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Big Brother 19: Counting The Votes In Week 11 [POLL]

This week on Big Brother 19 there will be just a mere two votes. With the chance of a tie-breaker either nominated Houseguest could end up staying but after a few days of arguing the plan for Paul’s trio seems to have settled on the obvious target.

Josh sent Alex and Kevin to the Block before the Veto comp win went to Paul where he shocked Alex with the news that he wouldn’t be saving her. Not only that, but she’d probably be the next one to go. Everything looked set for that to happen, then Josh happened.

Josh observed how Paul was working Alex over to convince her, just like the past several eliminated HGs, that this was all the fault of Josh and Christmas. Paul would love to help her, but those meanies just won’t let him. Josh tried to get his foot in the door with Alex, but she hasn’t been willing to listen.

In a fit of grumbling Josh told the cameras he wanted to negotiate a tie then shock Paul with a move of his own: sending Kevin out the door. When Paul started to see Josh’s agitation of his position with Alex there were threats that Paul and Christmas would split the vote and put the blame on Josh for her eviction. Josh openly invited it but after awhile that seems to have faded in to the background.

Just as well for Josh to avoid a move like that. It wouldn’t help his game, and just like nearly everything else this season, it’d probably end up helping Paul’s game. Alex would fight with Paul and she’d be taking him to the end. Or at least she would have before deciding Paul is a “counterfeit s-o-b.” Either way, that doesn’t look to be the plan anymore.

Paul and Christmas will both be voting Alex out. Christmas confirmed her plans to Alex the other night and Paul has made it clear she’ll be going either way so he doesn’t have an obligation to vote to keep her.

We’re expecting the early eviction to arrive later tonight (taped Tuesday and airing Wednesday) and when it does Alex Ow will be voted off Big Brother 19 by a 2-0 count. After that we’re down to our F4 of the season!

So what do you think? Will anything change the plans for eviction this week? Cast a vote below for who you think will be evicted and share your thoughts on what’s ahead.

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  • I think we should all vote Cameron for America's Favorite. That's the only fitting end to this farce of a season.

    • No, Cameron hasn't been in the game. Kevin is the one who deserves to win AFP, for putting up with these HG's bs.

  • Ahhh Paul and Christmas basking in the afterglow, heh heh heh
    Josh shouldn't be so worried about Christmas rubbing Paul's BACK lol

    • Last night Paul was telling Josh not to mention that he and Xmas are in a showmance because his girl might get the wrong idea. Paul said hes just comforting Xmas. Mean while he just got out of shower put on bo,then body spray, and then aftershave and then ask Josh if he was going to sleep in room with them. Awful lot of prepping to go to bed.

  • I think we should all vote for Kevin he has put on a brave face with all the bulling these a$$ wipes have done to him Paul always a threat to him look how Paul got and the dirty looks he gave Kevin when he thought Kevin would win something. Kevin should win I would love to see their faces of all the big bullies to see the underdog win

  • At last finally someone seeing the light !!!!!! Geez Alex I hope you keep the light on upstairs . . .and convince the Jury of all that Paul has said and done . . .and I hope the Jury does NOT vote for him to win !!! But shocks the hell out of him by voting for Josh to win !!!!!!!!!!!! And then voting Kevin for AFP . . . in fact I hope Josh wins the final HOH . .and he chooses Christmas to go with him to Final 2 . .leaving Paul out in the cold with nothing !!!!

  • Used to be a big Paul fan, but his recent behavior suggests he has no moral compass or loyalty to anyone other than himself. Christmas is pathetically following every move or decision he makes and is therefore a mindless, co-dependent loser who's only gotten this far based on sympathy votes. What shitty people!!!! I have a newfound appreciation for Cody's perception of Paul.

    • Paul's in the BB house, trying to get to the end as the only vet and someone who only lost by 1 vote last year. People don't act the same way in public/ a competitive environment/ a work environment as they do with their friends or behind closed doors.

    • Paul is on his way to winning half a million while Cody is working on his pool game. As much as I don't like Paul too much he has played the best game. $500,000 versus friendship. It's a no brainer

  • Wed. is going to be good , I want to know who won dam it, Alex will be gone GOOD, She is a piece of work indeed, lets hope Kevin squeezed out a win. unlikely but we can dream,
    In order for Josh to take a shot at Paul is that Paul does not win HOH and Josh wins veto. they all could have woken up , and realize paul is the biggest threat, Yeah right, HA HA HA,

  • You guys are all dogging on Alex but she was an excellent player. This season brought more cunning game plays and meanness but she deserves to be praised for playing thus game when hardly anybody else did !! It was like watching birds flying!

    • No, no, no! She certainly was better than Christmas, but an excellent player? Meanness is not a requirement to play this game, she brought that trait all by herself. She excelled in being mean and a bully to others. She got arrogant, fat and lazy, and rode the coattails of Paul and ended up getting evicted due to her own stupidity. Nuff said.

  • I'm looking at the votes, and I REALLY don't get it. Was I watching something totally different than everyone else? How can it be that Cody of all people get so many votes! He WASN'T even a good gamer. His only reason to want to take out Pual was because he "Didn't Like Him" I think he was jealous of him from the get go. It wasn't because of any kind of game play. He had it in for him from the start. He got a second chance, yeahhh, he changed it up a bit, but Jessica called the shots not him. In my opinion his strategy was one of the worst. If Jessica wanted to get to the end of the game she hooked up with the wrong person. So, is it just because he is a Vet or is it because of his game play that you vote him your favorite. If anything I'd rather Jessica got the votes, and she's not even my fav to win My Favorite House Guest. I hope the votes in this poll change for the better.

    Trisha TF

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