Big Brother 18 Recap: Episode 7 — Alliances And Targets Shift

It looks like the 8 Pack could be ready to toss one of their own out of the alliance but will that also lead to one of them heading out the Big Brother 18 house door? After tonight’s episode, that’s more likely than before.


The episode picks up right after it was revealed that Victor named Tiffany as the Roadkill nominee. Vanessa, I mean Tiffany, knew she was going up but it doesn’t soften the blow much. She instantly thinks that there’s some elaborate plan to get her out this week.

She heads up to talk to Paulie and Nicole to let them know that it makes her not trust anybody and that she hopes they aren’t all just screwing with her head. She sounds so much like Vanessa right now, I’m having major deja vu.

And Da’Vonne sees it too. She says in her DR that she wanted to play the game with Tiffany, but as time goes on she sees more and more Vanessa in her and that worries her.

Meanwhile, the Spy Girls are confused about Tiffany’s nomination so Bronte thinks she and Paul could lay low and play nice this week and hopefully there’s bigger fish to fry.

And that might be the case, Bronte. Frank is already worried that Tiffany is a danger to their alliance with her freak-outs and now that she’s on the block she’s more of a loose cannon. It doesn’t help matters either that Frank tells Tiffany that she can’t win the Power of Veto or their plan to backdoor Victor this week will never work.

Da’Vonne and Frank decide that if something comes up and Victor isn’t touchable this week, then losing Tiffany wouldn’t be that bad. Day says she likes the thing they’ve got with the 8 Pack, but Paulie could easily replace her.

After a pointless segment about how not good at Big Brother Paul and Victor are (I think it had something to do with Paul telling Vic something and Vic telling Paulie that or something) it’s time to pick players for the veto competition.

Joining Paulie, Bronte, Paul and Tiffany are Da’Vonne and Zakiyah. Oh, I think what I was supposed to be paying attention up there would explain why Paul picked Zakiyah over Victor to play in the veto for him. But then again, there’s so many bad decision being made I can’t keep up.

With little time to waste, it’s time for the Power of Veto competition and it’s the spelling competition with a really cheesy and nasty feet/toes tie-in. Let’s check out the results:

Paul spelled “slouched” for 9 points. Tiffany spelled “twinkling” for 10 points. Da’Vonne spelled “redemption” for 9 points. Zakiyah spelled “duration” for 6 points. Bronte spelled “powerful” for 10 points. She and Tiffany are tied but Bronte rang in first, so she takes the lead. Paulie spelled “sustainability” for 10 points. And since he rang in before Bronte, he wins the Power of Veto.


Day and Frank are not happy that Tiffany almost won the competition and Day is especially upset since Tiffany counted Day’s letters to make sure she at least beat her. Paulie is just happy that he can now move forward with the plan to backdoor Victor. Meanwhile, Victor has his heads in the clouds and thinks Paulie winning the veto isn’t so bad.

Da’Vonne gets with some of the others and lets them know what Tiffany did during the competition. She’s more worried about Tiffany at this point than Victor. And of course Frank is already getting close to canning her, so Tiffany might not be too safe this week.

One person who is going to be safe this week is Paul. That’s who Paulie is deciding to take off the block to nominate Victor in his place.

Tiffany’s game continues to melt as the Fatal 5 meet without Tiffany and decide that Tiffany might be too much of a risk. So it looks like the Fatal 5 is now the Fatal 4. Nicole and Michelle agree with Day and Zakiyah that they will be stronger without Tiffany.

Victor and Paul talk about what’s up. Victor remains clueless and thinks that Bronte will be going home this week and that if the veto is used, Natalie will go up. Paul, of course knows that Victor is the target this week, but he can’t say anything because he’s trying to protect himself. But Paul final says he thinks that Bronte comes down and he goes up. Victor still just kind of plays it off.


And it’s time for the Veto Ceremony. Paulie puts his plan in motion, pulls Paul off the block and puts Victor in his place. Victor gets why he’s on the block, but he says he knows he’s got to get to work. He’s confident that he can make it work and stay this week.

Can Victor work the Tiffany animosity in his favor and keep himself safe this week? We shall see soon.


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