Big Brother 19 Episode 20 Recap: Replacement Rings, Victim Noises And A Possessed Pig

Wednesday’s episode of Big Brother 19 gave us our annual visit from OTEV. But it wasn’t just any OTEV. It was a pea soup-spitting, foul-mouthed possessed pig.

We start things off right after Josh nominated Mark and Elena for eviction and Josh tells us right away that while everyone thinks Cody and Jessica are the targets this week, he’s still looking at Elena as someone he’d really like to see go home this week.

Mark and Elena aren’t that worried about being on the block because Jessica is already a nominee because of losing the temptation competition. But they don’t know Josh has other plans. Josh plans to go talk to Jessica about his plan this week but she isn’t very welcoming to him. And by the time she – and Cody – are done, Josh might be rethinking his target this week.

Which is a good thing because Paul and company are never going to let Josh have his own target this anyway. And speaking of which, Paul is already working on Christmas to use her Ring of Replacement this week if Cody is picked to play in veto this week. He wants her to use the power to force him out of the veto competition.

But Christmas thinks it’s too early to use her power, probably mostly because it’s not truly benefiting her. Josh also doesn’t want Christmas to use her power this week because that makes it harder for him to ensure Elena’s eviction this week. But Paul usually gets what he wants with this cast, so we’ll see.

And we’ll see right now. It’s time to pick players for the veto competition. Josh pulls Mark’s name so that gives him the chance to pick a player. He chooses Alex. The second chip Josh pulls is Cody. And Jessica and Cody are very happy. But wait. Paul always gets what he wants. So Josh gives Christmas the signal and she unleashes her Ring of Replacement. Christmas replaces Cody in the Power of Veto competition.

Let’s just say you can see the rage in Cody and Jessica’s faces. They’re silent but that doesn’t last very long. But it’s not yelling and screaming we hear. It’s sobs and tears. And not from Jessica. FROM CODY. The guy who said he’d never cry in this game. Those are some serious victim noises, Cody. But hey, I get it. That was a pretty calculated move Paul, I mean Christmas, no I mean Paul, made.

It doesn’t take long for the victim noises to turn into anger. Jessica shuts Christmas down when she comes to her to try to explain why she used her power. Christmas tells her it wasn’t a personal move, but Jessica tells her it felt very personal to her. Jessica vows to Cody that she’ll just have to play even harder for the veto. So let’s get to it and see how she does.

The veto competition is OTEV, which means Christmas can’t even play in the competition because of her foot. So that’s only five people in OTEV. It should also be noted that this isn’t just any OTEV.  This is the cursing, demonic, in need of an exorcist OTEV. It is horror week, after all.

Elena is the first player eliminated from the OTEV competition. Jessica is the next person eliminated, so there goes her shot and saving herself this week. Josh is the next player eliminated so that leaves Mark and Alex. In the end, it’s Mark who wins the power of veto and will be able to save himself this week.

Josh knows that Mark is going to use the veto on himself so he talks to Matthew and Raven about one of them going up as a pawn. Both volunteer to do so, but Josh decides to go with Raven. So the final nominees of the week are Jessica, Elena and Raven.

Who do you think will be evicted this week on Big Brother 19?

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  1. We should point out the all the hypocritical things Cody has done this season.

    -He talked about how much he hated the DoT when Paul had safety, but loved it when Jessica got it. And then he hated it again when Christmas used it.

    -He not only made a huge about how much he hates victim noises, and seeing whing crying men. He based his entire game on that. And he gave the best performance of victim noise since Jessica’s rendition of “They won’t let me eat cake.”

    -And he’s has done many, many things that the marines would not approve of. Including bashing transgenders. Making the marines look bad.

    -And he’s supposedly playing for his daughter. How would she feel seeing all the porn that the feeds have became.

    I’m sure there’s much more to come this season.

    • Well how can you blame Cody, production basically gave Paul a free ass gift week one. I bet they want him to win this time around, and if it’s Paul, Christmas, and Josh come final night, there’s no way Paul loses if he gets hoh

    • And who are you to say what the usmc is ok with and not? We are not social dousch bags we are marines and are n8t offended by your social labels and injustices

    • Are you aware that only 12% of soldiers approve of having tranny’s in their ranks? I agree with the rest of the post, Cody is a total idiot didn’t like him from the second I saw him screen.

  2. Oh that was priceless, the look on everyone’s face. OO what, oh you asshats, yes!!, NNOOOOOO…..

  3. Looks like there won’t be another chance for Jessica. Maybe she should try to return in a season or two? She could very well be the next Nicole Franzel…we’ll see about that.

    • oh please do not conjoin the 2….Nicole had a couple of likeable traits and did have a social presence when she would get out of bed,,,, Jessica has 0 likeable traits in or out of bed and no social game whatsoever …

      • I think you’re probably right.

        I guess we’ll have to first wait and see if they can make a go of it outside of the BB house. I’m not entirely convinced they can. They’ve isolated themselves to the point where they have only each other, they’re young, they’re reasonably attractive. they’re all they’ve got. Of course they’re going to be climbing all over each other, what else is there?

        Out of the house though the whole world changes. friends, family, social networks and jobs all come into play. How is Cody’s level of intensity and possible jealousy of Jess’s outside interests going to affect the relationship? And Jess is still young, she needs this time to come into herself as a person and as a woman. We all know what Cody wants and the order he wants them in but what does Jess want? And how does it dovetail into what Cody wants? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

      • Caleb was amazing on Survivor. I still shove safety pins into my voodoo dollie of Jeff Probst for almost killing him.

      • Oh please guys like caleb can’t handle survivor. His daily calorie intake is too damn high to live off of eating barely anything.

      • You didn’t watch it, did you?

        Caleb was doing very well, he had an excellent social game and consistently led his tribe to victory in both reward challenges and safety from being forced to vote a tribe member out at Tribal Council.

        He was medivaced out for heat stroke and dehydration so severe his body could no longer produce sweat and his flesh was separating itself from the bone. They lost him once on the beach and again in the helicopter to the hospital. It took over a week to stabilize him sufficiently at the local hospital before he could be flown stateside to continue his recovery in an American hospital. He will carry permanent and lasting internal injuries as a result of Probst’ s endless whore mongering for “good tv”. Didn’t have a damn thing to do with caloric intake or barely eating anything. They were eating quite well actually – thanks to the boat and fishing gear Caleb helped win in a reward challenge and the chickens he helped win in another reward challenge. It had everything to do with four hours of digging holes in the sand, one hundred and twelve degree heat, and no shade or shelter from the sun. Two other survivors also collapsed from heat exhaustion that day. Caleb was the only one who nearly paid for it with his life.

      • But the most recent season he got voted out really quick, it had nothing to do with physical conditions.

      • The medivac was on his original season. Had he been able to successfully thread his way to the end I truly believe he could have won.

        He got voted out super quick because of Tai. The same Tai who was at the root of Malcolm’s early departure. Crazy season, top tier survivors were all sent out of the game early because the second tiers were so spooked and intimidated by them.

      • Tai is a second-tier Survivor? Not at all! Definitely top-tier, and played the hell out of Caleb and Malcolm. Tai fell apart at the end, but he was doing really well for a while.

      • On a personal level I have a great deal of respect for Tai. To me he is the true embodiment of a real survivor. Where his game falls apart though is his lack of loyalty and panicked waffling. He is really good at establishing relationships but he’s lousy at maintaining them. You can’t count on him to have your back. It’s a fatal flaw.

        That having been said…

        My favorite Tai moment will always be the dignity with which he stood up for himself as a man in the face of Culpepper speaking to him as though he were a child or a lesser subordinate. I’ll never forget it.

    • Messica is a floater, who went right to Cody as soon as he had power. And then threw a tantrum bc she couldn’t eat cake as a have-not. This is what happens when you get recruits like Cody and Messica who don’t know how to play Big Brother.

    • Jessica has absolutely zero redeeming qualities. Her and Cody need to move on down the road.

  4. For the past few weeks, I had been hoping that Cody and Jessica could survive as I felt they were the only ones shown that would bring Paul down sooner. While I would’ve rather seen Cody go over Jessica, the game needs to progress past the “let’s target the same two people and complain about how much we hate them week after week” show.

    I’m not a fan of Cody, but I’d almost like to see him get HOH (or Mark) just to prevent another stale week of targeting him and Mark and/or Elena. The pecking order is almost painfully obvious (Cody, Mark, Elena, then the more liable of the remaining group, such as Josh and Raven).

    • As stupid and annoying Jody have become, I can’t stand all the other lemmings in the house. As you mentioned, it will finally be fun to watch the rest of the house start playing the game. All of those other idiots are playing for Paul.
      Mind you, I predict it will be a Josh/Paul final with everyone on the jury wondering how they got there.

      • Thinking about it now, I’m curious to know whether it’s to Paul’s advantage to keep amateur or less serious players in the game such as Josh, Raven and Elena to make him look more deserving of the prize in the end. Or knock them off first because it’s easier to justify putting them up (would anyone care enough to avenge any of those evictions?) but then leaves himself with smarter players.

      • Think it’s going to be a week to week thing with Paul. Who gets HoH and then he targets someone. He knows who he wants to get to the end with but doesn’t care in what order the others go.

      • I would have more respect for Paul if he had to overcome challenges. Mind you, he kind of deserves to win since he is the only one playing at this point.
        I wish Jess had heard Josh out, that could have changed the game. Jess is too stupid, and Josh should have told Jess his plan earlier. That could have been epic.

  5. Cody and Jessica teased and taunted the whole house the entire time she had that Hex temptation. It just seems like whenever the shoe is on the other foot..they get pissed, cry, really is pathetic. So tired of the Cody and Jessica show. Glad tomorrow is the last day for it. Hope neither one comes back in on a buy back..if there is one.

  6. I cannot understand why Christmas would give up her power for basically nothing. She tells Josh not to let other people run his HOH and then let’s Paul run her ring of replacement!

    • If there’s anyone who has the potential at helping to take Paul out, I think it could be Christmas. After this week, Josh may have more loyalty to her then to Paul. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I haven’t seen many other houseguests on that side of the house aware of how in control he is.

      • I agree that Christmas would take Paul out if opportunity was there but if you miss a shot at Paul then that’s a tough spot to be in especially since she is limited in comps.

      • As unlikely a scenario as this might be, I’d almost like to see Christmas approach Mark on the down low for mutual protection. His only actual crime (I started watching week 3, so correct me if I’m wrong). was association with Joady. He’s good at comps, she’s good at social aspects. He needs someone more stable then Elena for protection, and she needs numbers if she ever had hopes to knock Paul off.

      • Mark’s a floater and it is being noticed. When Jody have HoH he’s all for getting Paul out, when Paul’s group has HoH he’s all for getting Cody out. Flip flop that’s Mark

      • No said it right after Cody tried to nom Paul and Mark was the only one of that group who was initially supporting the robot, said he had to respect the HoH. Knew he’d be a floater then and he proved me right.

      • Agreed. At this point in the game, it’s awfully difficult for him to correct this past mistake. His best shot is outlasting Elena and Cody.

        That being said, does his floating back and forth amount to more game playing, then Raven, Matt and others who just sit and wait for others to make decisions and cast their vote along party lines? (Might not be great strategy at this point if he’s going noticed, but at least he’s doing something)

      • You know, I could probably argue both sides since not impressed with either tactic but Mark has now won 2 comps so he gets the edge. If he wins HoH, the test could be who he nominates.

    • I’m not sure if you heard, but christmas broke 10 bones in her foot. She’s kind of in a vulnerable position right now. It’s in her best interest to do what the house wants. Otherwise she will go on the block, and won’t be able to play in the veto.

      • From what I can see, she’s not a dumb player. Most of her dissent so far has been discrete and limited to one or two players the most. By dissent, it’s mostly looking at things from another perspective and offering an alternative opinion, not an “against” opinion.

        She still supports house initiatives, but it’s only a few weeks before “the house” is all that’s left, and she needs to find strong comp allies if her foot leaves her unable to compete in certain physical tasks.

  7. If Paul wins this season then I would consider him a top 5 player of all time behind only Derrick and Dan G

    • Paul’s name does not deserve to be uttered in the same paragraph as Derrick’s, let alone the same sentence. There will never be another one like Derrick. He didn’t just manipulate the HGs, he did it with KINDNESS and COMPASSION. No winner has ever been able to make that claim (well, no other winner that was also a manipulator, anyway).

      • Yeah Derrick is my #1. My point is if these boneheads let Paul get to final 2 and he wins that would be impressive and I think a top performance

      • Fair enough, but I don’t see that as impressive. If they let him get to the F2, then it’s nothing more than a hollow victory because people basically rolled over and died for you.

      • It’s impressive because he is convincing them to do his bidding. Josh wants elena out but Paul brings up jury house. Christmas foolishly divulges her ring and Paul convinces her to use it when the smart thing would be to save it for herself in future. If Paul had that ring we never would use it in that situation because he strategizes. Paul is arrogant but he is also best player in the house right now.

      • I agree with you BillyBob. Paul may not be a “nice guy” but he is killing this game!!! He has almost everyone in the house doing exactly what he wants, when he wants them to. That is some straight up A+ gameplay. Big brother isn’t a “play nice and fair” game, it is a “do what you need to do to get to the end.” Say what you will about Paul and his flock, he is controlling almost everything in the house right now. If the people that are in there right now are that naive and are able to be manipulated like that, then they will all be going to jury and should be voting for Paul at the end because he carried out his manipulation of everyone of them.
        Derrick is my #1 ranked player of all time too. But I think Evil Dick runs a very close second for all of his antics and for him to win…that is an accomplishment to me. He was in your face and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

      • Eh, to each his (or her) own, I guess. Like I said, having people basically hand you a check for half a million dollars and not having to struggle for it isn’t impressive to me.

      • I don’t know, there’s a good argument for Will to be #1. Everyone knew what he was doing and they let him do it and liked him.

      • Yeah Will was very good but for me it’s Derrick at #1. Dan was just a jerk but pulled of the most amazing scams in BB history

      • Mine was Will, Dan, Derrick simply because Derrick wasn’t really challenged by anyone. Don’t get me wrong, he was a fantastic strategist and manipulator but Will and Dan had more opposition. Agree that all 3 were memorable.

    • You can’t compare anybody to Derrick. And I’m sick of people Paul is running the house. The only person who has ever truly run the BB is Derrick. Paul’s so-called “minions” have already disobeyed him a number of time. That never happened with Derrick. The only one who dared to go against Derrick was the beloved Donny, and he was out the door the next week.

    • Paul’s nowhere near on the level of Dan G, or Dr. Will and Mike Boogie. Let alone Derrick. Derrick had one of the most oblivious casts to play with, and while he was good, he’d be fodder for the greats.

      • It’s hard to compare them all. They all played with different casts and they did what they needed to do with the hand they were dealt. Who’s to say Derrick wouldn’t adapt if things were different? In any case, he played the game he was in perfectly and he did it without being a jackass. No disrespect to Dan, Will or Mike. I loved watching them and they were great players. It’s just that every season and every cast is different and the great players find a way to make things happen.

    • Paul needs a F2 deal with someone left in the house. Does he have one? Derrick did with Cody and doesn’t win without it. Dan did with Memphis (forgot who won the final HOH).

  8. So I’ve heard that Cody has packed his trash bags and is planning on walking out tomorrow night with Jess… what do yall think?

  9. I saw a post on social media saying that they believe Jessica is one of the worst players of all time. And they gave a long laundry list of reasons to back it up. However, I think the reason she’s such a bad player has nothing to do with her gameplay. I believe it’s all due to her attitude. When you’re a girl, looks will get you into the BB house. But your attitude will get you out.

    Gameplay can always be forgiven, but a bad attitude can’t. And if she had simply been a nice person, she probably would’ve won the whole game. There is a double standard, where guys can be jerks and make it far. But thats the way the game works. Look at past female winners like Jordan, Morgan. They weren’t the best players, but it was their kindness that got them the win.

    • And it’s not fair. The same people that put Jessica down are the same people who support people like Paul or Evil Dick. They played the game hard, blah, blah, blah. They strong people, blah, blah, blah. But when a women does it, she’s a bi$&h. Only women who are kind can win? Give me a break.

      • I kinda went off on a tangent there. But the main point I was trying to make was, even though Jessica has made a series of dumb, questionable mistakes. I think it’s her attitude that ultimately got her sent packing.

        People like to talk about how Victoria was the biggest floater in BB history. But she wouldn’t have made it as far as she did, with a nasty attitude.

  10. Cody and Jessica have created some type of personal grudge match instead of playing BB,they brought nothing to the game but their hostility and hatred for all mankind,what a sad little world these two have created in their mind..very trouble souls.

  11. Where in the world does Jessica buy those hair extensions,at Sears next the Die Hard batteries?,just asking..

  12. Paul’s arrival in the BB House sent Cameron out the door. Next up, Jillian was evicted, Dominique and Cody were next to leave, Cody came back but Ramses was evicted. All masterminded by Paul who deserves to be there based on last years deal with Nicole and James, he played against a veteran and almost won. He is making the house do what they came there to do. I am shocked when people say Paul is awful. He is the biggest success in this game this year and despite losing last year, never gave up. I do not find him offensive, blunt speaker, perhaps. Mark has shown he can play. I expected more from Alex because not getting her soul to present to OTEV was a silly mistake.I expect her to make a lot of big moves in the coming days.

    • Yeah, I don’t give a hoot what ANYBODY says. If Paul wasn’t there, Cody (and Jessica) would be running the entire season. And nobody wants to see that.

      • Now, how you doin’, you going to be able to cope when your love Jess goes out the door tomorrow?

      • I don’t understand. I have not seen nor read any document that says that the season is in Paul’s favor. There are always theories why things happen, but I don’t have any proof that there is Production interference. Last year, it was very clear, James and Nicole were up to something and were told to stop talking about Production. His three weeks of safety could have been shorter or longer. They have to have games to play, time slots to fill in the editing room.

      • America voted to give it to him. It’s not Paul’s fault he has fans. If people didn’t want him to have 3 weeks of safety or wanted Paul out, they would have given the pendant to someone else. Paul didn’t ask for any of these twists to happen. He’s going along with what’s happening and playing a pretty impeccable game. He is not going to win or get to the end though. As soon as Jess and/or Cody is out of the house, the HG’s will flip on Paul pretty quickly. If Cody hadn’t returned, I’m thinking Paul would have been evicted pretty soon after. These HG’s are smart. They’re just waiting to strike.

      • When you put a familiar face in the running with unknowns, it’s common sense that the well known, (only known actually), will get the majority of votes! Yes, you’re right, he did receive the votes, but he was the only one who was known. And then the deal with him ONLY being allowed in the game if someone presses the button for the 25K?!?!? That’s another great disguise! Seriously?? Yes, last year sucked when Nicole won over Paul, but who’s fault was that?? Paul had the last power, and he chose Nicole over James, which proved to be a bad play. It wasn’t right for him to get to come back in the game!
        On the flip side, this season would have been a complete drag with this cast of newbies, so Paul has added a great deal to the story line. So, although I am not a Paul fan, I can still see that he is playing the best game, but if not for the 3 weeks of protection, would he have made it this far??

  13. I wish someone would slap that smug grin right off Paul’s face and then there’s Christmas and her little dance after using the ring…..ugh. I hate showmances so I don’t feel sorry for Jody but Paul has me hating the show more than any other time I can recall; it’s his house this season, Nicole the year before, Vanessa before that, but I don’t recall minions so dedicated to pleasing this man.

  14. I wonder what Zinbot would have said about Jess and Cody. I would find it hard to choose which of their words or actions are worthy of a ZING!

  15. Watching Cody tonight was like the ‘Red Wedding’ on Games of Thrones,like Lady Stark,Cody was taken by utter surprise,a lethal blow was delivered to ‘Jody’ this evening.

    • What Christmas did by using her Hex to omit Cody from the Veto Competition was “Chicken Chit.” The worst part of Xmas using her Hex was she did for Paul, & not for herself?!

  16. They’d better start being nicer to Mark or prioritize getting him out of there. Isn’t this his 3rd comp win in short period of time?? It doesn’t seem like they’re taking notice of that. He seems to be the house’s punching bag. They shouldn’t want him to team up with Cody by default. The two of them can do some damage together.

    • Right now they’re oblivious to that. I will laugh so hard when he becomes HoH and slam dunks both Paul and Josh or Jason and Josh!

      • Lol! Sure have. I haven’t heard one person mention it. They keep focusing on Cody and other ppl that don’t matter like Matt, Raven and Elana. If you ask me, i may get may get Mark out now. He’s smarter than Cody and have a better social game.

      • Yes! The Raven, Matt, E talk is utterly ridiculous.. they aren’t a threat to anyone’s game. Take out the toughest competition when you have the chance then handle your light weight. It will serve them right when Mark ends up sending one of them home!

      • It sure will. So you’ve noticed too they’re placing emphasis on nobodies?? Lol I’m like, what is wrong with those people?? Lol

  17. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m hoping to see some Big Brother Babies soon…and I don’t mean these cry babies😂…but real babies!!
    Jordan & Jeff’s little guy.💙
    Rachel & Brendan’s little gal.💟

  18. It was total CRAP that Christmas was able to use her temptation, and then not compete. Not really a replacement was it? Big Brother should have eliminated her after the injury, especially because it was due to horsing around and not part of a competition. All she is now is a vote. This season is really a bust with all the twists, pretty much inviting people not to play very hard, aka: Matt, Raven, Elena, Kevin, Dominique, and save for a putt, Josh.

    • She is more than a vote. Yes, she may not be able to compete in as many challenges but we are already seeing Christmas switch her gameplay from being competitive to being strategic. She is working her way through this show and keeping the target off her back. It is not crap that she used it and then didn’t compete. She knew in using it that there was a chance she couldn’t compete. Her sole strategy for using it was ensuring that Cody could not compete in the challenge. And she achieved that and it ultimately led to Jessica not being saved by the POV. So I think she is doing very well in the game considering the circumstances. Big Brother has no obligation to remove people from the game if their injuries allow them to play. Big Brother is not just about competition wins. Also, regarding the comment about other houseguests not playing hard. The point of the game is not to play hard non-stop. The point of the game is to make to the end by any means possible. Most of the players you listed are doing the smart thing by letting these powerhouse contestants knock each other out and then will step up. I will agree that Matt and Raven have done literally nothing. However, the others were playing a low key game right now because you can’t have that many dynamic players all at once and stay safe. It’s Strategy 101. It’s how Dan Gheesling played the first half of season 10 and he went on to destroy that house.

  19. They need to take away Raven’s microphone. Why does she always scream? I had turned the TV up because I could barely hear the conversation in the HOH. All of a sudden they switched to Maven. She scared the crap out of me! I about jumped out of my skin….LOL

  20. Can I just say how much I love that Kev wears a head scarf every night?! Lol, you look fierce Kevin ;)

  21. Watching bbad and Josh gets on my fckng nerves! He’s from one target to the next within his own alliance. He’s from Mark to Jason, Matt, Raven, back to Mark, back to elana etc. Dayum! Why don’t he shut the F up! He should be trying to keep his numbers together, not tear them apart acting paranoid and shi++ie all the time. He’s on this tangent about Matt tonight, and Matt aint done anything he’s been accused of. Matt said all he wanted was jury, and they can use him as a pawn anytime. Thats proof he doesnt care! Josh is bat shi+ crazy! I wouldn’t mind him going home. I want elana, alex or paul to win hoh. If elana win she may take out josh. Idc if he has Paul’s back, Paul’s my boy but Josh gets on my last nerves, I want him out.

  22. Watching some of Big Brother 10 right now…it amazes me how on Day 53 they’re down to the final 5…meanwhile on BB19, we’re a little over 50 days and we still have 12 people left…

  23. 😂 That scene where Christmas busted a U-turn, (while production edited the beeping noise in), and hauls a$$ out of there, absolutely made my night!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  24. waited too long to say this too about christmas…who lives in nearby raleigh…but what a dopey dopey thing she did…this supposedly great athlete…riding jason’s back like that…cost her short and long-term..unreal!

    • In reality not getting voted out the first day was the worst thing that happened to her. If she gets voted out, she never would’ve hurt her leg, she would have had a decent chance of beating Jillian/Dominique in the maze and Cody in the ball launch and maybe the house doesn’t really mind if she comes back and lets her win (they’d probably still pick Paul since they’d guess Cody would have won) and she comes back in the game on two legs. Worse case scenario she never comes back but she never hurts her leg. She will have arthritis the rest of her life and given her way of life prior to BB that’s a life sentence. Think of all the things she can’t do now. She has no chance of winning the million now since no one will take her to the end since she’d get the sympathy vote and she can’t win enough comps to get herself there. She would have been better off voted out the first day but still having her whole body and the ability to train and be at 100% the rest of her life than her current situation, even if she gets far this season.

  25. I’m not into women who have muscles but there’s something about Christmas…she’s pretty lol. She did good in not telling the house about the hex and used that to her advantage whereas Jessica blurted it out and made herself a bigger target as a result.

    • She did make one mistake in telling Paul about it though. Even though Josh(by Josh I mean Paul) actually wanted her to use it, wink…wink…

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