‘Big Brother 18’: Veto Meeting Plans – Week 8

Today on the Big Brother 18 Live Feeds we’ll be watching the fallout from this week’s Power of Veto meeting but there’s no waiting to determine what’s about to happen when this round’s final nominees are revealed.

Victor is ready to lock in his noms on BB18

Corey and Paulie were sent to the Block and it’s generated a lot of heat on the Feeds so far while Saturday’s Veto competition added more fuel to the fire. Now we’ve got one last chance for Paulie to talk himself out of the danger zone before things are locked up for this week’s eviction. Can he pull it off?

There’s no chance Victor will save Paulie or Corey. It won’t happen.

Flashback to 12:00 PM BBT 8/14 to find Paulie doing his best to convince Victor to give him a shot at safety. Paulie’s at least been wisely not trying to get himself saved but rather trying to convince Victor to save Corey.

Paulie’s logic here is that Victor wouldn’t likely save Paulie (correct) but if Corey came down then Paulie would have two votes in his pocket (Nicole & Corey) then he’d need to flip just one more player (he hopes that’d be Michelle). The plan isn’t bad, but the actors in this case are for his chances.

Victor gave up $5K to James and a vacation (trade in value of $5K) to Nicole so he could secure his nominations by taking the Veto for himself in the comp. That’s dedication to the plan. He’s not going to go back on those decisions and give Paulie an opening. Victor explained to Paulie that with any changes to the situation he’s making an opportunity for the end result to change as well. Victor is no dummy.

Paulie has tried a lot of different moves and talked to several HGs trying to build support. Michelle initially seemed receptive but later admitted to allies that she only felt sorry for him. That’s another tactic Paulie has been trying. He’s told HGs he has a relative with cancer and needs to stay to win the money for her. They weren’t pleased with that approach either.

Try as he might, Paulie isn’t making any headway and neither he nor Corey will be coming down at today’s Veto meeting. Expect Victor to shut the lid on the PoV box and carry on with his week. Paulie will remain the target and should be evicted 5-0 on Thursday. His only shot at continuing on Big Brother 18 is the chance that he has the Round Trip card.

Speaking of, we’ve had a fun discussion on Twitter this morning about those cards. Since this is the last week to put those cards in play then we thought it’d be interesting to see the other HGs, besides Corey and Paulie, open their tickets to find out if any of them have the Round Trip. The penalty for opening the cards was voiding them, but if none of the non-noms are going this week then their cards are basically voided already.

Now I know this won’t likely happen, but could you imagine the craziness in either direction? Should none of the non-nom HGs discover a RT card then that would confirm to us that one of the two guys have it. Maybe it’d change the vote plans, but probably not. Then if one of the non-noms does have it then the panic could really set in for the noms and we could see some extreme campaigning. I know this is a pipe dream, but oh it’d make for some crazy Feeds!

What do you think of Victor’s plans to leave the nominations as they are? Is he making a bad move or doing the smart thing to keep Paulie without any options but to fight against his closest ally for a chance to stay in the Big Brother house? Grab our Big Brother App and we’ll send you an alert when the spoilers are in.


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    • Watching Paulie do and say what Paulie does and says is not exciting, it’s stomach-churning and ignorant and wrong.

      As far as I’m concerned, as long as they don’t start playing potball, I’m good.

    • Or the game could really blossom without him. Oftentimes when a dominating personality finally goes, it instigates the stretch drive where you find out who can really play.

      And the game can’t get MORE boring than it was for many Paulie dominating weeks.

      • So now we’ll have 2 guys (Paul/Victor) running the show. And people want to vote for Victor to win co-HOH. No way. Then we would just have a boring predictable game until the end. First Corey, Nicole, Michelle, Natalie. BORING. Cracks me up last night in the feeds Paul and Victor bragging that they’re running the house. But yet they called Paulie out for doing the exact same thing. Hypocrites.

      • Not necessarily, now everybody know where each other stand. As long as they all agree (which they do) who the next targets should be, they’re all running the house.

      • Dominating what?

        He wanted Bridgette gone because that is what others wanted, Paulie wanted Day gone instead and Paul went along and pretended its what he wanted.

        Then he wanted Z gone but only put her up because he had Paulie’s permission. He needed Paulie’s meltdown and the girls to flip it and get Z.

        And now he has what? Semi-control of Victor and not much else.

      • And, he’s done all this and isn’t really on anyone’s radar. Nope even Cory because Cory can be baboolzed into going after the girls again (sans Nicole) again. Paul was all but out the door yet he is now the power player. Talk about control of the game – considering he just made Victor a huge target and not him even though Victor did exactly what paul wanted even though it was 100% Paul’s idea. Victor just ‘thinks’ it is his idea and it’s why he used the lame ‘old he kicked me out before’ reasoning to give an excuse but make no doubt this was Paul’s HOH. paulie and Corey weren’t going after Victor so he did the rest of the house’s dirty work.
        Day: ‘They goin’ after you at double eviction’
        Victor: Who is ‘they’?
        *Corey wins double eviction HOH… targets the two girls…. So who was going after Victor? Surely wasn’t Paulie or Corey…

      • Done all what? He is on no one’s radar because anti-Paulie is dominating the house.

        He is in a decent spot, but domination implies controlling the game, and this is the first week where that has been remotely true.

        If Paul is dominating, so is James for crying out loud.

      • And that is exactly what we are going to get if he gets voted out.. but Victor being the dominating.. Victor is as much as an ass as Paulie… did we forget his nomination speech to Z and Michelle???

      • Say it with me …. Winning comps is not dominating.

        Paulie was not the dominant force due to his wins. He was the dominant force because everyone did what he told them to do.

        Victor is a bit of a dim-witted jerk, but he is also pretty isolated and not the least bit strategic. He will in all likelihood be used and discarded.

        But the lines for strategy really grow once Paulie leaves. Who do NiCorey try to rope in? Does anyone other than Paul try to use Victor? Does the shaky alliance hold together all of next week targetting NiCorey or do they start to see each other as bigger threats?

        Everyone has to play now. Victor is not dominating.

    • It might be somewhat boring the 1st week he is gone (if he goes) but then things should liven u again as the players get ready for the next big elimination target….I want it to get down to the final 5 and let them battle it out.. I am happy with Michelle James Natalie Victor and Paul in the 5 or any 5 that will fight to win and keep theirself in the game

    • Paulie has made for some extremely interesting feeds in the past two weeks. As awful as some of the things he’s said are, it could get very boring without him. Or it could get very interesting. If he goes, James better start pranking people again, because Natalie has destroyed funny James. All we’ve seen from James in the past few weeks is him trying to make sure Natalie doesn’t flip out every few minutes. Either James will gain more favor with America than he already has or Paul will start getting a ton of screen time, as he is just about the only HG that kept people laughing over the past two weeks.

      • James is losing face worse this year than last. He should write Nat off and start playing BB the way he should have been from the beginning. I think she is doing this on purpose of pushing James away. Yesterday she was back to chumming up with Vic. Just wait..she is planning on using Vic to go to final 2 or final 3.

      • I think that Vic if not both of them will decide to take out James before that. James has been on Vic’s radar for quite some time. He has shown he is a flip flopper and we all know that Vic has a very good memory. He won’t forget the things James has said or done.

      • I read on Twitter last night (not sure when this conversation happened though, allegedly) that P/V want to pull Nat & Mich in and cut James at F5.

      • They change their minds as much as they change their underwear. First it’s cut James, then it’s cut Natalie, then it’s cut Michelle. Hope they get cut.

      • I agree. I watched all that was on the show last night on the feeds. Then rewatched last nights show again and actually Paulie wasn’t as bad as everyone made him out to be. What he said to Natalie was inappropriate but when he was in the bedroom and called her fake as her chest he was calm, he didn’t raise his voice, he was talking. Believe me there’s been way worse things said in the BB house. Then when they were upstairs he called her out for doing exactly the same thing she accused him of. And she says you know I’m a flirt and if it made you uncomfortable you should of said something. I’m like WTF. So she can flirt but he can’t. AND she waits over a month to tell him. She is the biggest, fake hypocrite in the house. And all she dies is bitch at James and he apologizes. I’d tell her to hit the road.

      • Yeah, I think so too. She has shown herself to be quit the user, done with James now on to whoever will fall for my crap next. Which will be none of them since they have all been watching her play James all season to get her this far

      • When did she “quit James?” She hasn’t talked about any future alliance without him in it. And she has never thrown him under the bus. The same thing can’t be said for James.

      • He spends too much time comforting her and its interfering with his game. I want him to see the error of his ways.

      • James and Natalie should be the next two to go, after Nicole and Corey. Final 3 should be Vic, Michelle, and James. They are the ones truly playing the game, right now.

      • You mentioned that James is next to go and in the next sentence, you mentioned that James should be in Final 3???

      • I agree. I’ve been watching her and I think she’s using him as long as he’ll let her. Hope he sees it before it’s too late, but we are talking about James, so probably not! lol

      • Yep if you like 2yr olds. I’m so sick of him walking around the house with that duck around his waste. Grow up already. Once is funny but for over a week is annoying. And his big mouth is also annoying on the feeds. I’ll be watching something going on in a room and he is off camera in another room and I can’t hear what I’m watching because of his big mouth.

  1. Please please please don’t let Paulie have the return ticket. I was rooting for him at first but these few weeks he just disgusts me. He is such a loser with his “This is how we do it in Jersey” She’s just a Jersey girl” crap! That kind of talk is so ignorant…

    • Ditto. I liked him until a few days ago. Now he makes me nauseated to look at and listen to. I really hope here isn’t a returning juror competition bc he would for sure win against those three ladies.

  2. They could start with Nicole and Victor opening there cards at the launch of the Thursday event. Since they can´t be nominated or sent out, it would reduce 2 cards on the game. I think that the ones that got in first got more information about the envelope that has the return card. That was the difference between each one that got into the room. So, probably, Paul have the return card.

    • After veto ceremony everyone could open cards but the nominees. But that is pretty unlikely unless production encourages it.

      And production would only encourage it is one of the two nominees have the return ticket.

      • If Paulie self evicts when the POV isnt used then Victor will need to nom someone else. Paulies ego isnt handling this week well so that is still an option. Opening envelopes (maybe on live TV) can’t happen unless they do it after the next eviction

  3. I know that we were told that the airline cards ended this Thursday, but does anyone remember if the HGs were told the end date?

  4. Wow! What a week. I apologize for every bad thing I said about Frank. Paulie is a USDA Grade A douchecanoe. I can’t believe he was my favorite to win! His behavior is pure entitlement. BTW as he’s talking trash about Jersey girls, does he include his sister as one of the evil ones?

    Paul cracks me up with his one liners and how much he’s enjoying this SS punishment. He has provided the best laughs I’ve gotten this season.

    Who are we voting to get the ACP? Paul or Victor? I don’t want Victor to go OTB for this huge game move.

    • I gave mine to Vic bc there’s a very good chance Paulie will either have the return ticket or beat the other jurors at a comp to return and I think he would nominate Vic and James so I want Vic to have safety.

    • I gave all mine to Corey. I don’t want another Victor/Paul HOH. Too predictable and boring. Besides they’re starting to act just like Paulie. Talking about how they run the house.

    • Im giving my votes to Corey every day… let him have half a chance with what he has left.

      • I gave them to Victor. I just can’t vote for someone who thinks it’s funny to torture defenseless animals.

  5. Save your tears for sorry to DaV、Zakiyah and Bridgette! May Paulie want to compete the worst HG with Frank! Sorry for Cody!

  6. Paulie has proved himself to be a horrible human being and I am glad CBS took time out of the Sunday show to let all the fans know how bad he is. For them to do that must mean they are not to pleased with his behavior either.

    My hope is he does NOT have the round trip ticket. But someone please tell me who voted for Nicole to get safety? Is anyone really rooting for her?

    • i think TPTB only showed Paulie’s nastiness because they know he will be auffed thursday and need tv only’s to understand why he’s gone

    • Based on who is popular and who already got packages, Nicole getting it was really the best case scenario. It let this week go off without a hitch.

      Production had to show Paulie being Paulie to provide context for why the vote flipped and the reaction that followed.

    • I’m actually grateful that CBS showed his true colors. They didn’t have to and in the past with other house guests often didn’t. But this time, they did it with integrity. My props to CBS. I am very impressed.

      • There’s no doubt in my mind that Bridgette was the real winner and since she was gone…the few Nicole votes from her family gave her the CP. Funny thing is, she didn’t even need it this week so it was a waste :)

      • Dummy Nicole thinks America gave her the CP because of Meech (telling the truth about her being a snake) calling her out on national TV. The girl is oblivious to think most BB fans like her like that.

      • Soooo happy that Nicole got it this week. The people that voted for her to do so, hurt her instead of helping her. Now she is ineligible for future CPs, thank goodness.

    • Regardless, turned out to be deemed to be worth nothing because everybody turned up safe this week except Paulie and Corey, so turns out she was not “in need” of it . Also, now she can’t get the co-HOH thank goodness or the final bribe one. Maybe she didn’t get the safety one because people liked her, but because they don’t??

    • I feel like, from everything I’ve read, that most people voted for Bridgette. But Bridge got eliminated and Nic got just enough votes to win.

      • Because 6 out of the 8 people still left floated through the game. Only Paul/Paulie have played the game. Dumb Victor was out already M Sucks for someone who has seen 7 seasons. The other 4 are just looking for love -_-

      • That is a pretty DUMB assumption to make about Victor considering the fact that he beat 3 people to get back in the house, and has done nothing but be a comp beast since. I think if anyone deserves to win it by stats alone its Victor. I hope Paulie leaves for good Thursday.

      • Call me wishy washy but I cant make up my mind. Vic has been way too good at winning not to want to see him go all the way to the end. But then will Paul & James let that happen now? I’m James fan, no bashing please, he is playing the game well this year. I dont understand how everyone is all about how great Nats game is, when the only game I saw was her using James to get her this far in the game. Everyone hates James believe me I’m sick of hearing it but yet I see that he also got himself this far in the game, took out Frank and played below the radar, thus getting less Blood on his hands, to keep them all from gunning for him.

      • James did admit to Paulie that the advice Derrick gave him was to win as few comps as possible and lay low.. Evidently James heeded Derricks advice but Paulie did not..

      • me, too, what you said plus James tries to remind people “this is a game, people” and get them to play and be less intense. Also, James is quiet sometimes … good thinking.

      • Thats what I see. I think scumbag Paulie wanted to rattle James cage to get him to swing at him, thus losing the game for James and having Nat all to himself to tear down on his way out the door.

      • Ive always liked James, and since he is still playing I have to say what he has done has worked for him.

      • To each his own “opinion wise” as to what constitutes a HG that is really playing the game…It all depends on where a person (HG) applies his skills or attributes ..Social game comp wins and strategy ploys.. A person seldom survives the BB house without 1 or more of the things I mentioned..

      • I would say that Vic probably is an intelligent man. He has rubbed me the wrong a few times, but so has every single person in that house. He’s more serious and doesn’t enjoy being pulled into all of the BS. Paul is his little social butterfly and Vic is Paul’s calm, centered, sounding board. They compliment each other. It’s entertaining.

      • The looks on Vic’s and Paul’s faces when Paulie was bashing Nat were priceless! It shows that they know right from wrong and have at least a little respect for women! It made me like them more.

  7. I couldn’t agree more that those RT cards should be opened except for the two knobs errrr noms lol.

    It would make for some very exciting feeds! How could it not?

  8. They said care pkg be delivered Sunday. How can you be co hoh and get to make one of the nomination when noms are Friday but acp isn’t till sunday

  9. Wow! Paulie has stooped low enough to say that his money is to help his dying aunt with cancer. That came out of the playbook of Matt (I forget which season) who said his wife was dying and it was all a lie to get sympathy. Paulie is so pathetic. He will do anything to win and frankly, he needs a good dose of humble pie. So get back in the kitchen, Paulie, and make those apple pies for the rest of the week!

  10. I hope the RT ticket evolves next season into a Hidden veto (like the hidden immunity idol in survivor) where the person who finds it can use it after people have voted to evict and if they have the most votes they can bounce those votes back onto someone else and eliminate them instead.

  11. Do not really understand the fuss over opening the cards except, for Corey and Paulie. That said, what would one gain from opening all the others out?
    If one of the others have it, it will only confirm 100% that Paulie is not coming back. On the other hand, if none of the others have the return ticket then, you know that either Corey or Paulie has the return ticket and would that not just create more anxiety that Paulie can come back and go after them if he wins HOH? Seems like much ado over nothing. Whatever is written on the ticket is written on the ticket whether one opens it now or not!

    • If none of the other 6 have it then that would make them reconsider using veto. Just think if you know to people capable of winning comps are your noms and 100% one is coming back you would switch the nominations right?

    • The reason people want them to open them is because it would make for some extremely interesting feeds, and if one of the nominees has it then some strategies might even be changed up. Point is, these tickets, if confirmed that Paulie or Corey has it, could really shake the game in a way we’ve never seen before. If they do open them up, live feeds would be more interesting this week than nearly all other weeks combined. If they know that Paulie or Corey has it, they might even get a twisted idea and decide to send Corey packing to prevent a Paulie return. Paulie’s a savvy player, as awful as he’s been recently. He could sway some major stuff if he or Corey is confirmed to have the ticket.

      • That’s why I would dig deep for a clever way to get Paulie in some kind of uproar to open HIS – only way being for Paulie to somehow get arrogant and obstinate and out of control enough to prove he wants to leave – “I don’t want your effing RT BB ! Watch this! – thar she rips! V O I D. I know farfetched, but fun thinking about it.

      • Me, too, cause I’m a mean girl! Don’t think production will allow it though and apparently they have their ways. Like hand-picking the audience and paying them, I guess.

      • Too cute:) Thats right production pay the audience to sit quiet, after all we dont need to see him have to bring half of Jersey up here to kick the audience ass

      • Mischeivious, witty, and sarcastic, for sure…..mean… haha, nah, but I’m sure one person would agree with you. lololol

      • You are so effing cute! I love you today and always you big softie. And there might be two … at least. lol

      • Production won’t allow another booing session – they learned that lesson when Aaryn Gries was evicted. They fill the audience with employees and family members, and I think once even pre-recorded it.

      • Well I think they set it up and showed the booing because a lot of people only watch show. She deserved every boo she got. Mommy and daddy got her a PR guy, so I’m sure she learned nothing

      • Oh, that’s right .. no matter what the audience does, it can be “canned” even when it’s “live”.

      • Thanks, kind Sara and I do know my mind enough to try to know what I don’t know and shut up once in a while and listen.

      • Yes sometimes that is the hard part, I was hyper most of my life so shut up and listen was low on my list. Now that I’m on blood pressure meds I’m a lot easyer to be around, even to myself

      • I try to always believe that relief (or even something better) might be around the corner… just keep walking. Glad you got there.

      • That reminds me — what was the deal about Paulie blaming his crying stint on a butterfly?? Maybe I have this wrong, but I thought I heard Nat say that Paulie told her he only cried because when he was little, somebody told him if a butterfly comes near you or lands on you, it is a bad omen or some kind of evil thing or something and that since then everytime he sees a butterfly, it makes him cry. Now, I might not be remembering this verbatim but I thought that was the gist of it … anyone else can straighten me out here? He comes up with some real whoppers to explain his behaviors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s totally beyond me.

      • I don’t know that it was a bad omen, I think he said it’s somebody’s spirit trying to communicate with you.

      • The HG’s need to take turns whispering things in Paulies’s ear that will get him all worked up as he is exiting the house. That wouldn’t be hard to do. For instance, Natalie could say:
        “I hope the audience is full of Jersey girls”.lololol

      • OOOOOHHH I take u didn’t hear what evil deeds Victor James and Paul might have in store for Paulie.. I did not catch the entire plan/conversation ..But they gonna let Michelle put the “lie” out there that Corey is going to be voted out.. I did not catch any details or if they decided to go through with it on…maybe we will know after the VETO meeting…

      • I hope they don’t try to get too clever, something is bound to get screwed up, however, they get pretty much credit for how they have been handling all this.

      • Paul came up with that idea to screw with Corey’s mind. The funny part was James response when Paul asked him how they should get it out to Corey. James, “oh that’s easy, just tell Michelle”…

      • I agree .. he got lucky for a while and then ruined his own self by telling too many stories to too many people and not respecting that they all had brains to figure it out.

  12. Do we not remember the Friday episode? If Paulie does not have the Round Trip Ticket card then Grodner said there would be a jury buyback by on Friday.
    By the way, I remember the envelopes should be numbered. Does anyone know the number on the envelope each HG has? I’m thinking whoever has ticket #8 holds the Round Trip Ticket, because it’s BB18

  13. It really don’t matter if Paulie has the RT cause even if he goes back in house he would have to win HOH or POV more than once to survive . And the remaining HGs are simply gonna squash whatever he does…If he gets HOH all he will be able to do is nominate,.. There will be no more “vote how Paulie says” those days are over…If I were Paulie and considered my options I would not want the RT ..

      • I hope its the last 2/1 evicted. Soon Julie is going to be saying. “I’m pleased to tell you this is a non elimination week”.

      • YES! I’d like to see Brigde come back. I really like her. Of all the people left in the house right now, I’m not too crazy about any of them. I like Vic and Paul because they pulled off bulldozing ‘Paulie The House.’ Other than that, I’m on the fence…

      • I’d like to see Da back too. Out of who there is anyway. And I’d like to see her “stop talking” sao she might get somewhere in the game. I wouldent hand her the win, but I”d just like to see her back in.

      • If Paulie doesn’t have the RT then jury buyback(he has a 1 in 8 chance, so I’d say pretty much confirmed at this point).
        If Paulie holds the RT ticket we don’t know what will happen with the Friday episode.

      • I did not hear “jury buy back” said…I heard there was to be a special or extra episode on Friday but no reason was given

      • I also have that feeling if P doesn’t have RT ..I noticed on live feeds or read it here that they were talking why is table still set for 9. Imagine , it was Corey who noticed . Shocker that he paid attention . They were just saying how weird it was that still @ 9. It makes me think that there is def a HG returning .

    • Maybe it will just be a season highlight (or lowlight) reel, clips from jury watching episodes and maybe some clips from the family. Why would they have a battle-back, RT, and a Jury Back???

      • First, the clips episode is normally at the very end of the season – basically, the week of the Finale. Gives them time to gather & edit the footage from the whole season. Second, the RT isn’t guaranteed. If the person who leaves this Thursday doesn’t have it, that twist is over. Which brings us to the jury “buyback” (not sure why it’s called that, but that’s what the HGs always call it) – If the RT Ticket doesn’t come out on Thursday, they need to send someone back into the house for timing purposes. There are currently 8 Houseguests left and Finale is Sept. 21. If Production wants to do another Double Eviction (which they LOVE to do because drama!), they would HAVE to bring another player into the house at some point.

      • Who is sitting in the jury house right now? Davonne and Bridgitte? Anyone else? Who am I forgetting?

      • Duh! I have already forgotten her. Maybe Z is one of the reasons Paulie is so opposed to going to the jury house. Maybe it is all about not wanting to be with her for five weeks …. or whatever it is.

      • Lol…hit the nail on the head, Soph!
        Why haven’t we heard anything about a jury buy back or anything like that? Usually we get a heads up from Jules.

      • Zakiyah. And Paulie would be headed there as of Thursday. That gives them 4 to have another comp.

      • If they have planned a jury buyback for Friday, then they already know the Paulie doesn’t have the RT card. Either that, or they are prepared to bring two people back, if he does have it.

      • I honestly think that Grodner is just covering her bases. If Paulie *does* have the RT ticket & goes back in, they can run a clips episode – possibly going further into what exactly happened last week so that the tv-only watchers have more information about the blow-up. If Paulie *doesn’t* have the RT ticket, they go with the buyback comp & send the winner back into the house then.

  14. Victor is, of course, doing the right thing for the house and his game right now. And, as for Paulie using a sick relative to fuel his attempt to get back in power in the house, that’s about as despicable as anything I’ve ever seen on BB. That is seriously, disgustingly low. Even if he does have a dying aunt (I guess there’s an outside chance), I doubt any money he might win would go to her. He’s already said he has a NYC apartment to furnish.

  15. So how does the RT ticket work? If one person opens theirs does that void all of them, or just that individual’s?

  16. No way would production let them open their cards. They’re not going to let it spoil the results on the live eviction show. I’m sure production would tell them they would lose part of their stipen or receive a penalty.

    • I don’t know how they could stop them. As far as I know, they have no incentive to not open them and the only punishment announced was that they would be voided. I’m sure if production simply requests that they not do it, the Hgs would most likely abide by that request. Where is a rebel when you need one? lol

      • I could definitely be wrong, but I thought Julie said that if ANY of the tickets were opened inside the BB house, then ALL tickets were null & void? If that’s the case, why wouldn’t Paul, Victor, Nat, James, or Michelle open theirs? If one opened ticket voided all of them, it wouldn’t matter if Paulie DID have the RT one because it would be nullified by even *one* of the others opening theirs.

        On the other hand, if I’m wrong and any opened ticket is the ONLY one voided by being opened, then why wouldn’t they want to know if they were going to vote Paulie out only to see him come back into the house? It might alter strategy for the week and cause drama on the feeds.

      • I don’t know if the HGs have even thought about it or discussed it among themselves. But yes, this has been a topic on the threads for a couple of days. idk

      • Obviously, we only see 2 cams at a time on feeds, so even if they have discussed it among themselves, we might not know about it. A case of Production trying to maintain a little mystery, perhaps? Ha ha

    • I don’t think Paulie really cares anymore…he’s just given up because he’s used to being the Alpha Male. Doesn’t get his way? Doesn’t play. Period. Have a feeling that’s how he’s been his entire life. Waay too many ‘Atta boys’ for that spoiled little BRAT.

      • I agree. Things don’t go his way so he doesn’t want to play anymore. Wah, wah. Last night Corey really gave it to him. He told him to suck it up that he knew this was a game coming in and start having some fun. He told him his family is not going to be very proud of him. I give Corey a lot of credit for telling him like it is.

      • That’s good to hear. I’m glad Corey said something to him…obviously though, he didn’t take it ALL to heart. But…he did at least make some pies. I am so sick of that baby…from his rabid disregard for women to his lack of sportsmanship…I wish he’d just leave now. Show everyone his ‘true’ true colors.

  17. And Good Morning HGs. Awaken to another day of Paulie’s whining and begging to change the noms, starting with Paul. We’ll see what changes he makes to his tactics after the veto ceremony.

    • He hasn’t even brushed his teeth and tongue yet before begging Paul about talking to Victor this morning. When Victor has already told him he’s not changing noms. Can’t even see he’s shooting himself in the foot the more he talks.

    • They’re going to need all the patience in the world to deal with him the rest of the week! Idk how they’re doin it!

  18. Here is my dream scenario: Paulie continues to disgrace himself by weaseling out of playing the game fairly and being the epitome of a sore loser, and goes through with his threat to self-evict. On the flight back home to New Jersey (where he would find that everyone now hates him, due to his insulting and demeaning comments), he opens up his BB Airlines envelope and finds the round trip ticket… too late! And then the plane crashes. Okay, the plane crash part is overkill — I certainly wouldn’t want anyone else to get hurt. But I really want this kid to feel the repurcussions of being such a genuine scumbag.

      • Interesting theory, but… no. I just don’t like people who use a position of power to menace other people and then expect people to feel sorry for them when the tide turns. He was a real dick when he was on top of his game. Now? Waaaaahh! It also says a lot about his character that he’s comfortable insulting all of the women in his home state. And before you ask, no, I’m not from New Jersey either.

  19. I dont want Paulie to go and hope he has the round trip ticket. The reason being is that once he is out.. the rest of the season is pretty much bland… we know who keeps winning and running the house.. I would rather have all the extra to keep the season going!

  20. Vic got called to DR, then as soon as Vic comes out, Paulie gets called to DR right before ceremony. My mind is working overtime here.

    • Hopefully they are not making Victor use the veto. If they are, then I hope that Victor tells the viewers during the feeds.

      • That would no longer be manipulation that would indeed be blatant interference and I would hope it wouldn’t go that far. Maybe they asked Vic what he is going to do and thought it necessary to give Paulie an indirect heads up to get a reaction and let it soak in a little. idk

      • But it would be interesting if they called both V and P into the DR because production plans to pull P for not living up to his contractual obligations. If he truly is refusing to do jury time, perhaps they are just going to pull him and avoid the whole elimination thing all together. Or, maybe it is just coincidence. Was Corey called in after those two? Could just be running through the HOH and noms for DR.

      • Could be total coincidence indeed. I was reading Jokers so I am only aware of what their posts relate. To my knowledge, Corey was not called in afterwards. Went straight to fish. Lots of possibilities. That’s why my mind was working overtime. :)

      • Please let it be contractual obligations. Puh-lease! Seriously…I know I’m harping on this. I’m just sick of that cry-baby not getting his own way. If he’s not winning, he doesn’t want to play. What is he, 6? Man, can you imagine the competition between him and Cody? I feel bad for Cody. Cody seems like a totally stand-up guy to me. Big brother Paulie seems to be the Golden Boy (not on in the BB house) but in HIS familial house as well.

      • I honestly don’t care how he goes as long as he goes. And Corey needs to be next in line, smiling and clapping along with Paulie. I wish Nic had been in there to see her boo act like the #2 douche he is. I’d also like to have seen if she would have been so low as to have cracked a little smile, too.

      • I hate to say this K, but it wouldn’t surprise me if THIS Nic would have cracked a smile. She’s not the darling that I loved in her season. Yeah, she’s daffy and I’d never want her as my nurse–but she seemed KIND….I don’t get that from her now. She’s so up into Corey’s grill (and tailpipe) that she’s confused from the exhaust fumes. I don’t like one thing she’s doing. Can’t quite put my finger on it. She SEEMS nice. But, I’m not trusting her…not as a game player, or as a person. That saddens me.

      • I was pretty surprised to see Corey clapping along with Paulie. Maybe I shouldn’t have been. He just never struck me as having much personality at all, let alone a total douche bag personality. Maybe production call pull Paulie and let the HGs evict Corey on Thursday. Done and done. I know that would never happen, but one can dream.

      • I was all for Nic returning this season, happy to see her. But she has been a major disappointment. She knows that Paulie is being a complete jerk. She stood by him and would still be standing by him if he was still in power. He likes her because she knows her place.

      • Could Nic be acting this way because of Corey? She doesn’t seem too smart this time around.

      • She could be Lisa. Maybe it would be a positive thing in the real world but in the BB house, I don’t think her showmance has done her any favors overall.

      • I read that again to see what you were laughing about. The mail woman came to my door when I started replying to Sharona’s post and I completely forgot. She definitely has a way with words. Hear me Shashasha ? lolol

      • You know, I really, really, really don’t want to believe that Production does crap like that…BUT after watching “Unreal,” a GREAT TV show about reality TV, it wouldn’t surprise me. It sickens me, but it wouldn’t surprise me.
        On the other hand, WHY would they go to so much trouble to keep that poor sport in the game? That’s what I can’t figure out. Forget everything else he’s done. Let’s focus on the last 3 days. WHY would they want that cry-baby-I’m-not-winning-anymore-so-I’m-not-making-pies-or-waving-my-flag-f-you-all BRAT back?!

      • I really wanted too see him wave the flag. Funny watching him prepare a pie while everyone else was sleeping.

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