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‘Big Brother 19’ Finale: Was The Jury Bitter? [POLL]

The Big Brother 19 winner was decided after the Jury cast their votes and crowned Josh Martinez as the king of the season over Paul Abrahamian. After rumors and reports of a bitter Jury the truth seemed to match up with the hype. So was the Jury bitter or did Josh truly earn the win over Paul?

Watching the Jury round table it was clear that this group was not happy with Paul and the way he betrayed their trust in the game. Paul worked them over and his exit strategy was horrendous. He never stopped lying to them about their position with him in the game, even when answering the final Q&A session. But when compared to Josh’s “pots & pans” parade through the summer, did they really have a better choice or was Josh simply the “anyone but Paul” candidate?

Paul ended up losing 5-4, again. It was painful to watch, but he failed to secure that feel-good Jury he would need to correct his past mistakes. Listening to the Big Brother backyard interviews last night added a little more understanding to just how those votes panned out.


As for the five who voted for Josh, were any of them really voting for Josh or were they just voting against Paul? Alex said she was voting for the player who stabbed her in the front instead of the back, that’s anti-Paul. When Jason had his backyard interview it almost sounded like he was talking himself in to voting for Paul, but he was so upset about the betrayal that he went for Josh instead. Mark told Dr. Will in his interview that Paul played the better game, but the better player doesn’t always win. Well they definitely don’t if you don’t vote for them, Mark.

Elena? She was straight up and said she was going to be a bitter Juror. In fact, she announced on Twitter that she likely would have voted for Christmas over Paul. Wow. Then lastly, with Cody? He told Dr. Will that he “hated” Paul. Cody had mentioned he didn’t want to see a Vet win, but he also told Jessica he would vote for Paul if he got to the end.

Listening to the interviews there was little talk from Josh’s voters for why they liked his game. Instead the topics focused on why they didn’t like Paul’s. Clearly Paul messed up with his game and blew it with the Jurors. Again. But was it bad enough to warrant losing the game after controlling it all season?

Julie Chen told EW.com her thoughts on the Jury’s decision:

What do you think? Was Paul robbed? Was the Jury bitter? Did Josh deserve the win over Paul for game play or just for not being Paul? Share your thoughts below, but keep the discussion civil!

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  • Who the hell cares if the jury was "bitter"? It's a freaking game! They're acting like childish, immature, pouting babies. Are those that voted "against" Paul seriously pretending like they didn't lie, cheat, or betray? Holy crap, that's all everyone did all the time. Paul just did it a hell of a lot better than them. They're bitter because they sucked more than he did, and Paul's genius shoves it in their faces.

    Now, Paul DEFINITELY should have been more contrite and less of a dick about it. For sure. That was one area where he was stupid and definitely failed.

    But let's get real. He had a target on him like no one in BB history, and he CRUSHED the competition despite it all. Best, most well played game in Big Brother. EVER.

    A different cast who weren't such poor losers would have recognized his brilliance and accepted that he just flat beat them. Their childishness just cost a deserving man $450k, and crowned a relative idiot. Josh won? That's perhaps the biggest joke in Reality TV history.

  • Every year, there are people who exhibit horrible behavior on BB. During the season, their fans say "that's how you play the game - you're expected to lie, backstab, do whatever it takes to win." Then after the season is over, the worst offenders use that as their defense: "That was my strategy, to falsely befriend everyone, to lie and cheat my way to a win, to use everyone as a stepping stone to the money." I think THIS season might have shone some light on how that maybe is not the real way BB is going to be won. Yes, people expect to be lied to; it's a true rarity for someone to profess and maintain honesty and loyalty. But I think Paul has proven that being the best liar and schemer isn't necessarily going to get you the big prize, either. He was loyal to the two people he went to the end with (although that was in question for a bit, while he weighed his options). Paul was so sure if he got to F2 he would win, because he had controlled everyone for so long; he had successfully lied to countless people; he instigated some horrible behavior from his cronies. He never stopped to think that once these folks got to jury, his hands would not remain with "no blood." For me, his poor jury management proves he was NOT the master of the game. Even saying (as people have commented about Dr. Will and Evel Dick), "yep, I was awful, I love you guys as people but as competitors you had to go" might have made a difference in the jury, and in fans like me. Instead he chose to lie in goodbye messages (again - wouldn't a "master" of the game know the jurors talk to each other??), and lied right up to the jury questions on the live show. All the while motioning behind Josh's back that he (Paul) was responsible for any strategy Josh was claiming. So for the future, maybe players will remember, being a master liar and manipulator, never keeping your word to anyone, might NOT be the way the game has to be played to win.

    • Nope . Spin it a million diff ways and it's still wrong . If you don't have the cohones to play bb then don't apply . I have seen past seasons and just clips of craziness and meanness .. this wasn't the first . It was the 5 bitter jurors that started w an immature child , Cody . He lost , paul lost . The bully was crowned . Nice job

    • Well,if that is the case,why not just crown the house guest who walks around on egg shells all summer and smiles the most the winner each year or just turn this into a new "Mickey Mouse Club" so all the house guests can hold hands at the end of each episode and sing the title track from "Annie",sounds like a real winner to me..or only invite former Eagle and Girls Scouts so they can all wear "Make BB Innocent Again" hats the whole time,now excuse me..need to throw up!

  • I think what turned things in Josh's direction was how he answered the jurors questions. I thought he was more straight forward in his answers to them. Paul's answers were always qualified.

  • This was the worst season ever of BB. We stopped watching after Mark left because at that point there was no longer a player worth rooting for. The final three -a group of creeps, none of whom were the least bit likeable. This season had so many dimwits and followers because the producers wanted Paul to win. Too bad they didn't get their way, no matter how much manipulation of the game they did. Josh is an awful person and a bully, but Paul is the most odious player in BB history. His smarmy smugness and extremely inflated opinion of himself were read turnoffs.

  • For everyone who keeps saying that the jury forever ruined the game by being bitter... go rewatch season 14. Dan played the best game in the history of Big Brother and lost 7-0 because he "overplayed" just like Paul. That jury was so bitter he never had a shot! Yet the game has lived on and has only grown in popularity.

    • Don't think it was great, so what he lied and did same thing paul wasn't doing and fake funeral bs .. it was stupid .

  • US Weekly: What song would you choose for your exit walk out?

    Paul: Probably the Titanic theme song. It would be hilarious. It says, ‘Once more you open the door.’ Celine Dion, I’m just down with it. Shout-out to Raven’s family members. It’s just a whole big bundle.

  • PS: Kevin needs his own tv show. He's really great. Check out his IG video which you can find on You Tube.

  • Raven is still being Raven:

    9/24/17 A fan on Reddit said he bumped into Maven at a gay bar (Bar Ten), and a drunk Raven told him that she and Matt were invited back for Celebrity BB.

    Source: Jokers Updates

  • Big brother season 19 was awlful. These ppl were the worst, especially Cody. He calls himself a marine, well if that's how marines act then there is something seriously wrong. I've never seen someone as rude as he was on BB. The jury were so wrong to not vote Paul the winner. He's the only one who played it right. Then the jury, as dumb as they all were, didn't vote for the right person bc they were just mad and bitter that Paul played them. I've seen other juries before and they were smart enough to know who played the right way. These ppl couldn't even figure it out bc they were too mad that they got voted off. They weren't smart enough. So I hope they all go back where they came from. I never want to see any of them again, except for Paul, of course. Cody and Jess were obnoxious. They couldn't even act professional enough at the finale. All they did was put on a display of nastiness together,. So annoying. Go get a room, no one wants to see that crap. Big brother, u really need to interview these ppl before they r sent into the BB house. This cast of characters were the worst. I may not even watch anymore bc of how they acted and not know how to vote for a true winner.

  • How can people (including Julie Chen) say that Paul was "robbed" of the win? In a game where Paul was always dirty and showed himself to be dishonest all the way, why should he or anyone else think he was due the win. To say he was "robbed" implies that him not wining was indecent, and yet he was indecent to other house guests all season!

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