Adam Poch’s Big Brother 19 Player Rankings – Week 06

This week the Big Brother 19 drama and fireworks have continued to explode at any given moment, and hopefully the injury that Raven suffered during the Cody/Josh/Alex altercation will not need it’s own Go Fund Me campaign. But I am sure we will hear about it on Thursday Night’s broadcast.

Adam Poch tries to burn down the Big Brother house

The hardest part about doing my weekly Big Brother recaps is when to start mentally ranking them. Most weeks, by end of the day Monday, we are pretty sure who is going home, or if there is even a chance of flipping the vote. By Tuesday night, I start putting pen to paper (or in this case fingers to keyboard) and start to organize my thoughts.

This season, I am always afraid to start writing something the night before press time because who knows what will happen in the overnight. I am hoping that the huge fight between Josh & Jess/Cody Tuesday afternoon has solidified the decision this week, and I do not have to re-write this paragraph when I wake up. (Note – I did not, phew!!!)

BUT FIRST – lets hand out some swine for the fine, and tofu for the ummmm what rhymes with tofu…. not fine…

Kevin Schlehuber – 5 strips of Bacon – I found out a few weeks ago that Kevin & I share the same birthday, so that’s partially why he gets top honors for the week. Let’s face it – he did have the best week of everyone. He is out of the crossfire, in good with everyone, none of his lies or deceits have ever caught up to him, and this week a lot of players made mistakes, which just vaults him up even higher. Kevin would have earned just 3 or 4 strips on any other week, but he gets the 5 pack for being Aug 7th buddies!!!

Christmas Abbott – 4 strips of Bacon – Christmas used her Den of Temptation reward to eliminate Cody from the Veto competition, and then she was not even allowed to compete in it. While some have thought she should have kept it to help herself later in the game, using it now could be the bargaining chip needed to later in the game to get someone to help her. “Hey, I prevented Cody from winning the Veto and pulling Jess off the block, you owe me.” Christmas also earns big ups for subtly planting the seed in Josh’s brain to think for himself and not follow Paul’s every word. A lot of fans thought we were going to see a crafty gamer in Christmas, are we starting to see that coming to fruition?

Mark Jansen – 3 strips of Bacon – if there was a book on How to Play Big Brother – Chapter 1, line 1 should read – “If you are on the block and you win Veto, take yourself off the block” (line 1a – unless your name is Brendon). Seriously though – how does anyone ANYONE think this was a bad move (people do, more on them in the Tofu section). Mark has been on the receiving end of some massive bullying this season – and for the most part has kept his cool. His emotions dont always help him in the game, but his brain is working fine… on the block, win veto, remove self from block. THE END!

Jason Dent – 2 strips of Bacon – Jason had a pretty ho-hum week, not involved in the drama, not making himself into a target, staying cool and havin fun in the BB house. I still hold hope that when the numbers start dwindling, he will be the one to take Paul out.

Alex Ow – 1 strip of Bacon – kinda like Jason, Alex had a ho-hum week, but for this house this week – that’s a good thing. She still leans way too much in Paul’s direction despite having close ties with Jason & Kevin. Sure those 2 guys also lean Paul’s way but they still have their other foot out of the pool. It does not sound like Alex is on Cody’s radar in the chance that he wins HoH – so that also bodes well for her.

Elena Davies – 1 strip Tofu – so far in this game, Elena has not had to feel the pressure of being on the block – and while she may never know how big of a target she actually was this week, she is lucky that Jessica had such a meltdown on Tuesday. Any other week, any other season, Elena could have stood out as a potential flip vote. All the work she has done with Paul is also keeping her safe for now, but her game is slowly declining and she will have to step up her competition game the rest of the way.

Cody Nickson – 2 strips Tofu – Cody & Jessica knew they were the targets as soon as Josh won HoH – so they knew the only way both of them were going to be safe was winning the Temptation Challenge as well as the veto. Cody went out and did the first part pretty easily, then he got picked to play in the Veto giving him & Jess a 33% chance of winning. That was until Christmas came in and removed him from the playing field.

Cody is pretty much on his own the rest of the time he is in the house. Mark is there for moral support, but it sounds like even he would nominate Cody if he wins HoH. Cody has proven himself a great competitor and will possibly stick around another couple of weeks, but there is no way he can win all the way out. Let’s see how he plays without Jess around.

Josh Martinez – 3 strips Tofu – raise your hands if you are upset that Josh will no longer be able to bang pots & pans together… let me count… ok, just what I thought – no one! Josh did win HoH this week and actually had a good idea of trying to target Elena. We did see him get a little leery about how Paul is calling the shots, that lasted about a day.

Ultimately Josh could not take the high road like he said he wanted to moving forward in the game and went back to bullying & fighting. Then he had the nerve to cry about someone attacking him. He is young and naive, and nothing in life could prepare you for the stress that living in that house causes, but he does not need to be such a hypocrite about it.

Jessica Graf – 4 strips Tofu – escaping from tough situations in the Big Brother game separates the legendary players from the weak ones. Jessica & Cody almost were able to pull out keeping both of them safe (see Cody’s write up) – but when they could not win Veto, they needed to go to plan B. With 2 other people on the block, especially Raven & Elena, it would have taken some fancy footwork to get people to vote to evict one of the other girls.

Instead of trying to lay low and plant some seeds, Jessica felt it necessary to attack Josh in front of the rest of the house. Looks like Cody’s Big Brother 19 game rubbed off on her a little & now she will be walking out the door on Thursday. Of all the pre-jury HGs, Jessica is sure to be the one that everyone will want to hear from since her game was such a roller coaster ride.

Matthew Clines & Raven Walton – 5 strips Tofu each – I am just so over both of them. The fact that Matt made such a big deal of Mark using the Veto on himself is so, so, I don’t even know the word (I am literally sitting here with my jaw open shaking my head back and forth). I mean, that should be expected from Matt since he has no concept on how to play Big Brother – other than what Paul tells him. I started thinking Matt was his own person last week when he actually spoke out against the bullying. But no, he went back to his orange shirt, bowl of cereal, and trying to get Raven to do unholy stuff.

SPEAKING OF RAVEN – I cannot believe that after the altercation with Josh & Cody, all she talked about was how much her hand hurt. Again, this girl is playing the pity game so hard. It’s sad that she thinks everyone should feel sorry for her, but that’s probably her mother’s fault for years of trying to get money from people by hyping up Raven’s “medical conditions.” Raven acting like the victim when Josh put her up as a re-nom is also very laughable. Does she not remember volunteering? It’s like when you go out to dinner, and you fully expect the other person to pay, so you make that false gesture “oh, let me pay” – and they say OK! If you did not want to be a pawn, then keep your mouth shut.

Let’s hope the next injury Raven gets, they will have to sew her mouth shut! (sarcasm people, that was all sarcasm – I do not wish anyone gets hurt playing Big Brother!)

That brings me to the Tofurkey of the Week and I am giving it to Paul Abrahamian. Yes yes yes, I have been anti-Paul all season – but I have also been very fair with him in relation to his game. However this week there are 2 reasons for giving him this dubious dishonor.

1) Paul has always thought he had Josh deeeeep in his pocket, and this week with Josh winning HoH, Paul basically thought he could run the show. I always say on Big Brother, you get cocky, you get confident, you go home. If you ask every winner, they were fighting for their lives every single week. Paul started to show his arrogance and Christmas recognized that as a wedge to put between him & Josh, and maybe others to follow.

2) If you did not see the Josh vs Jess/Cody fight – it was pretty harsh. The name calling (fat shaming) was out of line. How Paul acted after that fight was even worse. First he tried to play the Best Friend to Josh “I woulda stepped to Cody had he gotten close to you blah blah blah…” Paul has been the one egging Josh on to attack Cody & Jessica – now that Cody & Jessica struck first this round, you act like they are the worst people on the planet? And if that was not enough, he decided to drag Mark’s name in the mud. Blaming Mark for not standing up against Cody & Jessica for the weight comments?? Are you *&^%$* kidding me bro??? Mark even went up to the room to check up on Josh, and Josh told him to go away (with Paul in the room). But then an hour later got in Mark’s face about not doing anything or saying anything about it. Mark finally said to Paul, why should I stand up for the guy that was bullying me?

Where was Paul and everyone else to jump in and stop that from happening? I honestly feel at this point in the game, Paul has lost touch with reality and only believes his actions are justifiable – and if you are against him, then you are the worst person on the planet. I better hear a DR from Paul on Thursday saying he regrets how he put all of this in motion by feeding into the anger of others in the house. I do not think I will.

Wow – I got a little carried away there huh? Perhaps, but hearing a bully, or even worse, and instigator of bullying complain when it goes the other way is completely ridiculous!! No need for that in Big Brother or in life.

Ok then – that brings me to my question of the week – and I will make it a fun one… since I share a birthday with Kevin, and we both share our birthday with Bruce Dickenson from Iron Maiden & David Duchovny of X-Files & Californication fame – what celebrities do you share your birthday with?

That’s all I got for this week – Let me know what you think of my rankings this week – as well as answer my Question of the Week in the comments section below.

From outside the Big Brother House – I’m Adam Poch – have a great day!!

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  1. I would have thought Jessica would be the Tofurkey of the week. If she were more in tune with the house, she would have sensed the anti-Elena sentiment that was ruminating, and taken advantage. If she kept up relationships with the others, she could have started whispers that keeping her might make more sense. Instead, she gave up. Holed away with Cody as she’s done all season. She’s a smart, intuitive player. But she gave up her game for Cody, pouting about how unfair everything has been. And in between naming their future children, what cars to buy for future children, etc. Blerg.

      • 3 votes out of 8+ HoH. I think Josh & X could have pulled off the upset but Josh didn’t finesse the rollout.
        Jess finally ruined it by snarking about Josh.

    • No way in hell did Jessica have a chance when that big alliance is wrapped like a ball of yarn! Even if Cody did not come back, Jessica is still at the bottom and would have been among the first ones evicted! The only way it frays is when they are forced to eat one of their own which is coming after Cody is evicted! What I hate is everyone just floating and no actual game play. Talking about making big moves is “not the same” as actual game play. Try lip service. Anyone can say anything but, are they playing the game when there is no action to back it up? Nope, it isn’t. Useless BS lip service is all it is!

    • How could Jessica sense anything in the house when she was holed up in bed with Cody 95% of the time? Jody wanted to play house for the summer then have the money handed to them. Not the way it works.

    • why? why should he get a free pass for stirring up all these people into a hateful frenzy? He is one of the main reason there is so much hate in the house this season. As a vet – I get what he is doing, but he is the one that has crossed the line.

      • It’s pretty clear you have a bias against Paul because you don’t like him. Paul is still in a pretty solid position in this game, to claim he played the worst out of anyone this week is ridiculous.

        I also find it interesting that you dislike him so much, yet you were such a big fan of Dick. Are we forgetting Evel’s homophobic statements toward Dustin? What about the time he “accidentally” burned Jen with a cigarette? You really think what Paul has done is worse? Come on man.

        If anyone deserves the tofurkey title, it should probably be the chick who personally attacked the main person fighting to keep her in the house this week, basically solidifying her eviction for nothing but pettiness. Jess actually had a chance to stay this week, but she killed it herself.

        But yeah, Paul’s worse because he’s a meany head and I don’t like him.

      • I respect your opinions – and trust me – as big of an ED fan as I was – I would have given him Tofurkey that week. I was a Paul fan last season, but this season I have given him credit for his hard gameplay (go back and read my column every week and see where he has been ranked).

        His game is fractured because of his own arrogance, but the way he reacted to the fight was IMO worse than the actual people fighting. What is his nickname for Josh behind his back? “The Blob” And remember when he told Josh – turn it up to 30? He encourages hate.

      • Yeah, where’s the fun Paul from last year running around the house as a special agent, dancing with Pablo, bantering with Victor. His inheriting the group from Cody early on put him in control overall and you’re right it has gone to his head. Paul was so much better as the underdog. Maybe if Christmas or Jason try to take a shot at him and some of the others desert him, he will have to fight his way back and redeem himself. He really needs to lighten up and not try to control every decision.

      • Honestly I hope that when or if Christmas or Jason take a shot at Paul, I hope they don’t miss. I want Paul to leave so for one he can stop instigating so much nasty behavior (eventually the show’s going to get canceled if crap like this keeps happening) and #2 simply because it forces people to stop sheeping him. People like Alex and Maven will have to play their own game

      • Out of the house with Victor, I think. He seems to have been the one keeping the lid on the majority of Paul’s nastiness.

      • Paul & X have given us a few cinematic-quality scenes of the evil couple plotting their crimes. We’ll never see these on TV but they were genius. And I’m as anti-Paul as you are, while respecting some parts of his game like you do Adam.

        They don’t even look at each other during these scenes but speak in to the mirror at each other.

        Here’s part of one from July 29.

        Shawty: (whispering to X) “Now all the buttholes got to shrink We’re gonna seriously have to do some crazy, weird, fucking psychological manipulation (her eyes light up with evil delight as she gazes into his in the mirror) …. and make this work this week. Because if it happens you and I immediately be….probably sociopaths (she giggles) but still….
        X: Wow. I am pretty good at that.
        10:23 PM Cam 1 .. Once again, right out of the fucking movies, Lil P and X…. or PX, are having one of those “we’re the evil power couple moments.” Again not looking at each other, but talking in the mirror to each other. This time it’s in the Kitchen…(last time it was in HoH bathroom as they groomed themselves.) Lil P, shirtless in a blue tutu with a tag sticking up in the back, first grabs X by the neck to choke her then moves into rubbing her shoulders from behind. He whispers in her ear. X’s eyes light up with evil delight.
        X: I need to step away from these cookies. (stuffing her face) Don’t touch my burn! (X burned her neck with curling iron Thursday while transforming herself into Virginia Madsen from American Gothic for the live show).
        X: Oh my gosh, do you feel the tension?
        Shawty: Yes I do. I do. I definitely feel the tension.
        X: In my neck. It hurts so much. Oh my God!
        Shawty: whspers something…(he’s rubbing hard now)
        X: I know. I’m taking it (moans, sighs)
        Shawty: (low whispering) “Now all the buttholes got to shrink We’re gonna seriously have to do some crazy, weird, fucking psychological manipulation (her eyes light up with evil delight as she gazes into his in the mirror) …. and make this work this week. Because if it happens you and I immediately be….probably sociopaths (she giggles) but still
        X: Wow. I am pretty good at that.
        Shawty: Make it happen and I can make sure that I can keep driving Cody nuts.
        X: (whispering) I will
        Shawty: And then whatever you need. If you need all of us in an HoH room to meet with Jessica ..something about none of us have a plan…. a pawn… if you give us Cody….
        X: 100 percent. I think that we’re gonna have to promise her something else. I think that it’s gonna have to be strong for her not to use it. She’s ready to use it.
        Shawty: Really? (he’s surprised)
        X: Yeah
        Shawty: So, tell me about that. How ready is she to use it?
        X: I mean she’s thinkin about it. I’m not pressing her one way or another. I just gave her my personal opinion of the situation and my personal opinion of her and frankly I …longer, I like to talk so… I draw out explanations and she’s worth more than that …she met him 4 weeks ago.
        Shawty: You (Jess) give us Cody and you’re in jury, guaranteed
        X: I told her that. I told her “what was your fucking goal coming in here? why did your goal change 2 weeks ago? and today how far is that original goal from now? ”
        Shawty: You mentioned the jury thing?
        X: mmm hmm
        Shawty: unintelligible
        X: I think she’s emotionally exhausted. So and which i understand. you know it’s a …something about meet and greets…. it’s an emotional drain.
        They are interrupted by loud house mayhem.
        X: Oh my God it’s starting.

      • You are so right. Big Brother should have removed Paul from the game the moment he instigated violence and had his minions do the dirty work for him!
        In the real world, if you instigate violence and someone gets hurt, you would be just as guilty and can be charged for it! Paul crossed the line but, Big Brother allowed it!

      • He didn’t instigate “violence”…annoyance maybe, but not violence. Paul did not hold a gun to anyone’s head and tell them to act like fools. They did that on their own. I am tired of everything getting blamed on Paul. Just because he suggests they do something doesn’t mean they have to listen. They are all of age and should be held responsible for their own actions.

      • Paul has consistently spoken about doing violent things and has specifically ordered people to bully other HGs. He ordered Matt & Mark to bully Ramses for a full week. Paul acted out physical bullying, a big guy threatening a little guy at that time. I don’t think Paul should be removed. The behavior of others at his direction is their own choice. But Paul’s leadership of this should be revealed on the TV show to an even greater extent. The tide has shifted in Production….the edit is changing.

      • Just what I was thinking. They are all adults , not little children. Paul may suggest something but he can not force them to do anything. Whatever they do is on them. Josh wants Elena out but as far as I know he hasn’t switched to Jessica because it is what Paul wants.

      • What “violence”?? There was no physical violence!!! Antagonizing people has always been part of the game. The people following Paul are just stupid enough to do his dirty work. People need to toughen up and grow some thick skin!

      • Yesterday’s fight was on Jess, but not last week. Regardless, Paul was certainly happy to take advantage of yesterday.

      • I agree Adam. I tried to voice the same argument in chat live feeds last night. People are so blinded by Paul and his shenanigans. Who was the one who told Josh to turn it up to 30 a week ago? I beleive production told Paul he was getting heat on the outside, so now he might be trying to save his butt.
        A bit to late Paul! I hope to see him walk out of the house sooner then later.

    • Paul is playing hard to win the game. Paul haters will never like Paul. Adam is wrong. Jess gets all the “T” this week and gets to keep Cody. She looses all around.

      • Or Paul is playing way too hard? Honestly, Paul fans are hard headed just like he is and will never see his faults. He’s playing like how Paulie was last year; a complete dictator who is good at competitions yet his arrogance and huge ego will be the destruction of his own game. But because Paul fans still feel that he was “robbed” (he was not), they will defend him at any cost.

      • the diff between paul and paulie is paul exsplains how it is good ideal to do what he wants and paulie tried to tell them what to do paul makes them think it,s what they wanted to do.

  2. You guys also share your birthday with the greatest hockey player on the planet – Sidney Patrick Crosby, 3-time (two of them back-to-back) Stanley Cup Champion & 2-time Olympic Gold Medalist.

    I share my October 16th birthday with Kirk Cameron. =)

  3. Elizabeth Taylor and Howard Hessman, random trivia I learned when I was about eight and computers started appearing. There are probably others and I haven’t actually ever adult verified those two. I also, though, am trying to get my mother (who I feel like is the only hold out but she kind of is the important one, as she likes to say as my birthdays get more depressing, its more her celebration than mine) to celebrate my half birthday instead. I am in New England and doesn’t August 27 sound so much better than February 27?

  4. I look forward to see who will get the tofurkey award each week, frankly i like paul but you gave the right argument for each choice i can’t refute the ranking(as usual). I share a bday with John F. Kennedy and Noel Gallagher from oasis.

    • It’s okay to like Paul. Just don’t be blind to how he’s acting. Liking someone for being one of the few to play the game isn’t wrong. Liking them to the point of defending inappropriate and barbaric behavior is what’s wrong with most fans (not all, but most).

  5. I’d probably have given Jessica the lowest honor but Paul is playing like a d-bag. Buuut what exactly is a concerge VIP? Is it like an escort? That’s totally what I’m picturing.

    My birthday buddies are Mr. T and Notorious B.I.G. I’m guessing no one under 30 would know who either of these people are.

    • biggie biggie biggie can’t you see…i am not under 30 but even if you are you should know who biggie is…or there simply is no hope for culture in society going forward lol

    • A concierge is someone who takes cares of guests say in a hotel. With a VIP attached to the title, it is probably fair to assume she deals with say the hotel’s best customers and makes sure all their needs taken care of! An escort provides pleasure for monies!
      Connotation of an escort, is bad.

  6. I share my birthday with celebrities James Brolin, Nelson Mandela, Kristen Bell, Richard Branson, John Glenn and Vin Diesel! haha

  7. I agree with your rankings, as usual, Adam! Nicely written. I definitely think Paul is playing a dirty game. He gets upset whenever someone does exactly like he does. Such a hypocrite! And I will never understand how people would think it’s a bad move for someone to use the Veto if they won it and were on the block!
    My birthday buddies are William Shakespeare and Shirley Temple! :)

  8. Could it be any worse? I share my bday with the Olsen twins. However, on the upside, also with Captain America,Chris Evans

  9. I agree with this week, especially about Paul and Christmas. Except Jessica deserve the 5th tofu. The whole argument yesterday started by her when she ask Josh to spell “drought”. She was so sure she would be able to humiliate him by saying “look how stupid he is, can’t even spell drought”. Well, that felt flat because Josh might not be very mature, but he is intelligent. Intelligence has nothing to due with maturity. So Jessica showed what a mean bitch she is right there and then, because when her plan felt flat, she try to recover by starting the argument and finding reason to tell Josh he is stupid. In fact I would make a special category just for her by giving her 6 strip of tofu, just short of bumping Paul out of the Tofurkey award.

    I share my birthday with Ludwig Van Beethoven, and to stay in your category of rocker, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top.

      • Most succinct and accurate description of Jessica yet. Maybe add: “vile” to mean girl with a princess complex…

    • Thank you Captain for saying Josh is intelligent. I get so fed up with people saying he is stupid. If you really listen to him, he is very observant. He sees what is going on in the house. I think part of what really riled Jody up was that Josh was right, Jess has thrown her game away for a ‘d**khead”. Unfortunately for Josh he gets emotional and then doesn’t articulate his thoughts well.

    • I agree. But funny that her strategy was to hook up with the strongest male competitor and run the house, and use her social game as life of the party to make everyone side with her. She was coming to win, not only this season but be so good that she would return for All Stars and win that, too. 1 out of 2, I guess.

      Could have been So different had she legit stayed with that.

      • I don’t think Jess has thought about anything, it wasn’t a strategy, it just happen and it keep her from playing the game.

      • I can’t believe the same person who was in it to win it this season and next season (All Stars) as the “life of the party” is this person who prefers to isolate herself and her man from the house, rather than at least try to plant seeds, etc.

        After all, she was the house’s initial target, not Dominique, but the worm turned. In BB, you never know, and with Produx seeming to want to help her, no doubt she might have had a shot to stay and do damage control.

        (Eg: Dan’s funeral, etc….Never stop until you are out the door!)
        She said her “people pleasing skills”, as a concierge, would help her game the house. I haven’t really seen that from her.

    • TMZ wrote an article about BB, specifically about Jessica assaulting players with her fingers.

      Some of the comments were kind of funny like:
      * Someone should just ask her: “Are you going to smell your fingers now?”
      * Someone said they’d stop wiping to teach her lesson.
      * Someone said if she comes down with a case of “hand herpes” – karma.


      • Recently I had to speak to the concierge at the hotel I stayed at. The guy was bald (not in a sexy way) and wore wing-tipped glasses. So I tried to pretend he was dressed like Jessica and just could not stop laughing for the life of me!

      • Well Joni, given the ‘skills’ Jess has put on display this summer, just think what you missed out on with that concierge lol

  10. Happy Belated Birthday Adam!

    I share my birthday with Gregory Peck, Bette Davis, Pharrell Williams, Hayley Atwell, Booker T Washington and Colin Powell.

    I agree with all of your assessments again. I can’t stand the bullies and the instigators this season.

  11. This is my favorite ranking so far, spot on. I am a Jody fan, but they are not good at strategically playing this game.

  12. I love Adams articles. I share a bday with Zac Efron, jean Claude vandamme, chuck berry and unfortunately lee harvey Oswald lol

  13. Thank you! You always make me feel so justified in my feelings towards people. And man is it good to know I’m not the only one who’s starting to supremely dislike Raven haha

  14. As always, an interesting and dead-on description of the HG’s. I share my b-day with John Mellencamp and Vladimir Putin.

  15. Thank you for giving Paul the tofurkey. I’m over his manipulation of people. As gameplay, manipulating the house is great. But it just keeps going way beyond playing the game and manipulating the bullying to try to hit people on a personal level… not cool.

  16. Adam, Paul is stirring the pot but is he in trouble right now of being nominated ? (game wise) I don’t think so.

    • no – but he is not in the good spot he was in a week ago. His cockiness is starting to get to people. Xmas is on to him BIG TIME!

      • All that Christmas has to do is convince ONE person to take a stance against Paul, and that person is Jason, believe it or not. Jason is BFFs with both Alex and Kevin. She gets that done, Paul’s game will be on the demise..Cody would be all-in and I believe Mark will be too, especially after Paul being a huge douche to him yesterday.

      • Yes, but I’m sure you’d likely agree that getting Paul out sooner rather than later would be preferred. Seems like Christmas could be gotten any time really.

      • No I think Jason is fine with Paul for now, but he is totally fed up with Xmas making him feel guilty and has said so many times

      • We’ll see, your ‘all she has to do” will happen..I can’t predict, but we’ll talk again.

      • No, your logic is flawed. Kevin and Paul have a final 2. Jason already voted Christmas out twice, he wants her gone. Alex thinks she is Paul’s final 3 with Jason, and Mark is a slurpy durpy big fat p…y and won’t dare go against Paul. A lot of the the HG already are irritated with Christmas. It won “t happen. Not that she won’t try though.

      • Kevin may have HAD a final 2 with Paul but since the shenigans last week he has made several comments about Paul. He is smart enough to take him out and Xmas knows it. That is why they are buddying up.

      • Looking forward to seeing both of them on each other at the same time! Not in a sexual way either!

  17. I have to endure Jessica for only 1 more day. Go Paul – wipe everyone out!
    I share my birthday with the roman emperor Domitian.

  18. I had to google my birthday, and geeze I don’t recognize anyone but Dax Shepard. I feel like I live under a rock sometimes…
    January 2nd :)

  19. I don’t agree with your reasoning, I can’t believe you’re actually defending Jess and Cody… You must be kidding… The only reason BB is interested in keeping them is their showmance… There’s no logic behind their behavior and you’re blame Paul?!? Cody threatened Josh that he’s going to hurt him outside the house, if you think that is acceptable behavior then you’re no better than him… Your articles have zero value…

    • where do i defend them? I just said Cody is a comp beast and he will need that to move further in the game. Jess is going home. I do not accept that he threatened Josh – but at the same time – how much abuse does Josh spew their direction. 2 wrongs dont make a right!

      • Cody absolutely threatened Josh in the fight yesterday. Told Josh a couple of times he would rip(tear) him apart outside the house. And after Josh said “it’s just a game”, Cody stated “This isn’t a game, Josh. It’s real life.” Cody needs help.

  20. I look forward to your column every week! First time I’ve commented though.
    I share a birthday with Christopher Lloyd, Jeff Goldblum and Shaggy!! Haha. (October 22)

  21. Thanks for your weekly updates and input! Always look forward to them :)
    I share my birthday with Elvis Presley, David Bowie and Stephen Hawking……….to this day most people remember by birthday because of the annual “Elvis would have been ## years old today” mentions on the news!

    • Oy!! I always feel bad for people who share Hitler’s birthday.

  22. Jess/Cody get so much undeserved love I can’t believe it y’all need to watch the feeds faithfully and not make choices based on someone else’s commentary

    • I agree 100% I don’t understand how ppl can defend them… is this bc of their showmance?! But that’s boring too so I don’t get it..

      • When Cody started his alliance he brought in all the people he felt were worthy and called everyone else “outsiders”. Look how he treated Megan. Where is the outrage there? She served our country as well. Jessica is so jealous of Alex she wished her dead. I think her anger is a bit misdirected. Alex doesn’t like Cody, but Cody called Jessica, “Alex” while they were in bed. She should be upset with Cody. Cody lied right to Jessica’s face when he denied saying he wanted to keep Alex and Jason around to get rid of Jessica and Raven. He absolutely did say that. When Jessica watches the show, she will be reminded of both of these things. By the time Cody is out of jury she will probably have moved on.

      • Didn’t he tell her not to be mad when she watches him in past episodes. The robot is trying to cover his azz and she’s not even out yet

      • How people love them is out of my realm of understanding. They do nothing all day long, they barely talk to each other and when they do it’s about stuff I have no desire to listen to. I want game talk, not Princess Butthole and her Surly Consort laying all over each other starting each other to death. Good riddance to both of them!

      • Amen, I can’t stand either of them.I switch the feeds whenever they are on.I hate showmances. The only one I liked was JeJo because they kept it G rated. No disgusting PDA.

      • Yes, Jeff and Jordan were the only ones I could take because Jordan had the smarts to know you don’t put your personal biz on TV for everyone to see.

      • I think people are backing them up just because of their feelings about Paul. There’s only a few people playing a clean game.

  23. Jessica has zero interest in playing this game, she’s been counting down hours to leave since last week, she starts fights, she has no problem with name calling and etc yet she gets defended… Cody, although a great competetor, has zero social game, a hothead who starts fights with ppl and threatens them and spread rumors about his only friend and noone in the house wants to work with him, also gets defended… However, Paul, who busts his ass to play this game, is a mastermind imo, great social game, all HG’s love him and respect him and they love to work with him, gets criticized… How’s this possible?!

    • Yep, completely agree. People may not like Paul and that’s fine but he is busting ass to play the game, night and day. Can’t say that for anyone else, especially Princess Butthole and her Surly Consort. They get the award for playing worst game in BB history as far as I’m concerned. I’ve never seen anyone ostracize themselves so blatantly and make so many victim noises in all the history of BB.

    • Not only is this Paul’s second season, but he’s had production helping him. He got 3 free weeks at the beginning when no-one could go after him. It doesn’t take a mastermind to stay when production helps and shapes your image on TV.

  24. Makes absolutely zero sense to make Paul Tofurkey of the week. Jessica and Cody are the worst big brother players and have made themselves alone in the game and one of them is leaving so they should both be tofurkeys and not Paul who is playing the best game in the house.

    • I agree totally. All these BB alumni bashing Paul for playing the game are the same ones who want the same advantages or more if/ when they go back. Big bunch of hypocrites. I also don’t see the rest of the house bullying Jody. They are all just reacting to the fear and anxiety that psycho Cody is causing. He threatened Josh with GBI when he gets out of the house. Cody said it’s not a game to him but reality and he’s still in the house? The producers are playing with a ticking time bomb. He should have been pulled yesterday. But hey that’s fine with Adam cause he can’t see past his envy of Paul. Josh had been trying to talk with Jessica and she is the one that attacked him. Cody called him a moron .POS, and fat F, plus worse. Josh is harmless when he’s banging the pots and pans, no body takes him serious except for Pussy Mark. Everyone in that house except Jody want Paul in their final 4, I call that pretty good gameplay. Tofurkey for Jody they are the worst players and showmance ever and that includes my previous most gross Brenchel.
      I shared my birthday with the late
      great George Harrison, my favorite Beattle .

      • if you read my articles each week – I always say I hate when they bring back players vs newbies. I want all newbs, or all vets. I do not want to go back and play, and if I did go back – I would not want special treatment.

        Also – what am I envious of Paul for? My wife? My daughter? My house? My free bacon??? I am sad that this experience for him is leading him down a path of entitlement.

        You mention what Cody said to Josh… what is Paul’s nickname for Josh? Did you forget he refers to him as BLOB? Yeah – ok… dont come at me with emotion, come at me with facts. That’s how I judge these players, FACTS.

      • So you hate when they bring back players, that’s fine as long as it doesn’t affect your ranking criteria. As far as I can remember, ‘tofurkey is reserved for a player that did the worst game that week, and I don’t think it’s Paul….that’s all

  25. IRT all the Adam bashing concerning his picks, he came in 3rd in his season.

    What place did you get, armchair quarterback?

    • August 6
      Andy Warhol. (Pop Artist) …
      Lucille Ball. (Comedienne, Actress) …
      Vera Farmiga. Clifton.
      Elliott Smith. 21 October 2003. …
      Kimberley Conrad. …
      Alexander Fleming. …
      Robert Mitchum. …

  26. I’ve got Elizabeth Hurley, Bobby Jindal, Tara Lipinski, and Kate Upton. And, sadly, Raven from this season.

  27. August 6:
    Andy Warhol. (Pop Artist) …
    Lucille Ball. (Comedienne, Actress) …
    Vera Farmiga. Clifton.
    Elliott Smith. 21 October 2003. …
    Kimberley Conrad. …
    Alexander Fleming. …
    Robert Mitchum. …

  28. Adam, always love your column every week. This is the first year I have gotten the feeds and really watched instead of watching the recap shows and reading this website. I was not happy about Paul coming back. I really wanted a BB with no returning house guest for once. No luck. Paul has made the feeds interesting but I have grown tired of his cockiness and ruling of the house. None of these houseguests can think on their own. Sheesh. I think you were spot on with your ranking of Paul this week. I hate all the bullying going on by all parties but as the saying goes, can’t stand the heat, don’t be in the kitchen. Paul can’t egg on Josh to go after Cody and Jessica (who I can’t stand) and then when the tables turn, complain about it. And about Cody and Jessica, they are talking engagement rings? Really. I can’t even type this without gagging. I am really hoping this house grows a pair and gets out Paul and start playing.

    Birthdays I share: Odell Beckham Jr., Brian Adams and Tatum O’Neil.

    • I think with Paul, you can’t just come out against him and not be a big target. I like what Christmas was doing this week – planting seeds with Josh. I’d look for her to do more of this covert kinda stuff going forward because with him, you have to take a shot and hit the 1st time.

      And if Cody wins HoH and puts Paul and Josh up, I’m sure Christmas can rally some people to get Paul out.

  29. “It’s like when you go out to dinner, and you fully expect the other person to pay, so you make that false gesture “oh, let me pay” – and they say OK!”

    Classic! Love it.

    Your rankings are spot on, yet again, bro.

    FWIW: I share a birthday with Dan Akroyd and Pamela Anderson

  30. September 8:
    Pink (the singer)
    Wiz Khalifa (I’m not sure who / what that is)
    Jonathan Taylor Thomas (If you lived in the 90’s you know)
    David Arquette (love this guy)
    Brooke Burke (soooo hot want to touch the heiny….)
    Pigpen (from the Greatful Dead)
    Patsy Cline (alright then)
    Peter Sellers (great actor)

  31. This season is shaping up for me as one of the worst. I like drama in terms of game play, but there really are a bunch of children in that house this time, even more so than normal. I would love to see a season of smart fans mixing it up and trying to win the game instead of these borderline personalities who just want airtime and a job for the summer crying and threatening each other with bodily harm. At this point in the game, I usually have decided who I’m rooting for to win the whole thing, but there’s not one good player in the bunch. For the first time in 19 seasons, I’m not sure I care.

  32. Let’s get this straight……….NO ONE IN THE HOUSE HAS BEEN BULLIED!! So sick of hearing this term and if people even knew what real bullying was, they wouldn’t keep spouting this utter nonsense and gibberish. All those whom have really been bullied would consider all of this nonsense a day in the park.

    Agree about Mark, he should have used his veto and I’m glad he did. It really stunned me that it was even a subject the other HG’s entertained, Mark taking himself off the block. Good for him and I’m glad Holena wasn’t able to sway him either.

    Completely disagree about Paul and him getting the Tofuturkey of the week. The honor should have gone to Princess Butthole and her Surly Consort, plain and simple!!

    • Completely agree with the bullying talk-ive been saying it for weeks. Today is used the term simpy to point out how hypocritical jody fans are but enough with that talk. Can anyone discuss gameplay without crying over the bs?

    • Completely agree and well stated! “Bullying” is game play. I call it antagonism. Apparently BB needs a safe room for those being “bullied”.

    • I so agree with you! I am so tired of the words bully and bullied being used. My God, these are grown a@@ men and women who knew what they signed up for. If something doesn’t go a certain way its because of bullying lmfao! In my own personal opinion Paul is the only one playing a decent game. Mark is wishy washy and plays at certain times. As for the others, they are either playing without thinking or not playing at all.

    • I’d like to know your definition of bully and what you think “real bullying” actually is. Because you’ve clearly NEVER been on the victim’s end of it in your life. You’re so content to name-call everyone who dares question Saint Paul. I find that completely laughable.

      Let me tell you something. I’ve been bullied. I’ve been sexually harassed because I was the only girl in the sixth grade who hit puberty and developed. In elementary school, I was called all kinds of names and ostracized by a large group of girls who could stand me because I wasn’t what they considered normal. They never wasted a moment to harass me. Fourth through eighth grade was absolute misery for me. Even when I finally made my lifelong friends in middle school, I was teased and bullied endlessly. It was only in high school that I finally was able to blend in.

      Now, I face a whole new type of discrimination. I have a genetic disorder called HIBM. To summarize it, while this is not a life threatening disease, it does affect my ability to walk, as my muscles are weaker than someone who doesn’t have this disorder. I am going to be wheelchair bound in 10 to 15 years. I’ve had people come up to me and question why I walk funny, both children who don’t know better and adults who do. I face constant humiliation day in and day out knowing that people are staring at me because I am unable to walk properly without leg braces. I also trip constantly because my toes drag under my feet when I walk and will drip me up. This is not something I can control, hence the braces.

      So when I see someone like Paul and Josh and Raven and Alex gang up on two people and refuse to let up until they crack? When I see Paul tell Josh to “turn it up to 30?” When I see Raven and Alex hand Josh a pan so that he can disregard the warnings production had already given him and harass them yet again? Sorry, no, they do not get ANY sympathy from me. At all. Because I’m always on the opposite side of that, and I always will be. There is no cure for what I have. Is this personal for me? YES. It is personal for anyone who has been subjected to this kind of harassment and bullying.

      Bullying is teasing. Bullying is name calling. Bullying is inappropriate sexual comments. Bullying is taunting. Bullying is telling someone not to be friends with someone else. It can happen anywhere at anytime. Please educate yourself before you post something this ignorant again.

  33. Way to go adam on the calling paul out thing…i have been getting bashed for weeks on paul. Just cause he is a vet and plays up the whole “friendship” card people like him. And CBS doesn’t cast him in the light he really is on live feeds. He was the same stir the pot player this year as he was last year. Just worst.

  34. I share bday with Britney Spears!!! Yep I know I win! Hahaha. Good rankings as always, Adam!
    With Paul receiving tofurkey of the week and him finally made it to Wil’s saga … just to be shot by Cody in the end, it just makes my day … and good day to you, Sir!

  35. How is it possible that you wrote about the week WITHOUT mentioning the most important part — That Josh tried to mend things with Jessica while also trying to keep her safe this week but Jessica just couldn’t help herself. And we

    I’ve never disagreed with rankings from you more than I do right now. I really feel like you’re allowing your distaste for Paul take over and can’t give accurate reviews this week because of it.

    You’re seriously going to bemoan Josh and Paul for bullying when Cody an Jess
    Has talked
    About all season how they are going to call him a sexual predator and ruin his life outside of the house?

    • I never defended Cody & Jess’ actions. And I always base my rankings on gameplay – not what will happen outside the house. I feel like Paul has been so hypocritical all season. He talks smack about someone else, that’s fine. He gets people to verbally abuse his targets, that’s fine. Someone does it to him / his ally – they are wrong wrong wrong. He is a entitled kid that will hopefully see how his shine is diminished after this season. Last year – him & Victor were flown all over the country to do appearances. After this season, those appearances will dry up. if I am wrong, I will admit it – but if I am right, will you admit it?

  36. I share birthday with:
    -Alek Skarlatos
    -Wendi McLendon-Covey
    -Aimee Teegarden
    -Dan Stevens
    -Michael Giacchino
    -Terry Deitz
    -Mario Lopez
    -Brett Favre
    -Giuseppe Verdi
    -Carlos Reygadas
    -Lane (BB12)

    And with the houseguests I share month with Corey (BB18), Whitney (BBOTT), Jen (BB9), Ollie (BB10), Rachel (BB12, BB13), Ashley (BB14), Willie (BB14), Jackie (BB17).

    • Agreed that Paul cannot be blame for everything. But he just stood their and watch and then accused Mark to not act on it while Mark wasn’t present. That’s why I would also turn the question to Paul: What about you?

  37. Paul is always gaming. He can be the biggest hypocrite on the planet and it wouldn’t change the fact that he’s doing so to keep the focus on Cody for next week. I don’t understand ranking Paul the tofurkey of the week when it’s clear as day Paul is ACTUALLY getting what he wants. Who is going home? Elena? No, it’s Jess. Who is sleeping in that HoH room? Josh and Paul.

    • Who put Jess up on the block? HERSELF. No gameplay from either Josh or Paul got her to where she is now.

  38. “It does not sound like Alex is on Cody’s radar in the chance that he wins HoH – so that also bodes well for her.”
    Cody has named Alex many times. Jess told him an Alex/Paul nom could work.

    “She still leans way too much in Paul’s direction despite having close ties with Jason & Kevin.”
    Kev doesn’t do anything and can’t (won’t?) win a comp, and Jason still doesn’t understand the game. Without Alex, Jason would be lost and probably out of the game.

    Alex needs Paul specifically because Kevin and Jason are useless.

    • I think Kevin is acting. He seems to know a lot more than you think. Alex is on Cody’s radar and if he wins HOH it will be Paul and Alex he goes after.

      • I do think Kevin knows a lot… and it’s solely because Paul tells him everything.

        Kevin has a very good social game but he doesn’t do much.

        His only ‘real’ game move so far has been to get Cody to protect 6 people, and Alex/Paul warned him to be careful.

        Cody has already told Mark about it, and that would put a target on his back but why go after the old guy.

        He’s still in a good spot because he’s being carried in this game.

    • “Josh – I need you to turn it up to a 30” did you forget that? How about the way he told people to not talk to Dom – and yet he would berate her in front of other people. Do you watch the feeds?

  39. Adam, your recap is right on the money. Surely other people in the house see what Paul has done to stir the house into a frenzy. Even Christmas jumped into the fray in the first mob mentality event. What they did was more than bullying. This behavior is despicable, and therefore the majority of this cast is despicable to me. Where are the gamers this season? I have fingers and toes crossed someone will step up to the plate and take Paul out. He needs to go.

    Happy Happy Birthday to you🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶. And keep up the good works!

  40. Everyone saying Jess and Cody are disgusting people, I agree, they’re not good people.
    But seriously guys, Paul ain’t no saint either.

  41. Paul, Jody, & Josh. The real antagonists of this game. They can’t go five seconds without being destructive to one another or the others.
    And this is coming from a Paul fan.

    Frankly I’m rooting for Mr Boston to win.

      • Besides Kevin is on no one’s radar.
        He isn’t overplaying his cards and he’s pretty much the dad figure.
        He has secrets and is trying to make a rapport with people.

        This is gonna sound like a stretch but Kevin is Derrick game wise minus the cult and Donny personality wise plus better social game.

  42. I agree with your analysis of all the players but I probably would have switched Paul and Jessica. You could be right, and this could be the start of Paul’s demise. Paul has also been a huge instigator for all the hate in the house but at this point it’s clearly part of his gameplay. In my opinion, he’s also toned it down from personal to more gameplay. Jessica on the other hand continuously shoots herself in the foot and at this point has earned herself another Tofurkey.

    Since her HOH week she’s performed bad at every comp that followed. Her reluctance to talk to Josh and Alex, her in-ability to game talk with Matt and Raven, and her constant bashing of X-mas are all failed opportunities to help her own game. She’s been on the block 3 weeks in a row, and rather then put in work she allowed her game to continously declining. The hex should have been a blessing, instead her lack of communication with the rest of the HGs turned it into a curse. She’s been granted a whole extra week to make some kind of a move, and what did we get? A repeat of the Jody saga. Even if her Eviction was inevitable, at least go out and plant more seeds against Paul. This house would have been very respetive to that and it could have given Cody more options in the weeks to follow.

    Wow – I got carried away there as well! I’m just frustrated because I feel that Jessica could have been lethal and the most likely woman to win this game. However she didn’t lean on her strengths and chose to make the wrong decisions every step of the way and now she will be evicted pre-jury.

  43. I’ve said it before, Adam, I don’t envy you having to do this with a cast like BB19’s.

    That being said, EXCELLENT assessment of the HGs this week. Don’t worry about the Paul fanboys – they get butt hurt any time “their boy” (who is now apparently Josh, as he’s essentially taken over the phrase) isn’t being raised on the highest pedestal and worshiped as BB God. Just goes to show – not all of Paul’s minions are inside the house.

  44. i cant believe big brother is condoning bullying, it amazes me so much to see Paul at the head of it all, he lights the fire and sits back he should be kicked off the show hes a coward, he gets everyone else to do all the bullying. I feel bad for all these people who get bullied, it is not fun! shame on you big brother

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