It’s been quite the week in the Big Brother 18 house as alliances are shifting and power kind of changed hands so that means another week of ridiculous or just plain funny things said in the Big Brother house.


First up this week we’ve got Frank. This one falls into the clueless category. “I’m in a pretty good spot right now,” Frank says to the cameras as he sits alone. “Much better than I was my last season when everyone wanted me out.” Poor guy has no idea he only has Bridgette.

Now it’s time for a little bit of Paul Philosophy. “You can only shit in my cereal so many times before I’m like, well i guess i’m eating a shit cereal today,” Paul says, referencing the fact that he’s been nominated every week.

One of the most talked about moments this week was Bronte’s HUGE reveal to the other spy girls. She pulled them to the HOH room and told them she was ready to spill her guts. In dead-grandma tears she reveals “I’m the secret nerd.” And they all jump on the bed. Seriously.

And finally we’ve got Nicole making an appearance. Her quote isn’t as funny as the situation. Paul decides to one-up James and scare the girls. He does such a good job that Nicole literally pees her pants. And it’s on the floor and the guys have to avoid stepping in it. She runs to the bathroom screaming “Oh my God I peed my pants.” I wish I was making this up.

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Say What? Big Brother 18 Week 3


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