Big Brother 18: Veto Meeting Plans – Week 3

Later today the Big Brother 18 Houseguests will gather for the Veto Ceremony and we know what to expect for the results and this week’s final nominees.

Bridgette overwhelmed by decisions on Big Brother 18

There have been plenty of talks since Saturday’s Veto comp left us with the winner and little uncertainty as to what would happen next. Here’s what’s coming up.

Bridgette controlled the noms and now she’ll decide whether or not to keep them them same thanks to her PoV win. She sent Paul and Tiffany to the Block then later suggested she didn’t want a girl to go this week. Well, here’s her chance to save Tiffany. But she won’t.

Bridgette won’t change the noms. She’s planning to leave Tiffany in place and it’s largely due to Bronte being on the Block. If Tiffany came down then Bronte would be in danger and Bridgette won’t take that risk. Leaving Tiff in place keeps the big target on her and the spotlight off Bronte, her Powerpuff ally.

There was some talk on Saturday night about saving Bronte, the Roadkill nom, but then Bridgette wouldn’t have control over the renom and they anticipated Natalie going up. (Yes, that’s Franks’s renom plan if needed.) Natalie promised she wouldn’t be upset at Bridgette, but Bronte said she’s okay staying on the Block.

In an interesting discussion Sunday night, Nicole mentioned maybe they should keep Tiffany and vote out Bronte. Since Bronte has been discussed for awhile as a target she wouldn’t be the worst alternative for them. This makes the decision to leave Bronte up on the Block instead of putting Natalie at risk an unfortunate choice by Bridgette. I’d argue the other HGs would be less enticed to get out Natalie than Tiffany if their goal is to eliminate a threat. Powerpuff would be in less danger if Bridgette did use the Veto on Bronte and Frank renom’d Natalie. I don’t think that’ll happen though.

Tiffany won’t be surprised by the decision either. She received multiple warnings on Sunday evening that Bridgette was planning to decline to use the PoV. Tiffany also seems to have figured out during the Veto comp that she was this week’s target. Day thinks Tiff knows her time is up.

We’ll have the Veto spoilers as soon as the meeting is over. If you want to get an alert when we have the formal results then grab our Big Brother App and stay connected to find out what’s happening throughout the week right when it happens. You can also join us on Facebook & Twitter.

What do you think of Bridgette’s plans for the Veto? Should she use it or is letting Tiffany be evicted a better strategy?


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  1. Just sad that Bridgette is playing Frank’s game! Her cuddling up to him last night and her drunk giggles were close to making me vomit! So glad I had feeds to watch what was going on elsewhere because BBAD filmed more of this than I could stomach and I had to FF through a lot of it! All Frank did was talk game and didn’t react much to her pressing up against him. LOLOL

    • Joni glad to see someone else remembers the partly line. Us kids sure had fun when the parents were not home.

    • Michelle was so hilarious last night on BBAD after drinking a few beers too many. She does have a personality after all.
      A tipsy Bridgette was really wanting to cuddle with Frank in the HOH bed but I don’t think he even noticed.

  2. I’m surprised the girls aren’t even considering voting out Paul since Tiffany has expressed more interest in working with them, and they’d maintain more of a female majority. I get that the ghost of Vanessa is haunting Tiff with the vets, but did these new girls even watch Vanessa play?

    • Tiff is only interested in saving her ass, and the only way to do that is suck up to the girls. She’d turn around and stab every one of them in the back in a heartbeat if it would help her game.

      • I think Paul would do the same thing, to be honest. I think Paul was loyal to his original pack but doesn’t actually trust anyone now. Neither of them are trustworthy at this point, but there’s a slightly higher percentage with Tiffany. Just my opinion! Could be wrong.

  3. I think this is the season where you’re better off just listening, because everything they talked about is revealed to anybody around. It’s ridiculous!

    • I’m having a difficult time trying to discern who each HG is serious about wanting to nom, evict, and align with. They are all so fickle.

      • It’s amazing that all this talk hasn’t gotten back to Frank yet; I was so afraid the DR might clue him in to his real situation.

      • I’m anxious to see what the comp is. Since Bridgette can’t play and his team mates aren’t planning on trying to win , I wonder if the comp will be one that has “adapted” to that scenario.

      • Hehehe, I see we think alike. What if Bronte wins and takes herself down and Frank nominates Day next – wonder if they could get the votes. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Nat go up in her place and get her out of there before she does any more damage to James.
        Watching the show last night I saw that Day started the whole fiasco with Frank by calling him the D word. Someone said that Day was just mad because she didn’t get way with the get out Frank plan.

      • Frank seems to be unpredictable at times. I don’t think Bridgette plans to use the veto, but we’ll know very soon since speculation is, it might be going on as I’m posting this.

    • I’m currently upset with Paulie and James for running their mouths too much although I’m sure I’ll get over it in a few days. Definitely a good strategy to keep quiet and avoid saying the wrong thing.

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