‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Episode 29 — Girl Power!

It was girl (and Diary Room ) power on Sunday night’s Big Brother 18 episode as Natalie won HOH and Michelle was handed the Co-HOH prize from America. Unfortunately, Natalie didn’t get to call all the shots on her own and I’m not just talking about Michelle…


The episode picks up during the Head of Household competition we saw (or didn’t) begin during that pointless Friday episode. It’s the black box HOH and the HGs have to hold a button until a voice tells them to search for some discs in some sludge. The person who collects the most discs, wins HOH.

Oh boy, we still can’t get away from Paulie. We have a flashback to 82 minutes before eviction. Paulie is telling Corey and Nicole that they need to go after Victor and James. And Nicole goes right to tell James and Nicole that Paul said he was going for Victor and James. But I don’t remember hearing him say that. It was only Paulie who said it. So Nicole has successfully put a new target on Paul.

Michelle messes around in the box and gets herself eliminated from the competition. And of course there are some tears. James is eliminated just after the last round after slipping and falling, missing the timer. So Nicole, Corey, Paul and Natalie survived the Black Box. Paul came out with five discs. Nicole also collected five. Corey came out with ten. Natalie also collected ten discs. So there’s a tie. So the person who brought back their 10th disc first will win. And that was Natalie, so she’s the new Head of Household.


Natalie as HOH has basically no one in the house worried because Natalie and James have been working with both sides of the house. So the pressure is on for Natalie because she’s going to have to make two people mad.

It doesn’t take long for Paul and Victor to pick up on the fact that they could be boned. Natalie is acting weird around them so they’re worried. And then Nicole heads up to talk to James and Natalie and makes them some promises. She says she’ll keep them safe and she’s just not a threat. So she pitches a final four deal with them and Corey. And Natalie likes that idea.

What you might not know, however, is on the Live Feeds, Natalie let it slip that the Diary Room was pushing for her and James to work with Nicole and Corey. So there you have it. That means the targets this week will be Paul, Victor or Michelle.


And the plans are further complicated by this week’s Care Package. American decided to award Michelle with the co-HOH prize. So that means Natalie and Michelle will have to make the nominations together. And Nicole is definitely OH CRAPPING over that.

Natalie and Michelle sit down to talk about nominees. Michelle definitely wants Nicole up, but Natalie spends about 11 seconds to convince Michelle to go after Paul and Victor. Michelle is that easily swayed.So at the nomination ceremony, the Diary Room gets what they wanted. Nicole and Corey are safe but Paul and Victor are on the block.


Natalie tells Victor she nominated him because he battled his way back in. Michelle tells Paul that she’s heard a lot of things about him and they edited out a bunch of stuff that made Michelle look like a big fool, thankfully.


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  1. Oh how I wish that you were editing the broadcast! Thanks for filling in the spaces that BB wants to pass over. Was glad that they included Paul’s Friendship Talks along with the sound effects. Honestly I don’t understand why BB wants to foster the showmances further along into the season. Makes for very boring watching

    • yes let’s face it, this summer’s ‘showmances’ are the least compelling of the entire 18 seasons, I must say…
      What is it with these otherwise bright and attractive women like Zakiyah and Nicole opening themselves up like a free midnight buffet in a Reno casino for guys they just met in the bb house?!!!
      Are there really THAT few decent straight men left in the non-bb world that these women are willing to put it all out there for these lukewarm, non-committal guys?! Guys who signed up to play bb no less?!!
      It makes my head hurt. Someone pleez ‘splain…

      • no ‘splaining as far as I’m concerned. Victor is the only one worth falling for IMO and he’s keeping his focus on the game. Save it for post season would be the smarter move

      • Why are you slut shaming the women for having sex in BB but not the men? *puke* that is some double standard and sexist against both genders.

      • Oh FFS Lighten up – they’re ALl sleazebags, OK?!
        But the girls have the option of saying no and if they were thinking clearly about a long-term commitment like Nic and Zak seem to want, the LAST thing they would do is put it out there like an all-you-can-eat casino buffet.

      • Because theyre getting played and it’s more than apparent. And they should be embarrassed with themselves . and when did this person call them sluts? More like desperate shaming with absolutely no back bone to play their own game by solely depending on a fricken man!

      • The implication was clear. The fact the poster singled out the women for ‘opening’ them out for sex in BB House and not the guys is clearly a case of slutshaming. If they want to have sex more power to ’em.

      • They’re all sluts. So more power to them all. The difference is that the girls are obviously being used to the guys advantage. One can try to say…well the girls are using the guys too! And all would say is really? and have you payed attention? The girls have proven in so many ways to be more into the guys and looking like idiots. Ie. Z constantly allowing Paulie to belittle her and Nicole constantly telling corey that she wants him to win and if it were both of them as final 2 she’s going to tell jurors to pick him! As a woman, im embarrassed for them. And the more power to them is void. Because they have no power and are giving it all to the guys.

      • When have people shamed guys for having sex? Most guys would pat each other on the back.
        Is it right? No. Does it happen? Yes.
        When have people shamed women for having sex? Same as the guys. I have not read anyone denying a woman the same.
        What I have been reading all along is several women in the house putting a supposed relationship over the game. That is not a harsh criticism. Several women in this house have done nothing but act like school girls away at summer camp and falling in love.
        Then you have Z that would fall over backwards for Paulie all the while being put down by him and she even knows about it.
        These are adult women that put themselves on television, put themselves up for criticism and scrutiny. If one does not like or want a response to ones actions then I would suggest to stay away from reality tv.
        Believe me, I love a strong woman, I just do not see one left in this house. Other than Michelle.

      • Michelle is not a strong women. She cries all the time. The only reason she is still in the house is because the others view her as weak and pathetic hence not worthy of taking out. That’s why Bridgette was out before her. Bridgette actually has some strength to her.

      • They are using each other.
        Sometimes in your real world you don’t meet people like the ones gathered for a reality show. Nicole and Zakhya are both smitten with their guys as if they had never seen men who looked like that before. They probably have, but don’t have the opportunity to meet them in the same way.

      • They’re not THAT young.
        I’m sorry but reality tv competitions would seem to be the last place a girl should try to land a guy.
        Then again maybe I’m just old-fashioned…

      • Gotta give some head to get ahead in this game thats what the ladies are doing because they can’t play worth sh*t except for 1 and shes the first one in the jury house.

    • I the d.r. is the ones who really say who goes I would of rather let these two bimbos put who they wanted not who they are told so it looks like Big Brother want nic to win it all and as For James and Nat I am tired of them saying vote for me America if anyone it should be Vic that wins this James is so sure he will get it ugh I like BB but not if they are going to tell players who to get out

      • I’m saving the best for last. I can only hope he gets voted to stay and Corey is blindsided. I can’t in all good conscience give the next ACP to Corey. He’s not earned it in my book. As for AFP, I hope people come to their senses and give that to someone that not only hasn’t won it before but actually deserves it, like Vic does.

      • Agree, and besides he’d probably just use it to bribe Nicole so she’d get the $$ and they can spend it on their trip to Hawaii

      • REALLY THEN HOW DID MICHELLE GET IT? SHE has done nothing but bitch and cry.. and lie to blow up everyone’s game because she has no game but floater..

      • I have no idea who votes for these people. None of them have been what I would have expected. It certainly does not follow the votes here.

      • JAMES is a great person… that is why people would vote for him.. BUT I WANT COREY TO STAY AND COREY TO GET IT.

      • I’m not denying he’s a great person. He’s just not playing like he should know how to play BB, having been a prior house guest. He made one “big” move that many consider wasn’t as big as most made it out to be. What has he done since? Thrown comps and snuggled with Nat.

      • Welcome to Bigggg Brother. Most lie in this game, he’s not the exception to the rule. Sure he’s loud and can be obnoxious, but he’s playing a good game, considering he knew nothing about how Big Brother worked. Yet, he’s helped make one of the biggest moves ever, but giving credit to Vic for having done so. I just hope he can take over once Vic is gone and get out the returning player we all love to hate if that ends up happening. :-)

  2. Girl power? laugh when a girl wins something it is about ‘girl power’ A guy doesn’t care about ‘guy power’ when he wins . Anyways, grats to Nat for winning a close one. That is Natalie Power!
    Whining about the Powers Be is silly in S18 since they do ithe time. the HGs make their own choices ultimately. It is completely dumb to pretend somehow Nat is doing the dumb thing for targeting Paul/Vic. they are the biggest threats.
    Paul is another in the long list of HGs who get butthurt when they get ‘bet’ but have no problem doing so themselves. LMAO

    • The “Powers Be” are going to do what they’re going to do, but people have every right to complain about interference in this game if they want to. It is up to the HouseGuest’s ultimately, but I don’t see it as “whining” or “silly”. JMO.

      • It is when people only whine when it is their faves being targeted but have no issue when it someone they dislike is being targeted. I wonder how many people complaining would do the same if the POB were targeting Corey/Nicole.

      • OK, I get what you’re saying now and I have to agree with you. I hate interference period no matter who it benefits/hurts. Not like it makes a difference how anyone feels anyway but I understand the complaints.

      • I, too, am often annoyed by the constant interverence. But, this S18 so it is a little late in the game to worry about it. Just remind yourself that it is called Big brother which kinda implies the ones in charge ‘abusing’ their power. It does suck when you feel your favorite is being screwed over. It is only human to be mad at that. L0L

      • I do not like any of these people. Well, I hate to say that Michelle has grown on me.
        Intervention sucks, especially with the returning house guests. This is way to late in the game for one to return.

  3. The funny thing is Paulie went to every HG and literally painted targets on everybody’s backs. Paul went back to James IMMEDIATELY when Paulie was telling him to target James and Victor next. Paulie told James to target Paul and Victor next. Paulie always mentioned Victor as the next target and depending on who he was talking to changed up the 2nd person. He sat with Nicorey one night and said he knew how to at least keep them safe, and it literally worked on James. Paulie, obviously, never said to target Nicorey and told each HG to work with Nicorey moving forward.

    Hey, I’m not dumb because I can admit evicting Victor is good for everybody but Paul’s game. However, James did have an f5 and they were going to honor it in all conversations I saw with P&V alone talking amongst themselves. Only at one point did Victor say, “should we target James”? And Paul shot it down and said to wait until Nicorey was gone.

    Anyways, the problem here is James wants to totally eliminate Paul too and keep Nicorey around… That makes zero sense, because after Victor is gone Corey should be the next target. So any logical, “evict Victor” is pretty much lost when in the same breath James is claiming taking a strong couple to f5 could be bad. It is bad for James game now if Victor comes back or Paulie comes back. 100% bad news. If either comes back, James is gone next either way.

    • Paul/Victor are planning to take out James next assuming Corey goes. Paul/Victor are not loyal to anyone but themselves. Nothing wrong with that but pretending otherwise is silly They surely won’t waste a on Nicole who can’t win anything once Corey is gone. THAT would be dumb.

      • They said they’d honor the f5 alone together several times. Is that smart? No. But if you think that means Nicorey are also stupid, you’re sadly mistaken, and they both felt betrayed by James and said they’d target him immediately several times.

      • I agree.. they attack others.. Paul and his call outs are really just a bullying session and the others HAVE TO STEP UP.. Nat did the right thing.. I hope she continues.. Michelle thinks she has it made.. she does nothing but kiss the butt of Paul and Vic

      • THINK ABOUT MICHELLE.. her biggest thing in the beginning was hating Bridgette because Bridgette was a close friend of Franks.. now she want Nicole out Why she likes Corey now..

  4. Listening to feeds Natalie and James discussion about noms…It was mentioned that James is showing signs of jealousy concerning Natalie and Paul…So that tells me that James wanting Paul and Victor out is not based on strategy but personal reasons…hmmmm wrong reasons to try and evict somebody…James is soon to be OTB …

    • James is so full of himself today on the feeds. Already has himself in F4 and AFP. He’s in for a rude awakening because Paulie or Victor coming back will target him and Paul has no reason to trust him any longer. And Doofus and Dingus (love those names for them) will not back him up if Paulie returns

      • James is taking too much for granted…For instance Corey winning next HOH … James thinks that will be no more DE’s and no more returnees yep James is in for some major surprises..

      • It’s definitely a season unlike any other, and not as predictable anymore either. Yep, James will be surprised for sure!

    • I think he should be more worried about Victor. Natalie didn’t like him because of how rude he was to her, but he came back behaving like a gentleman and now she likes him a lot, but James told her to put him up so she did.

    • That seems like pure speculation. What does that person mean when they say “signs of jealousy”? Seems to me that what James is showing is some signs of not being able to control Nat like he had in the past.

    • That seems like pure speculation. What does that person mean when they
      say “signs of jealousy”? Seems to me that what James is showing is some
      signs of irritation that he is not able to control Nat as easily as he has in the past.

      • Yeah, I don’t think James is jealous. I think he just knows there is no way he can beat Paul’s game play, and he can’t compete with Victor in comps. So its smart to try and get one of them out. I just don’t like that he’s hiding behind Natalie in order to get it done.

  5. When you’ve got nothing left to lose, why not fight like you’ve got nothing left to lose? Nominate Nicole instead of Corey. Put Natalie and everyone else on blast about Nicole’s game and her intentions going forward. Pull no punches and pull all of the punches relentlessly. Put Natalie in the position where she decides to make Jamesey vote out Nicole or else no more showmance for him. Stop the complacency and take some chances with fully-loaded psychological warfare. What else is there to do? Clean bathrooms?

    • Well… the gladiator whose neck is now at stake did most of the cleaning. He did it topless and sexy. He did it quietly. He did it humbly. He did it without sacrificing his workouts or blunting his competitive edge. He did it because it HAD to be done; because none of those slobs lifted a finger for the 2 weeks he was upstairs. They were content to use a shower that was so filthy and unsanitary, it was beyond disgusting.

  6. Girl power will be them using their own brains. It may work out for Natalie, but I’m not too sure about Michelle unless Paul wins and puts up Nicole and James or Corey.

  7. Kind of strange Michelle isn’t able to compete in the HoH competition next week since Victor (HoH last week) was still eligible for the prize.

    • Vic was NOT eligible for this HOH comp. He was the host. He was curled up on the grass under a blanket when the screams started. LOL. Scripted, of course.

      But he WAS previously HOH 2 weeks in a row because the HOH for double-eviction (Corey) only had the privilege for a few hours until Vic won the next comp.

      • I think he means Vic was eligible for the ACP Co-HOH even though he was HOH last week…so why is Meech not eligible next week haha

      • No, I’m saying Victor was eligible or the America’s Care Package co-HoH spot.

        So Victor could potentially go from HoH to co-HoH but Michelle couldn’t go from co-HoH to HoH.

  8. Is this saying Natalie said in the diary room production told her to work with Nicole and Corey or am I reading that wrong?

    • None of them. They all sucked this year.
      I think I will go with Glenn, we didn’t see him long enough to be disgusted by him.

    • I am pretty sure James thinks he has AFP in the bag. He’s not getting my vote. Now, he wants to tell Vic about the plan to vote him out after the veto ceremony tomorrow. Does he think that is what we want as viewers..for him to open his big mouth and spoil every blindside..James wants Vic out because he is becoming very jealous of him as far as Natalie goes..if Vic wins the buy back..James is in big trouble. If Paulie wins the buy back..he is in trouble. James has been very annoying this season.

      • Yeah, I think unless production gives them an endurance HOH comp like who can stay under a troll bridge the longest, James is out next week.

      • Isn’t it already clear that James will be AFP again this season? He’s always at the top of the heap when BBN does their “most popular” HG poll each week, just like Jozea is always at the bottom. It’s evident that the majority of the folks who vote in these AFP polls are not watching the feeds, or following the game that closely; my bet is that it’s mostly TV-only viewers. I don’t care if someone “flip flops,” but I do hate that James can’t seem to stop himself from ruining every single blindside this season. This season could have been so much more fun without this dud ruining the impact of every move.

      • I wish you were right, but they can’t decide the AFP based on just the last few weeks, can they? I would think it would go to the HG who had the most consistently high polling numbers throughout the season, and that would have to be James. Even though he doesn’t deserve it, he actually has been A’s FP. Believe me, I wish it weren’t true.

    • Victor. Sorry, I know many hate him! But he has proven himself more than any other HG this season. And regardless of how BB production edits him. He seems like a stand up guy. Come on, he cleaned the nasty bathroom for gods sake.. Lol. His momma raised him right. And I forgive his a hole comments at the beginning of the show, in case anyone tries to bring that up.. He is human after all put in a crazy environment. EVERYONE has has a nasty moment this season.

      • Actually, I thought Victor seemed pretty cool until he joined up with Jozea. However, I was pulling for him on the first battle back, and I have actually liked him since. People having a moment like his a hole comment are just real people. Nobody that I know is perfectly well mannered all the time, and they certainly don’t have cameras following their every movement or $500K potentially impairing their judgement in a moment.

      • Has anyone noticed that the one leaving seems to clean before they go? I would say screw y’all. Clean your own filth.

  9. James literally just said, “There is no jury buy back. Paul is lying”. His final last words when either Victor or Paulie come back in the house.

  10. Technically, Nicole didn’t lie. Paul did tell her to go after James and victor. She just overlooked the -ie. Oopsy!!

  11. At this point I’m pretty sure James is going to vote out Victor regardless of anything they try. My only hope is Victor wins the battle back again and either him or Paul win the HOH. Then solidify an F3 with Michelle and nominate Corey and James and tell the 2 couples screw all of you I don’t care who goes home, sit back, and watch the chaos.

    • Still time to work the buy back scenario and work on Natalie to convince him. Stranger things have happened in BB: remember Dan’s “funeral”? Now these players are not Dan’s level, but there was a last minute vote change this season.

  12. That would be awesome. Add Bridgette to that scenario on the buy back, so there’s NO chance for these idiotic ‘couples’.

    • James is doing diddly squat. He’s a follower not a leader. He’s a flip flopper. James flip flops week to week. James is a weak player who can’t win for sh*t

      • That’s exactly what he’s doing. Has he become this season’s Victoria? Well, technically he did have one HOH and he does try to get Natalie to do his bidding, so maybe not quite a Victoria.

      • Plus, I actually kinda liked Victoria. I kept hoping she would end up winning at least something. I can’t say the same about James this season.

    • Ugh, right?? I’m a girl, but I say, screw your girl power! At the moment you’re actually picking James over Michelle so Shut the front door with your girl power. Lol

  13. Why does production keep pushing the houseguests to do what they want them to? It’s unacceptable.

  14. I’ve been trying not to post this season, but I can’t take it any more. Nicole has been called out for her lies by like 4 different house guests going into this week. She completely fails to defend herself in each of those instances, but Natalie and James are too stupid to figure out she might be telling another lie? Victor needs to win this battle back and I hope for a Double Eviction sending James’ and Natalie’s dumb butts right out the door back to back!

    • To be fair, one is Natalie and one is James. James is laughing at the fact Victor claims there will be a jury buyback with 5 people

      • I don’t know what happened to James this time around. He seems scared to make the big shots, but is okay to have Natalie do it. I can’t wait to see his reaction when Victor (or Paulie) comes walking back through that door!

      • He is so dumb it’s unbelievable. He better pray the next HOH is an endurance because if Paulie or Victor come back in, it’ll be the one of them, Michelle, and Paul vs the showmances, with Natalie and Michelle not being able to play

      • Yeah, an endurance comp is his only hope at this point. I’m so hoping its like a matching comp. Remember that matching fashion comp from last season and how miserably he did? That would be a nice one to bring back, lol.

    • Yes! You came out of nowhere, BUT I like your thinking! I cannot wait to see their faces when they’re told about the battleb back. Especially after Vic mentioning it to Nat and James totally dismissing it, convincing Nat that it’s not going to happen and they’re just trying to scare her. “Strategy” he calls it. I’m so sick of him, honestly. I think it’s mostly because of him and Nat trying to portray him as a good guy, and making vic and Paul look like total D’s! Jatalie, I can only speak for myself, I’m not falling for it! James is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. There I said it.. Lol. OK. Rant rant rant.. Haha. Sorry

      • Yeah, I got a little carried away last season, so I was doing my best to keep quiet this time (didn’t work, lol). I don’t know what happened to James this season. I don’t know if Meg’s rejection crushed him last season, or if he thought he missed out on that showmance because he was too nice. Whatever the reason, he’s acting like a self-serving jerk. People said Natalie was using him, but he seems like he might be using her (I think he does like her, but he’s definitely manipulating her lately). He is definitely delusional at this point, and I’m really looking forward to seeing Victor potentially come back. I’m also looking forward to his face when someone else wins America’s favorite player!

  15. I’m getting tired of seeing these people that don’t win HOH’s and Power of Vetos skimming by on others coat tails. The competition beasts should be the ones banning together to the end Vic, Paulie and Paul. What has James, Natalie, Corey, Nicole, or Michelle have done in this whole game absolutely nothing. I laugh at who America chooses for the care package talk about a waste. The sad thing is there was people that did more in this game then them that didn’t make it to jury or the 2 that are in jury that are more deserving winners then those 5. I’d rather see 3 comp beasts battling it out then showmance losers skimming on by.

    I hope next season the comp beasts stick together to the bitter end it would be more entertaining. James what a flip flopper they should have realized that just before Frank was voted out. The game play between those 5 is just as annoying as Brandon and Rachel talking and bawling.

      • Yeah tuff stuff right there;). I wonder how many feet she had to move over to the left or right to avoid the airdrop dropping on her head. Natalie spends a lot of time in the dark with James she’s good at finding rimmed c*ck rings. She was all practiced up weeks before that comp.

      • That was awesome! I watched that and I actually asked the tv set, “Really? Is she seriously going to stand there and…” BONK! Wow… Just wow

      • I’d like to see you do better and go up against competitors like Corey and Paul. ??? She deserves the credit for that win. I’m not a big fan but I call it like I see it. I know I would have been out just after Michelle if I were lucky enough on that one.

      • Natalie won by 4 seconds? I wonder how different the game would be if Corey was 5 seconds faster and had won?

      • Well, they were in the dark and with the creative editing that is so possible (how could anyone prove otherwise?) how do we even know that the times they stated are even true?

        The only fair thing would have been a game of chance right front of the rest of the houseguests to determine the HOH winner, not some easily manipulated or made up “time thing.”

      • But she won. And she won against Corey and Paul whom are both pretty tough competitors. She deserves credit for it. I’m sure things wouldn’t be much different if Corey had won. I would expect Corey to put up the strongest duo in the house as well. It actually makes the most sence.
        Nat’s biggest problem is second guessing her strategy and worrying too much about hurting feelings.
        Now if Paul had won, there would be a whole new ball game.

    • That’s exactly what BB doesn’t want. They want run of the mill, average people to win. If it’s just straight competition you want to see, turn on football, boxing, or any other competitive sport in the world.

  16. I had another thought about how everyone thinks Paul has been playing a dirty game… When did Big Brother become the tv show, “Everybody play nice and respect each others feelings?” Seriously?! Paul should win the whole thing based on his game play, not have crying house guests boo hooing about it. Victor should win based on his comp record. There’s your two finalists. Why does production feel the need to force their agenda onto Natalie? How much longer are we (as Big Brother fans) going to continue watching a show that is becoming more and more rigged?

  17. Someone wrote that James is a weasel and that is so true. He needs to get the boot soon. Vic doesn’t deserve to get voted off.

    Lost respect for Natalie for allowing James to get into her head.

    • Yep, she’s tried to change her mind and go after Corey on a few occasions over the last day or two. James immediately says that he has Natalie’s back, but then starts making her second guess herself by badmouthing Paul and Victor.

      • Not enjoying James’ game at all. Victor and Paul deserve to win. In fact, Vic, Paul and Michelle are top 3.

        Wish James, Corey and Nicole can get voted out.

        Natalie was okay until she started doubting her game and James only added to that.

      • I agree with your top 3. I didn’t like Michelle for a while mainly because of all the crying and whining. I’m still not a fan of hers, but I don’t dislike her. Plus, I give her kudos for getting this far while basically being an individual and not part of a big alliance.

      • Watching Natalie and James try to convince Michelle right now is horrible.

        Natalie is lying to Michelle saying that if she wants to put up Nicole, James will vote her out. So not true.

        They are turning into manipulators

      • And yet Nat keeps saying “I’m not a manipulator wah wah wah!!” Then in the same breath bloats about her being able to get Michelle to do whatever she wants. James messed up Natalie’s game big time!

      • Yeah, about the only way Natalie can redeem her game at this point is to realize what James is doing and turn on him with the first true blindside of the season. Not going to happen probably, but it would be fun to see!

      • Why the ehck would she turn on James? As long as James is in the game, nobody will target her because they’d view her as a ‘lesser’ target because you know… sexism.

    • And now they’re convincing Michelle on the feeds! Ugh. Like I’ve stated earlier.. He keeps saying there’s no buy back, can’t wait to see his face and Natalie’s realization that he guy doesn’t no sh**. Lol

      • As I said before on this Board, ‘Suze’, from that episode of Seinfeld where everyone pretended to know this imaginary employee that Elaine dreamt up, would play a better game than ‘Meech’…

      • Please say it isn’t so. I want to see her fight for what she wants without others getting in her ear.

      • Michelle never could think for herself. She could have saved her friend/crush Frank but was easily coerced by others not to use the veto, she only had Frank and Bridget as allies. Moments after Frank leaves she regrets not using it bawling of course. She been riding on Vic and Paul coat tails ever since and I can’t count the number of times she cried safety to both of them worried about others trying to get her out and Paul telling her to “relax your alright your not being evicted, just keep quite and don’t make a scene”. How that blew up in his face. Thats the thanks he got.

  18. I made it home finally. Took us 14 hrs of driving! Won’t be doing that again any time soon!!! It’s good to be back! :-)

      • I see that. Not something I would ever picture James doing…but then he’s made it further this season, than last. I just don’t see him taking home the 500k though. Do you?

      • Hope not. Also hope that America sees how sneaky he is and doesn’t vote him AFP.

        Top 3 fave players this season are
        1) Vic 2) Paul 3) Michelle

        Feel really bad for Vic

      • I feel bad for him too. But he made it further than any returning hg ever. So he at least has that to be remembered by!

      • He’s done it in a really sneaky way. Not to sound mean, but does he really believe that Natalie will actually move to Texas to be with him? He is trying to get the guys out of jealousy and that’s bad.

      • I think they could make a go of it, but with the distance factor, I doubt it will work out long-term. And yeh, he’s really sunk to a new low by getting out those who want to spend snuggle time with Nat..LOL

      • I don’t think he is jealous, I believe he thinks he is making a big move.
        Of course it is going to backfire on him.

      • Me too! He powered through those 4 comps to win his way back and that was no easy fete to speak of. Paulie won the easier comps in comparison!

  19. I don’t understand why people like James so much. I have never liked him. He is nothing but a sneaky rat that has been going back and forth between everyone this entire season.
    He is trying to play the Andy rat game and these people cannot see through it.
    I hope his entire game gets blown up soon and he is out the door for good.
    Did I mention that he gets on my last nerve?
    Then again that they let showmances get as far as they have this season…

    • I used to be a big fan since last season and was happy when he came back, but he is so annoying in this game.
      Last season he was having a lot of fun with the girls in the house, but now he is all about Natalie and his conversations are boring. Throwing comps and flipping from one side to the other constantly. Just annoying. I hope Natalie gives him the boot and she plays with Michelle.

  20. I hope that Natalie and Michelle’s talk convinces James that Paul is the real threat and not Victor. Michelle shouldn’t let anyone convince her to put up Corey and should choose Nicole if she really wants her out.

  21. Imagine how each of HG’s family is feeling watching all this go down. Feel especially sorry for Vic’s family having to watch him go through so much undeserved ‘crap’

    • I’d be appalled if I saw my kids behaving in such a manner. There’s always another way without playing dirty and shameless! :-) Let me know when you figure it out. :-)

      • They have all been shameless. I did not like Vic in the beginning.
        I actually liked Paulie in the beginning.
        My only constant has been my dislike for James.

      • Weird how I have been right there with you. I didn’t like Paul at first, then I did, then I didn’t again. James has disappointed me and Vic became my new hero all of a sudden, when I could barely tolerate him at first, by getting out a guy who could have been liked by all if he didn’t show all his cards…similar to what Frankie was warned not to do by his 1/2 sister, but did so anyway.

      • Oh don’t mention the pink haired one. Someone needs to put that entitled brat in his place.
        The one that disappointed me was Nicole. She not only ruined her game but Corey’s as well.
        Though I wonder if he could think on his own.
        Sorry, A little harsh, haaha

  22. Omg!!!! If I hear the word “LITERALLY” one more time I’m literally gonna break my tv. Watching bbad and they all say it so much but I think Natalie takes the cake. She may say the word in every sentence she speaks. It’s beyond ridiculous and annoying. On a side note I really dislike her. She’s so fake. Guaranteed she doesn’t speak to James when this game is over. Completely using him. Corey n Nicole do nothing but lay in bed all day with Nicole whining every second. The only 2 people I like are Victor the most and then Meech.

      • I can’t take the “literally” anymore. They all say it. It’s like nails on a chalk board to me by now. Once you notice it it’s so hard to try n ignore. LITERALLY rooting for Vic Meech or Paul. But Paul already has money so rooting for Vic. Hoping he wins his way back yet again.

    • Like literally that’s the worst comment I ever read, your boy (kidding, girl here) is offended. lol, So right. I was literally (kidding) just complaining to my husband how they use the word so much and not even correctly and I get annoyed. I am starting to wonder about the education level of young people today. I think Natalie is sweet and not being fake but I might be wrong.

  23. Please tell young people today the correct use of the word “literally”. Are they always so whiny? The big scary black box (snorts) isn’t going to hurt you. Whoevers voice that is, is not a serial killer. And you can take a shower. I do wonder how BB makes these concoctions but I assume out of nothing harmful.

    • Some people can’t separate the 2, gameplay and personal feelings. She might be different outside the house but she did say she is very sensitive.

    • She is very easily manipulated. She admits to it. She also admits to being a Trump supporter. I guess it all fits.

  24. Since when is it ok for the diary room to influence nominations? What the heck is that all about?

    • They do it all the time. Back when I just watched in my own little world I had no idea. But since I started reading BBN I realized a lot of things.

    • It’s nothing new. Remember back in BB11 when they tried to steer Jeff away from trusting Natalie and back to working with Russell and Michele?

    • I think it’s very wrong, not to mention unethical. Granted the house guests do not have to listen; it just proves how weak-minded they tend to be.

  25. The 2 people I would be happiest to see win at this point are Victor and Paul (in that order). Victor has quite LITERALLY fought his way through the game harder than anyone else, especially when you factor in his Battle Back wins. His summer has been more physically demanding than anyone else’s, yet I think he’s managed to play with some integrity, while still having fun and executing some cutthroat moves. The way he stood solid against Paulie’s persistent begging to get pulled off the block was awesome. I was afraid he’d give in, but he never did, which was beautiful to behold. I used to dislike Victor and was rooting against him in the beginning, but now I’m cheerleading for him. If he’s evicted again and gets himself back into the house again, he should be handed the check. Paul has also won me over, and now I wouldn’t mind seeing him win either. I was initially hoping he’d be the first one evicted because I just couldn’t stand his loud mouth or his constant attempts to coin catch phrases, but he’s managed to balance an incredibly strong social game with a solid comp record. Somehow he’s also made it this far without the others feeling overly threatened by him, and he’s provided some good laughs, despite my resistance to liking him. Now, on the other hand, if Paulie happens to win a chance back into the house again, I would be furious. He doesn’t even deserve to get paid to sit in the jury house, let alone get back into the BB House. If he were to win the game this season I’d be beyond disgusted. The thought of seeing the smug look on his face and watching him do more “finger guns” and shaka signs makes my stomach churn. What a tool.

  26. “Paulie is telling Corey and Nicole that they need to go after Victor and James. And Nicole goes right to tell James and Nicole (you meant Natalie) that Paul said he was going for Victor and James. But I don’t remember hearing him say that. It was only Paulie who said it.”

    Actually, Branden, when Paulie said to go after Vic and James, Paul was there, too, and he said something along the lines of “Okay, let’s do it.” And the fact that he said it is all you need. Because in the Big Brother House, especially with someone like Natalie, it’s what you said it, not your intent, that can get you on the block. Because if you said it, there’s a chance that you meant it.

    And considering Paul and Victor have discussed going after James now, her concern is well founded.

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