‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 10: Thursday Night Highlights

After tonight’s Big Brother 18 Head of Household competition, it was looking like we were going to get an exact repeat of last week, but as the night went on following the competition, things took shape and we could be in for a couple different results this week.


If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, August 25, 2016:

9:05 PM BBT – Feeds are back from the HoH comp. Nicole is the new HoH. Victor won Battle Back.

9:06 PM BBT – Corey’s memwall pic is black & white and they don’t know why. It’s quickly fixed.

9:10 PM BBT – Paul checks in with Corey and they fist bump. Paul says they got them.

9:12 PM BBT – Michelle worries that Nicole won’t put up Paul. She heard Paul say “sorry” to Corey after he fell.

9:25 PM BBT – Nicole tells Corey she will not put up Paul because he encouraged her during the competition and she wants him to help them next week in case of a double eviction.

9:27 PM BBT – Nicole says she remembered Shelli from last season and how James burned her on a deal during the wall competition. She doesn’t trust James and regrets promising him safety.

9:29 PM BBT – Nicole says she wants Michelle or Victor out this week.

9:30 PM BBT – Now Nicole says that the jury hates her and that was clear when they came back in the house. She says she’d be easy to beat in the final two.

9:35 PM BBT – Nicole tells Corey that some people should be worried. Michelle comes out of the bathroom. Nicole doesn’t care if Michelle heard her.

9:40 PM BBT – Paul joins Nicole and Corey to reaffirm their deal. Nicole thanks Paul for encouraging her during the HOH competition.

9:44 PM BBT – James tells Natalie that if he had voted Corey out Paulie would’ve won the battle back and would be back in the house now working with Nicole and Corey. James isn’t happy with Nicole and is clearly regretting giving the HOH to her.

9:47 PM BBT – Natalie tells James she still wants Paul out. James says Nicole might put Paul and Victor up and Paul can go this time. Natalie still believes that Victor wants Paul out.

9:57 PM BBT – Natalie tells Michelle she should smooth things over with Paul but Michelle says she refuses to apologize to him.

10:10 PM BBT – Paul tells Nicole that there’s no way he and Victor will work with the other three.

10:23 PM BBT – Paul says this week was a waste and that he could’ve gotten evicted and still beaten Paulie to get back in the game.

10:33 PM BBT – Paul tells Victor that Nicole told him she’s not putting Paul on the block. They think she’ll put up Michelle and Natalie.

10:44 PM BBT – Paul and Victor tell Nicole that Natalie and Michelle were placing all the blame on her and Corey for them putting Paul and Vic on the block.

10:47 PM BBT – Victor and Paul say they have to keep pretending to be at odds. Paul says that now Victor has to be his social game.

10:48 PM BBT – Paul and Victor making play jabs at each other about who deserves the care package. Talk turns to Michelle. Victor says he likes her and Paul says he shouldn’t because she’s hot and cold and will be against him again next week.

10:57 PM BBT – Paul and Victor have a little talk with the live feeders. They’re explaining what went down and how the whole house hates Paul expect for Nicole and Corey (and Victor, but they’re pretending that Victor and Paul are on the outs as well). They say they’re still the Sitting Ducks and will always be. They ask for the care package.

11:00 PM BBT – Victor gets called to the storage room to get his suitcase. Paul continues cam talking. Paul says he can’t stand Michelle and he got under her skin so that she will start acting on emotion. He says he got a rise out of her which is exactly what he wanted.

11:03 PM BBT – Paul says he and Nicole and Corey have a deal to protect each other this week and next week. Paul hopes the care package is something that will allow him to take a shot at James and Natalie.

11:12 PM BBT – Victor tells Paul that Da’Vonne told him to get James out and that Paulie and Zakiyah want James out also. Paul tells Victor to tell Nicole that.

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  1. Corey says Paul and Victor are the strongest, why not work with them? Because you only have 3 weeks left and you take the shot while you can doofus! The way these people think boggles my mind! Sheesh!!

      • So this week they put up Meech and Vic (bc Paul encouraged Nic during comp)? We can vote Vic for ACP4 to bribe Nicole. Meech goes home bc Nic//James have a pre-house deal. Then one more more week b4 DE to get to F4 and anything goes.

        What do you think?

      • If Michelle is evicted this week, that would be a wasted HOH and Nicole and one of James or Natalie could be on the block! That would make sense for Victor and Paul if they win HOH next week! It would be a cake walk after that because whoever is left, will have a hard time beating both Paul and Victor for HOH and VETO!

      • This house doesnt do a lot of things that make sense. Lol

        They have F4 deals with P /V and N/J. so she might be working that angle. Only Corey can play next week and Nic is worried about DE upcoming ….?

      • And she should be worried if she doesn’t strike at Victor or Paul NOW. Ok maybe one can stay but not both.

      • Except Nicole can’t vote this week unless there is a tie. If there is a tie and her target is on the block guess who she will vote to evict. The bribe would be for a HG to vote.

      • I was thinking bribe on who to nom or renom or who to have Corey vote for maybe? No ties this week so she wont vote.

      • Yes there can be a tie. broken down it goes like this, 7 players left in the game, 2 on the block, 1 HOH 4 people to vote. The chance for a tie is there but will it be a tie is the biggest question. The ACP where the winner gives $5000.00 to a player as a bribe to vote a certain way.

      • They wouldn’t even get 2nd because Michelle is reserved for the 2nd slot! Everyone wants to take her to Final 2!

      • No. Second at best. Because there is no guarantee Paul/Vic will both in F2 but as long as one is in F2 they will win.

      • Then going by that logic, there is no guarantee that Nicole makes it to final four. Of course I was referring to one or the other of the Vic/Paul alliance making it to final 2 but with Michelle or Natalie as their person in F2. So if Nicole makes it to F3 with Victor and Natalie, Natalie will be the one Victor choose’s to go to F2 with him. But they all have to get there first and it is still a good distance away and things change daily.

      • There’s a lot of lazy people, takers, in this world. The hardest work they do is trying to figure out how to get out of working. Hope Vic and Paul make it through this week and we aren’t left with the lazies to look at.

      • It sucks that one of the lazies is HOH. Granted she finally played/did something (holding on), I am sick of her and Corey.

      • And she wasn’t in a bed on top of Doofus playing at the time. Quite an accomplishment. Now, was her and James’s spots on the wall assigned, or did they all draw for a spot. Oooooh, bring on the non-conspiracy theory PC crowd. I’m scared. hehehe Got to have a little fun this AM. And oh, good morning to you, GS. :)

      • I was yelling at my laptop last night when Paul dropped and then James gave her the HOH . He didnt want blood on his hands. PISSED!

      • Nah he was struggling hard at the end. He only did that deal at the end to save face. Nicole and Corey noticed it too which made them even more suspicious of him.

      • Agreed. People keep saying James gave it to her but who really knows who would have one if they kept going

      • Nicole said James kept trying to say it was hard but the second she squatted with him she realized he was full of it. Said she could of went 5 more hours after they position change.

      • I was watching the comp live last night. He was struggling. Both his hands were shaking hard not long before he dropped. Nicole didn’t even look like she was having a hard time at all.

      • WTH!!! He is still with “blood on his hands” bullfragglefoolishness? That and voting with the house ended weeks ago. Now, I hope they vote him out so he never have to worry about it.

      • Agreed. People keep saying James gave it to her but who really knows who would have one if they kept going.

      • If she grows a pair and puts up James, I may actually gain an ounce of respect for her as a game player.

      • GM to you, too, Mo. I’m not into lazy. That’s always been a nono in my family and to see the laziness that abounds in most of these HGs is sickening. I don’t cheer for lazy and definitely do not think it should be rewarded in any fashion.

      • Lolol. My mom was a single mother and worked two jobs most her life. We were NEVER allowed to go back to bed and nap during the day. I guess that is why I get so frustrated to see it with Corey/Nic so much especially when I see that messy house. EEEEK! Who can sleep seeing that mess.

      • A lot of us Mom’s worked two jobs and NEVER slept because sleep time was spent as Mom time. These “adults” have been coddled and it shows. I feel sorry for Vic having to put up with that mess and I really hope he can stop cleaning up after them, although there is no way that I could sit on a nasty toilet or stand in a filthy shower stall myself. So I do understand why he does it.

      • Oh gosh, I couldn’t stay there without cleaning. I would walk around with Clorox and Lysol. I would only eat packaged food because I wouldn’t want them touching my food.

      • After seeing them using spoons and eating out of PB jars, or licking the knife and dipping it back into things, grabbing chips out of the bag after picking at their teeth, on and on and on, I would starve before I’d eat something they could have touched. I have to use mind control techniques when I eat out to keep from thinking about all of the possibilities. lol

      • Oh I have my ways to stop them eating something I like really quick. Please let me be in that house for one Summer. I will have of you saying some really awful things about me (more so than usual).

      • What have I ever said mean about you, WW? lol..I love joking with you. You have given me many moments of laughter this season. Please do share at least one of your methods with me.
        I caught my husband eating out of the container of ice cream in the middle of the night. What the heck? Come on man, you don’t ever wash dishes. Get a bowl and a spoon. He says, we don’t have company; what does it matter. I say we have family and friends that come over and he says that’s not company. So I buy his ice cream and put his name on it with a black permanent marker. Don’t touch MY ice cream.
        Now when he dipped a knife into the peanut butter to put on the rat trap for the basement and dipped it again to get a bite, that was truly disgusting and the fact of the matter is, he didn’t even realize that the knife had touched the rat trap until I called him on it. It didn’t bother him at all. He started to put the jar back in the pantry. I threw it away. Now I also buy him peanut butter and he has his own shelf in the pantry that I keep stocked for him. He’s got me over a barrel. WTH!! MEN!!!!

      • One way to FAKE scratch a certain area of my body and then dip my hands in the newly opened chip bag. I don’t think no one will want to eat those chips after that. Hey I came from a big family and the strongest minds got the good food LOL.

      • I agree.. they are lazy and gross. There is no way in hell I could live like that. I can only imagine what their own places look like.. GROSS!!!

    • Their reasoning for it is working with Paul/Victor almost 100% assures them F4 where if they won 1 comp (Veto) they have the power and make F3 together instead of firing random shots and working with someone like James who has gone back on his word and possibly neither of them even being F4. It makes sense and as we’ve seen Paul/Vic plan to be loyal so it’s not that stupid really. I think their plan is nominate James/Mich and tell them we want Michelle gone and this ensures you vote her out. Then they have James/Nat vs. Paul/Victor with them in the middle and safe.

      • I agree with that too. They have no chance of winning. They might as well align with the strongest players, especially ones that are eligible for ACP. With those boys in charge of the CP and Nicole as HOH, James Nat and meech are sitting ducks

      • Lol well alliance wise yes :P I just hope Nicole makes a smart move instead of wasting an hoh taking out meech. She’s not a threat, use her as a pawn.

      • The gamer in me totally agrees. But the fangirl in me loves she’s making this reckless mistake.

    • I agree Cory hasn’t done anything in this game and Nicole hasn’t either, Cory has an advantage of latching on to Nicole!!

  2. Hope Nicole goes back on her promise to James so he can feel like hell. How many times have we seen a promise broken. Do it Nicole for all the peps he has lied too to get them out of the comp then back stab them.

    • The only good thing about Nicole being HOH is if James goes home on a broken deal. I will be laughing so hard

      • That would be funny! I think they have a pre house deal tho so she will put up Vic and Meech ?

      • She might do that, currently all of them think HOH takeover is possibly care package and she wants Paul to take the shot if possible. Michelle is for sure going up, not 100% sure if it’ll be James or Vic for 2nd slot.

      • I’m guessing Natalie and Meech since they’re wanting to go to F4 with Paul and Vic, it doesn’t make sense to turn on them that quick if they want his trust.

  3. So, this week, Nicole/Corey will be the dupes talked into keeping Pau/Vic, and giving them the BB crown. Dumb. Vet James finally made a smart move now Vet Nicole will make a stupid one.

    • Nicole knows she has no shot at winning. She’s aligning with strong players that don’t flip flop like the other three and will take them to the F4. It’s kinda smart if you think about it

      • I respect that he got to 10 comp wins. His goal was double digits. 5 comp wins to get back in house + 5 POV/HH.

      • Is that really right? My count has him with 2 HOH’s, 1 veto, and 4 wins to get back in the house (vs Jozea, Bronte, Tiffany, and the wall last night). That’s only 7. What am I missing?

        EDIT: He also won that first team competition where they sat on rockets, but that wasn’t for HOH. That makes 8

      • He listed them all off on Live Feeds and said he only needed one more. To get to 10.

        I would include a team win. I might have messed up on the listing. Some people dont count the win last night to get back in as a comp win based on some comments

      • No one should count his first eviction. He wasn’t invite by the vets to that 8 man alliance to get all the newbies out.

      • This game was not a game for those large alliances. That what made the dictator Paullie rise to the top. This game has always been small alliances

      • I’m just saying that Victor is the most eVICTable because he’s already been evicted more times than all other houseguests. I’m not concerned about why he was evicted.

    • He is about to make history as the FIrst house guest to be Evicted Three times in the same Season.. Common VIC go for the Record..

      • I agree. If Nicole nominates Paul and Victor all we will be stuck with is the same lazy people doing nothing. At least Paul and Victor will try to get them to play the game.

    • well from prospective of wanting vic to win i hope she puts up james/nat or mich…but if i was hoh and knew comp beats were in the house that could win every comp left i would put vic/paul up but since i am at home i want her to put up nat/mich/james lol

      • Let’s think like Corey, work with the strong players so they give the viewers something to watch. That has to be the reason why he wants Paul and Victor to stay, looking out for us viewers, thanks Corey.

        Then again James is so untrustworthy, they have seen what he has done to others so it may be time to give him a taste of his own medicine.

  4. “Nicole feels bad about making this move but Corey says Victor and Paul are the strongest in the house so why not work with them.” and… There’s the win. Perfect example if his ignorance about the game.

  5. You’re going to have James/Natalie/Michelle fans saying Nicole/Corey are idiots and Paul/Victor fans saying brilliant. Stop being fans at look at it logically from Nicole’s point of view. Paul and Victor are offering F4 and appear very loyal since they’ve been burned by the other 3 HG’s. They also have a F4 offer from James/Natalie to consider, but that pair has Michelle attached to them which makes them slightly more scary. Paul/Victor want James/Natalie/Michelle gone and James/Natalie/Michelle want Paul/Victor gone. The only difference is Michelle also really wants Nicole gone. Nicole’s goal is to take out the person coming after her, try to have both duo’s in the house wanting the other duo gone with them in the middle. Depending on who wins next HOH they go in that direction. If Corey wins next HOH I think they go with Paul/Victor to F4 because they are the bigger threat to win and fire back. It’s not about just one of them winning, they want to both get as far as possible. I think Nicole and Corey are being extremely smart if they take out Michelle this week.

      • That’s what they discussed last night in HOH. Corey and Nicole at this point see Victor/Paul as their true F4 deal currently. However they want Michelle to go first instead of James, to keep Paul/Victor motivated to keep going after that side. Nicole said ideally she gets Michelle this week while keeping James/Natalie blind to the new alliance in case they win next week. Her excuse was going to be I’m putting you James with Michelle to ensure Michelle goes home because if I put Paul/Victor up you’ll just vote them out. She can control the vote this week too since Natalie would vote out Michelle over James and Corey would vote out Michelle. Nicole then breaks the tie so it lets her cover her bases on all sides.

      • Definitely a surprise. I pleasant one though. I’m 100% down for all involved to honor that F4 deal and battle it out for F4 Veto to see who gets the advantage going into last week.

      • Agreed. That’s the F4 I’m hoping for. F4 veto is usually a puzzle/memory comp about the games major events like HOH, Veto, Noms, etc. I can see Nicole feeling good about her chances against those guys in a comp like that, and by working with them it almost assures they actually make it to F4 intact to take that shot.

      • well to my memory knowledge James Corey Natalie and Nicole have a final 4 as well…and we all know how things go when u have more than one alliance (especially this late in the game)…Downhill…

    • I was really surprised when Corey made he comment about working with Paul and Vic was a good idea since they’re powerful, never liked Corey so much this whole game. Maybe he does have a brain cell or two lol.

  6. If Paulie was not considered a low life before eviction he made it known and the world knows how low he can go after last nite… Trying to get Victor to drop so he could win cause he did not wanna go back to the jury house..Paulie is lower than low…But no chance of him returning and that was the best part of the comp…

    • I really thought he would have had a slight, an ounce, just a tad bit of humility but no, he was a bigger jerk arguing with the ladies and saw no fault in his behavior. I really hope he watch this season when he gets out and learn. I hope his family doesn’t coddle him and make him feel he was correct (looks like he always got his way growing up).

      • He got the way he is bc his family allowed it tho. He might be such a narcissist that he is incapable of self awareness. What an ego on that guy! Comments from people in NY/NJ after the game would be fun to see . Teehee

    • i am still loling over him being in jury house with all women, you know he is just begging for the next person in the jury to be a male and if it isn’t i bet he self evicts himself from the jury house LOLOLOLOLOL, he is so irrelevant

    • Yep, Gottifiore got gottied 4 good. He’s a coward. Things have always been easy for him and he isn’t use to anyone putting him in his place. Those ladies put his ego where it belongs, in the gutter. I’m sure he thinks he was being bullied, bless his heart. That BB psychiatrist is probably working doubletime, that is, if Paulie is still in the house. I think I can now officially drop the Pimp Paulie name. Z has seen the light.

      • I now refer to him as “Paulie wanna cracker” because all he can do is mimic real people … just like he said earlier in the game “I FEEL NOTHING!” (for others). Believe it.

      • I think the HGs called him that as well. On one of the live feeds i watched, Vic, meech, and a few others were talking about how they always called him that and it pissed him off lol

      • He is a bonafide sociopathic narcissist. I don’t believe I’ve ever witnessed worse, and I’ve seen quite a few. (I live in an area where the ratio of eligible men to women has been as high as 9:1).

      • I finally nabbed one from 65 miles away when I was 30 years old. LOL!! :) But it was a long, challenging road!

      • Thanks!! There were sad times! Kissed several toads before I found my prince. That sounds much worse than intended!! …Also, I apologize for mean comments I’ve made today. I’m usually very nice; guess I’m in a bad mood and it’s easy to bash ppl we don’t know who don’t know us. I’m going to “STOP THAT!” :) Well, I only spoke unkind about Nicorey. Are they real people? ;) jk!

      • I have bad days and have went back and read things I’ve written and I can’t believe I wrote that. It’s like I was possessed for a few minutes. We’re all human and far from perfect. At least we can admit we make mistakes and it makes us feel bad. There are some people that are truly simply perfect jacka$$es, but in their mind “perfect” is all they see and they are correct, you know, because they are always right. hehe

      • Aww, thanks KSJB! That made me feel better. Whyyy does it feel so important for me to read and answer any of these comments?! HA! Possession! I bet that’s not far from the truth for a few commentators we see. ;) No, really. Wonder if we do this to make up for loss of control in some aspects of life?

      • There are some that I just laugh at when they reply in an arrogant, lecturing fashion. It’s not worth my time and it definitely doesn’t keep me awake at night. You just be you. Most people are cordial, the others are blockable. Yea!

    • Strong women intimidate Paulie. If they don’t lay down and agree with everything a man says they’re apparently “petty and catty.” I’ve never seen such a blatant misogynist in my life. I loved seeing sweet, quiet, little Bridgette lay into him. I was like yeah you go girl!

  7. So Vic comes back, neither he nor Paul win HOH, and somehow they’re both safe from being nominated?!?! Talk about hella awesome social game on Paul’s part! This is so awesome!!!!

    • Yes he’s completely safe this week from what I’ve seen from Nicole/Corey private talks. Her primary target is Michelle this week.

      • I will be sooooo happy! I was literally dreaming last night of who was being nominated. I thought for sure it would be Vic and Paul but doesn’t look like it, thank god! For the first time this whole game I finally support Nicole and Corey’s decision, I can’t wait for the nom ceremony to see Michelle and Natalie’s facing on the screen! :)

    • IDK, it’s only early Friday morning and it seems so much of Nicole’s thinking right now is centered on who gets CP “power” which we know is pretty lame.

      • I think it being lame benefits Paul and Vic though, which is odd lol. My guess is the box won’t say they the winner has to bribe someone bc then they’ll all know not to do it, it’ll be a big scary secret and to not have it ruin their game they’ll just tell everyone what it is bc $5k is a joke.

      • I am pretty sure that the CPs have always been fully disclosed at the opening of the box. They are read outloud to everyone.

      • I hope that this is the same, I really really do, just seems weird for them to announce that they have to bribe someone and win $5k in the process, you know? Lol

      • I wish briber and ‘bribee’ would each get $5k for the bribe. I would like Vic to keep the money vs giving it to Nicole for spending money for Hawaii or Miami

      • Assuming that the CP is disclosed to all, and assuming as I understand it that only the person bribed gets $5,000 (not the holder of the CP), the holder might request the bribee to keep it a secret, but you know how that goes and then “the secret” becomes a possible leverage??????? Dumb CP. It will just become a gift to someone at this point. Speaking of gifts, if Christmas Corey gets it, I wonder if there is any favor left for him to receive from Nicole for $5,000 … hey, is that legal?

      • In some countries, but he hasn’t had to pay for it yet, why start now. If he wanted to pay for it, for some reason I seriously doubt it’d be a gal like Dingus that he’d pay. :)

      • This isn’t a gift at all. I think to make the winner not look sketchy and that they’re really hiding some really cool secret power they’ll just tell everyone what it is and how stupid and not worth $5k to cause trust issues. For the first time ever I really want Corey to get a care package.

  8. So.. Am I the ONLY person here that isn’t a fan of Vic or Paul?! I would like to see either of those two gone this week, but that may not happen…

      • These two are only two truely playing to win this game. The other 5 just floated along and let everyone knock one another out. We don’t want to watch two couples in bed all week and not even think about the game.

    • I don’t think people are necessarily fans of Vic and Paul. I think it has more to do with really NOT being fans of two showmances – Jatalie and Nicorey.

      • vic and paul are the only 2 playing the others just sleep all day and make messes…

      • Not true. Actually, James and Natalie are finally playing the game when the evicted Victor! Too bad for the twist that Natalie’s HOH was wasted! Michelle, Corey and Nicole are the ones still asleep!
        Atleast, James and Natalie are both trying to win that $500,000! For the first time, they are actually playing by targeting the biggest threats of Victor and Paul!

    • Victor and Paul have played the best games so far but, I watch Big Brother for the big moves! Evicting both Victor and Paul, the two comp beasts are the biggest moves of the game so, I am rooting for it! It becomes very boring if you allow both Victor and Paul in the Big Brother House to remain. They will steamroll the others one by one if they win HOH next! Nicole cannot play for HOH which is why keeping these two in the Big Brother House is a dumb move! She and maybe, James could be on the hot seats next week! Then, Victor and Paul will finish off Natalie and Corey and get to last 3. Now, I would think whoever wins the best of the 3 HOHs, be it Victor or Paul in the Finals will take Michelle with them! Just common sense! If they do not take out Paul or Victor this week, they will not get a 2nd chance!

    • Nope! I don’t really care for them either. I know it’s part of the game to work people but Paul takes to a new level and he can be very aggressive and that’s not cool. Victor is just riding his coattails because he got lucky to win comps, however, pride and hubris will come back to bite you in the butt in this game and I think Paul and Victor are heading that way because they are way to cocky.

      • idk i think paul has a strong personality but if i were calling someone’s behavior agressive it would be paulie’s, i think paul could tone it down when he speaks to other people just preference on my part i prefer gentle tones but that’s just me

  9. 3:22 AM BBT – Nicole says she’ll stick with Victor and Paul for now and see what happens with the Care Package before she decides what to do. Nicole wants Michelle out as her target while still finding a way to keep her deal with James and her new partnership with Victor and Paul.

    Nicole, use your head. You cannot play for HOH next week and you want Paul and Victor to remain in the Big Brother House? Are you nuts? They will pick off James and Natalie then, Corey and you or make a combo of the two showmances while, solidifying their position in the game! These two guys are comp beasts if you have not noticed yet. Michelle who is useless, you keep in the Big Brother House to use her votes and compete against in HOH and VETO. It does not need to be complicated more than that!

    • I disagree. Michelle is a huge threat in mental comps and wants Nicole gone. It makes sense to take out Michelle asap for her game.

      • Michelle flip flops and she would be against something she was for if someone talked her out of it! Victor and Paul can actually win HOH and VETO multiple times and is the bigger threat! Michelle has done nothing in the game and only good to take to Final 2 for the win!

      • Michelle is obviously with James and Natalie. If you don’t agree she will always be loyal to that group of 3 then we’ll just have to disagree.

      • Victor and Paul are good at challenges but they want to work together. I think you’re forgetting James said in front of Corey that Natalie wanted to evict Corey and James seriously wavered this week and of course Michelle has always had it out for Nicole. Is it really so hard to believe they’d want to work with 2 strong but solid and loyal guys?

      • Know what you are saying and strategically it would be smart to take Michelle to F2, it just seems wimpy? Guess I have been wimpy for a lot less than $500,000 tho! What does that guy say about “I will something, something” … “for a hamburger today?”

    • Her head apparently tells her she is insecure and would prefer to lean on strong players …. you have noted the problem with that. Too bad, hope she continues on this path and goes out the door soon.

    • I think she’s making a sound choice. What does it matter if she leaves Victor and Paul in the game when they’d nominate James and Natalie? Michelle would surely target Nicole. It does not need to be complicated more than that.

    • Nicole realized from the jurors coming back in that she has no chance of winning votes from jurors unless she goes after the rat named James.

  10. I’m rooting for Vic and Paul! Vic is a comp beast and he really deserves to win. In BB history has anyone ever made a come back for the 2nd time? I think he deserves it seeing who is left in the house. Hope James goes this week and Michelle/Natalie next. Nicorey & Vic/Paul can battle it out, with hopefully a win for Vic in the end!

    • I’m down for Victor winning America’s favorite, but I don’t think he deserves to win over everyone. If not for the twists of the season he would of been gone week 2. I personally think Paul is the most deserving for the win if he gets to Final 2.

      • it is hard to want vic to win based on being evicted twice but battling back in like that and lasting in the game and battling back in again is kind of impressive..he won me over with getting back in yet again bit it does kind of bother me he was evicted twice…

      • I can understand where you’re coming from. As a fan if Paul isn’t a choice I’d want Victor to win. That doesn’t mean he was most deserving per say but I would be happy for him.

      • as long as paul or vic win and not someone who thought they were going to “easy” summer camp doesn’t win i will be happy, alot of people would have wanted to play that game and she just wasted a spot for someone else she could sleep 20 hours a day at home…

      • Yes if Paul and Victor make it to final 2 it would be an amazing comeback. Paul was the backup plan if Jozea went week 1. Paul was the backup plan and Victor was evicted week 2. Paul was on the block week 3. Victor was evicted a 2nd time and during that week they entire house was against Paul. So yeah, I’m rooting for this comeback story 100% and I don’t care who wins at that point.

      • I would love for Victor to win because he wasn’t handed his way back in, he won four competitions in the first battle back and stayed on the longest of the jurors for the second. He earned his way back in, not his fault that was BB’s twist.

        I wouldn’t mind Paul winning but this win would change Victor’s life more than it would Paul buying his mom a Bentley.

      • Agreed, if I could just pick someone to win I’d pick Victor because he has played a compelling game and I like the guy a lot. Also it would change his life like you said. I was mainly just speaking from a deserving stand point. He took advantage of the twists this year, but I think a lot of the hardline fans would have issue with a twice evicted person winning their season. The guy has a lot of heart though which makes it impossible to not root for him.

  11. Would LOVE for Nicole to go back on her word and put James up…. I know it probably won’t happen, but it’d sure be some sweet karma!

    If she does, in my speech I would say something to the effect of: “Normally I would honor my commitment when I make such a public deal. But considering who I am dealing with, I’m sure you’ll understand, seeing as you’ve broken your word in the identical situation twice before.”

    Oh…. sure would love to see that…. I don’t really care for Nicole this year, but if she did that I’d be in her corner.

  12. I’ve been thinking a lot about James and Nicole. Why are their games so much alike? Why are their games working this season, as opposed to their first seasons? Why did James seem to flip to protect Nicole and her “ride or die”? And mostly what’s with them slipping up and discussing sharing the winnings with the F4?

    James and Nicole knew each other before coming in the house. They both went to Big Brother events. What if they got together and made a pact before the season? If they discussed their weaknesses and strengths, they would know that their greatest strength was that they could be friendly and look non-threatening. Their greatest weakness is that they don’t have big personalities. They’re both so-so at comps. They took a page out of Derrick’s book and Victoria’s non-playing and combined them.

    – Always have each other’s back, but don’t let anyone else know it. Don’t appear to be working together.
    – Find a ride or die that can be manipulated and is also non-threatening.
    – Be a part of everything, without controlling or dictating anything.
    – Be friendly with everyone and make sure nothing is personal.
    – Stay out of power and if you accidentally get it, then make sure everyone else makes the decision.
    – Stay off of everyone’s radar and don’t pick a side, until you have to.
    – Stay with the majority, but don’t appear to be floating.

    So while we viewers think that they’re slacking off and not playing the game, they are actually playing it beautifully. I call their strategy the “go along to get along.” It’s working. Even though they each have someone that wants them out, it’s easy to convince them that there are bigger targets. I predict both of them in the F4, if they keep it up.

    • While that’s definitely a possibility that’s also why I want them gone. It is extremely unfair that casting was leaked and people that have a relationship outside the house could collude before the game started. I think cracks have formed this week though even if they were working together before.

      • I agree that colluding before the game starts is very unfair. Do you remember those little incidents of James and Nicole “cuddling” near the beginning of the season? I think that they were solidifying their plan.

  13. What a waste of a week! Victor needs to go and so does Paul and BB just made it harder. Once your out, you should be out!. It just makes it that much harder. I am glad that Paulie didn’t get to come back. If thee people don’t watch it Paul is going to run away with this game.

  14. Nicole actually believes that Jury will vote for her to win? The ultimate floater and productions pawn! As many times James has reneged on a deal, he has been loyal to Nicole. BB Sweetheart is less likeable as the season progresses.

  15. Why does Nicole feel the need to keep her deal with James? Does she not remember Clay and Shelli? Frank and Bridgette? Time for James to get a taste of his own medicine.

    And Michelle is right. She is the worst superfan ever. Lying in the big brother house? Noooo.

    I hope Paul gets the bribe and uses it to get James and NatNat on the block.

    • I think it’s because of her outside links with him. I would assume she is honoring their pre-game deal. If it was F2 coming into the game, I think that little F4 money/gift talk they had altered those pre-game plans, taking their showmance into consideration, and after F4 it is every man to himself. JMO

      • That’s why I’m hoping the care package shakes things up. She only gets $10K IF James wins. She’s garaunteed $5K for taking the care package bribe which I’m almost positive Paul is going to get.

        Also their alliance seems to be crumbling. I don’t believe James’s “have not” “wall comp record” BS. He doesn’t trust her cus she’s been buddying up with Paul. He knows he was screwed if he dropped that’s why he made a deal with her before he fell.

      • I didn’t believe the HN convo either. I’m so cynical of BB now though that I’m not sure,at this point, what is real and what is staged.
        What do you mean by the 10k comment? I’m sure it’s something that went right over my head.
        To be honest, I’ll be pleasantly surprised if Doofus doesn’t get the CP.

      • Nic an James’s deals that they were called out on. James is promising her 10k if he wins which isn’t garaunteed. She’s garaunteed 5K if she takes a bribe from whoever gets the CP.

        America is dumb as hell if they vote doofus to get it. He doesn’t need $5k to bribe Nicole. A lot of comments I’m seeing are saying they’ll vote for Paul, and Paul seems to really want it. I think he’s going to get it this week. I put my first 20 to Vic but I’ll probably give Paul 20 tomorrow. I’m on the east coast and the comp extended pretty much to midnight last night so I couldn’t vote last night.

      • Oh, heck.THAT 10K. It’s not that I forgot about it. Lol I thought you were talking about money they’d won from a comp or something and I couldn’t figure it out. My bad. :)

      • You’re good :) and yeah I’m just trying to remain optimistic. I remember everyone thinking the game was rigged for Paulie and he got his ass handed to him at the jury house where he still currently is. I’m rooting for my boys! Even if meech goes this week, Paul and vic could pull out an hoh and put up jatalie, but I would love to see James go home this week on a broken deal. I’d probably die laughing at the irony.

      • That’s a good point, if James and meech are on the block I can see it being a tie breaker (Nat and Corey vote to keep james, Paul and Vic vote to keep meech) so maybe bribe Corey, but I think nicole is reluctant to put james up at all and if she gets bribed to put him up I think Paul can convince either Corey to vote the other way or nicole to vote him out in a tie breaker.

        If Nicole thinks about it she’d be the last showmance and the last vet standing which is good for her game. The jury wants James out so she’d win them over. And she shouldn’t feel any obligation to keep a deal with James. He’s broken deals twice now. These are all fair points Paul could make to sway the vote without the bribe (I say Paul cus not only do I think he’s getting the CP but he is also very persuasive)

    • I hope America does not give bribe to Paul . He does not deserve. Neither does Victor . I hope Corey gets it.

  16. If Nicole thinks that Vic & Paul are the strongest I’m really confused as to why she wants to keep them. ???
    It’s a conundrum. Cuz eventually they’ll come after her & Cory & neither can win comps so….???? She’s not playing with a full deck & she’s an ER nurse????
    Confusing! Weird strategy Nic!

  17. I doubt Nicole will betray James.
    Paul has gone nuts. He is actually talking to viewers like he has a huge fanbase out here. I doubt Nicole is paying much mind to what he is saying and him and Victor will go up. She also thinks Michelle is after her so she could possibly put her up. I am on Paul and Vic’s side, but only because they will help each other and get rid of James and Nicole if they don’t go home this week.

    • Paul in a roundabout way has worked with Nicole and Corey for a good chunk of this season before Victor came back the first time. I could see her putting up her target Michelle and Victor as a pawn to ensure Michelle goes to jury this week. Should Paul lay in the VETO round, he more than likely will take Victor down essentially telling everyone that Victor and he are still a team and playing together. Then it will be too late for the rest to do anything about it.If James and her did in fact have a Preseason Deal (which I doubt) she will never put him up but Natalie could go up. If James goes up and out the door on her watch there goes all that talk that they had a deal before the season started.

    • Because he “encouraged her during the wall competition.” Her words. Bonkers! But Idc bc I like him better as a player.

      • Paul is terrible! He is disgusting! He even called Michelle the c-word. He is even worse than Paulie.

      • I’m not saying it’s ok that he did that, but he had started on his strategy to get Michelle to be emotional. Sounds like he took it too far; I haven’t seen it yet. Still, no excuse for that. But as far as who is a better person? Paulie is barely human to me. At least Paul has dimensions and depth of character. Paulie’s just a vapid empty waste of a cute face. His personality makes him so ugly my stomach turns. Ugh, I’m boring myself talking about it. Sorry, Sumit! Have a good day.

      • Excuse me! I am not a girl!! I am just stating my opinion. I dislike Paul. And I am surprised people are still supporting him after he called Meech the c-word.

      • But why are you worried about that. I did not insult you. I have a strong personality and I am blunt sometimes. I am sorry if I offended you in anyway.

      • Thank you for the apology. No, i am not worried about how you come across, but most people really come to enjoy each other’s posts for fun and entertainment. Not insulted but just tone it down a little. You are perfectly fine with expressing what you think.

        Have a great evening Sumit.

      • I think some of my posts are too strong so, I will try to tone them down.

        Have a nice evening

      • You’re okay buddy. I, too, have crossed over. But i love reading your take on things. We’re all passionate at times because we just are die hard who love game, NO FLOATERS! LOL. €:^¥

      • So, are you saying it is okay to behave like a jackass? When Paulie acted like a jackass you were bashing him. So, the same should be done about Paul.

      • Missed the point completely didn’t you?

        Paul was doing that for strategy so he would show people that he and Vic are no longer together. Paul is ACTING. Meaning it’s all an act for strategy.

        Paulie on the other hand was nothing but a huge pile of sexist and arrogance and he had that mentality through out the whole game.

      • No I am not. Paul called Meech the c-word. That is disgusting and not a way to talk to a woman.

      • Again that’s all an act to look like the bad guy and thus prove that he and Vic aren’t together (just to throw them off)

      • Didn’t say it was. I said Paul was faking being a jerk to get people to not like him and to hide his alliance with Vic.

  18. Just a general observation – “watch it all live & uncensored” as it pertains to the paid-for feeds? Not accurate, imo. The feeds are very, very censored. Production can cut to different rooms or people and very frequently cut all four views, seemingly always when something juicy is about to go down. And the BEST: when these kids talk while PIGGING OUT w/the loud munching, crunching, and bags crackling. Are they doing that on purpose?

    I think me needs a cookie.

  19. I think Paul is playing the bad guy role so nobody would want to work with him and he and Vic are playing as if they aren’t with each other. Gotta give Paul credit where credit is due, he’s smarter than people give him credit.

    • Everyone I’ve come across thinks that Paul is the most intelligent. Not arguing with you. Agreeing 100%.

    • He’s trying to pair w/Nicorey while Vic works the other side, so ppl won’t see them as a duo and huge threat. – My interpretation as best I could see.

  20. This website has a poll where they wanted Paul targeted. Paul, the same guy every other website is hoping wins the game. Well, the person that operates this website and writers are all great, but I not a fan of the people that take the polls here.

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