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‘Big Brother 19’ Final HoH Round 2 Expectations & Our Own Memory Lane

Spoilers: Round 2 is finally over! Find out who won the second part of the Final HoH comp.

Two of our Big Brother 19 Final 3 Houseguests will face off later tonight in the second round of the Final Head of Household Competition of the season. While we don’t know what they’ll face we can look back and see some of the recent season’s second round for any idea of where things may be going.

We’ve already seen how Paul ended up taking the first round after beating out Josh and Christmas in a magical journey of unicorns and glitter farts. (You’ll see on Wednesday.) That leaves the couple of losers, Christmas and Josh, to see who can redeem himself or herself in this next challenge. The winner here will face off with Paul live during the Big Brother 19 season finale next Wednesday on CBS at 8/7c.

Now let’s take a trip down memory lane of our own and we’ll start in Big Brother 15 and work our way to last year’s battle on BB18 and see what we might expect this season.

Big Brother 15: Final HoH Round 2

This season Andy faced off against Spencer in an underwater setting (not literally) where they had to grab Houseguests face placards, scale a huge wall, and arrange them in order of their eviction. That’s a simple concept, but it wasn’t an easy physical feat.

Spencer was overwhelmed and Andy crushed his time and his dreams of reaching the end of BB15 when he was evicted by Andy’s vote. Andy went on to win Big Brother 15.

Big Brother 16: Final HoH Round 2

That year Derrick went against Victoria. Enough said. The theme here was ancient Egypt and HGs were again in a climbing harness with lots of up and down a giant wall. The pair had to arrange the season’s nominees in correct order and identify the correct pairs as well.

Derrick completed the challenge in about 15 minutes while Victoria required over 30 mins. Derrick went on to win Big Brother 16 after Cody made the poor choice to bring his closest ally to the F2.

Big Brother 17: Final HoH Round 2

This time around Steve competed against Liz in the second round after Vanessa took the first round. Another year of the harness with an oversized crossword puzzle this time that required smarts to remember the answers to events in the season. I like that a little better than plain Jane “recite the correct order of this one thing.”

Steve beat Liz out by about three minutes and went on to win R3, cut Vanessa, and win the season.

Big Brother 18: Final HoH Round 2

Finally! The game changes up and the harness are gone as Nicole and James face off in the second round of BB18. This one was a serious physical challenge of endurance with so much running that you can safely assume there’s no way they’re reusing this concept for a girl on a crutch in a walking boot. Nicole and James had to traverse the backyard through carnival queues, set up the correct arrangement of HG placards, and then run back to snap a picture. It was pretty funny.

Nicole won this round after completing the task in about a third of James’s time (7m24s vs 19m06s). However Nicole lost R3 but Paul was stubborn, took her to the F2, and Nicole walked away the winner in a 5-4 decision over Paul. Just to think we wouldn’t be having this particular season if one of those five BB18 Jurors had voted for Paul and he got the win last year…

Four for four out in the most recent seasons the winner of the second round of Big Brother’s Final HoH competition went on to win the season. Now two of those winners were dragged to the end after losing the third round (Derrick and Nicole) while the other two won R3 and chose wisely for their F2 opponents (Andy and Steve). I don’t think there’s necessarily a connection there on winning R2 and winning the season, especially with the split between how that HG got to F2, but it’s just an interesting side note on the discussion.

All of these comps were held late at night so I would guess we’ll have the same setting. That also helps them keep consistent lighting in the segment because with these long run times and the reset required things could really change overhead with that.

Big Brother 19: Final HoH Round 2?

Well we haven’t seen it yet, but I’d like to hope the harness is done and gone. Then again if they’re looking to accommodate Christmas, which really they have to despite their claims that they wouldn’t adjust any comps, then maybe that is an approach they could use. The harness could keep Christmas from falling too fast and hurting her foot. I wouldn’t be shocked considering I don’t see how they’ll possibly decide to make her and Josh run back and forth when she just physically can’t keep up or possibly even complete it.

Whatever awaits the pair in R2 will remain a surprise for us until the finale episode. This won’t be shown on the Feeds but we will get to hear results immediately after the cams are back on the HGs. If Josh wins R2, and I’d put my money on him at this point, then we’ve got an interesting potential for Josh to win R3 and evict Paul. Meanwhile Paul is oblivious to this threat and told Feedsters that he wants Josh to win R2 to secure his own spot in F2. Yikes!

Who do you want to win the second round of the final HoH competition? Josh or Christmas? Share your picks below for the win and what you think the HGs may face in this season’s competition. Download our Big Brother App, join us on Facebook & Twitter, and get our Email Updates for more!

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  • Okay, both BBN and BB Updates on Twitter has confirmed - Josh won.

    Next time, let's get HGs who don't mumble so we don't have to go through that again. Is that too much to ask?

  • You open an article, you don't see in the headline that there are any R2 spoilers, which is what you want, so you continue reading and you hope to comment in the most recent thread because that's where the people involved in the discussion will be... and you get these people spoiling R2 for you in the comments. Thanks. I know this is a spoiler site, but I would've thought and hoped that going to a thread where they don't tell you (the authors of the articles) that you have spoilers, you might be safe. Disappointing. This isn't the first time the headline and article content has been spoiler free and people in the comments chose to play spoiler anyway.

  • Here's one for 'memory lane'... weeks later, Christmas and Paul still talk about how they think Ramses "finishing in 2nd" was "sketchy"... he finished in 2nd because everybody else in the competition was a complete joke and had ridiculous times. Ramses' time was in the 7-minute range, and Paul who won had 3-something. That's close? That's close enough that you're pissed at Ramses for it? It was roughly double Paul's time, and they still think he did a "terrible job" throwing it.

    Thought at the time they were pretending to be upset about it just to further justify evicting him. Turns out they actually feel this way. Which is absolutely effing ridiculous. These people aren't very intelligent sometimes, which isn't surprising of Christmas, but it is surprising of Paul, who usually proves to be pretty bright.

    • yeah I often thought about that as well. Super shady! When I heard Paul was having a temper tantrum about that, I thought Paul beat him by 7!seconds, not 7 minutes.
      Getting people to throw comps and people agreeing to throw comps is absurd & as a viewer/fan it was annoying to watch these HGs throw everything, where is the fun in that!? ! I cannot believe these circus clowns 🤡 (no offence Jason) listened to Paul as much as they did! It honestly was surreal.

      • I agree there was too much competition throwing and that took away a lot of the fun. The running one they threw to Christmas for example, seeing the photo finishes of past years when they did this comp, that was fun. This year nobody ran because everybody, in poorly acted fashion, let go of the triggers to false start. (Alex didn't even try to fake it. Takes her hands off, puts them in the air, makes a stupid face and shrugs like an idiot. God I'm glad she's gone). This wasn't the only competition made less fun by throwing, but this was a prime example.

        • Yeah that's a good example! That comp is always an entertaining one. Those people are bad actors. The only one that was somewhat believable with Kevin.

  • Has nobody thought that the feeds were down for so long because costs are probably lower for CBS to not run them and they ultimately don't care very much about live feed customers because as much as they might complain they still keep coming back every season anyway?

    • I hear what you're saying however, why would you think it's more expensive to run the live feeds? People pay for them plus advertisement....,
      Just curious is all 😉

      • Do not think it is money, the jury is on special jury time, you saw the edit for princess Alex , 😩 so realistic , they need time to do the same thing with the jury, they are going to show a dysfunctional loving family, even if they act more like the middle east 😸

      • I would just think operating costs to keep them running have gotta be higher than not running, and thus any excuse to have them not run, they would welcome it. Businesses rarely need much of an excuse to justify saving even a small amount of money. Matt Boyer thought this idea 'practically makes no sense' but didn't end up explaining why or what he meant. I would be interested and welcoming of hearing why I'm wrong. It's not like I run anything close to CBS so I don't actually know.

        • Yeah I understand, we own our company and there are always corners we can cut to save money.
          It's just like the airlines, I was reading one of them stopped putting lettuce or something like that in the burgers and just by doing that they saved millions a year! I get it, I just think the live feeds pretty much paid for themselves.
          Our Company is Internet marketing/SEO/digital marketing. The live feeds I believe pay for themselves and may make a little extra money but I don't believe they are losing money. The only thing they are really paying for is bandwidth, granted it's a lot but that's the only expense. They just plug-and-play for lack of better words.
          Yeah I guess they would be saving money every time they turned off the feeds/not using bandwidth because then they're not paying for bandwidth when they're not streaming but customers are still paying for the service so yeah, then of course they're making money.

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