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Adam Poch’s Big Brother 19 Player Rankings – Week 10

Is it over yet??? Even for us Super Duper Uber Fans, the Big Brother 19 season is really getting to be excruciating, but yet, we still watch. We watch hoping that something will happen, someone will actually smarten up and realize Paul’s running the show… and do something about it.

This season started with so much promise – an all new cast with some really interesting characters. Then it turned into The Paul Show, and 10 weeks in… it’s still The Paul Show. Only question left is will he win? Will this jury reward him the money? We shall soon find out.

But First… lets see what Big Brother player earned Bacon (that was not a typo), and what playerSSSSS are getting a heaping plate of Tofu – for how they played this week.

Paul Abrahamian – 5 strips of Bacon – YES, again, 2nd time this season – only Paul is getting Bacon this week. Say whatever you want about how he did it, but it’s day 78 and Paul still has every single one of them under his thumb. He is magically moving through the house – talking end game with each one of them, covering his tracks oh so well, and even wins a Veto – but still does not show his cards & no blood on his hands.

Even before that, his plot to get everyone to throw the HoH, was a work of art. Sadly, we are already so sick of him, it’s not fun to watch. Don’t worry, there will be more about Paul in everyone else’s recaps.

Raven Walton – 1 strip of Tofu – when Matt left, we all thought Raven was going to be unbearable… and we were right. But this week, it was quite more comical, because she was forced to talk to the rest of the house. We got to hear more stories, some more dancing, and I think we figured out, she is the long lost sister of Bobby Boucher (let’s see how many of you get that joke).

The best part is the rest of the house has figured out she is lying about it all, BUT… they still tread lightly around her, just in case it’s all true! I am sure Paul sees her as a better person to take to Final 3 than Christmas, so he is coddling her. Just DONT let him hear you say Paven!

Christmas Abbott & Josh Martinez – 2 strips of Tofu each – wow, they are an old married henpecked couple! I didnt think anyone could Josh in his place more than Paul can, but then along comes Mrs. HoHitis Christmas! Josh actually had the idea that Paul is running things. Christmas seems to realize the same thing, but cannot have Josh blow up and get on Paul’s bad side yet, as she wants to take Josh to Final 2 as much as Paul does.

Josh is the ONLY person left in the house that she thinks she can beat. And it’s probably true. However, her willingness to get blood all over her by being the tie-breaker is not a resume builder, but a resume killer. If only Josh realized that exposing Paul and going with Jason & Alex is what WE would love to see. There’s still a chance, too bad it would be at Kevin’s expense, but hey…

Kevin Schlehuber – 3 strips of Tofu – speaking of Kevin – before we go into his recap, dont feel bad for him if he goes home next. As of today he has already made $36,027.00. He will probably win America’s Favorite as well, because… well, look who he is up against. Plus 2 more week’s of stipend will get him $63,027 for the summer.

But c’mon Kevin – this late in the game, you have been fighting with everyone (except Jason & Paul), and you willingly / blatantly throw the HoH? We really did think he was smarter than that, OR…. that is how brainwashed he was by Paul early on, that he just decides to go along with anything he says.

Of all the people that Paul duped this season, I think Kevin will take it the most personal. Paul did save his ass with Kevin after using the Veto on Alex where he became the renom by telling him he had to do it or everyone would think he was shady. If Kevin is still here after the first eviction, please PLEASE let it be something Kevin can win… (what can he win????)

That brings me to the CO-Tofurkey’s of the Week – and it goes to both Alex Ow & Jason Dent. Hey Jalex, remember last week when you nominated Matt & Raven – and you said the plan was to backdoor Kevin? And remember when you had the opportunity to back door Kevin, but you didn’t? Now fast forward to ONE WEEK LATER and the HoH says the plan is to put two people up and backdoor Kevin? Does that sound familiar????

Jason could not play for HoH, so can’t fault him for this part of it. Alex – why?? WHY WHY WHY did you throw the HoH??? You have to know at this point you & Jason are the strongest duo left in the game. Oh wait, I forgot, Alex thinks Paul walks on water and he would NEVER do it to her. His whole franchise is “FRIENDSHIP” right?? ALEX – can you count how many times he has voluntarily said Friendship this season????

Jason is guilty by association and was heard saying that even though he knows Paul & Alex are playing better than him, but he has “no interest” in taking them out. Of all the stupid things he has said this year (and there have been plenty) this is the stupidest!!! Well, in regards to gameplay.

My question of the week is – How fast can you run a mile?? No no no – just kidding… what is your favorite Double Eviction in Big Brother history? Mine is Season 15 when Andy pulled off the Amanda / Elissa chop-chop essentially sealing the deal to win the season.

There we go – another week of the rankings – let me know what you think by posting in the comments section below.

From outside the Big Brother House – I’m Adam Poch – have a great day!!

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  • My favorite double eviction will be Paul leaving this Thursday after Jason since I don't remember past seasons. I agree with the rankings, but, I think that Jason may not have thrown that veto if allowed to play and Kevin wasn't going to win anyway.

    • Who is going to nominate him, and who is going to vote him out? :)

      Alex? Alex is alone now and loyal to Paul

      Kevin? Kevin doesn't have Jason and is alone now, needs Paul

      Xmas? No chance, do you see how pissed she gets at Josh questioning their alliance with Paul?

      Raven? Nope, she only has Paul & Xmas as a kind of ally

      Josh? Maybe...but doubt it. Never mind him having no other allies, and Xmas getting angry for questioning Paul, he can't win anything except in his own mind

  • I'm looking forward to Cody's face when Jason joins them in the jury house.
    That look of disdain and knowing that he is going to think his Alex girl is screwed now that Jason is gone. He's seen the tapes enough to know that Jason has been killing it in comps and working thisclosely with Alex.

    Hope when Jason walks in lamenting that "Alex only has Paul now", that Cody doesn't accidentally knock himself out when he facepalms. He's a strong boy, that one! :)

    • LMAO... I loved the facepalm comment! I can totally see that though. Cody has a better idea of what is happening than anybody in the house and he's been gone for what, 3 weeks now?

    • lmbo!! I hope they let us watch the jury house long enough to see that because you painted a perfect picture.

      • Even Jessica said she would vote for paul unless it was Cody sitting w him . He has played a good mental, social , mastermind game .. and for not ONE to expose him is amazing . Josh knowing all of this and STILL would not put him up . If he wins hoh I dunno ? He may, but then again he may not have the votes.

        • It does. He's anything but a follower and I do believe it pains him that so many people drank the Paul kool-aid.

        • Looking forward to the Victim Noises he's going to be making in jury, as he watches the other HGs roll in lol

          • Wonder if they have convinced Matt that Raven in danger, girl? Lol.
            As long as she doesn't walk in, I think Matt will still "believe" Paul loves Raven best.

          • I hope we get to see the Jury House tonight... I know there won't be time tomorrow. I really want to see what Matt has to say to Cody.

          • But supposedly he's going to confront Cody. I want to see
            1. If that even happens or if it is another Raven lie
            2. If he does, how bad does it blow up in his face.

          • Ha! I don't see that there's any way he confronts Cody. Maybe I'll eat my words but I don't see it happening. At all.

          • What a nut...Matt acts like he gave birth to Raven, and expects everyone to worship the ground she walks on. I don't get how he was with her 24/7, but never caught on to any of her lies...

            Can't wait to see Raven's face when she gets the boot. I really hope she's not in F2

          • Totally mindboggling! It makes no sense, those two together. Maybe he was trying to be nice to justify using her for sex, who knows? He appeared to spend the most time with her, unfortunately we never really saw them together that much to figure out what kind of conversations they had -- and maybe that's it -- they didn't -- they were just having mostly sex. **cough**

  • I am 1000000% voting Kevin for AFP, I hope Adam is right and everyone else does too. Not only is Kevin an OG it would be hysterical to watch Alex's face when he wins it.

    • He has ppl interested in him for movies , producers I guess like the way he talks and walks and think he would be a good actor . Walking out w 63k isn't too shabby

      • Although I would prefer never looking at Jezebel again, I wish that was possible because it would be well worth it.

  • I would like to see that too, or perhaps Jason. Cody probably wouldn't win because he's been out for a while now. But if he won, it wouldn't hurt my feelings!

    • Cody IS at the top of pretty much every popularity poll, followed by Jess, Kevin, and Mark. So I think it's a race between Kevin and Cody at this point.

  • On point all year. Sad that Cody screwed up his group that first week. Afterward he tried on more than one occasion to tell people what was happening but it was too late that had already drank the koolaid.

  • I am enjoying watching Paul run the show and watching Josh try to convince Christmas what's going on. These people are so brainwashed it is funny ( yet a bit sad). To watch Paul get the whole house to throw the HoH was masterful my god have these people ever watched big brother. how great would it be if Josh actually won HoH and put Paul up😂 Yes I know it would never happen but it would be good to watch

    • He can go up otb , but who would vote him out besides the person who put him up and they cannot vote ( cept tie) and he would spin the most beautiful web against whoever was next to him.

    • I don't think convincing these houseguests to do anything is masterful. All of them are just willingly throwing their game away.

  • "Our boy" Paul is going to win this thing. How stupid will everyone feel when they watch it back...then again, maybe not.

  • Eh, I think you're giving Christmas a little too much credit, but otherwise, another great assessment of the HGs.

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