Tonight the Big Brother Live Feeds are now available for you to login and start watching everything going on inside the Big Brother 18 house as it happens with an uncensored view of the real game ahead. Are you ready? Here’s how to make sure you are.

Update: Feeds are now live and we’re watching inside the house! First look pics below.

Big Brother Live Feeds for Big Brother 18

Big Brother Live Feeds for Big Brother 18

We’ve given a run through of everything you need to know about the Big Brother Feeds and why you’ll want them this season. Now all you’ve got left to do is sign-up and get ready to watch.

Big Brother 18’s Feeds will turn on at roughly 10PM PT (1AM ET) tonight and we’ll immediately start scouring the four cameras for the latest insight to what’s been going on in the time since tonight’s episode was filmed. There could be a lot that’s gone down since the nominations were named and the new competition was held. If that’s too late for you then you can always rewind in the morning.

If you’re new to the Feeds then you’ll need a CBS website account, but that’s easy to set up during the sign-up process for your Feeds. You’ll start off with one free week, no promo code required so just leave that box blank, and then after that it’ll be $5.99/month with the choice to cancel anytime.

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This summer you’ll be able to watch the Feeds on more devices than ever, and yes, even at the same time with multiple connections. There’s desktop/laptop viewing, smartphones, tablets, AppleTV, Roku, Amazon FireTV, and a lot more. Home or on the go, you can keep watching the Feeds.

I’ve said it many times before, but when you sign up for your Big Brother Feeds each summer through our links and banners it really does make a difference for us. CBS credits us with a referral fee which helps pay the writers, our expenses, and my time to make all of this happen. So thank you again for your support.

Try 1 Week Free of All Access

Try 1 Week Free! Only $5.99 per month thereafter. Sign-up now.

As an extra bonus, if you’ve already signed up for your Live Feeds then be sure to try turning them on right now with a mobile device, Roku, or one of the many other options. CBS has already turned on the Fishies Cam along with the theme music. Next thing we should see on those cameras will be our Big Brother 18 Houseguests!


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