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‘Big Brother 19’ Live Feeds – Meet The V-Toads [PICS]

A new curse has hopped on the Big Brother 19 Live Feeds as the latest Den of Temptation and this one should be fun for everyone! Yes, the costumes have returned as toads and likely brought its own curse with this one.

Christmas won the vote to get the Ring of Replacement, but the counter curse to that reward was for her to pick three Houseguests for a then unknown punishment. Now remember Ramses was cursed last week and had to nominate himself at some point, so you’d expect something pretty bad, but… nope. Okay, it’s not “good” but it won’t send you out the door either.

Originally Christmas picked Cody, Jessica, and Ramses, but instead Ramses got a pass and Jason replaced him. Either you can’t get cursed two weeks in a row, or just not at all a second time. I’d guess it’s the former, but we’ll probably get clarification in an episode.

Gallery: Meet The V-Toads

These are the V-Toads. See what they did there? (Ve-Toads… Veto-ads) For the next week the 3 cursed HGs have to hop from one lily pad to the next. And yes, that means they have to wear them through the live eviction vote. But don’t ruin the surprise for Cody just yet.

While Jason was thrilled for the extra attention this costume would bring him Cody was completely nonplussed by the situation. He stood there with his usual grumpy expression until he was able to sneak off to the HN room. Mind you, he’s not a HN. Cody and Jessica are just hiding in there to further alienate themselves.

Anyway, Cody told Jessica that he’s sure they won’t have to wear these costumes for next Thursday’s show. He says he’s never seen anyone evicted while wearing a costume. Welcome to Biiiiig Brother!

Lots of HGs have been evicted in a costume, including Casey, Kristen, Candice, Kail, and Lydia. It’s a bit of a curse which makes this fitting as the costume is a curse this week itself. Especially considering Cody is slated to be Backdoored this week. Ouch.

While we had to wait a week for Ramses to put his curse in to action this one arrived immediately. Should be a fun week. Well, for us, not them.

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