Big Brother 18 Live Feeds Week 4: Thursday Night Highlights

It was a heated night in the Big Brother 18 house as fallout from the flip lead to some arguments between Frank and Da’Vonne and Frank and Tiffany. Later in the night, we started to find out what Paulie’s nominations plans are. as the HGs quickly began regretting keeping Tiffany.

Da'Vonne lets Frank know what she's thinking

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, July 14, 2016:

7:04 PM BBT – Natalie says she lost her best friend and she hates this game more than anything. She said she just wants to make it to jury and she’s done.

7:08 PM BBT – Frank tells Tiffany to talk to Day because she’s the one who told Frank Tiffany was coming after him. Day comes in and tells Frank “get your life.” He swears to Tiffany he isn’t lying about this. Day says she never even talks to Frank. He tells her now she’s just lying to everyone.

7:11 PM BBT – Tiffany tells Frank that he’s been saying a lot of things to a lot of people and she doesn’t believe anything he says.

7:12 PM BBT – Day tells Frank she’s not going home but he is. Frank tells Day she started drama her season and went home and she is doing the same thing this season.

7:12 PM BBT – Paulie comes in acting like Derrick and shuts down the yelling.

7:13 PM BBT – Paulie asks if her and Corey were ever in danger (Day just said out loud that Frank asked her to put them up). Frank says sure he said that to Day because that’s what she wanted to hear. He says he was never going to go after them.

7:20 PM BBT – Paulie, Frank and Bridgette talk about the votes. Frank wonders if the votes were them, James and Natalie (yes). Then he wonders if it was Corey instead of James or maybe Natalie. Bridgette says no way Natalie voted for Bronte to go.

7:21 PM BBT – Frank asks Paulie if he would put Day up. He says he could put her up next to Tiffany.

7:34 PM BBT – Paulie tells Paul and the others that Tiffany and Natalie will be going up. But Day is in the room, so it’s not clear what Paulie is doing. Paulie says he’s going to tell Frank he knows that he wants Day but he wants Tiffany. And he’ll tell Bridgette he wants Natalie to go up as an alternate plan to free up James.

7:50 PM BBT – Nicole has denied the vote to Frank. He asks her to vote with him this week and she says 100 percent. She says something she wasn’t aware of went down and Frank says it must have been James and Michelle and Nicole agrees.

7:51 PM BBT – Nicole tells Frank she’s been trying to deflect his name from people when they mention him. And she asks him not to throw her name around either.

7:54 PM BBT – Day tells Zakiyah and Michelle that Tiffany told Frank that a lot of people were saying he wanted her out all week. Z and Michelle are mad over that.

7:56 PM BBT – Michelle, Day and Zakiyah are regretting saving Tiffany. Michelle heard her tell Paul that he’s all she’s got. They decide they have to make Tiffany feel safe this week.

7:59 PM BBT – Nicole joins the girls and tells them that Frank doesn’t know exactly who flipped. Day tells Nicole that she isn’t going to blow up their game. Nicole says she doesn’t think she will. Nicole telling them half-truths about what they talked about.

8:09 PM BBT – James says he wants to tell Michelle told you so (about keeping Tiffany), but he won’t.

8:13 PM BBT – Tiffany comes into the room and Day and James leave. She asks Nicole and Zakiyah why people leave the room every time she enters a room. She says it’s getting annoying. Nicole tells her that she’s still here and to calm down. Tiffany asks them if anyone other than Frank has said things about her or planting seeds about her.

8:15 PM BBT – Tiffany says it feels like she has leperacy. She doesn’t understand what she did to make her the target this week.

8:46 PM BBT – Frank and Da’Vonne having a heart to heart. She called him in a private room to ask him when he started coming for her. He tells her he just had a feeling and she asked him why didn’t he come to her about it. He said he doesn’t trust many people in the house. She says it’s awkward now and he says it’s fine, he’s used to living in an awkward house because he was on the block every week Season 14.

8:49 PM BBT – Frank asks Da’Vonne to tell him who flipped. He said he will tell him in a couple of days when they’re friends again. He is reading off names but Day won’t say yes or no.

8:52 PM BBT – Frank tells Day that James and Nicole both mentioned her about getting her out this coming week. He tells Day the conversation he had with Nicole about her not saying Day’s name but implying it was Day she wanted out next. He says people approached him about her and he never mentioned her name first.

8:55 PM BBT – Day tells Frank that he has to be able to trust her. He says he has no choice because the only person he has to actually trust is Bridgette. Frank tells Day he told Paulie to put her up a bit ago. They start laughing and joking about him targeting her.

8:57 PM BBT – Frank says he wondered if the four vets voted to save Tiffany and the rest of the house was lying to them. Day gasps as if a lightbulb came on and said that’s a possibility. Day says Natalie would never vote Bronte out. Frank said but Natalie was over there pirouetting and should be more sad that her friend was just voted out. He thinks maybe Natalie voted Bronte out.

9:01 PM BBT – Day and Frank end their talk with a hug.

On to part two of Thursday night’s highlights with a lot more tears and anger ahead.


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  1. It’s supposed to be a game but I’m not happy with the way they talk sh*t about someone and then just expect that person to be grateful. It’s very Mean Girls situation like what Frank said.

  2. Why wouldn’t they bring Tiff in immediately and make her feel part of the group? They can tell Frank they’re getting close to her to figure out who she’s working with and keep an eye on her.

    Roadkill is gonna make them lose their minds this week!!
    Good stuff!!!

    • Because none of them are decent. They treat her so badly, anybody would blow up if treated that way. I would.

  3. They keep pushing Tiff to blow up, so when she finally blows up, they can say “I told you so.”

    • Yes! I’m actually disappointed in everyone in that house. Usually I can take a side but this time everyone was so wrong. I’m with you on defending Tiffany but last night she should’ve just sat back and watched fireworks go off and not tried to make her own. All the other HG’s just had to open their mouths and word vomit. I was a bit much to try to follow. I just don’t understand what any of them had to gain with getting involved. No one’s game is safe now.

  4. It starting to get good. Frank is killing it so far, so is Paulie. If Tiff self evicts that puts off the whole week. Frank and Paulie get what they originally wanted last week plus Bronte is gone. It will also screw up the playback game set for next Friday and the end of the teams that should follow right after. I am not the kind to say Production will ensure she does not self evict but in this case they may have to. I see a lot of DR sessions with Tiff this week.

  5. I think Tiff is toast! They should’ve just evicted her this week. I really don’t like how they are toying and using her. It does make for good drama/tv though ;)

      • Yep, but I was hoping they would’ve at least treated her better than they are since they kept her another week.

      • I don’t think treating her any better would have solved the problem. Once she gave that speech last night, her fate was sealed and Frank didn’t get blindsided. He just about put him and Paulie into a two way tie for HOH, at the last second he swapped from T to F and both him and Nicole was out of the running and left the HOH to Paulie. I bet you Frank has an ace up his sleeve.

      • Tiff really needs to stop being so intense and try to relax and get to know everyone for a change; it’s so obvious that the wheels are constantly churning in her head and she seems to have a one track mind that she can’t switch off.

      • The reason why is because she is playing with flip-floppin babies. It’s harder to play this game against people who don’t get it than those who do because there is a lack of sensical decisions being made.

      • So everyone in the BB house should play the game Tiffany’s way?
        I think their decision to get rid of Tiff is a very sensible one.

      • The problem with getting rid of the annoying players early is it doesn’t leave distractions in the house. They can take out Tiffany at any point, I would be more concerned about Paul, Paulie, Michelle and Zakiya. You target people who seem the most under the radar because they have underrated social games just like Porsche did in BB13. James, Nicole and Corey will follow whoever calls the shots, but if I were in that house I would’ve kept Jozea and keep Tiffany around because they are distractions.

      • Yes, it would get boring fast if we lose Tiff, Frank, Day so early in the game and the rest of the HG’s would be lost without having someone to follow. I’m just having fun rooting against the villains in this case and agree that the middle of the roaders need to go next.

      • I was wanting to see her stay last week but I haven’t enjoyed watching her stab her former alliance in the back . I’m surprised that Tiff is so popular over at Jokers..
        They made a big mistake I agree and they’re paying for it.

      • Yes, and while I do feel badly for her, she doesn’t seem to reciprocate w/others about their feelings and concerns (from what I’ve seen of her behavior).

      • No she doesn’t Hope and that’s another reason she’s so aggravating to watch. At first when watching her on BB when in a group of people it was so obvious she was studying each one as if they were under a microscope and was not able to display such social skills as nodding, smiling and so forth or able to connect with anyone socially. She probably can’t help that but it has been detrimental to her game.

  6. It’s a game, remember? Focus, focus, focus. You have to be the one who does not let yourself be distracted from your game. Tiffannoy is her own worst enemy times ten. No one has to push her to the edge, she does a fine job on her own. I think the one voice she should listen to is the one telling her to self-evict.

    • This never would’ve happened if they didn’t treat her like a disease, save her 24 hrs ago, and drop her the minute after the HoH comp. And her supposed allies just leave anytime she enters a room. I would get upset, too.

      • The game is all about finding a way through it, regardless of the emotional impact of being secluded 24/7 with opponents … they are all working against you no matter if they physically leave the room or not. She’s too self-absorbed to get it. She’s a really bad player, but no one is saying she is a bad person, I am sure she is not, but it looks like she is fairly insecure about that her own self. I’m thinking about how the game might actually turn out to be a positive experience for her at some point .. maybe later.

      • Tiffany seems to be aggravating the HG’s to death with her constant need to talk game 24/7.

      • She’s not entitled to be liked or even talked to. Being dissed should tell her who her enemies are. She’s like that kid who needs a participation ribbon or has a fit. Not everybody isn’t going to be your friend & yes sometimes you’re the odd ball.

      • That’s a good point; if people are constantly avoiding Tiff she needs to do a little self-reflection to figure out what she’s doing wrong.
        Her mind set that everyone is wrong by not wanting to talk game constantly is becoming difficult for the other HG’s to bear.
        How dare they not play the game the way Tiffany wants to??? She does seem to have an air of entitlement and has proven she has no loyalty to anyone.
        I don’t want them to completely isolate her though.

      • I never said she was, I’m just saying it really sucks that they are isolating her like they are. There is a difference between being an oddball and actively being avoided, and I hate to see it happen.

      • I think active avoidance of people you just don’t like is probably the most appropriate response of all. Stinks for Tiffany but if people don’t want like her, what should they do?

        Unfortunately she is Vanessa’s sister, sh solidified an unfair negative perception associated with her sister with mismanagement of that information and her subsequent behavior. That’s all it took for the house to decide she sucks. And she sort of does, especially after admitting that 80% of her tears are deliberate emotional manipulation.

      • But then you can’t completely blame Tiff for her isolation, and I never said she had to be liked or she isn’t a lot to take. It also took Day stirring the pot against her.

      • I blame Tiffany for being pretty unlikeable which is causing people to want to avoid her – on top of the typical move away from the walking dead that typically happens.

        It can’t be helped that she’s Vanessa’s sister but she did nothing to distinguish herself from Vanessa in any way. Everybody has a pot stirred against them at some point in BB, that’s the game. But she came in the house immediately lying (in comparison to Paulie) and exhibiting very similar characteristics as her sister, from the intense stares, sunglasses, continuous crying, etc. Nobody is saying “I can’t believe that’s Vanessa’s sister, they’re so different”.

      • I would too. I do feel so badly for her & wish I could coach her. (Coaches = good BB idea??) From the beginning, though, she should’ve been cultivating relationships w/the other HGs instead of sitting quietly off to the side, kind of walled off – so often. Nothing wrong w/being shy, but ppl open up to others who seem “open.”

      • I thought she did. She was getting close to Paulie, but then Zak got jealous and paranoid. She didn’t help herself in some spots, but there were factors against her, more so than the others.

    • Sadly, I agree. She is too much in her own head and not strong enough mentally for BB (esp this group!).

  7. The first two weeks went smoothly as planned but last week was a disaster for the HoH reign. Hopefully the trend continues this week and Paulie’s 2nd HoH goes awfully wrong hehe. I root for this guy but he needs to learn to be more humble.

    • Bridgette blew her HoH. She’s one of the most annoying players. Can’t stand when women play innocent, baby voice, little girl act. And she’s totally being played by Frank, thinking he likes her. She shows up whenever he’s talking to another female houseguest. Wierdo.

  8. I didn’t get the gist of Tiffy’s speech. I was hoping it would be fun to watch, but I was like, what was that? Bridgette had no idea what was meant by the cabbage patch doll comment. I was not awed by the content nor the delivery.

    • It was SO uncomfortable to watch! It didn’t like me make like her any more than i already do, and that’s not much.

    • it’s not for everyone’s taste i suppose and bridge not getting it? no surprise there, she said thank you for being nominated on the block.

    • Tiff can’t get out of her own head long enough to play the game, her speech just showed her own dark side as you could tell she meant it to hurt, not to be strategic or funny. Bridgette has no ideas period and the insult was to the cabbage patch doll.

      • The one my daughter had as a child and that I have kept for 30 years, eerily looks like Gigglette. I will never be able to look at that doll without seeing that. Thanks, Tiffy!

      • You knew right that Paulie and Corey edged her on to make speech like that. She even rehearsed it with them.
        For me it was kinda funny haha.

    • Tiff’s speech bombed I agree. Once again her intensity and lack of expression made it difficult to read her and what she was trying to say.
      Meanwhile Paul and Bronte smiled and laughed their way through their speech letting the audience know it was all in good fun.
      At jokers last night Tiff was complaining that Bronte dissed her with her opening comments showing her unease with Tiff’s speech.

      • Bronte might have been trying to get just a little dig in but she was doing it light-heartedly, imo. Little things like that is what makes people dislike Tiffany.

      • Bronte was truly shocked I believe and seemed to have forgotten what she was going to say for a few seconds there. Tiff’s speech was also tacky and small minded. I’m through with Tiff and I want her gone before Day now.

  9. Anybody notice how Bridge shows up when Frank is talking to any other female??? Something is not right with that girl. I noticed it last night at the the end of the show – Frank was talking to Nicole and Bridge just pops in and uncomfortably stands there. So awkard. I am so tired of her stupid babytalk voice’s creepy!

    Another thing, is it weird that Natalie and Bridge didn’t really seem fazed by Bronte leaving?!?!

    • Natalie cried (or so she said) but of course what could she do? be bitter about it and put her own safety at risk?
      she did ask for safety for herself and james to paulie.
      Jozea, Victor, Bronte, she could be next.

      • Natalie doesn’t seem to be playing anything but James and I can’t respect someone in the game who says they just want to get to jury and “then I’m done”. Ho-hum, go home.

      • Once Bronte said they were pretending to just want to make it to jury. Bronte might have been, but I don’t think Gnat is. That irritates me.

  10. I feel kind of bad for Tiffany…it’s like she has become the outcast of the show…she is being treated unfairly..IMO…it all started with Day and her lies about Tiffany supposedly coming after Frank…Day lies just about everytime she opens her mouth…I want her gone next…she is a s*** starter! Would love to see Frank and Tiff work together..but. now that Paulie is HOH..he will do everything in his power to get her out of the house…I am starting not to like Paulie so much…I just don’t think he is a very good game player…Paul is getting way too involved in everyone’s conversations all of the sudden…They “used” Tiffany this week and now that she didn’t come through..they want her gone….I just think Tiffany is too emotional to play this game..but, I guess if I were being lied about and everytime I entered a basically cleared out…I would be just as emotional and want to self-evict.

    • Thank God there’s someone feeling the same way like me hahaha. I feel like Tiff right now in this chat room, when everyone gangs up talking bad about her hahahaha.

      • Day did seem to singlehandedly ruin Tiff’s game and I’m patiently awaiting Day’s fall. I feel sorry for Tiff for what Day is doing to her. No need to be so mean and hateful to her.

    • You are right, Day is being an asshole right now!! Hope she goes home this week.. plus the duo of frank and Tiffany would kill the whole game!! Can’t wait for more updates.

    • If anybody used Tiffannoy, it was production knowing full well that Tiff’s obstacles to clear thinking would be good TV. Fair? Unfair? Tiff treats herself more unfairly than anyone else treats her. It’s not their job. They are playing with their own deficits.

    • Bronte was treated unfairly. Tiffany is a high school teacher. She deals with this high school-esque nonsense all year.

    • Although nothing could ever make me even threaten to self-evict(I don’t think there could ever be anyone that would annoy me more than Skanky Frankie), it’s obvious to me that Tiffy is an unusually emotional person to begin with, and I understand how the unfair(imo) treatment could affect her more so than others.

    • Yes. Paulie thinks he is this amazing player. He talks dirty about Tiffany and her sister and how scheming Tiff can be, when he is the one scheming. Not to mention it will be easier to take out Tiffany that to take out Paulie. But wait, nobody is targeting Paulie, which frustrates me because he is a comp beast and people are oblivious he is the ringleader in the house.

  11. Tiffany is playing Vanessa’s exact game right now and they all (except for Day it seems) see right through it.

    She is going home this week.

  12. All week I have been saying in order to get Frank out, they need to send Tiffany home this week. I also said that this would blow up in their face and it did. Now it looks like both Frank and Tiffany might team up and I also said that. I even mentioned it would be good for DAY to join that group with them. I even went as far to say that DAY was running her mouth WAY too much but no one wanted to hear that. They wanted Bronte out. Now the real drama starts and everyone got what they wanted.

      • Don’t know who is going to win but my money is Paulie will be there at the end. As for the other two in final 3 I can see one or two of these people there Frank, Nicole, Corey, Natalie and possibly Paul.

      • Good, if your prediction is as spot on as this past week, that means no Gigglette in final 3. I like that part for sure.

    • I have to admit you were right about keeping Tiffany and Day talking too much. Damn…hate to admit when I’m wrong!! Oh well…

  13. I was worried at first that this season was going to be another boring one like last year… but now it’s getting good.

  14. – Natalie should’ve thrown Frank under the bus to Bridgette about the whole Bronte thing.
    – I wanted Tiff to stay just to see Frank ruffled (I’m cruel sue me XD) now I have no idea
    – Is it bad that I’m rooting for James of all people? He seems to be the only one not as crazy as everyone else. Though he needs to let Natalie go because he needs to remember his bond with Meg was the reason he was targeted.

  15. Doesn’t the ‘once 8pack alliance ‘, see that they are in fact getting rid of all of the players they had initially planned to get rid of from the start of the season? You know first Jozea, then Victor, and now Bronte. All they’re missing is Natalie or Bridgette.

  16. This week is much less exciting to me, knowing that whoever is evicted has a 50/50 chance of returning. Paulie picked a bad week to win HOH.

    • I’m just the opposite, now we have to listen to her drone on, much more so. The girls seem to look up to her, except Da, imo.?

  17. This is AMAZING! I feel like Tiffany, Da’Vonne and Natalie are the ones in trouble. Nicole could be targeted but she has a tendency to evade being the target. She’s starting to grow on me again after her flip floppyness last week

  18. Who gets evicted this week Tiffany, natalie or day. For game I want natalie gone . Personal reasons I want Tiffany gone

  19. As much as I can’t stand Vaneffininny, her speech was epic. I know we will be paying in tantrums and meltdowns. Hopefully the HG’s can get her out soon.

  20. 5-4 Vote was planned for one reason, and one reason only. Plausible deniability. That is what’s happening right now in the house, and it’s driving Frank crazy.

  21. Still catching up but I’m glad to see that Day’s lies are coming to light.
    She might get away with lying to Tiff but there will be yet another incident where Day chooses to lie about another enemy that she wants gone and people might not be so willing to believe her the 2nd or 3rd time.
    I don’t like to see Tiff isolated – that’s way too mean and cruel. Will she be able to rise from the ashes and become a big player in the house? I don’t think so, she can’t escape Van’s shadow I’m afraid.
    Frank, please keep your mouth shut. At least he realizes that his big mouth is the cause of all his problems in the first place. I don’t want to see Nicole working with him either – he’s too untrustworthy.

  22. I really wish they could get rid of Bridgette. Watching her follow frank around like a puppy dog is sickening. He is a jerk and she has no backbone.

  23. If DA is going then so should frank their both playing too hard..
    But in my opinion DA & frank should work together because them & of course Paulie are the only people who deserve to win..Maybe Nicole but her love for Corey has doomed her.. Why DA, frank, & Paulie the winners, because Paulie gives frank a run social game wise & comp game as while.. And as for DA’vonne she been doing what big bother is supposed to do, be a “liar liar liar”, “cheater cheater cheater “,”HELLO “people it’s BIG BROTHER..

  24. Some trolls got my comment delete.. But I’ll say it again da & frank & Paulie and maybe Nicole, are the only people who deserve to win… Nicole won’t win way tooooo man hungery, as for day she playing this game the way it should be played.. And frank & Paulie are just number #1 at this point, in opinion social game wise & comp as while period… PEOPLE

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