‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 11: Wednesday Highlights

We’ve reached the part of the Big Brother 18 Live Feeds where the houseguests have received a deck of cards. So needless to say, the feeds were pretty mellow Wednesday as even Natalie and James made up enough to enjoy their last full day in the house together.

Victor and Corey play cards on BB18

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, September 7, 2016:

12:35 PM BBT – HGs called upstairs to HoH room for lockdown. No reason given.

12:53 PM BBT – Feeds return. Nothing seems different.

12:55 PM BBT – Nicole and Paul talking about James and Natalie. Paul wants to make sure James isn’t totally over Natalie so he can still be distracted by her eviction. He reminds Nicole how important the next Veto is so one of them doesn’t get evicted next week.

2:15 PM BBT – Natalie is frustrated and venting. She hopes the other HGs get what they deserve. She’s annoyed that she and James had a showmance.

4:00 PM BBT – Big Brother confiscated the dominoes set. Possibly too noisy. HGs soon receive a deck of cards instead. This is a nice change to keep Nicole and Corey out of the corner bed.

4:35 PM BBT – Natalie is practicing her eviction speech. She wants to call out Nicole and Corey as liars and betrayers.

6:00 PM BBT – Victor is cleaning again and complaining about how messy everyone is.

6:18 PM BBT – Natalie says she wishes she had taken her medicine today.

6:42 PM BBT – Nicole is cleaning up Paul’s eyebrows with some tweezers.

6:45 PM BBT – Natalie and James remain self-imposed sequestered in the London bedroom. She wants to tell a lie like Michelle did when she leaves. James is helping her avoid bad ones. Natalie wants to reveal her own true secret and admits to him she was a cheerleader.

6:55 PM BBT – Paul, Victor and Corey are making barbecue chicken and Spanish rice.

7:14 PM BBT – Natalie tells James that Paul has been trying to talk to her but she’s not interested. She says she’s ready to go and wishes today was eviction day.

7:15 PM BBT – Natalie and James talk about next week. She tells James she needs to pick a couple that’s left and side with them. She suggests putting Nicole and Corey up and trying to stick with Paul and Victor. James says he knows that Nicole and Corey will never turn on each other so he might have even the slightest chance with Paul and Victor and getting one of them to take him to the end, but not Nicole and Corey.

7:20 PM BBT – James says he wants to put Nicole up since she’s the only one not to be nominated. He says he’d nominate Nicole and Corey and if one of them wins veto he would put up Paul and vote him out so Victor would have no other choice but to work with him.

7:26 PM BBT – Natalie tells James he needs to take out Nicole because she can beat him in both mental and endurance competitions. She tells him if she gets to the end she will win the game.

8:30 PM BBT – Paul discovers that Natalie put Icy Hot on a door handle.

8:40 PM BBT – More poker playing. HGs joking about being secret poker player and Vanessa’s cousin.

9:02 PM BBT – Paul reminds the others they have 13 days left until the finale.

10:04 PM BBT – Victor and Paul discuss the next HOH. Victor makes sure Paul knows that he needs to win HOH because the week after, the Veto is more important. Paul was thinking that Corey could win this week so Paul and Victor can both play HOH the next week. Victor is like just win HOH Paul. Just win.

10:06 PM BBT – Paul says he’s going to gun for the HOH. He isn’t going to leave it to chance.

10:14 PM BBT – James and Nicole talk about being constipated.

10:19 PM BBT – Corey and Nicole say James won’t stab them in the back (because they didn’t stab him in the back the past two weeks?). They continue whispering in bed about backstabbing Victor and Paul this week despite their final four alliance.

10:25 PM BBT – Nicole thanks James for keeping Corey the other week and says she hopes she can repay him for that.

10:32 PM BBT – Nicole talking about the MacGyver veto competition and says she didn’t know the key floated “until they told me” and that if they “wanted to give her a hint” they should told her something else. So production helped her with the veto apparently.

10:45 PM BBT – Paul talks with Nicole and Corey about the trouble between James and Natalie and things yet again go back to Day 34. They know Natalie is convinced she’s going but aren’t sure how she figured it out.

1:15 AM BBT – James closes in on Natalie and starts giving her massages including her butt which she says is sore.

1:30 AM BBT – Victor and Paul speculate about how they’re being portrayed in the show. Paul hopes he’s getting the a-hole treatment in the edit.

Update: As for Nicole’s comment about being told of the floating key, BB producer Heath Luman explained that all HGs received that same info at the same time mark in their progress.

It was a really slow day for sure with these Houseguests but we’ve got a big night tonight with the eviction and endurance competition. Yes, CBS has confirmed we’ve got an endurance comp on the way so be sure to sign up now with the Free Trial and “FALLACCESS” promo code to get an entire month for free. Nice deal!

You can watch all of these Big Brother events using the archives Flashback, the DVR-like feature of this year’s Live Feeds which means it’s always live, even when you missed it! Sign-up now to get the free trial to watch it all live & uncensored.

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  1. I can’t believe I am saying this but Christmas Corey has a really feasible chance at winning Big Brother. That said, I don’t think he is as oblivious as CBS is making him. The $1 billion dollar wager in the counting competition was intelligent, and he got through last night’s new competition at decent speed. I think he’s just a pretty simple kind of guy (pizza?! Rudolph?!) and CBS doesn’t know how to really present him.

    • Gus…didn’t you notice that as soon as Corey walked thru that door he went directly to the pipe for the manhole cover?? And, he knew exactly where the spout was for the water to get the key. He didn’t hesitate at all. I never believed that some of the game was “fixed” until last night!

      • Wasn’t it Nicole that said she didn’t know the key floated until they told her? Yeah I am sure they helped simple simon aka Christmas Corey.

      • Yeah she actually said it last night. I just keep wanting to hope this stuff isn’t rigged. Call me naive. :(

      • I almost wish I could go back to the days before I started reading spoilers and didn’t know any more than what was shown on TV. Can’t undo it, though. Sometimes being naive can be a good thing. :)

      • And they probably told Nicole after the fact that she lost. Like I said over 4hrs to do a comp that airs for 10min. They have to do a lot of editing.

      • I believe she got the key out of the hole or was close to it. However with Corey, he had to have been told before hand because he made it look to obvious.

      • As soon as Corey walked in the door, he walked straight to the pipes that held the ends of what he would have needed to open the manhole cover. It took Natalie a little longer to get to the pipe.

      • We said the same thing, he went right to it and twisted off. I don’t like to say their are conspiracies or help but I am really starting to see that it might actually be true. I originally said oh maybe in editing they cut too much off but they should not have been editing that comp.

      • Production has been helping Corey and Nicole the whole time that is why Nicole walks around with that stupid I got this smile and Corey has been way to relaxed and it sucks that production rigged the show

      • I noticed that big time. No way would he have figured that out as fast as he did. Nat had to take a few seconds to do that. His timing was almost immediate. Geesh!

      • That comp took over 4hrs to play. Which aired in about 10 minutes. They have to edit. Natalie went right to the pipes also. It’s not fixed.

      • Really .. I know we have no control over our dreams .. and that is exactly the point .. Harry Potter was actually important enough to Christmas Corey to talk in his sleep about! Yikes.

      • Double YIKES for me! I’m hoping there is a sound reason for that, like maybe it was the last thing he read or watched in his real life before the show. idk???

      • I wish there was a clip about Corey talking in his sleep I show it when it happened and it was so funny he is such a nerd…

  2. Another endurance? An advantage for James maybe? Is the slip and slide competition considered an endurance? Or are we going to see another Wall comp?

    • I don’t think they will do the slip and slide they have done that before with more people there are only 4 competing so I have no ideal what it will be but I bet Nicole or Corey will win making sure James will go out next…Really wish James or Paul would win and Nicole would go out next so sick of miss fake ass bitch and her and Corey playing grab ass under the covers and Victor with his hands all over Nicole ever chance he gets!!!

      • I’m actually proud of Nicole for playing dirty this season. I’m loving it way more than watching Christine run all over her in season 16. Glad she’s betraying and lying. & Corey is hot so I’m happy for her having a better looking showmance this season.

  3. So Paul is still trying to figure out if James is really upset and mad at Natalie. Plus he wants to make sure he isn’t over her just yet. How about this Paul, Just concentrate on the game and not anyone else that way you can win either HOH or Veto.

    • Yes, don’t overplay, put your energy where it will do you and Vic the most good. Win the HoH, that’s your priority

    • If James is upset, it would be an advantage to Paul as James won’t have his head in the game and will mess up, just like Paulie did!

    • Paul is really pissing me off. His head doesn’t seem to be in the game right now. Then to say, he was thinking about letting Corey win this HOH so he and Victor can play for HOH next week. Just stupid thinking…this is the home stretch, every comp counts. Grrrrr!!!

      • That is a very risky move but if he can pull it off that will be thew game changing move and one for the records. It will also mean that he would be in the running for the big prize over Victor.

  4. Most likely its the slip n slide comp tonight. Hoping paul pulls it out bc i want p/v in final 3. James says he will go after nicorey but something tells me he will sucker out of it.

      • Yes willie she did pretty good. Still hoping paul wins though lol. Not saying hes going to but he is small and will have just as good balance as nicole does.

      • Lets hope that Victor has convinced him to go for it and not rely on their deal with Nicorey to get them thru to F4.

      • Nicole wants Paul to win cause she is too much of a snake to put James up and get him out she wants someone else to do her dirty work so she can have James vote once she is in the final 2

    • I think James is just telling Gnat he is going for Nicorey because he doesn’t want to be on her bad side and have her include him in what she says will be a very negative eviction speech. No one will believe what she says anyway .. she is slowly turning into Bitchelle!

  5. Of course production helped with the veto. Corey went right to the pipes that unscrewed the bolts on the drain cover. He didn’t look around or hesitate at all – production had to have a part in that. Corey’s not that smart.

    • I noticed that as well! My husband & I were like did u just see that? Corey went straight for pipe then the next like he was reading a map! All of a sudden Corey is smart? It was very strange considering how he’s acted all season. Blank Faced!

    • THANK YOU! not only did I feel the same watching this mess last night, but have you noticed how his DR sessions have changed also? Almost as if hes being told “you need to show us some personality” or something because he was never as vocal, or energetic before. I love BB but I cant help but feel as though all the interference from production is taking away from the game.

    • I think production help a few that the wanted to….cause Natalie posted a good time and they didn’t want her to win…it would screw up their ending.

  6. I know that I haven’t followed BB as closely in past years as this season, but has production been as obviously involved in past seasons? It seems so obvious this year.

    • It’s always been obvious; this year, though, the editing seems worse – very disjointed to prove certain points or show certain conversations out of context.

  7. An endurance comp, oh boy (sarcasm). Why even bring in newbies when it’s obvious production wants the vets to win?

    • Maybe this time around James won’t bend to Nicole’s whiny “I want a letter from my mommmmmmyyyyyy …”

  8. Don’t worries Paul your aren’t getting the a hole edit… you really are an a hole it’s just that simple lol

    • It’s jmo, but I think Paul has been a huge factor in contributing to the entertainment of this season, negatively at times and positively at other times. I can’t imagine the season without him. That being said, I couldn’t handle being around him on a daily basis for very long periods of time. He’d drive me bonkers.

      • He’s too high strung for me to want to be around for very long too! But he is hilarious most of the time and would be missed if he wasn’t there.

  9. Maybe I’m being a Debbie Downer, but I’m oh so disappointed w/ this season. I think the past few seasons have been awful and I really wish BB would go back to what it used to be. Makes me sad.

    • Agreed!! I wish they would stop recruiting, set up the comps, then sit back and let the house guests play!!

      • Yes stop the recruiting. I am sick of the dumb jock bros and the whiny model types.
        Get some real people in there. Get some differing ages in there as well.

    • I am afraid it will never go back to what it was. Like in Survivor, everyone has to be in an alliance now.
      I am very afraid after this year, there will be more fake showmances and pairing off to make it farther.

    • karma has been brutal to paulie…after all his sexist behavior he got stuck in the jury house with female after female LOL

      • I am as anxious to see how the jury is getting along and whether or not Z has jumped back on Paulie’s lap as I am to see Gnat walk in that house.

      • I would love to see the look on Paulie’s face when the “Jersey Girl” walks into the jury house..and I am sure we will see that next week. Also. I am pretty sure that Z and Paulie are having sex in the jury house..when Day and Z jumped off of the wall..he told Z to keep that bedroom warm..then he said to Vic..Dude..our bedroom was bangin’!

      • Yes, you are right – maxZ went straight back to the jerk’s bed – no more sympathy for her – I thought she might be smarter than that – too bad.

    • LOL! I would love to be a fly on the wall in that jury house! I think that would be more fun to watch than the BB house.

      • I can imagine they have to try to get along and get through it, I just hope they ALL have NOT been super easy on him.

  10. opinion/2cents…..James knows that he and Natalie are pretty much a nomance. When he figured out that she might be evicted over him (along with the crappy way Natalie way treating him) he stopped campaigning for her to stay.. The tables may have turned and James is keeping Natalie close so she won’t try to make his situation any worse before she does leave.. Her speech had tones of throwing James under the bus and I hope he caught that… James has been smart to stay really close to Natalie this week so she has little or no chance to talk against him again..James may be lonesome for a few hours but I believe he will get his head back in the game.. Then again things could change and James could be leaving…

      • Agreed, I think James is sitting pretty since he’s rather harmless and a free agent without Natalie. The only way he’ll go home is if Paul wins HOH, and even that’s a maybe. Perfect scenario is Paul winning HOH just to secure he and Vic’s safety, but I would be thrilled if James won HOH and nominated Corey and Nicole, but he’s a giant wuss so I don’t see him actually going through with it.

  11. For the first time ever I don’t mind if James wins, it has to be him or Paul, please please please BB gods do not let Nicole or Corey win HOH.

  12. I am not sure why it matters if dominos was loud or not, they could play outside or whatever. I am super glad you put in the part about the constipation.

  13. Question….who put the idea into Natalie’s head when she was HOH to put up Paul and Victor? Was it production..was it James…I have a follow up..so maybe someone can remember this for me.

    • IMO, the decision was mainly the result of Nicole telling James & Nat that Paul was coming after James following Paulie’s eviction. There was some truth to this, but Nicole may have inflated the info to put Jatalie against Paul and Vic.

      • OK…that’s right..I forgot about that. What was Paulie telling Nicole and Corey in the Tokyo room when Paul was standing right there beside him? I just feel as though production has been pushing a James/Nicole F2 all season and it is becoming more obvious to me everyday.

      • Of course there are those who will always call it conspiracy theory, but I call it intelligent speculation due to a lot of circumstantial evidence.

      • I am going to reply to myself! Because I just remembered…Right before Paulie’s eviction..he went into the Tokyo room with Paul standing beside him and told Nicole and Corey to target James…Nicole then turns it around and says that Paul was the one who said to target James..which she of course relayed to James…so that was a lie that did her alot of good in the game!

      • Day had whispered in someone’s ear to go after James instead of Nicole too. But who she whispered that to I don’t know. Maybe Paul or Vic? Paul was closest to her.

      • I remember Vic was they one saying that all they jury members were telling him to target James. I’m not sure if this was ever confirmed or if he had made it up. But I really feel it was terrible to allow any communication between the HG and the jury during that comp. It’s too easy to influence either party and effect the outcome of the game.

      • I suppose production had no idea how spiteful Day was and forgot how much she liked to stir up trouble and tell lies at every opportunity.

      • She was probably the worst player on the show this season. There really was no reason to do what she did that early in the game.

      • No doubt about Day being the worse player this season. She was also my least favorite HG.
        Day has had a lot of practice with stirring up trouble and has probably gotten away with it up until BB. The difference being that since she was stuck in the house with these people her lies soon came to everyone’s attention.

    • Natalie was riding high on that idea as soon as the live show was over that week before they even had the comp. It was this out of the blue “oh, now I’m going to do something totally diff.” Someone got in her ear and then James reinforced it.

  14. If I’m James I take my chances with Victor and Paul rather than Snakole and Corey. At least with Victor and Paul I know what I’m up against. With Snakole all she does is play dumb and clueless.

    • Nicole and Core are already pulling James in…he was in the Tokyo Room last night chatting it up with them. No way he will go with Paul and Vic…I truly believe he has a F2 with Nicole.

      • You do realize that Nicole has backstabbed a bunch of people. How many times can she do this to let James know that Nicole is a backstabber. In fact I think James, Paul and Vic should put two and two together.

      • True but can Nicole really be trusted. I know James has as well but Nicole is pretty much trying to please both James and Paul/Vic. I get the feeling she’s overdoing it.

      • James is the one that has proved to be totally untrustworthy and anyone would be crazy to believe his word – in the BB house of course, not in real life.
        Nicole needs to turn on VP first before they turn on Nicorey.
        I hate it too but that’s what she’s got to do to win the game.

      • Yeah, part of me believe he has a F2 with Snakole but I don’t think she will honor it if means getting rid of Corey before James.

  15. Natalie’s big secret is that she was a cheerleader? And she kept that hidden? What the hell for? Who cares? Does cheerleading give you some sort of advantage in this game?

  16. Day 2: Still no discussion of the megaphone incident between Victor and Paul. Do they really think they are gonna just coast to F4 with Snakole and Corey. Wake up Vic and Paul!!

  17. Nicole didn’t say that – she said if they wanted to give a hint they should’ve turned it on its side .

  18. Once again all these assumptions. That comp took over 4hrs to play. They aired it in 10 minutes. There’s this thing called editing. And they’re not going to air boring parts. Natalie also went right to the pipes.

  19. I was watching off and on, but you could tell Corey was listening to something, then I realized he had on an earpiece, but so did the rest but they were just not as intense as Corey when it came to listening through the earpiece. lol. I agree thy edited it down to the shortest time possible cause it really was all about James and Natalie last night. It would be AMAZING if Corey flipped and he and Paul voted out James. lol They would have to take Nicole out on a stretcher.

  20. I am so glad Natalie is going to be going home. She is nothing but rude and nasty. She has only been using James this whole season and she wants to call out other people. The way she talked to James is horrible.

  21. “She hopes the other HGs get what they deserve.” WTF? It’s a game for half a million dollars, what does she think they “deserve” for playing to win? I’ve gone from really liking Natalie to losing all respect for her.

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