Adam Poch’s Big Brother 19 Player Rankings – Week 11

Adam Poch tries to burn down the Big Brother house

Airlines have Frequent Flyer miles, Hotels have Reward Points, and now Big Brother fans are getting rewarded for putting up with this past season. Yes that’s right, CBS is giving us (hopefully) a fun Celebrity version of Big Brother. For those of you that watch BBUK – you have seen this concept before, but I think the US version will be even more campy. There have already been tons of fake rumors on who will be on, as well as plenty of speculation on which celebrity BB Superfans will be playing the game they (and we) love so much!

But first… we need to put Big Brother 19 to sleep – and here is the penultimate version of my Bacon / Tofu Rankings…

Paul Abrahamian – 3 strips of Bacon – Paul won another Veto – and did not use it – basically setting Alex up to be voted out. He is starting to get a little cocky, but his plan to go to Final 3 with Josh & Christmas is going exactly how he wanted it to go. You cannot deny that he has played harder than anyone else this season, it’s how he played that has everyone in an uproar.

I am not giving him 5 strips of bacon however because his lies are starting to catch up to him. By telling Alex ahead of time he was not using the Veto he thought he could play it off and she would understand. This could be his downfall, as she is now as bitter as all the people that have gone before her. Mr Pottymouth himself will need to spin those words around IF he gets to final 2.

Josh Martinez – 2 strips of Bacon – quietly Josh has turned his game around and now he is winning competitions to keep himself safe. He was a little gun-shy with his nominations this week and wanted to wait another week before going against Paul. This was actually a great move for him, as Paul winning the Veto kept his agenda hidden. He still plays along with the “i’ll do whatever Paul tells me to do” and plans on trying to rattle Kevin before the next HoH.

I do not know if he will (or did as this column is coming out without knowing 100% what happened) – but regardless, Josh would be the only one left in the house to take a shot at Paul to prevent him from going to the Final 2. If he does get Paul out – he should earn himself plenty of votes on the jury and we would have to put him on the wall of BB Champions. Yes – the same kid that was the biggest crybaby of the season and tormented so many people could be the winner. Is it time for Celebrity Big Brother yet???

Kevin Schlehuber – 2 strips of Tofu – it’s so sad that Kevin has not been able to win a competition up to this point, and this far into the game, he is still throwing comps that he could have possibly won. The parallels between Kevin & Victoria (BB16) are insanely accurate. Just like Victoria, he thinks he is the #1 ally of the one person running the house and does whatever Paul tells him. He cannot even fathom that Paul is setting him up as his backup plan if Josh or Christmas somehow are not in the Final 3.

This game has been so brutal all season and Kevin for the most part has stayed out of the fray, until they all ganged up on him. But even after that – he still blindly trusts Paul – and only chance of him getting to the Final 3 will be if he wins one of the last 2 comps leading. Sure, a strong social game is important – but he is not Dr. Will, he is… Victoria!

Alex Ow – 4 strips of Tofu – Jason was evicted and Alex was blindsided – so what does she do? Wins HoH and vowed to avenge the people that got him out. How did she do that? By nominating Raven & Kevin during the Double Eviction. Let that sink in… Christmas & Josh voted out Jason… and she nominated Raven & Kevin. Ok, ok, she was still confused and the Double Eviction is pretty intense so cannot fault her too much. BUT… then the following week, she found herself on the block and instead of trying to win the Veto, she threw it to Paul, hoping that he would remove her and keep them both safe.

Is Alex really that blinded by Paul’s “Friendship?” She was – and then, it all clicked and she is now a goner. Blowing her chance at half million! The only reasons I am not making her the Tofurkey of the week are… 1 – the person getting it is way worse! 2 – she will (hopefully) take this info to the jury and start an Anti-Paul rebellion to avoid him from winning.

So that only leaves Christmas Abbott & she earned the Tofurkey of the Week. I do not know what they gave her for the pain recently but she has turned into a vicious person. The things she has been saying about Kevin, even I cannot repeat & I usually have no filter. Her tirade about him had nothing to do with the game & when she gets out – she will have to answer for that. I am also giving her the Tofurkey for her new found love for Paul. I do not know if her feelings are real, or brought on by the intensity of living in that house for 80+ days.

Christmas thinks that she will be asked back to play again next season, so perhaps that’s why she seems hell bent on getting Paul the win. Does she think if he wins, he will leave his girlfriend for her? You know 100% that either Part 1 or Part 2 of the final HoH will be something that Christmas will be able to compete in (if she gets there). There is no way CBS will have her forfeit both comps and go right to a Paul vs. Josh part 3. I have never seen a cast more willing to throw their chances at winning the game, but if she gets to pick who sits next to her, she will take Paul and essentially walk away with $50k – that will help pay her medical bills I guess.

Question of the Week, if you could pick 1 person to join the Celebrity Big Brother cast this winter, who would it be?

In the comments section below – please let me know what you think of this week’s rankings, as well as answer the question of the week.

I will be back next week on Finale day with my final rankings & a look back at how my preseason predictions panned out.

From outside the Big Brother House – I’m Adam Poch – have a great day!!

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  1. As usual, I agree with your rankings, Adam. All I can say is ughh. B celebrities would be difficult enough to handle. But I think Celebrity BB will render C and D celebs. I will watch, but I’m not fond of the idea.

    • I just don’t think having celebrities will enhance the game at all. It’s fun to meet new people and find who you want to cheer for. If you already know who a lot of them are, you’ll have predetermined favorites.

      • Celebs might play the game in a different way .. i could see them being much more cuthroat which could be interesting… If they get the right sort of celebs anyway… no Speidi….

    • The U.K. pays some celebs a $1,000,000 appearance fee. I seriously doubt BB USA will do that. Dennis Rodman would be fun.

  2. Who would have thought after the premiere that the person who took the golden apple and the person who took the $25,000 would be in the Final 4?

  3. I get a lot of people aren’t Paul’s biggest fan but considering he has had people throw competitions and vetoes for him you gotta admit he’s got them all manipulated and I think he does deserve the 500k, no one else has worked as hard for it and he’s so good at playing puppet master he deserves it

    • Helps that production cast fans of his and have him more advantages than anyone in history. I think no one deserves the 500k. His manipulation wouldn’t have worked against normal people and he’d have been gone as soon as his safety expired.

    • I really dont think they are throwing the comps because Paul tells them to , I think production tells them to.

    • Paul would have been the first person out. But the producers essentially gave him a full month of immunity, knowing he wouldn’t win the fan vote as the only “famous” person. (Christmas won the second vote and got ONE chance to replace a veto player.)
      Having close to a month of immunity allowed Paul the privilege of assembling an army of allies. No one in the history of the game had anything approaching that privilege.
      Paul made good decisions — no doubt — but Elena, Matt, Raven, and Kevin will likely leave the game having won no PoV or HoH. And Mark never won an HoH. A bunch of houseguests never played and Paul was not responsible for that.

  4. I had never thought of comparing Kevin to Victoria, but it really does fit which is so sad. Sad for Kevin who is a 56 year old man, who tries to come across as this street wise guy from Bah-ston. He should know better than to trust a shifty-azz wanna-be gangsta like Paul. His blind trust is pathetic. With Victoria I could understand, she was spoiled and naive; with Kevin, there really is no excuse.

    • Yeah, he has really been the biggest “yes” man! You would think he would see through Paul, but then again, tr8p, maybe he does & he figures if he plays dead & dumb, he’ll get to F2 which, if you tally up all Kevin has made this season so far, would put him over the hundred grand mark for the season. Not bad for a guy who has not won a single comp or made a single decision throughout the entire game.

      • If Kevin make sit it isn’t because of some great social game – most of the HGs dislike hgim for some stupid reason – it will be because he is completely useless in comps.

      • Where did I say he had some spectacular social game? He did have a “decent” social game at first, but he has done nothing imo that would justify a win. I also said he has not won anything nor has he made a single decision in the game.

      • I’m with you, T. While Kevin seems like a likeable person, he’s a ZERO as far as the game goes… IMHO!

  5. I agree for the most part. I think Kevin’s game has a lot to do with the fact that he has never watched BB before. I goes to show you that watching old seasons beforehand is important.

      • Something tells me that Kevin means it, though. I think his daughters watched the episodes, but clearly NOT feeds!, and thought they could tell him how it would be.

  6. I agree with your rankings, its too bad CBC already got Bobby Moynihan on a show, because he could be fun. I figure if you look in the last five years of DWTS cast, you have your safe bets, especially because a point of that show is to rehab images and some might not like how Disneyfied the show tends to make them, or hated the process and thought it made them look deliberately bad (Micha Barton and Jake T. Austen come to mind). And because this is Big Brother, you know that someone random from the big three of reality shows who might have made a splash in something outside of it will be in the cast. I am honestly blanking on who that might be right now.

    I am both dreading and curious to watch the rest of the season play out. Honestly, I didn’t like anyone left in the final five last year and I know I didn’t watch anything other than the final vote. I feel like other TV was dragging me away. CBS did trick me this year, as I really like Salvation (as the perfect summer TV, I don’t think about it at all, but sort of like its crazy pants partner in Zoo, I like the characters a lot) and Zoo.

  7. Your rankings are good, but…. Josh should have taken the shot when he first figured it out and could possibly recruit others to help. Probably wouldn’t have worked, but would have been more entertaining for ME!!

  8. To me, this whole season feels like production thought Paul should have won over Nicole, so they gave him every advantage (a re-entry into the game he was practically guaranteed to get, three weeks of safety he was practically guaranteed to win, only vet status that guaranteed him an advantage in terms of both knowing what to expect/how to play and also potentially give him influence over star-struck rookies, etc) to make up for it and give him a strong chance of winning this season.

    I just hope they don’t wind up feeling the same way about Christmas having broken her foot and do the same thing again with her next season…

  9. I agree. But I still like the show and the season. A few dull days on feeds late season (every season) but a few really good days as well.
    Al is rotten and dumb. X is just rotten. Her brand is total BS. Hoping that Kev & Blob can pull something off in the final days.

  10. I don’t think he would, but I would love to see Jensen Ackles on Celebrity BB. Heck even have Jared Padalecki go along.

  11. Eh! Okay, I’ll throw my 2 cents in. First, you’re rankings are so spot on although I must say that i enjoy Christmas but ” hey, what’s love got to do with it?” Why so nasty, Christmas? So many opinions and speculations that Paul was handed this game to him on a silver platter by production. Let’s remember that America did vote for him to get the first temptation. Without that, he would have had a very short stay in the House. I personally like Paul am rooting for him to win but if I would have asked him just one question it would be this” Why did you feel it necessary to incite anger in the house and hide behind your beard letting others do the dirty work?” You should have just did it yourself, Paul, and channel Evil Dick. He was nasty but he owned it. Then, there’s Alex. She asked everyone to tell her if she was being evicted so they did. Then, she went bat**** crazy. I had such high hopes for her. She blew it. She knows it. She’s bitter. Not a great look for her. Finally, Josh- dear Josh. His big heart got in the way too many times. He’s been a fierce competitor His feelings just are too strong of a liability to properly play the game but I love this guy. He makes me laugh. His recent HOH video was commendable. So, with that said , I hope to see Paul laughing himself to the bank richer than before. What celebrity would I like to see play this game? Amy Schumer. She’d be great. Oops, forgot about Kevin. Being an older member of society as I am, I would just say one thing about this man ” Hey, you need to brush up on your conversations skills and learn to talk interestingly better with the younger generation in order to be on equal footing with them.” Okay, I’m out and waiting for my deadskull merch to arrive. :)

    • We THINK America voted for the first temptation. Where is the proof that the vote count was accurate, or even real? Who came in second? What was the actual vote count anyway?

      Oh, right, they don’t tell us.

      Just saying.

      • Bingo!! Production makes sure to NEVER tell us the numbers on stuff where they could easily fudge them (i.e. viewer votes, timed Veto comps, etc.). They think we’re stupid & can’t see through their blatant interference. THAT is the thing about Production that bothers me more than anything. Personally, I understand their interference – they’re making a TELEVISION SHOW and their goal is to get high ratings, for Pete’s sake! – but they always expect that their longtime viewers are stupid and think they can fool us with their silliness. Grodner (Executive Producer) needs to go and she can take Kass (Casting Director for the last several seasons) with her.

    • Raven was his friend before the show and Christmas and Alex were obsessed with him before the show. If you think the cast in this year wasn’t intentionally to hand Paul 500k then idk I’d say you’re being too trusting. Just like Josh “figuring out Paul’s game” it’s dr sessions that he’s getting info from to make it look like less of a steam roll.

      • Raven was not his friend. They had a picture taken of them at an event of Paul’s. There is no other connection.

    • Please let me assure you that I am not naive in not believing that production manipulates the process but will we really ever know that for certain unless someone in productions goes rogue and spills the beans? Bottom line, this is a show and it’s their choice as to how they manipulate the process whether we, or I, like that. It may be called a reality show but how real is it? It’s a game- not real life.

  12. Since you asked, my choice for a Celebrity BB houseguest would be that Scaramucci guy (or however you spell it), Trump’s short-term mouthpiece. Nothing political in this at all—the dude just seems like a loaded cannon, and I’m sure his outrageous behavior and ascerbic tongue would make for some terrific interaction amongst the HGs, particularly if another one was someone like David Hyde Pierce. I’d pay serious $$$ to see that.

    • How about Celebrity White House rejectees haha should have two seasons worth soon !!! The ‘ Mooch ‘ ‘ I’m not a backstabber, I’ m a frontstabber ‘ good call, Rex gets a treat … Yummmmm

    • OMG, the MOOCH!! That’s a brilliant pick and one I would watch religiously!!

  13. If production keep the same trend for this show I will watch less and less.
    BTW I struggle to see anything fun at Bobby Moynihan … he seemed pretty lame to me

  14. At this point I could only pray for a bitter jury. But, then again, would I want Christmas to win? No. I could stand Josh winning more than Paul. Kevin? Sure, why not. Would be an interesting twist. Expect the unexpected and blah blah blah. 😄

    As for the houseguest I would like to see the most in CBB? I thought long and hard about this and went over the list I made earlier. I would have to go with Thom Bone of the punk band Butt Trumpet because he would throw the house for a loop undoubtedly and nobody would see it coming. I have to give him my vote.

  15. I still for the life of me can’t figure out how “Cody” should ir could possibly win AFP ? Maybe for the Biggest Ego,
    Worst Attitude, Worst Social Game,
    Biggest narcissistic person in the house?
    All because they hate Paul that much?
    If Cody wins this Poll was definitely rigged period!

    • Jess is telling her fans to vote Cody instead of her. And, she has those work connections with, in her words, ‘millions of social media followers’. She told them if there was anything to vote for on BB, please send the word out to vote for her. Pretty sure that’s how she won the Temptation and now Cody will probably win AFP. UGH!

      • She doesnt have that many social media followers.. She won the temptation cause she was leading most of the popularity polls at the time and people like rooting for the underdogs. No one else needed it.

      • She won it because America was revolting against the very unfavorable people that were in the house wand what the game was Turning into.

      • I think that is why so many past HG are rooting for Cody. They don’t like how this season turned out & they are flipping the bird to production & Paul, imo! lol!

      • Didn’t say Jess has millions of followers. “she has those work connections with, in her words, ‘millions of social media followers’. She told them if there was anything to vote for on BB, please send the word out to vote for her. ”
        I didn’t see her leading any of the polls at that time and Live Feeds pretty much thought she was disgusting.

      • Cody also has some serious BB alumni campaigning for him on twitter. Check it out, Janelle, Evel Dick, Dan, Brenden & Rachell and Caleb are all voting for Cody as AFP. JS. It’s not just Jessica out there. A lot of past BB HG have not liked the way Paul has instigated the mob mentality this season.

    • I found Cody far more entertaining than the people left.. and no he was nowhere near the narcissist that Paul is.

    • The people who claim to “hate” Cody surprise me. He was hardly in the house long enough to generate such strong feelings. If you “hate” or “love” Paul, that I can understand. But Cody … we hardly knew ye.

    • If making the most victim noises is what we are judging AFP on, he wins hands down. He’s a loser all the way around.

  16. Can someone explain what Christmas’s rant about Kevin was? I missed it and can’t find it online.

    Thank goodness for your rankings each week (and this site in general). This has been a terrible season so it’s nice to follow here and get some laughs.

    • She’s had a few rants but the one that I remember specifically was, she said she was going to rape Kevin’s soul with her words and then she wanted Josh to join in and take it from there, to which, I believe he declined her offer. Thank goodness!

  17. The only saving grace to this season would be to see Josh win the final HOH, and the camera zooms in on Paul’s face when Josh says sorry bro . .but I’m taking my girl Christmas to the Final 2 . . . .then Paul has to walk out with his head between his legs in 3rd place !!!!!!! Then ofcourse everyone votes a clean sweep for Josh to win. And Kevin gets AFP. And all Paul’s friends in the Jury ignore him and walk away !!!

  18. As long as Celebrity BB doesnt use the usual reality show types.. no one from Real Housewives or anyone who was on Celebrity Apprentice… or any former houseguests… Lets find some celebs that arent reality tv staples already.. surely some are out there that would do it.

    • Too late, New York is already cast. She is a staple on these kind of shows, along with Natalie Nunn, Lance Bass, Dog the Bounty Hunter.

  19. For Celebrity Big Brother, can we just lock the producers in the house and let America come up with the competitions and twists? I think we could exact our payback for what they did to this season!

  20. Question of the Week, if you could pick 1 person to join the Celebrity Big Brother cast this winter, who would it be? How about Chip or Joanna Gaines …

    • I have a couple I wouldn’t mind seeing… How about David Faustino (Bud Bundy) & Jaleel White (Steve Urkel). They were both once pretty famous with hit TV shows, they’re not reality TV stars & they’re both pretty funny.

      Would David be as crafty as his character Bud used to be?? hahaha

      • Is he? Damn, he was just in Worst Celebrity Cook on the Food Network w/Rachel ray just last year! ;) haha David would be good tho, he’s a pretty funny guy. How about Danny Bonaducci?? Nah, he’d probably get expelled for his temper! haha

      • Oooh. Right on. I always thought he was a good talent. He just could never find another project after Steve Urkel & Family Matters.

    • Christina and Tarek El Moussa to see how they behave being in the house stuck together for 2 months. Maybe they’ll get back together.

  21. Considering those who have done the casting for the past 3 seasons of Big Brother, why do you think casting for the Celebrity Big Brother is going to be any better and not even worst?
    You see how messed up these minions are. Chances are good you will have more of the same from so called celebrities. I use term lightly because chances are good they will cast, young, hormone raging celebrities who will give us more showmances, dumb moves all around. Why not just have a Big Brother All Stars with the past winners? That would be 10 times better!

  22. Josh was thrown those comps he has won as well as Christmas. Josh is thinking but not doing anything. I do hope that production chooses to leave Josh and Kevin in the game over Christmas.
    I would like a celebrity with actual talent to join rather than another pathetic reality star. No Jersey Shore or Kartrashian people, please. and no former BB HGs. Mischa Barton, kathy griffith, and Allison Sweeney. Realistically, I think the show will be filled with former reality stars. It will be a bunch of youngsters acting a fool.

    • Josh is a dud. Many believe he was being given hints, ideas, info regarding certain HG’s, meaning Paul when all of a sudden about 3-4 weeks ago he started calling out Paul on the cams. I see some merit in those claims but I could see how Josh came to those conclusions on his own as well, doesn’t seem like it’s all that hard to see. That being said, Josh is all talk, period the end. He hasn’t made a big move as of yet, it’s not going to happen.

  23. Ellen DeGeneres,
    Jimmy Fallon, Robert Downey Jr., Ryan Reynolds,
    Dwayne Johnson,
    Adam Sandler,
    Melissa McCarthy ~ These are my choices…they would be great!!

  24. Who would I want to see on Celebrity Big Brother? If this were a perfect world, I have 2 choices, both completely unrealistic, but here goes…… Prince, obviously he has passed on, but I think he would hold nothing back, call others on their bs and be an all around entertaining HG. My 2nd choice is kind of an odd one, Gwyneth Paltrow aka Goopy. I hate this woman, and the reason I would like to see her on a show like this is she wouldn’t be able to hide behind PR people and her obnoxious, fake, pretentious ass would be there for all to see and I would love New York to have a go at her! LOL

  25. Agree would not like to see reality show “celebrities” and have no idea who might be BB fans now, but wouldn’t mind seeing Nicholas Brendan or James Marsters from Buffy, Grace Park or Daniel Dae Kim as H50 decided to drop them. Macauley Culkin. As long as it does not last as long if any are fans maybe…

  26. Great article, Adam. Yes, we can’t deny that Paul is playing the game. However, the quality of one’s game is determined, I feel, but the number of people who actually play the game properly.

    Paul is playing. Jody played. Everyone else – F*** NO! There are only 3 games to analyze here, and none of them can be considered “good.” Paul hasn’t had to do much, since everything was handed to him on a silver platter. Jody both fought hard, but made terrible decisions.

  27. Whoever they get for Celebrity BB, I hope they’re a fan! People who are fans of the game are a lot more fun to watch than people who don’t understand how the game is played!

  28. Tara Reid. She was on Celeb BB UK and she wanted to play the game – unfortunately celeb BB is more like a popularity contest and she got voted out, but I’d love to see her play American BB.

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