‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 9: Tuesday Highlights

It was another quiet day in the Big Brother 18 house as the houseguests were allowed to sleep the day away. Victor was stilling keeping hope alive, but he and Paul are feeling pretty defeated, realizing they’re up agains two showmances and Michelle, who is only playing for fifth place at this point.

Victor begins The Blanketing on BB18

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Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, August 23, 2016:

10:30 AM BBT – Few HGs alternate being awake. Not much going on.

11:00 AM BBT – Big Brother calls a lockdown and Natalie has to go inside. That could be it until after Thursday night’s show.

12:00 PM BBT – Natalie is up and doing makeup. Other HGs are all back asleep.

12:45 PM BBT – HoH camera time.

2:00 PM BBT – HGs hanging around. Still a quiet day.

3:00 PM BBT – General chatter. Talking about life back home and after the season whether they’ll watch the episodes.

3:15 PM BBT – James mentions how different this season would have been if Glenn beat Corey since Glenn wanted to vote out the Vets.

3:30 PM BBT – Things are so slow the HGs are cleaning around the house.

4:10 PM BBT – Nicole and James discuss Paul’s lies. Paul makes french fries. They’re really good. Paul must be a secret good chef. This scares Nicole because Paul isn’t a secret good chef and insists that’s the truth, which it is. But those fries. They’re so good. Therefore, Paul must be lying. Paul can’t be trusted. Oh, and Nicole promises James she’ll never put him up. (Unless he starts making really good fries.)

5:00 PM BBT – Houseguests hanging around and chatting.

6:00 PM BBT- General talk continues. Victor describes some of his past health issues with an enlarged heart and a leaking valve.

6:41 PM BBT – James says he thinks it’s too late for someone to come back into the game. Talk turns to a reset/rewind week. James, wrong again, says he thinks nothing like that will happen this season because there’s so much going on (really? You sleep all day). James doesn’t even think there will be another double eviction.

7:00 PM BBT – Paul and Victor say if Victor stays and they win HOH they’re putting Natalie and James on the block together.

7:09 PM BBT – Victor talks about how insane it would be for him to get evicted and then win his way back in a second time.

7:26 PM BBT – Paul tells Victor that if Michelle was smart she would have put James on the block.

8:08 PM BBT – Victor says he’s tired of talking game. He says it’s simple: don’t vote him out, stick to the plan.

8:38 PM BBT – Victor wonders what kind of competition is this week. He thinks it must be huge since they’re already locked down and they’re outside building.

8:56 PM BBT – Michelle says the Diary Room asked if she cries this much at home.

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    • Afternoon! So good to finally be back here again. After vacation, I went and looked at new and used vehicles and settled on buying a new one yesterday with a seven year extended warranty instead of accepting the usual 3 year. Includes everything for seven years…giving me peace of mind. Being an Uber driver, I forgot about everything I need to get together to upload and get this vehicle approved to accept rides. So that’s what I’ve been busy with the past couple days! LOL I’ve caught up on all the goings on too! :-)

      • Me too! Love the now standard rotary dial gear shift, back up camera screen, sync system to sync my cellphone to the car’s screen so I’ll be hands free to take and make calls from my steering wheel, start button to start the car and the usb port. Those are all now standard instead of optional! :-)

      • Use to, an ordinary person who knew just enough about mechanics and wanted to, could fix things that went wrong with vehicles. Now, a lot of high-tech equipment is needed to diagnose issues with all of the electronics. I wish they made cars like they use to, but times have definitely changed. Hope you enjoy it for years to come.

      • Exactly why I got the extended warranty, so I won’t have to pay out of pocket if they don’t fix certain repairs right the first time. All parts were made here in the US, including the transmission, but assembled in Mexico…go figger! But this particular car has been a favorite for many people I know and I’m proud to be one of them now! :-)

  1. Dingus said she could have taken pictures today but she just laid with Doofus because you never know how many more chances you’ll get to cuddle. Well, Dingus, I’m inclined to think that you had better ramp it up, if possible, because when BB is over, Doofus will be cuddling with some Tinder, Bumble, or Grouper chicks. She is so ignorant. He was talking for a while about all of the dating apps he uses. He’s told her he wouldn’t be considering marrying until he is at least 32 or older. She said she dates to marry. She said last night that she would move to Texas. He didn’t seem at all enthusiastic about that. She is his sex stress relief. It’s pathetic, imo.

    • yep I see that for James and Natalie as well.. I think James is beginning to realize that a romantic relationship may not be in their future.. Some of her comments since being HOH have more about friendship than romance. .Natalie is not that into James…Even Victor and Paul can see it…
      Nicole is considering a move to Texas to continue her summer vacation at summer camp..Lots of luck with that move..

      • I do not have a good read on Gnat. I know that cheat James would be all for a romance after the showmance, but Gnat, I’m struggling with what her true intentions are.

      • Agree. She’s very transparent, especially when she has flirted with the others. But i bet she’d jump at the chance to date Victor. He wouldn’t give her a second thought.

        But, also, I cannot stand all of the talk about American fan base. This is so childish and with the exception of Paul and vic, the others have been on a play ground all summer.

      • Wish they’d yell, “it’s arts and crafts day” any moment and see how fast they all scramble to jump in the lake instead! :-)

      • I’m not clear on Gnat’s real feelings for James, but that actually may be the clearest indication that she only likes him as a friend and is using him as a shield in the game. It seems she allows him to think that the possibility of a romantic relationship exists, but always remains a step back. Regardless, IMO this little lady is high, high maintenance and will resume her “cheering” for a “player” of status in real life.

      • I have caught on to the absolute fact that she is “high maintenance” Most definitely…It would cost James a pretty penny plus that buffalo nickle hes going to lose to keep her happy…

      • You definitely need to get to know K better because that is the furthest from the truth one can be about her.

      • James is still thinking he and Natalie will live happily ever after outside the BB house. Natalie is really just stringing him along. Knowing she’s not gonna be with him when BB is over. Last night she was doing damage control in HOH with Meech.

      • I think she did actually like him at first but now thinks he’s weak. She’s been asking him for weeks not to throw the veto and he sat back listening to those guys talk about her. And he wears her pants. A girl may like a short dumpy dude, but I think they still wants him to be a man. James is just a short dumpy joke.

      • There have been a few times when I thought he should have stood up for her and made himself look like a weiner. And what girl wants a guy to wear her clothes?

    • Dingus should know better. As a vet she should know that most showmances never last, it’s something/one to do while away from the real world. Now when Doofus distance himself from her, she cannot cry and blame him because he is telling her “I am not that into you!”.

      • He has done everything except just say that he is using her for the summer, not that I’m sure that would make a difference to her at this point. She would probably still be dumb enough to think her sexual wiles could change his mind. I don’t enjoy seeing anyone hurt emotionally, even Dingus, but she has no one to blame but herself when, not if, this happens.

      • Hayden, in point. He probably couldn’t stand that whine and her gagging out every other word. Haaaaaydddddeeeeennnnnnah.

      • Nic said early in season they were long distance relationship for a couple years. That is a LONG time. Not surprised when she said they broke up bc he wanted to “kiss random girls in bars.” Corey jut got out of a long term relationship and said he wants to be single over and over

      • Those two fit right in with the Valley girls of CA than they probably ever did in Florida! hahaha

      • I’m good…still trying to recover from my vacation and the excitement over getting my new car. Been busy getting stuff done so I can get the new car approved by Uber and get back on the road again. I’m just about done with that. Getting a glass coat applied to my car today and a state inspection that VA requires annually on any vehicle…twice a year for 2004-2005 vehicles. Can’t have any cars older than that if I wanted to remain working for Uber.

      • That’s awesome. My sister started with both Uber & Lyft. She loves it. Meets interesting characters. She too is talking of getting new car, now I understand. She’s in Clearwater, could no longer do private duty nursing — bad knees.

      • Not really..still have a lot to catch up on from BB. Not sure I’ll be able to, though and will just have to fast forward to get to where everyone else is! LOL

    • Why don’t Dingus and James just hook up? They’re both desperate and we’ve had to suffer through them trying to get some in 2 seasons now. Nicole has been more successful in that area than James over the two seasons. Both are getting some pretty clear signals that their showmances are just that. Get together and get out! … and don’t come back.

      • I firmly believe that the reason Natalie has kept James from touching her is she may already be engaged or with someone.

      • I’ve always wondered if she had gotten the man she wanted, which Victor and Corey were her first objectives, from all indication, would we be seeing a different side of Gnat?

      • Hard to say, but I think you would have definitely seen a gal who acted like she was in a real showmance. Currently, she acts like somebody who has James permanently trapped in the Friend Zone.

      • She said her ex didn’t like that she was rarely home due to travelling so much and when she was home, she was busy with paperwork for her event planning business.

      • Well hell then, lets just have the wedding tomorrow and call it a day. I mean if her Parents already love him (according to James) then why wait till the season is over. Lets enjoy a wedding on Final night LOL.

    • I completely agree. I also think she is very sheltered and extremely naive to think he would consider a relationship outside the house with her. He’ll back to his regular dating schedule with tender whores as soon as he gets back home.

      • I feel that, too. He walks into the house on Day 1, cases the girls, picks Nicole, and so it begins. One the season is over, out of sight – out of mind.

      • Actually, he didn’t even do that much. She picked him to be on her team in that very first comp, and kept saying how he was the best looking boy she’d ever seen. He didn’t have to do anything at all.

    • I do not feel sorry for Nicole one damn bit. Let her wallow in self pity serves her right. Hope she has a hard time finding a job after her actions in the bedroom.

    • Lol I cant even imagine Paulie visiting Dallas. He would complain that it wasnt NJ all the time UGH. Someone would recognize Corey Nicole Paulie in Uptown and say something, Im sure.

      • I enlarged it and I see that now. My avatar has been mistaken as a Texas symbol( I like Texas!), but it is Tennessee. So you’re a Texas gal. For some reason, I tend to relate better when I know the sex of the person I’m replying to. Does that make sense? Maybe it’s just me.

      • Just throwing my two cents in… I’ve always thought that it seems to help me relate to others online when I know their sex as well. Being a guy, I know some things I type could be interpreted different ways some times, so its always nice to know.
        Fellow Tennessean here as well for what its worth!!

      • Hey, WW! Watch out when you go through East Tn. It is beautiful country but really bad for those inclined to have allergies. I’m good, but my husband really suffers.

      • Tell me about it. I was born, raised and live in the Ohio Valley. East TN allergies has nothing on us LOL.

      • I didn’t realize Ohio was that bad. We are usually 1st or 2nd in the nation almost every year. It is really, really bad.

      • Not Ohio, the Ohio Valley. I was born in Louisville KY, raised about 20 miles South of there in the next county and now I live about 7 miles North of the Ohio river.

      • Yep, Louisville KY in the Spring time. the smell of fresh flowers and Horse crap. Where Allergies and hay fever collide

      • When I was checking out places to live that are great for people suffering from allergies, Louisville, KY was listed as the worst place in the USA to live.
        I don’t know how you survive :D

      • Nope. Makes perfect sense to me. My old avatar was a pic of Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge but it showed all the downtown buildings lit blue when we had the 5 officers killed. Some people thought it was St Louis tho bc pic is so small.
        I love the TX bluebonnets in spring.

      • Hey, Val! Do you like women’s BB?Jody Conradt was an exceptional ladies coach, akin to our own Pat Summitt.

      • Hey! I haven’t followed it in awhile. I remember Pat well and was sad to hear that she had died =( but I don’t really remember Jody.
        I actually don’t get to follow sports like I used to. I used to know just about EVERYTHING that was going on with baseball and basketball, a tiny bit of football. But now it’s nothing but Disney Junior, Big Brother and maaaybe an Astros game here and there lol!

      • Been through the Disney stage and still take grandchildren to the theater to see movies. Last one “The Secret Life of Pets”. I enjoyed it, but I hated the Minions. It’s Braves here. Sorry to get you off topic. My fault, but it’s the perfect opportunity to tell you the little girl in your avatar pic is
        simply beautiful.

      • Lol yeah I think I still have quite a few years left in the Disney stage lol! Awwww thank you! That’s my daughter =D She’s 4 and had a Sofia the First theme birthday party, explains her outfit in the picture lol

      • Don’t really need em in Tennessee either…lol…However there is to be a Tennessean in the upcoming Survivor Season..

    • I still think he’s into guys. It seems like Corey let’s her do things to him, but doesn’t return the favor. I believe that Victor and Paulie were his dream cuddles.

    • Exactly. “Cuddling” we know they upped their game to sex the other night. And as usual Nicole did all work. She really is a fruit loop dingus.

  2. These are the lamest, most petty group of people to have ever entered the house, and the way they ended in top was that they all did exactly as what Momma Day did, lie. Bunch of hypocrites as well. All they can talk about is someone lying about their ability to make fries!!!# Are you kidding me?????

    Then being constantly bumped off of feed and forced to come back in when any comments are made about production and their lack of screening skills is just ridiculous.

    I’ll type it again.

    Whoever in production that picked this Dingbat Dingus bunch is just as Dingbat Dingus as Dirty, Filthy, Inconsiderate, Racist Nicole. Who dirty’s a house after someone has slaved all day cleaning it? Just what Texas needs another racist. Nicole appears low class to me.

    WORST season ever. I’m done wasting my valuable time.

    • THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t understand why so many didn’t like DaVonne when she was playing the game, doing the same thing that they ALL were/are doing.

    • I felt so bad for Victor last night – heck, he just finished cleaning that shower and bathroom like with a toothbrush – asked for the HGs help and didn’t get it – and then they go and trash the whole thing up last night. My blood pressure was rising FOR him. Once he goes tomorrow night they’ll see how much he really did around the house.

      • R u kidding, they couldn’t care less. It’s productions’ property and it’s their shallow way of getting production back when they don’t agree with being “picked” on.

      • I wonder if anyone will wash the flour off the back wall of the shower or if we’ll have to keep seeing it every time the camera points that way. I guess Nicole was never taught that you mix flour and water and you get paste.

      • Nic/Meech/Cory/Paul havent cleaned anything all season. They just walked over the mess. You know that is how they live at home too. YUK!

        Nicole was pissed when Vic said something about her throwing flour and baby powder after he had just clean. She didnt CLEAN up the mess she made tho.

      • This is all speculation, but I would guess that Doofus and Paul have never had to. They are probably use to their mothers picking up after them and/or domestic servants cleaning their homes. Everything I’ve seen and read regarding Michelle and Dingus, they are both simply lazy nasty gals and most likely do live with filth and disorganization. Some people can do that. It would drive be batty.

      • Yep. I think you are right about all of them.

        If I was in the game I would prob piss everyone off for picking up random clothes and personal items and putting it back with their stuff by their beds.

      • Or in a garbage bag and tell them where it was and that it would be going with the rest of the garbage come the next AM.

      • What bothers me most about that is Victor will have to shower in that after all of his hard work to clean. How does that man keep his cool with these lazy fools? But kudos and respect to Vic.

      • Especially James – I guess you could expect it from James because that’s what he does – but Nicole … well, if she’s trying to convince Corey she’s mature enough for marriage, that’s not exactly the way to do it.

      • Corey has no interest in marriage for at least 6 years, he said. I do not think they will stay together after the show, at least not for very long. I’m sure Nicole will move to Texas immediately though so she can stalk him. I really dislike her this season.

      • After production pulled James into the DR and told him to, otherwise they were going to leave it there. SMDH

      • Nicole was saying that they renovate the whole place after the show is done and make everything new. I do think that while they are living there they should try to keep it as clean as possible though.

      • I was dying watching them make that mess! I’ve come to realize I’m the female Victor lol!!! He’s definitely more blunt than I am but I for sure would’ve said something to Nicole too after she did all that. It’s like I tell my daughter, if you don’t want to clean then don’t make the mess.

    • I think you have the names mixed up. Paul, Victor, Bronte and Jozea were the racists in the house. But please inform me what Nicole has said that makes her a racist.

    • As much as I dislike NIcole I don’t recall any racists things coming out of her mouth and she isn’t from Texas, she is from Minneapolis. The girl is messy though, I’ll give you that. The stunt she pulled last night with throwing flour all over Corey while he was in the shower after the house had JUST been cleaned was clueless, annoying and childish. Production wasn’t happy with her or James.

      • The only part I enjoyed watching last night was Corey in the shower. James and Nicole throwing flour at him was hilarious, especially the ice water. James did go too far, but it was fun to watch.
        The BBAD is so boring every day, that I like when they get off their beds and do anything.

    • How is Nicole racist? I don’t really care for her, but have never heard her say or do anything racist.

  3. They are cracking me up with the Paul conspiracy since he “lied about the fries.” LOL! I think that house does make you lose your mind.

    • Natalie was on an endless loop the other day about all of the Paul conspiracies. It was absolutely nutty. I couldn’t believe some of the stuff she was saying and this went on for hours and hours.

  4. At this point, and I can’t believe that I am saying this, I’m actually starting to want Corey to stay in the house for a while. I certainly prefer him to James, Meech, Natalie and Nicole. He’s displayed some pretty despicable behaviour in the past when he was connected to Paulie, but he’s behaving better at this point than the others mentioned. The BB house doesn’t only make the HG’s lose their mind, its obviously driving me crazy as well. Haha

    • The most despicable thing about Corey is who he was/is before he came into the house. His story about burning a goat alive told me all I need to know about him.

  5. I’m almost wondering if production is telling these houseguests to be as boring as humanly possible to make us miss people like Paulie, bc I’m almost to that point. These night feeds used to be fun to wake up and read but now they put me back to sleep.

      • When she was in the house she wanted to have Paulie’s babies. Maybe she’s doing that now.

      • i just can’t with those 2, i was really hoping when z was there riding under the radar she would secretly cause chaos…she did nothing and i just really need paulie to go home and apologize to his mom and then enroll in a women’s studies class…

      • I will admit that Z is a very attractive young lady. Maybe she needs someone to explain to her about her habit of changing a certain female product in front of the guys of that house but the biggest thing about her is this. I feel she is tainted now that she had a very massaging moment with Paulie. Any of the other guys in that house she would have been ok with but Paulie really.

      • Yep you are so right. I wonder what they said to each other or is Paulie putting up a front to save face???? After all, it wasn’t possible for a woman to play the great Paulie.

      • Yes, we willed victor back. But, I can’t help but think production rigged the game to give james an in for hoh. Is it coincidental?

  6. Wow. James is so stupid. He’s gone from “I like you” to “we are best friends” and he’s going to hand $500,000 to Ratalie. And what will he get in return? The brush off. How stupid can you be?!

    • How old is James? Is he not in his 30’s, still playing stupid pranks and chasing after girls who are not interested in him. Totally immature. Time to grow up James and realize that you are not the prize you think you are.

      • Natalie stated that she really likes him, but his jealousy gets on my nerves. She is not allowed to be around Paul or Vic without him spying on them.

      • Which is probably the main reason he wants them gone –in his mind its less competition for Natalie, oh yeah and the game too

  7. I think a full week per “round” is way too long. Here’s my idea: Cut the season in half. Do two evictions per week. One on Thursday, one on Sunday. Everyone has too much time to think and it leads to boring days like every day has been this week. Then, after they declare a winner in Mid-July, bring all 16 houseguests back in immediately to play another season, which would end towards the end of September. I know it would never happen, but I’m sick of Big Brother being so boring.

    • That does sound good, but BB will never do it. They are like the Catholic church, takes them years to make change and even then the change is so slight you can’t tell the dif and if they do change the change is awful and widely hated among the viewership. BB needs to wake up and really listen to what their fans are saying and TAKE NOTES.

    • Why not do as it was before. Start in July and end in August. CBS is just being greedy with a show that does not need to be dragged so much. Bringing people back is unnecessary.
      I don’t recall watching this show ever in June, until this season.
      I would love to watch one season where the viewers get to decide who gets nominated and/or evicted. That would make the HGs play a better game.

      • I believe they did that for a while at the beginning of BB15. It was either that the HOH nominated 2 HGs, and America nominated the third, or the HOH nominated 2 HGs and America got to choose a HG to secretly nominate a third. However, the players didn’t know America was involved in this at all.

  8. Lets all make the assumption that Victor will be returning after the jury battle. We would have two players (Vic and Paul) who could, depending on the comps, win every meaningful comp from now til the end. I’m basing this on the comp history this season as they have 8 wins compared to everyone else’s 6 wins combined (and that’s assuming you count Nicole’s HOH being given to her week 1).

    So basically, it would be Vic or Paul wins HOH, the one that gets nominated wins the veto and somebody else goes home. In a perfect world, that’s what we would get because they are the only 2 deserving of a win right now. Its a huge long shot, especially with production pulling their shenanigans, but it would be nice to see the other HGs faces. I can hear their final thoughts when interviewed by Julie at the live finale. The general thoughts of the last 5 HGS (James, Natalie, Corey, Nicole and Michelle) would have to be…

    “Well, I guess you could say it was a team effort. It took everyone working together to lose this one!” Go Victor and Paul!

      • Thanks! I think it would definitely be the highlight of the season. Come to think of it… If it happened, it may well be the highlight of the last couple of seasons, lol.

    • Now, Carvin, we all have been made aware that the other HGs have been throwing almost all of those comps they lost and can win one anytime they really try. ;)
      Plus, when certain HGs feel protected, they don’t need to win comps. That’s one thing that drives me nuts about this whole cheating scandal. With DR showing their true colors and obvious(to me) favoritism, more than once, it is maddening that Paul and Vic have had to work tripletime for every inch they have gotten in this game, while Dingus has been in bed at summer camp and James acts like he is a golden child.

      • It certainly explains why Nic is acting like this is SummerCamp vs playing the game. Everything was fine with the ‘plan’ until Nat/Meech left DR. Sigh

      • It bothers me a lot when the production of a “reality” show shows obvious favoritism to a particular contestant (or in this case, multiple contestants). I guess though, that actually is how reality works because quite often in the real world, the most deserving person gets screwed out of a promotion (just an example).

        That being said, it still makes me mad when two contestants are “so dominant and scary”, (I mean, they must be for everyone to stoop to these new lows to get rid of them) that the production team has to step in and try everything in their power to get rid of them. I mean, what’s next? I guess if Vic comes back and either he or Paul looks like they are about to win the next HOH, production will come over the speaker and say, “Paul & Vic, you are not allowed to try and win and HOH!”

      • There are no written rules in the real world to stop a lot of undeserving people from getting ahead. There are written rules for these shows, but if they aren’t enforced it is up to us as fans to decide if we can accept that and still enjoy the show.

      • Oh, I know… I just put reality show in quotes, but I realized, as I typed, that the real world has a lot of favoritism in it as well. Going into this season, #16 was my lest favorite just because it became extremely obvious that Derrick had it in the bag early on. Yeah, at least Derrick deserved his win based on his game play. Not sure which HG is going to win, but unless 2 people defy all the odds… The winner won’t deserve it this time.

      • Well, after Paul and Vic are gone, I’m sure I’ll hear about the outcome somehow. I’m not watching Doofus and Dingus and Gnat and James cheat their way into the win.

      • Yeah, if (or when) Paul and Vic are both eliminated, that will most likely be the end of my viewing as well. I don’t care to see anyone else winning, not even Mooch (my name for Michelle because I agree w. Baby Gordon that she may just be there for the free food).

      • Mooch… that’s funny. I need to figure out how to unblock Baby Gordon. It wasn’t anything said that made me block him/her. They use to use an avatar that was a picture of Devin and for some reason, having to look at him annoyed me. Now the avatar has changed. The reason that I think it has to be the same person is because I have blocked only two others and they are still the same. I definitely did not block Baby Gordon.

      • This post may show up twice but…

        If you click your profile, you can go to edit profile. Blocking should be on the left side of the page. If you click on it, it will take you to a page that will allow you to click on User blocking help documentation. That will tell you how to block/unblock people.

        I tried to put the link here, but it wouldn’t be approved by BB Network, lol. Its still showing as a pending post so it may show up again.

      • Hey, I did it! Thanks so much, Carvin. Admittedly, I’m not too keen on this tech stuff and still on the illiterate side when it comes to computers. Not that I am incapable of learning, it simply hasn’t piqued my interest that much. Maybe one day. Thanks again for taking the time to explain. :)

      • Anytime! I had blocked a user last season and then ended up unblocking them, so I remembered. Anyway, I’m always happy to help out! The largest city near me is Nashville, but I’m out in the country, lol.

      • Also, if they didn’t have a winner each season but instead gave everyone parting prizes for participation that would make for a more level playing field.
        But, in reality they have to play the hand that was dealt to them and life isn’t fair in the BB world :(

  9. Michelle, playing for 5th place? I’m pretty sure both showmances would try to drag her to their side for at least 3rd place.

  10. It is so boring in that house that they are making a big deal over Paul’s french fries..this season has been a disaster, IMO. The only thing I can hope for now is that Vic and dare I say this, Paulie, simply because I can’t stand the guy..comes back in and evicts James along with his bribe buddy Nicole. Two of the biggest non-players ever.

    • What happened with the french fries? I keep hearing them talk about it, but don’t know the story.

      • The fries were way too good to be made by a regular guy so Paul is a chef in real life and is lying about not being one. At least that is what I gathered from their convo.

      • As far as I know he is. It was a very ignorant convo, grasping at straws for anything and everything they can come up to not trust or like Paul.

  11. I never thought I would say this but I am actually glad someone is coming back. I’m not sure if it will be able to save the season but wow these showmance sate awful, and Michelle is goofy for siding with them

    • It will be Vic that comes back, so not much will change. I wish Da or Paulie would come back and bring some much needed change of energy back into the BB house.

  12. LOL, Meech is playing for 5th place. Not from where I’m sitting. This lamebrain is playing for all of the free food, nothing else. That is the only reason she is there, to EAT and eat all the time and eat everything. She went through a whole box of cereal yesterday and then when Victor pointed it out, she blamed it being gone on everyone else. Uhm Michelle, everyone is pretty much gone and that is the cereal you had requested personally soooooo, no girl, you ate the whole thing by yourself!

    • Yeah, everyone said that Paulie had some emotional and/or mental issues… I’m really thinking Michelle has him beat on that. She seems partly delusional and emotionally unstable. She wants Paul gone, but if she thinks that anyone in the house other than Paul would even think about letting her make it to final 2… Yeah, she’s definitely delusional.

      Of course, if Vic comes back… Paul wouldn’t think about letting her make it to final 2 either.

    • I couldn’t hardly watch her eating that salad or the cereal. She never chews with her mouth closed. She is disgusting.

      • I laughed when Vic pulled the bag out of the box showing her that she had eaten the whole thing, hilarious! Poor Vic, he has to act like the guardian/adult in the house. Cleaning up after everyone and telling them what to do.

  13. If Paul wins HOH next week he should nominate Corey & James. Let the two showmances fight it out, and tell them that if either side wins veto he’ll put the opposite showmance up.
    IE: If Corey or Nicole wins veto, then Natalie will be the replacement. Or if James/Nat win the veto, Nicole will be the replacement.

    Not only will he be guaranteed to get a showmance out, but he’ll put a significant dent in their relationships with one another if they know they are at odds.

    • I like the idea a lot, but it might be better to put up Natalie and Corey. I would only say that because it would force James or Nicole’s F2 to be broken. Or it would expose them to the remaining showmance member. That would break up two showmances in one evicition.

    • Paul has said James and Natalie are OTB if he wins HOH. But, I’m hoping he was just pissed at the time and put up Corey and James like you stated.

    • I think Paul would more likely put up Nat and Nic, thinking with the ladies gone, their boys will gravitate toward him (James, Corey).

      • Paul knows that taking one of the floater girls to the end is the best idea.
        He wants Corey and Nicole gone, but I think James may be his new target after being nominated by Nat and Michelle.

    • It depends on who comes back. If Vic comes back then put up Corey and James. If one comes down replace him with his partner. Then you split the votes – the other partner from each showmance will vote to save his/her partner. Then Michelle and Paul/Vic vote to decide who goes home. Even it its a tie, HoH decides who goes home.

      If two of the same showmance are up the other showmance and Michelle could decide who goes home.

  14. Michelle is not playing well, but all this talk about an individual teaming with two showmances “playing for 5th” is crazy.

    Ignoring the lack of likelihood none of them will get picked off before final 5, imagine it is final 5 and you are in one of the couples. Are you going to target Michelle, or take the first shot at the other showmance? Boom, she is in 4th. And now there is a 1 off from a showmance who needs an alliance. And you get out 1 from the other side, and you suddenly have two individuals who would rather take you than the person who already has a jury advocate.

    This is why the Day freakout was so crazy. Being a lone player teamed with showmances can work great. Anyone targetting your alliance goes after the showmances. Your alliance gets to the end, and the showmances go after each other. There is infinite opportunity to play the sides against one another.

    Michelle’s problem is she is not winning anything, and not driving any decisions. None of the jury will think she did anything.

    • Michelle needs to team up with Paul if she wants a chance at final 2. Once the showmances are separated, then, she could pair up with anyone else. I think Natalie and Michelle should have paired up, but they need to get rid of James and Nicole first.

    • Not in this case. Nicole and James will save each other and their respective mates as long as possible. Michelle is the first to go if Nicole or Corey is power. She might have a chance at 3rd with James and Natalie.

    • And by the way…Day was right to freak out about the showmances. They’re the last few remaining houseguests left in the house.

    • I think playing for 5th when she could be playing for 1 or 2 is crazy…she easily could team up with Paul

      • I just explained how it is not playing for 5th.

        Doesn’t make it necessarily smart, but lets remember that she had no actual option to do anything all that different this week. She could have gone against Natalie and put one of Nicorey up, but then it still would have come down to Paul winning veto as they only way to send one of them home. If Victor did (or Michelle did and saved Victor) Natalie would have had the renom. You need 2 of NiCorey on the block to send one home, or you need to turn Jatalie against them.

        It was clear very fast the latter would not be possible.

      • While there are lots of possibilities the odds are Michelle does not make it past 5 if she teams up with the two showmances. She would have to depend on James breaking his agreement with Nicole.

        Her best chance was to ride with the two guys. She thinks they would take each other to final two but I don;t think so. They would each take her because as Paul said, he could not beat Victor but he could beat her.

        There is a simple rule in BB and that is do not let showmances get too far in the game. They will never take someone else other than their partner to the F2.

    • I have no idea what Michelle is doing. When she got the ACP didn’t she realize America was watching her and whatever she was saying she wanted to do they wanted her to do it? That’s why they sent her the care package?

      So what was she saying she wanted? She wanted to go after Nicole. But she got the ACP and immediately turned it over to Natalie and let Natalie play her game.

      I do not think siding with two showmances could possibly turn out well for Michelle as both James and Nicole have already demonstrated they will play the game to save their partners. Michelle’s best strategy would have to be to side with Vic and Paul hoping those two will take her to F3 and then allow her to get to F2 rather than face each other at the end.

      • Michelle is weak. She may be smart, but she has no backbone, confidence, or conviction. I would really be disgusted if she wins any money at all (except the bribe money).

    • I’ve been thinking the same thing about Michelle being the 5th wheel. She could manage to survive to the finale with the showmances battling it out. She could probably even win against Nicole in the finale although I don’t see her being able to beat anyone else.
      Day and Vanessa both cried foul over being the 5th wheel although Vanessa did use it to her advantage more than Michelle has been doing. Day practically ruined her game trying to take out the couples too early imo.

  15. I can’t believe James is even thinking about throwing this HoH. James-uh!

    Your girl just (helped) put up Paul’s better half and, even though you don’t think there is a battle back this week, Paul is still there and fully capable of winning HoH and putting up your girl – prolly not against Meech/Nic/Corey who he knows you guys would VTE – maybe he’d put her up against YOU. Why would he target Meech when he has 2 showmances in the house?

    Good grief man. Either your math is off or you’re way too comfortable right now.

    • James is playing (if u wanna call it playing) really stupid…He has been told several times this week that a twist is coming but he refuses to consider it…James needs to pull his head from between Natalies boobs and do the math….Stupid is as stupid does…

    • I don’t really buy that James has thrown as many comps as he claims. It does make for a convenient excuse if he doesn’t win though

      • James only wins endurance comps. He doesn’t even try to win mental comps. And comps that are athletic but not endurance he does poorly too. If James threw comps this year it was a comps only he thought he could win.

  16. James is one of the worst players ever. He destroys games of BB. Who can forget last season when he flipped to get Shelli out instead of Vanessa because he thought Shelli stole Clay’s shirt from him? Ugh!

    Michelle is a Super Fan who has things figured out – like the next returning juror twist. But what she hasn’t figured out is how to play the game. The rule is not to take showmances too far in the game. Did they not see how that worked last season? And there she is aligning with two showmances!

    Imagine Michelle, James, Corey, Nicole and Natalie as the final 5? Yikes, 5 terrible players vying for the win.

  17. I’m voting for Paul to win ACP with the hopes he can bribe Meech to team with him… it appears Meech can be persuaded very easily. Then if Victor comes back (good chance he will) then the showmances are history…. and Victor will clean up not only literally but figuratively. If Victor doesn’t come back I will refuse to watch anyone of the worthless showmances win a worthless undeserved victory.. boring!

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