Big Brother 18: They Said What? Week 4

It’s been quite the week in the Big Brother 18 house. Tensions flared, alliances crumbled, blindsides were made and showmances cracked. So that means we’ve got plenty of ridiculous things that the HGs said this week to look back on.


We’ve got double shot of Nicole this week because she’s been having some of her most ridiculous moments ever in the Big Brother house. Not only is she playing the exact game she played last time, she’s in deeper than last time. After claiming she was not going to make the same mistake she did with Hayden, the girl is in tears over Corey simply because he was in a bad mood and did make eyes at her.

Better yet is her paranoia. She has even compared Michelle to Christine from her season, saying she has glasses and they both wear bracelets (I kid you not).  “What if she’s secretly playing for Christine to get me back,” she said to Corey.

Speaking of throwing away your game for a guy, we’ve got the Cabbage Patch Kid herself Bridgette who is still under Frank’s spell. “The women in the house sort of made me feel I was hanging out with a guy that belittles women,” Bridgette told Frank. And just to be clear, Frank has called Day a slut, called Zakiyah a hussy, has made fun of Nicole’s and Zakiyah’s weight and slapped Day on her butt.

Next up is Tiffany, who has said a lot of interesting things this week. She does need to work on some of her cliches, but it’s fun to see her finally letting loose on the HGs who have been against her all season, like Paulie, whom she says needs to “Calm his little nipples.”

And finally, we’ve got Paulie, who is a mixture of Derrick and Cody, without Derrick’s finesse. “Frank, I’m coming after you because you know what? I was bred for this shi*t and don’t do that fake-ass wrestling your daddy did ..” Paulie says in a practice speech he’ll never give (that’s the part of him that’s like Cody).

What are some of the ridiculous things you heard the HGs say recently?

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They Said What? Week 4 of BB18


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  1. I’m really ashamed of Nicole right now. She’s playing the exact same game from 16.. smh…

    • She’s rather besotted with Corey, so much so that he can’t even be in a bad mood without her thinking it’s all about her. She misreads everything he says and has absolutely NO sense of humor when he teases her. I don’t think Corey will keep her around for long once they’re back to the real world.

      • Right! After the show is over I think he is done! Right now he is ok w/playing w/her pie hole and for her to keep thinking for him to let her go this early!

    • Fake Snake Nicole…that’s what I call her. At least with Day, you know what you’re getting, upfront and right in your face. That damn Nicole is a sneaky whiny crazy paranoid cry-baby.

      • And Da is much smarter imo. I don’t think Da would ever let a guy get to her like Nicole, Nat and the Cabbage Patch Doll do. Not sure about Z and the Paulie thing. I haven’t personally watched their interactions to know if one is playing the other.

      • I think DAY is playing the same game she played last year. The only difference is, this years player’s for the most part hasn’t seen it yet or refuses to see it.

      • Fair enough. I really didn’t like her last season, but I do this season. Can’t put my finger on it….but for whatever reason I like her this year.

      • I always root for the underdog and I strongly feel Day and Tiffany have been the underdogs in the house and on this board since the 1st day or day 3 when Nicole started going around telling the other houseguests she doesn’t trust Day.

      • Da is getting caught up in her lies each minute! Her true colors is starting to show these last 24 hours! She acts an a**! I hope Da leaves very soon!

      • I need to go back and watch what happened because I honestly don’t remember her lying to Frank about Tiffany. Frank and Tiffany were already sparring back and forth about the way Frank talked to her. We all know the minute you piss Frank off, he wants you out the house.

      • No, she started all the lies that Tiff suppose to had said about Frank…she wanted him gone, she was coming after him! Remember the blow up after they saved Tiff and Tiff came to Frank and asked why he was gunning for her so hard? It all came out w/Frank and Da arguing about the lies she told Frank which started the Frank and Tiff riff. Well now everyone knows and Frank and Tiff is now in an alliance, Paulie found out the lies or secrets she was saying about him, Corey found out she wanted him out, Nicole found out she wanted to break up her and Corey which Nicole never trusted her anyway! Everything is now on Da. Of course, Paulie even said everyone is saying the same thing of what Da is saying and after Tiff she is gone!

      • Da is mad now bcz Tiff and Frank has put 2 and 2 together, then other sh*t start rolling down hill that she has suppose to have said and done!

      • Well, I don’t really believe a word that come out of Frank mouth. He’s been doing a lot of lying too!! Don’t remember Day lying on Paulie, but she has told and hinted to a few people about breaking up the showmances. Which is the same thing I would do, except I wouldn’t go around telling people. Nicole only motive for wanting Day out the house is to protect Corey, who everyone know is only using her. I keep reading where everyone is saying Day and all her lies when she’s not lying anymore than the others in the house.

      • Well everyone put 2 and 2 together and now Da is caught! Da was the first of starting all the lies and now everything is downhill. Da is on the block because of this, she is just caught! People the sat down and compared notes and everything pointed back to back w/Da.

      • The only thing she’s been caught doing is talking too much and spilling the beans about the 5 person alliance. But, oh well, she’s OTB and now we will see if she can escape eviction on Thursday.

      • Yea frank knew EVERYTHING Tiffany said to day too which tiff was like how would he know that unless day told him.. Day made the mistake of going to EVERYONE and saying “final 2?” She tried to get in close with EVERYONE and it blew up in her face.. Don’t like her.. She’s immature.

      • You have to go back to when her and Tiff was close, she would run and tell Frank all kind of lies about Tiff, she kept Tiff close so she would know her every move and hope Frank would get her out and that Tiff would never figure it out! She had that much hate for Van, that she stared setting Tiff up. After the vote eveything came to light! Da is now in the houz running around acting nice to get votes, it’s hilarious!

      • Everyone lies, that is part of BB. I hate when people say this….it’s part of the game. I’d like to know, who hasn’t lied……

      • All of them lie, but Da is starting to get a little physical and that’s a no no! The houz is now turning on Da bcz she has told lies and she don’t know how to wrap up her loose ends! She is the one they are pointing fingers at of being a sh*t stirrer! Frank and Tiff, Paulie and the alliances, Nicole and Corey showmance…..Whatever, I’m not a Da fan! They are already plotting if they don’t get her this week she is gone next week. She need to learn to play her cards right.

      • Hahaha, tiff the miffed has run to anyone and everyone that will listen to her stupid ramblings and lied. They ALL do it. It is just a matter of degrees. Lying is lying. It isn’t the quantity. How many lies are okay? Is there a BB quota for it to be okay?

      • It’s not that they mean Day is the only one lying. There’s a difference in lying to cover yourself, like denying stuff and then there’s making up lies about people or lying about things people told you and blaming other people. That’s what Day is doing which is why she’s the one getting caught now. Frank was already caught for his lies now it’s Day’s turn. Tiffany hasn’t even been able to lie about anything because no one would give her the time of day BECAUSE of Day and Frank. Nicole lies by denying, denying, denying. They each have their lies and they will all be exposed eventually. It’s just Days turn now and I can’t wait for her to be evicted.

      • Lying is lying. It doesn’t matter. One kind of lie isn’t better than the other. There isn’t context to lying, either you are or you aren’t.

      • Actually yeah one lie can be worse than another. Lying about yourself or denying something to protect yourself, fine, you’re a liar but that was all about you, had nothing to do with me. Cool. Lying about me saying I did or said something that in fact you did or said, fine, you’re still a liar but nope, now you’re bring me into your mess and making me out to be something I’m not. Not cool. See that is obviously worse than just lying about yourself because you’re bringing someone else into your lie. But again that’s just my opinion. If you wanna believe all lies are equal then so be it.

      • I like the underdogs too, but I can’t with tiff the miffed. After last season with Crynessa, nope, not gonna happen. She is exactly like her sister and I don’t like it. Da, yeah, I’m giving her a chance this year and I’m liking her so far.

      • Why are you people obcressed with Vanessa???, She is out of the game. Get over it !!

      • Not obsessed, just pointing out why I don’t like tiff the miffed. Just an observation and opinion.

      • The only thing Zak do is beat her face most of the morning, Lay in the bed w/Paulie most of the evening, take her makeup back off at night, lay in the bed w/Paulie. Rinse and Repeat! She too busy laying it low and trying to bust it wide open!

      • LOLOLOL She seems very useless. She kind of mimics what people are saying around her.

      • She is useless, and whoever hired her needs to be fired ASAP! Their are a bunch of people that would love to play this game and put in apps and this is the best that they come up with is Zak? This girl can not win or stay in a comp past go! #imdone

      • But at least she cooks and cleans although I think she’s only doing it to “impress” paulie

      • That girl is immature and mean, jealousy is a b*tch too!! Wow, how she is everytime Paulie talks to Gnat, she needs to chill out with that!

    • Not only is she playing the same exact game, it has been kicked up a couple of notches. She was much more coy with Hayden on her season. She never let him get to her like this, or at least she concealed it a little better. Go home Nicole, this is BB, not The Bachelor. And……I’m still not convinced Corey is 100% straight….js

      • I agree. I suspect when the fellas were doing the dance practice for Z’s birthday he was getting overly ‘excited’. I think he’s attracted to Paulie.

      • LOL I think he likes all of them with the exception of James and Paul. Him watching Frank take a shower was UBER creepy.

      • She constantly cried over Hayden, you didn’t see Hayden that much bcz he got out real early in the season. She use to always talk about Hayden and whine and then put on his hat and cry!

      • As immature as Nicole is, no one beats tiff the miffed in immaturity on this cast. The constant pouting, crying, covering her face, laying in her bed away from the others for hours at a time. She is worse than my 14 yr old with the teenage angst. She needs to grow up and put her big girl panties on.

    • Nicole hasn’t bothered me for the most part, up to now, except for the whiny voice, can’t stand it. But the clingy, needy, weepy display she put on last night was it for me as far as I’m concerned, considering she declared she wasn’t going to be dickmatized this season. I hope they get her out soon. I can’t take much more of her sophmoric love moppings.

    • Whoaaaa, I could not believe she went way back their about Christine and batty Michelle. Nicole needs to exit left!

      • I am still defending Frank but only because the people in this house doesn’t have the guts to confront him face on. They talk really big when he is not around, confront him if your that big and bad.

      • I think a big reason, or at least the way I see it, they don’t want to put targets on themselves and have Frank come after them. They SHOULD keep their mouths shut if they are smart. They should complain in the DR imo.

      • I was referring to his supposedly alliance. They should have asked him to calm down but instead, they decided he had to go. Some alliance.

      • That’s what I don’t understand…if you have a problem with someone in your alliance, why not call them out on it. Instead, they talk about the person behind their back and then plot to get rid of them.

      • None of the misfits in that houz knows how to really play the game! They are just like the Walking Dead, no brain of their own!

      • I would be a little hesitant, just because you are in an alliance, doesn’t mean you should confront an issue, it is BB. People are flipping all the time. You need to watch what you say and who you are saying it to at ALL times. :)

      • True! I think it’s still a way to tell a person if they are in your alliance, this cast is looking for their brains as we type! Never mind, Paulie may get mad!

      • Guess it would depend on the issue. Like, I would have just asked Day after the POV comp, “are you okay, why are you so upset?” Now, everyone is speculating she was upset because she knew that she was going up as RK renom so therefore, Day told Tiffany to put Corey on the block.

      • Frank is a wild card! Right now I’m on Frank’s side bcz Paulie swears he can’t be beat by no one in the game!

    • I would bring that house down if Frank had slapped me on my butt. He is very lucky, he slapped the right one because Day had every right to slap his ass right back in the balls.

  2. I watched the ridiculous Nicole meltdown last night and OMG, she is soooo annoying! What a whiny little bitch she was, to make things worse, she sounded just like the twins last season, Cooooo-ree-uh. I was pulling my hair out. And then Corey says to her at some point in the exchange, to make sure we all knew there was a little monkey business the night before, “didn’t you like what we did last night?” I was LMBO! Her reply, yeeeeeeesss-uh. Gawd, put a fork in it Nicole. Corey, run don’t walk away from this one, she will surely be your doom in the house!

    • OMG! Can you imagine waking up to the voice every morning? This dumb girl comes in the houz again and does the same thing again! Throwing away her game over a boy! She already stated she rather have a showmance over a half a mill! I just put her on mute now when I see or hear her voice!!

  3. The four that should leave first are in no particular order. Frank, Day, Tiffany and Paulie. Both Frank and Pauli are alpha males trying to control the house. DAY and Tiffany, both are loose cannon’s that will blow up people’s games first chance they get as we have already seen.

    • The 4 I wish would leave 1st are: Natalie, James, Nicole and Z. Just because they seem more concerned with relationships than the game.

    • The 4 or 5 I seriously want out are Day, Paul, Zak/Mich and Frank! D- sh*t stirrer, P- annoying rat, Z/M- both useless in everyway and rude as hell, F- pig. Paulie would join soon after unless he gets an attitude change real quick, then I wouldn’t mind him staying. Liked him in the beginning but now he’s annoying.

  4. Paulie saying he was bred for this is almost as funny as Day thinking she can ever win BB. Paulie is ridiculous. And to add to my new found dislike of Paulie he has now crossed the line with those comments about Franks Dad. Being I was and still am a Psycho Sid Vicious Fan i am furious lol. How dare him. I know majority of wrestling nowadays is all acting which is why i haven’t watched wrestling in over 10 years now, but I know enough to know it wasn’t always like this and Psycho Sid is proof. For those who don’t know Sid suffered perhaps one of the most horrific injuries I ever witnessed in wrestling (Aside from those obvious ones such as Owen Hart may he RIP). I actually have it recorded, its gross look it up. Makes me want to shove that stupid comment paulie made up his tight lil butt. It probably isnt so tight anymore since he has his head so far up there. I cant stand him, he needs to go next.

    • I call Paulie..Mr. Ego, Mr. Dictator and Mr, Hypocrite. He is so afraid of Vanessa’ game..that he refuses to believe that Tiffany is not Vanessa. But, it’s OK for Paulie to come in as Cody’s brother who as Paulie keeps saying “tagged and clipped” people all along the way to finish in 2nd place..which was a bonehead move BTW…I really have an intense dislike for Paulie. He is on an extremely high horse right now and he needs to be knocked down a few inches.

      • I stopped like Paulie when his ego got out of control. The ony thing I wonder who has the guts to make a move on Paulie? Right now, Mr. Ego dare them to try!

      • That’s a good question. I don’t know who would put him up right now…he is in a pretty good position in the house right now. But, I really hope he does not make it to the end. He has really ticked me off with this whole comparison with Vanessa and Tiffany.

      • I hope it’s Frank that puts up Paulie, other than that there is no one, bcz when Paulie talks all his minions be on their best behavior and constantly saying hallelujah and building his ego up even more!

      • Frank doesn’t want to get his “hands dirty”. He will convince one of his girls to put him up though, unless is towards the end of the game and not many people are left.

      • Yeah the comparison thing is SUPER annoying!! I think Day might’ve put him up, Tiffany might if she stays and gets enough courage, Bridgette would only if Frank told her to. I think honestly Tiff is the only one who would really consider it because she would think to put Zakiyah AND Paulie up, but then again that sounds like something Bridgette would do too. That’s the only way Paulie would come up for them. I mean Tiff is the first one to take a crack at them whether she was told to or not she still did it.

      • Tiff the miffed is Crynessa, just a weaker version. But you are right, Paulie needs to quit playing the game with Crynessa and play in the present with the HG’s in the house right now.

      • That’s why I vote for Vanessa as America’s Favorite Player, bcz I hear her name more than the cast that’s in the houz. So Van is playing one h*ll of a game in Paulies mind!

      • I think he is just obsessed with Tiffany, but if people keep putting her off and thinking she is not a threat each week, she may even win this game. As a player, I think each person needs to get rid of the other, whomever they feel should go or they won’t be the one sitting in that possible winning chair at the end. I thought the girls may have been able to get rid of all the guys, but are too stupid to do so.

      • Context is important. If you can’t tell the difference, I’d like to see you also (as to not be hyprocritical) call every rapper that says the word “bitch” a chauvinist no matter the actual intent.

      • No when being called a slut, it doesn’t matter to me. I don’t want to be called a slut in ANY context.

      • Yeah he was wrong saying it but then again Day had just called him a douchebag, I believe is what it was. How about neither of them call each other names and it won’t be an issue. Yeah he’s an a** for his butt slapping and demeaning comments but that particular situation both were wrong. So I wouldn’t be so quick to call Day the victim in that particular situation.

      • He IS a douchebag, we don’t know if Da is a slut or not. She was stating fact.

      • Stating fact or just being rude? Since when is ok to name call? Like your reply to me on another comment “lying is lying”, well name calling is name calling. If she didn’t want to be called a slut then maybe she shouldn’t have called him a douchebag whether he is one or not. I don’t care if he’sa douchebag or if she’s a slut, they were BOTH WRONG for name calling. Simple as that.

      • Oh ok well glad that’s cleared up. Then I guess Frank was being nice by calling her a slut then. He should’ve just stated a fact also, like she did and called her what she really is, a b****…… Makes so much sense right? Smh. *eye roll*

      • Jokes are subjective so I won’t attack you for believing they were in poor taste. You didn’t have to find them funny at all, however, they were still jokes and he clearly doesn’t think the women are sluts just like I’m sure he literally doesn’t think Da confuses him for a feminine hygiene product.

  5. I know everybody lies playing BB (so no need to remind me of this ;D) but anybody who lies as often as Day has to the point of not being able to remember her lies isn’t going to last long in the BB house.

    • What exactly is Da’vonne lying about?
      I don’t watch the feeds and only a little of BBAD, so I am still a D fan. I think Nicole and Frank lie more than anyone and if someone outs Da’vonne of course she needs to lie about it.

      • I watch BBAD and the feeds…still can’t get anyone on here to provide EXACTLY what Day has lied about…other than she lied to Frank about Tiffany. Still no straight answer…what was the conversation because Paul has lied, James has lied, Paulie has lied, Nicole has lied, Z has lied, and the list goes on….

      • Lying to Frank is a great thing in my opinion. Everyone wants him out and each player has to keep Frank thinking they are with him. Da’vonne was annoying her last season, but this time I think she is playing a great game.

      • But Day has been a world class liar I’m afraid and it was only a matter of time before everyone in the house realized this and became angry with her.

      • What exactly did she lie about? Everyone wanted Frank out, and she just said that Tiffany really wanted him out, but other than that I don’t recall anything else that was so horrible.

      • You really need to do more research so you’ll be up to date with Day’s one note strategy of telling lies. I don’t have the time to keep notes of all of her lies and neither do you apparently, so I suggest you check out Jokers updates for starters so you’ll be able to understand what everyone is talking about concerning Day’s lying. :D
        So many people at this site seem to agree about Day’s copious lying so that should indicate that you’re lacking info about this subject. :D

      • I do understand, but you don’t seem to be stating not even one specific thing about her lies that you don’t like. I think it has to do with other things and not just for her doing what the whole house is. We are all BB fans and each have our favorites. I like Davonne and I will check this joker site, but the feeds and BBAD would have shown any of that as well. Where exactly does the Jokers site gets this information.
        I can’t stand Zakyah is mostly because the way she speaks that bug me, and Corey is just so boring, I could go on about what I don’t like that has nothing to do with their lying and scheming which is part of the game.

      • The one specific thing I don’t like about Day’s lies is that they are habitual and practiced – in other words she’s been doing this a long, long time and is quite good at it to be sure.
        I just don’t see this as an admirable quality. If you do that’s fine with me and I have no argument with you about your favorite player so I hope you’ll have no argument with me that Day is NOT my favorite.
        The lies Day told about Tiff were cruel imho and caused Tiff emotional distress.
        I’m not a Tiff fan either so it takes a lot to upset me concerning Tiff.
        Day seems to lie more than all the other HG’s combined.
        The Jokers Updates site is where people watching the feeds giving minute by minute updates on what’s going on in the house in real time. I’ve learned a lot of info that I wouldn’t know otherwise just from watching BBAD.

      • Ok. I do think that Tiffany’s distress was caused by the whole house ignoring her and being so mean. She also seems to have emotional problems that have nothing to do with the game.

      • Ok so one lie I can definitely remember off the top of my head, if you really need at least one, is when the Fatal 5 were discussing targeting Frank. Tiffany didn’t come up with that on her own nor was she the first to say Frank’s name. But later that day or the next, Day went to Frank, in front of Nicole btw, and told Frank that Tiffany specifically was after Frank. That’s what really started all of this hatred towards Tiffany because after that Frank started bad-mouthing her so that gave everyone free reign to bad mouth her, for no reason. So Day took advantage of that and started blaming Tiffany for all kinds of things SHE (Day) did after that. This is also why Michelle hates Tiffany so much, because she believes everything Day tells her, which is why she thinks Tiffany is the liar. You’ll have to go do research for the rest but that was the game changer for all of them.

      • This was also when Nicole really started voicing that she didn’t trust Day, that she was shady.

      • Right, Day included Nicole in her lie with Nicole standing right there. Day should’ve cleared that with Nicole before including her in Day’s lie.

      • Everyone is mad at day because they realize that she was a much better manipulator than them. They all lie about one thing or another. Which in my opinion makes them no better than Day

      • Manipulators ARE liars. And if she really was a better liar/manipulator than the others then she wouldn’t have gotten caught. So no, I highly doubt that’s what they’re mad at. They’re mad at being lied to when they were supposed to trust her and mad at her for blaming them for things she did and said.

      • Basically, Da was the ring leader that changed the game and was the head of all of the lies. Da poked the bear!!

      • I suggest you go to Jokers to get more info – that’s where I get most of mine – since I’m really pressed for time today.
        Maybe you will feel differently about Day and her lies then.

  6. Damn, Day can’t keep her mouth close for the life of her. Why did she tell James the showmances need to be cut as soon as possible. Guess what James said, “I can’t say nothing, I’m in a showmance”. Stupid!! So, I can see James switching his vote to evict Day.

    • GAH! Day must really be feeling the pressure to have messed up that way.
      There are 4 showmances in the house right now (all to differing degrees) so I can see why Day is threatened.
      But you’re right she needs to keep quiet while she’s on the block.

    • You would thing Da being a Vet she somewhat no the ins and outs, but I guess if she didn’t learn then she won’t learn now. I think Da acts like this in real life!

      • Day is soooooooo paranoid that she has lost her ability to play the game to her advantage. It’s as if she is trying her best to get evicted. Has she not noticed how much james and Natalie have been hanging together or does she think Natalie is collateral? ?????

      • James just checks in here and there to let them know he is still in the houz, but he is a lost cause. James is so far up Gnat’s behind you can’t find him! Da need to just hook up w/Frank and get the ball rolling and I bet once Frank start striking the game will liven up.

  7. Did any one see the little fake fight between James and natalie they set that up to save themselves from getting targeted not seam to close so they don’t targeted as a showmance smart gameplay

  8. Paulie is too much of a bully; Nicole is too concerned with getting a man instead of actually playing the game….*sigh*

    • Paulie’s just flaunting the fact that his brother is part of one of the greatest alliances ever.

      That’s like Dan’s son flaunting that he’s the son of a BB legend. Yes people Dan has a son.

  9. I feel like all people do in these comments is trash talk people…

    Is there anyone in the cast you DO like?

  10. Okay I may not like Frank, but that was uncalled for of Paulie to bring up his dad like that. Especially since Frank doesn’t have a good relationship with him.

  11. Nicole you do realize your relationship was the reason you were targeted right? Honestly if you wanna snuggle with Corey, do it in the jury house.

    This may sound sad, but I think Becky and John were a better showmance. And it’s not even official.

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