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‘Big Brother 19’ Live Feeds: Paul Secures His Position In Next Round

Paul Abrahamian continues to maintain his iron grip on Big Brother 19 and he’s looking to be in an excellent position for his own game through this next round of events. Of course a lot of HGs are expecting a full week’s turn at the game, including Paul, but instead there will be just a few minutes between the next two evictions. Paul is ready to be well set for the rushed decisions ahead.

We’ve already seen Paul positioning himself with Alex as her last ally when his network of minions evict Jason during the first of Thursday’s two eliminations. Paul will keep his hands clean by voting to evict Kevin and forcing the tiebreaker on Christmas. She knows he’s going to do this and has given him her approval. Yep, instead of making it so she can tell Alex “I kept up my part of the bargain, it was them who betrayed you!” she’s letting Paul take that honor. Josh doesn’t like this plan, but he’s going along with Paul’s game because why stop now. Bunch of knuckleheads.

Now, to cover all his bases Paul has also told Kevin to keep his head down this week and he’ll come out clean on the other side. That leaves Raven to make sure he has control over. It’s not like Raven has won anything all season, but her odds are getting better and better each week. In fact, this could be the week he pushes her in to a power position since his other puppet, Christmas, is on her way out of the last HoH he handed her.

Late last night Paul checked with Raven to discuss his plan, what she needs to know, and what she needs to do. Flashback to 2:53 AM BBT 9/6 Cams 1/2 on your Live Feeds. Get the Free Trial now.

Paul lets Raven know that she and Josh will be voting Jason out, but he won’t. Instead he says after the vote he’ll put Alex aside and tell her “they’re gunning for us!” so he can pretend to be on her side. Then, and this is kinda funny, Paul says that the three HGs voting Jason out have nothing to fear from Alex because she already has a good relationship with them and they can all tell her “hey, it’s nothing personal, we just had to get Jason out.” Okay, ya goofs in that house, if that’s okay for you to do and say to Alex, then why wouldn’t it be for Paul to do it too?

The next part of Paul’s plan is a faked fight between him and Josh on Thursday. He tells Raven the fight will take place after the vote so Paul can act like he was wholly against evicting Jason. It’d be great fun to watch Josh calmly reply to Paul that they all worked together to get out Jason, including Paul. Chances of that happening? Not so much, but it’s fun to dream.

Paul says this fight will make Alex think he and Josh are against each other. Sounds like that’s bad for Josh and a higher chance for him to go up against Kevin should Alex secure the next HoH comp. That’s actually the exact scenario Paul next proposes to Raven. He says best case for the two of them is if Alex wins HoH then Kevin and Josh will go up, but worst case is Kevin plus either of them. Well obviously Alex isn’t going to put up Paul, according to his plan, after he presents himself as her last ally in the house.

Raven asks if she should get involved in the fight between him and Josh, but he tells her to steer clear and “stay strong.” She promises to do that and seals it with a kiss on his hand. Good grief.

Paul wraps it up saying their best case is for Josh to win, presumably to take out Alex, but if Josh is out then either Paul or Raven will need to win. Of course we know that if it comes down to Paul and Raven then he’s going to bail. He tells Raven they need to put up Alex and Kevin next with Kevin as their backup plan to Alex’s eviction and a “clean sweep.”

I imagine as soon as Alex is out Paul will bail. He can control all of their actions now and he doesn’t need to be visibly responsible for any evictions right now, so the risk isn’t worth it for Paul. But even with Alex winning Paul is secured in his safety thanks to the votes and this faked fight.

No matter who wins HoH in the second round on Thursday night, Paul isn’t going anywhere. It’s pretty much Paul strolling to F3 at this point and an easy path to the Big Brother 19 finale night from there. We’re just running out the clock two more weeks to see who joins him to make their case to the Jury.

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  • I don't know why, but I love hearing Jason talk about his bull, Ollie. It's so cute lol. Jason: "Ollie should be a Victoria's Secret Angel!"

  • was there a dust up with josh/Jason about slippers. Jason was mad about something. I wonder, was that a staged fight ala paul?

    • Jason was kind of mad (laughing but agitated) because #1 Josh accused him of taking his slippers, but Jason says he didn't, and that he is very particular about never wearing shoes that belong to someone else (it grosses him out). And then #2, Josh somehow left a bite mark on Jason's sunglasses when Josh went into the room where Kevin and Jason were talking. Josh kind of draped himself over Jason.

      Nothing to do with Paul (this time).

        • HA! Actually, when he was laughingly venting about Josh to Kevin, he DID say something along the lines of "this kid hates you then tells you he loves you, attacks you then cries about it! I can't help but not like him though!!"

  • I have watched every minute of every season, but I stopped watching a week or so ago. This season has been terrible and i can't deal with the ignorance of these house guests!! It was obvious from the beginning that Paul was going to win, so just give him the money now. I hope they NEVER bring back a former house guest unless its an all star season. I will continue to check here for Big Brother news, but let's just get on to Survivor!! :)

  • Love him or hate him. When Jason walks through the jury house doors. Cody will have been right. He warned that he an Alex would be soon to follow if they didnt do something. But of course none of the HG's think they will be evicted. Ha. Yeah rite. All the while. Paul's saying check please!!🖋

    • Yeah...Jason's downfall was 2nd guessing his instincts, especially as the game went on. Alex ended up being bad for his game (made him a bigger target, and also kept talking him out of having doubts about Paul).

          • it is sad that he does that, he's alright, she called him dummy from the start. I think he's too hard on himself. he has a pretty good life.

          • Other than the stupid things he says, seems like a good dude. I'll admit, I was repulsed by him as a human being for the 1st 3rd of the season, after hearing his stories on the Live Feeds. Now, seeing how loyal he is, and his love for his family and Ollie, I think he just lacks class but doesn't mean any harm.

          • I thought he was an okay guy, too, until he wanted Christmas evicted because he couldn't stand looking at her and her broken foot!! Ah, it's called taking responsibility for your part in her accident. She's never asked anyone for help and has acted like a real trooper since she broke her foot. She had a right to stay in the game even though she was handicapped. If BB had asked her to leave, then Jason should have been asked to leave also.

          • Oh YEAH! I think I was still really repulsed by him at that point, and it made me like him less, then slowly over the season I've come to quasi like him. Not sorry to see him evicted though, except when I think about his family/ him wanting to provide for them.

          • I think he's been a funny HG throughout the season AND could use the money. BUT, so could a few others. Unfortunately, I don't see Josh or Christmas winning the game. Josh because the poor guy's been played ALL summer and Christmas because she'll have a huge pile of medical bills once she leaves the BB house. I think that's maybe one of the reasons she chose to stay; BB will pay medical expenses only if you're still a HG!! Can't blame her for staying. I sure wouldn't have wanted all those bills for that type of surgery. Plus the equipment she's needed.

  • As a fan of Paul while I want him to win (yes personal bias shows) I want someone to take a shot at him PLEASE. I don't want this to be another Boston Rob situation where ONE player plays the game.

    Jody as douchey as they are were right about Paul- you don't take him out now, you'll never get him out own the road. Its sad when I miss JODY of all people. Is something wrong with me? I'm probably sick.

  • I wonder how much CBS is paying the house guests to throw Big Brother for Paul to win? No way they can all be that STUPID!

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