Big Brother 18 Live Feeds Week 4: Monday Night Highlights

Frank continued to work hard on the Big Brother 18 Houseguests to vote out Da’Vonne instead of Tiffany this week. He’s made some grounds with Corey and Nicole, but it seems like most everyone else is locked in for the week.


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Before you read through the overnight highlights be sure to back up and catch Monday’s daytime highlights too.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, July 18, 2016:

5:11 PM BBT – Natalie and James are still talking through their issues. She tells him her feelings were hurt because she had his back. She tells him he’s free to cuddle with whoever he wants now. He says he only wants to cuddle with her.

5:16 PM BBT – Natalie says this has been the worst day she’s had in the house.

5:39 PM BBT – James and Natalie have made up, but she’s still letting him know what she was so upset.

5:45 PM BBT- Day, Paulie and Paul hanging out on the hammock. Day asks Paul to go distract Bridgette and Tiffany so she can talk to Paulie. They talk about the things Tiffany has been saying. Day covers for some of the things she told her and Paulie again compares Tiff to Vanessa.

5:54 PM BBT – Feeds cut and apparently production announced the yard would be shutting  down early. They’re all speculating for a big competition (likely the wall endurance competition).

6:15 PM BBT – Nicole continues to insert jabs at Day to Z to try to turn Z against Day. She tells her she wouldn’t be surprised if Day nominated Corey if she had the power. Z says she doesn’t think she’d do that and that she wouldn’t trust her anymore if she did.

6:25 PM BBT – Nicole tells Z that she is the girl she trusts most in this game.

6:28 PM BBT – Natalie and James are cuddling in a bumper car. All seems well with them again.

7:00 PM BBT – Michelle talks to Corey and Nicole about Frank saying he has the votes to get Day out. They play dumb. Corey tells Michelle that he wouldn’t keep Tiffany because she put him on the block and she’ll only help Frank (Corey and Nicole keep flip-flopping).

7:01 PM BBT – Frank and Paulie talking about the vote. Frank still pushing for Day to go this week and they can get Tiffany later. He says Tiffany really isn’t like Vanessa like Paulie and the others think.

7:23 PM BBT – HGs playing a game in the back yard with oranges.

7:29 PM BBT – Tiffany cam talking about how bad the people in the house are. She calls them all a-holes who lie.

8:22 PM BBT – Day tells Z that she talked to Paulie about how she was nervous about working with the showmances, but she’s OK now. Paulie told her they were still sticking to the plan.

8:24 PM BBT – Day says she was bad and that she hid Tiffany’s gorilla.

8:25 PM BBT – Michelle cam talks. She says that Tiffany is going home.

8:59 PM BBT – Frank tells Nicole that he thinks they have the numbers to get Frank out. He tells her he’s got himself, Bridgette, Tiffany, Paul and he’s pretty sure he can get Michelle and James. He says with Corey and her, it could be 7-1 (Zakiyah being the one).

9:01 PM BBT – Nicole tells Frank if he has the numbers, she’ll vote Day out but if she finds out there aren’t enough numbers, she’ll tell him. She says but if she can’t go this week then definitely next week.

9:12 PM BBT – Natalie talking to James about how she’ll be able to lose weight in jury (it’s as if she has no interest in winning the game).

9:36 PM BBT – Nicole talking to herself about Corey. She thinks he can’t possibly like her and that it’s probably just strategy.

10:00 PM BBT – The HGs have seemingly worn themselves out from game/strategy talk and drama. Every one is just hanging out and chit-chatting.

10:24 PM BBT – Nicole and Corey are playing pool. She tells Corey that she’s a little upset that he said it was OK for James to flirt with her. He said he was joking. He says he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings. She says her feelings aren’t hurt. She says she hates boys.

10:26 PM BBT – Nicole tells Corey that if he wants to back off then fine. She tells him to be straight up with her and not beat around the bush.

10:28 PM BBT – “You act like I didn’t like last night,” Corey says to Nicole. He asks why he wouldn’t want to cuddle with her after last night (in case you’re wondering about last night, apparently they got a little close in bed).

11:01 PM BBT – Michelle, Paul and Paulie confirming Frank doesn’t have the votes he thinks he does to get Da’Vonne out this week.

11:07 PM BBT – Nicole and Corey continue to obsess over Day and are trying to convince Paulie, but he says Day isn’t a threat so he still wants Tiffany out this week, then Frank and then Da’Vonne. And if Frank isn’t touchable next week, it can be Day.

11:15 PM BBT – Frank talks with James and suggests the vote could be 7-1 to evict Da’Vonne, but right now he’s got 3 votes for sure. Frank only slightly worries he’s being lied to about vote plans.

11:15 PM BBT – Corey says he’ll try and BD Frank next week. Paulie suggests they go after both Day and Frank so they’re sure to get one of them.

11:30 PM BBT – Nicole and Corey talking with Paulie about their distrust of Da’Vonne. They thinks he wanted them to give her the Veto since she knew she’d go up. Corey is sure that Day would have voted against him if he stayed on the Block.

11:50 PM BBT – Nicole expects a pre-jury evictee to get back in the game and maybe it’ll be a set up like the BB15 ball-catch combo comp that had the evictees and current HGs playing together.

1:10 AM BBT – Frank tells Bridgette that if they win HoH then Da’Vonne and Zakiyah should go up next to each other.

1:15 AM BBT – James lets Paulie know he knows about the showmance alliance + Day and he isn’t happy that he was left out of it.

1:50 AM BBT – Da’Vonne hinting to Michelle that the showmances have too much power.

2:00 AM BBT – Nicole and Corey are cuddling again in bed.

2:35 AM BBT – Frank and Bridgette are discussing eviction plans. He wants to see Da’Vonne, then Zakiyah, and then Corey evicted.

3:00 AM BBT – Frank promises Bridgette they can be F2 together.

3:45 AM BBT – Corey is trying to get a kiss from Nicole, but she’s dodging it.

Frank is heading full steam in to Thursday’s eviction with the hope that he can flip the votes, but it doesn’t look likely and the smiles and nods he’s getting aren’t helping him realize what’s going on. Houseguests are about to be on lockdown for a long while as Big Brother builds out another huge competition, but we don’t know if it’s just for HoH or all part of the Battle Back comps set to air on Friday. We’ll have more on that later.

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  1. Don’t these house guests realize that if they don’t quit letting Paulie and Frank run the show that they’ll be the last men standing? What Paulie wants, Paulie gets. He doesn’t care what the others in his alliance want. Same went for Frank before he got his wake up call. I’d like to see someone wake tf up and flip on Paulie this week. Keep everyone a little more level headed!

    • The stragglers in particular should be thinking long term. Let the Davonne vs Frank and Frank vs Paulie conflict continue. Their best move is strip the allies of each side when they are on the block! Since, the weaker alliance is Frank’s, vote out Davonne this week! Nobody will know how you voted anyhow aside from creating more paranoia! Paul and James are stragglers who should be siding with both Paulie and Frank and voting in their best interests! There is $500,000 at stake otherwise, why get stuck in the Big Brother House? The Frank vs Paulie drama will continue next week and maybe, this time Frank wins the HOH. Then, they will still be safe!

    • Agree! Paulie’s head is getting way too big and he needs to be brought back down a few notches. I like him in the beginning, but he’s gotten way too cocky.

      • Paulie’s only reason for evicting Tif is cuz she’s Van’s sister. Not enough of a reason for me. Da on the other hand, is putting out lies left and right.

      • Like I said above. People want to get rid of Tiff cuz of Van but not Paulie because of Cody. Why is he so different?

      • Frank WAS running the show. Now Paulie is. I think these has should continue the vote flip and this wk getting a 5/3 (i think thats right!) and paulie/frank won’t know who voted which way. Knocking their egos back down.

      • I don’t think Frank was ever running the show. He had great social relationships with people but that was immediately ruined after he told Natalie that Jozea was getting blindsided and his allies knew he was just only covering his own ass.

  2. These girls need to wake up man. I’m really getting annoyed with Nicole. She is so stupid and all she cares about is Corey liking her. Ummmm last time I checked you were playing a game for $500K, how about focus on that for once! I’m so ready for her butt to put up on the block.

    • A lot of us are preaching this sermon about how stupid it is to put a romance before integrity and focus on the game – hopefully some of us will remember to practice what we preach in our own lives. I especially hope that James and Nicole will reflect and rebound.

  3. Da’ has GOT TO GO. Wake up people. Might as well get her out while you can… Tiff will be a easy target later.

    • And Da’Vonne won’t be an easy target? She hasn’t won a single comp and most people in the house want her out soon. If Da’Vonne stays, everyone knows who both Day and Frank will target. If Tiffany stays, it’s less certain who Tiffany and Frank will target.

  4. If production is telling/hinting (what’s the diff) that an evictee is returning, and word gets around, they may evict Natalie thinking she’ll never win the battle back but Da or Tiff might can. I know Da hasn’t won yet but point is, Frank REALLY wants Da out & Paulie REALLY wants Tiff out – permanently with no chance of battle back. Lol.

    • That’s a very good point. I wouldn’t mind as Natalie is only wanting to make it to jury. She has absolutely no interest in winning at all.

      • Me either. If she isn’t going to try to win anything, let her go. Sweet but I wanna watch the hungry ones! Lol

      • I still think you can get Nat out any time. Van lasted so long because there was always someone easier to get out.

    • Yeah I am really rooting for this outcome. Plus Victor comes back.
      That’ll be an awesome Top 12.

    • Zak and Nicole are not pleased with Nat who seems to be flirting with their boyfriends. Natalie beware, or she could be the next one leaving. Of course James will be out for blood if this happens.

  5. Natalie is absolutely worthless. She may be quality eye candy to some viewers, but anyone who shoots for jury is taking the place of other people who aim to win.

  6. It’s pointless to work on Z, Mich and Paul.
    Frank should concentrate on flipping James. If James agrees to evict Day then Nicole and Corey will definitely join them as they will have 5 votes.
    Last week I dislike Frank and Bridge, this week I kinda like the threesome of Frank, Bridge and Tiff, probably because the “cool kidz” are so mean and terrible.
    What happened to the charming and kind Paulie of Week 1? He should lose the awful beard, it makes him cocky I think hehehe (and not attractive).

    • I am so sick and tired of Cody, oh, I mean Paulie not letting go of this Tiffany/Vanessa vendetta he has going on. Cody played a pretty good manipulative game just like Vanessa did..good strategy..just like Vanessa did…only difference was where they finished. Cody, I mean..Paulie..just refuses to let that go and it has irritated the heck out of me…Tiffany never stood a chance with him.

      • Paulie, I mean Cody, would have never stood a chance with Vanessa. Without Derrick around, she would have dominated him akin to how Derrick controlled him. I don’t see Cody being as much of an egotist as Paulie appears to be. Paulie is the oldest and the oldest is usually, not always, the more dominant personality. I’d think that is most likely the case here, also, which may explain his dislike of Vanessa that has resulted in his intense distrust of Tiffy.

      • Cody was my favorite player from season 16..I never saw the ego that is so obvious with Paulie. Vanessa would have chewed up and spit Cody out if Derrick were not there and she was playing with him then. This season is just full of mean people. I don’t like to see totally shun certain players..Michelle, Z and Day have been awful to Tiffany. I am having a hard time really enjoying this season so far and I hate that.

      • Good strategy should never have to include being mean. Sure it takes manipulation and scheming, but that can be achieved without being a cruel person.

      • Exactly right! Michelle has been a big disappointment for me so far. I already knew about Day’s shenanigans..but, Michelle is so immature and just mean. Z is so lustful for Paulie..she can see nothing else right now…she has been mean as well. I just hope things can turn around quickly..I want a Frank or Bridgette HOH win on Thursday..shake that house up again..get Cody..I mean of that extremely high horse he has been on lately.

      • Truthfully, I think Gigglette has her own little snide way of being nasty and is, in her own way, just as bad as some of the rest of them. I couldn’t imagine what the season would be like having all of these females only in the house for the last few weeks. :(

    • AT least his beard is covering what look likes a butt crack on his chin. Watch the opening credits and check out that chin on his clean face LOL.

  7. “8:59 PM BBT – Frank tells Nicole that he thinks they have the numbers to get Frank out.” I know it’s a typo, but it’s still pretty funny because without reading the rest of the paragraph you’d think Frank finally got a clue.

  8. I wonder what Frank’s gf thinks about Gigglette. I think that if Frank would consent, Gigglette would be more than happy to oblige. By his body language, Frank’s not interested at all. Although she annoys me following Frank around and giggling at every move he makes or word he speaks, I honestly don’t wish Gigglette any bad, so I wish she’d go to giggle hell. She’d like it there.

  9. So right now it looks like Tiff is going to be evicted this week. I think it’ll be between her and Victor in the Battle Back (slight edge to Victor). If Victor comes back Frank would likely try to recruit him. If Tiff comes back, we’ll basically have a repeat of this week. Therefore, I hope Victor comes back. It could really shift things in the house.

    • Since paulie was responsible for evicting Victor he might very well want to align with Frank if he returns.

  10. Frank is not going to have the votes to get Day out…Nicole and Corey will not flip…trying to talk to James may help since he now knows about the showmance alliance +Day..and he is upset he wasn’t told about it since him and Paulie are supposed to be working together and Paulie is in that alliance too. But, I just don’t think the votes will be there on Thursday for Tiffany so Day can continue her lying ways a week or two longer.

      • I would love to see Day go..from what I read when she was nominated yesterday..when she got up to get on the nomination couch..she flung those heavy braids of hers right at Tiffanys’ face..I don’t know for sure if they hit her or not..but, that shows you how devious and mean Day can be..I think she is a very dirty BB player..I wish she would go on Thursday..but, I am having my doubts.

      • I watched tiff the miffed right after it happened and I don’t believe that it was all that she was saying. She over reacted imo. She went tattle telling to everyone and anyone that would listen to her stupid immature story. I loved the Cabbage Patch Dolls reaction non reaction, she couldn’t have cared less. Took the steam right out of tiffs over pressed sails.

  11. The pettiness of these girls with the exception of Natalie is crazy this year. I was really a big fan of Zakiyah at first. Although she is very beautiful in the face she has a very ugly personality. That girl is only there for camera time. Paulie is way to cocky. Maybe they deserve each other. It’s to bad because I was a huge Zaulie fan. And Nicole! Girl didn’t you learn anything from your season. Always chasing a boy lol! Momma Dae can’t keep her mouth closed to save her life. Corey is a space cadet. Tiffany is Vanessa to a tee. I could go on and on. At this point I’m rooting for James but he has to get out from under Natalie’s fake boobs I mean spell first and start playing the game.

  12. There seems to be a difference of opinion between the Paulie/Z. and Corey/Nicole alliance that could lead to a split soon. From what I’ve read Paulie doesn’t believe that Day wanted Corey out while N. and C. are convinced of this.
    If the house goes against Paulie’s wishes and gets out Day instead of Tiff it will be fun to see Paulie’s reaction and the resulting arguments.

  13. James is not going to vote out Da’vonne since he’s really closed to her and it won’t be a good strategic move.Tiffany needs to go cuz she acts so much like vanessa and she’s blowing up everyone’s game.Also, Da’vonne is on there side,why would they get rid of her when they can get rid of one of Frank’s Minions

  14. Why do the house guest keep comparing Tiff to Van. That shy need to get her out because she made it to F3. But no one seems to remember that Paulie and Cody are brothers and Cody made it to F2. I am so wishing Day goes! She is the same ole same ole

  15. So looks like my dvr has that Sunday’s show will feature POV comp. Normally Sunday shows Roadkill comp & Wed is POV.

    ??? If POV is Sunday – no RK?
    If POV is Sunday, what’s next Wednesday?

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