Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 3: Saturday Highlights

Houseguests were slow to rise on Saturday after their late night Veto competition and follow on arguments that lead to a full day of debate. It no longer seemed a question of who would be going, but who might be going up against the target. Plenty of debate on the Big Brother 19 Feeds.

Elena Davies on Big Brother 19

While HGs tried to decide the best option a good question was asked. Why change the noms up at all? We’ll have to see what happens with Monday’s Veto Ceremony as Big Brother’s HGs continue to plot their next moves.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, July 15, 2017:

10:15 AM BBT – HGs are very slow to rise this morning after such a long night.

12:05 PM BBT – Few more HGs getting out of bed and wandering the house but many are still in bed. Christmas joins Ramses in the kitchen and mention she needs to get a better meds plan with the doctor.

12:15 PM BBT – Houseguests anxious about the schedule after the early Veto comp. They’re wondering if some event will arrive today too.

1:35 PM BBT – Dominique goes to Jessica and apologizes for her attitude and behavior toward Jessica before.

1:35 PM BBT – Raven talks with Matthew about why Paul is going after Dominique. They wonder if she had been going after him. Matthew didn’t like that Dominique revealed so much.

1:40 PM BBT – Mark joins Matthew, Raven, and Alex. He says he’s not comfortable going up since his name keeps getting mentioned. Raven promises him he’d be safe, but he’s nervous. Alex says she’d break any tie in his favor. Mark says he knows Big Brother and they aren’t going to calm his fears about this.

1:45 PM BBT – Christmas talks with Dominique and tells her to take a stand, though she didn’t like the events of last night.

2:00 PM BBT – Jason questions Alex on why Paul wants Mark up so bad and what was Paul’s problem with Dominique all of a sudden. Alex says that he was doing what she wanted.

2:05 PM BBT – Mark admits it looks like Dominique is a lost cause for trying to save.

2:10 PM BBT – Alex points out to the group that they should have just voted out Christmas the other week and this wouldn’t be happening.

2:15 PM BBT – Mark tells Alex the plan for next week is to put up Jessica and Ramses with Christmas as the BD plan. Mark is confident that Ramses wasn’t the flipped vote against Jillian.

2:20 PM BBT – Paul talks with Dominique that he respects her and hopes they can still be friends outside of the house.

2:30 PM BBT – Josh tells Dominique she needs to start backing up her stories and calling people out, but she says she won’t do that.

2:45 PM BBT – Jason wants to use his Veto and force a pawn renom. He talks with Paul that no one is going to give permission so she just needs to do it then ask forgiveness.

3:05 PM BBT – Alex wants the noms left alone, but Jason is telling her they can’t do that. Jason thinks the group is faking their agreement to vote Dominique out. Jason and Alex agree that it’s probably Kevin who did the flipping. Alex wants to take him out. Jason asks again about using the Veto and Alex strongly tells him not to do it.

3:30 PM BBT – Paul goes to Alex and talks again about the renom options. He convinces her that Jason should save Jessica and renom Mark. Alex tells him to go let Jason know.

3:45 PM BBT – Alex lets Mark know she’s planning to renom him. Mark isn’t happy. He asks if everyone is so set on Dominique being the target then why do they need to play with the noms at all.

3:55 PM BBT – Mark is pushing Alex to renom Raven instead saying she’s safer than he is.

4:00 PM BBT – HGs sent to HoH for lockdown to set up HNs.

4:30 PM BBT – Have-Not reveal. All that time for production to set a sole bucket on the table. Paul tells everyone to eat quickly before the card is read. Alex names Mark, Josh, and Ramses as the HNs. Jason’s extension adds him to the list.

4:35 PM BBT – Mark and Josh race to the DR to get the HN Gamble key. Ramses keeps stuffing his face until he’s reminded he can’t do that.

4:40 PM BBT – Jason and Kevin promise Jessica she’ll be safe and won’t get evicted this week.

4:50 PM BBT – Dominique tells Jessica that she was betrayed and she isn’t sure who did it, but thinks maybe it was Paul.

4:55 PM BBT – Josh got the key to try and escape being a HN. He chose poorly and will be a HN for two weeks now.

5:25 PM BBT – Jason lets Kevin know the Veto won’t get used after all. He also proposes a F4 deal for them plus Alex and Paul.

6:25 PM BBT – Houseguests have the backyard again.

6:30 PM BBT – Paul talks with Mark about last night’s events. Paul says he’s glad it happened so he could see what was going on, but is disappointed it was coming from Dominique.

6:35 PM BBT – Christmas and Paul discuss her hinky vote. Christmas lets him know she hasn’t told anyone else, but if she does she will not let on that Paul knew.

7:50 PM BBT – Dominique is trying to talk through what went wrong. She wonders if it was from when she shared info about Paul and Elena. Dominique doesn’t understand how Paul has so much power and influence over the group despite not being in a power position this week.

8:00 PM BBT – Elena is quizzing Mark over past events and what he knew. Mark denies having any awareness of Cody’s plans and says he didn’t like the idea of going after Christmas.

8:55 PM BBT – Kevin warns Jason that he (J) would probably go up next to Ramses next. Kevin wants Elena and Raven gone. Kevin is no Raven fan and questions if she thought she could just try her way to the win. Kevin tells Jason to win and then put up Matthew and Raven together.

9:40 PM BBT – Dominique tells Ramses that this wasn’t a game move but a personal attack on her.

10:35 PM BBT – Ramses promises Jessica he won’t vote against her if she’s still on the Block come Thursday. Ramses says Dominique is his target for her attempts to make him a target.

10:55 PM BBT – Alex tells Paul she’s back to wanting Jason to use the Veto and that she’ll put up Mark as the renom. She lets Paul know that Josh wants to go after Matthew next. Paul is good with that. Alex thinks it could work since Mark isn’t as attached to Matthew and Raven anymore.

11:10 PM BBT – Josh and Mark are arguing over pillows. Kevin and Paul messed with Josh’s pillows earlier in an attempt to rile him.

11:25 PM BBT – Josh discovers that all the pillows have been added to his bed. He’s laughing it off now and tells Mark they shouldn’t fight.

12:05 AM BBT – Raven tells Matthew they need to watch out for Jason and Mark, though she trusts Mark enough for now. Raven is also worried about Christmas’s injury dragging down their game.

12:15 AM BBT – Matthew doesn’t understand Dominique’s reaction to getting put up on the Block and her blaming her allies.

12:45 AM BBT – Kevin asks Jason if they’re leaving the noms alone. Jason isn’t sure but both agree that Dominique is done either way.

1:00 AM BBT – All the lights are out and the HGs are off to bed.

Alex keeps shifting around to whatever Paul asks of her but I won’t be shocked to see the noms hold steady. Jason really wants Raven up there, but with that not likely to happen he might just decide to call the whole thing off instead.

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  1. i understand that Dominique is on the block and needs to blame somebody (Paul) for it…What I don’t understand is why tell Jessica Paul betrayed her?? And in what way did he betray her??? Did Paul tell Jessica at some point that he would vote to keep Cody?? Jessica and Cody were on the outs with the entire house (Codys doing) so how did Paul betray Jessica?? The other thing is the Elena & Paul connection…What kind of info did Dominique share concerning them??? What was Dominique talking about?? Other than the normal horse play or a few hugs I have not witnessed any emotions other than ‘friendship” ..Paul does not believe in showmances or hooking up in the BB house..Not to say it couldn’t happen but hes too busy trying to stay in the game to worry about female companionship…I did see Elena and Paul laying in the hammock with Elena rubbing Pauls arm but thats about it…What did I miss if these 2 Dominique reveals are true…??? How did Paul betray Jessica and what is it that he shared with Elena???

    • Paul betrayed Dominique by pushing the target on her. Alex wanted to nominate Dominique, but Paul wanted Ramses to go up. Instead Paul gave Alex his blessing on nominating Dominique and than pushed the target on her. If I had to guess why Dominique it may have been because of her talk show and also because of the Cody lie. This is why Paul also wants Mark on the block next to Dominique. Mark is considered to be attached to Dominique so they want him up in order to prevent campaigning.

      • I am not talking about Paul betraying DOM…I am talking about the Elena issue and the Jessica betrayal…Where and what did Paul do to warrant Doms accusations??? And IMO Alex betrayed Dom not Paul..Paul had no real issues with Dom aside from the bad “interview” with Cody…Paul is not to blame for Dom being nominated..I believe Dom being nomed was a surprise to the HGs and viewers….And Dom put herself in a worse bad light/situation by trying to blame Paul for all her bad luck..

      • When Dom was talking to Jessica she was talking about Paul betraying her not Jessica. She said “Paul betrayed me” not Jessica. And Alex didn’t betray Dom. She had nothing with Dom. Dom was with the couples group which Alex wasn’t a part of. Alex has to nominate 2 people. She’s not going to nominate someone from her side. Dom needs to suck it up and quit acting like a spoiled child. She isn’t the first one to get nominated. Now she’s secluding herself I stead if playing the game. Which is exactly what she called Jessica out for doing. I hope she goes. Very boring. JMO

      • She doesn’t talk to anybody. she looks at you and turn her head, and start praying. ..ha!

      • Haha. Last night Paul asked her if she wanted something to eat that he was fixing and she said “No I’m fasting” while she was eating. Lol

      • Have you watched how Paul dismantled her when she starts injecting god/religion in the BB game? was something.

      • I absolutely love it and she takes it very personally, which is silly and stupid. God doesn’t give 2 shakes about BB and doesn’t want to be used as her shield. Dom’s also in a showmance, a Godmance if you will.

      • Pretty much. She was talking complete jibberish last night. There is something off with that chick,.

      • Paul vs Dominique was and is “Championship Gaslighting”. Paul is a proven master of the art.

      • Yeah but that master is going to be gone after his safety is up. It may take a couple of weeks but bye bye Paul.

      • After Jury someone will take shot at Paul hopefully! Someone will have to win comp that wants him gone! Hoping Matt or Mark! Most people are on Paul’s side it seems and no one seems on to him? Sad!

      • Paul is no master. its that Dom is absolutely TERRIBLE at speaking. She talks in riddles when she needs to just say what she means. She has to give names to be credible and she won’t which is cowardly

      • It’s just stupid. It’s BB, throw people under the bus if you need to. Although she did say she wouldn’t lie in the game, so she was just waiting for the bus to get roll over her.

      • I think so. Especially since she thought she was going to be famous and not go back to her old life outside the house.

      • Yeah that makes sense but, Paul immediately following Dominique’s “talkshow” was pissed off at her (Dom) & so were some other members of his ‘alliance/followers’ because Dominique in brief said something along the lines of “an organic alliance,” I don’t understand why!? It’s not like it was a secret. I just don’t understand how one small phrase said during a fake talk show would make Paul and his followers turn on Dominique so quickly! & Dom questioning Cody regarding who knew about him trying to backdoor Paul was not a bad thing. You would think Paul would want to know! So why was that questioning so bad!? I just don’t understand it! Paul could have pushed Alex towards voting out Josh (in my dreams) among other’s that wouldn’t directly impact his ‘alliance,’ but he didn’t do that! I’m just super confused! LOL

      • I fully understand why they want Mark on the block next to Dominique, makes perfect sense! Keeping Jessica up there is dangerous…… But what I don’t understand is why Paul gave his “blessing to put up Dominique” in the first place? I truly do not understand why Paul turned his back on her!?
        😝But that was sure nice of Paul to give his blessing to Alex!😝 LMAO

    • Elena was laying in the hammock between Kevin and Paul. Kevin had his arm around her neck and Paul turned around for a back rub. I think Elena is posed ay Dominique because of those lengthy discussions that Dom and Mark were having. I think Dom was hitting on Mark and he didn’t even realize it.

    • Thank you, I have the exact same questions as you!
      I also do not understand why the house flipped on Dominique!?!
      All because of her comment when she was doing her “talk show” and interviewing Cody? All she said ‘briefly’ (perhaps even a slip of the tongue, although still not a big deal IMO) was something along the lines of “An organic alliance” I don’t know what she meant by that?! but clearly it pissed Paul off. I don’t know why!? The only reason I can think of is Paul (along with a few others immediately following the talkshow) is pissed off because he does not like the word ‘alliance’ when referencing ‘himself with other people.’ But, if that’s the reason then that’s just stupid! Plus, other HG’s were angry about that, it also!?! I must be missing more!?

  2. Alex should tell Jason to use the veto and take off Jessica. You have one huge alliance in the other side. That needs to be dismantled and broken up! Put up Mark on the block with Dominique and let them choose who to vote out! If Jessica remains on the block, it would be a wasted week! Jessica is alone and no threat! On the other hand, the big alliance is still intact if that happens! So, put up Mark as replacement nominee and the other side has to break up!

    • I agree. If Jessica goes and someone from the big alliance wins hoh, Alex will be seen as the biggest target of the other side because she already won 2 comps. But breaking up the big alliance and placing herself on one side of the remaining group gives her more power. Especially if Cody comes back. I can see an alliance with Cody, Jessica, Alex, Jason, Paul and Kevin (maybe xmas as well)

      That would leave all the others as floaters to get rid of one by one. Anyway aren’t the all their for jury?

    • I think that’s what she’s going to do. But even if Jessica stays up they all want Dom gone so I think Jessica would be safe. But there’s always that little chance…..

    • But Cody is in process to Battle back (rigged I think) to get him back with Jessica and here we go again.

    • Jason is Veto Holder and he is the one pushing for a renom…Alex finally told him to do whatever he wanted..

    • Watching Alex and Fizzlenutz do the circle jerk with whether or not to use veto is making me stabby. Fizzlenutz has to be one of the dumbest players ever to enter the BB house, that’s saying a lot.

  3. Wow loving how no1 seems safe and constantly shifiting alliances,
    somehow i almost feel josh is the safest in the house now lol

  4. Based on the summaries of the live feeds, it sounds like Jessica has a good chance to survive this week. I’m all for that. Jessica Graf has been the target of endless, unwarranted attacks at various sites (one Twitter site has been particularly bad in this regard). The comments I’m referring to are simply hateful and irrational (a prime clue is when no supporting examples are provided). Among other qualities, she has demonstrated remarkable loyalty, a quality that is in short supply on any show of this kind.

    I’m glad she didn’t quit the game. Hopefully she’ll have some wins in the weeks to come.

    • I agree. The comments have been very nasty and personal. They don’t even know these people. I want Paul gone and I think he’s a dictator in this game but I don’t make personal attacks about him. In fact last season when he was with Victor I liked him. Victor kind of calmed him down. Also when they showed his family last year it was nice to see. I think he’s a really good guy I just don’t like his gameplay this year. People need to comment on the game and not their looks or personal things.

      • Yes! Everyone should also remember that (1) we see what the producers allow us to see, (2) we viewers have the ability to review what has happened on the show (I’ve watched all episodes multiple times), (3) we get to see conversations between houseguests that other houseguests are not privy to, and (4) it’s always easy for any of us to say what we would do in a situation, but you can never really know until you are in that exact situation.

      • Yes I was saying the same things about what CBS allows us to see! Easy to talk unless inside that house with a bunch of strangers about what us fans would do! Hard being cutoff completely from outside world!

      • Jessica’s comments have also been very nasty & personal. I don’t like the way Jessica gets nasty with her comments. She talked terrible to Josh. That was so very personal hatred that it really turned me away from her. I have watch BB since the beginning. There has been personal calling out on other seasons but the way she & Cody talked to Josh was unacceptable to me.

      • I agree I don’t like either one of them including Josh. And they didn’t have to speak that way. But Josh didn’t have to push things either. He wouldn’t let it go when asked to. Then he kept trying to get nasty digs at Cody when Cody was backdoored. But then when Cody would come back at him he would run and cry. If you’re going to dish it out you better be able to take it. Also didn’t like Josh attacking Meagan at the beginning of the game. I really don’t like all 3 of them. Only reason I want Cody back is for drama. Flip the house. That’s what’s fun about watching this show.

      • I agree with everything you said. Personally I don’t like the 3 of them either. I didn’t care for Josh at the beginning. I also agree with you about Cody coming back. You’re right. Cody coming back will be great show. It certainly wouldn’t be boring. I love the drama. That IS what is fun watching this show. You are so right.

    • What is bad that she immediately attached herself to Cody and upheld his mess. I would respected if she stood up and really played the game.

  5. Paul is the best bb player in a long time. His social game is A+. He has seamlessly jumped ship from his last alliance (which he never wanted, he hates couple). Love him or hate him, he’s got skills!

    • Having the three week no eviction deal kind of helps. We will see what happens after this week.

      • That has nothing to do with what im saying. If they wanted him out he’d be the first priority after. No one has mentioned getting him out. Thats brilliant for a vet that made to final two last season.

      • No one has mentioned it because they know they can’t. If he was really playing well he wouldn’t have had to ever mention it but he was put up on the block on the 1st week.

      • Several are talking about who they want out in the next few weeks. Paul’s name has not been mentioned. I have heard people talk about wanting to take him to F4

      • He would be out week 1 without the den of temptation. I 100% bet there was some sort of agreement with production to have that before he considered coming back this year.

      • Wow everyone is drunk on the Paull Kool Aid. He was only able to do that once he had to tell everyone he was untouchable for 3 weeks. Doesn’t anyone understand what a huge advantage that is? If Josh won it they would be doing the same to him.

      • NOOOO nobody had any aspirations that I can recall to get Paul out even after they found out he had the advantage…And Paul did not ask for the advantage America voted him to have it…I don’t know that I would like or associate with Paul outside the house.. He does and says things that I don’t agree with BUT Paul is a player of the game which is what I like about him…I would much rather see Paul running around the house talking plotting and planning than to see 2 people hold up in a bed for 3 months…

      • When the producers say “America” voted for Paul to get that temptation, what does that mean? Was it a legitimate vote without any massaging of the data to ensure that Paul won? If Paul was truly voted (based on all the votes), was it only after he won that the producers decided what the prize would be? I find it tough to believe that anyone else would have earned 3 weeks of immunity from nomination or eviction. Also, everything has gone Paul’s way since he arrived. I’m not denying his skill and charm. I’m just saying I am convinced that he’s had lots of production help.

      • Yep, watchers love him, he has been coached on the game and how to be entertaining which helps with ratings. If it helps keep BB on the air at least I am for that but people are giving him way too much credit.

      • Actually if you watched last season Paul learned as he went along. Paul in the first few weeks of BB18 was naive and far too trusting, as things went along he opened his eyes and figured out how to play the game his way. From then on, he played smarter. He is flexible enough to adapt to a situation and use it to his advantage, he’ not been coached.

      • I wish I could buy this but it is hard for me to do so with such a big advantage he has been given. Maybe I will change my mind in the upcoming weeks.

      • If he wins this year he gets all the props he deserves. Just a little early to call him one of the best ever.

      • Fine, but you give him no credit whatsoever. Is he the best player in a long time, depends on what a long time is. I really don’t like comparing good players because they have played differently. Some use their social game, some use strategy, some use physical skills, some use alliances. And some use a combination. Doesn’t matter to me, a well played game is a well played game and I am prepared to give credit where credit is due.

      • He established good relationship with enough HG’s to have his back in preparation to next week, when he’s vulnerable. It’s a tough game, but I see him on ‘feeds’ how he work/manipulate. With or without the Pendant, his social game is oppose to Cody and the rest of the HG’s

      • He’s been coached on the game
        He played the game last year, that’s where his skills have come from, experience.

      • Why are u watching a show that u think is “rigged” ??? Don’t u have something better to do???

      • The reward was put up before voting started, people knew that and voted for him to get it.

      • If Josh had won they would have been counting down to when they could evict him. Paul’s protection is almost up and everyone still wants to work with him.

      • No don’t agree….Cody went on a power trip and tried to play the game by himself…He failed…At that time Pendant or not Paul was one of the “alliance” members Who had not disrespected or backstabbed any of his peers…Cody was the bad guy not Paul….

      • Paul wasn’t in the core alliance of 7. It was the couples plus Dominque. Christmas and Paul were not a part of that.

      • He wouldn’t have gotten evicted is what I’m telling you. They wouldn’t have voted him out! They would have blindsided Cody. Same situation.

      • I think if Cody would have talked to his alliance and Paul wouldn’t have had safety they would have voted Paul out. But it doesn’t matter now because it didn’t happen and it’s over and done with and people need to move on.

      • Seriously doubt it. Cody couldn’t persuade me to look both ways crossing the street. Kid can barely even speak in complete sentences. Paul would run circles around Cody campaigning, he’s too simple minded.

      • Maybe so but (i doubt it). You don’t understand my point because you keep making a point of the den deal. None of that supports my point.

      • Cody had a 7 person alliance which only was dumped once they found out they couldn’t evict Paul. They are a bunch of lemmings.

      • Omg Chip you’re killing me here! Lol if it was allowed, I’d put this in all caps; If Paul had no safety and were on the block, the others wouldn’t have voted him out! (More all caps) They all told Cody several times they wanted the alliance to work with Paul! It’s why they were upset with Cody, go back and watch! Regardless of the safety, Paul would have flipped votes in his favor, won the next hoh and got Cody out! In case you still dont get it, it’s why they voted Cody out. Gosh Chip smh

      • Let it go mg…just let it go….don’t waste any more of ur time today talking to air….don’t keep responding to a poster that just wants to stir the pot..u made ur points and he made his if u let it go…

      • No. It was dumped because he went rogue and didn’t trust his alliance even putting Christmas on the block.

      • I agree. The Candy Crush game really solidified this, I can’t believe they were handing him tickets instead of trying to win for themselves. Even Kevin seems to be lying to everyone except for Paul. I’ve didn’t expect such a blind following for a vet.

      • I agree with part of what you are saying, Chip, but I also have to go back to Cody’s (hilarious) exit interview with Julie. “They all just listen to his stories and exclaim, ‘tell us another one, Paul!’ It’s like he has groupies!”

      • Cody’s a hater. He wants to be the “alpha” as he loves to say and he isn’t. The boy barely even talked. How did he expect to run the house? Thats not an “alpha”. An alpha understands how to dominate his territory. It takes skill, not just muscle.

      • In one scene when Jessica and Cody were talking, she told him that it was clear that everyone (in their alliance, at least) looked to Cody as a leader. He immediately acknowledged that, which says that it was not news to him. What I think happened is Cody used his military training to create and effect a plan, and, realizing that everyone trusted him and looked up to him, he was sure it would work. Indeed, it might have worked had Paul not had the immunity. Was it a good idea to leave everyone on the team in the dark? If you are guaranteed a success, then maybe it’s ok to do once in a while. On Big Brother, however, there are no guarantees, and so he should have ensured that he had team support for whoever was on his mental list for eviction. Also, I wish he had anticipated the possibility of a twist, given the changing rules of this game.

        Another thing I wish he had realized is that power is always changing hands in this competition, and almost no one will be loyal to you. Therefore, there is little to be gained by letting someone know how much you dislike him/her. I’m thinking of Megan. Had Cody left out the comment to Megan about disliking her, when nominating her, she might not have self-evicted, and then Paul would never have been nominated…and we probably would be watching a very different game since Week 1.

      • All the points you covered (which are good) are all reasons Cody is far from an alpha. He’d like toto be but justjust don’t measure up. Last but certainly not least, an alpha will never reveal to anyone he’s alpha. Definitely not in that setting. Jessica maybe shouldn’t have told him that. It wasn’t true. It was her observation, and she’s an airhead.

      • Plus an alpha doesn’t take his toys and run and hide like Cody did after Jillian got evicted. Those days hiding out in the HN room was pathetic and showed me that he was not an alpha but a typical bully who can’t take it when he’s challenged.

      • Anybody new to the house is bound to make a lot of mistakes. My main point is when you give the one veteran such a huge advantage maybe we should lay off giving him all this credit. I am also sure that production knew he was going to get this advantage for entertainment purposes and it has worked. For me the game now starts for Paul.

      • Jessica has come out of the corner since Cody left so she may overcome the “bitch” label …Just hope that if Cody comes back that she don’t revert to it…Hopefully she realized the mistakes she made and can let Cody know it if that becomes a reality…

      • Yea i commented that earlier today. Her social skills are impressing me. I can admit that even though I dont like her because I can set aside personal opinions and evaluate the game. You have the ability to do that too I’ve noticednoticed. Thats good!

      • If Cody comes back into the game, with her in it as well. she will revert back to her old ways. They both will.

      • LOL, that would be even worse, they would isolate, again and we would have the exact same scenario play out. Grody and Messica hiding up in the HOH with everyone downstairs, playing the game.

      • I can see it now. Smh but do you think Messica will let him act that way again if she’s sort of repaired her game?

      • Absolutely, without a doubt. Cody is the kind of guy who expects orders to be followed and that is what he will expect out of Messica, for her to follow him, regardless of how it could hurt her game.

      • She was hateful to all the girls and screamed at the majority of the them at some point or another. Don’t you remember her having a go at Christmas after an eviction?

      • Jessica was displeased with Christmas because Christmas made an assumption (that Jessica knew Cody was going to nominate her) and Christmas accused Jessica of that on live television in front of everyone without Jessica having a fair opportunity then to respond. I get why Christmas was mad at being nominated, but her assumption about Jessica was simply wrong, and the timing of the accusation was unfair.

        Jessica also called out Megan on falsely accusing her of being racist. Referring to Alex as “Pow Pow”, the name of a former contestant, was not racist. (Do people even know what that term means?) People in our society throw around the racist accusation recklessly. I can understand Jessica being unhappy about that.

        You say Jessica “screamed at the majority of [other girls on the show] at some point or another”. I don’t know what you are talking about, and I have watched every episode about 4 times.

      • Ok heres the deal 1st off ”Stop trolling me” Yes Jessica played the role of the bitch/victim. She had her head up Codys ass…Jessica blamed everybody but Cody for their problems…If u watched the show or the feeds that concept was a true fact..As I said I hope Jessica can redeem herself and go farther in the game 2nd thing u need to do is Please do not make it appear that I make up stuff about the HGs or that I call them names just because I “might” not like them….Jessica did go into “bitch mode” she alienated other HGs and made herself a target….Unless ur blind and can’t hear I don’t see how u missed her self destructive actions… I am done with u..

      • Jessica told Cody that he was being reckless and she asked him to play it safe for a week. She was rational and measured in what she said and did not resort to throwing a tantrum to get her point across. Cody replied that playing it safe is not the type of person he is. Jessica also said that she wanted to trust him, but was concerned about actions he was taking (like keeping quiet what his plans were). That’s not being a “bitch” and I can’t recall her blaming anyone else. Eventually, the rest of their alliance came to dislike what Cody did (by nominating Paul and then Christmas), and they assumed that Jessica must know everything Cody was planning because the two of them were tight. Thus, the rest of the alliance turned away from him and from her as we saw in the sugar/candy HoH game when they were giving Paul their tickets. I agree that it was a risk on Jessica’s part to put so much faith in Cody, but so had the rest of the alliance. Maybe the reason they all did is because people were impressed with his strength and stamina in the trapeze and apple-capturing contests and maybe they thought that a marine would be able to create a fail-proof plan and perfectly execute it. As you said in an earlier post, “Cody went on a power trip and tried to play the game by himself”.

      • She called out Christmas for attacking her during the live vote when Jessica couldn’t reply or defend herself. Hey Jessica isn’t one of my favorites but she was right when she called Christmas a coward. Christmas was mad because Jessica didn’t give her a vote. Jessica told her why would I vote for you to stay when you said you were coming after me. Which is true.

      • She will revert back to what she was with Cody, the “little lady”. Count on it.

      • Well the main one is, one foot being on the way to Julie and the other on a banana peel. Typical nonstrategic big brother pretty girl that runs into the arms of the muscle head that wins a few comps. That requires no thinking at all. Air head.

      • You must be a professional comedian If not, you have a gift! Do it! Your sense of humor is so smart and sharp!

      • LOL, I’m not and hang onto your Domarosa sunglasses, I have dyslexia, so writing isn’t always easy for me but it is fun and I enjoy it immensely. I wanted to be a writer in my younger days.
        Thank you for your kind and more than generous comments.💚💋😙

      • Lol! That was too funny and he hit the nail on the head. I like Paul though, but Cody spoke the truth about how dangerous his (Paul’s) bomb ass social game is. I keep thinking had Cody been as vocal as he was during the interview, he may have stayed! The last few days of him being in the house, the interview with Julie and admitting the respect he had for Paul as a big move maker and a competitor showed that he definitely has a cool side to him. I now look forward to seeing him comeback after Battle Back. Dominique is making my eye twitch, and her apologizing to Jessica is fake. Her trying to guilt sympathy from Ramses is also stomach turning.

      • If Cody does come back, he will leave just as fast. He said to Julie he would play the exact same game, and look where that got him, voted out the door.

      • I do wonder who he would team up with. He better play a different game if he’s smart!

      • But he isn’t smart, we saw that and he’s unwilling to learn, change and adapt to different situations. He is very rigid in his thinking and he’s the one that makes victim noises.

      • I caught that too, and was disappointed to hear Cody say it to Julie especially after previously (while in the toad costumes) he told Jessica that he regretted all the collateral damage that his risky actions had caused her.

      • Yep I think if Cody comes back he will be in a different alliance and go farther. The couples alliance is already falling apart and they don’t trust each other which is funny. Hope Cody wins HOH when he comes back. Let’s see who he goes after and if Paul kisses his ass.

      • Yeah it will and I can’t wait for that. The person who puts him on the block or BD him is finna be my favorite person of the season tbh.

      • I think so too. A couple people have mentioned his name. I know Ramses said he would put him up. Now rather he would or not I don’t know. Jason doesn’t trust him either. I’m just excited to see who wins the next temptation and who wins battle back because it can change the entire game.

      • If Ramses puts him up he will continue to be one of my faves. I hope he wins the next HOH. They are all planning to put Ramses up.

      • Scared because they have chosen not to get together and plan his eviction. They did that for Cody, but need Paul to plan it for them.

      • Just wait and watch. I think Paul will be gone in the next couple of weeks. Especially if Dominique gets the temptation and stops her eviction. Then wins HOH. She’s after him. The drama will be great!

      • Yes Jason wants himself Alex Kevin and Paul for final 4! Not official yet! Jason mentioned it to Kevin in the past few days.

      • What do you mean “they can’t”? He got put on the block by a lunatic, with no game skill. Whether I loved or hated the kid, I’d never make that move in the first week. They would have never voted him out that week. Cody wouldn’t have had the numbers, Paul would have won the next hoh and Cody would be in the same position. See, this is thing: ppl hate Paul’s personality (Cody, you and others ) and completely disregard his skill. The proof is in the pudding. He didn’t make it to F2 without skill. That’s all im saying. I like Paul but even if I didn’t, I’d team up with him bcz I understand the game.

      • By Cody the lunatic. His alliance members were NOT going to vote out Paul and if he had taken the time and energy to feel it out, he would have known that. But he thinks he’s Captain America and runs the world and doesn’t have to explain a damn thing to anyone. Wonder why his alliance jumped ship in record time, has to be an all time record for BB.

      • They jumped ship because Paul became untouchable and quickly realized they were on the wrong side of the house. All of them are followers with no leadership skills.

      • That is exactly what they are. They need someone to pull their strings at all times. I had hopes for Alex, but she seems to be riding Paul’s bandwagon.

      • Nope Alex is playing her game. Paul wanted Ramses up and gone and Alex said no she wanted Dom gone. So Paul jumped on it. Alex is playing her game and doing it very strategically.

      • I’ll wait and see what happens with this veto and who Alex aligns with. So far she seems to know what to do and I understand why she had to nominate Jessica, but I’m hoping she is lying to Paul.

      • I think she wants to work with him for now. I think they’re playing each other. But I think Alex will play her own game. Right now she’s on nobody’s list.

      • Let’s wait and see what this next HOH comp Thursday reveals. Paul is not well liked, not to mention his temptation power expires.

      • Then the next, and the next. You guys will never will admit he’s good game skill. So that’s a moot point in my book. Ppl said all this last season and look who was in the F2 and none of the Paul haters ever predicted it, but I did bcz I know a good player when i see one.

      • To say Paul is this spectacular player is a reach. He’s a good gamer but was very flawed last season, hence why he lost.

      • I don’t think I’ve ever used the word “spectacular” to describe his game. He’s good. You may not know but I comment all over this site flaws I see in his game. Worst one was taking Nicole to f2.

      • Paul is a good player and even last season where he claimed to not know the game at all. I believe he lied about that. Being a good manipulator as he is makes him a good player. He is not bad with the comps either, but last season he threw the comps and still made it to the end. He would have won if James hadn’t gotten that payout.

      • And by having a bunch of followers that don’t know how to play the game makes him look better then he actually is.

      • I hope Paul makes it to final 4/3/2…But I am not sure he will get that far this time…Would make the show more interesting week to week And nobody called him a “spectacular” player…He screws up..he talks to much..He overplays his hand at times..But he has the ability to correct his mistakes and move on…I don’t think have ever heard Paul blame somebody else for his own screw ups…

      • I actually dont know how far he will get this time, but I he will be around a while. There are things he’s doing that worries me but like you said, he’s good at correcting his mistakes.

      • Paul is a smooth operator and we saw that last season and I expect to see him get himself out of tight spots again this season. It’s what I love so much about him, he knows how to manipulate and work the game. That’s what I want to see, not people laying all over each other talking about their “terminal” disease, which they don’t have.

      • Yes he’s playing a great game but it doesn’t mean he’s untouchable. Great players go home.

      • The hate is real with Paul and it overshadows any and everything else he does in the game. He could have performed surgery on Christmas, saved her foot and still people would blame him for being an attention/camera whore with a loud mouth who should never had done such a thing. It’s ridiculous and shows how petty people can be about certain players and their game skills.

      • So nobody can have a different opinion than you or they’re ridiculous and petty? That’s what makes it fun and interesting is all the different opinions about people in the game. Doesn’t mean they’re ridiculous and petty. It just means they have a different opinion. When people like players I don’t like I find it interesting to hear their opinions. And debate back and forth. But I don’t find them petty because I don’t agree with who they like. We get it you love Paul so let’s just write him the check and end the season. Lol

      • Uhmmm, you did the exact same thing last year. Everytime I said anything negative about Nicole, you jumped on me like a feral rat. Give it a rest and I will continue to say I love Paul, you did it all last season as well with your girl. It’s an OPINION. You don’t have to respond or even read my posts, easy peasy.

      • No I didn’t attack ANYONE on a personal level. I disagreed about the game, the players and their opinions but never jumped on anyone personally. That’s not something I do. Maybe you need to go ALL the way back and take a second look. And by the way I don’t live in the past. You also must have a great memory to remember comments from a year ago. Also I don’t even remember you from last year so you must have changed your sign on. Something to hide maybe? Have a nice life.

      • Yep and I had that one coming at me constantly last season for my anti Nicole stance. Can give it but can’t take it.

      • I had the same problem with a lot of posters anytime I said anything against Nicole even though I only talked about her game play, or lack thereof. They talked about Paul and other players they didn’t like on a personal level calling him racist and a horrible human being.

      • I’m not a fan nor a hater, I’m speaking from my opinion. Paul is cocky, smart and yes abrasive. Which trait in my opinion do you think makes him great as a player? Think he thinks of himself as a buffered Dr. Will?

      • And this is my opinion. You are a “fan hater” and here’s why: all the points you’ve made about Paul relates to his personality (that just so happen to be unsavory to you) and absolutely nothing about skll. It’s like this; if you prefer cherry pie and I prefer apple, that’s our PERSONAL preference akin to how we may relate to someone’s unique personality and not another, if the baker has no skill, both pies will be bad. So the point I am making here is, if the baker is good, he can bake a good pie no matter flavor a person prefers and an unskilled baker wont have the ability to accomplish that. Get it? It doesn’t matter if you dont like his personality, that has nothing to do with how well he plays the game. I hate cherry pie period, this doesnt mean the baker failed at making a good cherry pie. Just because you don’t prefer his personality doesn’t mean he’s unsuccessful in the big brother house. The proof is in the pudding, he didn’t make it to 2nd place and survived several times on the block because you dont like his personality, he survived because he had skills. It’s difficult to debate when ppl don’t understand the fundamental core of the game so I digress. You probably dont understand a word of this.

      • OK. if you say so. I think I stated I am not a fan of Paul’s because of his personality? He is a good game player but his personality gets in the way of that? I’m sorry of that didn’t come across in my earlier post but IMO of Paul.

      • Point made. Ok, here’s the next hoh, his safety is gone, he’s not on the block yet… talk of a backdoor from the hoh, but I’ll tell you what has been discussed, if she decides to backdoor him, most of the house are counting votes to keep him ALREADY because they LIKE him, that was my initial point.

      • Oh, I agree Paul is not a back door prospect as of right now. Work would have to be done before that could ever be a reality. I think Paul would really have to mess up, speak ill or target another HG wrongfully. You know, change others thoughts of him. I still think those two and the events not seen yet will be great viewing. I would rather Paul any day over Cody.

      • I agree. I am waiting for the next HOH and see if anyone will plan to get rid of Paul. If they don’t after his free weeks are over, then I predict Paul will win.

  6. “Ramses says Dominique is his target for her attempts to make him a target.”

    As he should!!! Next it will be Kevin/Jonathan Knight’s grandpa. If they had been trying to get Ramses out because he’s a threat, I would respect it more because the kid is obviously bright. But it was too much assuming going on, I don’t want to see him go over b.s., when even TV Land couldn’t figure out why they were blaming the Jillian vote on him. Dom would try to get some sympathy after she tried to go after him when she was part of the “in crowd”. Ain’t so much fun when the rabbit has the gun, is it? Now you’re the main nom, Dom!

  7. I really dislike Dominique and Jessica now trying to make friends after being rude to everyone. These people are so annoying. I wish that whomever tries to get rid of Paul to win this season’s BB. I just want it to be over, even the feeds are super boring.

    • Feeds have been great. They have literally been lit for the last 3 days. There has to be some down time, it can’t be balls to the walls 24/7.

      • Dom and Paul’s “fight” early Saturday morning. Dom losing her marble’s last night in the sex room and going on a 30+ minute soliloquy about God was amazing feeds. Kevin is always feeds gold, regardless of what he is doing.

      • I like Kevin, but he talks too much and it’s always on people’s business. He always tries to listen in other’s conversation in an obvious way and that could make him a target.

      • He’s starting to grow on me but I dont trust him. He does have me cracking up laughing on bbad. He never stops talking for a sec. Lol

      • Lol ha! I have to find that on YouTube. All i saw was her on bbad with shades on sitting in the room. Lol

      • OMG, it was off the charts loony toony territory. I hope you find it, it was more than entertaining and really shows how delusional she is. They were in the kitchen fixing dinner last night, Paul, Dom and Raven and Dom took her plate to the table. At one point Paul offered Dom something he had made and she said “no, I’m fasting”, all while she is stuffing her face full of food!!!!!! Fake Bible thumper imo.

      • That’s what they call the blue room, where Domarosa held her “talk shows”.

      • I sure love Paul’s call outs! Lol only one so far this year.(Dom) I love that strategy, its effective! I catch on YouTube

      • If he’s evicted I’m done. There wouldn’t be a show anymore. It will turn boring like 17 after James got Clay and Kelly out. I barely watched afterwards. I hated them so much, when they left i was good! Lol

      • I agree, but I won’t be done. Once I’m in, I’m in, at least for the most part. I couldn’t finish season 15 or 17. I hope for a Kevin/Paul F2, not sure how feasible it is at this point and time.

      • I threw Alex in there with Kevin and Paul for a final 3…I ‘m not sure Paul or Kevin either one is gonna make it for another month much less 2..but will be interesting to watch..

      • Alex is annoying me. I don’t like how she can’t keep her mouth shut and the dichotomy between her and fizzlenutz is the worst. It makes me want to blow my brains out watching them do the circle jerk over and over.

      • Yes thats the only thing keeping me from Alex. I don’t understand that relationship. He’s a nut job! I really want to like her all the way but cant

      • Matt’s a bore and he’s Raven’s chief enabler and butler.

      • Matt maybe can get past the 1st 8 weeks and go farther but he will have to do it without Raven I believe..I hate to say it but Raven it appears is using her illness to gain sympathy to stay in the game which is not an unheard of ploy but most times u don’t get very far when u do that..

      • I suspected that too. I hate he’s tied to her. I really like him. His name is coming up a lot. Idk why but I’m scared for him. He needs a win.

      • Don’t hate to say it. It’s the truth. She is clearly using her illness as strategy and it’s getting old. She has to outdo everyone, no matter what. Someone talks about breaking a finger, she’s also broke her finger and was set on fire. It’s ridiculous. Just let people tell their story, you don’t have to one up everyone at all times.

      • I am gonna be rude and ask a question concerning Raven…If she had stomach surgery ..Does she have scars?? My child had to have a feeding tube replaced and she has scars from that…I guess the surgery could have been done through her belly button ???? I am somewhat learned on gastric issues…but not an expert… Just wondering as she wears alot of midriff tops and dresses s skimpy at times…

      • lmao…..good to know that I am not in the search alone…I don’t feel so bad now about asking…lol

      • Trust me, you’re not. Ppl just didn’t want to be the first to say. Iol i said maybe she got a bikini incision. Idk smh lol

      • You can see the pacemaker and scars, but they are faint, She wears stomach baring tops to show off the pacemaker and make sure people are at all times aware of her condition.

      • Oh ok so can see them. That is a very astute observation of the belly tops. That sure is all she wears. Interesting! I need to borrow that Lindsey Lohan side eye gif for this one! Lol

      • LOL! Im still cracking up! It’s so accurate to how I looked when I was reading your comment!

      • Yours have me laughing for days! I’m still thinking about that Tina Fay one when Jessica fell off the wall. I just cried and cried. Smh i don’t how you do that!

      • She has a type of a pacemaker in her stomach that urges the muscles there to didst food. If you look closely, you can see the outline of it right below the skin on the left side of her lower abdomen.

      • It’s not rude and I keep wondering when others are going to catch on. She’s probably mad at Christmas for ‘stealing’ attention with her broken leg.

      • She does have a “pouch” on her stomach and I believe there is a scar above it… I am just full of questions about Ravens health issues as my daughter has gastric issues,,,

      • Really she is as good as most of them but she is nursing a broken toe that is what’s causing pain.

      • I watched 15. That Gina Marie and am and a am and Amanda fight was epic! Lol but it did get boring after that

      • I never saw it. I tried but I find GM to be unsavory and unwatchable.

      • Hahahaha, Amanda was such a little bitch. She could dish it but couldn’t take it.

      • Well honey she took herself right on out of there bawling to McRae, talking bout why he allowed Gina Marie to cuss her out like that and not do anything. It was funny as F.

      • I loved when she hid behind the garbage cans, best moment of the season. I was a fan of Amanda to start with, but when she showed that she couldn’t take what she gave, done.

      • Omg we were seperated at birth! I loved her in the beginning. I thought she was going to be my favorite. Hated Gina Marie, that fight was the best thing she did. Lol oh and putting McCranda on the block.

  8. If Dom is after Paul, she will get evicted and lose the battle back. Production will not want their golden child in harms way.

  9. Paul reminds me of Amanda. Always in the HOH room. Has to always be in the loop and telling the HOH what to do.

      • One is gastroparesis which (from what I read) is not actually life threatening ..Its something that can be monitored and kept under control…She made a comment that she survived 2 terminal illnesses…I don’t know what her other illness is ..

      • She keeps saying she has died twice on the operating table. This girl is too much for me. The sooner they realize she needs to go the better. Forget Paul, Pinocchio needs the boot.

      • I saw a remark she made on JOKERS…She said she had survived 2 terminal diseases..It says…”Raven about Dom” “Your going to tell a girl with 2 terminal diseases, “God is watching you”…..and that is all it says…
        SUNDAY 1:34 pm BBT

  10. Mark is absolutely right. If the target is Dominique, why change the nominations? His side has enough votes to get Dom out. Putting Mark up just puts a target on Alex’ back.

    • Exactly! I wouldn’t do it. Screw Alex being a target theory, I’d be worring for my own azz on that block!

  11. This is so dumb, if Dominique is for sure leaving and she’s already on the block what on earth is the benefit of playing veto? Don’t fix something that’s not broken y’all…

  12. I don’t understand why people are just letting Paul control them! I expected more of Alex. Sure I know a lot of it is her just trying to appease Paul, but I think she still listening to him.
    I want Jason to use the Veto, mainly for entertainment purposes but also because I don’t want there to be any chance that Jessica goes home. Yeah, I know everyone dislikes her for the most part in this group here but again for entertainment purposes if Cody comes back I would just enjoy the big slap in the face mainly Josh and Paul! If Jessica is gone, Josh can at least throw in Cody’s face that Jessica is gone and I don’t want that !!
    After watching some of the most recent big brother after dark’s last night and today, kind of catching up on some of the characters. I see much more of a personality with Cody then it appears on just the regular episodes. I think he is just misunderstood! Sure he’s done some stupid things, but I also think he’s just a quiet guy and I truly truly believe he did not tell his alliance about his back door plan with Paul simply to protect his alliance. That’s it, that’s all! But, Cody’s wrong move was then nominating Christmas. I don’t understand it still!
    That said, I think if Cody comes back of course he will have Jessica, and I think Alex, Jason, Christmas, Ramses & for some reason I think somehow Cody and Paul are going to end up working together. I don’t know why I think that, but we all know stranger things have happened in the big brother house!

  13. I just had a very interesting thought!
    Maybe Paul & Cody were working together when Cody was HOH!?!

    Paul has been pissed at Dominique ever since her ‘talkshow’ when she was questioning Cody for names as to “who knew about Cody backdoor plan to put up Paul/Christmas” (seems like a great line of questioning for Paul! Wouldn’t he want to know!?) & also Paul for (whatever reason?!) was super angry that Dom mentioned an “organic alliance.” Why was he so angry about that!? (Maybe she knew somehow about Paul and Cody’s plan/alliance)
    I’m second-guessing this ‘great thought’ 💭 I had LOL 😂
    Perhaps Paul told Cody he had the “3 week safety,” but to “fake it” & put up Paul, knowing that Paul was safe and then target Christmas. That way they could back door her, and Paul could get no blood on his hands!? & look totally innocent in that whole scheme! But the whole time Paul was really playing Cody and setting him up! Maybe Paul/Cody had a secret F2 but again Paul was really just setting Cody up to become a target the following week!? Cuz he knew he was a huge threat & wanted him out!!!
    OK, probably way off….& I am sure one of you/a lot of you would have picked up on that already watching the feeds.
    But I try to think outside the box, just for shits and giggles! So, that’s the reason Paul was pissed off Dom was interrogating Cody, essentially because he didn’t want Cody to blow his cover! (Although now that I’m reading this, it would make NO sense b/c why would Cody still protect Paul and not let everyone know!?)
    I know my guess is way off base! But…… Still possible although HIGHLY unlikely!!! But something to think about!? Even if it wasn’t that, maybe something similar to that!? That’s all 😜

  14. Why is Paul God in that house? After 19 seasons of BB, I would think HG’s would be smarter than this! And get him out the first chance they got!
    My only guess as to why everyone is worshipping Paul…… “listening/treating him like he is God ” is because he has safety therefore they feel a little threatened by that because he can say and do anything to anyone and stay safe. (Till Thursday!) Hopefully once he is no longer safe on Thursday, they will all turn on him! & start playing the game for themselves!
    If not, 90% of the house deserves not to win! Jessica would deserve to win over Paul’s followers if they keep him around! Do these people not learn from past seasons!? Seriously! 19 seasons of BB, +5 seasons of a BB Canada, plus tons of other seasons from all over the world!!! Get the vet out! Or else he’s making it to the end! Don’t even let him make it to jury b/c everyone’s just going to vote how Paul tells them to!
    Paul is nothing special! He simply just somebody who played Big Brother before! It’s not like he is Channing Tatum LMAO or even Caleb for that matter! Caleb from BB 17? 16? Also on 2 Seasons of Survivor and apparently also going to be on this new Candy Crush show! But in other words HOT so keep him around… HAHA….l

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