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‘Big Brother 19’ Live Feeds – Meet The V-Toads [PICS]

A new curse has hopped on the Big Brother 19 Live Feeds as the latest Den of Temptation and this one should be fun for everyone! Yes, the costumes have returned as toads and likely brought its own curse with this one.

Christmas won the vote to get the Ring of Replacement, but the counter curse to that reward was for her to pick three Houseguests for a then unknown punishment. Now remember Ramses was cursed last week and had to nominate himself at some point, so you’d expect something pretty bad, but… nope. Okay, it’s not “good” but it won’t send you out the door either.

Originally Christmas picked Cody, Jessica, and Ramses, but instead Ramses got a pass and Jason replaced him. Either you can’t get cursed two weeks in a row, or just not at all a second time. I’d guess it’s the former, but we’ll probably get clarification in an episode.

Gallery: Meet The V-Toads

These are the V-Toads. See what they did there? (Ve-Toads… Veto-ads) For the next week the 3 cursed HGs have to hop from one lily pad to the next. And yes, that means they have to wear them through the live eviction vote. But don’t ruin the surprise for Cody just yet.

While Jason was thrilled for the extra attention this costume would bring him Cody was completely nonplussed by the situation. He stood there with his usual grumpy expression until he was able to sneak off to the HN room. Mind you, he’s not a HN. Cody and Jessica are just hiding in there to further alienate themselves.

Anyway, Cody told Jessica that he’s sure they won’t have to wear these costumes for next Thursday’s show. He says he’s never seen anyone evicted while wearing a costume. Welcome to Biiiiig Brother!

Lots of HGs have been evicted in a costume, including Casey, Kristen, Candice, Kail, and Lydia. It’s a bit of a curse which makes this fitting as the costume is a curse this week itself. Especially considering Cody is slated to be Backdoored this week. Ouch.

While we had to wait a week for Ramses to put his curse in to action this one arrived immediately. Should be a fun week. Well, for us, not them.

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  • Paul is letting his ego blind him, he wants Cody out because Cody put him up. As a vet Paul should know that anyone in that House would have targeted him to be gone sooner than later. Putting up Paul was not personal for Cody it was just strategic while for Paul its all personal. Cody does not have a great social game, he is already isolated and has a target on his back...the more dangerous player for Paul could be Jess. If Cody goes, Jess can use her sexual appeal against any guy in that House including Matt/Mark to turn on Paul. We have seen it before that females are ore dangerous in this game than big strong dudes

    • I have to disagree with you. It was absolutely personal for Cody. He admitted it was. In fact, because he had no legitimate reason to dislike Paul, he made up stories that his group "supposedly" had told him in numerous one on one conversations, that Paul was saying things about him (Cody) behind his back. As a live feeder, I knew that was not true. He had not had all these conversations he was talking about and Cody has since been called out on that and the group now believes he made that up. So, yes, it was personal and he even tried to lie in order to make it appear as if Paul was trying to undermine his (Cody's) game to justify making it personal.

      • I don't think the reason Paul is trying to get out Cody is personal. Cody WILL come after Paul if not evicted.

    • It was personal for Cody, he said as much in the first episode, he hated Paul, hated him last season, he was the guy all along he wanted out.

    • Is it only Jess that's dangerous? What about the other five female, are they dangerous too?

        • I'd say Alex is *the* most dangerous player to Paul. She's smart, competitive and has maintained her cool in the midst of all this drama.

          • Agree TGJ about Alex. OTOH Xmas has Paul's trust but I believe is playing for herself and won't hesitate to do what helps her even when it doesn't align with what's good for Paul. She has the potential to blindside him more than anyone else IMO

          • True. Point noted. But I don't think that would happen for a while and that might give them a chance to build a stronger bond. I think Xmas knows (especially w/her foot) he is her *best* bet to making it far in this game.

          • Yup, but we know how Paul can try to push others to do what he wants -- if he pushes Xmas too hard, she'll push back and then he'll feel hurt and then angry. Deja vu all over again.

          • Yeah, she's not naive like Vic was.
            I still wonder sometimes if Paul knew Nicorey would turn on them at some point and pushed for that alliance so they could take Vic out w/o Paul getting that blood on his own hands...

          • Hahaha! Sorry. I don't know if he did and I prefer thinking he did not, but...if he did, then Paul is a super slick BB player, far more crafty than we give him credit for.

            Or maybe I'm just diabolical...*rubs hands together evilly*. hehe

          • Aw shucks. TY. ;)
            Nope, not an evil bone in my body, except I do like the loud, charming villains on BB!

      • I didn't notice how Jess does in comps but she's sure pissing off lots of folks and being a 'lil bish in the house, clinging to the cody goon, etc.. That is not helping her game. I saw BB after dark last night and those two were basically pouting like little children after it looked like production convinced them to stay in the house.

        • Oh my, Cody's face just keeps getting better & better the more *you know what* he eats! This latest insult..the frog costume...hi-lar-i-ous!

          He is not happy. I mean, but seriously, can't say I blame him. I don't find him nearly as threatening anymore either, at least, not while he's wearing that! hahaha

          • Cody tried to come out big but he's been castrated now. I only saw the spoiler images of the frogs, no live feed. Funny stuff. It's so early in the game, nobody is really a threat that can't be discarded later. Cody doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of winning this game. HOHs may wish to concentrate on bigger fish to fry.

          • Yeah, I agree he's not likely to take the whole enchilada anymore, but I can understand Paul needing him out. Cody is good at comps, he's proven that already, and he will definitely go after Paul again. As we have witnessed this week (and throughout BB history), the house can flip in an instant; Paul needs to take this shot while he has it b/c if Cody won HOH in 2 weeks, you can bet your bottom dollar his number 1 target will be Paul and he might be able to convince a few others to join him.

    • I don't agree. Paul's best move is to eliminate Cody because Cody is a great competitor and for sure gunning for Paul. Also this week Paul is able to build trust with the entire house and unite for a common goal thus making a blood free week as HOH.

      • That's because they're his minions that worship him. But not Alex. She's the one that will take Paul out and I can't wait.

      • Yes. Take him out before his safety runs out & Cody comes gunning for him again.

        What's funny, is the people who are saying Paul is wasting his time on Cody would be the 1st to say Paul's an idiot for not taking him out when he had the chance!! haha

  • I hope I'm wrong but I have a feeling that if Cody is evicted next Thursday & there is a Battle Back comp on the 21st. Then guess what---Cody might be back.

  • Ramses loves to dress up in costumes and doesn't get to be a toad. Cody hates anything that takes away from his alpha maleness and has to dress as a toad and hop around. ROFL

    • I would have LOVED to wear something like that. The hopping around, ehhhhhh, but the costume itself, yes! Ramses is a con-goer and a cosplay artist, so this is right up his alley!

    • Oh true about Ramses. He missed an opportunity there. A huge fan and a costume guy. Would have been great.

      • Yeah what would have been a punishment to some would be a reward to Ramses. Perspective is everything.

    • I'm not sure I understand you're position here. Are you saying you do think people believe the show is rigged or not? The reason I ask this is because you say "and people still don't believe this isn't rigged." The double negative use of don't (do not) and isn't (is not) in that sentence cancels each other out, so basically what you say in your sentence is "and people do not believe this is not rigged", i.e., they believe it *is* rigged. If you are going to make a conspiracy theory claim, I would suggest you find a better argument to defend your position with.

      BB is a semi-scripted reality TV show/game. The producers need ratings to stay on the air, so of course they manipulate certain situations in an effort to obtain certain reactions from the HG. However, in every season since as far back as I can remember (I've watched since season 2), someone claims the show is "rigged" and yet, they offer no valid evidence to support such a claim. Only theories. Theories that are unproven are merely opinions and we all have one of those, therefore, until someone can offer me some legitimate evidence to verify the "rigged" hypothesis, I will continue to simply enjoy BB as the exciting social experiment and game it's meant to be.

      • Why some people comment on a series they don't like, I have no idea. I don't watch sports and I don't go to those areas and tell everyone that. Makes no sense. And yes, thanks for the efforts Matt. Glad I found a place to join discussions about BB that's NOT facefart!

        Anybody who produces these types of reality series has to keep the cast engaged and keep it interesting for viewers, if not downright controversial. That's the idea! From what it seemed, Jess and cody may had been ready to walk out and production had to talk them into staying. That gives them villains for the audience to hiss at, yes! And hissing we are! :oD

        • IKR. If you do not like the show, why are you here??
          Ya know, that never fails to make me smh. haha

    • It's definitely manipulated in many ways. BB is a tv show FIRST then game! CBS is producing a tv show that happens to be a game. It's all about ratings & drama. This season started off so crazy that it's not even bothering me that's it's rigged. They are putting a good show w cast of characters! I'm grateful they are giving Cody/Jessica the proper edit .
      Matt, this blog is the best! TY for all the hardwork going into this blog!

      • You're very welcome! Thanks for being a reader and glad to hear you're enjoying it. The work is all worth it. Love this show & our community with it.

    • I don't see what's happening here to claim something was rigged. Our poll showed Christmas with a clear lead for the DoT. We knew there'd be a curse. Was she going to assign it to allies or opponents?

      There are times when things look questionable, but I don't see what it would be here.

      • My thought on how it is being rigged is that they don't tell us - or the HG doing the choosing of the victims - what the curse is until AFTER they know who won the temptation and who the "blessed one" has chosen for the punishment. That means they can tailor the "punishment" to make it bad for the someone's game play or to just make it a little annoying but no real detriment to game play. It seems unfair to me. Even if they don't want to disclose it to the HGs, they should disclose it to those of us who vote just as a matter of keeping it honest with no rigging depending on who won. I'm not saying that they do change it based on who is chosen, just that is sure creates the appearance of impropriety. Myself, I feel reasonably certain they do rig it that way and frankly, I would probably want to do the same thing if I were one of the people producing the show. It has been clear for a long time that production manipulates to further their own agenda.

    • Yeah, but he's giving fans somebody to hiss at. Looked like production took a couple hours to talk him and jess into staying. They want to keep them bad guys in there for food.

      • Really? they seriously wanted to walk out? Take their toys and go home. They would have regretted that for the rest of their lives.

        • Jess nearly self-evicted on Thursday after the vote and Paul won HOH. DR talked her out of it. And then it looked like Cody & Jess both wanted to leave after the froggy costumes, but DR talked them out of it.

          I'm not sure if it is b/c production sees them as good villains or it is simply b/c them leaving would ruin the rest of the week.

        • There was talk of that. They were in the DR for a long time. I didn't see the feeds myself though.

          • I'm trying to limit how much I watch. Find with all the good stuff happening, I'm not getting out and doing things, haha. Too tempting this season.

          • I know! Yesterday, I had to tell myself, "NO, you're not getting on the feeds or BBN today!"

            But I did later that night anyhow...but I managed to spend the day BB free! haha
            It was hard. This season has been so explosive.

          • Well I'm off shortly to play some tennis and have a swim so that should earn me some BB time later this afternoon/evening when the Veto is over

          • The amazing part to me how some of these dummies will walk away from a chance to win a half million bucks! Yow! Ok, it's not easy to win maybe, but geeez already, just hang and eat like a pig all day and lounge around? Such torture!

    • Yes. His ego is killing his game. And now he's in a from suit... ROFLMAO!
      That's killing him. How can you be a tough guy wearing that outfit?? haha

  • I am happy that they have a costume punishment this week. I started cosplaying because of this show, so I am happy with the result, but I am not really happy that they brought the frog/toad costume back again. I am not a big fan of that, but to each their own. I am hoping for more costume punishments for this summer, compared to the last 2 summers!

  • Indeed, Cody is probably one of the worst BB players in memory. He couldn't muster a "social game" if his life depended on it. If he's not a jerk, at least he sure acts like one. More likely, it could just be that he and Jessica are both very insecure people. Kind of made for each other. Plus, that house can be very intimidating.

    But I can also see that Cody was dealt a very raw deal by sheer random BB chance...and that he inadvertently created one of the most amazing starts in BB history. It's almost hard to believe that they've barely started their summer journey.

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