Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 10: Sunday Highlights

It was a mild Sunday in the Big Brother 19 house even though the big blindside set for later in the week continued to take shape. We did get a little action between Josh and Christmas and Josh and Paul as Josh began to realize that Paul is going to be the only person to end up with  no blood on his hands at the end of this week.

Christmas has a nighttime beer and laugh

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, September 3, 2017:

10:30 AM BBT – HGs starting to get up for the day.

11:30 AM BBT – HGs lounging around. Christmas is asking what all the Jury members get to see on the discs sent with the evictees. Paul is explaining how it works.

12:06 PM BBT – Feeds go down.

12:28 PM BBT – Feeds are back for HN reveal… that there are no HNs this week or for the rest of the season. Everyone celebrates and dances around.

12:40 PM BBT – Raven tells Paul that she suffers from hypothyroidism (She switches between saying hyper & hypo). He asks if that’s the one that makes too much or too little. She says it makes too much so she loses weight and is emotional, but refuses to take the medicine which she says is only chemotherapy and would prevent her from being around her young students for 6 months because of the radiation. (Hyper- is the condition of too much, hypo- would be the condition of too little. Raven doesn’t even know her own lies. She’s disgusting.)

1:20 PM BBT – HGs discussing Raven’s latest health claims. They think she’s full of it but suspect she really as GP.

1:30 PM BBT – Paul and Alex are trying to figure out the finale date. Alex is frustrated that Kevin keeps saying it’ll be the 21st since they don’t think that’s right. (Sept 20th is the finale.)

2:45 PM BBT – Josh and Paul agree that taking Raven to the end would be too dangerous since she has a stack of votes in the Jury. They start discussing the Veto situation. Paul says it’d be bad to not use it but he won’t if that’s what Josh wants. Josh promises him he trusts him.

2:52 PM BBT – Raven tells Christmas her mom also has epilepsy.

3:00 PM BBT – Paul and Josh still talking. They agree that Alex needs to go next. Paul suggests Josh goes up as a pawn then immediately backtracks and says he’d use Kevin and Raven instead.

3:20 PM BBT – Josh again questions Christmas over why they aren’t having Paul not use the Veto. He says they’ve got Raven and Kevin on their side so if it’s all of them against Alex then why not? Christmas says they need to keep Alex calm and subdued by tricking her.

3:25 PM BBT – Alex tells Paul that she’s already done her part in playing the pawn so she won’t agree to that again and it’s someone else’s turn next time.

3:25 PM BBT – Josh got frustrated with Christmas and got up to leave their talk. Christmas gets pissed off and tells him to never walk away from him. She continues to dig in to him and when he tries to reply she gets pissed at him for interrupting her.

3:35 PM BBT – Christmas promises Josh that Paul will have to get blood on his hands sooner or later. Josh isn’t convinced. Christmas starts to get upset with him again.

3:40 PM BBT – Josh continues to be upset and Christmas continues to be mad at him for being upset. He says he doesn’t want the Veto used, but Christmas says that exposes their plans.

3:45 PM BBT – Josh tells Christmas that Paul is planning to use two pawns to get out Alex if he’s HoH. Christmas doesn’t like that and wants Kevin and Alex up together, but Josh tells her good luck convincing Paul of that.

4:00 PM BBT – Paul checks in with Josh and tells him he needs Josh feeling good about all this.

4:20 PM BBT – Josh talks to himself that he suspects a Double Eviction this week and that must be why Paul is doing all this work to cover his tail.

4:45 PM BBT – Paul is studying days and events alone in the Lounge. Sounds like he knows everything very well.

4:55 PM BBT – Josh asks Paul to think about not using the Veto. Josh points out that Paul’s plan exposes him (Jo) and Christmas. Paul says Josh’s plan is bad for Christmas.

5:14 PM BBT – Paul lets Christmas know that Josh is freaking out. He tells her that not using the Veto is a bad idea.

5:17 PM BBT – Paul and Josh discussing options. Josh is still pushing to have Paul not use the Veto, but Paul says that’ll make all three of them look really bad since Christmas did the nominating and Josh has to do voting.

5:20 PM BBT – Group agrees to discuss it more later. Josh warns Christmas this could be a DE coming up. He says he’s a fan and has seen how this plays out. Christmas gets agitated with Josh.

5:30 PM BBT – Paul tells Christmas he has to use the Veto because it creates less chaos than Josh’s suggestion.

5:35 PM BBT – Josh asks Paul again to consider his idea, but Paul says no because he’s already thought about it and it won’t work.

5:50 PM BBT – Raven is telling Alex about her diseases. She says she contracted GP by another disease that hasn’t been named and only 2 families have it. Raven says a doctor in Sweden figured out that she had GP just two years ago.

6:10 PM BBT – Raven tells Alex that she was born with GP and was vomiting at birth which is the sign of having it. Paul can overhear and tells Jason that Raven had told him she developed it at a young age rather than at birth. Jason says he gave up trying to figure her out. They continue to listen in. Jason says Alex is baiting Raven as she asks Raven if she can only eat special things.

6:50 PM BBT – Christmas tells Josh that Paul and her discuss these ideas. She’s sure Paul has their back. Christmas says they can’t show their cards yet.

7:55 PM BBT – Josh camtalks that he doesn’t like how this is going and still wants to change the group’s path. He says he hopes he’s making superfans proud. Josh wishes he could convince Christmas of what he sees. He’s worried that this week will sink his chances to win.

8:00 PM BBT – Josh tells the camera that he’d never turn on Paul, but he also won’t play Paul’s game.

8:32 PM BBT – Kevin tells Jason that Raven asked everyone if they wanted a sandwich but him.

8:35 PM BBT – Christmas thinks Kevin is talking about her not asking him for a sandwich so she calls him out. He tells her he wasn’t talking about her and Jason backs him up.

8:40 PM BBT – Paul takes the sandwich info to Raven and Alex so Raven goes to call Kevin out.

8:50 PM BBT – Josh and Paul trash Raven. Paul says she never has anything to add to the conversation and they agree she’s just copying everything Paul says.

8:55 PM BBT – Paul keeps shutting Josh down every time he mentions leaving nominations the same. Now Paul is telling Josh that the two of them have to fake a fight but Josh doesn’t want to do that. Paul tells him he has to if he wants this to work out for them.

9:04 PM BBT – Paul tells Josh and Christmas not to worry about Alex winning the next HOH because one of her nominees will be Kevin regardless of who her target ends up being.

9:12 PM BBT – Josh says this is going to be the biggest blindside. Paul and Josh hear Alex laughing and Paul says she’s not going to be laughing later this week.

9:15 PM BBT – Paul suggests tomorrow could be the live eviction and vote. (No.) Alex says she hopes so she can laugh at Kevin.

11:20 PM BBT – Josh camtalks that he’s upset about Paul’s plan and how it’s pissing him off because it’s all good for Paul. He says they’re an alliance of three, so how does this help all three? It doesn’t, says Josh. He questions Christmas saying if she’s such a smart woman then how does she think this is good. He’s questioning her.

11:25 PM BBT – Josh continues that if Paul wants to make this move then it frees Josh up to step away and play his own game. He’s sure that Paul is leaking information including telling Alex and Jason that he (Jo) and Christmas are working together.

11:30 PM BBT – Josh suspects that Paul might actually want to win.

11:35 PM BBT – Josh decides he’ll have a conversation with Alex and Jason to make it clear why he’s going to vote out Jason.

1:00 AM BBT – HGs hanging around while Josh and Paul play chess.

1:35 AM BBT – Josh questions Paul and asks if he told Alex and Jason that he (Jo) is working with Christmas. Paul is shocked and says of course not. He tells Josh he’s tripping.

1:40 AM BBT – HGs discussing Raven’s contradictory lies about her diseases. They hope for a montage calling them out.

1:45 AM BBT – Josh tells Paul he thinks Thursday will be a Double Eviction. Paul says no, that Monday will be a live Veto and eviction. (Josh is right. Paul is wrong.)

2:10 AM BBT – Josh is upset and venting to Christmas and Paul. Paul is upset in return and tells Josh to stop going crazy about this. Josh says it’s not crazy to be thinking through scenarios and trying to see what’s best for the group.

2:15 AM BBT – Christmas revisits what Josh told her earlier and tells Paul she doesn’t like the idea of Paul using two pawns next round to get out Alex. She wants him to put up Alex. Paul says if he does that then Alex’s guard will be up.

2:20 AM BBT – Josh continues to tell them he doesn’t like this plan with Paul using the Veto but it’s their plan now. Paul is annoyed and wants Josh to like their plan too. Josh points out again that Paul isn’t getting any blood on his hands with this plan but they’ll be the bad guys. Josh says his plan makes them all part of it equally. Paul says Josh’s plan reveals that they were all coordinating this plan so that’s bad.

2:35 AM BBT – Paul keeps working on Josh. Josh says fine, he will go with the plan.

2:40 AM BBT – Paul says after Alex is gone then he can pull Kevin in. Josh agrees and says he won’t tell Jason anything. He’ll just vote him out.

2:45 AM BBT – Paul tries to suggest Raven might flip on them in the vote this week, but Christmas doesn’t buy it. Paul suggests they wait until right before the vote to tell Jason what’s happening.

3:50 AM BBT – Christmas and Paul are still awake. They’re discussing Raven’s behavior and wonder if they should confront her.

4:00 AM BBT – Paul and Christmas talk about Josh’s behavior today. Both are annoyed with him.

4:45 AM BBT – Christmas and Paul hanging out upstairs and talking. Paul is discussing how his game last year compares to Josh’s role this year.

5:10 AM BBT – Paul is downstairs in the Lounge camtalking about his game so far this season.

Josh had some surprising discussions today, but so far they are just conversations and I’ll be very surprised if he actually does something to work against Paul. He might be frustrated, but he lacks the support he’d need to carry out anything. Paul will continue to march on to the end and these HGs will fall to the side along the way.

Veto meeting is coming up on Monday and Jason will be left up there along with the renom of Kevin. Josh might not like this plan, but he’s not one of the two with any power in his trio this week. He’ll just have to deal with it.

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  1. “but refuses to take the medicine which she says is only chemotherapy and
    would prevent her from being around her young students for 6 months
    because of the radiation”

    That girl just ain’t right in the head.

    • Well their is no medicine for hypohyper thyroïde. It doesn’t exist!! It nullified it. Lol. She’s quit something. I wonder if her mom got epilepsy with the lightning?

    • Wow, the things that come out of ravens mouth. I’ve had hyperthyroidism and I’ve taken pills to help correct it, not chemotherapy. I’ve also had cancer so I’ve had radiation and chemotherapy and I was able to go back to work the next day. If you’re going to tell all these lies at least get your facts straight 🙄

    • If she really was suffering from a low-producing thyroid and not taking medication for it, she wouldn’t feel good. Maybe she doesn’t feel good. Who knows. She’s clearly a lunatic.

  2. The comp was so entertaining to watch. Great physicality was necessary to win. lol Good job Christmas! Amusing DRs by the DR comedian, Paul. The show included lots of Paul’s great intuitive and masterful strategizing. It’s the Paul Show! And it’s getting MUCH better ratings than the Dingus Nicole show from last year, so good for Paul and CBS. “Your boy” deserves the check! Great show CBS!

    • Paul deserves everything. He should even get Kevins 25k check, Alex Petty hat, the pots and pans and Christmas scooter. Deserves it all. The only worthy player in the house especially if he can evict Alex ride and die and still have her support.

      • If America votes anyone else..Julie should take the check out of their hands and give it to Paul. lol Have a beautiful labor day friend!

      • I don’t think a winner can be AFP. Can’t it? By the way I like the show to except for the petty not so sweetheart of alex. But Christmas was amazing in the foot race. Lol.

      • All I have to go by is what is written about AFP on “The Big Brother Wiki”. You can go there to read it. Nothing is said about the winner of BB not being eligible to win AFP. I have looked a few different places in the past couple of years and can’t find that written but if someone can find it, and not just state it as their belief, I’d love to know where to look. Paul did say he won AFP last year but Victor ended up with it because Paul came in 2nd, insinuating he was ineligible. I can’t find any rules written regarding that, though.

      • I don’t know the rules. I just assume since never a runner up or winner got AFP as well. If you find out let me know!!

      • Voting for AFP will be soon. Matthew Boyer should ask AG if F2 hgs are eligible. Then let us know for sure.

      • The only thing that the winner and second place person does not get is the weekly stipen. The winner can be AFP and they get any money that they might win in any comp. The only reason for no stipen is that the money from 1st or 2nd, is way more than the stipen.

      • I’ve read the official rules about the stipend in regards to F1 and 2. Paul stating on the feeds that he won AFP but they gave it to Victor because Paul came in second. So is Paul lying (I know, I know, lol)?

      • Maybe Paul doesn’t know everything like he thinks he does. Forget about his gameplay, he has been wrong on almost every part of the game this year.

      • He’s saying there could be an eviction tonight. I know he doesn’t believe everything he says, but I’m not sure what his motive would be for the few times he has assured some HGs that a surprise eviction was going to take place if he doesn’t really believe it.

      • Maybe trying to keep them on their toes or keep them off balance. Who really knows what his agenda is there and I often wonder if he believes half the crap he spews out LOL.

      • It was Paul’s excuse for not winning AVP. I don’t think he is as popular or is liked as much as he thinks. IMO

  3. I truly beleive, that the endgame for Christmas and Alex is not even winning, but to come back next season. Because those two are clearly not playing to win. The guys left seem to have some clue that Paul is 2 weeks away from the big pay out. Raven is on her own reality show called “Delusion”.

  4. As much as I loathe Alex, Paul needs her to win comps and protect him. Those two could steam roll Christmas, Kevin, Raven, and Josh at comps. Paul is good but he needs someone who can play for him when he’s ineligible. I hope it’s Paul, Kevin, and Alex top 3, Paul wins HOH and takes Kevin to top 2.

      • I always thought that position was physically impossible but she and a few others are proving me wrong this season

      • Not production but Paul. She feels completely insecured without Paul around. The same feeling Alex has had all season. The difference now is Xmas has completely replaced Alex in that role without Alex knowing.

    • Xmas needs someone to carry her to F2. Paul seems willing to do so. Josh isn’t winning comps. She can’t afford to go against Paul at this point, she has to suck it up and play nice with him and hope that he finds her the weakest challenger to take to the finale

      • I agree, but she should at least be cam talking or admitting this is her strategy. She really believes she is play great game and nobody is carrying her.

      • Yup, I cringe when she goes all self congratulatory and tough talking after being handed a comp win for the 2nd time!

      • Does anyone know the backstory on her time with a NASCAR pit crew? Those guys have to be the ultimate team players and she doesn’t seem the type to me.

    • I think she has an inside deal with Paul to protect him to the end so it doesn’t matter what josh or anyone says.

    • I can’t believe that of all the people in this game that the one person that can see what Paul is doing is Josh. Good for Josh. I look watching him in the kitchen cooking and dancing. Josh is not as dumb as everyone seems to think.

    • Yah……way to start playing Josh!
      At least he’s trying to think on his own right now, but unfortunately getting shutout!
      Come on Josh…..dont drink that kool-aid !

  5. If Alex wins the next HOH, Josh and Christmas are up. Josh is right that Paul won’t get any blood on his hands.

  6. Too late Josh, remain frustrated and follow the plan till f3, then see what you can do if you are still there.

    • That is what I was thinking last nite when I watched on BBAD. Let Paul take Josh to the f3 and then try to get rid of him. Or f4

  7. 12:40 PM BBT – Raven tells Paul that she suffers from hypothyroidism (She switches between saying hyper & hypo). He asks if that’s the one that makes too much or too little. She says it makes too much so she loses weight and is emotional, but refuses to take the medicine which she says is only chemotherapy and would prevent her from being around her young students for 6 months because of the radiation

    As someone who ACTUALLY has Graves disease (HyPERthyroidism), I find this absolutely disgusting!!! You don’t treat it with Chemo!!!

    • Well, with the number of diseases she make up, almost the all planet feels like you. But who the heck in their right mind would choos chemotherapy over a pill a day???? Oh yes, raven!

      • I just can’t imagine how many people must buy into what she is saying and believe it to be fact.

        Either way, she would HAVE to take a pill a day with hyperthyroidism. Your options are radioactive iodine, which would make you hyPO and force you to take thyroid hormones, or anti-thyroid pills.

      • Exactly Ashley. But please don’t be insulted by her. She really need help and is on for a big ride after this show. She’ll get what she deserves. I do believe she has GP, but all the other things she make up it’s unbelievable. I don’t understand how the others didn’t told her to stop at one point!!

    • I believe Chemo is a drug cocktail. It doesn’t emit radiation. Otherwise you would see children sequestered and quarantined from their parents, siblings, grandparents and whoever else while their loved one undergoes chemo treatments that sometimes go on for months.

      The danger is completely borne and carried by the person receiving the chemo as it wipes out the body’s immune system. When my sister was receiving it the children were never kept away, neither mine nor her own. We kept the house bleach clean and were fanatic about handwashing and hygiene – but that’s about it.

      • There are three options to treat hyperthyroidism. One of them is surgery to remove the thyroid (not common), this means you have to take thyroid hormones the rest of your life. The second is radioactive iodine, which makes you hypo and would have to take the hormones. You do have to be sequestered from people for ONE week. The third, what I do, is to take anti-thyroid medication.

        Raven is mixing up chemo and radiation. What you said about chemo is accurate, but they do use radiation to treat hyperthyroidism.

      • I just kind of shake my head sitting here reading these Raven stories. It’s like she takes the bits and pieces from any number of wikipedia sites and crafts a disease around them to suit her purposes. And it is SO offensive for those who have had to actually walk the real walk. You taught me something today and I thank you for that. I wish you a happy life, health and wellness, and joy with each new day.

    • She’s obviously out of her mind. She doesn’t know the difference between hypo and hyper so she says whichever one comes to her mind at the time. I can’t believe that she knows so little about it yet claims she has it and doesn’t want chemo.

  8. Paul suggests he and Josh fake a fight. What about Josh agrees and engage the pots and pans? We haven’t see that for a while.

    • Pots and pans are now forbidden. It’s way to dangerous. As I said before, it got raven to broke her arm by being 20 feets away from it.

  9. After this past week’s debacle of HN’s flouting the rules and non-comps, I would imagine that there will be some rule changes and contract changes next season. What really should happen is some changes in who’s running this farce of a game but sadly I don’t expect that will happen.

    • I know in some big brothers in other countries sometimes the HOH competition is based on lucky, which means you can`t really throw it.

  10. I think Christmas is faking about her foot! Production controls this game. Matt breaks the rules and get slap with a penalty vote that he wanted.

  11. happy Labor Day, US fans! The most I labored this weekend was watching Sunday’s episode of BB. That was hideous and a total embarrassment. And, I am sick of some players getting such a great edit on TV.

  12. Jason played with a lil heart. He’s said some stupid things for sure but I hate to see him go. I guess Paul will take Christmas F2, bc jury mite see her as doing nothing (given Hoh x2)and Josh bc he’s a hot head and gotten into it with the houseguests. IDC who wins at this point. There’s really no game play. They decide who they want out ie Paul and then a week later they evict. No twists or turns. I hardly watch the livefeeds anymore bc there personalities annoy me. They seem way cooler on primetime. JS 😳

  13. 11:30 PM BBT – Josh suspects that Paul might actually want to win.

    Like, yeah! Alert the media. Paul came back to play BB to win.
    Now if the other idiots would only realize that and not think he came back to help each of them win

  14. Josh will never convince Xmas that she doesn’t need Paul (at this point, she probably needs Paul more than Josh because at least Paul is playing the game and winning comps, and would probably drag her to f2). If Josh is that worried, he should just chill until f4 or f3, and then play his heart out, actually win a comp, then cut Paul. Of course, that won’t happen.

    • Whoever takes out Paul will get a ton of respect from the jury; the question is will anyone ever take him out?

      • I think the most recent season when we reached this point (with pretty much the same concerns) was Season 17, when Steve eventually snuffed Vanessa out at F3 (and that’s probably the main reason he won that season). I hope someone surprises us all and cuts Paul, but if the only two candidates to do that are Christmas and Josh, then I’m leaning toward it probably won’t happen.

  15. It is interesting how Josh has been on track and right about almost everything so far, I always thought if it was down to final 3 and Christmas won she would take Josh but is obvious that Paul has his hand up her so far she can’t think for herself.

    • I agree. Josh just needs to stop being timid and make the game move. I wish he had some of Alex pit bull aggression.

    • 11:25 PM BBT – Josh continues that if Paul wants to make this move then it frees Josh up to step away and play his own game. He’s sure that Paul is leaking information including telling Alex and Jason that he (Jo) and Christmas are working together.
      Oh, dear heavens, Josh, don’t you know that if they are talking about other people to you, they are talking about you to other people? Why are these HGs so dumb and naïve???
      11:30 PM BBT – Josh suspects that Paul might actually want to win. Well, duh.

  16. So this season is over (Paul’s winning)….but who will be the crappiest extra in The Bold and The Beautiful?
    Does anyone that post here even watch that show?

  17. Josh lacks support? ALL of them lack support except Paul! He doesn’t need support to wreck Paul’s game, he needs strategy which I don’t think he is capable of.
    All he has to do is to vote with Paul and Alex to wreck Paul’s plan, but he would have to convince Alex what the plan really is first to gain anything from it, which seems impossible. She is gonna hate Paul after she goes back and watches how he used her.

  18. sorry, I just scanned the highlights but is paul planning to use the pov to take alex down and put kev up?

      • Other scenario: if Paul doesn’t use the veto so Jason and Alex are on the block. Josh, Kevin vote to keep Jason
        and Raven, Paul vote to keep Alex. Who does Christmas side with? Her ride or die Josh or puppet master Paul?

      • paul wants to bloody xmas’ hand and keep his clean, force her to break the tie.
        although something just crossed my mind. the hg’s talk about how unpopular they must seem, yet, they believe America loves Jason (jelly).
        they claim to love the game and might decide tossing Jason would hurt the whole house with viewers and ratings.

      • Production focus testing and micro managing numbers to maximize the viewership? Watson the Computer determines that evicting Jason would lower viewership by 2%? I can see that scenario in the production offices taking place. Calling house guests to the diary room and giving hints on what to do with the votes.

      • I agree Alfie my boy, this could really be a thing. they all deep down know that Jason is the total package and the game would suffer without him.
        I think they’ll cave and evict kevin, which would be God’s mercy.

      • Keeping Paul is also good for ratings. Everyone watching just to see if the super villian gets taken down. Big Brother learned alot from Professional Wrestling.

      • I really wish they’d get rid of Alex. Man, that woman is annoying. And dumb. It’s really uncomfortable surrounding yourself with someone that ignorant.

  19. OK, so I can only let Raven get away with so much BS: “12:40 PM BBT – Raven tells Paul that she suffers from hypothyroidism (She switches between saying hyper & hypo). He asks if that’s the one that makes too much or too little. She says it makes too much so she loses weight and is emotional, but refuses to take the medicine which she says is only chemotherapy and would prevent her from being around her young students for 6 months because of the radiation.”
    First of all, the treatment for hyperthyroidism is medication, NOT chemotherapy. Secondly, I am a cancer survivor, and had chemotherapy. Chemotherapy and radiation are two completely different things and are used to treat cancer independently of or in conjunction with each other. You do not give off radiation from chemotherapy. All of her drivel is pure bull. What a disgusting human being Raven is.

      • I found it, and thanks for letting me know. Ashley Deaton and Mariana Isabella are absolutely correct. Chemo is a drug cocktail put together to kill cancer cells. While it does its job, it can also kill healthy cells (thus, the compromised immune system and loss of hair, etc.). Radiation can be used to treat a malfunctioning thyroid, but it sure isn’t chemo. And Ashley and Mariana are correct – Raven’s BS is very insulting to those of us who have lived with diseases she claims to have, but knows nothing about.

      • Congratulations Grace! You Are a survivor.
        My mom had Graves Disease ( extreme hyPERthyroidism), and was terribly sick before she was diagnosed. She had radiation to kill the thyroid gland and took Synthroid (synthetic thyroid) for the rest of her life.
        This child, Raven, has a sick need for attention. I hope, once this show is over, her doctor (who I understand was dragged into this hypochondriacal circus) takes a long, hard, look at her and refers to to a mental health professional.

      • It’s not going to kill you (well, maybe it will kill Raven, who knows), but if it’s caught early enough it can be treated and one can live a relatively normal life with it.

      • That’s right. Mom’s was caught too late. She was terribly ill. Her best option was radiation. Synthroid was a good option.

      • He had so many health issues to deal with. Imagine he would have never been allowed anywhere near the presidency in the Internet age just due to all the medications..President Roosevelt as well.

      • Thanks, Sharona; 10 years and counting, and so far, so good.
        What doctors did for your mom sounds right to me. I had half my thyroid removed years ago, but the other half is healthy and functioning well, so I don’t need to take meds for that. I hope your mom (and you, as well!) are doing well.
        Since I’m ragging on Raven, I have a suggestion for her (maybe this is a problem she hasn’t come up with yet) – someone needs to tell her that if she’s cooking with older cookware with a Teflon coating, once that coating ages it tends to come off and assimilate into the food you’re cooking. That coating contains carcinogens, which can cause cancer. One of the first things we did (after my cancer was diagnosed) is get rid of ALL of our nasty cookware and replace it with stainless steel and now the new copper ceramic. Just thought I’d pass that along to her.

      • Teflon is dangerous stuff…the PFOA’s in it to make it non-stick. Most people don’t know ( they don’t read the directions—I never did) that you’re not supposed to use those pans on high heat. The fumes can actually kill small birds; wild, huh? Sorry, pet parakeet. Well, at least more and more cookware is being made without it.

      • Thanks you, Alf. I did lose Mom 4 years ago, but it was actually a blessing—if you know what I mean. Sometimes, we want to keep our loved ones for selfish reasons, but we needed to let her go. She’s happy in her glorified body. :)

      • All we can ask at the to be surrounded by loved ones. Sounds like your Mom was.
        I would like to go how my grandfather did. Peacefully in his sleep. Not like the screaming passengers in the car he was driving.

      • Oh my…I don’t even know how to respond. I’m sorry. Were they family members too? If I’m being too nosy, tell me.

      • Just to add – I checked one medical site on the various thyroid diseases. The site claims there have been more than 100,000+ hits on their site on the past month alone. Seems like more than just us think Raven’s full of crap.

  20. i saw on amazon books, xmas’ book reviews are scathing due to the show. her self help advice books about being a good person has triggered many to attack her as a fraud.

  21. “2:45 PM BBT – Josh and Paul agree that taking Raven to the end would be too dangerous since she has a stack of votes in the Jury.”

    I can’t figure out who would vote for Raven, someone who’s accomplished nothing all season except repeatedly make an ass out of herself.

    • And an ignorant, stupid one, too. But that comment shouldn’t surprise anyone; everybody in that house except Paul has everything backasswards this season.

  22. I have hypothyroidism. You take a pill, that’s it. Same for hyperthyroidism. Also, chemo doesn’t keep you away from kids – that’s actually brachytherapy, where radioactive seeds are implanted (usually in or around a tumor) to treat cancer, usually testicular cancer, though I suppose it’s theoretically possible for thyroid cancer, but that’s my point – it’s a treatment for cancer, and it’s not chemotherapy – chemotherapy, best that I know, does not make you have to avoid anyone.

    • My mother has Hypothyroidism and she takes a pill before breakfast, as well as acid reflux which is also treated with a pill and eating acid foods as raven does makes her vomit so she doesn’t. Raven doesn’t seem to vomit at all with all of her stomach diseases.

  23. Oh shut up Josh! I wanna put his head through a wall. Of course Paul is playing to win, DUH! If he knows Paul is playing them, then do something about it, blow his game up before Jason leaves, do something or shut up! The only thing he’s managing to do is piss off Paul and Xmas and they end up swapping him out of f3 (I hope they do). Production didn’t help you figure it out for nothing! Stop crying , acting like a baby and start playing big brother or have a seat and shut your fat mouth! I wish they had connected with Ramses and voted out Josh.

  24. The best thing for Josh to do is to stop camtalking and tell Jason and Alex the plan and who came up with it. He should tell them that he is working with Paul and Christmas and that they are F3, but should wait for veto to be played or he’ll go up.

    • Love the scenario and I’d high five the dog if we watched that on the tv. Josh has good ideas but does he have the courage?

    • No, Josh needs to keep his mouth shut period, let this eviction play out and then pick up the pieces, (Alex) regroup and go from there. Not even sure at this point if Alex is willing to break from Paul, she’s just like Christmas in that she seems bound and determined to make sure Paul is at the end and wins.

  25. This is the phoniest BB so far. At least in the other’s it wasn’t so obvious. I mean, how did Christmas even get to play In an HOH with her broken foot when she wasn’t able to play before? Especially in a comp that involves running??? It’s all rigged and so plain to see this season. Geez. Do they think everyone is as brain dead as the people in the BB house this season or was it just scripted to make them all look stupid , except for Paul???

    • Christmas is out of her cast, so I think that was technically the difference.

      • I AM NOT shooting the messenger :-)
        But when Christmas came back after getting her cast off last week, she specifically said she was “NOT allowed to put ANY pressure on it whatsoever for a few weeks minimum” (Xmas was discussing it with Raven & they were talking about her taking a shower and needing to be VERY careful not to accidentally put any weight on it. Zero!)
        So, why would the doctors clear her? She said she would “still have to be cleared to play in certain comps” SO IF she was not allowed to put even a hint of pressure on it, there’s no way in “reality” she would be cleared, you know what I mean? BB knew there was a good chance Paul would get his way and everyone would throw it to her or Josh and that’s the ONLY reason they allowed Christmas to complete. To help Paul!
        And I think that’s BS! If she’s not allowed to play, she’s not allowed to play. It is as simple as that! But of course BB bend the rules once again in Paul’s favour!
        Cha Know?

    • I could not agree with you more! I asked the exact same question, regarding Christmas been cleared to compete! There’s NO WAY any doctor would allow her to play in that comp! Clearly Christmas was told that if ANY of the HGs decided to competed (haha yeah right!) Christmas was NOT to compete. She was to default or just lose on the first round.
      When Christmas returned last week after getting her cast off she specifically said said “it would be a couple weeks at least before she could even put any pressure on her foot at all!” Zero, zilch! So, at the risk of Christmas running/hopping and accidentally putting pressure on her foot, she would’ve never been medically clear unless BB was “looking out for Paul” because Paul wanted Christmas to win this HOH!

      SADLY it just showed me/many of us how scripted, non-organic and favoured BB has become!
      It is not the Big Brother it used to be! Hopefully next year they smarten up and make this game the awesome “Reality TV” show it once was!

  26. Josh, Josh, Josh……you already are playing Paul’s game and you’ve been playing it the whole time. I’m glad you’ve finally acknowledged it (kind of) but it’s a little too late imo. Good luck, and I mean that!

  27. Haven’t been able to watch last day or two so appreciate the highlights here Matthew. Was surprised to see the ‘Raven is disgusting’ remark though, only because I thought you were neutral, haha. I keep thinking there is no way somebody would blatantly lie in such a public and unbelievable way so that maybe what she is saying is actually true. Having a hard time believing she could be that dense. But then, caught a remark from Paul; ‘Raven’s Believe it or Not!’ Too funny…

  28. It’s insane how mean these HG’s are! Talking about Jason, talking about Kevin, talking about Alex, and then all of them talking about each other!
    I feel like I am ease dropping in on a conversation with a group of 13-year-old girls!
    & Raven being a biatch to Kevin regarding the sandwich. Super immature! Why is Raven being mean to Kevin? What did he do to her? Nothing!
    CHRISTMAS WAKE UP!!!!! I thought she was an intelligent woman!? Josh is spelling it out to her yet she doesn’t seem to care! Or understand! What an idiot! Christmas is actually arguing with Josh about it! Unbelievable!

  29. WTH!!!!
    Josh says he “suspects that Paul might actually want to win! No way! Yeah think? Did he honestly believe Paul does NOT want to win!?
    Of course he wants to win! Why do you think he’s trying to get no blood on his hands of this week? Why would ANYONE ever believe Paul would not want to win!? Paul is not Vanessa Russo (with millions in his bank account!!)
    It’s really too bad Josh played most of this game either paranoid or as a bully! It’s impossible to like him because of all the things he has done negatively in the house however, he is earning a few points due to being the only HG to FINALLY figure out Paul’s “MO!” Too bad it’s too late!
    Josh is the HG & ONLY HG (since Cody & Jessica) to figure out Paul is playing all sides! Josh of all people! Who woulda thunk it! Not me!
    Again, it’s really too bad Josh was a huge a$$ all season, a bully and did all of “Paul’s dirty work,” if Josh wasn’t so focussed on “attacking people” it’s likely he would’ve figured out Paul along time ago & Josh could’ve made this game a lot more entertaining and not the Paul show!
    Actually, who am I kidding! EVEN IF Josh was “on to Paul earlier,” BB would’ve made sure Josh walked out the front door next! Hands-down the “Best Showmance on BB History!” 💜

  30. PS. I did enjoy reading the HGs becoming increasingly annoyed with Raven and all her (fake) diseases and illnesses etc! & Raven added 2 more on Sunday? Hypothyroidism &……I can’t remember the other one. Maybe it was that now her “Momma has epilepsy?” Did Raven say she was epileptic? I missed that one LOL and also Raven messing up on her timeline in regards to her “GO” I can’t believe it took this long for her to mess up. 😆
    NOW these HGs are getting mad! LOL now they know how we have felt for months now! Paul hopes for a montage. Just go to #RavenExposedParty, along with YouTube and other sites that have listed everything that’s wrong with her! Last time I looked it was well over 50!
    I don’t see the point in Christmas and Paul confronting Raven, I mean it would be entertaining but, I want Raven to walk out of this house thinking she is “America’s Sweetheart” and then getting slapped in the face with this “karma” she speaks of regarding Alex and Jason!
    That is/was a laughable! Raven cam talking and laughing at Jason n Alex about receiving karma for putting Raven/Matt up last week! It’s a game! What about all the lies you have told this entire season and most of your life you psychotic con artist!
    I’m thinking girl, if you think they are getting “karma slapped in the face,” what the hell are you expecting to receive when you exit this house? A KARMA bomb dropped on your head!!
    Raven of all people talking about karma is so unbelievably hypocritical, it’s uncanny! Seriously SMH! JUST SAYIN

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