‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 9: Sunday Highlights

The Big Brother 18 house was a bit quiet Sunday even though Paul and Victor started to realize that Victor could be in trouble this week. And they couldn’t be more right. Read on to find out the latest plans.

Paul and Natalie chat on BB18

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Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, August 21, 2016:

8:00 AM BBT – Corey is up and wandering. Rest of the house is sleeping.

10:45 AM BBT – Nicole tells James and Corey that she’s worried about Michelle and thinks she wants her up on the Block.

11:00 AM BBT – James and Corey hopes it’s their two showmances at the end.

11:05 AM BBT – Nicole is frustrated because she was under the impression she was coming back to BB for summer camp but this has been hard so far, she says. Side note: Nicole is finally not in her bed, so yes, she’s working hard today.

11:20 AM BBT – James and Nicole discuss why Paul and Victor want Corey out so badly. They know it’s good for their game. Nicole can’t believe two Vets have made it this far in the game. James thought they’d be targeted early and quickly.

11:45 AM BBT – Talks turn to social media and hopes of earning lots of followers, the apparent new goal of Houseguests.

12:20 PM BBT – Showmance foursome is concerned about Paul and his paranoia. Corey doesn’t think Paul has it in him to win two comps back to back.

1:00 PM BBT – James and Nicole hanging around the pool chatting. Nicole suggests she can’t beat anyone at F2. James doesn’t think there will be anymore Double Evictions.

1:09 PM BBT – James tells Nicole he will give her, Corey, and Natalie $10,000 each if he wins. Nicole says she’ll make a similar gift to each of them but for Corey it will be a gift since he doesn’t need the cash. James says this would only be for their foursome.

1:45 PM BBT – James camtalking. Says he’s planning to evict Victor this week. Next week his goal is Paul so he hopes viewers don’t send him the ACP. James really wants the F4 to be showmances.

2:00 PM BBT – James plays dumb with Victor and says Nicole & Corey are worried about getting renom’d so he promised them they’re safe. Victor reminds James if Corey goes this week then they can control the new ACP’s power.

2:50 PM BBT – Victor is putting on a puppet show with Baldwin the eagle. He’s promised to tone down the language. Probably a DR request so they can use the footage since the others were pretty harsh talk.

3:10 PM BBT – Nicole promises Corey she’ll tell the Jury to vote for him if they both get to F2.

3:20 PM BBT – Nicole and Corey trying to decide which of them Michelle will renom. Nicole says Corey can get her renom’d instead of him. He says he won’t do that.

4:40 PM BBT – James discussing how production coached him during the carnival event to loosen up and better deliver his lines.

5:15 PM BBT – Victor is cleaning up the bathroom. It’s disgusting in there.

6:45 PM BBT – Paul and Natalie discuss life. Natalie talks about her gay sister and she and Paul talk about how society isn’t as accepting as it should be. Talk turns to how they can’t afford to live on their own at the moment. Paul says in his culture, it’s just expected that the kids live at home.

7:00 PM BBT – James and Natalie talk about the vote. They know Michelle wants Nicole gone, but James will be voting out Victor this week. James promises Natalie he won’t let them know that she knew that he was going to vote this way. James says Paul better win the next HOH or he’s gone next.

7:05 PM BBT – James says he wants Corey to be able to take Paul out and then James can take Corey out, leaving them with the final 4 of James, Natalie, Nicole and Michelle. James says he might tell Michelle Victor is going just before the live show (like he ALWAYS does).

7:09 PM BBT – James is acting jealous that Paul and Natalie hung out today.

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    • Morning! Had an awesome weekend in spite of the 14 hr drive home yesterday, which was tortuous by the way, more so since I was in the back passenger area and almost got whiplash, not to mention car sick from all the weaving in and out, braking hard, etc on the PA turnpike. But I made it home in one piece as did my son and hubby and just chilling today. Giving my car to my son as his car is heading to the junk yard and I’ll be looking at new-to-me cars today! Yay! Next car son gets, he’ll be buying on his own…we figured our generosity is now over since he’s out of college and this will be his 3rd car in 2 years that we’ve helped him out with.

      • Not really…that’s hubby’s stand on things like this. But I can tell you that I did have some input when I told him how unfair it would be to get our son yet another vehicle before I got one, making it his third in 2 yrs. We’d made an agreement that we’d have only one car payment every five years. His car is now paid off and I’ve had to put off getting another vehicle a year longer than we’d agreed upon. I think I’m more patient than most, than generous..LOL

      • We live in Pa. I absolutely loathe the turnpike which is why we don’t travel much. I’m glad your trip was nice :)

  1. At 2:30 AM BBT (Jokers posted):
    “About an hour ago James shared his and Nicole’s morning convo about sharing cash among their 4 with Natalie and FISH”
    @ 3:45 AM, while Dingus and Doofus are yet again pleasuring each other, Dingus is called to DR.
    At 3:54 AM BBT (Jokers posted):
    “Nicole comes out of DR and says she is “forced” to say on camera that she cant get James a “gift” ….There is an accompanying ED note that says: “Nicole and James talked about giving each other some money if they won the game.”
    Dingus then goes to tell the HOH crowd that she got in trouble and that she will not be getting James a present.
    After Dingus made her statement, James was called to the DR and comes back with the same statement.
    At 4:20 AM BBT (Jokers posted):
    “….explains that this was due to them talking about being generous with the cast if they won the game.”

    What I am wondering is why didn’t DR call these two in when the convo happened? Yes, I am speculating, but I think the only reason that Dingus and James were called on their intentions of padding each other’s pockets was because DR became aware that it was caught on camera or audio so feeders and readers of sites like Jokers were going to get wind of it. Basically, DR were left with no choice. Otherwise, it’s JMO of course, but I don’t think DR would not have intervened.

    • I’m to the point of not wanting to watch anymore. I don’t even read Jokers. I don’t think I am the only one. But I do love this site and will always come here to find out what is going on.
      I did watch Friday what a waste of my time. Didn’t bother to watch last night and will not watch on Wednesday. Not sure about Thursday time will tell. JMO

      • Some smarta$$ will probably post a “Bye” reply to you, but believe me I am right there with you. Yes, Friday was awful and I didn’t watch but a very few minutes of last night’s show. Unless things change with these next couple of seasons of BB, I can’t imagine enlightened viewer’s being entertained enough to keep watching. And that is JMO, also.

      • BB needs to stay out of the game and let the HG’s play their own game. It is so predictable most players know when things are going to happen. BB brings players back brings in family members. They recruit when there are literally thousands of people trying to get on the show. IMO they need to get there head out of there a$$ and shake things up. We (at I least I do) come here for entertainment and get away from all the crap in our daily lives. But we just more crap here when they interfere with game play. Sorry for the rant. JMO

      • Don’t be sorry! I think a lot more people need to speak their mind about their displeasure of this cast. Things need to change, for sure.

      • They need to cast over 30 and 40 people, especially BB fans, as we know how to conduct ourselves and are much more confident in our own skin and are a bit more established in our lives. As for comps, though, they should be geared for that age group, but who am I to say? I’m just a wanna be BB player! LOL

      • OMG that would be amazing. A like 9 mouth season. Just have them enter in groups of 5 and watch the reactions as they just keep coming. 40 people 38 weeks. All fans. A lot of drama and make the prize huge like 2 million

      • I agree, Elaine! These past few seasons have been terrible! BB is not what it used to be that’s for sure.

      • Maybe Production did not want the viewers to make it seem that James and Nicole were definitely going to final 4/3/2 status because a statement like that could be declaring one of them a 4/3/2 winner ..It could have made Production look like they were playing favorites and wanted the house and viewers to know otherwise…

      • I just wish they’d just pick a different group of people. Remember back when people like Evel Dick were on. Grown up adults, it was fun to watch. It should be people who know the game, want to win it and aren’t just looking for a vacation and social media followers. And over 30 would be nice. They don’t have to cast so many hot bikini body people. But they do cause they think that’s what we want to see.

      • I was thinking the same, BB15 scared them. They do need to go through picking folks from the application process just try to do a better screening. Other that the application, there are so many ways to see what the applicants are about. There are so many social media venues, FB, Instgram, Twitter, etc… From some of the recruits, you can see they skipped a few of the social media investigation.

      • I’m on my last leg as well, getting really tired of production interference as well as the vapid and stupid people that they cast every season.

      • While I do wish that BB would get back to casting applicants and stop having twists/returnee comps, I will always keep watching. The way to get change is to express your dislike of what ever is going on via social media like facebook and twitter in large numbers forcing the show to change. Not watching does nothing but make you become unimportant to them.

        Not watching is what the fans of home free did when the format changed and it went from 3.3M to 1.9M. They were vocal on Social media like no other fan base I have seen before how ever they stopped watching and the show is at risk for cancellation big time. They went about it the wrong way and now it does not matter what they want if the show gets cancelled

      • I get what you are saying and will take it into consideration.(ty) Sorry for my rants today. I must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed. It just gets frustrating when you here how much production interferes in the game. Could you imagine being in the BB house and find out what they are doing and how it is affecting your game. I would be livid.

      • Oh I would defiantly call them out if I was in the house and random twists started popping up left and right LOL. Also no worries were all frustrated and I do believe that a BB revolution is about to happen

      • Sorry, I have never been so negative before. Now that I got it out of my system off to happier things.

      • I was one of those fans who stopped watching Home Free this season. The 1st was just ok and this season couldn’t keep me interested so I quit.

      • This is usually when the show starts to drag on the rest of the season and does get rather boring and monotonous, but you have to watch, if for no other reason than to post here and keep the boredom to a minimum! LOL

      • Don’t be sorry. I’ve ranted here too, but have resigned myself to just go with the flow since my predictions almost have never panned out as I would have hoped! LOL

      • I always check out anyway after the houseguests are narrowed down to 5 or 4. Especially if my favorite has been evicted. But this season, probably gonna check out much sooner. Can’t stomach watching a rigged system.

    • I read Jokers all day yesterday and did not see any postings pertaining to the topic.. and I did not hear them talking about it when I had my feeds on…James Natalie and Corey were up early and in the pool for a bit…The conversation could have happened during that time and I was busy elsewhere on the phone or playing POGO. .lol Either way I missed it…I’m actually glad that DR called them out on it…That was a stupid thing to say cause they in the game to win $500,000 not give it to their opponent …I bet JAMES babys Mama is
      getting ready to give him an ass kicking when he gets back to Texas.. James is not playing to win for him hes playing for Natalie to win.. That is ignorant.. And dumb ass Nicole said if she and Corey were final 2 that she would tell the jury to vote for him….Stupidity reigns …

      • James is living in a fantasy world hoping to play house with Natalie after all the other houseguests are evicted. Can you imagine the boredom of watching the 2 showmances of Natalie, James, Nicole and Corey. Nicole and Corey would stay in bed fondling each other all day. Natalie would whine all day to James about her appearance and how much America hate her. It would be like watching paint dry!! The 4 most non-interesting people in the house.

    • That’s interesting because if I remember correctly, Derrick told Cody he’d have a very good Christmas that year, implying that he would give him some of the money. So, it’s not unusual for that to happen. Wonder why now production are so picky about it. Hmmm

      • That’s the first I’ve heard about the Derrick/Cody comment. Wasn’t Vanessa called out for saying something implying helping someone make money? I can’t remember exactly what that was about.

      • Yeah, i think she was, but i can’t remember exactly who she said it to. And I think maybe Derrick mentioned it to Cody on the live show after he won the money. I just remember him saying he’d have a very good Christmas that year.

      • Oh, ok, I didn’t think anything like that was said during the game. Derrick was too smart for that.

      • Derrick was probably referring to Codys 2nd place win.. I remember the Vanessa incident but don’t recall the HG involved

      • Probable because viewers are getting upset. We are not dumb and have figured out what is going on during DR sessions. More and more HG’s are making comments about the shenanigans going on. They have to protect their butts. I just feel sorry for the ones that are playing the game and getting screwed by them.

    • I’m convinced Nicole and James had an ($$) agreement before getting into the house. They have always had an unspoken alliance.

      • I don’t think they had a money agreement, but have had an unspoken alliance, just as they did with the other 2 vets.

      • James told Nat last night that he could not put Dingus OTB that the girls would have to do that. Nat needs to OPEN her eyes about this. Just because DR had their backs against the wall and “forced” Dingus and James to make their little annoucement, doesn’t mean that the deal between them is kaput in no way shape or form. And James did make the statement that he had Dingus in his back pocket because her parents love him. It’s been obvious for a while that James was vested personally in making sure Dingus was safe.

    • This is why I don’t like returning vets, not to mention all the talks to newbies on the inner workings of BB. Van got called in immediately last season when she tried bribing hgs, but she was a newbie. The vets, though, know this is a big no no, yet still did it anyway.

    • Did you see on Jokers where James told Natalie, he can control Nicole because her parents love him??? That’s why Nicole was so heartbroken over James involvement in flipping the house and evicting Z. Once I read that, it made more sense why James is always defending Nicole to Natalie and why he would rather go to F4 with Nicole and Corey. I bet Paul, Victor and Meech don’t know how close Nicole and James are outside the house.

      • We were posting similar things at the same time. There has been something between them since the beginning, I am convinced. And it’s very possible that Paulie was protecting Dingus from the start. We know DR has thrown her a bone. Then she bedded Doofus. Some say that’s the beauty of her game. I say it is an ugly truth.

      • Or how about when Natalie, NIcole and James were talking in the storage room after the live eviction Thursday. Natalie mentioned how mom and dad (her term for production) implied that she should work with Nicole and Corey.

      • It’s too much for me to overlook and keep watching when I know production is working behind the scene for some more than others to stay in the house.

      • Same here. I am so disappointed. I know my disgust has been showing in my posts. That “Mom and Dad” comment from Nat was the final straw for me. Hard to know what/who is manipulated by DR anymore. Maybe a requirement to being selected to play is that they are the type that can easily be swayed by a few leading questions and/or statements made at an opportune time by DR.

      • Yep, very disappointing. Especially when you come on this site and have Nicole’s fans gloating at how far she’s gotten in the game. How she must be doing something right since she hasn’t been OTB and is still in the game. The reason why is the sh&t is rigged for her to be in the game. I won’t go as far as to say it’s rigged for her to win, but it is definitely in the cards for her and Corey to stay in the house.

      • We’ve heard it loud and clear. We all have our favs to cheer for, but if it was made obvious to me that my fav was being protected unfairly compared to other HGs, I’d be changing favs.

      • So how did they decide it should be Nicole to win..why not someone else. This game is getting so pathetic, I’ve watched from season 1..I’m so disappointed in how it is played now. Yet, i still watch..smh

      • Meech and Nat won’t do anything about it if they are catching on. If Meech was even half of a BB player she would have never allowed Victor to be put OTB. I would have told Natalie, if you put up Victor then I’m putting up James. Meech could have had a F3 alliance with Victor and Paul. Now she’s on the edge of the 2 showmance alliance. Poor girl.

  2. Ready for this season to be OVER. Nicole admitted she thought she would be on summer vacation. Come on CBS let’s get people that want to play the game. Advise applicants it’s not the bachelor. It’s not summer vacation. It is a reality DRAMA and the person who makes it to the end gets 500k.

  3. Telling Corey that she’d tell the jury to vote for him if they make it to F2 is just another example of how stupid Nicole is. She definitely needs to see the wizard about a freakin brain if she’s willing to give up 500k for a guy she’s known for less than three months.

  4. Some of these house-guests are here for everything but the prize money. Nicole and James are using this as a platform to find their significant others (Big Brother Bachelor/Bachelorette) as if they cannot find someone out in the real world. At the start of the game, Natalie was settling for Just House just to have a little bit of the money. Some were looking for stardom (wondering about getting a publicist). Michelle just wants to be on the show.

    The mother of James’ daughter is probably angry at him throwing away winning for his daughter to someone he may not have contact with after few months (when the show is over).

  5. I really don’t like James. I don’t care about his ‘game play.’ Definitely not getting my AFP vote this year.

      • I’m for sure voting for Paulie. Lol. I do like Vic alot, but Paul has grown on me and he’s my daughter’s favorite. She loved his blindside Paulie dance in the DR, so I have a feeling that’s who our votes are going to. I wouldn’t be unhappy at all to see Vic win it though.

      • How will he get back in the house? There’s only 5 evicted houseguests with the chance of coming back; Frank, Day, Bridgette, Z and Paulie. If he’s evicted Thursday, I don’t think he’ll have a chance to return to the house. Victor’s nine lives maybe coming to an end.

      • Frank went home. Only those in jury will get the chance to come back. That’s my understanding since the RT ticket was being held by Paul who’s still there and they need an extra week they’d have gotten had Paulie had that ticket.

      • Are you sure Joni? I could have sworn Frank’s picture was included on the screen Thursday when Julie was talking about the houseguests having a chance to come back. But, I’m happy to be wrong if you’re right!!!

      • Yeah, that’s true…wouldn’t make sense. Well, I’m feeling a lot better now that I know Victor maybe coming back. With his record, he has a high chance of returning.

      • I hope they rig it so that he makes it back in if he’s evicted this week. That’s the only time I want the show to rig something!

      • Joni, in Victor’s case…he doesn’t need them to rig it. He’s just that good, he can win comps all on his own.

      • I know, but wished he’d not gone on the block before others that have not had to fight so hard like he has.

      • I believe what you’re thinking of was when Julie was talking about the RT ticket. Frank was the only non-juror to have one.

      • Frank is not in jury. I might have it wrong, but I thought The HG evicted this week would be competing along with the other ones that are in the jury house. I could be wrong though.

      • Maybe, I’m wrong..which would be great!! I thought I seen Frank’s picture on the screen Thursday as one of the houseguests with the chance of returning. This will be one time I’m thrilled to be wrong.

      • Oh, I don’t know. If that was last night’s show, I watched very little of it. If it was Friday night’s show, I was very disinterested and couldn’t say. I don’t see how Frank could return if he has been home. He would have info the others weren’t privy to.

      • It’s only jury members and Frank is not in the jury house. Day, Z, Bridgette, Paulie and who evers evicted Thursday are the only ones that will be competing to return. Frank is the only one evicted this season that will not have a chance to return. That in itself is not real fair.

      • When Julie mentioned it Frank’s picture was up with the jurys!
        Looks like he’s incl becuz of the RT…. He had one too. It started with him….’member?

      • She wasn’t talking about jury. Frank’s picture was shown right before everyone else opened their ticket as one of the five people that we know had a one way ticket. As someone mentioned above Frank will so far be the only evicted HG with no shot at returning. Last year the most recent jury member won the buyback. I’m hoping that happens again this year because I’m not ready to see Vic go.

      • That would be ideal. Vic is my favorite player by far. If he could win 500K and AFP after being evicted twice he fucking deserves it more than anyone

  6. Can we vote for America’s Least Favorite Player this season? I haven’t made up my mind, but Z, Paulie and Nicole are in the running. James too.

  7. I really hope I don’t see James or Nicole return to the BB house again…I don’t want any returning players to come back ever.

    • I was soooooo unhappy from jump to have returning houseguests. My premonitions were correct. Such lackluster gameplay at best.

  8. They need to add Pablo the Duck and Baldwin the Eagle to the AFP voting page! Those two are the only logical choices.

  9. James- Nice guy, but he sucks at this game
    Natalie- Wanna root for her, but she has her share of shallowness
    Paul- Only person I see winning at this point
    Vic- Same as Paul
    Meech- Not too bright as I thought she was
    Nicole- Dumb blonde. And not the cute one either.
    Corey- Dumb blonde. And not the cute one either.

  10. Once again BB is going to be won by an inferior player. But I guess that is how BB works. I would love to see BB change things up and force players to actually play the game instead of focusing on their love lives.

    They should let America vote to send warnings to individual players who are not playing the game. If a player gets 3 warnings, he gets a penalty nomination or something like that. I hate it when slackers make it this far in the game. And lets face it, out of the 7 HGs, 5 are really slackers.

    A final 4 of the two showmances would be a horrible outcome.

    Having said that, James is making the right move for his game only because he is oblivious to a player coming back.

    • Well, technically only 4 out of the 7 HGs are slackers. Of course, you have Paul and Victor fighting for their BB lives, but there is also Nicole. Of course, her only game play involves telling lies about anyone and everyone she feels is threatening her. She’s playing the game more than the other 4 floaters at any rate. Too bad I can’t stand her now after liking her during her other season.

      • Me either! Was she like this before? Don’t like her personality at all! And it’s difficult to pity her; Corey is going to rip her heart out, but he’s dull as chalk – she could actually do better than him if she would be a genuine person.

    • If the producers would stop looking for tv friendly faces and just go with regular people… ones who don’t model, who haven’t acted, or done commercials… just regular hard working people. I’m sure they have applied but they aren’t a size 4 or below or have rock hard abs… so they don’t get included in the mix. Just regular blue collar pay check to paycheck people. They would be fun to watch since they have something worth fighting for.

      • I agree we need better personalities & more worthy adversaries on this show; however, when casts have more “regular folks,” CBS gets complaints that the casts are dull, boring, unexciting, etc. It’s unfair, yes, and I don’t think that a *radio version of BB would work. ;)

        *I swear I’m younger than 50. :D

  11. I hope they have a close up of James’ face if Julie announces the battle back or buyback or whatever it is on Thursday. Very petty, but I’m okay with it.

  12. Victor should win….for just cleaning up that nasty house, especially the bathroom…no one else helped, they all just stayed outside having a good time!

    • IKR? James did Nat’s laundry early in morning b4 she got up.

      I havent seen any of the others clean. Makes you wonder what their homes look like in real life.

  13. As far as which juror will return goes… It will, of course, depend on the type of comp as to which one returns. That being said, I think there are only 3 HGs who can potentially win without production having a hand in it. Bridgette, Paulie and Victor are the only ones who have shown any ability to win a comp. Everyone assumes it will be Paulie or Victor returning (and I assume it as well to be honest), but lets not count Bridgette out depending on the type of comp. It would be anyone’s guess who she would go after or who she would try to work with.

  14. Can anyone explain what James and Nicole were discussing as far as exchanging gifts? I missed that one.

  15. “James really wants the final four to be showmances”

    Wow this guy must deeply despise big brother fans.

  16. At some point a few seasons ago, Big Brother became a scripted TV show. For whatever reason they didn’t like the ‘reality’ of it. That’s why they cast the same characters, add a bunch of twists that never work as intended, give the HG lines to say, warn them, suggest who to vote out and align with. Fans have been asking for older people with diverse personalities for a while..So BB gave us Glenn, a 50 year old short out of shape guy who BB promptly kicked out the 1st week. No eviction, just ‘buh bye, thanks for playing’. I wasn’t going to watch anymore since Steve winning and last season was so awful, but the twists sounded pretty interesting so I came back. But BB just doesn’t know when to stop and let the game play out. Because it’s not a game anymore.

  17. Jury buy back is going to flip this house… Natalie and James better hope Bridget walk back in that house.

  18. This remaining group is so boring. I hope Paulie (can’t believe I’m saying that) or Vic returns. Maybe even Mama Da…can’t stand Natalie is James is annoying this season being her puppy.. I sure hope its strategy.

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