Adam Poch’s Big Brother 19 Player Rankings – Week 11

Adam Poch tries to burn down the Big Brother house

Airlines have Frequent Flyer miles, Hotels have Reward Points, and now Big Brother fans are getting rewarded for putting up with this past season. Yes that’s right, CBS is giving us (hopefully) a fun Celebrity version of Big Brother. For those of you that watch BBUK – you have seen this concept before, but I think the US version will be even more campy. There have already been tons of fake rumors on who will be on, as well as plenty of speculation on which celebrity BB Superfans will be playing the game they (and we) love so much!

But first… we need to put Big Brother 19 to sleep – and here is the penultimate version of my Bacon / Tofu Rankings…

Paul Abrahamian – 3 strips of Bacon – Paul won another Veto – and did not use it – basically setting Alex up to be voted out. He is starting to get a little cocky, but his plan to go to Final 3 with Josh & Christmas is going exactly how he wanted it to go. You cannot deny that he has played harder than anyone else this season, it’s how he played that has everyone in an uproar.

I am not giving him 5 strips of bacon however because his lies are starting to catch up to him. By telling Alex ahead of time he was not using the Veto he thought he could play it off and she would understand. This could be his downfall, as she is now as bitter as all the people that have gone before her. Mr Pottymouth himself will need to spin those words around IF he gets to final 2.

Josh Martinez – 2 strips of Bacon – quietly Josh has turned his game around and now he is winning competitions to keep himself safe. He was a little gun-shy with his nominations this week and wanted to wait another week before going against Paul. This was actually a great move for him, as Paul winning the Veto kept his agenda hidden. He still plays along with the “i’ll do whatever Paul tells me to do” and plans on trying to rattle Kevin before the next HoH.

I do not know if he will (or did as this column is coming out without knowing 100% what happened) – but regardless, Josh would be the only one left in the house to take a shot at Paul to prevent him from going to the Final 2. If he does get Paul out – he should earn himself plenty of votes on the jury and we would have to put him on the wall of BB Champions. Yes – the same kid that was the biggest crybaby of the season and tormented so many people could be the winner. Is it time for Celebrity Big Brother yet???

Kevin Schlehuber – 2 strips of Tofu – it’s so sad that Kevin has not been able to win a competition up to this point, and this far into the game, he is still throwing comps that he could have possibly won. The parallels between Kevin & Victoria (BB16) are insanely accurate. Just like Victoria, he thinks he is the #1 ally of the one person running the house and does whatever Paul tells him. He cannot even fathom that Paul is setting him up as his backup plan if Josh or Christmas somehow are not in the Final 3.

This game has been so brutal all season and Kevin for the most part has stayed out of the fray, until they all ganged up on him. But even after that – he still blindly trusts Paul – and only chance of him getting to the Final 3 will be if he wins one of the last 2 comps leading. Sure, a strong social game is important – but he is not Dr. Will, he is… Victoria!

Alex Ow – 4 strips of Tofu – Jason was evicted and Alex was blindsided – so what does she do? Wins HoH and vowed to avenge the people that got him out. How did she do that? By nominating Raven & Kevin during the Double Eviction. Let that sink in… Christmas & Josh voted out Jason… and she nominated Raven & Kevin. Ok, ok, she was still confused and the Double Eviction is pretty intense so cannot fault her too much. BUT… then the following week, she found herself on the block and instead of trying to win the Veto, she threw it to Paul, hoping that he would remove her and keep them both safe.

Is Alex really that blinded by Paul’s “Friendship?” She was – and then, it all clicked and she is now a goner. Blowing her chance at half million! The only reasons I am not making her the Tofurkey of the week are… 1 – the person getting it is way worse! 2 – she will (hopefully) take this info to the jury and start an Anti-Paul rebellion to avoid him from winning.

So that only leaves Christmas Abbott & she earned the Tofurkey of the Week. I do not know what they gave her for the pain recently but she has turned into a vicious person. The things she has been saying about Kevin, even I cannot repeat & I usually have no filter. Her tirade about him had nothing to do with the game & when she gets out – she will have to answer for that. I am also giving her the Tofurkey for her new found love for Paul. I do not know if her feelings are real, or brought on by the intensity of living in that house for 80+ days.

Christmas thinks that she will be asked back to play again next season, so perhaps that’s why she seems hell bent on getting Paul the win. Does she think if he wins, he will leave his girlfriend for her? You know 100% that either Part 1 or Part 2 of the final HoH will be something that Christmas will be able to compete in (if she gets there). There is no way CBS will have her forfeit both comps and go right to a Paul vs. Josh part 3. I have never seen a cast more willing to throw their chances at winning the game, but if she gets to pick who sits next to her, she will take Paul and essentially walk away with $50k – that will help pay her medical bills I guess.

Question of the Week, if you could pick 1 person to join the Celebrity Big Brother cast this winter, who would it be?

In the comments section below – please let me know what you think of this week’s rankings, as well as answer the question of the week.

I will be back next week on Finale day with my final rankings & a look back at how my preseason predictions panned out.

From outside the Big Brother House – I’m Adam Poch – have a great day!!

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