Big Brother 18: Nomination Anticipation In Week 4

Another week of Big Brother 18 brings another HoH and that means nominations are just around the corner. This week we’ve got a familiar face at the helm and a familiar target to go with it.

Paulie plans his nominations for the week

As soon as we saw Paulie win HoH we knew Team Frank was entirely safe so out the window goes the group’s plan to target Frank. So who is going to be on the Block instead? It didn’t take long to decide.

Paulie made it very, very clear that he’s after Tiffany. He says that’s who he wanted out this past round and that’s his top target this week too.

Overnight Bridgette told Paulie that it was Tiffany who suggested an all-girls alliance to her and the Powerpuff girls (Spy Girls) saying she (Tiffany) could be the bridge between them. This did happen. That information was enough to reaffirmed Paulie’s fire to get Tiffany out and he said if he had known that sooner then he wouldn’t have agreed to the flip.

So who goes up in the other spot? Paulie said he wouldn’t put up someone from his group and his team is safe which leaves him with only Natalie or Paul. Since Paul has been up for three weeks he wants to give him a break so that means Natalie better get ready. Paulie talked with James and explained the situation as described above. He also warned Natalie that she’d be a likely nom.

There have been further discussions (9:15 PM BBT 7/14) where Frank was advocating for someone other than Natalie in case anything went wrong so they didn’t waste a week on her eviction. Paulie mentioned maybe he could use Nicole since she used him as a pawn in the first week. Let’s keep in mind that Paulie isn’t likely going to do anything Frank suggests.

If we get a renom situation then expect Paul to go up in either spot, or at least that’s what Paulie is claiming now. Or maybe we could see Paul up sooner. Around 1:45 AM BBT last night Paul suggested that Paulie put him and Natalie up together then Backdoor Tiffany. Paulie liked this idea, but I don’t think it’ll take either.

At 5:25 AM BBT this morning Paulie was still hanging around with James and Michelle discussing his nomination plans. He’s anxious to get Tiffany out the door like they had almost done. James expresses a lot of regret over the flipped vote move. Paulie says that with 100% certainty he’ll potentially put up Tiffany instead of a BD. He’s saying “potentially” because he’s not allowed to confirm his nominations before the meeting. I’m guessing he got a little talking to in the DR over his earlier comments.

We’ll keep watching to see when the nominations are made official and if Paulie makes any last minute changes to the plan before the Ceremony. Remember the noms will happen early to make space in the day for Roadkill later on Friday. Who do you want to see up on the Block this week?

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    • Boring?
      Are we even watching the same show?
      Three house flips and/or backdoors in as many weeks and you’re bored?
      I think this is the best season in quite some time.

      • I think the season is becoming better. It was getting stale, and suffering from one side of the house dominating, but it’s been shaken up now. Thankfully!

  1. They all need to team up and go against Paulie next week!! He is getting too beside hisself! I don’t like it’s his way or no way and the threats he tries to make!

      • I think now since Paulie is startig to throw his weight, I think now it’s a match and it will be a good showdown! We need something to shake up this houz.

    • No way He isnt mean or hateful He is fun to watch What he is doing is playing the game And I like game players Even ones Im not crazy about

    • Paulie is immature and too emotional. He will make it to jury, but I doubt he will get to the final 3.

  2. I would love to see him put up Nicole or Da against Tiffany since both of them love Tiffany so much one of them can be her block mate this week…

  3. we are at round 5 and only 6! SIX! people have been nominated for eviction.


  4. YEAH would love it when he puts Nicole on the block hahaha. She would be a nervous wreck, serves her right hehehe.

    • Lol! I still think everyone likes Nicole so she wouldn’t go home, but I would like to see how well she does when she feels like she’s in danger

  5. So first week Jozea went out as the original nominee.
    Second week Victor was evicted as the Backdoor nominee.
    Last week Bronte was Roadkilled.
    This week, the person evicted will be a Roach Coach renom?

    • I think Tiffany proposed that alliance to Day. Day agreed than told Paulie that Tiffany wants to work with Frank.

      • I hope they go ahead and backdoor Day. She has started all this mess w/Tiffany and when Tiff now don’t trust her she call her a b**** but did all that fake crying when Frank called her out her name! Her mouth is too big and she tells everything! She is destroying her own game, so let me root for Day to be gone soon!

      • It would be awhile before Day is evicted I think. Even tho Tiff is the obvious target this week I think Natalie will be the one leaving.
        And Bridgette or Michelle will be out next week.
        All “powerhouse” players will be in the jury (Top 11).

      • Paulie is adamant for Tiff to leave this week and if Frank tries to help her he said he will tell Frank he’s coming for his a** and that’s anyone for that reason.

  6. Bless her heart, Davonne must think those braids or whatever she has in her hair is worth all the trouble she goes to, but I don’t see it.

    • Didn’t she say she was taking them out? Would be so much easier than redoing them every week.

      • Well, it’s not like there is always lots to do around the BB house, but I agree about the horse braids.

      • Natalie, too, is obsessed with her hair and no matter what she is doing or who she is talking to … she swings it all on one side and then caresses it from her ear to her ribs … if it was a cat, it would purr. That was kind of a “catty” thing to say in more ways than one. Meow, meow.

      • Ha! Those girls that constantly play with their hair and swing it unnaturally are irritating to watch. I’ve seen Gigglette doing weird things to hers also. I want to slap their hands with a ruler or something.

    • that’s all she does is look in the mirror and work on those braids made out of fake hair, disgusting

  7. FINALLY one of the shrieking-voiced harpies is voted out! Please let the next one be the shrill Nicole.

  8. Paulie is showing his true colors and he needs to try to at least be more humble! I could not stand his brother Codie and I’m starting to not like Paulie! I wish the tables will turn and Paulie becomes the prey!!

    • If Frank wins next week, or if Tiff somehow survives this week or Victor wins the Battle Back.
      But he has at least 4 stans behind him: Corey, Z, Paul and Mich so it’s gonna be hard to get him out.

      • James, Corey & Paulie have an alliance. So I don’t think he’ll compromise that…. But who knows?

      • James said he is not throwing anymore HOH’s and he’s going to do what’s best for him.. He even stated he don’t feel he is in alliance w/them 2 like it non-exist.

  9. BB needs to end the teams bcz it’s getting real boring w/the same in power and the same nominated. It’s becoming a snooze fest. Another note I’m pissed Bridgette is safe this week!

  10. What is up with all the whiney voices this season? Ugh, I want Tiffany to stay just because she talks like a normal person. I almost have to watch this season on mute. yikes.

  11. Want something that would shake up the game with out overtly screwing someone over by something out of their control.

    Have every housegues rank their cast mates in order or who they want out 1st to least. Then show who is most 2nd most exetera till least targeted in the house

  12. Sounds like it was pretty crazy last night after the live show. I’m not a Tiff fan, but I think the way they are treating her is pretty bad. She’s annoying, but they used her and now they are mad that she’s upset. I wish they would have just sent her home. I don’t like the mean girl games.

  13. Whoever leaves this week has a 50/50 chance of coming back, so this week is much more dull than it should be. Also, the whole “team” thing made sense when the competitions were team-based, but this one was individual. Why should Bridgette, Frank, and Michelle be safe when they didn’t even contribute to the HOH win?

    • 50/50? I don’t think so… I believe it’s 20/100 or 1/5th or 1 out of 5 chances.
      There’s 5 player vying for 1 spot…. Hope Glenn comes back. Really I do! We never got to know him & he seemed like he’d be fun to eatch. ??

      • Whoever is evicted this week is only battling one of the four evicted before them, so yes, it is 50/50.

      • Battle back is 4 comps: Glenn vs Jozea, the winner vs Victor, the winner vs Bronte, the winner vs ? (Next weeks evicted).

    • I was upset when Bridgette was safe again! This is why the teams now need to end! Teams have played out, need a new twist or something!

  14. This is a huge mess right now! I am starting to think Frank’s not even going to be the house target anymore, especially since he has butt saved every week thanks to that team twist!!

    • I think if they get the opportunity Frank will still be a target. He has pissed too many people off, and he it too strong a player to leave in the game.

  15. I loved T’s eviction speech, and the calling Bitchette a Cabbage Patch kid was epic, but I think I would have like “dictator and sycophant” even better.
    sycophant – parasite, sycophant, toady, leech, sponge mean a usually obsequious flatterer or self-seeker. parasite applies to one who clings to a person of wealth, power, or influence or is useless to society

  16. Watching all the players reaction after the HoH comp was funny. Not sure if they will rave about Paulie winning HoH, realizing after 5 sec, Frank will be safe. Ha. Almost the same feeling when Frankie Grande winning BoB while BM cowboy sat down on the ground…Missed the window of opportunity.

  17. I would like dae up on the block and if michelle was eligible her on the block but since she’s not then I have to say z because then dae wouldn’t have a vote to stay

    • I want Da on the block but not Michelle. Michelle just call it like it is and sometimes hilarious!

      • I have picked Michelle as my “dark-horse candidate.”
        Quite frankly, none of this year’s HGs do much for me, but Big Meech is growing on me.

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