‘Big Brother 18’ Veto Punishments Revealed [PICS]

Big Brother 18 Houseguests faced the prize swap Power of Veto competition on Saturday and it left half of the players with punishments set to annoy and tease while the other half walked away with some pretty good grabs.

Corey goes patriotic on Big Brother 18

With the crapshoot Veto comp at hand the houseguests had the chance to win their way up to cash prizes or be sent off to costume life and that’s rarely a good thing, but at least one of them looks ready to live that up.

First the good news for Houseguests who did well was a Veto for Victor, $5,000 for James, and a 2-person trip to anywhere in the US for Nicole (which she can trade in for $5K). The other three players weren’t so lucky.

Paulie “won” American Pie which requires him to bake an apple pie every time he gets a musical cue to do so. This was supposed to last all season, but with his game’s pending demise that might not be too long so he anticipates them ramping up the frequency. Paulie isn’t happy about this punishment and suggested he may opt to take the penalty vote instead of complying. Sportsmanship.

Update: After repeatedly refusing to fulfill his punishment Paulie came around and did one so far though he’s claimed he’s only willing to do one a day.

Corey has a patriotard and is dressed up in sort of an Uncle Sam attire with a bald eagle on one hand and a sign for Zingbot on the other. Remember the theme of this Veto comp was “Zingbot For President” so these are all related. Corey has to wear this costume all week and keep at least one of those items on his hands even when in the shower.

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Paul got the fun costume here as a Secret Service agent. He arrived dressed in all black with suit and tie plus sunglasses and one of those little ear pieces. Paul has to respond to “Red Alert!” announcements and run to 5 or 6 checkpoints, shout all clear, and frisk the HGs. He even has to do the frisking in the middle of the night which will wake the other HGs. Ouch. They won’t like that. Paul also mentioned he has to keep the glasses on all day and can only remove them for bed. For alerts called while in the shower he’ll have to jump out, put on a towel and his tie, then run the required steps.

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Paul seems actually pretty excited about this one but considering he willing wore an inflatable duck toy for a week he clearly doesn’t mind goofing it up. Corey isn’t thrilled about his and was already forgetting to keep his items with him. Hopefully Paulie comes around and can participate with his punishment to play the game.

What do you think of the punishments and prizes from this weekend’s competition? If you had to pick a punishment which one would you take on?


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  1. Paulie should never have been on this show. He thinks the rules don’t apply to him. I’ll bet when he was a kid, he quit playing any game whenever he lost. Well actually, he must do that as an adult too. What a creepy house guest. Paul, on the other hand, what a hoot he is! I’m rooting for him or Victor to win it all.

    • I was reading on jokers last night and Paulie was telling i believe Cory and NICHOLE that he lied on his application to BB about never being to a psychiatrist ,but he has mental issues and was told by his DR that it was recommended that he NOT go on the show,this was said by Paulie himself so yes he should not be on the show,and he should be kicked off by production for lying on his application.

      • You know I only down voted you for the simple reason about him being kicked off the show by production for lying on his Application. True he needs to go but other than that, he has shown us all he CAN be somewhat normal. At least in the beginning, I believe as time wore on, his meds wore off but then again he could be saying this just to leave so he doesn’t have to go to Jury.

      • Hee hee :D If Paulie is able to make a comeback from his present predicament he deserves the win.

      • He has two ways of doing that – and neither makes him deserve the win. (1) the RT ticket. Completely out of his control. (2) a jury battleback. He could win the battleback and return to the house, but he still doesn’t deserve the win. That, he has to earn, just like everyone else.

      • He might. (Thanks, production.) But I doubt it will do much to save him. He’d have to win HOH to be completely safe for another week, and he has just a 1-in-8 chance of doing that (and 7 other people who want to keep that from happening).

      • Plus whoever he nominated wouldn’t go home because someone on the other side will get the care package and they will still have the numbers to vote their nomination out.

      • Remember Matt Hoffman lying about his dying wife??? ANYthing is possible. If production thought that was true (so I don’t believe it), you know they’d yank him just that quick to cover themselves. They removed Evel Dick. J/S

      • Probably. He’s probably lying to not be placed in the house with the women he had evicted. On other words, he’s a coward.

      • I do not believe a word of his poor pitiful me stories. He is looking for sympathy and maybe a way out of the game because he has made it perfectly clear he doesn’t want to go to jury house and get “ganged up on by the women in there”

  2. Paulie’s ‘punishment’ is easy..as pie. It’s not like he has to do a REAL pie. Sore loser. Yeah, take that penalty. Ussy-Pay.

      • No..just cut up an apple (which he doesn’t even peel!) and then pour apple pie filling into pre-made pie crust.

      • Oh what the actual eff….what is he even WHINING about then?! What a sad SAD little man he it.

      • Exactly. They should throw him out. He’s blatantly disregarded the rules. Now he’s not even waving the flag he was supposed to be waving while the pie is baking. I’m so sick of his poor sportsmanship, I could puke. Forget his narcissism and total disrespect for women…THAT makes me FURIOUS! But now THIS? Get him the eff OUT.

    • Paul would have slayed that punishment. Paul the Muffin Man / Baker Man.

      Good thing Paulie didn’t get the secret agent punishment. He’d be frisking Natalie hardcore. But him & Corey though! Lo. BBF!

    • Then you’re not playing the game with class. You’re disrespecting the game itself and everyone that’s ever played it and especially the fans of it.

  3. Figures Paulie wants to cop out. They ail basically got appropriate punishments. Wish I got to see all this now, but can’t til I get back home.

  4. Paulie had now proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he literally has no strategy, that he never had a strategy, that he was not “#bredfor” anything, that Derrick’s coaching went in one ear and out the other because he has no brain to maintain it anyway and that he is in reality just a simple ignorant, immature BULLY who has literally no game and never even had one because it fell apart like a house of cards the very second that he started to get called out.

    He clearly hates women and nobody in their right mind would have a strategy where they view women as weak simply because they are women, while they berate them and shame them. Combine that hideous collection of displays with some sort of so-called strategy to keep “the boys” around for the stated reasons that they view them as “strong players”. That is simply retarded.

    Big Brother is about getting the strong players there are a Potential Threat to your game out as soon as possible– so if he was actually playing the game he would want to keep the weak players regardless of gender. In fact, he would have never made it about gender at all!

    But he can’t even see past gender. It’s truly frightening. The man is a complete misogynistic pig. He’s the poster child of misogynistic pigginess.

    In my view, he is quickly going down in history as not only the next Audrey (remember her epic melt down?) but as one who is kicking it up a notch and is taking one of the biggest dumps in Big Brother history. He gets to live with this season for the rest of his life and it’s his own doing. he is going to be the Bob Denver of Big Brother. People are always going to see him as a Gilligan. He’s never going to live this down. It’s just that bad. He’s an embarrassment to Derrick’s reputation for even invoking his name, nevermind for invoking it so much. he is also an embarrassment especially to his own brother Cody. What a mess this guy is. How sad.

    And now on top of everything else, he’s a poor sport besides when it comes to American Pie?

    Can someone please explain to me why we share air with this tard?

    • Yep, I find it interesting once he gets done blaming everyone who participated in BB18, he starts blaming Cody and Derrick. Narcissists like this NEVER do anything wrong, and nothing is ever their fault. And the real problem is, with his rage inside – for everything and everyone who isn’t him – he could wind up doing harm to someone (including himself). Audrey is a good comparison. These people should be removed from the game immediately – before someone gets hurt.

      • Audrey kind of imploded. She was really out going and extroverted at the beginning of the game but then started wearing a hat covering her eyes..then spent more and more time in bed crying and crying. It was terribly sad to watch. It was obvious that she was depressed—-now, I AM NOT a medical professional, so I’m not diagnosing her—but IMO ONLY, the way she wavered between the really high highs and really low lows, it was almost as if she was manic depressive. That’s MY OPINION. I’m not a doctor. But I have played one on TV. Seriously though, it was terribly sad.

      • It was very sad. She just curled up inside a sweatshirt/hoodie, took up permanent residence in the HN room, and refused to move, participate or eat for the rest of her time in the house. The HGs tried to bring her food, and she refused to touch it. The HGs were worried about her, and so was production. She got some meds, I think.

      • Well, she’d been transgendered for quite a while—so her levels should have been pretty stable by that point. Unless the stress of the show could have caused the levels to become unstable…do you know what I mean? The estrogen?

      • He even blamed Cody being on BB for the breakup of his relationship. I guess Cody forced him into cheating on his fiance with five women. That’s been all over Twitter.

      • HUH? Holy smokes…get this guy back to his therapist. I’m not being mean or sarcastic. I’m being serious.

      • I agree with you wholeheartedly. He’s starting to show some serious violent tendencies. I remember last week when he was holding a knife and was swinging it around in the kitchen. Then he started talking about gunshots and guns and where best to place them along with where to stand and how to duck from them.

        Weird stuff to discuss in the middle of a bunch of houseguests out of the blue.

  5. Hey, everyone else got their punishments yesterday. Why hasn’t ‘Little Jack Horner’ stuck his thumb in a pie yet? Hello!! Production?! Anyone?!

    • Maybe because he’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown? Paulie seems to always want to be in control and if they make him bake a pie he might go bonkers on them.
      I wonder how Paulie’s edit will portray him on the next 2 episodes?
      Out of respect to Cody they might brush over most of it.

      • In a way I’m glad about the way Zak was portrayed because that was the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen and I didn’t want to see her get hurt. I almost wish Paulie would self evict to spare Zak from further abuse.
        But I’m with you, why sugar coat what this guy is really like. I hope they go full ‘Ronnie’ edit on him. Should be fun to watch hehehe.

      • Ha! You’re awful. ;)
        Yeah, that whole Zak/Paulie ‘thing’ was just…just…infuriating to me. I only saw one instance of him berating her on BBAD, and that was all it took for me. And as much as I’m glad Vic made this huge move, his speech to Meech and Bridge–and the way those boys reacted to it PU-HISSED me off! I don’t care for Meetch at all…but those girls didn’t deserve to be demeaned that way. So really, James is the only guy that isn’t a misogynist—but he didn’t stick up for Nat either, so…I don’t remember where this rant was going.
        I WANT PIE!!!

      • Rant On Sharona. :D
        Yeah, I still remember how Victor and Paul treated the women when they were in power for a week or 2 so I’m rooting for either Meech or Nicole right now.
        James is spineless – Nat even complained when he wouldn’t stick up for her against Paulie’s ‘flirting’ or whatever that was going on between them.

      • Oh my gosh…I find no redeeming qualities in Meetch. Or (almost) in Nicole; which saddens me greatly, because I loved her during her season! I am SO disappointed with her and her showmance, I could just shake her! But if it’s between her and Meetch, it’s Nicole all the way. I hope Meetch has a therapist on the outside…she’s going to need one. I don’t think she’s going to deal with reality well. Think Paulie’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown? Can you imagine once the show is over and M reads ANYTHING written about her? Yikes!

      • I’m so disappointed in Nicole right now I don’t know what to do with her.
        Maybe I’m just old fashioned but I wouldn’t be making out in bed with Corey if I didn’t have a final 2 with him.
        Once Corey leaves she needs to team up with Meech since there isn’t anyone else. Unless she starts doing something really remarkable I don’t think she can win.
        I’ve had a feeling from the beginning that Big Meech would win this season – hopefully I’m wrong :D

      • No, you’re not old fashioned at all…but how could you possibly know in such a short time that you could trust your showmance for a F2?
        I DO hope you’re wrong about Big Meech. Don’t think I could stand seeing her ‘winning’ tears. You know how some people can cry ‘pretty’ and some people cry ‘ugly?’ She ain’t a ‘pretty’ crier.

      • What upsets me is that Nicole is making herself look like an idiot with all the Corey nonsense and not even being aware of the guys alliance Corey was in. Here she is making out with him all day and night and she hasn’t even discussed alliances and final 2 deals?
        I dislike Corey for taking advantage of Nicole as it seems he’s just using her to win the money.
        For some reason I’ve always liked Michelle – don’t know why but I do.

      • I guess that’s what upsets me most about Nicole, too. I mean, come on! This isn’t summer camp. It’s as if when she fell for Corey, she was blinded to HER game and is doing what’s best for HIS game. And the kicker? She probably won’t even be mad when she’s sent to jury, ‘…because he did what was best for his game-uh.’
        Hey, will you do me a favor and go to the ‘Tonight on Big Brother’ thread? I keep going there, but I don’t get anyone’s avatars…just numbered comments. It’s weird. See if you can get on that thread. Please?

      • I’ve had that screen come up sometimes too so I don’t know what’s making that happen..
        I just open a new tab and try again until the right screen comes up. Scrolling down too fast to get to the comments usually makes this happen I’ve noticed.

      • Maybe she could tell Meech that Nat would win, being the favorite in the jury and after Meech calling out Paulie/Z. That might make Meech at least consider Nicole? Plus Nic has won comps in her past and, esp’ly with Corey out, she could get her head into the game. They have to beat dem boyz who are all comp winners. That might be her pitch to Meech?

      • All excellent ideas bb if Nicole would only try to do something. It’s not over for her yet although things are looking pretty dire at present. Right now she’s depending on Corey to play her game so I was hoping when he left a light bulb would go off in her head and she would actively play the game.
        Looking at the jury house full of women and most of them disliking Nicole I doubt she could win this year so that’s another good argument to make to Meech.

      • Agree with you. While James doesn’t resort to mysognism, staying silent is just as bad. He won’t be getting our vote as America’s favourite this year.

      • I dont trust his “if they dont give me what I want, I’ll just have to beat them up” mentality. I dont want to see someone get hurt or watch what that would do to those other houseguests. I remember when that man head butted some one and got tossed immediately out of the game. It upset me very much too.

      • Right, all Paulie has to do is walk into the jury house, apologize for his slimy behavior towards the women and try to make amends if possible.
        The guy has no common sense and it’s not the end of the world to admit you were wrong.
        After thinking about this I suddenly realized that Paulie doesn’t want to face the women in the jury house because it would destroy his ego. When they left the BB house Paulie was a hero but when he enters the jury house he’ll be a zero.

      • Paulie does seem very fragile and the feeling of betrayal doesn’t help his state of mind. It would cruel of BB to create an unfavorable edit of Paulie. Yes, this is a game but under very extreme conditions.

      • I don’t want to see either a favorable or an unfavorable edit of Paulie. But I would like to see an honest one.

      • Production and business wise it wouldn’t benefit them to try to further destroy his character on the broadcast shows.

        Whether we like it or not, he does have promise as a tv personality and CBS knows this.

      • That’s what I kept thinking about Michelle pushing and pushing. Paul was right – we have him down, and he has nowhere to go. Now just leave it alone. Paulie’s really pathetic right now – asking Victor and Paul to at least not treat him like a pariah till Thursday. He’s still a human being – and not a very healthy one, IMO.

      • The live feeds are edited as well. So who knows what really happened. That’s why we shouldn’t pass judgement. Everyone in there needs help after such a brutal few months.

      • He didn’t for a minute think about others being human beings when they exited. R u kidding me????

        Did you enjoy him humiliating others??????

      • Well Grace, an honest edit is going to be unfavorable of Paulie I’m afraid but I’m with you here – show the truth.

      • Yep, it is what it is. Good, bad or indifferent. But I agree. He doesn’t come across as a very nice person, so if that is his truth, so be it.

      • No, he’s not a very nice person from what I’ve seen, but I do have compassion for him still and don’t want to see his whole life ruined or anything like that.

      • Me either..even though it doesn’t sound like that. But I’m tired of the edit they’ve been giving their golden boy.

      • Me too. Believe it or not, I have a lot of empathy. I just HATE BULLIES. Especially those who bully women. He needs to be held accountable and I have a feeling that’s something that is completely foreign to him…being held accountable. Just like not having to make a pie yet. *sigh*

      • But that doesn’t mean he should get special treatment. EVERYONE goes through the same stress. It’s just that he’s used to being ‘cock of the walk’–no pun intended.

      • He didn’t mind one treating all the others that were on the block like carp. He even told Frank to stop campaigning to stay because he looked like an idiot. I have no sympathy for him. Like the old saying goes, he made his bed now let him sleep in it.

      • They sign a contract where they agree that their life is on full display in exchange for a chance at a half of a million dollars. If production puts their full BB life on display, ugly or not, while they are in the house, It’s fair game.

      • Paulie’s apparently had psychiatric help at some point in his life, and lied to production about it. His doctor said he’d be “unfit” for the BB house. Why wasn’t he removed from the game immediately as soon as production found that out?

      • One thing is for sure, Paulie has certainly acting like he needs psychiatric help the past few days.

      • I think he actually needs someone to kick his ass. I th I.k that would do him more good than anything.

      • agreed. It’s a Jersey thing. The only thing he’s going to understand is a good pop in the mouth. That’s all that meatheads like him understand.

      • It very well could be. But for CBS’s own sake, I hope they’re watching him very carefully. He could very well be crazy like a fox.

      • Or a legal liability. There going to have to walk on eggshells with this one. Seems too wicked to me.

      • I think so too! I don’t think he would say that where production could hear it if it were true. There’s a motive behind everything he says. He was always talking about how successful he was but now he’s talking about how bad he needs the money to pay his bills at his NYC apartment.

      • I don’t understand why Paulie is unaware of the legal ramifications of quitting and /or hiding his mental health problems – if he really has them.
        Especially after admitting he was broke and needs money.

      • I need to play the Power Ball, then claim to be mentaly ill if I dont just get it handed to me. Get america on board that I deserve it, after all I stood in line for my ticket too, I have to win or else i”ll well I’ll wah gimmie wah

      • Out of respect Cody they should expose Paulie for what he is and somehow explain that it isn’t Cody’s fault that his brother is a wiener

      • I try to be merciful in general :D The guy has a lot of faults but I don’t hate him for having them.
        I certainly don’t like him either :D

  6. I wonder if Victor has a crush on Nicole. He doesn’t want to put her up on the block and he is always being really sweet to her.

  7. Paulie REALLY you crying like a little Bitch, You the so called Big man of the house, “I’m gonna win this I’m gonna win that” running to Corey crying YOU BIG BABY BITCH. You can dish it out but you TRUELY can not take it…..Girl Bye..Ha Ha Ha Boo Whoo

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