‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 12: Thursday Night Highlights

Just when you thought you knew what was going to go down on Big Brother 18 for the rest of the season, Thursday’s Live Feeds start to reveal that Nicole and Corey’s thoughts on the rest of the season have changed. Time for them to swap out their latest Final-X deal for a new one as they’ve begun to do each week.

Paul & Victor on Big Brother 18

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, September 8, 2016:

8:20 PM BBT – Feeds are back from the HoH comp. Corey won.

8:30 PM BBT – Nicole talks with James about the eviction and why Natalie thought she was going to go. She apologizes to James over Natalie going.

8:40 PM BBT – Nicole getting anxious about an all-boys alliance. Corey teasing her that she’s going next.

8:44 PM BBT – Paul says one to go, referencing the Final Four alliance. Nicole “agrees” but doesn’t further the conversation.

8:50 PM BBT – James starts camtalking about being alone when Paul comes in. Paul talks with James about why Natalie needed to go. James thanks Paul for keeping him. He wonders about his potential with Natalie and references her “soulmate” comment.

9:10 PM BBT – Paul suspects Natalie’s peppy attitude during the eviction was a ploy for AFP votes.

10:02 PM BBT – HGs talking about the HOH competition. Everyone is sore from all the back and forth and falling down.

10:31 PM BBT – James called out several times over talking about the hotel stay in between jury house and finale. He says Robyn (the casting director) stopped by and production cut him off.

11:00 PM BBT – Paul asks Nicole and Corey if he’s going up as a pawn but they deny having an idea yet of what they’re doing. Paul offers to go up if they’ll save him.

11:10 PM BBT – Corey gets his HoH room.

11:45 PM BBT – Corey and Nicole alone in the HoH room discuss nom plans. Corey tells her he’s going to put up Victor and Paul. They expect the guys to flip out. Nicole thinks their best chance is with James in the F3.

12:00 AM BBT – Corey discussing how he’ll tell the guys. Nicole wants him to tell James about their F4 deal before the guys get to him first. Corey is confident James is with them.

12:15 AM BBT – Nicole is nervous about putting up the guys together. Corey says he isn’t and will do it.

12:30 AM BBT – Victor and James both agree they’ll make a Jury vote based on game play, not personal, if they’re there.

12:40 AM BBT – Paul goes to talk with Nicole and Corey about who is going up with James. Corey dodges the question.

12:55 AM BBT – Back downstairs Paul and Victor discuss the situation. Victor thinks their F4 is good. Paul is less confident.

1:15 AM BBT – Nicole continues to debate with Corey about who should go up. Corey explains again to her that it’d be harder for them to beat a pair in the next round and questions her hesitancy. Nicole says she’s just trying to give footage to production. (Please no more Vets again.)

1:34 AM BBT – James heads upstairs. Nicole & Corey are excited. James asks if they’re going to go after “big fish” this week. He says he’ll play dumb this week.

1:35 AM BBT – Nicole brings up the backyard yeller and says she was worried that would lead to James getting evicted instead of Natalie last round. Nicole says the guys are going to push for James to go this week. No mention of her F4 deal with them though.

1:40 AM BBT – Nicole and Corey make a F3 deal with James. Victor is their target this week.

1:45 AM BBT – Nicole and Corey tell James that Paul thinks James has mentally checked out of the season.

2:00 AM BBT – James and Corey hang out chatting while Nicole goes off to the DR. They discuss Natalie and what secrets she may have been hiding. James talks about how he coached her.

3:00 AM BBT – HGs off to sleep.

Yes, no surprise here that they’ll want to split up the Sitting Ducks especially with Corey unable to compete in the next HoH. Victor and Paul are not going to be pleased later on Friday and will probably figure out that maybe they should have kept Natalie as a target decoy. If Victor doesn’t win the Veto then he’s out the door for a third time.

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    • I’ve been a Victor fan for the longest but he’s too much of a straight shooter. I hope he wins veto, but if not, he played a great game!

      • His problem is that because he’s a straight shooter he thinks everyone else is too. I really don’t want to see him leave this week.

      • Victor should have gone after Nicole. Meech may have a big mouth but she told him the truth. Nicole should have been his target.

      • Agreed! He wanted to be loyal because they had kept him safe the week before but it’s going to bite him in the butt.

      • Nicole was her target but she realized the votes to evict her wasn’t there. Plus Natalie convinced her Corey was the better target.

      • I wouldn’t be either. Even just to keep Victor out of the jury house with Natalie. Of course Corey would just break the tie though.

      • I hope so, too. It has been posted before that the finalists aren’t eligible for AFP, but I read on wikia that they were. It would be nice if Vic could win both the season and AFP.

      • Season 14, Frank Eudy won the award. Ian Terry was runner up for the award. Ian was the winner of BB that season.

      • The America’s Favorite Player (previously known as America’s Favorite Juror) is an award given out during the finale of Big Brother seasons, starting with Big Brother All Stars. Originally, the prize was only limited to jury members in Big Brother All Stars, Big Brother 9, and Big Brother 10, where it was called the America’s Choice Jury Prize. Since Big Brother 11,
        all houseguests are eligible to win the prize and Fan Favorite Award
        was been changed to America’s Favorite Houseguest. The winner of the
        award receives $25,000. Viewers can currently vote

        source: Big Brother Wikia

      • I believe the ones that get both first and second place in the game, gets the big prize monies and NOT the stipen that they would have got if they didn’t win. I am not sure about the AFP prize money though.

      • ted ted ted i remember on a diff thread we were speaking about nicole and getting jury votes and i thought there was no way possible she could pull it off, but you said da’vonne was reasonable and it was possible…so i say to you sir you were right and i was wrong…

    • i will be one of those upset fans if/when victor leaves…he was my pick for the 500k and with him and pablo gone i won’t care who wins…but i will still watch

      • I’m the same way. I was rooting for both Victor and Pablo, but I won’t stop watching just because my guy didn’t win. That seems really…seven-year-old-ish

      • On the surface it seems that way. But if the show you watch no longer entertains you because the best cast members are no longer in it, then it seems like the real bad decision is to continue watching.

      • I agree. Why spend your time watching something that doesn’t entertain you in the least, when you could be out in the woods hiking. :D Dingdoo’s bedroom antics have been digusting and shameful all season. If Paul or Vic are not in the F2, I will not be watching either.

      • He isn’t “my boy” and I give you no credit. It probably did make your day. Such a pathetic life.

      • Just a heads up, I would back off of KSJB. You don;t want any of that getting up in your grill my friend.

      • Hmmm, wonder where this one came from (the new ksjb/joke with underscores). At least you keep it classy, my lady.

      • No worries. I just hit the little button that hides their post and they disappear never to be seen again. Good morning, fair lady. :)

      • Good morning to you too. I think it’s neat that we are both southerners. You from Tennessee, me from Oklahoma. Actually, I only live a little over an hour from James (Wichita Falls, Texas) as I am in southwest Oklahoma and only 12 miles from Texas line. So when you talk about certain foods, it’s the very same here in Oklahoma. Love it! We really need to get together, we have so much in common…

      • Funny, on the show thread last night, a poster and I were talking about whether Oklahoma was considered a Southern state or a Midwestern state. I had to look it up because for some reason I had never thought of it as a Southern state. I was wrong. Yes, we do seem to have much in common and I very much enjoy your posts. :)

      • Oh, hon, haven’t you heard our southern accents? We’re about as southern as you can get. However, Tennessee and Georgia have the prettiest southern accents in the south, imo. Now Texas, on the other hand, have what I call “cowboy” accents, and there’s some of that in Oklahoma, depending on what part of the state you were raised in. But I am one of those who love all kinds of accents!

      • Yes, that’s what I was talking about on the thread that many areas in Oklahoma have accents like southerners and someone said Oklahoma is in the South. Well, duh on my part. I love a British accent. How about a Southern British accent combined? Be still my heart. lol

      • English accents ( yes I know there are several) especially London is very nice but then you get Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and Auzzie. Soooooo hard to chose a favorite! RAWR!

      • Sounds like you might have done some traveling. Of course, you can go to NYC and hear about every accent under the sun. It’s almost like another country compared to East Tn.

      • I worked for a large global company and was able to hear lots of diff ‘accents’ on conf calls for various projects. It was a nice benefit.

      • That had to be interesting, although, maybe a little difficult to understand some accents at times. I have a voice disorder so talking to me on a phone would be torture for anyone. I could never make a living doing that unless the purpose would be to confuse people. lol

      • Now that’s what I’m talking about! Southern/British. That’s why I watch all the seasons of BBUK on YouTube. Sorry to say, it beats BBUS all the way to hell and back! But I still have to be loyal to my own country, you know?

      • Haha. Rural Texas def has a cowboy accent that is diff than a southern accent. You wont hear many accents in TX cities tho:). OK is def southern. I would call KS midwestern tho and MO southern.

      • Oh, TX, we Okies say ya’ll too. When talking to northerners on the phone, I have to apologize for saying it! Usually the person I’m talking to thinks it’s cute!

      • I’m supposed to do the introduction between the two of you..ok…’jkmeme I’d like you to meet KSJB is a Joke”..there!…anyway, glad you guys are getting to know each other.

      • To tell the truth(haha), I probably have a few years on you, WW, but we might have been born in the same decade. I just like it that there are people on the site who understand some of the crap I say. :)

      • Maybe or maybe not born in the same decade. I grew up watching a butt load of those dang Leave it to Beaver reruns LOL. Lets just say that I was born while Kennedy was still President.

      • And I’ll never forget being in my 2nd grade class when my teacher broke down in tears telling us about the assassination(1963). You and my husband are very close in age. He’s 55.

      • Yeah, she puts the “ass” in Classy alright.

        And you’re an attention whore KSJB, you’re not blocking anyone.

      • man you take things way to far, there is discussion and then there is rude..this is so not called for attacking others because you don’t agree with their opinions is just ridiculous…blocked

      • Got it… So as long as we are trash talking the players in the house its ok. Its also ok for all of you to defend someone doing the exact same thing I am but because those people are in the house and cant defend themselves… You guys are so right…

        I will never survive with you people blocking me. I’ll be so sad for seconds…

      • There is no reason to be rude like that. C’mon, BB is a game and we’re all here for fun. Personal insults don’t belong in this forum.

      • Oh, and I too, am hoping that Vic the comp beast can pull out another veto win. Yes, Paul is entertaining and actually smart, but Vic is the is MAN!

      • I am pulling for Vic, too. I’m not sure if he has reached his goal of comp wins yet, but I hope he chalks up another one.

      • They keep going for Vic and he gets voted out. Hope he gets POV. Hopefully, The others are all too sore to compete well this weekend with the fast forward week.

        * Sun, Sept 11th – 8/7c – HoH/Nominations
        * **Tues, Sept 13th – 8/7c – Fast Fwd Eviction (taped on Monday)
        * Wed, Sept 14th – 8/7c – Live Eviction
        * **Fri, Sept 16th – 8/7c – possibly Memory Lane
        * Wed, Sept 21st – 9:30 PM ET – Live, 90-min Finale

      • I hadn’t thought about the aspect of being sore and trying to compete if it is a physical comp. I’m sure they’ll be begging for a mental comp, of course, except for Vic. Here’s hoping he racks up another win.

      • Good morning K! Looks like hell be OTB again this week. *fingers crossed* Hoping for a Vic win too. :)

        Oh btw,,,where’s super Sha, she’d take care of that rude little person trolling you!! ;) haha

      • Hey, gal. Super Sha(I love that!) has done her job for the week. lol This little pest is nothing.
        I know, poor Vic. He has worked this summer. He earned his keep in the game and in the house. I have my fingers crossed, also. :)

      • I know. Julie actually called him unstoppable last night and Jordan picked him for the win…so C’mon Vic…get it together and win that POV!


      • I don’t want to mess around with my avatar now. It took me until 2am to fix it. I had to go to a lot of forum. Apparently, there’s a lot of us that had the same problem….anyway, you’re building a fan base. they like your moniker..

      • You have patience for sure and your sense of humor is still intact. You never gave that cretin the benefit of getting the best of you. You’re the winner, Cy, always will be. Love you.

      • Hey. We are here to comment on the game and HG. No need to personally attack a board commenter

        “Stop That!!!” As the the BB Producers button would say. Lol

      • As a pure fan, I still appreciate the strong players and want them to win. It will be disgusting to see Corey, James, Nicole in F3. They all laid in bed all season. Grrrrrrrrr

      • I love BB and have watched it since the first season, but it simply would not be enjoyable at all watching any of those win.

      • We might need to disagree on this. Weaker floaters can band together with numbers to vote out the best players. That doesnt make them strong players. We all have our fav HG tho so that’s cool.

      • Meh, I disagree. To me, it’s no different than the Super Bowl or the World Cup. Just because the team I am rooting for isn’t in the championship game doesn’t mean I’m not going to watch. I love football. I like soccer. And I like Big Brother.

      • For sure. I had said “if the show no longer entertains you.” Clearly in your case, you’re still entertained simply because you like the show. So it makes sense that you wouldn’t stop watching. Also, after watching for 2 1/2 months, it’d seem strange to give it up right before the finale. But if it truly doesn’t interest you anymore because certain people left/didn’t leave, then it makes more sense to stop watching.

      • I agree. Many seasons who I want in the finals and who is actually there are two different people. I just then sit back relax and enjoy the show. It’s actually fun watching them go after and turn on each other because then you really don’t care who goes.

  1. Nicole says she’s just trying to give footage to production??? Was she asked to do that by production? Ick.

  2. All season hg have been warned about Nic & C but nobody would listen. Now here we are again with them 2 going back on a deal. What’s that 10 deals they have had? Now the f3 is set as predicted.

    • It’s big brother that is the name of the game, any check they bounced they just beat the other party to the punch.

      • Yep. When Dr. Will did it he was called the best player in BB history. And he didn’t win one single comp.

    • Just like Da’vonne kept saying to cut the showmances but instead all the singles voted her out. No one listened to any good game moves this season. And let’s be honest, BB brought back the worse vets, James – girl obsessed, Nicole – boy obsessed, Frank – obsessed with his own greatness, Da – just obsessed.

  3. I’ve been debating about watching the fall all access BB, but with production blatantly helping Nicoery this season, I can’t fathom wasting the time or the money.

    • I don’t even understand why prod would want her to win, she’s nauseating to watch and listen to.

      • But if Nicole wins she can get her nose fixed. The bottom center piece of her nose is so wide, she barely has nostrils. Maybe she can go on botched or some kind of TLC show.

    • i debated that aswell, in the end though i know i will watch being a fan but its supposed to be more old school BB and i really would like to see that if it’s indeed true

    • Since it’s online I’m hoping it will be like the early BB seasons where they cast a variety of ages and personalities. Back when BB labeled itself as a social experiment.

  4. The sitting ducks….it’s an approriate name for those two…did they not see the writing on the wall…there can’t be any alligence in a final four…two maybe…so blind…if they kept Gnat she would have work with them because she openly expressed that they should have not trusted Nicorey…and so they keep James who has been with Nicorey from the start and apparently they aren’t good in math….3 versus 2. Now it’s battling for their lives in the veto….think guys…when the numbers dwindle it’s every man for himslef.

    • I agree Natalie should have stayed but with last night’s comp Corey still would have won and the ducks would still be nominated

      • Yes, but if Natalie teamed up with Paul and Victor, they could potentially throw the veto to her and evict Nicole this week. I don’t see James doing the same because he loves Nicole.

      • Natalie would have teamed with Victor for sure, but it really did not matter b/c Nicole & Corey were the deciding votes. Imo, once Vic put Natalie & James otb together, her fate was sealed.

      • I watching the comp last night. It appeared to me that Corey’s lane had a track with less grease on it down the center that allowed him to run without slipping too much.

    • James is just going to ride with whoever is in control. He told Natalie that he wasn’t going to try to win that comp because if the two duos were smart they would gun after each other. He knows that he can’t go to a final 3 with a showmance or a couple so once this week is over he will probably team with whoever is left to go after Nicory. He stated as much to Natalie.

    • Yeah they could have argued for Nat to stay, but in the end Corey & Nic had the votes…the alliance was going to blow as soon as N/C started talk about backstabbing them last week; they would not have kept Nat either way.

  5. Why does every season have people claiming they rig the game? Like seriously just because the people you like get out does not mean they rig the game.

    Its illegal to rig shows with prize money anyway. You all need the GTHO

    • well rules that govern “entertainment value” are quite diff and sometimes people forget things like creative license and things “for entertainment value” people’s job in network depend on these things being successful so often times when their mistep is obvious it turns to scandal, which i might add often times creates the success their jobs are dependent on…

    • I’m somewhere in the middle. It’s an actual fact that production plays a hand in certain thing….as we’ve heard Nicole and others actually say they did. (Last week’s veto, for example, they told her where something was.)

      I don’t think the fact that Christmas Corey is possibly going to win the game is rigged at all, though. Bizarre, but not rigged.

      • Yeah can’t blame people for not wanting production meddling. 500k is at stake here. I’d rather see them work for it themselves and earn it.

      • I’ve thought the game was rigged for a few seasons now, however I don’t think they rigged a Corey win. He’s been so boring until last week when they let him start taking his ADD medicine. Which they didn’t do in past seasons because production said it was an advantage. Or maybe it’s just aderall that production says is an advantage.

    • I’m not saying this game is rigged, but I read the BB rules and contract and it’s very enlightening. Production is allowed to shape the way the game is going. The only thing they can’t influence is the winner of the final two. I understand why people get frustrated, but I also find it annoying when people get mad, declare the game is rigged, and say they’ll never watch again. Ultimately for me it’s entertainment, and it’s really not going to affect my life one way or the other. And I will continue to watch just like I always have.

      • I don’t get annoyed when people say they’ll stop watching. Their choice. It’s like, do whatever u want. Who cares.

  6. Darn it! I was really hoping the sitting ducks would pull this one out. Oh well, I guess they still have the Veto. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised this crappy season ended like this. :/

  7. As a fan i want p/v to win but at the same time i think its right move for nicorey. Hoping vic wins pov. Hes fought ten times harder then anyone left and deserves to win the game.

    • I still am hoping for Victor and Nicole final two. It really is a good move but how awkward is it going to be in the house when they break their deal. Also the night before Paul was talking about not winning and Vic told him you have to win.

      • I can’t wait to see the feeds after nominations. Corey was practicing what he was going to say and it sounded logical. Hopefully he doesn’t screw it up.

    • I do agree that putting Vic & Paul otb is the best strategic move for Dingdoo’s game. But I’m not convinced it is the best move for Doofus. If it is James, and Dingdoo as F3, and Dingus won HOH, I believe she would evict Doofus. But if Dingus was left with the choice of Doofus and either Vic or Paul, In think Dingus would take Doofus to F2.

  8. If they put up Victor, I want Paul to win POV and to take down Victor so Corey has to put up Nicole.

  9. Christmas Corey for the win?

    He could be the most oblivious winner in BB history. But $500K is $500K, regardless of how spaced out you are.

    • Doofus told his goat story and laughed which showed what kind of an idiot dumba$$ he really is. He laughed at, clapped with, and went along with scumbag Paulie’s disgusting behavior. He has been in bed all season using Dingus every way he could to further his game. His reputation(because he is a guy) won’t be sullied, but her’s will. Then he admits he has no plans to have a relationship with her. If it wasn’t for Dingus and Production, Doofus would never have stayed long enough to have had his Harry Potter wet dream. I tend to think he is simply an entitled, spoiled, rich, lazy immature brat that has used his looks to whatever would benefit him and Dingus is pathetic and desperate enough to fall for it. I’m not mad at him either Gus. I am, however, very disappointed in BB.

  10. Nicorey’s plan is to put Vic and Paul up together. Just so that Nic won’t have to be put up. If they put up James and Vic/Paul and the other sitting duck won veto and took vaul down..then Nic would have to go up and very good possibility she would go home. Corey has thought this out. He is protecting her and trying to protect James as well by putting both Vic and Paul up. I hate this for Vic because I do like him..but this is the best game move for Nicorey.

    • I don’t think he’s doing this to protect James at all. I think he’s doing it to get rid of the best player, while ensuring that Nicole stays safe.

      • He wants and needs James as a number. Corey knows he has better chance for F3 and then F2 if they take out Paul and Vic.

      • He doesn’t need James at all. Unless Nicole hits the block this week, Corey and Nicole can decide who goes home, whether James is with them or not. He doesn’t need James to get out Paul or Victor.

      • If they get Vic out this week, then the target will be Paul for the next HOH. Since Corey can’t play it would only be Nic going against Paul and James for that HOH. They need James to be with them to get out Paul and to win that HOH.

      • Nah, they’ll be down to 4 people. Whoever wins the HOH is safe, whoever wins the Veto is safe. Alliances don’t matter anymore after this week. Whoever wins veto decides who goes home (unless the HOH wins veto, in which case the HOH chooses who chooses who goes home). I think if Paul or James wins veto, it would be foolish to NOT get out Corey or Nicole. It’s every man for himself after this next eviction.

  11. Corey should put up Vic and Paul… that way if one wins POV (which is very likely) then at least one of the “sitting ducks” will go to jury and Nicory/James will have majority of votes. Ultimately I want Vic to win and I hope Paul goes home… he is so disgusting he literally grosses me out… lol.

      • agree vic was my pick for the 500k and if he is sent to the jury he will still be my pick even though it counts for nothing…first pablo is hijacked…now possibly vic’s game…#sadness

    • Joana, I was just going to say that. P/V must go up together. If not and the other wins veto then they are both safe. I agree I want Paul out first but sadly I think it’s Vic going if he doesn’t win the veto. Getting Vic out first is the smarter move.

  12. I wish they would have kept Natalie – She would have stayed w/ Paul & Victor and we new James would go with Nicole. So do not like Nicole’s game play -she needs to go. She needs to be on the block she isn’t derrick and I think production is helping her…. er goodbye message to Natalie “ill be the only girl left” whatever isn’t that what she wanted…Not digging her at all this time around. James pressuring Natalie about their relationship not cool either she had no obligation to be in anything other than what she was in. I am glad she went out classy and didn’t do some stupid speech like Michelle. Victor is my fav I hope he wins veto… shame on them for trusting Nicole and Corey.

      • Matt, please check out the commenter KSJB_is_a_Joke. This person is attacking KSJB with very inappropriate comments. I have flagged several. It’s very troubling. Thank you for all your hard work!

      • Yes, please delete an anonymous poster. It is a crime to give back some of what people on here dish out.

        People can sit here all season bashing, name calling and judging people that cannot respond, but heaven forbid someone returning the favor. If you don’t like it, don’t read it, right?

      • Come on. You can’t just tell Matt to delete people because you don’t like what they say. Everyone has a right to their opinion. As long as they’re not using inappropriate language I believe this is America. Heck if I flagged every nasty rude comment that was said I’d be flagging an awful lot.

  13. If I heard correctly, should Nicole make it to the F2 … I suspect that she may now have the potential Jury votes, even from the Girls … And, yes, despite being a Snake, among other terms ? They actually acknowledge how well that she has managed to make it so far ?

      • Why? She got Jozea out that was after her the first HOH. By the way that first HOH she made it look like she didn’t want it even though she did. Already playing the game. She stayed out of all the catty mean girl drama. She even shut it down in her first HOH. She got Michelle out who was after her. She was in a strong alliance and knew when to switch things up. She convinced Victor Natalie needed to go. She’s never been nominated. She’s going to be in F4. I’d say she’s played the best game out of everyone.

      • Then enlighten us oh wise one… You don’t know whats going on either. You want to jump on the band wagon because your fav isn’t there anymore. Probably a pathetic Zak fan and is still licking her wounds. Get over it.

      • What is so difficult for you to comprehend? She obviously played better than the others who have left. The only other person to leave due to playing too well was Paulie (whom I know you also have a crush on). She, and everyone else still there, has played better than those who have left.

      • I agree. She’s played the best game since day one. And I could care less about her showmance with Corey. What’s the big deal that everyone has to constantly bring it up every other comment. There’s been plenty of showmances and there will be plenty more.

      • Dishonest? Get real. I have not lied about anything. You’re posts are utter nonsense. You are a catty, bitter lady who can pass judgement but cannot face it.

  14. Meech went into the jury house all mean girl but da’vonne actually noticed nicole’s game if she is there at the end i think now she could win this if a couple more girl’s change their views

    • Day also said a couple weeks ago when they showed the jury house that if Nicole makes it to the end she just may have to vote for her. I think she’ll vote on game play and not personal.

  15. Here’s to hoping Vic wins the Veto! If there has to be a sitting ducks member that has to leave I’d prefer Paul to leave over Vic any day.

    • I’m on the other side. I’m cheering for anyone BUT Victor to win the veto. Victor’s my #2, but I’m team Paul. Here’s to hoping that James wins the veto and by some miracle decides to take one of them down (A guy can hope, right?)

      • in all fairness anything could happen no one’s game is done yet julie always tells us to expect the unexpected hope rings eternal!!!!!

      • Yep I think we all have the F2 sitting together when we really have no idea who it will be. All I know is Corey and Nicole will be in the F4. From there it’s anyone’s game. Win and your safe. Lose and you might be next in jury.

      • Sadly, hoping is not enough in this case. James wins veto, he’s not using it to pull Victor or Paul off the block.
        I’ve been bummed all morning after finding out Corey won HOH. Paul should have won. He didn’t even try to win that comp. So, if one of the SD have to go…let it be Paul. Victor did his part last week by winning HOH.

    • I hope Corey puts up James and Paul, Victor wins veto and take Paul off and Nicole is put up. I know that is unlikely to happen. In any case, I hope Victor wins the POV.

  16. OMG Zakiyah is with Paulie in jury house… I wonder if they have live feeds in jury house? How could anyone be with that sociopath misogynist after the way he treated her and after he lost what little integrity he had in front of the entire world? She has no self esteem and is such a bad example for women… so very sad.

    • it is sad, she needs to recognize her value…it bothers me alot to see people in general not understand their own unique value

      • Or maybe a little/lot naive. Paulie put a spell on her and she really thinks he likes her. I hope she reads the blogs and comments, and learn from them. It is sad to watch her, how she ALLOWS Paulie to treat her.

    • Really sad. He’s probably going to get her to throw her jury vote to whomever he’s voting for, too. That’s probably part of why he’s still messing with her.

      • Natalie went in the Jury house to relax and have fun, now with Z back with Paulie there will be tension between the 2 of them. Day said that those 2 were on the other side of the house.

  17. If Corey was smart this is what he would do… Put up Paul and Victor but tell them the target is still James. Even though James can play Veto, but it’s four people against him trying to win. Odds are that James will not win the veto. Therefore one of them will be pulled down and James will go up. he needs to convince them he has to do this to protect Nicole and eliminate any chances that she could go on the block. Especially since at final four all bets were off and he can’t play for hoh so he needs Nicole to play to keep him safe. this way hopefully there should be no drama until at least after the veto ceremony. and if James should win the veto, and keep Noms the same, it looks like a mistake happened and it wasn’t an intentional set up.

  18. It looks like we’re headed towards a final 3 of James, Paul, and one of Nicole/Corey. That should make for an interesting finale. Should be exciting!

      • He had THREE chances, THREE…. how many more times does he need??? he doesn’t deserve it. You didn’t play a good game if you were evicted twice and needed production to get back into the game. BOTH of the comps he won to get back were right up his alley… they were set for him to win them….

      • Don’t know if they were doing it for him….don’t forget everyone else had the same chance…but he was the one Victorious….can’t take that away from him.

      • yea but not really. Those endurance comps were geared to him… why not make it a quiz comp or change it up the second time around. Because they knew either Paulie or Vic were going to win and they didn’t want Bridgette, Z or Day in there…. I give him the win, but you still don’t deserve to win BB if you have to be let back into the house twice because you couldn’t avoid eviction twice….

      • Would that include James and Nicole?
        They were both evicted and production gave them another chance. If I remember, Nicole was evicted twice.

  19. It wasn’t up to the sitting ducks who went home last night. NiCorey had the two votes to evict Natalie and they knew they could not control her.

    • True, but it was up to the sitting ducks to convince Nicorey that the real threat was James not Gnat….not only would it have help their game but they would find out the true colors of Nicorey if they did not want to go along with them.

    • Nicole plays a scared game. Had Paul talked to Nicole about evicting James, than I think James probably would have been evicted.

      • I agree…the ducks should have stood firm on the James eviction…Vic had already told them of the revenge factor…so go with that.

  20. So the final three is going to end up being James, Nicole or Corey (1 of them) and Paul or Victor (1 of them). One of the sitting ducks goes home this week and then Nicole and Corey will sit on the block for Wednesday.

  21. Paul and Victor should regret targeting Natalie. I believe Natalie would have been loyal to them. She basically said it to their face and they still decided to target her. They should have stood their ground about evicting James. Nicole plays a scared game, she is scared of people targeting her and had they told her they want to evict James, than James could have been evicted.

    • “Stood their ground” is nice and all, but they didn’t have the numbers, and they can’t force Nicorey on who to evict. At best, Nicorey would have shown their true intentions earlier by still evicting Natalie while P&V expecting James to go home, and that might have forced Paul to try and win that HoH harder.

  22. Guys.. I get that everyone hates Nicole and Corey compared to Paul and Victor but there is no question Corey has to nominate both. Say for example he nominates James and Victor. Then Paul could win veto and pull down Victor. Then Nicole and James are on the block and Victor and Paul are the only two who could vote. That is a ridiculous risk that Corey and Nicole would never allow if they were smart. Can you imagine Nicole going home on Corey’s HOH? Even if they were 100 percent confident in their final 4 and wanted to stick with it, it would be a huge blunder.

    • Yes you are 100% right….but James shouldn’t have been the one to stay if the ducks wanted some sort of short term security.

      • Exactly. It would have much better to keep Nat for the ducks but even if they realized that I don’t know if they could have convinced Corey to vote that way.

      • True enough….but they would have least brought out Nicorey’s hidden agenda…and they wouldn’t have been so loyal to the final 4.

      • They have no idea what’s about to go down. No one to blame but themselves too for trusting Snakole and Corey with their future in the game.

      • i feel like paul is starting to feel the winds of change, idk if it will do any good at this point we just have to see how things unfold

      • because corey didn’t answer him when he said he(paul)would go on the block as a pawn and he had that look of thought…

      • It’s a little too late. Paul should have supported Victor in getting out James last week. Even if Snakole and Corey had the votes…at the very least, Paul and Victor would know what Snakole and Corey were up too. Which would have made Paul work harder to win the HOH. Fool didn’t even try to win last night. For that reason, I hope Paul goes home and not Victor.

  23. So the cards are gone and they think NAT took them? Shades of Meech w/Pablo?? Why would she do that?

    They took dominoes bc they were too loud? At least it kept them in the same room and interacting……..

  24. Funny to see people complain and cry because they aren’t getting what they want on here… it’s a game and Nicole and Corey are playing the best one…. Victor shouldn’t even be in the house, maybe a second chance, ok, but a THIRD is too much. He couldn’t play the game good enough the first 2 times, why does he deserve a 3rd or 4th?

    • It not about playing the game good enough….he is a big target and he can’t take that off his back….would you keep someone who is a comp beast?…considering the target on his back…he has played fairly well…his only screw up was his first allanice with Jozea…imo.

      • Agreed. He is simply playing the game as production designed it. They only opened the door, Vic had to fight hard to come back through it.

      • Part of strategy is NOT having a target on your back… not go in there guns blazing and get evicted hoping you’ll get to come back, takes away from the strategy of the game. If being a Comp beast put a target on his back then it would probably be best for him to NOT win so many targets…. how many comps did Derrick and Cody win?? not a lot, they only won the ones they NEEDED to… how many times was there a target on their back? minimal.. that’s they way to win BB, look at all the players that come in guns blazing winning comps and running their mouths, how many have won?? maybe Chill-Town is considered in that… other than that, the winners have all been the sleepers of the house…..

      • Yes…i agree with your points….you have to have a balance between the social, mental and physical game…know when play and know when to fold….Vic seems to be too genuine..plays on emotions.

      • Maybe Victor will set a new precedence by winning the most comps and winning the game. First time for everything!

      • When you’re a comp beast that’s when you need to step up your social game. And that’s what he lacked.

    • This is Nicole’s third time around, and possibly Jame’s, too. Was he evicted twice last year, or just once?

      • James only played once last year and got evicted towards the end. Season 16 Nicole was evicted and won her way back, but was evicted a second time. I wanted for her to win and not Derrick.

    • I totally agree. But I will admit I do like Victor since he came back. He seems like a very nice loyal guy. But deserving of the win? No. Anyone that was evicted twice is not a good player. IMO.

  25. If Corey puts up Victor and Paul, then that will be a great move. I hope Paul goes home instead of Victor.
    Victor could play with James and evict Nicole and Corey.
    James is a horrible competitor so he will just get production assistance until the end. Maybe even get a Veto win to help him out.

  26. If i can sit through a Liz, Steve, and Vanessa final 3 I can live with Corey, Nicole, and James. Won’t be happy about it but I’ll do it. Here’s hoping Vic wins veto and hoh and puts Nicole and Corey right on the block. If not then I’m hoping James will work with Paul in the following week, that way its them vs Nicole for hoh. Anyway, looking forward to 19. I hope there’s more entertaining characters like Vic and Paul so we don’t have yet another snoozefest of a top 3

  27. Does anyone think Paul through the HOH? He spent way too much time trying to get the big scoop and Victor looked frustrated that he wouldn’t move on. Victor was nicely encouraging Paul to forget about big scoop or go back for more butter but Paul just wouldn’t do it. I recall Paul telling Vic it would be great if Nicole won HOH but Vic kept telling him to win it himself.

    • paul might see this as his chance to clip vic without getting his hands dirty because sitting next to vic at the end is losing 500k…but i rather think they would ride or die to the end and let the votes fall where they may…yes i know it’s too much positive thinking…don’t judge me

      • Paul should know better though. He should know it’s too early to clip Victor because at this point…they still need each other.

      • maybe he really thinks he could reel in nicole or james or even corey…tbh idk what he is thinking..

    • No I don’t. He couldn’t stay on his feet. He took some bad falls. He just sucked at it. And he couldn’t even catch his breath. He told Victor before the comp. he needed this win to make sure they’re both safe. So I really think he tried.

  28. Victor won last week Corey won this week, it’s play or be played, if Paul had won him and Vic would be using James the same way to take out Nicorey because he would be a vote for their side. It’s a game and James is in a good spot right now. He will possibly make F3, I would rather Paul go home just because he is so annoying and I’ve heard all the F*** word I care to hear. I like Vic but I don’t feel he deserves to win because he got a 3rd chance at the game and hasn’t paid his dues by spending the entire time in this crazy house like the rest of the HGs. Vic is a playing a good social game if he makes it to F3 he will win a comp to get to F2. Game over so he really needs to go now. This FF may get him?

    • That and I would love to see his face when he goes into that house full of women and explain to them why he called Big MEECH a C%^$.

    • I think Vic is playing a horrible social game, but playing an excellent game when it comes to winning challenges. Vic is too naïve. If he were smart, he would have gotten rid of Corey, who is his greatest threat when it comes to the challenges. I don’t care who wins.

  29. I think it is a good ideal to put up Vi/Paul but if one get POV then James will go up (cause we all know Nicole won’t) and whoever stays will then get Corey or Nicole out so I hope that happens and Nicole is out before final 3 it would serve her right for flipping back and forth ( flip one thought it would get out Vic or Paul, flip again to get Michelle out and now flip again to get Vic or Paul out) she needs to go

    • I agree, all Corey has to say is that he has to put both of them on the block, because if doesn’t the person that he doesn’t put on the block could win the veto and take the other person off. He would have to put Nicole up and he should say it’s a risk he is not willing to take.

  30. I like Nicole’s game and I don’t think the jury is as against her as some have said. They will mumble and call her a snake until they remember its a game and she played the best.

    • I have to say she isn’t playing that bad. But I think the only way she’ll win is if she is sitting next to her boy toy. Because frankly Paul and Vic have a better chance since both boys are loved by the jury

      • Do you think she’d beat Corey? I think Corey would have Paulie, Z, and for sure Michelle’s vote. I also think he’d have Bridgette’s vote. Nat also. But I think she could beat James and Paul. Her and Vic I think Vic would win.

      • Corey has been pretty much the dumb bland and blond sidekick. I mean the only vote he’d get is Paulie since they’re boys.

        And yes she can beat James, but to me Paul vs Nicole is pretty much up in the air. Hard to say who’d win between the two.

  31. Good news for Nicorey that James has made a F3 with them. Now will he also make a F3 with VP and rat our Nicorey in secret?
    With James you just never know.

  32. That’s because Victor is actually likeable and has worked hard whereas Nicole has layed around like a smelly dead fish and doesn’t seem capable of holding to any promise. I’d vomit if she won.

  33. “Paul suspects Natalie’s peppy attitude during the eviction was a ploy for AFP votes.” That’s exactly what I thought. When she indicated to Julie that she wants to pursue something with James after the game, she came off as such a phony. I never really thought she was using him the whole game, but she definitely let him think there was romantic potential when she just liked him as a friend.

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