Big Brother 18 Live Feeds Week 3: Tuesday Night Highlights

The Big Brother 18 housguests were so all over the place Tuesday night that I’m still not sure which end is up. This week’s target shifted from Tiffany to Bronte and back to Tiffany and next week’s target is starting to move away from Frank and onto another vet for reasons mostly unknown.

Your plans don't impress Paulie

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, July 12, 2016:

4:05 PM BBT – Paulie reaffirms to James that Tiffany needs to go because of the long term issues. Stick to the plan, suggests Paulie as he shuts down James exploring the idea of keeping Tiffany this week.

4:15 PM BBT – Day continues to act ignorant to Tiff about voting plans. Says there will be big problems if Tiffany somehow goes home.

4:40 PM BBT – Tiffany trying to figure out if Paulie is against her now because she didn’t tell him about the Eight Pack alliance. Day points out he still hangs with Z though.

5:05 PM BBT – Michelle and Da’Vonne talk with Nicole about keeping Tiffany. She’s in and will work on Corey.

5:15 PM BBT – Day and Frank wonder what Paulie & Zakiyah are up to all night with all that cuddling and a camera on them the whole time.

5:30 PM BBT – Frank decides he won’t be mean spirited in his g’bye message to Tiffany.

5:50 PM BBT – Day and Nicole counting votes. They’re up to 4 of the 5. They finally ask Zakiyah. She’s down to do whatever. That’s the spirit! Nicole wants to give the guys a heads up but says no matter what they say in response she’ll stick to voting out Bronte.

6:00 PM BBT – Nicole, Da’Vonne, and Zakiyah discuss realizing they all wanted the same thing (keep Tiffany) but hadn’t said it outloud together.

6:20 PM BBT – Zakiyah sat down in the hammock awhile ago and Paulie just now gets over to her. She pitches the idea. Nope. Paulie is not interested in keeping Tiffany and talks long term goals and concerns with Tiff. This goes on for awhile.

6:20 PM BBT – Nicole is over talking to James at the same time. Grrr. James asks if Nicole really wants to vote out one of her team members. “No!”

6:30 PM BBT – Zakiyah relents and agrees with Paulie’s objections to keeping Tiffany.

6:30 PM BBT – Nicole thinks Paulie will be with them to vote out Bronte. Meanwhile she’s just lost Paulie & Zakiyah’s expected votes.

6:45 PM BBT – James tells Nicole he’s taking her to the end.

6:46 PM BBT – Paulie comes over. It’s just them in the backyard. James asks how they’re voting this week. Paulie says VTE Tiffany. Nicole is surprised.

6:50 PM BBT – After less than 5 minutes James gives in and says he’ll agree to vote out Tiffany. Never mind that whole other plan.

6:55 PM BBT – Michelle shows up and wants to vote out Bronte and keep Tiffany.

7:00 PM BBT – James now worried about what will happen with Frank if they vote out Bronte instead. Corey agrees and says they don’t need Tiffany since everyone will be going after Frank anyway.

7:05 PM BBT – Paul arrives and ends the general gametalk. Tiffany shows up a few minutes later and crushes it even further.

7:20 PM BBT – Michelle and Tiffany talking. Tiffany asks to make sure she’s safe. Michelle lies. Tiffany says she’s worried there’s a big conspiracy to get her out this week.

7:30 PM BBT – Nicole lets Da’Vonne know the effort has failed. She leaves. Day is not happy.

7:35 PM BBT – Nicole tells Corey she now wants to target Da’Vonne next week and even tell Frank about Day lying about her Tiffany story to Frank.

7:40 PM BBT – Paulie and Day talks. He’s giving her all the same reasons to get out Tiffany. Lots of “mmm hmm” from Day.

7:50 PM BBT – Nicole again telling Corey she is considering telling Frank quietly about what Day did to set him up. She says she’d rather do dirty work for Frank than for Day.

7:56 PM BBT – Frank is once again talking to Day about Tiffany and how obvious it is that she wants him out. He says he doesn’t think she’s emotionally equipped to play Big Brother.

8:02 PM BBT – Paulie tells Michelle about Frank wanting to backdoor Day soon and then go after Michelle after. Paulie tells Michelle the eviction order needs to be Tiff, Frank, Bridgette then Natalie.

8:16 PM BBT – HGs are put on indoor lockdown.

8:23 PM BBT – Nicole telling Paulie about Day trying to convince her to save Tiffany and about the plan to throw her under the bus to Frank. Paulie tells Nicole and Corey it’s not in their best interest to go after Day.

The fun continued in to the second half of the night on Tuesday.


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  1. Yeah, Michelle is playing the Rat’s Game and I’m liking her less and less every day. Based on her pre-game interviews, I didn’t like her. Then I was ok with her for a bit. Now, she’s the one running information back and forth much like Becky did and I can’t wait til she gets burned by it! I won’t give her the satisfaction of an Andy comparison because she’s not NEARLY as subtle at it as he was.

    • Agreed! I’m not a Michelle fan either! She also has jealousy issues with the other girls and that’s not cool.

      • awe man, really? i didn’t see but i can’t stand to be around a drunk regardless. loud, sloppy, and irritating. she seems to be worried about how america is liking her or not. too bad she doesnt think how being a snitch could hurt her likability

    • A rat is a rat regardless. andy was just the rat who had much bigger threats to hide behind all the way to the end but he was still a rat just like becky & now michelle. I guess you could call him queen rat if you feel the need to provide him with a title. I’m glad drunky told but as the feed indicates they figured out what Frank was doing anyway. I could care less if da’vonne goes home & actually find her annoying anyway so bye da’vonne but also that’s what nicole gets so if or when I should say they both start crying out of fear or frustration, it’ll be funny to watch.

  2. Nicole! If Frank put your name out there like that and busted you for planning to go after Da next week, do you believe he really wants to take you to the end??? Girl!

  3. Lol. Paulie thinks he’s got the dance moves of Cody & the game moves of Derrick…”shutting it down”. Smh. What if? What if they get 5 without Paulie and follow through?

    He might not be happy but he’ll have to suck it up. I think he knows Frank will sacrifice him sooner than later so I don’t see him moving over with Frank. But assure him Tiff will go the week after Frank. Calm him down.

    • Paulie sometimes don’t reason w/anyone else ideas and feelings. This will get him in trouble, seems once he makes a decision that is it. Paulie is a want to be Derrick!

    • Paulie wasn’t even in the alliance and now he thinks he’s running the house. He’s another big mouth that went to Paul telling him about the get Frank out plan. I’m starting to not like him. Is he trying to take Frank’s place?

      • That is exactly what he is trying to do and Day and James also came to that conclusion last night. I have said that Paulie is a Derrick wanna-be!

  4. I am a bit aggravated with everyone’s concern about Natalie playing James. In her DR session she said she liked him. I know that the HGs don’t see that part, but I feel that their suspicion of Natalie is more about them than it is about her. IMO they are saying that there is no way a pretty girl like Natalie could be interested in James. That is all about their own opinions and is not taking into consideration that personality plays a huge part in who we choose to appreciate.

    • I think many of them are coming from a delusional internal discussion that boils down to “I’m a super stud and I can’t get a hottie like that so there’s no way a nothing like James could.”

    • It’s because Nat tried to go after almost ever guy in the houz and she came out and told Corey she does not like James at all. Now since James is the only one give her some time of day, she really likes him but continue to tell her true feelings to Corey.

      • I’m not a fan of Nat’s at all, but is that hearsay? Who heard her say that? I’ve been trying to find out since the first time I saw it mentioned.

      • She hasn’t said that. I think her feelings are real. Don’t like her or how she’s playing (or should I say not playing) the game but I think she really likes him.

      • Didn’t Corey say that nat told him that?
        Don’t know who to believe here, Nat or Corey.
        Nat has been very loyal to Bronte though and she does seems sincere so I’m hoping she’s being sincere with James too.

      • I’ve been trying to find that out too! I can’t find anywhere where Nat said that to Corey on the feeds… I just see where Corey CLAIMS she did. Is it a game play move on his part to try and make Nicole jealous and try to drive a wedge between Nat and James?

      • I think this was the third post about the subject. I’m going to be skeptical that it occurred until I see or hear some proof.

    • I don’t know about that she is still hung up on Victor shutting her down and still brings it up in the house maybe that is where the other HG are getting it from

    • Quite Frankly, who cares if Nat really likes James or not?
      The girl is dumber than dirt, and had the maturity level of a 5-year old.
      Go-Go-Go Home!

      • It is frightening how little intelligence she actually has. Her diary room sessions make me cringe.

    • I heard the words from Natalie’s mouth: she never likes or goes for the pretty boys. She likes normal, nice guys! (Like James, imo). I married a “James” and agree w/you 100%, BSapp38. (Not that I’m saying I’m so pretty or anything. JS…)

  5. I really liked Nicole on her season, but once again she has come in and has gotten distracted by a guy. Nicole ratting out Day to Frank will on hurt her and the rest of the vets. There is no way Frank will let his guard down now. Why on Earth would you vote out someone who isn’t gunning for you??! Day and Tiffany both want Frank out. Nicole’s only reason for not trusting Day is because she knows Day doesn’t support her showmance with Corey. Hard to tell who is playing the best game right now, but it could very well be Paul. He has managed to not be on anyone’s radar right now.

    • If Frank’s going ham now because his antennae are up, you just as well keep Tiffany. …If the sleeping giant is woke. Yikes!

    • I think it’s time we all accept that Nicole is a terrible player. She was on BB16 and she is here also. She’s supposedly a super fan, but makes all the basic mistakes you’d expect her to avoid.

    • I was worried about Paul because of his early alliances and bad choices but I have to agree he has really turned his game around and is probably playing the smartest game right now.

  6. Nicole is such a disappointment. She is such a punk. She is scared of Frank, so now she wants to target her own ally who isn’t even going after her. I hope Nicole goes soon. I can’t deal with her stupidity. She told Caleb on her season to make a big move, than once she has an opportunity to blindside Frank by keeping Tiff and make a big move, she punks out. I can’t stand cowards.

    • That girl is incredibly stupid, she doesn’t know whether she’s coming or going. I’d love to see her go ASAP.

    • I feel you, J. Extremely disappointed in Nicole going after Day because she’s worried about keeping Corey safe. Knew from the start her sole reason for targeting Day is Corey. Nicole finally admitted she has a crush on him and how cute their babies would be. To Nicole winning $500 G’s isn’t worth a relationship with someone she just met a few weeks ago. Should’ve signed her up for the Bachelor or Bachelorette.

    • I’m assuming you want her to target her own ally (Frank) who isn’t even going after her, though.

      • But why would she work with Frank when everyone is targeting her. It would make Nicole look shady in her alliances eyes.

    • She punked out because of Paulie saying no to keeping Tiffany. Then Z went along with Paulie. She wasn’t going to take a chance if she didn’t have the votes. And I don’t blame her. Why piss Frank off and Tiffany ends up going anyway. As far as going after Day I wouldn’t trust her either. Day has thrown Nicole under the bus several times. She has said she wants an alliance with her, James, Tiffany and Michelle. Day is constantly bringing up to everyone about have to break up Corey and Nicole. Have to break up Z and Paulie. But yet James is with Natalie and she doesn’t throw that out there. I don’t trust Day as far as I can throw her.

      • now someone is talking my language. truly Day started all this mess w get tiff out to frank and didn’t like what she was left with, which was being on the outside. think days feelings are hurt a little by Z not being her #1.

      • You’re so right. Day did start it all by lying to Frank that Tiffany wanted him out. She created the divide in the alliance.

      • Day has brought this all on herself I’m afraid by constantly telling lies to everybody in the house. It might work outside the BB house but her lies continue to be revealed when they’re all stuck in the same house.

    • Earlier in the season Tiffany did tell Nicole that she overheard talk that Nicole was going up on the block and would be voted out.
      None of that was true, in fact what Tiff overheard is that she was going up and out.
      Nicole found out that Tiff lied to her so of course she doesn’t trust her anymore.
      There were other incidences too where Tiff was less than friendly to Nicole. Otherwise I think those 2 could’ve worked together.

  7. So Nicole comes up with the plan to save Tiffany then chickens out when she gets the numbers and tells Frank and now she is on the outs of both alliances. What a bloody idiot #DumbBlondeNicole

      • Yes, they had the numbers…James, Corey, Day, Michelle, Nicole and Z until Paulie shot down everyone to stay with the plan. Like dummies they all said, “ok”.

      • That’s what I said she didn’t have the numbers. Once Paulie said no then Z said she was doing what Paulie wanted. So blame the wannabe Derrick (Paulie) and his girlfriend Z.

  8. Michelle is a little psycho, sometimes funny, and always mouthy. Am I the only one who thinks she is crushing on James? Then sometimes it seems she likes Paul. I do see a little bit of the green-eyed monster coming out at times. She does make me laugh when she says things to Frank simply to get under his skin.

      • Hey, lady! I meant Paul. She has said a couple of things about Bronte when Bronte was around Paul that have sounded a little like remarks a jealous person might make, same with Nat. It might be simply that she doesn’t like the gigglegangers.

      • Hey yourself! That makes sense but I’m having difficulty believing Paul is attracted to Bronte.

      • I saw something on BBAD that made me think that Corey does like Nicole. In the have not room Corey climbed into Nicole’s bumper car while she was asleep and kissed her on the back of the neck.
        Last night Natalie fell asleep in James’s bed and James was in a trance for a long time watching her sleep and lightly stroking her hair. Love is in the air in the BB house.

  9. Paul is by far the most improved player this season. He’s now part of all the talks and on the right side of the numbers now. At this point his only potential downfall is he still has a soft spot for Bronte that could bite him later. I think Paul goes top 5 or so this season, which when you consider how bad off his side of the house was and his lack of knowledge of the game its really impressive how far he has come. He’s playing the most interesting game so far for me. I also think the back and forth between Day, Nicole, and Paulie has been entertaining. At one point it looked like Day had locked down the flip today until it got to Paulie and he was able to crush that wave solo. Very impressive on his part at this stage of the game. The feeds have been on fire last 2 days and next week promises even more fireworks.

    • I see that point you’re trying to make, but I have to respectfully disagree. Paul is the “perpetual pawn” till they decide to kick him to the curb.

      • i dont understand that. he has a POV win and has come close in others. he managed to go from being the 2nd person the house initially wanted out, to not being on the radar. to me a pawn is a player isn’t involved in learning whats going on in the house, not strategizing, and not trying to win comps. it is only week 3, and i agree he is an easy one to kick to the curb right now bc he doesn’t really have a group, but once this break in the big alliance happens, he will be valuable…and if he wins to where he can nominate, i think he would nominate a strong player.

    • even i, who wants him voted out this week, has to give him his koodoos for turning it around and not being on the radar. he has not irritated me since week one, so i could possibly see myself rooting for him since he was initially doomed.

  10. Yeeees Nicole, you are busted! I’m so glad dumb and dumber (Corey and Nicole) got put on front street!

  11. Paulie told Zak to cool it now! That’s what she get! The only thing she does is beat her face all day, lay up in the bed w/Paulie, take off her makeup at night, then repeat the cycle the next day!

  12. Did Paulie and Z get it on, or off? That would irritate me if they did and THEN he tells her they need to cool it because he needs to flirt with the gigglegangers.

    • What???? There’s their 5th vote (Zak) now! Wow. I don’t think Zak will play that. He didn’t ask her so she doesn’t have to ask him.

      • I don’t know. Something was posted on Jokers that made me suspicious about the possibility.
        10:15pm…Zakiyah is pretty upset that Paulie told her they needed to “cool it down”- Zakiyah said she knew that would happen when she laid on Paulie’s bed (she didn’t elaborate)
        Later on, Frank and Da were talking about the camera zooming in on the bed Z and Paulie were sharing. ???

      • I saw a pic on Twitter of them cuddled in a bed under the covers. They looked like they were asleep.

      • It was obvious from the dance performance on Z’s bd that Paulie knows how to turn it up. I hope he’s not playing with Z because she is serious.

    • I’m trying to figure out if they’re hooking up at night on the DL when everyone is asleep. Frank let the cat out the bag that Paulie slept in Z’s bed then snuck out the next morning. Z is starting to really fall for Paulie. Don’t think the feelings are all that mutual.

      • Paulie liked Z first and started flirting with her. She is now hooked and if he got what he wanted may move on to someone else. or they can continue in the Jury house.

      • There was also a weird exchange between them yesterday (after sharing a bed) when it seem like it came out of no where, Paulie made a comment about being celibate since April then Z stated it’s been awhile for her too. In my mind I thought, where did that comment come from or maybe the poster on Jokers picked up on their conversation in the middle.

      • She wants to show her decency on camera for her mom not to judge, but I guess being in bed under the sheets with a boy is what good girls do.

    • Maybe one of the live feeders can answer that burning question because I’ll be absolutely appalled if this is what happened.

      • Surely if it did, someone would be talking about it by now so I’m going to remain skeptical about it until I hear otherwise.

      • I’ll have to check another site when I have time.
        I’m not so fond of Paulie now with the way he’s treating Zak even if nothing did happen.

      • What’s with the guys (Frank,Paulie and James) not being able to stop talking this year, especially the first 2? They talk themselves into and out of power week by week. Who’s next? Day I suppose as the guys continue to tank.

      • And Frank is a huge target, Paulie will be soon, and James just doesn’t think sometimes. Guys will tend to look beyond the females blabbing sometimes, but it seems they don’t take kindly to a male running their mouth. Why is that?

      • Mainly because the guys keep spewing info that shouldn’t be spewed.
        It’s not like they’re just gossiping – much more serious.

      • James has started talking a lot more as well. Both with Day and of course Natalie. I had such high hopes for some when the game first started, but it’s all falling apart. Such a shame.

      • James is talking too much too – I don’t remember him having loose lips last season so I’m surprised.

      • I agree India I don’t remember him talking last season either. I wonder if it’s because he is in a showmance.

      • I think James is here to play this season after learning a lot from last year and overall I’ve seen a big improvement – except for talking too much. He’s in a good spot anyway. As soon as Nat’s gone he can keep a low profile and make it far into the game. Are you a james fan?

      • Yes last season I was rooting for him to win it all. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to get into an alliance that would allow that to happen. I have to be honest that I liked Frank during his season as well and hoped that when I learned both he and James would be on this season that the two of them would work together. Well we both know that didn’t work out as I had hoped for obvious reasons. I do hope you are right and James remains focused on the game especially once Nat is gone. I just worry when he tells her he will do everything to keep her safe. I don’t want him to ruin his game doing that. How about you are you a James fan?

      • I wasn’t a James fan last year but I am rooting for him now since he’s playing a much better game.
        It was difficult to forgive him for ruining Becky’s HOH by keeping Vanessa though :D Just think of the Vanessa-less weeks we would’ve had if not for James lol.
        I didn’t have the feeds or watch BBAD during Frank’s previous seasons so I had no idea he was so obnoxious and abrasive in real life. I’m sure his mama is proud of all the uninhibited farting Frank is doing on the live feeds too YUCK! So gross.
        I’m kind of in shock this year with Frank and it’s taking me awhile to register what he’s really like instead of what I saw on the TV episodes.

      • I thought Paulie had a lot of promise earlier in the game, but now I see where he is starting to want things his way and I think that will be his downfall. Others have started to notice and wonder if he isn’t any different from Frank in that sense.

  13. They should give Nicole some kind of insentive to talk without whining all the time. Its cute the first few weeks, then its annoying.

  14. Nicole is against Da’vonne and her annoying whiny self will be gone soon. Hopefully Da’vonne can keep Paulie and Z on her side, as well as James, Paul, Michelle and use Natalie to her advantage. Nicole and Corey need to go and stop their flirting once in the jury house. Thank you Michelle for being a snitch.

    • Actually I think the opposite. Watching the feeds I think Day is a snake right beside Frank. She is making alliances with everyone and throws everyone in her alliance under the bus. And as far as keeping Z and Paulie on her side she wants to target them. How can you keep someone on your side you want gone? I don’t blame Nicole for not trusting her.

      • I disagree, Nicole is the snake. Like Sam noted, Nicole’s distrust of Day is purely lust driven. She’s so boy crazy behind Corey that she will do anything to keep him safe including aligning with Frank “the douche”. Will be thrilled to see Nicole booted.

      • I don’t watch the feeds, but on BBAD Da’Vonne seems to be on the girls side and not necessarily the full 9 pack. I have yet to see her do anything similar to what Frank is doing. She talks to the girls, Paulie and James most of the time.

      • Trust me Day has been playing Frank’s game with all her lies, manipulations and side deals. I don’t think Nicole is playing any better because she is doing the same thing as her previous season by getting involved with Corey. Her head is all about him and she has started to make mistakes. Now you have both Day and Nicole wanting each other out. Paulie and Corey want Day out as well. Truthfully, I am disappointed in a lot of the HG’s game play. I have to agree with some of the other posts that right now Paul seems to be the most improved player while the others game play seems to be falling apart. jmo

      • I think they are all trying to make deals in one way or another, but why is Da’Vonne the hated one. Frank is just disgusting and wants others to do the dirty work for him. I think Da’vonne said she wants to win HOH to put him up.

  15. I’m amazed at these girls this season. They’re all clinging to a guy to keep them safe – especially Bronte saying she’s all by herself and she’ll NEVER cling to a guy and here she is with Paul now. Now Bridgette is clinging/using Frank. Seriously, girls, you all look lame. How about you girls get these dumb ass guys out and let a girl win BB for once! ugh!

    • Ugh,it’s sickening, huh? I’ve given up on the girls winning BB this season. Day said it best, since when are showmances cool on BB.

    • I agree about all these stupid showmances, (it’s like an epidemic), but I think a girl will still win. It looks like they may keep Tiff which imo will come back to bite them just as it did in Vanessa’s season when they didn’t take her out when they had a chance. I think Tiff has been holding back (except for the crying) and you will see a very different Tiff who will go on to win. I’m sure it will make all the Vanessa and Tiff fans very happy. Unfortunately, I was not a fan of Vanessa nor am I a fan of Tiff. jmo

  16. I knew it was just a matter of time before Da found out about Nic bringing her name to Frank. These house guests don’t know how to keep their mouth shut. I really hope it hurts her game.

  17. Oh Nicole.So pretty but so stupid and boy crazy.
    Sucks to be Tiffany right now but there’s always the battle back.

    • If Tiffy has any chance of winning Battleback, whether it is Glen, Rambo, or Hosanna, she will need to go into TiffVany mode.

      • Yeah, they used to call for the men in white suits when someone claimed to be the Messiah smh, :D
        I’m hoping this particular lunatic does not return.
        I’m still behind on Jokers and hope to catch up before the show tonight. I had to read 15 pages yesterday so I’m afraid to find out how far I’m behind now :D

  18. Nicole would rather do Frank’s dirty work than Da’Vonne?? what? did she actually say that? She shouldn’t be doing anyone’s dirty work!!! Nicole, c’mon girl

  19. I love Nicole and want to see her make it to the end but she’s playing with fire. Why is she stirring things up? Nobody has mentioned her name other than Day wanting to break the couples up. But she would of went after Corey and Paulie not Nicole. She was not anyone’s target. She needs to sit back and chill.

  20. Nicole is overplaying her cards just like last time.
    Corey is just a dumb jock.
    Frank is over dominant
    Tiffany is pretty much roadkill (no pun intended)
    Spy girls don’t do much
    Paul vanished after losing his buddies
    Paulie is making too many errors
    James is particularly invisible
    Michelle isn’t doing much

    Can something please happen already? Like somebody have the guts to go after Frank? Anyone? Please?

    • I agree everyone is saying there is so much drama and technically there is but theres also a huge mess. No one is really in any kind of an allliance. It seems like everyone wants everyone out, like Nicole wants Day and Frank out and Day wants Nicole and Frank out, etc.. Its a huge mess no one is thinking stragetically and playing a good smart game. Most of the players are so weak. This is pathetic.

      • I agree. When the season first started I had such high hopes, but one by one I am losing all that hope. There’s all kinds of alliances, but the loyalty seems to be missing from those alliances.

  21. why is everyone complaining about people ratting each other out.they did that last season and look who became the winner steve.He just sat there while everyone took each other out.

  22. i think and am hopefully expecting all this mess will lead to a wonderful next week of BB. i hope this HOH battle is a good one and everything gets crazier in the house.

  23. “Paulie tells Michelle about Frank wanting to back door Day soon and then take out Michelle”.
    I guess this explains why Michelle ratted out Frank to Day and the gang.
    What would we do without BBN?

  24. I agree and if I hear one other person (between BB and Survivor) say they don’t want blood on their hands I think I will scream. What is bad about getting blood on your hands? For me it means you played the game well and if it brought you to the end that person deserves to win. The only thing I might disagree about is Day not being afraid of getting blood on her hands. She may talk that way, but she hasn’t operated that way so far. All the manipulations she has made happen she has made sure that whoever knows is sworn to secrecy. That’s why she wants Nicole out now. She knows Nicole told Frank about her lie that she started between Frank and Tiff. I really wanted Frank and Tiff to work together at one point. I think Tiff may be staying now, but it looks like whoever wins HOH is going after Frank. Like you I have not found someone to really root for at this point.

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