‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 6: Tuesday Daytime Highlights

Houseguests were trapped with another early lockdown arrival that sent them inside the Big Brother 18 house awaiting Thursday night’s eviction and HoH competition. Now most of the house is looking ahead past the next vote and preparing for more targets. Meanwhile, this week’s target may finally be catching on.

Bridgette works the HoH camera on BB18

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, August 2, 2016:

8:00 AM BBT – Paulie and Corey are up and talking after staying up all night.

8:15 AM BBT – Corey wants to tells Michelle that they’re voting out Da’Vonne. Paulie doesn’t want to tell her or Zakiyah.

8:20 AM BBT – Paulie starts to agree that they could tell Michelle and convince her to vote along with them.

8:30 AM BBT – Paulie says he definitely won’t be telling Zakiyah his voting plans. He says he’s done telling Zakiyah anything anymore.

9:00 AM BBT – Paulie goes on to bed while Corey stays up. Corey camtalks and says Da’Vonne has to go this week. He thinks she’s too much like Frank.

9:15 AM BBT – Corey says he hopes Bridgette will win HoH so she can put up Michelle and Zakiyah so one of those will go home.

10:30 AM BBT – Bridgette lets HGs know the backyard is on lockdown. That’s another early lockdown for it to start on a Tuesday.

12:15 PM BBT – HGs sent to HoH room for lockdown. Lasts about 20 minutes.

12:45 PM BBT – Paul is back from DR with the HoH camera. He’s going around taking pictures, but they are limited to doing them inside.

1:35 PM BBT – Out of boredom Victor and Corey are building paper airplanes.

1:40 PM BBT – Paul returns from doing his HoH blog and is excited to share that his annoying “friendship” saying is part of the questions he got.

1:55 PM BBT – Nicole and Paul discuss life outside of Big Brother. Paul suggests he’s bold and deep.

2:10 PM BBT – Corey and Victor finally take their paper airplanes upstairs for a maiden voyage.

2:15 PM BBT – Da’Vonne camtalks and says it’s a quiet week with people saying she’s safe, but she’s not sure about that.

2:30 PM BBT – Nicole is nervously anticipating a DE this week. (We know that’s not happening as we would have been warned.) She doesn’t want to go out in a DE and would rather be evicted during a normal week. Nicole says the DE makes you so nervous and you can’t breathe.

2:35 PM BBT – James says he’d nominate Bridgette and Victor in a DE.

2:40 PM BBT – James remains worried that Bridgette won’t be quick to forget what they’ve done to her in the game. He thinks she’ll nominate him and Paul together.

2:45 PM BBT – Nicole asks James how Natalie is voting this week, but James says he doesn’t know and told her to do what she wants. They do a quick vote check and come up to five votes. James says he’s definitely voting out Da’Vonne.

2:50 PM BBT – Nicole, Paul, James, and Corey wonder if they should tell Michelle or not. Paul doesn’t want anyone to know in advance. Corey thinks she’ll start crying. Corey says they need to let Paulie know that then because he’s planning to tell Michelle. Da’Vonne pokes her head in then leaves. Nicole says Day always makes her feel like she’s doing something wrong. James says, “we are!”

2:55 PM BBT – Nicole agrees that they should keep it quiet, but if someone goes against that they need to let everyone know.

2:55 PM BBT – After previously just poking her head in for a moment Da’Vonne arrives to sit and join the talk. They were just talking about sending her out so obviously the conversation changes. She asks what everyone is thinking about for DE targets. James says Bridgette and Victor. Da’Vonne points out Bridgette won’t be there. OOPS. So much for not telling anyone, James.

3:05 PM BBT – Da’Vonne leaves the Lounge and goes back to her bedroom. Alone she starts talking to herself. She’s glad she went in there. She says “they’re trying it.”

3:15 PM BBT – James and Natalie talk votes in the Storage room. Natalie is concerned that Nicole is blaming her for things. James senses that too and says he’ll target Nicole if he gets HoH. Natalie asks how the votes are going. He tells her Day will be evicted and if she joins the vote it’ll be 6-2. Natalie says Bridgette is her friend, but she’ll feel bad for Da’Vonne. James assures Natalie that Day will be mad at him, not her, when she’s voted out.

3:30 PM BBT – Natalie goes upstairs to talk with Paul. He asks where her vote is going. Natalie says she doesn’t know. Paul says she must and ask what her gut says. She says she wants to keep Bridgette so he encourages her to do that. Natalie says she’ll vote to evict Da’Vonne.

Well James really blew it there. Da’Vonne has been suspicious and now she’s got more fuel for that fire. She may try to work things hard, but this late in the game I’m not sure she has a chance of flipping the votes back to keep her.

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    • Even last season, all he was interested in was Meg and the showmance. He blew his alliance with Becky and others when they had a chance to take control over the game. Now, he is gaga over Natalie who is not even genuinely interested in him. He is a huge waste when so many applied to play Big Brother!

      • All he is interested in is flirting with a girl. Last season – Meg, this season – Natalie. Doesn’t he have kids? Shouldn’t he really try for the 500,000. He plays like he doesn’t need the money

      • But that is what he is counting on. Don’t think he has any interest in winning. Just wanting to get to jury with Nat and winning AFP again. Earlier on feeds he was saying that he and a buddy are planning on opening a bar if he wins AFP again. I seriously think that was his plan since he came into the game. Then hooking up with Nat surely didn’t put a fire under his butt to win

    • This year, I’m honestly not fond of ANY of them, so as of now, James is my favorite, which doesn’t mean he is playing the best game. I simply like his personality more than the others.

      • Right, he’s not losing it, big headed, arrogant wishy washy etc. he’s just playing the game and a few laughs out of people every once in a while is a very necessary thing IMO

      • No, you’re not. I love Nicole, if not necessarily her game play (the fact that she’s good friends with Andy from BB15 and he’s proud of her being a rat is clear enough evidence for me since I HATED Andy’s game!). Do I wish she would realize that she’s headed straight for Brigade-to-Britney or Detonators-to-Christine treatment? Hell, YES! But here’s the thing that a lot of people don’t seem to be thinking about when it comes to her and the guys – some women are simply more comfortable hanging out with guys and it has NOTHING to do with getting their D! I’m one of those people – I’ve always been “one of the guys,” so I get that. Nicole is a small-town, country girl who has a brother and played basketball in high school. I suspect that she’s very much a tomboy and has always hung around with the guys, so that’s what she prefers to do. Obviously, I could be wrong, but that’s how I see it.

      • I was thinking that too. She does have Corey to protect her but he’s as dumb as a bag of rocks so he won’t win mental comps and she could. And he could win a physical comp. I want her to make a move, win HOH and make her own move. Personality wise I just like her more than a lot of the others.

      • Nicole is not seeing the big picture at all, or if she is, she is not acting like it. These guys are using her for info from the girls and once most of the other girls are gone, Nicole will go. But the girls are catching on to Nicole playing both sides, so she could wind up being their target, too. She will need to win a couple of comps if she stays in the game very long and use what power she could gain from winning very wisely. She is playing Paulie’s game and he disgusts me.

      • He was emotionally berating Z. It was hard to read. I haven’t seen it nor do I wish to. You would have to hear/read the words or see the whole thing in action to really understand it.

    • At this point, he is starting to get on my last nerve. James is not a very intelligent man, and it is obvious to me because of the things that come out his mouth. I do think he plays a horrible game and other than being a nice guy, he just a follower and needs to go. He was last season and it got his good friend evicted and him as well.

    • People like him from his last season, and probably don’t get the feeds, or watch BBAD, so they don’t know what a idiot he has been this season, that’s the only thing i can think of.

      • Now he is telling Nat that he will get rid of Nic for her just because Nat doesn’t like her. Pretty strategic game play IMO

  1. I think Da will confront James about what he said. If I were Da, no way would I think that James simply misspoke. Of course, at this moment she is in the HOH room waiting on Gnat to leave, and I bet Paul is not looking forward to being left alone with her and is hoping that someone, anyone comes in that room before Gnat leaves.

    • I hope she does. I have always thought she was fairly observant, but it is crazy painful watching her try to piece her inevitable eviction together!

    • Black and white for Days photo coming up. The sword cuts both ways Da. She dug her own grave but will never believe it. She played a little too fast AGAIN.

      • I don’t feel sorry for Day either. She started this ball rolling by actively badmouthing Frank and Tiffany. It was right off the bat too. Karma is a b

  2. Judging by Pauls meltdown at Frank for trying to stay voted in the game, I think he’s not doing to good under the BB pressure. I wonder if he’ll continue to crack up every time somebody else tries to get things their way.

  3. When they have to include Christmas Corey talking about a dog from the shelter in an hour episode, it proves that this is the season of ‘who gives a sh*t”

      • I don’t think it’s worse than BB16 just yet. This season is pretty bad, but that seems to be the norm for seasons after BB6.

      • If Da’Vonne leaves and doesn’t have the roundtrip, and these guys continue to pick off the girls. This season WILL be worse than BB16. At least in BB16, the cast was likable. In BB18, the guys are douchebags, and the girls are idiots. Who can you root for? Da’Vonne is the only one who I think can possibly turn this season around if she comes back and wins HOH. It could finally wake these idiots up.

      • The only person I’m rooting for is Natalie who has expressed wanting to go after Paulie, but James sold her out to Paulie so I don’t expect her to last much longer. The only other person other than her that I think will go after Paulie is Michelle, but her and Natalie aren”t the best at comps.

  4. I never understand why people vote out the people who cause drama in the house. Wouldn’t you want to keep them as long as possible to keep the target off your back? If I were them, I would have wanted Frank and Da’ to stay because they were always stirring up trouble and drawing bad attention to themselves. But no, let’s definitely keep Paulie and pretend that he’s not blatantly manipulating the house…

  5. Natalie is supposed to be Bridgette’s friend, yet she says it’s hard for her to vote against Da, are you @#$%%$# kidding me!

  6. Through two seasons, James has proved it — he’s a lousy player. Plus, he goes back on promises made DURING comps.

    • Going back on promises is no big deal. It is part of the show, which includes lying and backstabbing. Following people around and doing as they ask, even though James knows he is the last on their alliance is dumb.

      • I don’t see how that distinction is relevant. You’re saying only certain people are allowed to lie or break promises? If you’ve never made a game changing move you’re not allowed to play the game? That doesn’t make any sense.

    • Yeah he is a lousy player, and did same thing last year. I know there will be those who defend him with this is BB, everybody lies; but when it’s been done before, something had happened personally between HOH and one they lied to. That was not the case either time with James. You know why? Because he never leaves the bedroom with Nat, and didn’t with Meg

  7. James could have said something about Bridgette having the ticket to go back in the house to explain why he said her name. Day probably wouldn’t buy it, but you have to try something after a major screw up like that!
    I didn’t see much of his season; was he this bad & is that why he was voted out? This year he seems more interested in protecting Nat than playing the game.

  8. I literally can’t Believe that James named Bridge as a DE target to Day… Ekkk… Where’s your head at James???

    • It’s possible he did it on purpose. Didn’t he want her to be warned that the house had flipped on her?

      • I guess it’s possible… I had that thought myself since he and Day have a good relationship and he knows she trusts him plus they are from the same season and James has always been loyal to her… Until now.

  9. I have to stop watching the live feeds. I am beginning to take the way Paulie acts personal (like he really irks me on the inside). His “holier than thou” is killing me. This is who he is in real life. I HATE people like that.
    I’ll watch the watered down edited version of season 18 to save my sanity

  10. It is so sad to see these women being dragged by their hair by these cavemen. Why is it so hard for the women to play without playing the hormonal game and hooking up? Every season is the same. The women do whatever the men say. We need more Janelle’s in the game that knows how to think for themselves. They may as well go ahead and give Paulie the check because everyone else is on vacation.

  11. ARE YALL WATCHING LIVE FEEDS OR BBAD????? Zakiyah was seriously sitting in the tunnel to Paris watching the monitor!!! What is wrong with this chick?!?!!!!!

    • While she’s hiding in the tunnel. Paulie is sitting there with her “bestie” dragging her name thru the mad and talking about “clipping” her next.
      After he played with her lady parts last night, he’s done with her. We’ve talked about her mother being embarrassed, but his mother and sister should be outraged.
      His bio and pick makes him look like the all American guy but he’s far from that

    • yep am watching……he enjoys berating her and putting her down…but she allows him to do it…..she gotta live a life after the show and it ain’t gonna be easy but she brought it on herself

      • Exactly. It’s sad how he’s being but like you said, she allows him to do it. I really don’t think he’s saying anything that isn’t true but it’s his delivery I guess. He could choose his words and how he says them better.

      • Paulie is pulling a Vanessa and starting an argument with her so he has a reason to cut her. She didn’t lie about anything but he’s putting his spin on it and blowing way out of proportion.

      • Yeah. I think she was just confused. I can see how he thought she was purposefully lying but he just blew it out of proportion. They are not on the same playing field in any subject.

      • She is too wrapped up in him and trying to make him a certain way. She has the delusion that she can control him with her looks and body and just really wants a bf. I unfortunately had that delusion…. in high school! She’s supposed to be a grown woman. You can’t control or get someone that way.
        As they were talking she kept saying “this is not how it was supposed to play out”. She obviously thought she could work her magic and he would be putty in her hand. Wrong again.

      • Zika is pretty, & that is what she relies on, that & her sexuality…Its very surface for her, but inside she is insecure. But “nobody” deserves what Paulie did on National TV!

      • Sometimes Dudes can sniff out a very insecure girl, who is vulnerable…And that would be Zakiyah.

    • She is obsessed with Paulie…that is her problem. Last night opened my eyes to Mr. Ego Paulie..I haven’t liked him for awhile…now, I can’t stand him. There was a look that he gave Z last night…that I thought to myself..Wow..this guy could be dangerous…as in abusing a woman dangerous.

  12. I’m watching BBAD and I just have to say….Paulie is an ass!! He really is belittling Z. I don’t like Z, at all, but come on…he’s something else. His way or no way. He tries to control what everyone is saying and thinking…what should be said and how it should be said, and kind of laughs at her…he’s a horrible person. And Nicole…she has so much to tell Corey…I do NOT like Nicole or Paulie. It’s not even about playing a game, they do not seem like nice people!! He is soooo cold, and his tone sucks! Rant over…sorry!

    • Z brought it on herself though. She showed her dependence on Paulie. She is only existing in the house. All she has done is lay up and play in his hair. Now he is in a good position and is ready to discard her. Z just got a wakeup call. She better open her eyes.

      • I’m so tired of Zak and Paulie. This girl has real low self-esteem. She met this dude for a month and talking about weddings/babies. Soon as she does something or say something he drags her for filth and then she cries about it and go spoon with him later! She is weak, embarrassing, and needs to self-evict. She can’t win a game against a toddler if she tried.

    • I have to take a break from the live feeds. Paulie would’ve found a very ugly message from me when he got home. I’m not on social media but I would join just to give him a piece of my mind lol

      • I would have punched him right in the mouth if he spoke to me the way he was speaking to Zakiyah. These guys are ruthless…he thinks he’s playing like Derrick..Derrick, I am sure, is ashamed of Paulie right now.

      • This is the true him. Guys like him is are the reason these young girls have such low self esteem. They tear them down and make them feel worthless. That’s not good game play.

    • When are they going to realize that Paulie “needs” to go! If they don’t cut Paulie soon, he will be the next Derrick!

    • The one thing he’s been harping on all season is the boys being able to control the girls and now he just realized that he has not been in total control of Z. In fact, she has been playing her own game juuuust in case he is playing her! She just got caught in a lie and he is being a total ass about it because of his ego but I think she’s actually a pretty tough woman and she’s crying mainly cos her game just got blown up.

  13. Daily reminder. James is the worst and I wish he wasn’t invited back. He is the worst. k thanks….

  14. Freakin’ James….”I tried to warn you, Da’vonne, without upsetting the house by making that little slip. I knew you were smart enough to catch it…” Master-level game going on here. Can’t wait to see how he blows up Paulie.

  15. What just happened between Paulie and Zakiyah was so wrong…Paulie is a condescending jerk…I couldn’t listen anymore…he was so smug and just plain wrong in the way he was treating her just now. BB better show this on Sunday..you want real life with these people..then show it! Paulie showed a very very ugly and scary side to him just now. Getting that upset because Z forgot that James was in the room..if I were Z..I would have got up and punched him in the mouth….she would then have to leave the game…that might be the best thing for her right now.

    • He’s laughing and bragging at how he treated her. This is the REAL him. This is how he treats women.

      • So, did all of this get started with James telling Paulie something about Z. I missed alot on the feeds today.

      • Yes. James will run straight to Paulie about EVERYTHING. It really was a honest mistake. She’s a dunce. He’s trying to distance himself from being a floater and now he’s totally opposite

      • If Nicole was truly her friend, she would not encourage her to give it another chance. I wouldn’t do that to my worse enemy. Not even for 500k

      • They ALL run back to Paulie & tell him everything. Paulie is the Dictator of the House, and he rules with an Iron Fist…Pathetic?!

    • I’m just hoping that after Zakiyah calms down, that she doesn’t crawl up next to Paulie, & rub his feet…Ugh?! I hope Z is done with Paulie, he has Humiliated her on National TV, & Feeds!

  16. Z is waiting in the Paris room like the pathetic fool that she is. This guy treats her like feces and she is in awe of his presence. She deserves it, but this young girl could suffer badly through this heartache after the show.

    • I agree 100%! I hate how Paulie, Paul and Victor are laughing and really being mean about Z right now, they said they think it’s hilarious. She feels what he’s doing, but when she goes home and watches this…some serious damage can come from this! Even from Nicole being so phony with her…sorry for the rant

      • I know…I had to just write a sentence because I was typing and deleting whole paragraphs. This is why I prefer people like Da…she might not like you but at least you know where you stand. I can’t stand people who are nice to your face and are destroying you behind your back. It wasn’t even necessary.

      • You have to wonder if these people are like this outside of the house… I like Da myself, she seems like a straight shooter.

      • Men like Paulie are the reason these young women have low self esteem. They tear them down and the women think that’s how they are supposed to be treated. I am really taking this personal. I have a daughter her age and I visualize that as being my daughter. He/they find it funny to belittle a woman and make her cry on national TV. I really do hope a segment is made on tonight’s episode

      • I’m going to harp on this. Frank was made out to be a batterer of women. What Paulie did to Z was worse. Any woman who has been abused knows what I’m talking about. It was infuriating to watch. Absolutely disgusting. I don’t care for any of those nasty, mean girls. But I HATE people who use their words to humiliate and break a person down, only to “make up” later. You saw his body language. You heard his words. You tell me what was worse—what Frank did—or what Paulie did to Z? It’s going to happen again…if it hasn’t already. I only saw it last night. He’s a pig. It’s not right. That wasn’t game play.

      • From personal experience it is easier to take a hit than the words it took me years to get over the verbal abuse. Not saying it was easy to be beat.

      • Same here, the physical was so much easier to get over, the mental/verbal lasts a lifetime. I have Severe PTSD. Some great days, some not so good…learning to live with it :)

      • It’s true tho. It’s one thing to happen in a closed circle of people but this is on National TV & there forever. I think it’ll be hard for her after the show is over. But…….
        This is another rational why BB should have more mature houseguests.

      • So true! It’s going to be hard for some of them!
        Michelle said that she might have a hard time getting a job cuz she’s portrayed as a bully!
        If she thinks tat then perhaps she should make an effort to reverse that opinion she has as of now!!
        WTH? These kids now a days!
        I hate to say that but seriously! (My parents & their parents & their parents must have thought the same thing about kids in my generation) damn I’m aging myself! Whatever….it is what it is……I say that every morning I look into that looking-glass! Lol
        Nothing changes! Bha!!

    • I can. I said it before, they are my fave alliance, Not Another Boyband haha.
      Cocky, Flirty, Funny, Quirky and “Happy” finally get together and make it happen!

    • That is actually a joke alliance to appease Victor. Paulie, Paul, & Corey talked the other day about “officially” forming an alliance with Vic and calling it that. Don’t have the time stamp, but I clearly remember the conversation.

  17. Can’t watch the feeds. I tried. All I hear is Paulie…I think he’s the mouthiest person in the house.

    • He treated Z like a total DICK. The only thing worse, was that she let him. Paulie The House needs to be bulldozed the frick over and rebuilt. Hey Cyril, can I ask you a question? I remembered what it is what I wanted to ask you…

  18. OMG. Could they please get a cast that is out of middle school?
    It would be nice to watch some people that are actual adults.
    I really don’t care who wins. There is no one to root for.

  19. In his interview with Jeff before entering the house, Paulie didn’t mind being hated by America but won the money. He went to explain that bad image could be repaired later outside the house.
    Now I understand clearly what he meant by that seeing how he acted in the house. He shouldn’t involve in a showmance in the first place and he knows it. Now he’s trying to cut it loose but he does it in the meanest way possible. That’s not Friendship, bruhhhh!!!
    I feel like smacking him in the head and ask him to calm his little nipples. He has been hiding them under his shirt lately, they might shrink further.
    Anyway, I should feel sorry for Z, but I just can’t. I don’t like how they laugh and talk about it but hey Z had been in that situation many times talking and laughing about others. So yeah karma is a beach. Sucks to have it happen on ya, right, darl?

  20. So James promised Bridge safety and went back on his words.
    Now Nat is trying to do the same thing. She promised Bridge she wouldn’t vote her out but now she’s persuading James to vote Bridge out. Her argument is that Day wouldn’t put James up on the block but Bridge would.
    James should and have to be able to read between the lines here. Nat doesn’t worry about James, she worries only about herself. James is her shield, if James is evicted next week, it leaves her in a vulnerable situation.
    I believe Nat is capable of being super sneaky and nasty in this game. Interesting to watch later on.
    #ButFirst, let get Momma Day out! So stop what you are doing there Nat, pretty please?

  21. I’m so tired of Zak and Paulie. This girl has real low self-esteem. She met this dude for a month and talking about weddings/babies. Soon as she does something or say something he drags her for filth and then she cries about it and go spoon with him later! She is weak, embarrassing, and needs to self-evict. She can’t win a game against a toddler if she tried.

    • I have to agree about the her needing to self-vict. It’s quite clear especially from watching her in the Paris tunnel, she’s having a psychotic break.

  22. The break up between Paulie & Zaki didn’t even last an hour…@ 12:25 Zaki went up to the HOH, sat in a chair, & Paulie picked her up from the Chair & gave her a Bear Hug.

    Zakiyah hugged Paulie back, & gave him a kiss on his shoulder, & told Paulie. “lets not fight anymore.” I thought after her talk with Meech & Day she would be Playing Paulie for a sucker, like he has been playing her…But Nooooo, Zaki told Paulie, “I will vote how you & Paul want me to.”

    Like I have said before Zakiyah is worthless in this game?!

      • The way he treated her, and the way she LET him treat her—was WORSE than what Frank did to any of the girls in that house. He was a TOTAL prick to her. Total PRICK.. Paulie The House once again shows how UNlike Derrick he is.

    • Which girls in the house that are in James’ league then that he’s allowed to chase? Just wondering hehe.

  23. Well James just made the biggest mistake of the Season. That was really really really dumb, James.

  24. I really think James is just there to flirt with the girls, and he has accomplished that. I don’t see him as a strategic thinker and unless something is right in front of him he won’t notice. I did laugh a while back when Meg said they were always just friends and James still thinks there’s a chance or whatever. That being said, there is nothing wrong with playing just a good social game. Some have won that way. Let other people do the thinking and count on your personality in the end.

  25. So this season has been about 4 vets, 2 siblings and at least three showmance’s. DAY has her days numbered and James isn’t doing anything for the love of the game. Nicole and Zak are completely boy crazy instead of thinking of the main prize. Paulie/Paul should be one in the same or at least Paul thinks so. Corey can’t survive without Christmas and Victor is just happy to be back in the house. Natalie keeps doing silly cheerleader things and Michelle was jealous of Bridgette over a guy she really never knew. Sort of sums of this year but can I do any better than these people? I sure hope so but my instinct tells me to not do it because I would be the first one out. I don’t play games too well LOL

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