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Big Brother 19’s Jessica & Cody Join ‘The Amazing Race’

CBS has confirmed the news that Big Brother 19 Houseguests Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson will be setting out across the world in the upcoming season of “The Amazing Race” and they better pack fast because the new game starts next week.

Announced through THR, and confirming the same news already shared by them last week, Jessica and Cody will be taking off on their Race starting this Sunday, October 1st. That’s just one day before Jessica’s appearance airs on The Bold & The Beautiful.

If you’re in the NYC area on Sunday then stop by to see them off at Washington Square Park at 11:30 AM ET. It’s open to the public so you can go by and see the launch of the next Amazing Race.

The showmance couple turned real world couple will be the third pairing of former Big Brother Houseguests to participate in CBS’s Amazing Race, following in the footsteps of Jeff & Jordan and Rachel & Brendon. So while it’s happened before, it’s not a common crossover between the two series. It’s also an entirely different beast of a competition so maybe they’ll perform a little better this time around.


Jessica told THR, “In Big Brother, we weren’t ever given a fighting chance after Cody’s HOH. I can’t imagine this cast being equally a pack of scared little girls. I’m hoping we’re competing against people who appreciate good competitors.” Cody likewise wasn’t too impressed with his fellow BB19 HGs, noting how a player with a broken foot managed to win a foot race. It’ll be interesting to see how they manage against players who are actually players.

You can read much more from Jessica & Cody’s interview with THR.

The new season of TAR will start filming on Sunday, but it’ll be awhile before we see their episodes air on CBS. Do you plan on tuning in to watch how they handle their showmance on another competition or was Big Brother enough airtime of them for your tastes? And if you can’t wait any longer for more reality TV on CBS then don’t miss tonight’s Survivor 2017 premiere as we’ll be covering the new season at our fan site, SurvivorFandom.com!

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    • I guess you closed your eyes when Cody won almost every competition he competed in, or at the very least, over half. Not to mention crushed others a couple timed.

  • For all the Jody haters who think they are worthless competitors because all they do is lay in bed . . . they should be eliminated quickly.

    I just don't think we really know enough about their gameplay yet to make that assumption. In their limited time in the BB House. . I do know they showed they were athletic and competitive. For those that don't ever want to see Jody again. Geesh.. . . .don't watch. If you like trainwrecks and think that's what will happen with Jody. . . . you may like to watch the implosion.

    But. . . . they also may disappoint the Jody haters and do really well. I have no idea how they'll do.. . . but I love TAR and will be curious to see how they do.

    • I, for one, will be watching. TAR will either make or break their showmance as TAR tests any relationship. Also, I am hoping Cody learned his lesson and will listen to Jessica more. And I hope that Jessica will start trusting her instincts more and not rely on Cody's misguided judgement all the time. She could have done well on BB if she weren't tied to Cody, but TAR is something different altogether. They both are athletic and though TAR does have a small social aspect, it's possible to win without getting along with anyone else. It may just make for better TV if they didn't. They just have to be able to work together more than anything.

      They have the possibility to go far and I am interested to see how far they can get.

  • I watch TAR, but I can't stand Jody. Fingers crossed that they'll be eliminated quickly! I'd much rather see a pair like Josh and Mark on the TAR (which I think Julie even mentioned at one point?). They'd be more entertaining to watch!

  • Well, as they are following Jeff/Jordan and Rachel/Brendon,
    First they had Big Brother. Then they had TAR. Guess next will be wedding and baby.
    Wait for it, right here.
    Just had a thot: if Jessica able to go on race, would/could she still be pregnant and compete?

  • I think it will be interesting to see how they interact when the going gets rough. Hope they can keep calm and be kind to each other. I don't usually watch Amazing Race but I'll watch this season!

  • I have to say that since TAR is MUCH less about social game and more about physical/mental competition, I think they could do well. Since there is *some* social aspect to the game, though, it will definitely be interesting to see if Jess can help Cody be more diplomatic in his limited social interactions with other contestants. Regardless of how far into the game they make it, though, their relationship will absolutely be tested. As others have said, TAR is difficult for ALL relationships and these two haven't really faced much true adversity yet. This could be the make or break for Jess & Cody (yes, I'm still avoiding the use of "Jody" because I didn't like it in BB and I still don't like it! Haha).

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