Big Brother 18 Live Feeds Week 4: Tuesday Night Highlights

It was a quiet evening in the Big Brother 18 house as HGs decided to back down on the game talk for a day and spent the day cuddling with each other and not much else.

James and Natalie curl up together on BB18

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Catch up on Tuesday’s daytime highlights here before you read through the night’s events.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, July 19, 2016:

3:15 PM BBT – Natalie and Da’Vonne continue their conversation about relationships.

3:45 PM BBT – Day assures Natalie she should be safe this week with the other two of them on the Block.

4:00 PM BBT – Zakiyah is none too happy with Bridgette and calls her a snake. She hopes Bridgette will be gone soon.

4:15 PM BBT – Nicole is unhappy with Da’Vonne and complaining about her to Zakiyah. They wonder why Day would be talking so much with Natalie when Day knows Zakiyah is upset with Natalie for being around Paulie. (It’s just shocking that girl alliances fall apart each season…)

4:30 PM BBT – Frank suggests maybe he and Bridgette should hang out less so she’s in a better spot with the other HGs.

4:40 PM BBT – Frank opens the sliding door while the metal gate is down and yells “shut the f**k up!” Big Brother responds, “stop that.”

4:43 PM BBT – Paulie talks with Frank that Corey was suggesting they vote out Da’Vonne. Paulie says he’s considering who should go this week but doesn’t think Da’Vonne is a threat to win anything unlike Tiffany. Paulie does worry that Day is working on drawing Natalie to her side though. Frank argues Tiffany is an island an no one will talk to her or work with her next week. He’s also very worried about letting Day get to Jury and says she’d block a guy from winning if a girl is against them at F2.

4:50 PM BBT – Frank continues to work on Paulie about evicting Da’Vonne. Frank suggests only two people will be upset over Day going and that’d be Michelle and Zakiyah, neither of which scares Frank that they’d be coming after them.

4:55 PM BBT – Frank tells Paulie he’s confident he can get Corey and Nicole to vote along and could get it up to 6-2 against Da’Vonne. Paulie says he’ll think it over and ask around.

5:20 PM BBT – Nicole brings food to the HoH room. She’s upset that Frank woke Corey when she was trying to check on him to make sure he was still breathing.

5:35 PM BBT – Nicole is daydreaming about marriage with Corey. Good grief.

5:50 PM BBT – James and Natalie are spooning in one of the bumper car beds. They’re talking game and relationships, etc. James tells her that there are bigger showmance targets than them in the house.

6:30 PM BBT – HGs hanging out talking about nothing important.

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  1. IMO Zakiya needs some help. It is not healthy to be so jealous of someone you just meet. I feel for any female who talks to Paulie or gets in her way.

    • What is going on with her? she’s acting like a child I had to switch the feeds whenever they showed her yesterday. And I was so down for that showmance lol

      • Yea I honestly thought they would be one of those power couples that wins all the time and make big moves but it looks to be that she’s turning into a female version of Caleb, only Caleb didn’t get any advances with Amber.

    • She is just immature imo. She said herself that she hasn’t been away from home more than 10 days; she prolly still lives with her parents. Additionally, she carries around a stuffed animal all day, is socially awkward and talks in a baby voice when she’s around Paulie. I want her to leave because she clearly thinks this is the Bachelorette.

      • Sometimes I think both Michelle and Z forget there are cameras on them. They talk smack about everyone else in the house. Do they think they’re above all the others? Neither has won any comps yet.

      • BBAD voted on that…called Nicole and Corey’s showmance invisible and Z and Paulie’s as pretty non-existent…Z’s using him to protect her. The only clear one that is genuine is Nat’s and James and the viewers think that will continue after the show.

      • I wouldn’t mind seeing James & Nat continue after the show either. James has been so respectful in the way he treats her.

      • He guards her well too and keeps reminding her that they have to keep their showmance G rated due to the cameras all around.

      • It’s hard to discern what the truth is, but Paulie indicated that he is aggravated with Z, and is just trying to keep her close for fear of Da getting in her ear.

      • She has made a yuge issue of any time Paulie gets near Gnat, to the point of being utterly ridiculous.

      • Oh no, she’s cramping paulie’s style by being a little possessive. Maybe she should try to play hard to get for awhile.

      • True, those 2 might come in handy for the guys when it comes to throwing comps – they could make it far into the game after all.
        What do you think of Michelle after watching her on the feeds? I never see or hear her so I’m in the dark about M.

      • She talks smack more about Tiffany and Bridgette more than she has a right to. She despises Tiffany sooo much that it’s going to end up ruining her game, especially if it gravitates towards Bridgette after Tiff is gone. She’s already tried getting James to shun Tiffany. Not good at all.

      • That’s pretty mean of Michelle wanting everyone to shun Tiff, I didn’t realize M. was this catty. She’s probably all talk though.

      • I hope so. I was getting to really like M last week. This week, not so much! She’s turned into Bronte without knowing it.

      • Frank and Boogie did the same thing almost every day, and they knew the cameras were on them. lol

      • Agreed. Michelle is becoming too big for her britches. She is very bold with yelling at Tiffany, and mocking her on numerous occasions. Tiff is far too mature to indulge, but part of me wants to see her tear Mich a new one just because Mich would be shocked lol.

    • IKR? Bridgette tried talking to her and Michelle and they both ignored her. That’s just downright mean, especially since neither have taken the time to actually get to know her. Thing is Michelle is on Bridgette’s team. You couldn’t tell by how much Michelle ignores her and just gives fuel to Z’s antics.

    • As a female, it’s painful to watch her conversations with Nicole, fantasizing about marriage, kids, etc. (especially because she looks so much like one of my BFs from high school). I’m usually not down with men stringing women along like this, but since this is BB (and not the Bachelor/Bachelorette), I’m giving props to Paulie for this strategic move. He’s flirting heavily enough without crossing the line…yet. We’ll see how long that lasts, but Z is definitely goo goo ga ga over him, and I’m a bit scared for Paulie if he actually does turn her down. For a “couple” who haven’t even kissed, she’s over-the-top jealous.

      • Zak needs to realize that there will always be attractive women goo goo gaga over paulie once they’re out of the house. I doubt very seriously if he’s ready to settle down and enjoys the girls chasing him. I don’t think Zak has thought of that either.

      • He’s implied his father warned him about pretty girls chasing him due to his soccer success, so he’s definitely well prepared for the likes of Z (much to her chagrin, I’m sure). Just seems like a classic case of pretty fish in a small pond for Z, and now she’s in the big pond fishing for Paulie…but he’s not taking the bait.

  2. If Da stays I’m hoping she gets the#s to go after the showmances. This seems more like Bachelor in Paradise than BB.

    • I have a feeling they won’t have the votes to keep Tiff over Day…so this will most likely be Tiff’s last week in the house, unless she wins the Battle Back. Day will get to stay…but then it is Big Brother too…expect the unexpected.

  3. Wow! Are these guys for real? Play the game. This is for $500,000 or did these guys check their brains outside the Big Brother House? It seems just Davonne, Paulie, Frank are the only ones playing and everyone else is just standing around being a bystander. Watch out folks, you might get evicted faster thank you think then, wonder what happened? James has all this information about Davonne wanting showmances broken up and he is on the outs without strong alliances so, why float with Paulie’s group? He should be thinking of weakening that group so that, Frank can go after Paulie and his group! James loyalty should be to himself and Natalie if he wants to continue his showmance. James should be arguing for the eviction of Davonne. Tiffany is all alone and has no alliances. She has also, blown up the games of her alliance which should benefit James, Natalie, Bridgette and Paul so, why evict her? If she won HOH next, you know she will go after Paulie’s group too!

    • I don’t get James’ reasoning either. Why go with a group that has already kept you out of a final 5? Those four (Nic/Zak/Paulie/Cor) seem really close.

      • James wants to work with Paulie. Simple as that. My guess, he trusts Paulie more than Tiffany and the others.

      • I’m sure not….. That would blow up those games too. But for real I think they all have secret alliances all over the place. Lol I would…. Hard to keep them secret in this house with this batch of yahoos……. Loose lips sink ships!

      • But Paulie made alliances (fake or not) without him and had no plans on telling him. That would make me weary of someone.

      • He’s been working hard to keep Natalie in the game so the idea of the showmances (minus Frank/Bridge) getting rid of all the singletons first isn’t a bad one.

      • He told Natalie he wants to join forces with Nic and Corey, but not until Day, Frank and Tiff are out of the house.

      • He really isn’t, that’s just what he is revealing to others for the time being. He’s much more genuine when he talks to Natalie about what he wants to see and do.

      • I’ve missed most of his talks with Natalie, just seen the ones with Day and Paulie What is his plan then?

      • To lay low until the bigger targets are done hashing out their differences before making any really big decisions or butting in! He’s trying a Van move it looks! LOL

    • James has mentioned to Paul that he’s only in alliance with himself for the most part and won’t gravitate towards others just yet.

  4. Ugh. So infuriating. Nicole and Zakiyah spent the night trying to figure out how Z can get a kiss. Paulie and Paul spent the night planning to pit the boys against the girls and pick off the girls one by one. The boys have their heads in the game, while the girls act like it’s a dating show. No wonder there’s never a female winner.

    • There won’t be unless they get focused on the game more. Many started out wanting a female alliance, but it seems that has fallen apart again. I thought Michelle is a threat, but she’s not so under the radar if her eviction is being planned.

      • One thing I do like about Michelle is at least she has held her ground with Frank. Of course it is due to self-interest, but she still hasn’t backed down when he tries his tactics on her. But other than that, not my fav, but who is? As of now, I have no idea.

    • Sad but true. Davonne could win, but she’s painted too big of a target on herself and am positive will get picked off sometime soon. Personality aside, I think Michelle could have the potential to win if she: a) wins a comp and proves herself and b) has Day backing her in jury (Frank was right in wanting to get Day out before jury, because she’d be a big influencer). As for Nicole—nope!

      • Not my favorite season by far. But it just goes to show that even a fruit loop dingus can go far with a lot of help from production. lol It was obvious, but BB hasn’t been what it use to be in a few years, so it wasn’t surprising. It’s always fun, though, no matter. Hope you are enjoying BBOTT. :)

      • I think it’s possible that the DR does and can help out a HG and I wouldn’t be surprised if they had helped Nicole – I don’t think there’s any other way a female can win otherwise.
        Haven’t been keeping up with BBOTT, been too busy but the last time I checked I was a fan of Monte since he lives close to my former home town.
        I don’t even know if James and Nat are still an item or if she’s dropped him yet lol.

      • From now until after the first of the year, I am always swamped. I’m already so far behind that I don’t know how I’m going to catch up. Been helping my sister sell most of her belongings, including her home. She left yesterday with her car loaded headed to Arizona to be with her son and his family. It’s been hectic, actually a nightmare, and heartbreaking. And my Dad is still in home hospice. Sometimes I feel like I can’t catch a breath.
        BB was rough this year because of family issues. Not sure about next season, but time and life will dictate whether I will be able to post. I went on a BBOTT thread just for a pick me up the other day. I have no idea about what’s going on and I haven’t heard anything about the showmances from BB18. But I would be very shocked if any of them are long-term.
        Thanks for posting to me. It was really nice hearing from you. :)

      • Let’s face it Karen , at age 60 emotional stress is a lot more difficult to deal with as I can well understand after dealing with my house falling apart around me :D.
        So sad to hear about your sister too, how difficult it must be for her to sell everything she owns and move over one thousand miles away. Just thinking about it makes me more thankful that at least I still have a home and even though it’s been damaged by the rain it can still be fixed.
        I could tell you weren’t yourself lately but I understand completely that life sometimes can do that to a person, myself included.
        My ne’er do well, alcoholic nephew (who only calls when he wants money) called wanting me to bail him out of unpaid DUI fines to the tune of $10,000 so he can get a drivers license.
        What with the house damage I told him that it wasn’t possible for me to do that at present.
        The only reason he turns to me is because his grandmother and his mother (my older sister) refuse to bail him out of his troubles any more.
        They have always helped him out when he was homeless and couldn’t find a job but he never repaid them for anything – getting mad that they would even expect him to do so since “he never asked to be born”.
        Maybe I’m hard hearted but I know he would never repay me for any financial help and at my age I need to prepare for my senior years financially as does my husband.
        I feel so sorry for him though, he’s such a lost soul and I wish I could change that. I just do not know what the answer to his problem is.
        It was very tempting to buy those feeds for BBOTT and forget about all my worries and cares but I did that all summer and now I need to get busy and start packing stuff up so the floors can be repaired. My husband bought a large metal building where we’re going to move the furniture into and all my other stuff ( and there’s a lot of that! ) as well.
        We’ll have to stay in a hotel for about a week the contractor said to just get the bedroom floor replaced. I’m hoping we can put off replacing the rest of the house floors till later since they aren’t in such a perilous condition.
        I hope you can get caught up with everything and take a deep breath before Christmas arrives :D
        Take care Karen and it’s always good to hear from you.

  5. ive had it up to my eyeballs w showmances. this week could of been so entertaining but it has not. boring boring boring. maybe things will fire up today and tomorrow.

    • I’ve never understood ANYONE not having enough self-control to stay away from a showmance in the BB house. You took a spot from someone that would have been more than happy to have played the game.

      • I’m with you there. Said several times on here…..Forget the “eye candy” and get people who won’t to play the game. People who need the money and will wisely use the money. Not these people who will blow it on partyin and hooking up.

      • We definitely feel the same way. I realize that there are a couple of showmances that worked out. Rachel won BB13 and Jordan won BB11, but most of the time they result in your well-deserved eviction.

      • The only reason Jordan won was her showmance. Had it not been for Jeff protecting her she would’ve been gone before jury.

      • If there really is something there, they won’t be gone. In most case, though, you are correct.

      • they need to have a season where everyone is married and if there is a showmance that develops there are some divorces waiting at home

      • Considering how closely Brigette and Frank are, and given Frank’s touchy-feely demeanor with the female HGs, I wouldn’t be surprised if one or both pulled a Kristen and found themselves single after the season.

      • Christine was lucky her husband took her back after her season all touchy-feely with Cody when Jeff didn’t work out.

      • I didn’t want her marriage to break up so I’m glad to hear hubby forgave her little Cory fling.

      • Lolol or put in older, educated, worldly players.
        Not such young, horney, flirty, juvenile players.

      • There’s a few of those above 40’s in BBUK this season: One is a negatron, another broke down inside the DR quite a number of times, another is a delusional guy who thinks like he’s a gangster when he’s not, and the last old man standing this week has had problems trying to shake off his crazy ex-girlfriend.

        You should give it a try. :D

      • I meant the average older educated person…… Not some flake for entertainment value.
        I get that production needs fluff in the house but do they really? It’s all about ratings.. And fluff gives them ratings.
        If they put 16 older houseguests of average looks, education & stature I do believe that would be entertaining.

        But the divorce idea I like too!! Lol

      • One of those I mentioned is actually highly educated, being a successful businessman outside the house but it’s his personality that stands out the most.

      • There’s another one, slightly younger at 34. He’s a former news reporter who lost his job at the BBC. He is quite a character who is probably the only one bearing common sense out of a cast of probably dimwits. It’s fun watching him and I’m hoping he’ll win his season of the UK version next Tuesday. :)

      • Hope he will work out & fit in. Joke around, not be under the radar & go far!

        How do you watch this?

      • Oh how true! Highly educated helps one business-wise, personally, though, been many a ruin because they find it difficult to compromise in their personal goals.

      • It’s easy to think that when you’re not the one locked up in a house for months with some people that are pretty attractive….

        If I were single, I know I’d have a hard time resisting something if I felt some sort of connection with someone on there.

      • People should try practicing self-discipline or attempt to use self-restraint in such matters. It’s not that they don’t have the ability, they just don’t care. If it costs them the game, great, imo.

      • You can have a showmance but still play your own game….. Paulie is trying to do that. Is he using Z? Maybe yes maybe no…but at one point showmance or not someone is always getting used for the votes to get along further in the game.

      • Totally agree! It’s so unfortunate that the houseguests are so young that they don’t get that this is such a great opportunity.

      • Unfortunately, with Big Brother, relationships are always at the forefront because these people are stuck together in closed quarters.

        It can’t be avoided but some self-awareness should suffice enough for one to know when you shouldn’t let your significant other control your thoughts and movements or put their needs first before yours.

    • Sooo agree. I watched the last hour of BBAD this morning and it too was sooo boring. “Gabbage Patch” Bridgette, has such a foul mouth on her, every other word was f***.

      • Me too. I’ve tried to watch BBAD (always PVR’d cuz it is a show I need to be able to Fast Forward)
        It’s so silly. And they whisper so much I have the TV turned up super loud & then when a commercial comes on I practically wake the whole house. It’s been painful to watch so I still PVR but pretty much delete after a couple of boring segments.
        That goodness for Matt’s recaps!

      • The sound system on BBAD is atrocious – I can’t understand a word they’re saying either. Are you able to get closed captions while out camping? That’s the only way I know what’s going on.
        I had the TV on HIGH as well as cupping my hands behind my ears but it’s still impossible to understand what they’re saying.

      • I can’t get anything but one channel here so PVR & watch/delete when home. But funny thing I too cup my hands behind my ears too! Lo lolol too funny! Getting old isn’t as fun as I thought it would be! Lol
        The only channel we get shows BB episodes tho. I’m grateful for that.
        Heading home today for an all girls weekend with my mother & 4 sistas! Hope I survive it.
        Then heading back up asap for long weekend. (Here in BC it’s a long weekend)
        Then I can be up here for most of August or until my baby (kodi) tells me he needs to go home. That’ll be tough!
        Hope Tiff goes this week. I’ve had enuff of her!

      • You live in BC? I’d love to vacation there as I’ve heard it’s so beautiful. Don’t know about the grizzly bears though.
        Another thing causing my hearing problems is that I have the air conditioner going full blast all summer long and that constant drone along with the mumbling on BBAD makes it even worse.
        Amazing how much the hand cupping helps I agree :D
        To be honest, if either Day or Tiff goes I’ll be happy.
        Do they really want to spend jury time with morose Tiff? At least Day would be fun to be around once she stops playing the game.
        I also have to wonder what the producers want…Tiff and Day are bringing the drama that’s for sure while Nat isn’t. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nat ended up going although I want her to stay.

      • I think Nat is safe cuz she’s not any competition for most houseguests. Maybe michelle, Z & Gidget… (She’s always laughing with her face scrunched)
        Nat could start playing soon. I really think a lot of the game play is seeded from producers. So once ‘Da & Tiff are gone she may be more in the ‘spotlight!’ Although I think she’s too happy; I like happy but come on….. Really? I do believe it’s real tho.

      • Where do you live?

        And I’ve travelled in BC a lot…… Never seen a grizzly bear & maybe have seen a dozen bears ever.
        And we don’t live in igloos…. Lmao cuz lots think we do! Haha

      • I’ve read a few travel books on BC – I’ve always thought the weather there would be perfect for my respiratory problems. With all the rain there you might have a lot of mold though.
        I live in MS and it’s been hot as blazes here. That’s another reason I thought about moving to BC, no more HOT weather.

      • Ya, eh?
        West coast too. Maybe Easter Canada knows MS….??
        We’re out in the dark over here with our East coast lol
        I bet the weather is smokin’ hot there! You guys have so much history there…. I’d love to travel all over that area!
        One day……

      • I once went for a jog in 105 in Texas & loved it! When I was younger.

        I go to the dessert every summer to get that heat. I have degenerative disc disease & arthritis in my back (3 spine surgeries) & it loves the heat! The dryer the better! Ahhhhh!


      • The area where I live doesn’t have dry heat but wet heat or lots of humidity in other words, which is a killer. You’ll be soaking wet the minute you step outside. But we do have mild winters so I won’t complain too much about the humidity.
        Is the weather in BC helpful for your arthritic condition? Rain seems to make mine worse.

      • Ohhhhhhh well I’m menopausal so I’m already dripping wet a lot of the time!! Lo lolol
        But really not that funny when I’m drenched.
        Dry heat is best for my arthritis that’s why I go up to Osoyoos where it’s a natural desert. The heat is high usually in the 30’s C not sure the F but prob 90’s
        Rain makes mine worse but the worst is when it’s on & off with the rain…….the barometer goes up & down & can’t make up its mind.
        My knee has had a really messed up ACL Reconstruction too. The f***ing Dr cut a nerve that goes down into my toes & didn’t clean my minescus or my arthritis so dealing with that too. I have to wear a knee brace all th time. In water too so I have a few.
        I always tell ppl I’m the one with the yellow brace. Ppl remember me now becuz of the yellow brace. I got yellow so ppl wouldn’t bump into me & mess my back too. It’s a domino effect.
        But right now we are dealing with our ‘puppy-boy’ kodi. He has anal gland cancer & it’s getting closer. Glad I came back home last night so the rest of the family could share some time with him. We take him to vet at 2:20 our time to find out how he is. He hasn’t been able to poop for a day & I know things are close. I’m a mess!
        Everyone on here has been so kind with the situation.
        It just sucks!!!

      • So sad to hear about your dog having cancer. He must be an older dog? It’s tough to lose a pet and I hope the vet can help the little fellow and Kodi will feel better soon.
        I can almost predict the weather now with my arthritis and migraine headaches. Back when I was a young nurse one of the older nurses said that every time the barometer dropped the hospital would fill up with cardiac patients. She was right!
        I know what you mean about menopause and high temps. The first year I had menopause symptoms we were having a heat wave with the temps in the 100’s for about 5 months straight.
        I thought I was in hell with the hot flashes on top of the heat.
        Isn’t BC considered a rain forest? Does the constant rain affect your health do you think?
        Dry heat is so helpful but the thought of living in the desert sounds so depressing after living my life in a very green and verdant area.

      • this is where we camp. We have a great 32 foot trailer. 4 bunks & queen up front. We are so close to the beach! Looks messy right now but you get the idea!

      • Hey Tink, for some reason I’m not able to access the link you provided…don’t know why.
        I wouldn’t mind camping like that at all :D Do you have problems with mosquitos and other insects bugging you to death?

      • i have actually like this season. thought first week was great. second week was ok just bc vic still thought he had it licked. last week was great. full of entertainment. this week, it had all that potential for Da and tiff to be stirring things up, but its been flat so far. hopefully parania will kick in today and they crank up the action

  6. Just a thought ! I know it will never happen.Have a season of BB with just one gender. Then you don’t have to put up with the showmances, jealousy and the rest of the bull that goes with it. Than again it just might to boring.

    • It would have to be just guys though cuz girls will always find a way to hate each other.

    • I know you mean people all of the same sexual orientation or none at all … gender is so confusing to me these days.

    • How about another All Star? I thnk they just had one All Star in all these seasons! Atleast, with an All Star, everyone knows how to play so, it would be a free for all! I do not know why they do not do it! Survivor has had more than one!

      • I think the reason that BB has gone to noobs vs. vets instead of a proper All Star season is the summer-only format. There was a two year gap between seasons 6 and 8, meaning no new BB players in all that time. With Survivor, even if they do have returnees, you go back to new players a year later.

      • There needs to be a bigger pool of contestants and since the last time we have back to back seasons filled with returnees in some form, the crop of newbies to pick from falls short compared to 6 seasons of straight out noobs.

        But thinking about it I realized that just because Survivor did it, it shouldn’t necessarily mean that BB should exactly do it.

      • Well, it seems that they stay within 6 degrees or a 20 mile radius. Besides the vets and siblings, doesn’t Paulie have a friend who dated Natalie? Doesn’t Paulie know someone Z used to date and vice versa? Isn’t Bronte and/or Natalie friends/whatever with GinaMarie?

      • SO glad you said returnees, and not returners! The first time the BB announcer said it, I thought, oh crap. THEN, to make matters worse, Julie Chen said it on a live show. I thought she sounded so ignorant. Why promote the houseguests’ bad grammar? Ugh!!

  7. This season was off to such a good start. Sigh

    It has quickly turned into the Bachelor. I agree with Day. They showmances need to go. I am extremely disappointed in Nicole as a returnee.

  8. I think they need to bring back the best people who made it to 2nd or 3rd for another shot at that 500K. Survivor did it and it was the best season in my opinion.

  9. Oh for Pete’s sake, these stupid showmances are ridiculous! Z getting mad b/c Paulie shared a hide-and-seek spot…are you kidding me??? I’m not a fan of any of the girls this season, with the exception of Natalie. She seems a little more genuine that the others – atleast IMO.

    • She might be a genuinely nice person, but if I had my way(which I won’t), she would be going home. She does not deserve a spot in the jury house. That is all she aspired for and never played the game.

      • Agree! That part does annoy me as well. She doesn’t deserve to be there. But, personality wise I really don’t think she’s as mean as the other girls in the house.

      • If Nat doesn’t stop flirting (according to Zak) with Paulie Nat might be the one going home after all.

      • That is probably what Z would prefer, but I don’t think her “true love” will agree, and we know he is the boss, silly Z.

    • Don’t forget Nicole getting mad at Day because she was talking to Natalie after knowing how upset Z was behind Natalie rubbing Paulie’s leg. SMDH…

  10. Ugh! These little girls! This is summer camp; very few are playing the game. Z and Nicole are beyond ridiculous; they sound like 14 year old girls. “OMG, he kissed you! Not fair, he didn’t kiss me.” “Ugh, did you see she is talking to him, he might start liking her. oooohhhh, like I can’t stand her.” They are worse than Sweet Valley High.

    • If Z only knew Paulie is so not interested in her the way she is with him. Her little heart is going to be broken when she finds out what he said to Cory on the live feeds last night on the pantry.

  11. These girls are making me miss Jozea…. On no! Did I say that? Couldn’t stand him but he was playing the game, terribly, but he was playing.

    • These girls make me want to projectile vomit everywhere, whereas Jozea just made me want to SMH (smack my head)—potayto potahto.

    • They should’ve evicted Paulie, because now Paulie is a hurdle for everyone’s game because the majority listen to him because he’s never a wearing a shirt and everybody wants to be in with him and in him literally.

  12. There was such high hopes for drama from the last eviction till this thursday and everything has sizzled out to middles school type relationship banter. Kudos to Frank for actually trying to work on people to get them to think about the game rather than who likes who.

    • I’ll give Frank this- atleast he’s playing the game. And besides he has a girl at home (I think) so I don’t think he’d be interested in another Ashley

  13. This does seem to be the season of love on BB this year and love is in the air no doubt about it.
    I can’t say I’m surprised though. When you get a bunch of young (and highly hormonal) twenty-somethings in the house nature will take its course.
    Considering how young they are it’s a miracle there isn’t a non-stop orgy in progress in the BB love shack. j/k :D

  14. Did I miss something…why can’t Frank stand Z? He was just singing her praises the other day. Frank is as catty as the girls.

      • Knowing Frank it probably has to do with Paulie still being on the fence (lie) about keeping Tiffany. Frank is the moodiest guy player I’ve ever seen play BB.

      • Frank’s now telling Tiffany and Bridgette that neither need to talk to Z or Michelle now! LOL

      • Only because Frank thinks they have the votes to get Day out without Tiffany having to talk to those two. Not good imo! But then Michelle refuses to be in the same room as Tiff anyway. Z wants nothing to do with her either because she’s responsible for Day going on the block.

      • Refused to talk to Bridgette. Probably feels guilty since she does impressions of her to Z’s minions, same as Michelle did too!

      • Thanks for the lowdown Joni, a lot of this stuff hasn’t made it to Jokers so I’m a little bit in the dark where the catty females are concerned.

  15. I predicted this early on. That Z has been with three year olds for so long, she’s forgotten how to be around adults. Am I right, or am I wrong? Sort of like, “I don’t want to share my toys with you at all,” or “I wanna go home now, cause I don’t like you anymore,” etc., etc.

    • Wait till she has a daughter of her own and she comes to mama saying she wants to be a cheerleader. “Why you little hussy!” hehe

    • I worked with 4- and 5-year-olds for a few years, and I can assure I don’t act this way. Just like I work with mostly men now and don’t talk about farts and poop all day. At least I think I don’t think so… Lol.

      • What? You don’t tell everybody at work when you have a ‘nasty’ bm like Frank does in the BB house? :D

      • I worked with infants to 5 year olds for years, but then I was also married with kids of my own, after having worked with mostly men for years. Whenever I’d start babbling like a baby to my husband, he’d say it’s time to join our couple friends for a night out again! LOL

      • That’s a good man to have by your side—snap out of it woman! I need one of those stat, lol.

    • It’s easy to criticize people from the outside. My guess is Bridgette, Natalie, Frank and Bronte (battle back) in the final 4, and Natalie wins the game with Nicole getting cut at 5th.

      • I kept that prediction to myself and waited to see her actions to back it up with. Yeh, it is easy to criticize from the outside and I try my best not to until their actions precede them! :-)

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