‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 12: Tuesday Night Highlights

The Big Brother 18 Live Feeds returned Tuesday night following the black out and we got to find out who Paul nominated for eviction and who the lucky veto winner was. We also heard a lot of talk about what everyone’s final two plans might be.

Paul Abrahamian on BB18

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, September 13, 2016:

9:02 PM BBT – Feeds return an hour early! It’s quiet, but not for long.

9:08 PM BBT – Nicole and Corey looking disappointed. Nicole says she doesn’t want to be blindsided. She wants to know which of them is going home. Nicole says she knows James knows who is going home even if he acts like he doesn’t.

9:12 PM BBT – James comes in and Corey asks him who the target is and James says he doesn’t know because Paul is deciding and hasn’t told him. James says if Paul doesn’t use the veto (Paul won the veto), then James has to repay him by voting how he wants.

9:15 PM BBT – Corey is upset and saying he knows he’s going and James says he doesn’t know.

9:30 PM BBT – Nicole asks James if Paul told him to vote her out if he would do it. James dodges the question a bit but then says he’ll do what Paul wants.

9:35 PM BBT – Corey and Nicole bickering over the situation they’re in. She’s upset because she can’t even be excited about her family coming to the finale if she stays.

9:38 PM BBT – Nicole says she doesn’t just want to let Corey go and that she’s shocked James is listening to what someone else wants at this point in the season.

9:48 PM BBT – James tells Paul that Nicole asked him about going against Paul’s wishes.

9:53 PM BBT – James confirms he and Paul want Corey to go this week and that it’s best strategically if he goes over Nicole.

9:56 PM BBT – Paul says he knows they can beat Nicole in the final competitions but maybe not Corey. James agreed that Corey is really competitive.

10:01 PM BBT – Nicole goes up to talk to Paul. He tells her that he gets that she wants to save both she and Corey, but he cannot do that. But he tells her that he made it clear to James that he wants her to stay.

10:04 PM BBT – Paul lets Nicole know that he not only wants her to stay but he wants to be in the final two with her. Sounds like they made a deal while the feeds were down. Paul tells Nicole how James whole game plan was to lay low like Derrick and Paul suggests all James can talk about is Derrick.

10:10 PM BBT – Paul working on convincing Nicole that taking him to the finals is a good idea since he would only have Victor’s jury vote.

10:13 PM BBT – Paul talking about Corey going and reminds Nicole that this isn’t a dating show.

10:18 PM BBT – Nicole lightly agrees to the final two deal with Paul and he says if she bones him he’ll cut off her bun and sell it on eBay.

10:22 PM BBT – Corey takes his turn in the HOH room to talk to Paul. He lets Corey know that he is the one he wants to go home this week. Paul tells Corey how much he loves him and Nicole.

10:30 PM BBT – Paul tells Corey he thinks he’d lose to him in F2 because Paul is such an A-hole and Corey is a nice guy.

10:32 PM BBT – Nicole practicing her eviction speech. She spends a lot of time on what she’s going to say about Corey. “Basically compliment Corey … It’s what I always do,” she says to herself.

10:40 PM BBT – Paul tells Nicole that he let Corey know he’s going home. He tells Nicole that Corey is fine.

10:46 PM BBT – Corey comes to bed and Nicole says she feels bad because she knows he has been crying. He said it was because of his goodbye message to her in the DR even though he know she’s not leaving and he is.

10:47 PM BBT – Nicole asks Corey what she should do for the rest of the game. Should she work with Paul or not? Corey doesn’t say anything. Nicole goes into telling Corey she doesn’t want him to think she’s doing anything behind his back.

10:49 PM BBT – Nicole asks if it’s dumb to take Paul to final two. Corey says yes 100 percent and she has to take James.

10:53 PM BBT – Nicole tells Corey that if she makes final two she’ll be nervous because she’s not good at speaking and that she blacks out. She asks Corey what her best move was. He can’t think of anything but she came up with when she convinced Natalie and Michelle to put up Paul and Victor.

11:00 PM BBT – Nicole confirms she would not take Paul to the end. She thinks he played too good a game and if she’s next to James the jury can’t use the fact that she’s a returning player against her.

11:09 PM BBT – Nicole says that she feels like she’s taking Corey’s opportunity away because she’s already played once. She says he knows he carried her on his back the whole way.

11:30 PM BBT – HGs are hanging around in the HoH room instead of sleeping since they are being called in to the DR for their segments and goodbye messages.

12:25 AM BBT – Paul and James talking in the HoH room. Paul says he let Corey know what was going to happen. Paul appears to still be playing up the part as he described to Nicole.

1:05 AM BBT – Nicole and Corey are off cuddling in bed while James and Paul talk in the kitchen. Paul tells James if they intimidate Nicole enough she may decide to bail on the endurance comp (Round 1) and try for the mental comp (Round 2) instead.

2:20 AM BBT – Nicole and Corey are still awake as Nicole instructs Corey on what he needs to tell the Jury about her accomplishments this season (people called her out) so he can help her sway the Jury.

3:35 AM BBT – Nicole continues to fidget and can’t fall asleep so she keeps talking to Corey, but the rest of the house is out.

4:00 AM BBT – Everyone is finally asleep.

Nicole knows she’s staying with both Paul and James ready to execute the plan to evict Corey during Wednesday’s live eviction. Paul doesn’t have a lot of strong choices here and it sounds like he may have to win his way to the end on this one or we’ll have a F2 of Nicole and James, the originally outnumbered Vets.

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    • I watched Paul win hoh live last night while I was at work. It took all my willpower not yo jump around and do a happy dance. My boy’s got this! So glad nicorey is getting split up

      • Come on now Willie, surely you were anxious watching that HoH comp, wondering whether the leak was right or not? I sure was because as things were so close a little bit of doubt started to creep in. Come on, admit it ;-)

      • Last week I would have said yes because I was off work that night LOL. This week, I already knew the answer because I read it on my phone at work.

      • Fair enough. This was one of the few times where the result was, sort of, unknown so it was definitely more exciting than we’ve had this season. Work does get in the way at times.

      • Well regardless. I don’t have cable so I normally catch the shows a day late and know spoilers, but BB was on in the break room last night so I was just watching and nervously pulling hard for Paul

    • Yes Paul won Veto, but he made a game losing mistake last night. Paul made a deal with the devil Nicole for final two and Nicole has made it clear that her actual final two is James.

      James will vote to evict Corey tonight. Making Nicole, James and Paul final three. Again, this in turn, will be Paul’s LOSING game move for not evicting Nicole again when he had the chance.

      • Do you have a crystal ball to tell us who is even going to F2? I don’t. I’m just speculating. James has BARELY tried to win any comp (or maybe he just CAN’T) so how do we even know Paul can’t beat Nicole? We CAN’T.

      • Corey wouldn’t take Paul to final 2 either, so I don’t really see the point you’re trying to make. Paul’s a smart guy. I think he knows his only shot at final 2 is winning the comp himself, but he’s trying to work his magic and cover his all his basis anyway. He actually did have Nicole considering taking him until Corey told her it’d be a dumb move. Keeping Corey wouldn’t have any different of an outcome other than actually giving James a chance to win. Plus corey is better at comps.

    • Let me be the bearer of bad news here. Although Paul is in the F3 and has up to two chances to win a round in the final HOH rounds, that doesn’t mean he is in the F2 just yet. He may have to go head to head with Nicole for that final HOH title.

      • And he could WIN it, too. You think Jamesie—“Master Of All Comps” has the edge over Paul? If I were a betting gal, I’d bet not.

      • My only concern is that the F3 comp would be endurance, which James and Nicole have proven to be good at. However the people in the F3 right now were the last three to fall in the wall comp. Paul might be able to pull this one out, especially since James doesn’t even seem to be trying anymore. We’ll see.

      • Excuse me, did I say James was the best of the best NO. All I said it wasn’t fair to say say Paul had this is in the bag at this time. I think if you would go back and read it, say that Paul and Nicole would be the two who would battle for the Final HOH. No mention whatsoever of James in my statement above.

      • YES YOU DID! It’s right there in your first sentence…I’M KIDDING with you!!!
        WW, I was just responding to your last sentence…I’ve lost all confidence in James. He’s been such a disappointment this year. He was one of my favs; but this year, he just kind of…was. I didn’t mean to upset you. Can I still be your ‘Frog?’

      • Now how can I ever be mad at my Frog LOL. All is forgiven and to be honest, Paul would be entertaining as hell if he can win the big money. He will be all like FRIENDSHIP to Julie. He would have to win the Finale HOH though. It is gonna be a hard one but not impossible. Plus I did too like James last year and even though I was glad to see him back this year I too agree that his game play has been lacking. The only thing that might make it better is if he won the Final HOH but I doubt he can do it.

      • If he actually could win that final HOH, I might just take back (most of) everything I’ve said about him. Lol.
        I actually WANT to see Nic and Paul in a F2 situation. Those 2 are so polarizing, not only would it blow up the threads, but it’d be incredibly exciting to see how the Jury would vote. It would be THE most exciting moment of the entire season—waiting for Julie to read the Votes for Nic or Paul!
        Thank you for your forgiveness. :)

      • If you listen to what DAY said last night, I will say that the house is mostly unsure as to who they will vote for.

        Just one example here. DAY and how her vote could go.
        Nicole: First female to win in a long time. Even Derrick from BB126 said she could do it.
        Paul: Her original team member that she hand picked. Even though he wanted DAY gone in the beginning, he was willing to keep her over the other three vets. It would make her happy to see a team member win.
        James: Another vet, one she consider’s a friend. James played a social game over physical one and he went the extra mile to make sure the evictee’s didn’t feel bad when leaving. That is a big plus when you consider they will be the ones voting to give you the money.

      • That’s all true…except James just lost (or threw?) the first comp of the three.
        I honestly don’t think he’s going to make it to F2. I could be wrong..I have been before (see above comment…Lol) I think it’s going to be Nic and Paul, and quite frankly—if Nic wins, I’d be fine with that. I think Paul played the better game, I really do. So obviously I want him to win. Either way, it’s going to be an exciting vote. I’m really curious to see how the jury will vote.
        Of course, it DOES depend on whether or not James magically makes it to F2.
        I’m so confused!!

      • I honestly think James is in the better spot to make it to F2 than the others. Paul can win against James but James will have his best shot against Nicole. Nicole might win against Paul and a good shot against James.

    • Nicole did play the game with her sidekick, but Paul deserves to win all the way, he did it all by himself. These vets had such an advantage. And I can’t figure out why James is so liked, he bugs me and doesn’t deserve to be in the final 2. He hasn’t been in the game and hasn’t done a thing except hope to be with Nat Nat, also he missed what she said on the Veto, is he all there obviously not.

      • I can’t attest to, or judge his mental status, but I will say with the utmost confidence: he has played THE worst game this season. I’ve no idea how or why he’s gotten this far or why he’s so high in the polls.
        As Cyril said last night, CBS made a bad investment by bringing him back.
        He’s the “Caddyshack 2” of BB 18. The “Blues Brothers 2000.” The “Son of Mask.” The “Evan Almighty.”

      • LOL. I KNOW why. Production brought him in. Purposely. But I don’t think their plan for him and Nic going to F2 is actually going to go as hoped. If it DOES? My TV will NOT be tuned in next year either, love.

      • You can’t say Paul did this all by himself, as long as he has been tied to Victor he has been safe, Victor among the other guys all have kept Paul safe. The jury house is full of girls, had it not been for Victor coming back in the game twice Paul would have been gone a long time ago.

      • Have to disagree on this. While Victor was gone Paul worked hard to get in with the guys and when Victor came back he would have gone right back out if Paul hadn’t convinced them he could be an ally. I don’t always like Paul but his game has been pretty good.

      • I agree with you that Paul is a good enough player that he could have gotten this far with or without Victor, but he did benefit from Vic returning into the house

      • Agreed. And once Victor was evicted the second time, he buddied up with Nicole and Corey by convincing them that James Nat and meech were a threesome and they needed him as a number. Even if Vic didn’t come back Nicole still would’ve evicted Michelle and Paul would’ve been safe that week. Dude knows how to get people on his side. His social game is stellar.

      • Victor was the 2nd/3rd person evicted so Paul had to play by himself. He put himself in the position where he became Paulie’s right hand man. He gained the trust and “friendship” of the same people who were targeting him so yes he did it mostly by himself.

      • aand when vic battled back he was the target it was paul who kept vic safe..so technically they kept each other safe

      • paul rode paulie’s and victor’s coat tails to get to where he is, he didn’t do it all alone either. I think each player played the game each in their own way to get to this point. I don’t think anyone deserves the money more than the other. I didn’t like Victor in the beginning but he grew on me and now I wish he was in the end because I would have liked him to win.

      • That’s why Nicole would take James to final 2, because he’s done nothing but chase tail all season. His answers wouldn’t be any different from Liz’s last year. “What game moves did you make on your own?” “Ummmm teaming up with Natalie”

  1. Its gonna be funny if James wins final HOH and has to decide who to take…He don’t realize that hes being used by both Nicole & PauI .. And actually wouldn’t/shouldn’t care if he is cause hes in final 3 (to date) I am not sure he would take Nicole other than the fact shes a vet…At this point he is more indebted to Paul than Nicole…

    • I’d be surprized if James won any comp…he seems to enjoy throwing or just plain not winning comps. Why stop now? ‘No Clue James’…that who he is.

      • lol…at this point James doesn’t really have to win any comps It would be good if he did but its a good bet that hes sitting in a final 2 chair…Despite what Paul told Nicole about a final 2 Paul can’t be trusted either.. And he is pissed big time that they evicted Victor.. And would it not be sweet revenge to have Nicole believe that she is his final 2 choice only to be cut at the last minute…And Paul is capable of doing that..

      • my fave part of the show last night was james staring at nat’s comic book while in competition and then losing a point to a question over natalie’s bleep when the damn question was something she said directly to him i lol’d so much

    • Jmes would get more votes than Nicole but he would lose to Paul. James can argue he carried Natalie while Nicole was carried by Corey.

    • Oh, I think he knows he is being used and is perfectly fine with it. Whatever takes the least effort seems to be James’ approach to life, which is why he is such a dud

    • I think everyone is selling James short (no pun intended) I think he does know he is being used by both sides. He isn’t in this position by happenstance. Nichole will take James to F2 she knows she can’t win against Paul. Nichole has stabbed others in the back, Paul will be no different.

  2. james who? that’s who i would take to f2 but i think if paul keeps nicole he really should consider that girl could actually win…she can make just as good of a case as he can in the end…but good for paul he did what he needed to do to stay his butt in a chair…still lamenting over victor’s eviction and pablo’s hijacking :(

    • I up voted you crucial, because I too am still lamenting over Pablo and because you said, “James who?” LOL!! But, I wouldn’t be so sure that he would necessarily lose against Nic. Would it be close? Sure. But you have to remember all the ‘mean girls’ in Jury. Nat may have ‘forgiven’ Nic, but once she gets in the midst of Da’ and Meech, et al—she’ll be reminded and revert back to her immense dislike.
      So, don’t discount Paul’s win yet, my friend!

      • i for sure think paul can win it he has proven he is just as much a beast as victor just in a different way than victor, i just think he should consider what nicole can say to sway the jury because i think between the 2 of them they have the power to sway big time someone’s vote that they may have thought was locked in for the other

      • I get what you’re saying. I do. At this point, I don’t think there’s anything she could say to sway those in Jury…I think they’ve already made up their minds—just as they have about Paul. That’s why I say it will be close—therefore incredibly exciting. And just think—only how many weeks for that to happen?

      • Really? I think Justine Fourie (below) has a point…Da’ probably won’t make this a personal thing and will vote for who played the best game. So if it comes to Paul and Nic, she’d vote for Paul.

      • Agree, Da’ was surprised that Nic was playing and doing well. That doesn’t mean that she necessarily would vote for her, Think she will look at the whole season and if it is between Paul and Nic, I believe she’d go for the better resume which would be Paul

      • Think Nic’s right that if she is sitting next to Paul at F2, the Jury will probably not want to vote for a vet over a newbie so that would defiinitely be a strike against her

      • I don’t think Day will make this a personal thing, I think she’ll vote based on who played the best game. Not to mention Paul has been pretty good with jury management through his goodbye messages.

      • Da admitted to being impressed by Nicole’s gameplay. She probably wouldn’t vote for her over Paul but she definitely would over James. I do think it would be in Paul and Nicole’s best interest to not take each other though. James isn’t winning this game regardless of what happens, let’s be real for a minute.

    • I’ll be playing Paul’s advocate as long as he is in the game and giving my opinion from that aspect. With that in mind, Production allowed Paul to win to tone down the deserved anger, frustration, and backlash they are getting for their obvious favoritism. Production had to get rid of Vic because he was too much of a threat and most likely wasn’t very cooperative in playing along with production to achieve their desired outcome. Vic could have beaten any of them in F2 and Production knows it. Paul is the lesser threat. We’ll see how it plays out and what is shown when Dr. Will(if he is the one to do so this year) has his paid for by production discussion with the jurors. I’m counting on you all to keep me informed. My television will not be tuned in.

  3. Glad that Paul is adding to his comp record. Some have said that he has sat on his ass all season but he actually has won more comps that Nic and well, James is pathetic. So hoping that Paul makes it to the F2.

    • Sat on his ass? Please! He may not have been a comp beast, but his social game is incredible. He’s expended more energy on that (and annoyed me because of it–lol) than ANYONE has spent on any comp—even my dreamboat, Vic. For anyone to denigrate Paul just for not winning comps….well, they’re simply ignorant.

      • But he annoyed so many becuz of his social game. Loud, obnoxious & foul foul mouth. I swear & couldn’t handle all the

      • I don’t care to hear that kind of language either, especially so frequently. But when it comes down to it, despite the bad language, imagine a season with all Dingus and Doofus types in bed all the time. Seriously, Tink, imagine the past few weeks without Paul and Vic, but instead Paulie/Z, Doofus/Dingus, James/Gnat. Of course, Paulie is worse in many aspects than Paul. jmo

      • For entertainment value I couldn’t agree more but I still think Paul is obnoxious & I really don’t want him to win. He sucked up to every HOH & is a rat… IMO
        Let’s wait & see what happens. It’s almost over then survivor. Yeah!!

  4. My big thing in the final few shows is the we get to watch the comps
    on the feeds…That is why I pay for the feeds…Not to watch them eat.. shower.. swim exercise or supposedly have sex….I wanna watch the comps…

    • that’s why i think i am gonna give all access bb a chance, getting to see the comps and staging processes along with a promise of some old school bb…if i don’t like it i can just move along and wait for next summer’s bb

  5. My ideal now would be Paul winning, Nicole second, and Victor AFP. James shut out. I wouldn’t feel that bad for James as he has not had as much game as the others – plus, he already got some money this season.

  6. Using your way of “rating” these events… Ahh – Paul won HOH! Ahh – he nominated Nicole and Corey! Ahh – Paul wins POV! Ahh – James will vote as Paul wants! Eww – They plan to evict Nicole, who will be tougher to beat in the end. Paul FTW!

  7. Can’t believe Paul really want a F2 with Snakole over James. He hasn’t learned yet to never trust Snakole. She’s just gonna stab him in the back for the 3rd and final time!..

    • I’m hoping he doesn’t mean it, just said it in case Nic gets to pick final 2. He doesn’t have anyone left to talk honestly to, maybe tonight in a DR session we’ll hear it was just part of his plan. He has to know James would be easier to beat.

  8. Tbh that would be amazing if James and Nicole really did have an allaince pre game and get to final 2. especially with only 1 pre final 3 nomination each.

    That could be revolutionary for big brother.

  9. James did what James needed to do to get this far which is stay in the background. the vets were a target from day one, and James did what James does best he was a nice guy that did appear as a threat and was used by many for his vote. To say he did nothing is not fair, James is at a disadvantage physically compared to the other guys in the house so he had to play a social game. There is more than one way to play BB. Because someone doesn’t win all the physical comps doesn’t make them any less a game player. You win when you need to win and do what you need to do to get yourself further in the game.

    • That’s fair, and it’s actually nice to see someone intelligently defending James because I (like most, I believe) wrote him off as a waste of space. What would you say though about the week that Michelle went home though? Because that was a situation where James did need to step up his game to get the result he wanted, but did nothing.

    • To say he was a target through out the season is not really fair or true. Yes the Josha (or how ever his name is spelled) went after returnees but they were all targeted and kicked out early except for Paul. Paul was the one in this final 4 that had to fight to stay. He was gonna go week 3 and is not final 3.

      Nicole laid low until the drama stopped during the mid game weeks and then started playing the whole house.

      James was really just playing to get Natalie to the end.

      Corey well I don’t know about him. He laid low and then started winning comps late in the season.

    • You’re right he stayed in the background and got this far. You’re right also that there are more than one way to play BB, but he’s gonna be sitting with players that has better resume than him. You just made his case to the Jury. Short and boring!. I couldn’t think of anymore to add that will make the Jury vote for him…he’s better than Victoria though, I have to admit.

      • The two Vets have better odds. but I’m betting on Paul to be there on F2….I’m a gambling man, I want better returns. lol

      • Cy as you very well know, there is no one way to play this game. Yeah maybe our favorites don’t get the end but that doesn’t mean they didn’t play a good game. Paul was target number three this season. Paul is smart and figured it out really fast when Victor left the first time so he used Paulie’s ego to get on his good side and as they say, The rest is BB history.

      • Oh yeah..Paul’s narrative is awesome, and he would kill it too, in front of the Jury, coz the guy can speak. if you look back during his first day in the house, his evolution is amazing. The most improved player.

      • That is why secretly I want him to win oops the secret is out LMAO. I thought I was gonna die at the eviction speech he gave.

  10. Words escape me. I know I am going to get blasted for this but I am really crossing my fingers and hoping Nicole wins the endurance…lol I know it is a long shot but I would love to see the look on James and Pauls face if she pulls it off. I really think they are making a mistake and underestimating her she is a competitor too. Ok now all you Nicole haters can blast me I am ready.

  11. I’d guess Paul has a 1/3 chance of winning (if he wins the final HoH) and Nicole has 2/3, (If she or James wins) but maybe there’s a world where jury gives James the win over Nicole, and if that happens it’s a shame that there was no Big Brother this summer and they skipped straight to season 19.

    If I’m Paul in this situation, I think I can beat James in the final leg of the HoH, and I don’t see James beating Nicole in the mental comp, so I want him to win the endurance, and I risk losing to Nicole in the mental comp.

      • Lol, I’m one of those naive people that believe that the strategic part of the game is still relatively intact. (Yes production controls how the casuals view people and scripts diary sessions, but I think there’s evidence to support the idea that players’ actions still steer the events of the game)

      • I am of the belief that production have more control over that steering wheel than any strategy or action by any player.They are the driving the bus and choose who it runs over.

      • I’m mostly basing my opinion off the fact that past HGs (Adam Poch, Danielle Reyes, Matt Hoffman, Andy Herren and others) have vouched for the fact that player’s actions matter, so I tend to think that the game itself is relatively fair.

        So I don’t think production controls the players’ actions and relationships in the game. I do think they exert control through casting and that only a few players are cast as potential winners. I imagine they were pretty surprised that Paul made it as far as he did because he was probably cast as the loudmouth who makes everyone mad and gets evicted early, but he was actually a really intelligent player.

      • I’m usually, admittedly, very naive, so there had to be a lot of reasons for believing all of the speculation before I was convinced of the unfairness of the game. I would say if the truth was told by past HGs, there would be many stories about game-changing production interference. I’ve never looked for such evidence and don’t know if contracts keep HGs from speaking about such things. I’m simply voicing my opinion, same as you. :)

      • Pelican, you made me laugh remembering how much Paul irritated me at that first competition when he wouldn’t shut up. He definitely has had a transformation over the course of a season. I’m all for Paul to win

      • I remember going from not liking him at all, to warming up a little, to even liking him, then back to not being so enamored. But, yes, same here, tr8ppng, Paul for the win.

      • No way! That would make a few people happy, but I would hope more might miss me. I’d definitely miss you all. I’m just not watching the show, kind of in protest for the HGs that never had a fair chance to win. But I decided to keep putting my 2 cents in and depend on you all to keep me entertained and you haven’t let me down. :)

      • He stole Cyril Axel’s name and avatar—I reported it to Matthew and Mickey was banned from the site. I defended him all season, but identity theft isn’t funny. It took Cyril a couple of days to get his name and passwords and accounts back in order.

      • Wow , I would never have seen that one coming. Mickey did seem kinda strange. Glad Cyril was able to get everything straightened out.

      • No OTT for me. If you all give it good reviews, I might try to find it online and watch it, if available. But after the holidays. I’ll be a busy beaver between now and then. :D

  12. Is the better player the player who gets there game to fall to rock bottom early on and recover getting to the final 2/3 or is the better player the one who was never endanger and was able to cruse to final 2/3?

    • for me the better player is the one who can sway or break their game for votes to the jury…but before the end i think the players that can outlast all the others has to have done something right…

  13. At this point Paul has to win out regardless. If he’s successful in winning final HOH he’ll have 3 HOH’s and 3 Veto’s, Nominated 6 times, Solved the Paris room first and correctly found the Round Trip ticket, which he didn’t have to use. This would put him behind only Victor for comp wins this season. I can respect wanting to take someone like Nicole who you feel played the game instead of someone like James, but it will make his F2 win harder. If he takes James he probably gets Victor, Day, Bridgette, Nicole, Paulie, and Zakiyah. Natalie and Michelle probably would vote James and Corey is a toss up. Paul against Nicole would be more difficult. I can see Corey, Paulie, and James for sure voting Nicole to win. Victor, Bridgette, and Michelle probably vote Paul. Natalie will probably go with girl power so if Paul would need Day and Zakiyah to both vote for him or he loses. I want Paul to win this season, but if he has to lose I’d rather it be to Nicole instead of James.

  14. I am flabbergasted that two vets will be in F3 (if the plan doesn’t change). How were they not evicted earlier. Dan had game in his season but I feel this season people just let them coast their way to the end

    • I can’t say that Nicole is coasting any more. I really agree with what Derrick said, and I think this was her strategy coming into this season. She knows where she went wrong last time, and this time she basically flew under the radar and waited for her moment to strike. I’m still rooting for Paul, but as I did like her during her first season… I’m glad to see her finally playing the game hard!

  15. If its Nicole and Paul in the final two, I would have to think that
    Natalie will vote for Paul. The fact that she still feels guilty about
    turning on them, combined with the fact that she really doesn’t seem to
    like Nicole… Well, that leaves her definitely voting for Paul.

    In order of who the jury would vote for, it would probably be…

    Day — #1 James, Toss up Nicole/Paul (she’s starting to warm up to Nicole’s game play so who knows which she would pick)

    Zakiyah– #1 James, #2 Paul, #3 Nicole

    Bridgette — #1 James, #2 Paul, #3 Nicole

    Paulie — #1 Paul, #2 James, #3 Nicole

    Michelle — #1 James, Toss Up Paul/Nicole (If she has forgiven Paul for the C word, he gets the vote against Nicole)

    Natalie — #1 James, #2 Paul, #3 Nicole

    Victor — #1 Paul, #2 James, #3 Nicole

    Potential last two jurors

    Corey — #1 Nicole, #2 James, # 3 Paul

    Nicole — Corey, James, Paul

    Paul — James, Corey, Nicole

    James — Nicole, Toss Up Corey/Paul

    So James wins if he’s in the final two in my opinion. I don’t like it, but that would be my predicition. Paul probably wins against either Nicole or Corey, but it will still depend a lot on whether Michelle really forgives him and on how much she hates Nicole.

    • I hope Paul is not voting, but if he is that means it’s Dingus and James as F2. I’m not so sure that Vic and Paul would vote for James.

      • The most recent betrayal is usually the one that stays the freshest in the mind. That’s why I give their vote to James. They could put the betrayals aside though and just go for game play.

        However, they are both pretty intelligent, and could appreciate the game play. That would definitely give their vote to Nicole. Either way, if its Nicole and James in the final two, I’ll have to find out who wins here because I sure as heck won’t be watching!

  16. Nichole doesn’t realize she’s in the same situation Erica was in in BB7. No matter who she goes to the final 2 with she’s still playing for 2nd place ROFL

    • Yeah, she has NO chance against James and she doesn’t even realize it. Her only chance would be to take Paul to the final two. I think that Paul might have the votes against her (I hope he would at any rate), but that’s her only chance right now.

  17. James, possibly being in F2..UGH! The guy who has done absolutely nothing. Well, I guess now he will get another 50K along with his 10K from Nicole..if she is the winner. I think Paul deserves the win more, his strategic play has been on point all season…so hopefully he can pull these next two wins out…but, having James in an endurance is never a good thing…no way he will drop on this one.

  18. Hopefully his winning streak continues because he pretty much has to win final HOH to make F2. I’m assuming James would bring Nicole.

  19. Huh. So you’re saying that short of Paul winning out, we’re barreling headlong into the F2 that has been obvious for more than half the season? Pretty much the definition of boring. Worse, “nap and float with showmance” becomes the new winning strategy. Thank God The Amazing Race and Survivor are coming back. Here’s hoping true competitors Vic and Paul are on one or both of them

  20. As for deciding who he would want to go against in an F2 if he gets to that point, Paul should ask himself what would James’ gut tell him to do — and then do the opposite, ha

  21. If Nicole goes to final two….. piiiiiiised!!!! I want to see Paul & James in the final 2. Oh it would be so great to see James win the final HOH and pick Paul to go to the final 2 over Nicole LOL. I do like James but I know Paul would win over him and I’m not mad at that. Paul has played a good game. For those who love Vic don’t be sad, as we all know, we are sure to see him in another season to come. AND for all of those people who complained that the vets (mainly Nicole & James) had an advantage this season…. let’s see how many of them jump on the Vic band wagon and forget they said that. Guess if you’re rooting for someone and they don’t win it’s always unfair or a conspiracy. Pleeeease!

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