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Big Brother 19 Houseguests Party After Finale [PICS]

The Big Brother 19 Houseguests were out partying the past few nights with their release back in to the wild. Showmances and friendships were reunited after Jury had kept them apart as some headed out to the parties while a few of them hung back for a quieter time after all the chaos.

The finale wrapped up on Wednesday and over the past two nights we saw the now former Houseguests mingle with fans and reunite with family. Lots of group photos were shared and we pulled some of them together here. We’ll keep watching for more and will be sure to credit those who find more and send them our way.

From the looks of it, Mark and Elena are enjoying their post-game showmance possibly evolving to the next step as they told ET, they’re ready to see about keeping things rolling after the cameras are off:

The jury house was a nice break. There’s no camera, no pressure. So, I would say we passed phase one, and phase two — he’s gonna come hang out in Dallas for a while after this all wraps up and we’ll see what happens with phase three of the relationship, if we can make it in the real world.

The bigger showmance reunion was going to be Cody and Jessica and they were just as you’d expect, glued together. It was also fun to see new and old Houseguests coming together and hanging out as the Big Brother alumni family grew even bigger.

Most of the Housesguests are going to be heading home over the next few days and shifting back to the real world so check out our Twitter list of the Big Brother 19 HGs to see what they’re up to next.

Gallery: BB19 Houseguests Party After Finale

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  • I have watched a few videos of after the show parties and looked at photographs...Except for the one photo (K/C/R/M) Paul seems to be absent from the gatherings.. Matt and Raven were not noticeable either...Hmmmm guess they need to get used to all the bright lights and fame coming their way...

    • Yeah I think I have seen every picture and every video after the last episode and a few days following. You are right, Paul was absent. Matt and Raven were at the after party but aside from that they have disappeared. Thankfully! I haven't heard much about them aside from Matt is still with her & he has been told some of her lies but he believes her. gag

    • word was that paul had his own finale party, only invited those FOUR that voted for him and paul left early or disappeared early

      can you say "SORE LOSER" or "PITTY POOR ME BOY"

  • The party is over, now they need to watch the whole season, and cry. when they see how they threw the game away.
    Paul of people needs to watch . And pay close attention to what he said in the goodbye messages, When Xmas watches and hears Paul say she went rogue, She is not going to be happy
    And when Paul learns that Josh went to Xmas several times about him and she never told him. that is going to be painful. And when he hears Josh over and over say he needed to make the move That will be worst. It will be hard for him to realize that the two who were suppose to be so loyal, back stabbed him several times and one wanted him out a couple of times.

    • don't forget josh's gbm's, he went rogue and I bet he didn't tell xmas.
      I wonder what she thinks of her little puppet making a big move LOL.

  • I have been watching BB since season 16 and at the end root for the person who "actually" played the game the best during each summer,Zach being my fave that year did not prevent from respecting and saluting Derrick,he was simply the best player and although Paul is not a fave of mime but like Derrick,he was the best this year hands down and should have been given the 500,000,,always amazed how many people try to make this show into something here that has never existed in the first place and then try to impose their values on the house guests that enter the BB house each year to play this game,that really is unfair..and not BB reality,this show is a social experiment most of all and ordinary rules are suspended..that what makes BB tick,the house guests change each year along with the chemistry,each being unique in their own way and rules?..if any rules exist,they are made up along the way and change from week to week and that's the way it should be on BB,tamper with that formula and you will kill this show for good.

  • at least we can look forward to this cast disappearing and hopefully quickly ... they can enjoy the tweets and retweets for now... I do not want to see any of them again on TV (and no- I will not be watching Amazing Race)

  • 1 thing I have never liked about big brother is after the announce the winner, that's it! They announce America's favourite player and then it's over. Yes there are the backyard interviews but I would love to hear them all talk to each other. I would love to hear what people have to say to people like Paul and Raven!
    I would love to see a reunion show maybe like a month later after things have died down and HG's, especially the jurors have watched episodes and been told a lot of facts. That would be a great Reunion show! see were friendships are, hear what people have to say about each other, hear what people have to say about themselves etc.
    BUT CBS has never done that! I wonder why. Sure, a lot of the Hgs would likely not show up….Raven! But put it in their contract that they have to show up! That would be so fun to watch.

    • I used to think the same kind of thing about The Apprentice. There's a big season finale, and then we hear nothing more after watching the show for 3+ months.

  • Reunion in one month, put it in their contract that they have to show up because we know people like Raven likely wouldn't although she is delusional so she might just show up and continue on with her lies!
    Who wouldn't love to see a reunion show in about a month? Find out what these HGs have to say to one another! That would be sooooooooo good!

    • That's a great idea @tinalee! I was thinking about that the other day while watching the Backyard Interviews.
      Raven is too far gone. She's a textbook pathological liar.
      If you have not seen the Rob Has a Podcast Interview with her check it out on Youtube. He asked her all of the questions we'd ask including about Mensa membership. She lied midway through her answer and had to backtrack with another lie to cover up the previous one.
      You just really can't make this stuff up.

    • A person does have to wonder how long the connection(s) last between HGs and BB Prod.
      Haven't heard of any deaths yet in BB-Land like there has been in Bachelor Nation.

      Dr Will from season 2, still involved but lives out east; Jeff moved to Denver with Jordan not come back for interviews but do understand that new job; EvelDick from seasons 8 & 13, has his blog or pod cast or something but people pay to join and listen and watch so he's at least making $$$ from BB; Mike Boogie still in view of cameras; The Revengers cast still involved.

      Just how long does Big Brother longevity last???
      hahaha If any of these showmances result in a wedding, will cbs show it on TV like some Bachelor/ette weddings do??? But, maybe there will be a baby first- can you say "Mavenette" or "Jody-ette"??? How about "Melena-ette"?? The way Elena has been seen hanging on Mark, might be first???
      Or, could be "Joshmas" or "Chrish" (Christmas/Josh) Eeewwwwwwwww !!!

  • a worry, jess said she wants a big ring from cody and I saw a pic of them and it looks like they were in a jewelry shop. gee, it only 25 grand and he has a truck that broke down, a child that he might owe back child support to. notice he's still in LA, you'd think he would have seen his daughter by now. no one from his (or hers) family have joined them? she's using him until she spends all his money. I feel sorry for him.

    • That's the beauty of being an adult!
      He gets to screw up his life and we get to read about it online.
      I agree with you, I'd take care of my kid emotionally and financially waaaay before buying jessica a ring.

    • I voted for Cody to win AFP and he won. Yaaaay Cody! That means not only will he get 25K from AFP winnings, but another 14K+ more for each week he was in the BB and Jury house. It might be more, but this at least means he walked out of BB with approximately $39K Gross. I personally enjoyed watching Jessica and Cody's relationship unfold. It's very possible that these two are soulmates.

      Why do you feel sorry for Cody? He just won $25K for America's Favorite Player! He got the girl, and she is a beautiful girl. He beat Paul, heh heh. Have you seen his smile lately? He is in beaming! In love! Money! Happy! Healthy! On top of the world! All the BB bullshit paid off in spades.

      Why are you judging Cody? You feel sorry him? Don't. I am sure he would tell you not to worry about him, he's doing just fine. And I trust that his number one priority is his daughter. So Jessica and Cody were in a jewellery store? Good for them! I hope she gets the big rock that she has always dreamed of getting someday. They are young and both seem to be genuinely in love with one another. The reason he hasn't left Los Angeles yet is probably because he has been cooped up for 3 months and is in love. He wants to see his girl and spend some quality time in the sunshine going to the beach or for a bite to eat before he returns home to Texas. I would be willing to bet my paycheque that he has spoken to his daughter the minute he was free of the BB house.

      As my Grandfather always used to say: In your old age, love will be your fondest memory and your greatest delight...

      • Yeah, that has to sting Paul badly.
        Cody got the girl, got to be the tie-breaking vote and got America's favourite HG!
        Ouch says Paul!
        AND on top of that, the Winner (J) & 2nd (P) do not receive a stipend. (It makes sense for 1st place but 2nd-place only gets 50 grand and minus your US taxes, he's not walking away with that much!)

        2nd place should also get their stipend.
        Yeah, I wouldn't mind $50,000 but how much is he going to take home? $30,000-ish? (Which again I wouldn't mind)
        LOL but, Paul wins 50 grand and Cody (the first juror) gets approximately 16,000–17,000 (yes minus whatever the taxes are in the US?)

        PLUS Cody got America's Favourite HG so add $25,000 to the say $16,500 for stipend, Cody is walking away with $41,500 gross, (Approx) along with Kevin who received the $25,000 plus his stipend and Paul wins $50,000 gross. (No stipend) That has to be gut wrenching!

        $750 a week is pretty OK money, probably more money than most of them make in a week but I personally don't feel it is enough. All of them should be paid more, especially because CBS does have low operating costs, the prize pool has never been increased and because these people are entertaining us all summer long. Yes I know it's their choice, and they don't really care about the money! Most of them just care about their 15 minutes of fame but because they are on such a lucrative reality show, I would think they would want more pay. But it was their choice to go on BB and receive whatever amount of money they are entitled to.

        I don't understand why CBS doesn't increase the money for 1st & 2nd!? They have been paying the exact same amount for since season 1!
        I understand people (potential HGs/current HGs) are JUST happy to play (or sit around) on BB with technically little money however, after this season it's quite obvious people/hgs are just coming to play for their "15 minutes of fame!"
        After watching this season, BB needs to give future HGs more "incentive" to play, play hard, play for themselves, really really want to win, fight hard, play hard, win comps, do anything they can for say $1 million because of right now these people are just happy to make it to the jury house, extend their summer vacation & get paid a decent amount of money to do it NOTHING! Future hgs need to come in prepared to play a different game, a harder game and a game they want to fight hard so they can win a whole lot of money!! And not just treat it as though it is a vacation!
        BB needs to increase The prize pool and give way more incentive to all of those in the house or else we are just going to continue to see repeats like this season where everyone again is just looking for their 15 minutes of fame and don't really care about the money in the end. Things need to change

  • I was not surprised to read on another website that Paul Abrahamian did not attend the official BB Finale Party. He invited selected guests to his parents’ home and Josh Martinez was not on that list.
    As a longtime fan of BB, I did not care for Paul on either season of BB. I always sensed something very inauthentic about him. I’m glad that he finally decided to show all his true colors. I hope BB does not bring the little creep back.

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