Big Brother 18 Recap: Episode 7 — Alliances And Targets Shift

It looks like the 8 Pack could be ready to toss one of their own out of the alliance but will that also lead to one of them heading out the Big Brother 18 house door? After tonight’s episode, that’s more likely than before.


The episode picks up right after it was revealed that Victor named Tiffany as the Roadkill nominee. Vanessa, I mean Tiffany, knew she was going up but it doesn’t soften the blow much. She instantly thinks that there’s some elaborate plan to get her out this week.

She heads up to talk to Paulie and Nicole to let them know that it makes her not trust anybody and that she hopes they aren’t all just screwing with her head. She sounds so much like Vanessa right now, I’m having major deja vu.

And Da’Vonne sees it too. She says in her DR that she wanted to play the game with Tiffany, but as time goes on she sees more and more Vanessa in her and that worries her.

Meanwhile, the Spy Girls are confused about Tiffany’s nomination so Bronte thinks she and Paul could lay low and play nice this week and hopefully there’s bigger fish to fry.

And that might be the case, Bronte. Frank is already worried that Tiffany is a danger to their alliance with her freak-outs and now that she’s on the block she’s more of a loose cannon. It doesn’t help matters either that Frank tells Tiffany that she can’t win the Power of Veto or their plan to backdoor Victor this week will never work.

Da’Vonne and Frank decide that if something comes up and Victor isn’t touchable this week, then losing Tiffany wouldn’t be that bad. Day says she likes the thing they’ve got with the 8 Pack, but Paulie could easily replace her.

After a pointless segment about how not good at Big Brother Paul and Victor are (I think it had something to do with Paul telling Vic something and Vic telling Paulie that or something) it’s time to pick players for the veto competition.

Joining Paulie, Bronte, Paul and Tiffany are Da’Vonne and Zakiyah. Oh, I think what I was supposed to be paying attention up there would explain why Paul picked Zakiyah over Victor to play in the veto for him. But then again, there’s so many bad decision being made I can’t keep up.

With little time to waste, it’s time for the Power of Veto competition and it’s the spelling competition with a really cheesy and nasty feet/toes tie-in. Let’s check out the results:

Paul spelled “slouched” for 9 points. Tiffany spelled “twinkling” for 10 points. Da’Vonne spelled “redemption” for 9 points. Zakiyah spelled “duration” for 6 points. Bronte spelled “powerful” for 10 points. She and Tiffany are tied but Bronte rang in first, so she takes the lead. Paulie spelled “sustainability” for 10 points. And since he rang in before Bronte, he wins the Power of Veto.


Day and Frank are not happy that Tiffany almost won the competition and Day is especially upset since Tiffany counted Day’s letters to make sure she at least beat her. Paulie is just happy that he can now move forward with the plan to backdoor Victor. Meanwhile, Victor has his heads in the clouds and thinks Paulie winning the veto isn’t so bad.

Da’Vonne gets with some of the others and lets them know what Tiffany did during the competition. She’s more worried about Tiffany at this point than Victor. And of course Frank is already getting close to canning her, so Tiffany might not be too safe this week.

One person who is going to be safe this week is Paul. That’s who Paulie is deciding to take off the block to nominate Victor in his place.

Tiffany’s game continues to melt as the Fatal 5 meet without Tiffany and decide that Tiffany might be too much of a risk. So it looks like the Fatal 5 is now the Fatal 4. Nicole and Michelle agree with Day and Zakiyah that they will be stronger without Tiffany.

Victor and Paul talk about what’s up. Victor remains clueless and thinks that Bronte will be going home this week and that if the veto is used, Natalie will go up. Paul, of course knows that Victor is the target this week, but he can’t say anything because he’s trying to protect himself. But Paul final says he thinks that Bronte comes down and he goes up. Victor still just kind of plays it off.


And it’s time for the Veto Ceremony. Paulie puts his plan in motion, pulls Paul off the block and puts Victor in his place. Victor gets why he’s on the block, but he says he knows he’s got to get to work. He’s confident that he can make it work and stay this week.

Can Victor work the Tiffany animosity in his favor and keep himself safe this week? We shall see soon.


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  1. Haven’t had a chance to watch this episode yet but after watching the feeds off and on today…

    At least Nicole is picking up on Day… She confided in Corey earlier that she doesn’t fully trust Day.

    • well that’s good! Finally! Glad she’s not stupid and can see right through Day !! Frank is an idiot! He would be the biggest baby if he was the third nominee but because Tiffany is Vanessa sister she’s not allowed to show any emotion

  2. I’d rather Victor go out this week only because he might have a better chance getting back into the house. Who in their right mind would prefer Jozea returning?

  3. I really wish that just once production would stop trying to put the pretty young people on this show And get older if need be smart people who are familiar with how the game is played Can I get an Amen ?

    • UH NO. Seriously though, they do need to do a season with nothing but older people in it. Not saying the game would be played any better and just because they are older that doesn’t make them any smarter.

      • You missed my point i was saying stop putting pretty people on the show I want people who are smart and know how Big Brother works If that means we put more mature people on so be it I dont understand why you think this is a beauty contest I want smart people on who know how to play If you want sexy young bodies maybe you should watch some mtv show like real world

      • Two things here that might just make you a contestant for BB. 1. No where did I say “No Pretty People”. Oh, maybe my first two words threw you off but I will get to that later. I NEVER said we need to have a season with Geriatrics either for the record. Nothing wrong with a older group of people that are NOT in their 20’s or early 30’s. Mid to late 40’s and early to mid 50’s would suit me just fine but there is a catch here. A lot of people in that age group are fairly attractive and good looking, With age, sometimes that doesn’t make you any smarter as well. Not saying anyone this season isn’t smart, they all are smart in their own way. By that I mean they are smart based on where they live and what they have learned so far in life. Even the smartest they can find can crack under pressure. so your point of beauty contest is kind of a mute point.

        2. Now back to my first two words in the original response. If you can’t understand sarcasm (check my spelling on that word please, I might have spelled it wrong), then maybe you shouldn’t respond to any other post. I actually went back and simplified this for you to understand:)

      • It didn’t really sound like sarcasm to me either.. Maybe you should word things different.

      • Absolutely agree. Perhaps Mr. Feldman (c’mon, SOMEBODY’S gotta know where that comes from) needs to learn what certain words mean prior to opening piehole.

      • Then again maybe you don’t understand sarcasm. My point being regardless of age, looks, gender, race or the importance of how smart a person is, being in that house with a group of like mended people won’t make it any better than what we are getting now. Being a good looker doesn’t make anyone stupid or dumb as the original poster seems to suggest, nor does a older group of people make the house players smarter and less of a looker either.

        So here is what I say, so you three have made up your minds without looking or thinking outside the box, I bow to your demands so you all can feel much better about yourselves. Again, sarcasm but I am sure you won’t see it either so bring on your self hating rants and call it a day.

      • You have your views and I have mine. Time to move on from this thread and call it a day. No hard feelings by the way.

    • I agree.

      But at the same time Big Brother also wants to find entertaining Houseguests. And usually older houseguests that are entertaining are hard to find.

      • I think TV producers in general have gotten caught up in finding the absurd, outrageous and/or sensational, all the while viewers are pretty much done with that and, in this case, are truly entertained by watching people try to play a clever game. Differences in people add the fun, but intentionally planting duds or antagonists is just disruptive (and boring) in my opinion.

    • Hmmm. I hear you but I just wonder if “older” people can afford to take off work for 3 months? Seems like it’s easier for younger people (pretty or not) to take off as they usually don’t have as much responsibility on their plates yet (families to support with little to no help, mortgages, etc). Know what I mean?
      But yeah, a cast of more seasoned individuals who know the show – would be interesting.

  4. Watching the show tonight made feel bad for Victor, but he is so clueless. Right now I do wish Tiffany would leave instead of Victor. Tomorrow I may feel differently, but I can’t stand Tiffany and she may even mess up the girls alliance with her paranoia.

      • but then the same could be said for Jozea…. although Victor isn’t an ass! I actually like him but they are/were both clueless! I don’t understand why Victor feel so safe!?

    • Victor is too nice; even if he survives eviction his game is basically over UNLESS he can get on the 8pack’s side. Had he not fallen under The Messiah’s spell things might have been different for him.

      • 8pack, Fatal Four, Spy Girls, whichever. He needs to align himself with SOMEBODY or he’s just going to float until it becomes his turn to go.

        He’s no threat to anybody. They should evict Tiff or Bronte.

      • I was so ready for Victor to be evicted. Since I am unimpressed with the girls game play and not at all happy with Frank, I’m not certain where I stand about who I’m rooting for currently. The best scenario, in that case, would be to try to keep the male/female ratio a little closer(unless we could magically make Frank disappear). I think Tiffy has more potential to make things heat up in the house, so as of this minute, I’d like to see Bronte evicted, but I honestly don’t think that will happen.

      • The more I see, the more convinced I am that Victor isn’t a threat. They should get rid of Tiff or Bronte for sure.

      • I think if he works with the girls to get rid of Paulie and Frank (if he comes back), then he has a good chance, but I don’t think he’ll win this game.

  5. Watching the feeds and Day is spiraling. She tells James they need to get Corey out to bring Nicole back in to the fold. Then she tells Tiffany she not sure she can trust Z. She’s digging herself a hole she’s not going to be able to climb out of if she doesn’t stop.

    • Only second eviction, it is so early in the season….why make waves already especially since she was on no one’s radar before yesterday. Why not just stay safe and enjoy the game for awhile

  6. I really hope TIFF gets out of the house. I cannot stand more VAN crying/whining anymore.

  7. I am currently watching the feeds and God is Nicole annoying with her “why do people do that? Lie to me! I’m so shocked!” When she literally has played this game twice now and has been lied too. She has got to go

  8. From the looks of it, the five people in danger of being evicted next week are Day, Frank, Tiff, Bronte and Bridgette.
    But seriously I don’t think Day, Frank and Tiff can really be evicted this soon since they do have people.
    So it’s between Bronte and Bridgette. Bronte only has Natalie and Bridgette only has Frank.
    Will be an exciting HoH comp tomorrow since nobody is throwing for sure!

  9. do these houseguests not ever learn from other seasons??? Oh wait apparently none of them have seen any other seasons aside from one that they were allowed to watch while they were in sequester?? But even so then what about nicole Frank James & Day?
    they have a solid, somewhat alliance of eight! And they now can backdoor a very very strong player but instead they might vote out Tiffany because she’s showing emotion because she’s on the Block?! Wonder what Frank or Day would do if they were on the block?! I’m sure show a lot more “emotion” than Tiffany! Tiffany never stood a chance because she is Vanessa sister! Bottom line! She’s not allowed to be paranoid even though she’s on the block and her alliance members are turning on her! What a joke!
    i’m sorry but I have been watching big brother since day one and doesn’t every house guest get paranoid?!?! Yes yes yes they do! All at different times but they do if they stay long enough! And the ones that don’t are the ones that go home cough cough Jozea (& should be Victor!)
    ONLY reason to keep him is if the boys have caught wind of an all girls alliance. Still stupid to keep Victor! Mark my words, but they keep him and one of the eight will be going home next week!

    • She was acting that way before she was on the block though. Not agreeing with the way Day has been spreading lies but they all saw something of Vanessa in her and that’s very hard to work with.

      • True! But look how far Vanessa got! Sure she was not liked by many viewers and I agree she said and did some things that were not cool but again look how far she got.

    • I just don’t know how you see Victor as a bigger threat than Tiffany. He doesn’t even have any idea what’s going on in the game.

      • I understand……
        & to be honest with you I do actually like Victor. The only reason I think he is a bigger threat is because he is a comp Beast. And that’s really the only reason! But I do like him and I would like to see him stay but I would also like to see Tiffany stay. So hopefully Bronte goes home tonight but that’s doubtful!!

  10. honestly at this point I just want Tiffany to go home because I just don’t want a repeat of last season me defending Vanessa for the most part. Not all her actions but, most! At least her integrity! So let’s be done with Tiffany so I can just concentrate on everything else LOL
    but I really would be upset for Tiffany if she left so soon! Not fair in my opinion! People like Day, (actually pretty much just Day although she does have Frank on board but because of a lie) are making Tiffany worse & I cannot wait for the drama to unfold when “Mama Day” gets busted with all her lies. Doesn’t anyone sees that all her lying is due to HER paranoia!!! this is how she deals with her paranoia by lying! Where as people like Tiffany where their heart on their sleeve! And try and stay as real and true as possible! In a game like big brother! At least that’s how I see it.
    blah blah blah…. I don’t know why I even bother LOL my posts are too long and nobody reads them plus I was team Vanessa because of personal reasons last season and I understand why Tiffany is feeling and acting the way she is! She’s not an idiot! But again I don’t know why I bother because even if people do read this, she’s not like just like her sister was not liked because they wear their hearts on their sleeves. Again I don’t agree with everything Vanessa did and sure Tiffany is emotional but they are just emotional people. emotional people have a different way of reacting to situations, bad or negative situations! They are Not bad people! Can’t say that for a lot of people who are in the house! A lot of snakes in there!

  11. I hope Tiffany goes soon as I can’t take another season of “Vanessa”. Weren’t we tortured enough last season?

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