Big Brother 18: Nomination Anticipation In Week 7

Another week brings another new Head of Household for Big Brother 18 and that means it’s time to start setting nomination plans with two more Houseguests sent to the Block for possible eviction this round. It didn’t take long after last night’s HoH comp to discover who those targets would be.

Michelle and Zakiyah are worried on BB18

We’ve got one side of the house running things as the rest cower in a corner and wait for their turn to be thrown on the Block and evicted. No changes in that routine this week as Houseguests play everyone’s favorite game this season: Big Paulie.

Remember when Victor was evicted and said if he came back that he’d target Paulie? Hilarious, I know. Forget going after the guy who Backdoor’d you. How about going after the targets he hand picks for you? Perfect, then we’re all in agreement.

Not long after the Feeds returned we found Paulie, Victor, James, and Paul gathered in the Lounge where they discussed plans for this week. Flashback to 10:11 PM BBT 8/4 to listen in on the talk.

Their next-target plans had been set earlier in the week so there’s really no need for deep discussion. Victor is going to put up Michelle and Zakiyah with the target on Zakiyah.

But wait, isn’t Zakiyah Paulie’s favorite pawn and late night shenanigans partner? Well James knows better than to target her without permission because remember, this is Biiiig Paulie. So James explicitly asks if they have Paulie’s blessing to target Zakiyah and he grants them permission. I’m not kidding.

Victor says he hopes he can win Veto so the noms can remain and Zakiyah can be sent packing. So that’s our target, right? Wait for it.

A little later in the night Paulie talked with Zakiyah to let her know that Michelle was probably going up though he doesn’t know who the target may be. This is a lie because he knows not only is Michelle going up but so is Zakiyah and Z will be Victor’s preferred target. He even suggests that Natalie will probably be Victor’s target. Nope, another lie.

Keeping up the theme of lies and deception, a few hours later Michelle asks Zakiyah if Paulie told her anything about Victor’s nomination plans. Zakiyah says he didn’t. Good grief, these ladies are not watching out for each other in the least.

Move again to 1:15 AM BBT 8/5 as Paul, Paulie, and Victor gather in the HoH room to discuss plans. Things are still set for Michelle and Zakiyah to go up but now the guys are suggesting to Victor that he renom Bridgette but he isn’t interested in doing that and makes it clear that he wants to keep Bridgette around. Victor says he’d sooner renom Natalie.

So Michelle and Zakiyah are going up with Zakiyah as the target, right? Not so fast.


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  1. It doesn’t make sense for Victor to try and get out Paulie now. Paulie is too close with the boys and Nicole that there wouldn’t be enough votes to evict him, plus does Victor really want to work with Michelle and Zak? Doubtful. Time for floaters to grab a life vest!

    • …but it also doesn’t make sense to keep getting rid of Paulie’s enemies because you make him stronger.

      • I get that, I think they’re crazy for letting him control every ceremony, but I understand why you wouldn’t want to nominate him with so many allies. Paulie is most likely going to get to the top 3, but unless he wins that final HOH there’s no way he’s going to the finale.

      • Then nominate his allies! This game has become so boring ever since they started recruiting people that don’t know how to play the game

      • Victor IS his ally. Putting up one of Paulie’s allies = putting up one of Victor’s allies. I can’t disagree with Victor’s move at this point in the game.

      • Everybody thinks Paulie is their ally…it should be a major red flag when the person who BD’d you is not only trying to schmooze you when you return to the house, but is universally liked even by his targets. Everyone acknowledges that Paulie runs things but nobody wants to do anything about it, and will use any of their own personal reasons to justify a decision made by him….like Derrick, but with far less tact.

      • Yeah, I guess there are more important things than money…like having a summer camp leader!

        They’re all floaters. It’s a sad sad season.

      • Haha it is crazy they’re letting him dictate everything, but I really do think Vic’s nominations today are what he actaully wants.

      • Then he’s a dumb @$$, It’s been said many times today Kill Or Be Killed, If he doesnt BD Paulie its out the door with him

      • He doesn’t have the support to BD him. Paulie has a lot of allies that wouldn’t vote him out. Putting him up would just put a target on Victor’s back.

      • They have the same allies though, Corey, Paul, Paulie, and Vic have the only solid alliance there. Yeah he could nominate James and Natalie but why? Zak and Michelle are coming for Victor so it’s good for his game to get them out.

      • There will be time enough or the males to turn on each other so I can’t fault their game plan.

      • Yes, even though we might not like them there’s nothing wrong so far with the way they’re playing.

      • I’m with you. Victor isn’t going to put his boys up but hopefully one of the girls wins the next HOH and since DE goes so fast they put up Paul and Paulie with the hopes of evicting Paulie. If one of them wins veto then put James or Victor up. These people need to wake up and see Paulie is controlling every HOH.

      • I agree, get Paulie out he is telling everyone what to do! I can’t believe he got Paulie to vote out Da” when he want Bridget to go!

    • These girls can’t win anything to even help themselves. Cower in a corner and cry – just waiting their turn to be evicted. Does Michelle cry 24/7

    • The way I see it, the only way for Paulie to go is through the Back Door. The question was does Victor have the votes to pull it off? Let’s dig a little deeper into that.

      Votes to evict Paulie this week: Natalie, possibly James ( those two seem to vote the same) and maybe the Meech. Nope, he won’t have it.

      • Exactly, it isn’t in Victor’s best interest to try and backdoor Paulie this week. The only solid alliance greater than 2 people is Paul, Paulie, Victor, and Corey. I see them being the F4. If those four keep winning power (which is likely) then next week Michelle will leave, then Natalie, James, Bridgette, Nicole to follow.

      • I know deep down you are right but I can’t help but respectfully disagree with you. Nat I think has figured him out and in order for her to further her game with the help of James, I believe she could convince James to do so if Paulie is on the block.

    • Agreed. The interesting thing about this season is that for someone other than Paulie to win, someone needs to make the “big move” and get him out of the house, but for the most part, it’s probably detrimental to a lot of people’s individual games for them to make that move (or at least they think it is) If you just float, you’ll eventually get “clipped” as Paulie likes to say and in the end he’ll walk away with 500K, but if you’re the one to get him out, there’s a good chance that can end your game as well, at least with the current state of things. Sort of a Catch 22, will be interesting to see if it changes in the following weeks.

      • The way I see it is Paulie has an easy slide to third place, if he happens to win the final HOH then yeah the $500k is his, but if he doesn’t then he’ll be like Vanessa and get third bc no one would dare take him to the finale and give up the money.

      • I don’t know….I think someone like Paul who doesn’t know the game that well or someone like Corey who doesn’t seem to be thinking that deeply about things might still take Paulie. It could be more of a Cody/Derrick situation than a Steve/Vanessa one.

      • True that’s possible. I think Cody knew picking Derrick over Victoria was a $450k loss but did it anyway bc they were best buds

      • Weak men, you mean. Victor, Corey and James have no backbone or brain. Do they really think, after trying to get rid of Z, that Paulie wants to keep them around for much longer?

      • The girls are weak – if they could win comps, they wouldn’t be picked off – maybe. The men are on a power trip. Why doesn’t Nicole’s name ever come up? I can’t stand her

      • But now they get to go to that big beautiful house for the rest of summer camp, AND get paid, how good is that, I’m sure thats good enough for them

      • That would be tough though, not to have internet and not hear from your family for 9/10 weeks. Yikes!

      • It has a few times by almost every one of the guys. Anytime she is mentioned, Paulie nips it. Although he has brought her name up before, too. It is strange. It’s like it’s ok as long as HE is the one that says it.

      • There are rumors that Nicole and Paulie had a secret final 2 before entering the house. Being a vet does have its advantages.

      • If there is truth to it, definitely makes you look at things from a different perspective. If they were the F2 who do you think would win? As of now, I think Paulie would, but a few weeks from now, things could be very different if those two were F2.

      • I’m pretty sure if those 2 were in the finale Paulie would expect Nicole to fall on her sword and give him the win as his brother Cody did for Derrick.
        I don’t think Nicole would do this though.
        While in the jury house the HG’s will probably compare notes and realize Paulie played all of them and was responsible for getting them out. If there’s a bitter jury Nicole could win instead – I hope so anyway, it’s about time we had another female winner.
        I’m pretty sure Nik will be a bitter juror…

      • Don’t you think at sometime when they were alone we would of heard them discussing it on the feeds? I think it’s just that a rumor.

      • I don’t have the feeds so if they have discussed this I don’t know. But Paulie does probably think Nicole is the perfect pawn to bring to the F2. Let me know if you hear anything on the feeds about this.

      • Hadn’t heard that but someone on here told me yesterday that Nic & Paulie were related.

        All I’ve heard in recaps is Paulie has told Nicole that he thinks he loves her more than Cody did.
        Just sounds to me like not related. Sounds like Cody commented that she was a sweetheart.

        They don’t know who else is going to be in the house before it starts, do they? I thought they were sequestered as soon as they were told???

      • What I’ve heard is that by following the vets on facebook or twitter they can tell if they’ll return by the lack of activity.
        I read on Jokers that Cody and his father loved Nicole and that their families have visited each other and are now good friends.
        So I don’t think Paulie is going to treat Nicole the same way he does Zak and the other girls.
        I’ve heard nothing about P. and N. being family – just good friends.
        Paulie’s comments to Nicole does indicate they knew each other before BB began.
        Nicole and paulie did not act as though they knew each other at the beginning of BB though so that is confusing.
        All kind of rumors going around and I don’t know which are true either.

      • Well if thats the case then both of them should be disqualified and CBS sued for running a dishonest game,because that,s what it would be

      • I’ve noticed that too…and I don’t like it one bit I tell ya. “Is it okay if I kiss your butt, though,” asks every other guy.

      • When Da was in the house that’s all she talked about. She was fixated on Nicole. That’s one of the reasons she’s sitting in jury. Turning on her alliance. Why can’t you stand Nicole? Because she’s playing the game while the other girls do nothing. Just curious.

      • I agree. Her wanting to even target Nic if she won HoH was proof she was laser focused on Nic. You don’t have to like her, Da, but for your own sake, move along and target the real threats to your game.

        Evicting Nic would not help her game. Da would be doing the boys’ dirty work for them. Gawwww!!!!

        And yes, Da started this snowball that rolled over her. Julie alluded to it. She drew 1st blood when she was sitting pretty. Smh.

      • Vic & Corey are new to the game. James should have known better. Frank did.

        Please stop promising female recruits they’ll get more screen time and popularity by getting into a showmance. Please. I beg you. Stop the madness.

  2. I don’t have to read the nomination options…camera pans to Vic-Paulie, who should I put up? Paulie names who he want OTB. Victor- I’m so happy I thought of that.
    Same script every week.

  3. When James asked for Paulie’s blessing, it was one of the most pathetic moments on BB this season. I will say second to Zakhya’s leaching on to Paulie.

  4. I was kind of wondering if Nat would pull this one out, since it was after all just spinning in circles LOL

      • I wish they would put up James and Natalie and then he could get evicted. I think Victor may have a secret plan to backdoor’d Paulie, but is acting like he is with him.

      • I doubt Victor would make that move especially when the 2nd eviction would result in Victor leaving most likely. At least now he can last a lot longer and perhaps even make it to the end. If he gets rid of Paulie, he’s done.

      • It depends on who wins HOH for the double. If Paulie is gone, then Victor could take charge. Paul and Corey are just followers. Is Nicole who he should watch out for, but if he doesn’t put her up why would she want him out.

      • I can see that – too bad Victor can’t. He’s in a bad spot. Go against the guys and hope the girls will back him? These girls are so weak

      • I would go with James and Nicole. Nicole is the most annoying in the house right now. I hope they make a big move on the 2nd eviction this upcoming week.

      • I can’t stand Nicole, but I hate James butter kissing people. He is a man and needs to grow some. If Natalie is truly interested in him, then I hope after she watches how not so manly he played she could dump him. I doubt that either of them will go to the end, but hopefully James wins HOH and does something to make me like him again. He obviously threw the game to keep himself safe, but Paulie is planning to get him out.

      • I just don’t see Victor ever going after Paulie, UNLESS he found out about Paul and Paulie’s F2.

      • Does anyone know about that? The fact that, to my knowledge, it hasn’t been mentioned as a possibility, says a lot about these nincompoops. I mean, good golly Miss Molly, they are doppelgangers.

      • Good golly Miss Molly, I feel like if I were in that house, an F2 between the PeePees would be kind of flippin’ obvious. Those two hang on each other. But as someone above has said, the rest are just hangin out.

      • I think they all think Paulie has told each of them they have an F2 with him, but they think he is lying to everyone else … real floaters don’t think past that because they are not playing, just “hanging” … and wish’n and hope’n and not think’n and plan’n.

      • I could see it once they get to the wall comp.
        By then, the stragglers will be gone and it will be just guys.

        Paul ain’t that big a dummy. If he/Vic (orig BFFs) win it, I could see Paul directing Vic to target Paulie.
        Paul has to know he can’t win against Paulie in F2.

        I could see Paul making that happen at that point.
        Take out Paulie (or Corey if Paulie escapes).
        Paulie would take Paul to F2 anyway if they did have to settle for taking out Corey so Paul will go to the end regardless. It will either be for $50K or $500K.

        That would be Vic’s only shot at F2 (evict Paulie & go with Paul).

      • Could you just see Da’s face if Paulie walked in the door right behind her? Not gonna happen, but one cn dream

      • Julie tried to see if Da’vonne knew that Paulie got her out by asking her who she thought was behind her eviction. Da’vonne still has no clue that Paulie was behind her demise. She is probably blaming Paul and knows that James voted her out. She probably thinks that Paulie gave her one of those 2 votes.

    • I think she lasted a long time. Holding on to a rope for that long while your hands and feet are burning is not as easy as it looks.

  5. I just love when the stragglers talk about nominations, it goes down to who among them should be voted out! Whether it is James, Natalie, Zakiyah, Michelle, they will are ready to take out whichever among them is the target! There is no plan to further one’s game. The guys have the stranglehold on the game and probably will end up at the very end of it! Meaning Paulie, Paul, Victor and Corey! I am not including James because he will be on the chopping block soon enough!

  6. Those of you that have feeds, if you watch the conversation between him and Z last night, notice how often he touches the back of his head while lying to Z about who the targets are, when in fact it’s Z who’s the target to get out because he deemed it so during the convo with James, Paul and Victor.

    • Then later on when he was talking to James, he switched to Michelle as the target. So, is the target Michelle or Z??

      • Because he knows James and Nat are tight as a couple and doesn’t want them telling others that he and Z are not. He flip flops like Van did to confuse the masses – on purpose. James already heard who his initial target was and asked for his permission to put Z up if no one else did. LOL

      • Please make it Z, she adds absolutely nothing and I know Meech is going to bring the drama!

  7. As much as I’ve grown to despise the 2 Ps (especially that little pr*ck Paulie) the rest of the players are so decidedly passive and gutless – especially the girls – I’m happy enough to see these do-nothing stragglers and floaters picked off one by one. For now.
    My sincere hope is that just as Paulie is close enough to the F2 to be planning how he’ll spend that $500K he goes down in ignominious defeat.
    Paulia may deserve some credit for being the only one to really play the game this summer, but he’s proven himself a true scumbag and I truly hope he is denied victory.

  8. Every single thing that could make this season less interesting, boring, dull and terrible has happened…bullshitious.

  9. I really don’t get the strategy of putting up either M or Z. These guys are not targeting competition, they are going for easy pickings. Someone like Victor could go to the end with either of these two and win the guy, but someone like Victor will never go to the end with PeePee in the house.

    Paulie is not playing a strategic game at all. He’s just the strongest and pushiest personality in the house. And pushing to get Z out because he has begun to find her a pain in his rear end just doesn’t make for good game play. Pushing to get M out because she is flipping annoying doesn’t either. Although, I might want to smother her with a pillow if I had to live with her crying jags. Yikes!

    • It’s only the top 10 right now. Here’s plenty of time for the big dogs to go after each other when the time comes. For now they need to get out the people who would target them if they won HOH. I think his nominations make perfect sense with the hand he’s given.

    • The plan is to get all of the girls out and have an all boys final 5. Corey and Paulie have a final 2 deal and he also has one with Paul, but it seems that Corey is his real partner to the end. Victor and James could go anytime and they will be the first of the guys to go if Paulie is not backdoor’d this week.

      • I get that, if Paulie continues to run the show. But Victor needs to get some perspective on this and see that Paulie is sliding right to the end.

  10. this season sucks!!! LOL just kidding!! i do wish that Victor would play his own game and not someone else’s. it was a point were the women could have gotten them all out but noooooo the way to catty!!!

    • This isn’t my favorite season, but it is better than the last 3, 15, 16 & 17. The absolute worst for me.

  11. Since the DE happens next week I don’t know if its a good idea for Victor to target Paulie right now . On the other hand maybe that’s a good reason for V. to target Paulie if he wants to survive the DE.
    I’m sure all the late night feedsters are gonna miss Zak.

    • They are young and impressionable. Da’vonne was the only adult female in the house and that’s why she was eliminated.

    • Yes. They don’t find actual fans anymore, just people that give them the answers they want and fit a certain type. SMDH

  12. Victor has been discussed as a DE target; so he may not get the chance to turn on Paulie, even if he BD him this week he would still be a target so there’s no point in doing it.

    • I don’t know. I see it as his only chance. The DE target depends entirely on who wins HOH, so while there is a chance that Victor could be a target, there is a chance he could not. The way I see it, if Victor doesn’t make a big move now, he’s done. He might be done either way, but he at least has to give it a shot.

      • It would piss off the rest of the guys and they would evict him. Besides, whoever is sitting beside M or Z would be safe this week, even Paulie. Vic doesn’t think three or four weeks down the road; he looks at the game one week at a time

      • It might piss off the rest of the guys, or the rest of the guys might open their eyes. The sad truth is though, that if Paulie goes, there is really no one left who is actually playing the game. Paul would have to step up and I just don’t see him commanding the same sort of whatever it is that Paulie commands. Corey and James both seem like non-players. All the women are non-players. And Victor? Hmmmm. Unless he makes a big move now, he’s going nowhere.

      • I agree, a lot of people don’t like Paulie but he knows how to play and no one else does; can’t fault him for that!

      • Not faulting him at all. I don’t care for him as a person, from what I’ve seen, but he is the only one left who seems to know what BB is about

      • Yes I agree…it’s now or never for him….the only problem for him is that the puzzle pieces have to line up where he can nominate P&P at the same time and he can get Paulie out…i feel he can only get Paulie out if he puts up the twinsees together….if he swings and misses he going out a lot earlier.

      • The point is he’s going anyways so take the gamble. I don’t think Vic knew the game before entering the house so he doesn’t under he’s in trouble

      • Yes my point….if you are going to go…go big even if it doesn’t work out….at least you are going to be remembered…but like you said I don’t think he’s a gamer….too naive.

      • Put up Corey and Nicole and use the veto (if Paulie doesn’t win) on Nicole. Put Paulie up and NIcole will have to choose. Her boy toy will probably be her choice. Remove Corey and he will vote out Nicole instead. Regardless one of them will go.

      • Agreed…he can only make the biggest move of the season in DE and if the stars align…he can take out Paulie and everyone will gladly vote him out cause they know this will be the only chance they get.

    • It is hugely possible that Paulie could have that golden ticket. So even if he goes, he will come right back and win HOH. I still don’t care and hope someone has the guts to eliminate even if he returns.

  13. Vic needs to put up Corey & Nichole, let them battle it on for veto, if one of them wins , one will come down. If Paulette plays veto & wins he will leave norms as they are to keep from showing his hand& one of them will go home. If Corey or Nichole wins he can then back door Pauline if he doesn’t win veto, if he does & was to take Corey down the Vic can backdror any of the rest of these idiots.

    • Nicole and Corey are his allies, why would he put up two allies? Paul won’t work with Victor unless he’s working with Paulie too. Victor should not and doesn’t have any interest in working with Zak or Michelle.

  14. I am almost done with this game, I have a feeling if it keeps going the way it is I won’t be watching much longer. So boring and predictable.

    • I very much understand how you feel. I started watching BB because I love the strategy aspect of it. I do lots of logic puzzles, sudoku, those type of puzzles when BB isn’t in session. I don’t watch porn and don’t get my kicks watching a guy berate a woman, a poker player bullying people, a flamboyant dirtbag being disgustingly offensive and entitled, or a female being obsessively skanky. I enjoy and expect drama, but not people purposefully hurting others. I love to laugh and I haven’t seen anything to laugh about this summer. BB use to make me laugh. It use to be fun.

      • You should apply on BB next season…You and me F2..and I’ll backstab you….oh come on K, there are some good porn..with puzzles. lol

    • I know I’m getting bored but I doubt I’ll be able to stop watching :P
      I threatened to stop watching multiple times last year because of Vanessa, so if I didn’t stop watching then I probably won’t stop watching now. But I absolutely agree that it’s just not doing it for me anymore.

  15. I am rooting for PP now. Neither Michelle or Z get sent packing this coming week I won’t shed a tear. Club idiots: Z, James, Nat, Vic, Nicory all deserted to go home.

  16. Again…Paulie controls the HOH! Can these bafoons not see that he is controlling each weeks nominations?! I mean, give me a break. These people need to start thinking for themselves. I guess Z will finally see that Paulie’s just not that into her. *smh*

  17. Fatal Five and Spy Girls were strong girl alliances at the beginning. But then they decided to chase boys, turn on each other and being mean to other girls.
    While there are actually no boy alliances but the guys remain loyal to each other.
    So it’s not really the guys’ fault if the girls now are being picked off one after another.

  18. I know this is not the time nor the place but………. Dayvonne went “HOME”!!!!!!! YAYYYYY
    Okay now that I got that off my chest, How about these losers playing Paulies game? I still have hopes of a girl winning next HOH and getting Paulie out. Hopefully Bridge gets the care package this week, uses it to her advantage, wins next HOH and targets Paulie. If not, this chick will not be watching anymore, but i will always read the updates! I love this BigBrotherNetwork!!!

    • Bridge doesn’t need the Care Package this week. It’s useless for her. She needs the Care Package next week (safety) or the week after (Co-HoH).

      • Now that you brought that up since it is a DE whoever gets care pkg #2 will eliminate 2 votes but the second eviction there will be no care pkg. Not sure if I worded right.

      • Yeah I think so, no care package for the second eviction. The safety care package should be for the next eviction after the second eviction of the DE.

      • Not necessarily. 2 votes will be voided this week. That can work in her favor, especially if the girls (aside from Nicole) wake up and realize the only chance they have is working with each other. Lets say Bridgette gets the package she could then use that as leverage and perhaps a way to get Michelle to finally align with her. Keeping Zakiyah in the house pretty much ensures Bridgette will be next for sure, but Michelle has a little more sense for the game, and although her head is not on straight at the moment, all she needs is to be reminded what game she is playing. Bridgette can do that, if they only set aside their differences already. Then, two votes that could go to evicting Michelle would be voided and Bye Bye Z. Michelle and Bridge have a good shot at winning comps so if they just win HOH after and target Paulie. With Paulie gone the b**ches… i meant Guys sorry, will be lost, and quite possibly be thrown off their game. These girls are being underestimated big time, and it doesn’t help that you have these guys taking advantage of em either. But collectively I think they know alot more about the game then all the guys combined. Paulie is playing tooooo strong and the only reason why the girls have not realized this threat is because Z is blinding them with her BS.

      • Z is in love. She ain’t leaving Paulie.

        The rebel alliance is too late – Frank, Tiff, Da are history. Only thing, Da still wanted to put up Nic. Girl please! What is that going to do? Short term revenge but you’d be right behind her. She ain’t your (biggest problem). Heck, PP would shake your hand for eating a girl (one of their targets). You’d just be doing their dirty work.

        Why won’t they listen to me!!!

      • Oh gosh. I was going off the “eating their own” / cannibalizing themselves wordsmithery. Lol.

        But they would prolly shake her hand for that, too.
        They gave Nicole grief over her dreams. The more she clarified, the worse it got. Dem boyz! Smh. lol
        Love you too! ha ha ha ha

      • I don’t mind Nicole now, since she’s not that flip-floppy anymore.
        I do like Lil Cabbage Patch Kid and glad she could skip by this week without being on the block.

      • I’m glad too. She was being persecuted more than a person ever should have been. Bridgette that is. Nic, well…Nicole is Nicole and can’t change to spite herself! LOL

      • Btw when Mich was alone after her hissy fit, Bridge said she wanted to go to see her so she’s not alone (not sure if she did tho) so that’s nice of her considering what Big Meech did to her before.
        And Nicole … hahaha you sum that up perfectly!

  19. I saw this coming from last week! hahahaha! I’m so not surprised. The only person that would be able to see his game clearly is Nicole, but she is too busy trying to coast to the end.

    • The purpose of the game is to reach “the end” which is F2 and try to convince jury to vote for him/her to win.
      So if Nicole could coast to the end, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that hehehe.

      • They’re all trying to coast to the end (Except for Paulie). However, coasting is not in everyone favor.

  20. I’d be ok with Meech going with week. I’m over her bawling like a baby whenever something doesn’t go her way. I’d care but then she’s so mean I just can’t!

    • Yeah I usually don’t like seeing girls cry but the other night I just laughed seeing her bawling her eyes out over the apple incident. She brought it to herself. Nobody even hurt her. i will probably laugh at her again when she cries during HoH comp this Sunday. Sorry not sorry haha.

      • I don’t like anyone crying either but considering that Michelle is such a mean girl who can diss it out but not take it… I just can’t handle her. Plus her crying is so over the top dramatic… It reminds me of my 6 year old when he fake cries to get attention!!

    • I don’t like to see anyone cry (for real) but that’s no reason to keep her/them. Off with their crying heads. Not to be mean but ain’t nobody got time for that – Trying to win $500K!

      • I don’t like to see anyone cry either but her crying is soo over the top dramatic that it’s unreal and just plain crazy when you consider how mean she is to others then freaks out if she even thinks anyone hints at thinking something negative of her. I really do feel sorry for her emotionally she has NO self esstem and i really hope she stays away from the Internet when she gets out. She won’t be able to handle the truth of how mean she was in the house.

  21. I hate the fact that Paulie thinks he is playing the same game as Derrick. Derrick ruled the house and no one ever knew it. Derrick just stayed under the radar had other people do the work for him because his game was just that good. Derrick was a very likable player even when he manipulated everyone the entire season. Paulie doesn’t have half the skill Derrick had and saying he got pointers from him just diminishes the excellent game Derrick played. The only thing I can give Paulie credit for is getting the smart players out early. He befriended Tiffany early, played chess with her, had conversations with her which allowed him to see how smart she was. That means she had to go. I did not like Jozea, not even a little bit, but he had a mind of his own and would not allow Paulie to control him. Frank would have been a great player to have in right now that Paulie could not control but he was so focused on playing so many people that he didn’t stop to realize what was really happening. Derrick manipulated everyone in the house and his cast was more intelligent by far!! I’m ending my ranting session now.

  22. I love this picture for this headline. Lol.

    Make nice with the boys so they’ll cover you at times,
    but don’t depend on them to take you to the end.

    Would You Rather?
    – F a show/ro/faux/flirt mance and go HAM on those comps for $500K!
    – Marry the boy after the season (or date) but strategically align/flirt with him for now and play for yourself?
    – Kill your chance at $500K by depending solely on the kindness of a guy to carry you til the end?

  23. These people need to go back and watch seasons 6 7 8 so they can really learn how to play. They will see a house divided is the best case scenario. But you really can’t blame Paulie if the majority of the women are there to fall in lust and the men are creampuffs than it’s not his fault

  24. Omg I getting so tired of everyone doing what Paulie wants. They do realize that only one of them can win 500k right? I wish Victor would return the favor and BD Paulie, but I don’t see that happening since Paul and Paulie are now bromancing

  25. Its clear Victor has not learned anything he was told by Tiffany to trust only Frank and Mama D told him they want him out on DE and he still does what he is told unreal

  26. First time in 18 years I have not had a favorite. Derrick controlled the house the entire season, which made it very boring for me…but, Derrick was a likable guy…no ego, no being hypocritical, no berating of a girl, Paulie, who thinks he is Derrick 2.0…is a hypocritical ego-maniac..I know Z has brought alot of the stuff with Paulie on all by herself…but, when I watched him berate and treat her the way he did the other night on the feeds..I was disgusted..I had to stop watching…she is his Victoria…but, Derrick never treated Victoria the way Paulie has treated Z…When the guys were discussing noms last night and James said to Paulie..well, if we have your blessing..I thought..that’s it..I’m done! What is wrong with these people? James, so far, has been a major disappointment AFP vote from me for him..Nicole is this season’s Christine..she left the girls and started being the guy’s little rat..when they are done with her..she will be does she not see that? Very weak players this season…I hope BB19 restores my faith in this game..because this season, I have lost alot of faith in this show.

  27. This season is really getting to me, everybody handing the win to Paulie, I really wanted Vic to win and put Paulie up like he said! Very disappointed el Victor

  28. I love it that four of the last five paragraphs are about Paulie/Paul/James and their plans for this week’s nomination and eviction. Does it mean anything to any of them that this is VICTOR’s HOH? Obviously not.

  29. It happens every season. Some people’s goals are just to last one more week. Then when it’s their turn to get OTB, they are shocked! I thought Michelle studied BB and knew how to play it. She’s as bad as someone that hasn’t watched one minute of it. The ones in line to be OTB should get together against the power of the house and take the power away. But no. They just sit there waiting to be put OTB. I think it’s too late now unless Corey and Nicole wise up which will never happen. They are just glad to get by each week.

  30. After reading everyone’s comments I can only assume that Paulie is this year’s Derrick, and I know how much I hated for that asshat to win. Nobody plays their own game anymore and the women had a good thing going early on, just to do the normal female game move of falling for some guy’s BS and getting voted out

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