Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 6: Wednesday Highlights

The Big Brother 19 houseguests had a quiet day ahead of their halfway party in the evening. Being reminded that they’re halfway through the game seems to have sparked some interest on mapping out the rest of the game because the HGs had a lot of late-night talks about pecking order and who trusts whom the most.

Raven gets messy on Big Brother 19

A lot of interesting scenarios were tossed around. Read on to get those details and more.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, August 9, 2017:

9:13 AM BBT – Raven talks in her sleep and wakes Matthew who says she was talking about the utility room. Cam 4.

9:30 AM BBT – Cody is up and sitting alone in the kitchen.

10:25 AM BBT – HGs getting a late start to the day.

10:50 AM BBT – New sound messages are being played over the speakers.

11:20 AM BBT – Paul talks with Alex and Josh about someone throwing the Temptation Comp so in case Cody doesn’t win it he can’t also try to throw it and get a spot in the Veto comp.

11:25 AM BBT – Josh, Alex, Christmas and Paul discuss Mark ignoring Cody’s comments to Josh yesterday when Mark has said he hates bullying of any kind.

11:55 AM BBT – BB still coming over speakers with sounds. This time it was a horn.

12:50 PM BBT – Christmas is upset and crying by herself for some reason.

1:05 PM BBT – HGs talk about the $25K temptation. Kevin plays it off well and acts like he didn’t even know how much money was involved. He repeats the claim that Ramses took the $25K.

1:30 PM BBT – HGs discuss how boring the day has been.

1:55 PM BBT – Christmas tells Josh she feels good about their group with Alex, Jason, Kevin, and Paul. Josh warns Christmas that Paul and Kevin are close so she needs to not say too much about Kevin in front of Paul.

2:05 PM BBT – Cody talks with Jessica about taking a pic of her pregnancy test after she gets out this week.

2:35 PM BBT – Matthew tells Raven he would put up Mark and Elena then BD Cody if he gets the chance. Raven suggests they could use Paul as a pawn. Matthew says they better ask Paul about that first.

3:00 PM BBT – Raven and Matthew were wondering how Cody would behave without Jessica. Matthew thinks Cody would have willingly left next, but he’s got to go to Jury instead of getting out to see her.

3:05 PM BBT – Paul agrees to go up as a pawn if that’s what the group wants. Matthew warns Paul that keeping Christmas and Josh too long is like keeping another pair, but Paul isn’t worried.

3:10 PM BBT – Paul again says it’s okay if they need to put him up, but warns it’s still a scary time to try that.

3:40 PM BBT – Josh camtalked that he considers Paul and Christmas to be his ride-or-die’s in the game. Josh thinks Matthew and Raven are going to come for Paul soon and Paul will be tired of them too. Josh is getting paranoid and thinks Jason could be working with Mark.

3:45 PM BBT – Jason tells Mark that they considered working with Cody after Jessica left, but after everything that happened he won’t do that anymore.

3:50 PM BBT – Mark and Jason discuss that maybe keeping Paul wouldn’t be such a good idea for everyone’s game. Mark points out that Paul and Christmas seem to be the ones beating the “hate Cody” drums. Mark says they could take out Paul and the other HGs would be lost without his direction. Mark suggests Jason gauge Alex’s interest.

4:25 PM BBT – Josh warns Jason and Alex that Mark isn’t loyal and flipped on Cody, his closest ally. Alex wonders if there is an alliance among Cody, Elena, Mark, Raven, and Matthew.

5:35 PM BBT – Alex complains to Paul that Raven mimics everyone else’s behavior and then tries to one-up them.

6:00 PM BBT – Various HGs studying the sounds they’ve been hearing for what they believe is the upcoming HOH competition.

6:10 PM BBT – Feeds have gone down for the halfway-point party.

8:10 PM BBT – Feeds have returned. HGs eating on cake from the party.

8:20 PM BBT – Jason, Alex and Paul discus a Cody HOH. Paul says they can control the votes. Jason asks about what happens if Alex and Matthew end up on the block. Paul says then Matt goes home.

8:23 PM BBT – Josh kicks Matthew and Raven out of his room. He says he needs to talk to Christmas. When they leave Josh says he’s so tired of them being in his HOH room and that he has never even really had a relationship with them so why are they always there he wonders. Christmas told Josh to lock his door to keep them out.

8:28 PM BBT – Raven and Matthew discussing Elena’s closeness to Jody and Jessica. They don’t understand why she hasn’t separated herself from them. Matthew says Mark and Elena both aren’t good at making good game decisions. Matthew talks about how easy he and Raven have had it in the game so far.

8:30 PM BBT – Josh thinks Matthew is being sketchy. He and Christmas think they’re playing both sides of the house (are there really two sides?).

8:36 PM BBT – Kevin tells Josh and Christmas that after Jessica they need to get rid of Cody, Matt, Mark, Elena and Raven.

8:41 PM BBT – Christmas mentions Matthew only caring about getting to jury. Kevin suggests he goes to jury first then. Christmas says they can’t leave Cody in any longer than they have to. Josh brings up Jason, Alex and Mark. He says they have something going on and Jason has been acting different lately.

9:10 PM BBT – Josh and Christmas share their doubts with Paul but then agree on a solid final four being the two of them and Paul and Kevin.

9:18 PM BBT – Cody tells Mark everyone is gunning for him (Mark). Cody reveals to Mark that Kevin made him an offer of 5 weeks of safety and they shook on it. He tells Mark the deal was to protect Jason, Paul, Alex, and Kevin.

9:27 PM BBT – Josh tells Christmas Jessica is going to feel stupid when she sees that his target was Elena this week until Jessica and Cody were so nasty to him this week (and didn’t try to campaign).

9:46 PM BBT – Jason tells Paul that Cody told Kevin he would nominate Matthew and Raven. Paul says he doesn’t believe that.

10:00 PM BBT – Paul’s group again decide if Cody wins safety this week they decide who between Mark and Elena goes home this week.

10:05 PM BBT – Kevin tells Jessica he doesn’t even understand why everyone is voting for her. He promises her he’ll watch out for Cody for her and make sure he doesn’t lose his mind.

10:08 PM BBT – Mark points out how different things would have gone down if Megan wouldn’t have left the game early and Cody wouldn’t have gotten the idea to backdoor Paul.

10:13 PM BBT – Kevin tells Paul they need to get the guys (Cody, Mark, Matthew) out next over the girls.

10:35 PM BBT – Jason and Josh want to take a shot at Matthew and Raven, but they agree they don’t want them jumping over and adding numbers to Cody, Elena and Mark. Josh says the only way Matt and Raven go against them is if they force them to by targeting them.

11:18 PM BBT – Mark and Josh talking about the fight with Cody. Mark tells Josh he didn’t hear what Cody was saying to him (calling him fat) because Cody talks so low.

11:25 PM BBT – Paul and Alex talk about Matthew and how weird he is. They say they keep him comfortable for now and when it’s time to get rid of him, they’ll put him up as a pawn but then send him out.

11:30 PM BBT – Paul tells Alex he’s going to throw the HoH to one of his allies this week because he expects the next round or two will be a Double Eviction.

11:50 PM BBT – HGs hanging out and chatting. Kevin and friends discussing Mel Brooks films.

12:10 AM BBT – Christmas mentions how Jessica and Cody didn’t bother to try and negotiate a deal to stick around so they could both be in Jury.

12:12 AM BBT – Raven hopes she wins HoH, but worries she’ll cry more than normal because she has two hearts. (Note: She does not have two hearts, but says this a lot.)

12:55 AM BBT – HGs loudly joking around in the open bedroom while Jessica and Cody sleep away their last night and Matthew and Raven go ghost hunting under their sheet.

1:11 AM BBT – Paul and Mark are looking for the party food in the Storage room and trying to figure out where it went. Paul checks the trash bag. “That’s a full f**king pizza!” exclaims Mark.

1:30 AM BBT – Lights are out but HGs are still chatting and joking away.

2:00 AM BBT – The night is finally over and HGs are off to sleep.

There were no last day revelations to save Jessica so it looks like she’s set for eviction on Thursday night. From there Cody will need to gun for safety in any of the three chances that he could get in the next round. Then again, Matthew seems to be working his way up the priority list for some strange reason.

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  1. Reading through the above, I’m laughing because only with someone like Raven would you have to add a side note ” she does not have two hearts”. LOL

  2. Matthew is making himself up the priority list because he dared to suggest that Paul’s bullying was not a good idea last week. That landed him as an outsider and the momentum continues.

  3. 3:05 PM BBT…”Matthew warns Paul that keeping Christmas and Josh too long is like keeping another pair..”
    I found this to be a rather odd statement coming from half of a pair.

  4. Mark should go before Matthew. Matthew isn’t a threat to them. And, ugh, peeked in live feeds and caught the “ghost hunting”. Do they think throwing a cover over his head gives them privacy?

  5. I loved the expression on Cody and Jessica’s face when Christmas took Cody out of the veto competition.

    • I think it is funny that the whole house has to gang up on Jessica and Cody and they still haven’t gotten them out. Yes, that will probably happen tonight. But it has been great to see these HGs be frustrated every week. HA! That’s what they get for using only brain between…what, 10 of them? HA!

      • Not for lack of trying, Cody won a battle back, Jessica used the hex. They’ve been saved just as much as Paul was for the first 3 weeks.

      • True dat. Battle Back screwed up the plans for Paul’s group when Cody won. Jessica used the Hex to save Cody but the alternative was to send her only ally out the door. I truly believe Paul and his group would have worked with her as far they could had she not played Cody’s game. Sometimes she couldn’t see the forest for the trees.

      • I think it is funny how all of the rest of the world had to gang up on Germany and it still took them years to end WWII. HA! ……is what I hear when people try to defend the fact that everyone hates Cody and Jessica because they are A-holes.

      • The whole world REALLY? Only three countries were fighting Germany. U.S.A., Britain and Russia. In addition to that, The U.S.A was fighting Germany in the Middle East, Italy and France. Australia was fighting with the U.S.A and China, in defeating Japan.

      • Dude, relax, it’s an analogy, do you think I was trying to be historically accurate on the number of countries fighting Germany? Oh heaven forbid, I also didn’t mention Germany wasn’t alone! I’ve destroyed history!

      • LOL, you thought I was serious? Didn’t you get the fact I left out who Germany’s allies was on purpose?

    • Best part of the night! They thought they had it locked and once again got the carpet pulled out from under them! After she tanked the veto, they went (no surprise) back to bed and didn’t even try to talk to anyone to try and stay! I don’t think they realize they are playing Big Brother.

  6. Jokers..
    1:52 AM BBT “Elena and Mark are dry humping with Elena on top. She eventually moves to the other bed. Than gives him permission to jerk off.”
    2:00 AM BBT “Mark jerks off discreetly under a wall of covers, but the cam switches to give him some privacy.”
    2:16 AM BBT “Mark, appearing done, gets up to go to the bathroom & Elena asks him to ‘come here’. More kissing and in-bed holding and rubbing occurs.”

    And this is Mark’s kind of woman. Nice little fella, Mark. Good boy. Now sit. Roll over. Play dead. SMH

    • I am so tired of Frumples and her fake lips. I understand she is not a real threat in the game but at the same time she grosses me out. The sniffing of the M&Ms and putting them back in the bag was so gross too.

    • She’s a strange one. He always tell her she is good with words but she actually makes him guess what her point is by answering his questions with a question or instead of being direct poses theories.

      • She definitely is a tease and a bit of an exhibitionist. She knows how to keep Mark on a string. Her words are very leading yet not very Mark anyway. He’s going to be hurt when he discovers all he is to her was a way to try and further her game with a showmance. I do think Mark is probably one of those kind of nice guys that finish last.

      • I agree. I like Mark, I can’t say I’m rooting for him in the game, but he seems like a genuinely nice guy and someone you’d want to be friends with. I hate seeing him get played like that.

      • Agreed to the extent he wanted to play BB and instead chose to pursue a showmance. It could be a good strategy at times and I really enjoy when they fail in the game. Whole summer wasted because you couldn’t control your urges for 3 months!

      • Between her “breakup” speech with Mark that consisted of her staring at him for awkward amounts of time and repeating herself incessantly, and her speech to Josh about how she needs to stay in the house as long as possible for exposure so she can get a job…. I just can’t anymore.

      • Yes, she is definitely playing a mind game on him or just a tease. Did you catch when she said she had something to tell him but told him she didn’t want him to respond? She said “you deserve better than me”. Then refused to engage in conversation.

      • I just read Dr. Will Kirby’s statement on Jessica on TMZ front page, he said “kick her out now, she crossed the line with her butt poking” wonder how tonights eviction will go!

      • Looks like Dr. Will’s diagnosis of “she crossed the line” and his Rx of “kicking her out” bears no weight with Grodner. Looks like she’ll make it to the official eviction. Hope her BF is next in line.

      • if they evict Cody next…then finally everyone will start playing big brother and Paul will be everyone’s secret target.

      • What’s the point? They let the HG’s do the dirty work for them with their votes this evening and they can sweep it under the rug and keep from drawing any more attention to it.

      • Now, there has been more commentary added on Jokers about what happened a little later, but I won’t subject you to that info here. I’ll let you all go read it for yourself if you really want to.

    • I won’t say what I typed then removed. Not very nice words. I will say I would have done something that would have made NEVER say that to me again.

      • I read what you posted. I will not pay money to watch these people 24/7. it is hard enough to watch them on the days they are scheduled and even harder for two to three hours a night on POP.

      • I DVR BBAD but always read Jokers first and if I don’t see anything of interest, I just delete BBAD. I might have watched(FF’d through) 3 episodes. Anyway, Mark and Elena had some more undercover time after what I posted. Mark should be good to go for a little while. :D

  7. “8:30 PM BBT – Josh thinks Matthew is being sketchy. He and Christmas think they’re playing both sides of the house (are there really two sides?).”

    No… it’s a circle and Cody. Circles don’t have sides.

  8. I wonder if Jason took Mark’s words serious when they discussed back dooring Paul. It looked like he did, and I noticed he didn’t run and tell Kevin or Alex. Mark’s plan could work if he could get Kevin and Jason to convince Alex. Cody needs to win Safety this week and see where the chips fall.

      • What a goof! I’d be happy being first loser to you!! Are they all really that starstruck when it comes to past players? Another reason to stop recycling players and get an all new cast.

      • Yep, in one of Paul’s rare cam talks, he told the feeds he would ideally want Alex and Kevin in the F3 with him.

    • Of Paul’s minions, I feel like Jason has always been the one most likely to take a stab at him. Alex would be a really really tough sell though.

      • Jason is a huge paul fan , I dunno if he would take a shot at someone he really truly likes, but yeah he would make the move over Alex since they have the f2 deal

  9. Is it me or is it BB, now we are at midpoint and I’m finding BB extremely boring . Nothing is happening. Sick of Paul and Josh. I find myself not caring who wins or loses, I have no favorites this season at a..

    • I think that’s just how this season is… with the self eviction, the halting hex, the battle back, it just seems like very little has happened in the way of gameplay and evictions. I think the whole Jody vs. the house thing has dragged on for way too long. I can only hope that after Jessica leaves, someone will target Paul and find a way to break up the group so that we can see some good, entertaining gameplay.

      • I can’t help but wonder how sorry Production is for making it easy/probable for Cody to re-enter the house. I don’t think things quite worked out the way they expected with their VIP gal and Deathstare.

      • Production should have done more to break up Charlie Manson and his followers. That’s what is really making the game boring. It’s been 10 against 2 for like 5 weeks now. The Tempatations has also gotten in the way of gameplay.

      • Eh, I like the storyline of 10 vs. 2, because once you get the 2 out, then then those that remain begin to turn on each other when also makes for great TV.

      • Right. I think they game will start when Paul is gone. Paul and his Dawgs made it into another reality television show.

      • No the game will start when Jessica and or Cody are gone. People see Paul is a threat but Cody and Jessica are toxic.

      • No, Paul’s the one that needs go. As Mark told Jason yesterday, Paul leaving will make everyone go crazy and not know what to do. And without Paul to instigate things, Cody will mellow out.

        Cody going changes nothing by itself. Paul and his Minions will target Marlena, and then they’ll target Maven, and then it’s a matter of Alex/Jason vs Josh/Christmas with Paul/Kevin staying firmly in the middle.

        Paul has to go if the house is ever going to be radically shaken up.

      • People complain about production affecting the game and here you are advocating that they do so. They real issue here is that most of the house guests are sheep to Pau’ls shepard and continue to do his bidding which is get one of Cody/Jessica out.

      • Cody never should have come back. That was the worst decision production made. When Cody was gone no one cared about targeting Jessica, Mark or Elena. Things would have gotten really interesting if one of the other house guest had come back.

    • A change I would make is battle back is only for the first 4 members in jury and not the first four evictees. I agree, it just feels like the season hasn’t gotten started b/c the temptations have gotten in the way. I think they should get rid of the twists at this point b/c the house and the drama is entertaining without it.

    • There are so many problems with BB. Some many problems this year are that Cody came back. If Cody stayed out of the house things would have gotten interesting. Also the den of temptation should have lasted longer. BB always has twist for the first couple of weeks then they end. The twist should last through the whole game. Its supposed to be expect the unexpected but this game (production) has gotten so predictable and stale.

  10. Are they (Cody and Jessica) actively trying to get pregnant? My word! They don’t even know each other. I don’t see that as a lasting relationship. Jessica is a terror; Cody is a mystery. If she flies off the handle in the house on a televised show, could you imagine? And Cody, his death stares and silent treatment. Wow! I hope they get to know each outside of BB before having babies.

    • Cody is striving to create genetically superior children but he makes me wonder what will become of a child who doesn’t live up to that standard? Genetics has a way of interfering at times.

      • Yes he has a daughter and when he got the opportunity to speak to her what does he say after being away for at least 3 weeks? I love you? I miss you? Nope, he says ‘don’t be a beta’. Such loving words for a 5 yr old SMH

  11. Seems Mark is really gunning for Paul. I cant say that I blame him. They have been treating Mark like garbage. One of Paul’s game flaws was pushing Mark away while Cody is still in the house. The paranoia of Mark and elana could be a fatal flaw. Both genuinely had his back. They never threw Paul under the bus to Jody. Mark just may accomplish getting Paul out or nearly. Josh, I want him out. He’s stupid as f’ck as no clue, all over the place! Listening to him talk game is like listening to a 5y/o tell you what they did in school today! Evict him please!

    • Personally I’m hoping for a Mark HoH this week. Elena may also be acceptable, because I think Cody/Mark could ween her off of Paul. I don’t really want a Cody HoH, though, especially if he’s serious about targeting Maven first. All that would accomplish is furthering Paul’s agenda.

    • I don’t think Mark has anyone’s back. He flip flops back and forth to whoever has the power. He will continue doing so until he gets sent home.

      • Actually that’s incorrect. I don’t like Mark at all but I’m able to see the forest through the trees. Mark did have Paul’s back to the point where where it irritated Cody. Cody doesn’t have any power and Mark is going to him because he no choice. Mark has to fight for his life in the game and voting Cody out would be foolish because Mark is next. We may not like it but the truth is the truth. They pushed Mark away because of their paranoia.

  12. I really hope cody walks out the door with jess tonight, its the last power card he has to screw the cool kids and payback bb for allowing the bullying

    • Cody walking out tonight would be….a BAD thing for the HG’s? LOL I’m confused how that screws the HGs. BB would adjust and frankly would be good TV, media blast “unprecedented! Never seen before! BB in chaos from Ahole guest walking out!”

  13. I really hope Cody walks out the door with Jess tonight, its the last power card he has to payback bb for allowing the bullying to continue and repay the hg for being pauls pawns

      • It would force them to target someone who isn’t Cody or Jessica? I can’t see him winning so I could see why he’d think stuff it and walk.

      • Sure the targeting would start sooner and that is a good thing as a far as I’m concerned. Cody walking out with Jezebel would make many people happy, including most HGs, and production would not suffer at all. There are too many people there as it is and they could cancel one DE…easy. PLUS, they wouldn’t be paying Cody a red cent, not that it is much anyway to CBS, but to Cody it is.

      • This is why I don’t think he’d walk – it would be interesting to see the game going in a direction that isn’t ‘get Jody out’, but I think he’d want the Jury money and also the chance to vote at the end!

      • If Jess go out tonight, Cody is in the jury and would get $14K. Jess walking out before jury will get $7K.

      • And if Cody went with her tonight, he would get nothing, right, Capt, or do you have an idea of exactly what would happen?

      • Yep, if Cody walk out, he will lose his stipend (the 14K). They would miss a juror, so either they take a chance to live with 8 jurors or they trim that to 7.

      • I’d love to see that. The only reason production wouldn’t like it to happen is because they might not be prepared to deal with it at that moment and it could result in a clusterf–k. Although I’m sure they have spoken with Cody to get his assurances that it will not be happening, it is live TV and it could happen if the right thing occur or are said to set Cody off. I would think production has some type of tentative plan just in case.

      • Cody said he doesn’t care if he doesn’t win, he just wants to make sure none of those left don’t get the 500k. How would that even work brainiac?

    • Cody started all this. He was giving Josh a hard time for being upset and crying. He told him to quit making “victim noises”. What goes around comes around

    • I doubt he will. They were told earlier if they self evict they have to reimburse all the money that the show put out for them. So, Cody, who is already in arrears with back child support will not want to be indebted to Big Brother. I would love to see it though and I think he might have done it if he wasn’t already warned about paying the show back the money.

      • Past HGs have said on twitter that BB threaten people with that but never follow thru. Even Megan said she didn’t get a bill.

  14. I bet Paul wants to take Josh to f2 so he’ll win. He’s right but good grief we have to watch Josh all summer if Paul makes it there. Smh

    • Lol! I said the same thing. How you have unprotected sex with someone you knew for a couple of weeks? Now you may end up having a child with this dude. Something is really off by Cody so I know their relationship won’t last outside the house. I also feel like he comes off as the stalker type ijs.

  15. Jessica is so proud that she may be pregnant. Good Lord..I have had waaay more than enough of the Cody and Jessica show. She gave up her game for this guy. She was rude and nasty the whole time she was around him.

    • Princess Butthole is an entitled twat and her behavior last night on the show was deplorable. She was so condescending to Josh, when it was totally unnecessary. He wanted to talk to her in good faith and all she do was demean along with her Surly Consort.

  16. I’m laughing at Christmas’ statement about Matthew only wanting to get to jury! She’s the one who’s been banging on all season about getting to jury. WTF

  17. For anyone who needs a good laugh today, I saw this on the BB feedster twitter page:

    Alex: He’s (Matt) trying to be Derrick or that other guy
    Paul: Dr Will

    But in all seriousness, I can’t believe I rooted for Alex at one point.

      • Hahahahahaha!!! You got it girl. I love her for that saying!!!

      • I quit watching the show. I can’t take Tammy and her big fat mouf and Jackie!!! I want to beat her to a pulp everytime she opens her dumb yapper. What does Doug see in this woman, I don’t get it.

      • I hate Tammy too! Dayam! But this season she was a different person. Once she realized she had no one to bully this season, she brought it down a few notches. Malaysia read her good honey. Yes mayum!

      • Maybe I need to start watching again. I’ve been dvr’ing the season but I just can’t seem to find the the need to watch those ho’s again. Might have to give it another try. LOL

      • We are so much alike its scary. I wasn’t going to watch it either. I just bing watched last week. The reunion is Monday. I wasn’t going to watch because I didn’t like how shaunnie brought Tammy to LA and pushed out the other girls. But watch it. Tammy mellowed down significantly. She’s Barrable to watch now.

      • I’ll try and give it a binge watch this weekend, thanks! :)

  18. I have a question. What does matt’s tattoo say and why the band aid over a word?? Just wondering

    • It’s obviously something that can’t be seen on TV so it’s covered up with the Band-Aid. Not sure what it is. My question is, what the heck is paul’s tattoo on his chest?? Two years now and I can’t figure it out! It looks like a lot of “black faded nothing”

  19. Jason tell Alix what mark said about taking Paul out, so that Alix can tell Paul. Do it Jason. Paul and Alix all the way.

  20. 12:10 AM BBT – Christmas mentions how Jessica and Cody didn’t bother to try and negotiate a deal to stick around so they could both be in Jury.

    Would it have actually made any sort of difference to anyone? As much as everyone ones wants to say Jody’s attitude is their downfall, I don’t feel it’s 100% their fault. They were backed into a corner and repeatedly targeted week after week. Jessica wasted an HOH playing nice by attempting to target people who weren’t considered valuable either as sort of a peace offering, and really Josh made himself an easy target when Paul goaded him on to be a nuisance/bully. She was in a catch-22, she aimed low and it failed. They ridiculed her privately for aiming low, but they would’ve been pissed just the same and gunned after her, had she aimed for someone with more group value like Alex, Paul or Jason.

    Jody has shut down from the others because they’re fed up with how things have gone. They know that regardless of how they would’ve conducted themselves the past three weeks, they were still a target. Had Jessica not used the hex to save Cody last week, they would’ve still likely gone after her this week, and then made fun of the fact that she didn’t save herself.

    • she was counselled by the other girls to change her game and she rejected paul and josh when they came to her with deals.
      hell with her then.

  21. Can Josh be any more of a dumbass? Saying that Jessica will feel stupid because Elena was his target. Has he already forgotten that HE was the target when she was HOH, but the people who actually vote decided who was going home? He had nothing to offer to sway enough votes away from Jessica.

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