It’s Week 5 in the Big Brother 18 house and tensions are high and Victor is back, so that means we can expect a lot of good and ridiculous quotes this week.


Nicole has been the star of the week with the countless times she’s promised Corey that she’s “not meeeaaaaduhh” at him. But she’s really been mad at him about 100 times. And when she’s telling him that she’s not mad at him, she’s asking him if he’s mad at her. They’re that couple you never want to hang out with because they’re going to end up off in a corner somewhere fighting all night because one or both are insecure.

I’m so glad Victor is back because I had to actually choose from a number of his quotes to use already. It’s only been like three days! My favorite was “Once everyone goes to sleep, nothing can happen then.” Well if you don’t say! Houseguests could’ve been using that strategy all along.

Another Victor quote that almost made it in was when he asked Corey if he could feel his wiener on his side and Corey excitedly said yes. I’ll leave #NotGayCorey alone this week.

And now it’s time for #ThingsNatalieSays. She says a lot of good things and they’re especially good out of context, so I’m not even going to explain to whom and why she said “If someone bought me a sloth, I would be so happy.”

And finally, possibly the quote of the week despite how simple it is goes to Paulie. “It’ll look fine. I promise,” he told people of his haircut from Paul. Oh Paulie, you’re breaking another promise in the Big Brother house because there’s nothing fine about that haircut. It looks good on Paul, but not on you, buddy. He really is his brother’s brother. Who can forget that awful haircut Cody got during season 16?

What have been your favorite quotes of the week?

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They Said What?? Week 5 of BB18


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