‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 6: Tuesday Night Highlights

Da’Vonne continued to be lied to by her close allies as the next Big Brother eviction approached during last night’s Live Feeds. She’s nervous, worried, and checking in with everyone she can but a smokescreen is attempting to keep her in the dark. How long can it last?

Michelle Myers on Big Brother 18

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Catch up on Tuesday’s daytime Feed Highlights report to get ready for the overnight report below.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, August 2, 2016:

4:00 PM BBT – Da’Vonne dropped in on Paul’s HoH room talk with Natalie. After Natalie leaves Da’Vonne asks him about the anticipated upcoming DE (we’re not expecting one this week).

4:05 PM BBT – Da’Vonne promises to watch out for Paul next week. Paul has offered to go and ask about votes but suggests HGs will do what they want anyway.

4:15 PM BBT – Paul points out that all these people signed up for this and then turn around and complain about the game. Day promises Paul she’s a very loyal BB player.

5:20 PM BBT – Da’Vonne and James alone in the Lounge. She wants to know what they were talking about before when she stopped in. James insists it was really talk about Double Eviction. She says he made her nervous when he said he’d put up Bridgette and Victor in a DE since Day is expecting Bridgette to go this week. He tries to cover and say he meant for Bridgette to go. Day asks James if he’s hiding anything and she won’t be mad, but he denies it.

5:25 PM BBT – Day asks James if she 100% has his vote and he assures her she does. He promises Day he’ll tell her if he hears anything, good or bad, but has promised her she has his vote and maybe Natalie’s too. These are lies.

6:05 PM BBT – Paulie tells Nicole he would put up Zakiyah and Michelle if he gets HoH. He also mentions Victor is a target, but if he wins HoH this week then they’ll just wait a week to get him out.

6:48 PM BBT – Da’Vonne tells Zakiyah she thinks they’re going to try to take her out this week. Z tells her she doesn’t know who, other than Day, she can trust in the game. Day tells Z her that no one is plotting against her (Z), they’re just not telling her things because they know she’s close with Day.

6:54 PM BBT – Day says she’s caught Victor and Bridgette whispering and also Paulie and Nicole whispering.

6:58 PM BBT – Zakiyah crying about troubles with Paulie. Nicole assuring her Paulie is a good guy and it’ll be okay.

7:05 PM BBT – James tells Natalie he’s offended because Nicole tried to get Natalie put on the block behind his back.

7:10 PM BBT – Da’Vonne tells James she thinks she’s going home this week and wants to know so she can enjoy her final days in the house. James says he will find out for her.

7:32 PM BBT – Corey says he thinks Zakiyah is a total psycho in real life.

7:35 PM BBT – Zakiyah is upset over Paulie still. She’s crying to Nicole and telling her that Paulie is accusing her of something and she is confused as to what it is. Z tells Nicole if it’s over Day, then that’s stupid because she’s not that close to Day.

7:55 PM BBT – Nicole tells Z that Paulie is a great guy and won’t hurt her. She tells more lies by telling Z she needs her in this game.

8:17 PM BBT – Michelle tells Da’Vonne that Paulie just told her that Bridgette is going home.

8:24 PM BBT – Paulie telling Nicole all about Zakiyah and why she shouldn’t trust Z. Nicole: “Ohhh, she has to go.” Paulie: “After Michelle.”

8:51 PM BBT – Zakiayah aseds Nicole to send Paulie into the Paris room so they can talk. Paulie finally arrives and tells Z he knows she’s holding something back from him. He asks her who she’s feeding information to. This Paulie and Zakiyah spat goes on for a long time. He won’t let up on her until she’s in tears and then he goes some more. It basically goes no where, but is pretty hard to watch. Flashback at your own risk.

9:28 PM BBT – Paulie tells Paul about him berating Zakiyah. They joke about it.

9:40 PM BBT – Paulie continues to make his rounds to tell the boys he made a girl cry. He’s telling James now and they’re laughing about it. Talk turns to them letting Victor win HOH next because they know he’ll target the girls.

9:50 PM BBT – Victor comes in and says Zakiyah is crying and asks Paulie what happened. Victor says she’s crying to get sympathy. Paul says he’s glad she’s crying and says it’s hilarious.

9:53 PM BBT – The guys have made their alliance official … they’re now The Executives … blah blah blah who cares.

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  1. “9:53 PM BBT—The guys have made their alliance official…they’re now the Executives…blah blah blah who cares.” LMAO!!
    Brandon, coffee came out of my nose! Thank you very much for the mess on my computer AND for the burns in my sinus cavity.

    • I think his name is Braden and he should care at least. He needs to write this stuff in his blog because it’s a highlight for those who haven’t had live feeds, well unless this blog is officially anti those guys then yeah he can say and write whatever pleases his boat.

      • Isn’t it a joke alliance to prank Victor? They mentioned it to Z later.
        Because they call Victor “Exec” and it’s supposed to be ridiculous.

      • It’s ‘Brandon,’ my love…but that’s OK…you’re one of my favorite people! I love what he writes! I hope you didn’t get the wrong idea. I don’t get the feeds either, and reading his highlights are a highlight of my day.

      • Yeah you edited it! You wrote Brandon before haha. Gosh for the longest time I thought it’s Braden. So I need to apologize to him haha. I write this using iPhone so it’s mobile format and the name of the author doesn’t appear.

    • I’ve always enjoyed reading Branden’s updates. He doesn’t mind adding a tad (just enough) of his personal opinion. It is obvious that he is a little bit sarcastically witty; always very enjoyable to read.

      • I dunno K, hehe. I prefer Matt’s not too biased updates.
        Because we have so many aspiring sarcastic commenters here already (me included haha).
        Good morning to ya btw, hope your day is groovy and rosy.

      • So you are saying Branden is biased. I think he just tells the truth. What would life be like without a tiny skosh of sarcasm thrown in the mix? :)

      • Braden is super biased. He admits it himself. Read his op-ed, hehe.
        I don’t mind sarcasm at all. But if you are reporting something, like updates and highlights, there’s no need for bias. That’s why I enjoy how Matt writes his updates.
        Anyway this is only my opinion.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate Braden’s efforts, but like anything in life, we have our favorites, and on this site, I like Matt’s style of updates better hehe.

      • I agree. When you’re writing/reporting, Matt’s less-biased style is better. Branden almost projects opinions sometimes and it comes off as trying to shape readers’ opinions on players in the house. He says that makes him a “tell-it-like-it-is” writer, while I’d say more of a “tell-it-like-I-see-it” writer. Which is fair, and fine… most of the time.

      • It don’t matter to me…I can agree/disagree with both Matt and Braden on their thoughts/opinions.. I don’t consider either being bias.. just honest in their views of HGs and the games..

      • Exactly! I love reading his updates! I didn’t mean to give anyone the wrong impression. As I told Luki3n, Branden’s highlights are the highlights of my day!

    • Pretty sure that this “alliance” is the one that Paulie, Paul, & Corey talked about “forming” with Vic the other night and naming “the Executives” in order to feed his ego & make him (Vic) feel safe. Laughing about it is exactly what PP&C were doing while talking about it. I don’t have the time stamp, but I know I remember that conversation happening.

      • Am I missing something? I thought what Branden wrote: “Blah blah blah who cares.” was hysterical! I guess I share the same sarcastic sensibilities as he does. I get the ‘alliance.’ I’m laughing at how Branden wrote about it.

      • I thought the way Branden wrote about it was funny, too, since I’m an equally sarcastic person. Just trying to make sure that anyone without feeds also knew that the “alliance” was fake and was a joke to mock Victor. :o)

      • Yeah but many that don’t see the feeds or read somewhere else will think it’s serious, especially from the way it’s reported. Hehe.

      • OK…I’m tired. And LIVID after watching the ABUSE that Paulie put Z through. Couldn’t sleep so I actually watched the whole thing on BBAD. Sickening. Triggered a LOT. Little defensive today.

      • Me too. What a piece of sh.t he is. What an utter waste. At least now America can see what his inner workings are and can treat him accordingly.

  2. Just when you thought this season couldn’t get any less watchable, along come the ‘executives’…

  3. James should vote to keep Day. He is already at the bottom of this alliance between the guys and if they can’t get out Z or Mich who is to say they won’t get out James as their consolation prize ?

    Plus Brige will come for James whereas Day will not.

    James is being stupid right now.

  4. 2:55 AM BBT – James suggests to Natalie he is calling the shots. Natalie disagrees and says that’s Paulie. James says it’s him and if he wanted Da’Vonne to stay then she’d stay this week.

    Wow! James had his chance as HOH to change the dynamic of the game and assume control but, he gave his HOH power away to please the alliance he was not even part of! Now, he is again on the outside looking in!
    They are just using him for his votes to evict the other stragglers. Even Bridgette has more value now because she could target the other girls at the guys directions and would be safe to take at Final 2 because the girls in the jury would hate her! Paulie is playing a smart and effective game!

    • James saying he is calling the shots is about the funniest thing I have read this season. Can’t wait for him to get out and see how some of the fans think he played this time.

      • I agree that it was very amusing and I laughed out loud. I think he was serious and wasn’t joking for a change. That is why it was so funny. Little big dummy!

      • Or else James just wanted to impress his new girlfriend who promptly abused any of James illusions that he was ‘calling the shots’.

      • James may be calling the shots on the upcoming vote…but when finds out Davonne said that Natalie was gonna float her way to the top James won’t appreciate it…and we know that Michelle loves to relay conversations told to her about the other females..Davonne is still planting seeds of doubt and lying about HG’s making comments that aren’t true ( she ain’t learned nothing).I don’t care if a male wins or not…I am getting tired of the high school games. .the mean girls.. the love connection….and the jocks superior attitudes.. I am watching “Saved by the Bell” in soft porn mode instead of BB…

      • I don’t think Saved By the Bell was this bad. This is a new sitcom waiting to be cancelled. I’ve never anticipated the season to end as fast as this one

      • Please James isn’t doing anything except trying to win America’s Favorite. He is the worst and is a waste of a returnee’s spot. I wish that they picked someone else other than James and Nicole. Both of them shouldn’t even be there.

      • I meant that James is gonna be a swing vote.. He is undecided on this vote..hes dammed if he does and dammed if he don’t..

      • i agree with you about the showmance things…this is not a dating show…women and soft hearted males should avoid these entanglements at all costs.

      • Did I hear PORN? That got my attention. Seriously though, James should vote to evict Bridgette. I know that might come as a shock to most of you (I like Bridgette as well), it is best for his game to do so. He just needs to convince Natalie to do the same as well. Make it a tie and then let the house see where Paul’s loyalties lay,

      • But James even said they can’t let it be tied because then they’d just p*ss off the other side and put a target on their backs.

    • I disagree. I think if Bridgette made it to f2 she’d have a shot to win. Especially if she could keep from giggling during her final speech and have a serious recount of being a solo player and ending up F2. The girls have said repeatedly they’d vote for a girl to win if there was one in f2. Frank leaving could be the best thing that happened to her.

      • You have James, Davonne, Paul, Michelle, Corey, Nicole all against her right from the start. She does not have any friends and her friendship with Frank is taken against her! All of those will vote against her! She could get 2nd for $50,000 which is not a bad deal. Now, if she suddenly becomes a comp beast after the stragglers are all out and starts winning HOH and VETO and taking out the big targets including Paulie, Nicole, Corey then, against Paul or Zakiyeh in Final 2, she may have a shot at it! She can argue then, that she played a better game. Otherwise, I do not see her winning over Paulie!

      • Very true. And now that I think about it, most of the girls who would have voted based on gender alone are being voted out pre-jury.

      • Bridgette’s extremely weak social game should prevent her from winning. Is she even able to carry on a conversation? All I’ve seen her do is giggle.

  5. Is Nicole part of the Executives ? Even if she is not, I want her to have the same date as Britney with the brigade and Christine with whatever that stupid alliance was called.

    • The Executives is those five guys left. I think it’s a joke alliance to prank Victor or something.

      • I’m glad I’m not the only one who remembers that this “alliance” is a joke and the joke is on Victor! :D

      • Actually it’s my dream alliance. I have said it so many times already, I sound like Mickey haha.
        It’s called Not Another Boyband with Cocky, Flirty, Funny, Quirky and “Happy”.

  6. Infuriating. I hate using the term against a woman, but Zakiyah is a psycho. Promising she’ll vote the way Paulie wants?? After he berates her and makes her cry? Again? Ugh!!

    And James is deluded if he really thinks he’s running the house.

    • I am not defending Z, not the least, but she might think she’s on the losing side in keeping Day safe this week. At best it’s a tie and Paul will vote to evict Day. So she might want to stay cool with Paulie at the moment until she has a chance to strike back in coming weeks. It’s a strategy.

      • I must respectfully disagree. It WOULD be a good strategy. But she doesn’t do strategy. She just agrees with majority opinion, which in most cases is Paulie.

      • It doesn’t even matter at this point. Zakiyah and Michelle are the next targets by this huge alliance.

      • I would go along with that if I really thought she was doing it for strategy but sadly I think she is still trying to chase him. Frustrating to watch.

      • She has a different mindset with Mich afterward, so it might be just a facade with Paulie, to not sink the further.

      • Yeah hope so but it’s a sinking ship especially after Day is evicted. Her best bet to stay longer is to put up with Paulie and his entourage, sadly.

      • You’re being wayyyy to generous to Z. For such a pretty girl, Z has no self-esteem or self worth.

    • James is playing the same game he did last year that got him like 6th places, he’s completely out of touch with realty. I’m ready for him to leave.

      • I know….. Silly boy/man!

        But I am still hopeful. He kinda grows on you.
        I don’t get the live feeds & can’t hear much on BBAD so not sure where you’re coming from with that info…not 100% sure what his game is.

        Is he with Nat or not?
        He’s in he’s out he’s up he’s down. He’s all over the place with her……
        Love his twang tho!

        They’re both so ‘dang’ cute together!

        This is something Z would say but….”they’d make beautiful babies!”

        yep….. I did that…

      • On BBAD he made a comment about how he’s running the house, Natalie who refers to James as her boyfriend now, said that Paulie was really running things but James disagreed. Two seasons now he lays low and doesn’t align fully with a side of the house, that’s good for a the first few weeks, but once one side wins he’s at the bottom of their totem pole.

  7. Can’t stand day’s whining and crying like emotional trainwreck. Her nasty attitude towards Frank’s and Tiffany is karma coming back to slap her in the face. But rumor has that she has a round trip ticket back to the game. I just hope next HOH puts her back up to send back out of door.

    • It’s just a rumor, right? Because of Ocho Rios.
      I think personally it could be 4, belongs to Victor.
      Paris Flight Number is 211 (2+1+1=4).

      • What I was trying say is it doesn’t matter if she has a round trip ticket or not, she should be up on the block again if she get back to the house. Her annoying fake cry is getting on my last nerve.

  8. Around 10:32, Nat was telling James that she was worried about Bridgette putting him OTB. At 2:30 Nat was warning James that the guys would use Bridgette to get the girls out. Five minutes later she was telling James that she would nom Victor and Nicole and renom Michelle or Z. So basically she is allowing herself to be used to get the girls out, also. She seems to be all over the place. These women are a disappointment. These men are butts.

    • This is honestly the dumbest cast I’ve seen yet. The level of intelligence and gameplay this season is low.

      • This is arguably the worst cast of all time. BB has been on a hot streak of garbage since BB15. I’d say the racist crew was worse, but this is a close second.

        At least BB16 & 17 were just full of idiots. This cast is full of hateful idiots, even worse.

  9. Yeah… sorry I don’t really feel any sympathy for Z. The way her & Michelle have treated prior houseguests that were on the outs has exposed their character and I have a hard time now feeling bad for them after the fact. Sure, Paulie is being a massive jerk, but that’s BB karma.

    They were loving it when they were on the inside and isolating Tiffany, Frank and Bridgette. But now they’re number is up and all of a sudden it doesn’t feel so good. I wouldn’t say that I’m enjoying this, but I’m also not NOT enjoying this either :P

    • Couldn’t have said it any better! They got what was coming to them, but I feel like Michelle has yet to get her karma. For someone who claims to be a BB Fan she sucks at the game!!! I think she just went to the house to get things for Ebay lol

      • Not me, hate them both equally.

        Passive aggressive vs Aggressive, doesn’t really matter to me. Nasty is nasty.

      • Bare in mind that both Z and Paulie have a track record of laughing at people when they’re crying and upset. Z even did it with the person in the room. They both suck.

    • People keep saying their argument was hard to watch because of Paulie. For me it was hard to watch because of Z. I’ve seen people like Paulie and can mute them easily but people like Z…. I just can’t. I don’t even have the words for her… whiney, pathetic, attention seeking don’t even describe it correctly. It’s like I had said on another story, it’s like she thought they were gonna have a talk and somehow he was gonna end up putty in her hands. Delusional! So when that didn’t happen she was all confused and crying because she didn’t get her way. There is no excuse for Paulie’s behavior but that doesn’t mean Z is in the right either. Both are horrible.

  10. I only watched the live feeds for about 30 minutes last night, but my favorite line was during Paulie and Nicole’s talk…
    N: They were talking? I didn’t even notice?
    P: Come on, I know Corey’s a stud, but get your f***in head in the game

    • I think Paulie genuinely likes Nicole or thinks he needs her in his plans to take home the win. Several times when people have floated her name as a target, he has shut that down real quick. I’m not sure if he’s protecting her or if he somehow thinks he’s protecting Corey by keeping her around?

      • I think he’s protecting her. Saw a conversation where they were telling other HGS how close their families are. That should be a red flag for them but they’re too stupid to notice.

      • Apparently, Paulie has told Nicole that his family ADORES her – they’ve met & hung out after BB16 more than once & Cody, as we all know, loved Nicole dearly. Last night during the whispered conversation on the sky bridge, Paulie told her, “I might love you even more than Cody does – and Cody loves you A LOT!!” Apparently, Nicole told him to shut up b/c she didn’t want anyone getting wind of that. I keep telling my mom that I think Paulie & NIc have a super-secret F2 deal that they cooked up before they even came into the house. *shrug* I could be wrong, but there’s SOME reason that Paulie is protecting Nicole.

  11. What does everyone think Paul would do incase of a tie? I’d like to think he would send home Day but I’m not convinced he would.

    • No one will EVER go against Paulie. After last night, I cannot watch the live feeds anymore. I’m still livid.
      I’ve never seen a man treat a woman like that.
      It was like watching Ike & Tina

      • I’m happy that I didn’t see it. It was hard enough reading it. I know Z is catty and I’m not particularly fond of the gal, but no one should be berated like that, no one. Paulie hit a new low.

      • Men like Paulie are the reason these young women have low self esteem. They tear them down and make them feel worthless. Then they think that’s how they are supposed to be treated.
        He has officially risen to the top of my BB villain list

      • As a parent of a daughter, in the first place I would hope that my daughter would never allow herself to be treated in such a disgusting manner, but it happens to even strong women. Secondly, as a parent, the first thing that would cross my mind if I saw this guy in person, would be to do a little public berating of him. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but sometimes that is all a person like Paulie can comprehend; that and eating a knuckle sandwich, which as a parent, my husband would happily oblige. Game or no game, imo, his true character came out.

      • I have a daughter her age and all I could do was visualize that as being my daughter. I was so hurt. And to see them all laugh at her crying- that is so heartless. James has a daughter and she won’t be little forever. So for him to find that funny is appalling.
        Unlike BB15, they don’t have to worry about employers getting a whiff of this because I can smell consequences if they did.

      • How would Paulie like it if a male (not a man) treated his sister like that? Then again, maybe that is what they are use to in their family. :(

      • What he did to her wasn’t game play. I wrote about it on another thread. I won’t go into it here. I don’t care for any of those nasty snots, but what he did to her wasn’t game play.

      • I agree. I went on a rant also in a few other threads. He could have simple ignored her and that would’ve totally ruined her game. He did not have that to do.

      • His whole alliance turning on him is what will put him in his place. They will never be that smart though.

      • I really think Z did not want to make a scene. Just wait until they’re outta the house, Zai will light his ass yp. Rest assured. She’s a black woman, and yes, I’m playing that card. Trust I would ream him up one side, then the other, then front and back. €:^¥

        When I finished with him, he will be saying hello to the ants, on their level.

      • This is not acceptable behavior under any circumstances. And I wonder how many of those guys would have laughed about it if they had actually seen it or heard it .

      • K, had you seen it, you would never want to look at Paulie again. His body language; his words. NOT ACCEPTABLE. People thought Frank was bad? What Paulie did was pure ABUSE. Period. He’s a pig.

      • I have seen that side of him coming out little by little. It didn’t surprise me in the least. He is definitely an oinker and that is about the most kind thing I can say at this point.

      • Women with low self esteem don’t see it. Just a little sweet talking and they forget all about the pain.

      • He may as well hit her while he was at it. Horrors, I couldn’t believe what I was watching. Was very confused at first because this is when I turned on the tv

      • A lot of men that would berate a woman like that, do tend to be, not only emotionally and mentally abusive, but also physically, too.

    • I think he would. At the beginning of the week he was dead-set on getting Bridgette out. But then Paulie got in his ear. Again…

      • I surely hope so, I can’t stand her attitude. But he keeps telling her she’s safe over and over and how it’s out of his hands now, well if it gets back in his hands what’s his excuse? Praying to the BB gods she doesn’t have the boomerang card, I’m guessing Victor does.

    • Paul is as dumb as he looks. In the HOH room he is trying to convince the guys to put up Brigitte next week and none of them are saying they would. He said he will get D out this week for them, but next week they need to return the favor. They still try to convince Paul that is not a good idea to get Brigitte out. They were agreeing before Da’vonne went on the block, but now there is nothing Paul can do. James is another idiot, so I doubt there will be a tie. I do hope so and I will keep voting for Da.

  12. It was sad to watch the Paulie/Zakiyah encounter.. He enjoyed berating and belittling her.. and she later goes to hug and try to kiss the guy…The girl is 24 well educated & nice looking but she is so needy that she keeps putting herself in the position to be used and abused..Davonne said she warned Zakiyah about a showmance and not to get into one.. but I cannot feel sorry for her cause I don’t like her.. I don’t like her self entitled attitude or bad hygiene habits or the way she treats Bridgett..Zakiyah is a floater while accusing others who are winning comps of being the same…Zakiyah is just as much a backstabber and liar as Nichole is and both are 2 faced..Zakiyah deserves whatever Zakiyah gets cause she brings bad karma to herself..

    • The problem is not the showmance, the problem is who it is with.
      Jeff never talked this way to Jordan.
      Brendon didn’t talk to Rachel this way.
      Hayden never talked to Nicole this way.
      People can have healthy and fun summer showmances, this is just not one of them. Paulie is a terrible guy. Zakiyah signing up for his terrible behavior does not change that he is terrible.

    • They were catty with Bridgette. What Paulie did was inexcusable. He showed his true colors last night. I bet any extra gf you speak to would say that’s who he truly is

      • I am not, in no way, defending Paulie. It is never right for a person, male or female, to browbeat another person. That being said, is interesting to me that during an after show interview, Jeff Schroeder repeatedly talks about how around day 40 in the house, people typically start having their emotional breakdowns, And go a little crazy. We will never understand the pressure cooker they must be under. And let’s face it Zak is extremely clingy and that has to get very frustrating for someone like Paulie who try’s to stay so focused and in control. I think overall he is probably a decent person and is going to be very shamed of his behavior when he gets out and sees how he acted at times .

      • Then he should stop playing with her lady parts at night if he wants distance. Emotional attachment and now physical attachment will only make things worse.

      • I completely agree! He needs to make a decision in regards to their relationship status and stick with it. It’s not fair to her to keep her dangling.

      • Exactly, but again she’s the one pushing the issue. He told everyone that would listen she went into his bumper car and said she was scared. Seriously? They are just both awful.

      • I think this is really who Paulie is in his real life. The way he treats women doesn’t seem to be an act. I think he may be a nice guy, but if things don’t go his way, he turns into this narcissistic Ahole.

    • I don’t feel sorry for Z in the least. She ignored all the warning signs that this dude was playing her. Paulie doesn’t even ask her about her life or try to get to know her, yet he’s always touching her body and commenting on her appearance. Plus, i find her unlikable anyway for all the reasons you stated.

      Paulie used the excuse as Z not remembering who was in the room when she was talking game with Michelle as a reason to create distance between himself and Z. It was such a small situation blown way out of proportion because P wants to emotionally manipulate Z and it’s clearly working. Get a clue Z, quit whining so much, and realize your self worth!

  13. Remember how they had a faux cast move into the house for one week ahead of the premiere? What was that about anyway? Have we had any clues? Were they just testing the new setup? Or maybe testing how the house guests would find the Paris room?

    • Good question. They glossed over this from the start. I think they knew the dbags they casted this year.

  14. Absolutely the worst bb cast ever. Paulie is a passive aggressive misogynist who enjoys belittling women. He has zero loyalty to anyone but himself. I’m sure his mother is proud of the pos she raised. Paul could be intelligent, but is unable to follow through with his own plan. Definitely a beta male. James is delusional and pathetic. Corey is unable to put a sentence together, let alone think for himself. Victor is just a clueless idiot. Nicole has become a pathetic tool who just wants a man no matter the cost to her own game. Z is even more pitiful and disgusting lapping up the abuse so she can get Paulie like her.smh. Day is trying to actually play the game, therefore she must go. Michelle is just a leader in her own mind, and she’s just mean. Nat. … clueless but at least trying to play something. Bridgette… wake up and know who the enemy is, gf. I’ve been watching since the very first show, had live feeds since they’ve been available. But this group is the worst imo.

  15. Zakiyah is really pathetic. She is chasing after a guy who berates her and talks down to her. Why can’t she just wake up and realize Paulie is no good for her. What is wrong with that woman?. These houseguests all gets on my last nerves. The only one I can tolerate at this point is Da’Vonne and Michelle…. and sometimes Natalie. Everyone else is just horrible. Everyone else are either sheeps, thirsty for showmances, or are scared to do anything. I keep reading updates and I just get disappointed with their stupidity and their scared sheepish gameplay. This season is just horrible.

    • And that says a lot about this season when Da, Michelle, and Nat are then only ones tolerable. It makes me happy that the next season is only on CBS All Access or whatever the heck it is because I will not be tempted to watch. My time will be spent doing something worthy of my time.

  16. So with the fight in Paris, it means Z finally gets more screen time? But won’t casual audience get confused tho, since this showmance hasn’t even acknowledged yet in the shows? Hehe. They only mentioned Nicorey and Jatalie before.

    • I don’t even want to see her shown on BBAD. Paulie and Z are a boring couple and so is NIcole and Corey. They whisper too much and I can barely understand them.

      • Nicole and Corey are strange. They don’t even look as if they have any chemistry. When this is all over, Corey is going to forget about Nicole….

      • Nicole’s chemistry is all over him. He is more interested in Paulie’s or Victor’s chemistry.

  17. So Paulie berates a woman and the guys thinks it’s hilarious? However, when Frank went around playfully smacking people’s butts they got all defensive and angry at him. I’m in no way condoning what Frank did, but Paulie sure isn’t any better! No woman should have to go through that, even if she is a ‘mean’ girl. And the fact that Z is still trying to put up with his mess is horrific to watch. It’s clear that anything Paulie say or do will likely be worshiped by the so called ‘men’ (more like fools) of the house.

    • Paulie is an overbearing jerk, who thinks the women’s place is in the kitchen and bedroom, nothing else. Notice how he never talks game with Zakiyah, I find it a little troubling.

  18. If I was Z I would’ve slapped Paulie right upside his ugly head. He needs a woman who tells him like it is and sees right through his BS. Z is not that woman! Can’t wait to see him gone…. that’s if it ever happens with all these douches he’s playing with. Unfortunately, he’ll probably win this sucky season.

    • I may have slapped him too but sadly that’s probably grounds to be removed from the game. If only, right?

      Though this one time when I was doing improv in middle school, I totally slapped a dude across the face. He wanted to prove he was this big man and was tougher than some little girl so I never got in trouble for it. I could see Paulie not pressing the issue because he thinks he’s some alpha male and can handle a slap from a girl.

      • Looking at it from that aspect, Paulie also would have had to learn it is acceptable, even funny, to berate a woman emotionally and mentally. Good representation of the Calafiore name.

  19. Unfortunately Paulie and his narcissistic behavior will try to sweet talk Zakhya to make sure she votes his way and of course she’ll fall for it.
    I do hope that I’m wrong and the girls, without butter kisser Nicole will try to get them out. It is not impossible for Michelle to win an HOH.

    • Oh yeah he’s not dumb. He knows if he keeps being mean she will nominate if given the chance. Chances are very slim she’ll ever win HOH but still he knows he has to cover his tracks.

  20. Seriously? Zakiyah? I didn’t see Paulie’s berating, but heard enough about it to know that if some blowhard jerk did that to me, I would not be running back to him. I really hope she is faking her allegiance to him and not falling into some cycle of abuse pattern here. I hope she is a stronger person than that. Paulie just seems like he gets off on being a dick.

    • Also, I feel like I know nothing about Z. Nothing. Other than Corey thinks she’s psycho. So maybe there is something I am missing here.

    • I agree, running back to him is messed up. But so is thinking it’s hilarious that you made someone cry so idk, maybe these people are just all crazy.

      • I doubt she is playing him and especially with a female like Nicole encouraging her that he is a nice guy… WTH!

      • I wonder how Nicole would feel if she saw that berating. The fact that she is upset with Z because Paulie is talking smack about her bringing Nicole’s name up, is no excuse for her taking Paulie’s side in this. It’s not the first time that Nicole has been a disappointment this season.

    • She isn’t faking. She is one of those girls that will always forgive the guy not matter what. She is the girlfriend that drops all of her friends the minute she has a boyfriend.

  21. I miss the days when actual players were cast. There might be a floater or two per season, but most of the house guests played hard.

  22. I think Paulie genuinely wants to take Nic to the F2 cuz of Codys guilt for voting her out in her season.
    There’s something there….. Even if it’s not the above, it’s something!

    • All I hear is Paulie wanting Nicole out along with the rest of the girls. Paulie has a definite final two deal with Corey and a fake deal with Paul and James.

      • That’s even more of a reason why he probably would want her there. It would be him, Corey and Nicole. And he’d think Nicole would lose the first 2 rounds like Victoria did and he’s so cocky that he thinks he’d win the final HOH so he would be the one to choose who he takes. Sounds like Paulie to me.

  23. What the heck is wrong with Z? After the way Paulie talked to her, less then an hour later she’s in the HOH all over him. Wake up girl he’s using you. This is exactly why I don’t form opinions about the houseguest until after a week or two. I really liked Paulie in the beginning and now he’s just an arrogant jerk. He’s nothing like his brother.

    • I saw some of it and was annoyed by her and irked by him. She needs to go, just so she could stop making a fool of herself.

      He is awful and nothing like Cody. There is something about him I can’t quite put my finger on it, yet.

      • It was awful watching it on the feeds last night. She was crying so hard and he just kept degrading her. Anyone with a heart would of stopped. Paulie is just as big of a sh#t stirrer as Day. Everyone lies and I understand that’s game play. Like everyone lying to Day about staying. It’s game. But lying about what people are saying is dirty playing to me. He makes up lies about everyone same as Day did the 2nd week which is getting her evicted. Example: Telling Nicole Z was throwing her under the bus and wants her out. That’s a dirty lie. Now Nicole wants Z out and they were close. He’s trying to turn all the girls against each other. Day is another dirty player. She told James Nicole was trying to get Natalie on the block. Another lie. Day was telling Paul to put Natalie up. Then the 3 mean girls (Day, Z, Meech) were in the bathroom saying Natalie should of gone up she does nothing. Natalie walks in and their all her BFF. Now James and Natalie are pissed at Nicole when it was the 3 girls throwing her under the bus. Just a bunch of dirty game play IMO

      • Actually, Nicole DID want Natalie put on the block and she was the first to throw Natalie’s name out there when it was suggested she Nicole, volunteer to go on the block. Day ASKED Paul why he wouldn’t use any of the other girls..she mentioned Nicole, Natalie and even Z cos she wanted to understand the logic of her going on the block based on Paul’s excuse. Nicole is just despicable! She lies and gets caught and it’s all ok but Day is crucified for doing the same thing which by the way, is called playing the game imo. Paulie straight up lies all the time and again no one does anything but go after the only person that is actually playing the game and not thinking of a boy. If anyone wants to say bridgette …Bridgette was horrible in the beginning!! But now she’s alone, we feel bad for her. Nope, I want people to play Big Brother so it really gets to me when people say “x person lied”…..Duh, it’s big brother!!! Ok crazy rant over lol :P

      • Nicole’s lies are gameplay. Everyone lies. Da’s lies are about people. She makes up lies about everyone. That’s dirty game play. IMO. And Nicole said Natalie’s name when everyone was talking in the HOH. Da and Meech and Z kept on and on about Natalie. Da even made smart comments about must be nice that James is protecting her then pretends to be her BFF to her face.

  24. I’m starting to doubt about if Zakiyah knows that she’s playing Big Brother instead of The Bachelor ._.

  25. UGH these boys! ARG! Zakiyah! Nicole is the worse kind of “friend” even “frenemy” (in this game). The guy is abusing the girl (mentally and emotionally) and you say “just relax and give it time, he is really a good guy”?

    LOL, calling someone names, he looks lost half the time. Zakiyah is none too smart; she is on the wrong show. I wonder what the parents of her students are thinking. Paulie irks my nerves, as do Paul.

  26. Cody Twits: Best thing is people think they’re bothering me It’s quite entertaining AND thanks for continuing to make the Calafiore name trend!

    He’s getting a lot of crap about his brother. lol

    • Not sure what this refers to, but I wonder if he also think his brother’s behavior is entertaining? Sickening, if that is what is entertaining to him, his family name trending due to his brother’s reprehensible, deplorable, shameful behavior.

      • I don’t know if he would think it’s entertaining. As much as he could be a hot head, from what I can remember he didn’t treat the girls in the house this way. I could be wrong though. I mean there’s gotta be a limit, a line you don’t cross and I think Paulie crossed that and I think Cody knows that.

      • I think he did, also, Valerie, and I only read it on Jokers. Someone said that watching it was really hard.

      • Cody is responding to nasty comments he’s been getting to his tweeter account about his brother. He think the haters are just making the “Calafiore’ name famous by talking about it. …I don’t think so. Fans are ruthless on tweeter, and they’re flooding his account with nasty comments. I don’t think he can take it, because he’s been blocking them. Ha!

      • I don’t see how you guys keep up with all of that but I’m glad you do. It’s very interesting. I honestly didn’t see a side like that with Cody, but I’ve seen it coming with Paulie for a couple of weeks. Thanks for clearing that up for me, Cy, darlin’. Big, big hug!

      • Andy went through hell the first year. Not any more, but he said it was bad. BB Fans hate RATS. lol..K, I used to post images of rats at least every week on his wall. All kinds..you know. haha..I was blocked.

  27. At this point I’m almost hoping Zak will self-evict because I don’t want her to endure any more of Paulie’s emotionally abusive interrogations and see her heart broken by such abuse. This is just horrific to watch.

    • I know what you are saying and I know it is difficult to watch, but Z does not have to endure this treatment, she chooses it over taking responsibility for herself by playing her own game (and leading her own life, for that matter – she comments how her ex treated her the same — it’s no wonder). If she was willing to be responsible for herself instead of latching on to a guy to do it for her, then she would not be in this position. In effect, she makes him the bad guy and she’s the poor little girl. I would imagine it makes guys pretty damn resentful and not very sympathetic. She’s using him, too. She will now blame Paulie for all her troubles and cry about “I didn’t do anything to deserve this.” She could set him straight any day of the week … but she won’t because she doesn’t want to risk being on her own. I don’t think she is innocent in this and I also think some of her reaction is to manipulate. Paulie is not innocent either, despicable behavior on both ends.

      • Thanks for showing me the other side of the story but in the heat of the moment when I was hearing this go down it was extremely difficult for me not to feel sorry for Zak, whether she deserved it or not. I don’t like seeing anyone endure emotional abuse such as Tiffany suffered by being isolated and ignored.
        Since Zak does seem to be so emotionally attached to her abuser STILL I would rather see her self evict and/or leave the game fast. At least Tiff got to escape her tormenters quickly.
        A lot of practiced sociopaths do the same thing as Paulie does to Zak. First they build up a rather insecure woman and make her feel loved and wanted. Then they begin to systematically tear her down piece by piece until she is totally destroyed which they find amusing.
        I’d rather Paulie leave first though but I don’t want to continue to see Zak being torn apart piece by piece by him.

      • Today-ledd than 24 hours later. He is cuddled in her lap. All the ranting I did last night and today I stand by but I too hope she self evict, BB pulls her or orchestrate an eviction or her mother goes to LA and get her daughter.

      • What ever happened to romance I wonder? Is that the way young men treat their girlfriends these days? It wasn’t that way when I was younger so maybe I’m suffering from culture shock as well after seeing Paulie treat Zak in such a hateful manner.
        Here’s another thought: The way Paulie is trash talking Zak to the other guys and saying he wants her out; what if he’s just playing them so they think Paulie wants her gone and is already tired of her? Otherwise, I don’t get it either butterfly.

  28. I don’t feel the least bit sorry for Z, Michelle, Or Day. They have been really cruel to Tiff, Brig, and Frank. As for James wake up and play the game stop hiding behind this is what the house wants and being wrapped up in another girl that will only want to be a friend outside of the house. He so could of changed the game last week when he was HOH. Now He is playing to be out at 7th place.

  29. Paulie was acting like a little bitch last night between the whole Zak thing and then running to tell Paul and Victor all about it, like dude it wasn’t that interesting stop repeating the story and the more times he repeated it the more exaggerated it got.

  30. Paulie was acting like a bitch night between the whole Zak thing and then running to tell Paul and Victor all about it, like dude it wasn’t that interesting stop repeating the story and the more times he repeated it the more exaggerated it got.

  31. I think some people are really overreacting by calling Paulie an abuser. The worst thing he did in that entire conversation was call Z phony, which apparently pushed her over the edge with the waterworks. That’s extremely tame in comparison to real physical/emotional abuse. Paulie is a manipulator, and he created an argument over nothing to put a wedge between their relationship because he wants Z gone soon. I don’t really approve of his methods, but to call him an abuser is just ridiculous.

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