Big Brother Over The Top Rumors: New Season This Fall – Update: CBS Confirms

Big Brother 2016 fall season may be arriving sooner than we expected according to a report from Reality Blurred suggesting CBS is actively casting for Big Brother with plans to debut the next season this fall.

Update: Confirmed. BBOTT will air online this fall. Only online through All Access.

Everybody Loves Julie Chen - BB18 promo

With the current season of Big Brother 18 set for a September 21, 2016 season finale a new season in the fall would leave little time to change gears before the arrival of a new set of Houseguests, but maybe it could be done.

Reality Blurred (RB) reports, “A person close to the casting process told me the show is casting now and will air mid-September, after this season concludes. No other details were available.” A mid-Sept debut sounds very strange considering there’d be a near overlap of the seasons, so what’s going on?

RB cites a Twitter account that just started putting out cattle calls for potential Houseguests, but he doesn’t appear to be connected to Kassting Inc which has handled Big Brother casting for nearly the entire series. No details in those calls though for a deadline or when they’d need to be available.

We’ve only ever seen one season of Big Brother outside of its usual routine back during BB9 when the show was brought in to gap fill for the writers’ strike. What about when CBS already has a full schedule? They’ve already got every night of the week full including Survivor 2016 starting on BB18’s finale night.

So what if they take Big Brother off the CBS stage for a non-summer installment? Maybe they’ll have it on CBS All Access which is already getting its own show with the new Star Trek series. Or maybe POP will host the fall series. I suppose there are non-center stages that could work.

There are so many questions that give me pause to the rumor of a Big Brother 19 season this fall. If the report had a winter season starting up after the new year with enough time to get a new house going and viewers rested and ready then it’d seem more plausible. But, maybe this is legit and we’ll be waiting 6 straight months of Big Brother. Someone save me!

Update: I contacted CBS Interactive, the team who runs CBS All Access, and asked if they had plans for a fall season of BB possibly exclusively on All Access. The response I received was that they didn’t have an answer. Well, that wasn’t a flat out no or denial so who knows.

What do you think? Will Big Brother 19 arrive this fall or will we be back on our normal schedule next summer instead? Share your thoughts below.

Source: Reality Blurred



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      • On their website under Now Casting, Big Brother was listed this morning. It’s changed now.

      • I went to the actual site that casts for BB called Kassting, Inc. No mention of casting for the USA.

      • I did see they’re accepting applications, maybe just in case they get contracted, which is yet to be determined. I rely mostly on the company that does the casting than I do with speculative plans. CBS has been known to cancel shows on the sly. LOL

  1. With this flop of a season they need a new cast and season sooner than next year, bring on BB FALL!!! I would love to see a season with all AFP winners, but replace James with Johnny Mac since he totally should have won that title anyway.

  2. Great. I don’t watch too much tv shows right now, but for some unknown reason that I really addicted to bb shows. I say yes to bb in fall.

  3. When it’s good – I want another season. But if they do, I sincerely hope they cast it (not recruit it so much) with players – gamers! I hope they do not cast for showmances – I loathe them.

    “Expect the Unexpected” and cast all gamers – as an experiment in the fall – with no showmances considered or urged/suggested to them. While I don’t favor recruits, I would not mind one or two gazelles to cast away while the gamers scope each other out the first couple of weeks. Sometimes recruits work out better than expected.

    Maybe even cast some 40+ yr olds who are in great shape but more than one or two so they have a good chance, too, and won’t necessarily get picked off just for their age. I know that’s not so easy to find people at that age who can afford to take off work for 3 months but try.

    Definitely cast a wider net – no connections to each other or previous players. No one who really knows Derrick, no one who dated Paulie’s friend, etc.

    • Id be happy with one non stereotypical gay man …and enough with the aspiring models and actors who have no knowledge of the game and just want to be on TV (Like delusional Jozea who already was planning his new job interviewing celebrities on the CBS Red Carpet)

      • I thought it was just me who was tired of seeing the stereotypical gay man. I suppose CBS is worried that if they put a more masculine gay guy on the show, people will think that he is straight and be upset that there is no LGBT representation in the cast. As for the actors and models, CBS is banking on people to watch the show only when there are so called “beautiful people” on the show. I know what you mean, shake things up about and stop having the same cookie cutter cast ever season..

    • Oh wow, I love your ideas for the show especially having some 40+ yr olds that are in good shape. Poor Glen was not in shape enough to compete with the younger cast. I do agree, It would be hard to get the 40+ cast because they do have jobs and families and are not able to leave for a 3 month time frame. Yes CBS should at least try though.

    • I love this. Bring people in who actually know how to play the game + fans of the show. And no relatives! Elissa was good but it’s becoming too much of a trend

  4. Let’s see how the CBS have placed its chess pieces for the upcoming regular season: As per usual, three shows will occupy three of BB’s slots across the week for the fall, including Survivor.

    I don’t see how the network would commit to having those same slots opened up for a fall/winter run unless CBS will either cancel low-rated programs in the schedule by December or not cut the episode orders from a couple of CBS shows instead of the standard 22-24 episode run.

    Even if CBS does that, we would still have to wait until winter for a second run of BB to happen. Another concern is they will have three reality shows airing within the same schedule is difficult enough to keep (TAR is being benched for midseason).

    • It’s also an election year in November, so I hardly see how they can fit anything into what they already have slated for too!

    • Someone on Twitter just said that they received an email confirming that BB19 will ONLY air online.

  5. Would love it!! Maybe we can have actual ppl who WANT TO PLAY!! ENOUGH of the vets and mindless children who have not been fans. Quite pulling ppl off the streets and sacrificing the REAL FANS that want and have requested to play!!

  6. I hope they learn how to pick better, more interesting and decent players. Doesn’t matter if it airs in the fall or the summer. They sure dropped the ball with BB 18 as far houseguests go.

  7. As much as I’d love another season, I don’t buy this. Just too many things feel off.

    • I agree, something does seem off about airing BB19 in the fall. Unless Big Brother U.S. is about to be canceled and CBS wants to do a Big Brother 20 All-Star for the series finale in 2017 or 2018.

  8. Wouldn’t work after the new year, it would clash with BB Canada. Global is the network that present both.

  9. Seems confusing because the company that usually does the casting is Robyn Kass whose twitter account is actively recruiting for the upcoming Big Brother Canada season. This twitter account referenced for an Adam Cook tags his casting notice with #BB18. Something seems fishy here. Is the only source for a story about BB19 in the fall that some guy posted a tweet that doesn’t even say BB19? I guess technically i could see them doing something on the CBS app since thats what Feedsters have to pay for anyway. T here doesn’t seem room on the CBS schedule for a 3 times a week reality show , and it wouldn’t make sense to have a Fall Season weeks after S18 ends in September.

  10. I would like another season if it’s on regular TV. Our cable doesn’t have Pop so we don’t see Big Brother After Dark. Of I can’t watch BB on regular TV, I’ll stop watching it. I don’t want to watch a computer screen all the time. Oh well, back to old movies.r

  11. BB19 may very well be the last one ever if they don’t figure out how to CAST -actual- players.

    • Having Julie Chen as the host will give BB longevity being that her hubby is Les Moonves.

      • Another thing that gives BB longevity is the fact that it consistently is the number #1 rated program of the night and CBS can literally air nothing three times a week that would get as high of numbers as BB

      • Big Brother is definitely a powerhouse during the summer…. I don’t know if it could hold out during the fall though. Survivor’s ratings are better than BB’s so I wonder if that would hurt the show? (I know this is a BB chat but wow I was so upset that Aubry didn’t win Kaoh Rong LOL)

  12. Someone on Twitter just said that they received an email confirming that BB19 will ONLY air online. If this is true this would explain how CBS will be able to fit BB19 on the fall schedule.

  13. If cbs does this and puts it on cabe they lose a lot of viewers that been watching since day one. Don’t have cable TV.

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