’re good!

    • One positive thing I give them credit for is picking a side and riding it out instead of playing both sides like Mark waiting to see who comes out on top so he ride their coatail. He’s a nice guy but I hate players like him and I’m glad he’s going home.

      • The only reason Maven have stuck with one side is because it would take effort to switch sides. They’re saving all their efforts for under the covers. They certainly are not moving their lazy azzes for game play

      • When Cody came back and Jessica won that hoh, I was expecting them to do what Marlena did and it surprised me they didn’t but jumped on board with blindsiding them with Ramses. I can respect that because they could have easily coward in fear of Cody winning the next hoh, I mean he was a comp beast. They witnessed him beat Paul twice head to head.

      • Except sticking with Paul’s group at that point was the safer bet because he had the numbers. As long as they weren’t Jody’s target, it was safer to stay put. They knew Josh was Jody’s target.

      • Pi**ed was Cody’s regular state of mind but they were going for Josh cos they thought everyone would fall in line with that.

      • I meant in general. Anyone could have been Cody’s next target, he played with no rhyme or reason. Something tells me, had he won next hoh, he’d have gone straight for maven out of anger and left josh.

  12. Nobody would vote for Alex if she was in the final 2 lol she has no friends in that house. Isn’t it weird how she only hangs out with Jason? why? I read somewhere that she hates females…but why hang around that one person jason? Isn;t it obvious he is your f2. She’s so dumb.

    • Alex is an idiot. She lectures everyone else on how to do this and that, how to do jury management when in fact she is one of the worst people in the house as far as jury management is concerned.

  13. It’s about time someone is being fair to Paul. I guess the new thing on this site is attack the best player, and root for the stupid ones that got sent home.

    • It’s been that way the whole season and it will continue to be that way. Blame Paul for playing a good game as if it’s a crime. It truly baffles me.

      • I don’t even enjoy commenting regularly anymore because people are not talking game, just ranting and raving about the player that playing the best game! I mean this is big brother, not The Waltons. Why don’t i see your reply on the thread. I think I may have screwed up something in settings.

      • I feel ya girl. I end up collapsing the majority of comments because they are anti Paul/BB rants. I read 3 words and….yeah. We’ve all heard it before. The game sucks, Paul sucks, this season sucks, boo hoo. Turn off the show and go somewhere else!

      • Exactly! It doesn’t make sense! Like what is so wrong with people aligning with Paul? If they didn’t lose to Paul, they’d lose to someone else? There’s ALWAYS going to be a dominant person in the game. If it wasn’t Paul it would have been Cody! So what’s the problem with these people??

      • Seriously, if Paul wasn’t in the game, it would be a free for all because these minions would really have to use their brains to decide who to evict! I doubt any one of them will dominate anything! They will actually, have to play the game and there would be more game play. Paul being in the Big Brother House eliminates any game play because they just all want their stipend and float to the very end!

      • I quess you should write big brother and list your concerns. How dare they cast Paul knowing he would disrupt the game this way.

      • Agree, I miss the enjoyment I used to get coming to this site and reading everyone’s comments.There are usually many funny and insightful posters This year it seems like just ranting and raving about how bad the season is, how bad the players are and how bad Paul is. I skip over most of those comments and try to seek out those who have something else to say besides complaining about the same things over and over.

      • OK, Paul is playing the game. (Not great, just the game. If he had any viable competition, he’d be playing a great game to be where he is.) What’s unlikeable about Paul are his personal attacks – turning the knife once it’s already in someone’s back, wanting to harass someone till they “crack” and being too chicken sh*t to do the dirty work himself – that is poor game play, and he does way too much of it.

      • Exactly how I feel, Grace. Paul is at least playing the game, but to call him the best player or a brilliant player is ludicrous. To do that, he’d have to have fought for it week after week (instead of having weeks of safety) and not have HGs ready to sit on their swords for him.

      • Last year I would say Paul was a great player, outside of who he chose to take to final two. This year he is a flat out dick. He’s good at reading his competition and playing accordingly, but it’s not enjoyable to watch.

    • A, You clearly haven’t been reading these articles of Adam’s. Paul’s been earning bacon all season (except for that one week where Paul was acting on a personal level and not game level because there really is no benefit to attacking someone who’s out the door).

      B, Lately, I see more people complaining about the Paul haters than actual Paul haters, which is just as annoying.

      • Do you? I never run into those comments. Funny because never read Adam and the “tofu” was the only time I read it. Lol I read Matthew’s articles. Although He doesn’t bash him, he rarely emphasizes the skill Paul is infiltrating in the game. Like no one has given him credit for leading an alliance that actually operated successfully! With Mark’s eviction Thurs, that would be FOUR targets eliminated CONSECUTIVELY! Thats extraordinary! I’ve never seen an alliance stick to the plan and work together long enough to accomplish that! They’re doing it correctly, work together to insure you get further in the game, get your targets out, then go for each other. Paul organized and executed that. Bravo Paul!

      • Did you see BB12? The Brigade actually executed this plan much better. They were 4 equal partners, not 1 player leading around a pack of “floaters.”

    • The only reason we root for someone else is there is no game play. We all knew this was going to happen. Those rooting for Paul wanted Jessica and Cody out because they were the only threats and the only ones playing too! Week after boring week with the minions targeting those in the bottom whoever that is! Big Brother used to be about game play which is why Dr Will, Mike Boogie, Dan Gheesling made it fun and exciting! Those days are long gone! Bad casting for the past couple of years now has been focused on showmances and house guests focused only on getting to the jury and collecting their stipend and being on vacation! Believe it or not, most of them look at this as a paid vacation! When hundreds probably applied for Big Brother, I find it hard to believe these guys are the best they can come up with! Only reason I am here is to read up on the blog and see if someone takes a shot at Paul before it all ends. So far, it does not look good! Looks like he will get to the end with no one even trying to do anything to get him out!

      • Kind of why I think we should give AFP to Cameron. Send a message to BB’s casting department – we want FANS, not recruits, playing this game. They know how to play this game right. That’s why OTT was such a fun season. Even if you hated half the cast (which you did because the house was literally divided down the middle), at least they all knew the game.

  14. Boringest week thus far. Wish Christmas gets the house to flip on Thursday at the last second. That would be a BIG move!

  15. Great assessment Adam, I agree with everything you said, especially about Alex. The one thing that I don’t believe will have much of an impact is Jason’s speech. He was saying it to a bunch of brain dead HG’s. The only people who were even plugged into what he was saying are already aware and that is Alex and Paul. I imagine Raven was sitting there thinking how can I turn this around to be about me, Captain Cereal was dreaming about his next bowl of cereal, Josh was dreaming of pots and pans with the circus song on a loop, Kevin was wondering how many days until he finally snaps and Christmas was counting down the hours until her next pain pill.

  16. Paul up in the HOH room (by himself, doesn’t matter who actually IS HOH), eating his pile of perfectly cooked bacon. The rest of the chow hounds sitting around the dining room table stuffing tofu in their faces. Yep. Perfect assessment. As to who is most likely to take a shot at Paul? The only HG comes to mind … and it’s pretty far back on the burner, is Kevin. Only problem is, he has little-to-no support.

  17. My psycho-analysis on why this season has shaped up the way it has (with Paul obviously running the show):

    1) In the beginning of the BB game (pretty much every season):
    (a) Big, mostly non-strategic alliances are formed (e.g., “she’s hot!” “he has muscles!” “we’re all weird!”)
    (b) No one wants to become a target (getting out someone who is near the top of the pecking order of those big dumb alliances, OR voting against the house/ majority)

    After Cody did (a) and (b), Paul – who had allies on BOTH sides of the polar opposite alliances (i.e. the Bros/ “Babes” and the “Outcasts”) – was able to swoop in as the much needed leader against the newly dubbed “villain” in the house. “Villain,” given that Cody was blatantly dismissive of the “Outcasts,” and he had just gone rogue on his own big alliance.

    2) With Paul leading the charge against Cody, and kind of temporarily uniting the house, he was then able to convince every little ride-or-die pair that he knew he was not going to get far in the game, he has nothing to lose and therefore he would help them get as far as they can (and pretty much all of the house except Kevin and Mark still believe that).

    3) After all of these weeks of the house uniting with Paul to get Jessica/ Cody out, none of the ride-or-dies felt threatened enough to form an alliance with each other, and now at this point none of them trust the others as much as they trust Paul.

    1 + 2 + 3 = “The Paul Show,” brought to you by Cody! :)

  18. Agreed with what you said about Raven, but I will actually enjoy the thought of her coming home and realize how much she is disliked. Looks like Alex isn’t the only petty one around here.

  19. Nice job, Adam. I vote Christmas as being most likely to take a shot at Paul. She is the most devious, and her close ally Josh can be manipulated. When she used her “power” to take Cody out of the veto comp, I thought it was a dumb move. Not anymore. Paul may feel more secure about Christmas than is warranted, and an attack from her could surprise him. I suspect she might prefer to have Alex out first, however.

    • I think Xmas wants Jason out before anyone else. Jason wants her out…If Xmas takes out Paul, she is really only losing an ally. Her other ally Josh won’t be winning anything to keep her safe, and she’s not close enough to Maven for them to care if she leaves.

  20. Kevin? Maybe? If he had any idea how to get into Alex’s derangement (and I’ve just given up all hope on her) and get back on her good side to be his champion for lack of a better term as she is better in competitions. Hell, right now, Jason seems to be figuring out the comps, maybe they just have to let Alex explode and one of the two of them has a better actual social game than Paul.

  21. Aw, come on, Adam, you took all the fun out of the question this week.

    LOL, just joking. Great article, as always.

  22. Kevin – I think he can take out Paul after Mark is gone. He is the only clear minded person to do so. He can do it once Alex is gone. She is a MASSIVE stumbling block for her alliance. Jason can finally act on his own accord. Then Maven can be easily manipulated and there you have a 4-3 alliance. Paul can be out, half of Maven and any one else up for grabs. It’s the only way. I think Christmas is second running as she will not choose Paul over Josh. Something I know Paul knows and they both are easy to beat. His legit F3 is Josh and Christmas but he is like to kick Xmas at F4.

    I disagree with Marks ranking. He might be a little too late but he is pitching some great points that I am still yet to see from other players. As a result he needs 1-3 strips of bacon..

    • Agreed. He didn’t give up like the rest of the players sulking before eviction. He tried and I think it would have worked if it wasn’t for Alex. Jason and Kevin would have been open to flipping the vote to get Matt out. May have backfired but at least somebody might have done something in that game besides listening to Paul and nodding and following him around like robots. If aliens landed in the BB house and said “bring me to your leader” they would all point to Paul ☹️️

  23. First of all, I’d love to be a “fly on the wall” when Raven finds out how UNbeloved she is. Secondly, I wish Kevin would ramp up his game and win some stuff. I kind of thing he would go after Paul, but at the same time, knows if it fails, he’s a goner the next week. Third, I reallyyyy do not like Alex. Ultimate mean girl, and I can’t wait to see her face when she realizes she and Jason aren’t Paul’s ride or die – he has both other couples ahead of them. If only one person would allude to Paul’s F3 deal to an “outsider” (Jason telling Kevin, for example), let these folks realize Paul is telling everyone the same story, things could get interesting.

  24. I think Josh and Christmas have the most potential to turn against Paul… but I’m not even confident in that answer. Sigh 😔

  25. Christmas just showed her no big move gamer ! Nominated Mark, geez what a surprise, NOT ! She’s all talk & no play 🙊

  26. While Josh is very annoying, I dont necessarily agree that his jury management has been terribble. The first cody/elena and also mark may have issues with him but outside of those three the rest of the hg’s do not have any issues with him and find him more funny than annoying. I do agree that josh has to cut paul and if he is f2 against somebody such as raven, xmas, or matt then he definitely has a chance of winning.

  27. this has been a crappy season. Robin Kass should be ashamed of herself for getting these people. Or just maybe for bringing back Paul who is disgusting in his own right. Game would have been better without him.

  28. Does anyone else not find it incredibly ironic that ADAM POCH is doing these rankings? In his season he would literally get the tofurkey every week. He is the defenition of a floater ~ he just coasted his ass to the end and voted for the less deserving person since he was bitter… Probably one of the worst and most undeserving players of all time.

  29. Are all the houseguests really that dumb and star struck over Paul that they are that loyal to him and wouldn’t mind coming 2nd to him over 1st? I find it hard to believe that most everyone of them feel this way…… or is this just all a script and an act and it’s all rigged for Paul to win and for CBS ratingsssss because last season he was a fan fav….So no one will take Paul out for this reason. Cody was the only one and look where that got him… no one else seems to think Paul is a threat.. they seem to be playing for him… and I can’t buy that all of those folks are that dumb and blind but hell maybe they are they are pretty terrible people.

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