Big Brother 18 Live Feeds Week 5: Tuesday Highlights

Big Brother 18 houseguests had a quiet day as Frank and Bridgette aren’t doing a lot of campaigning against each other. Actually, Bridgette apparently wants to go home, so Frank is trying to gather up some votes by using Michelle, who has wanted Bridgette out all season. Read on to find out if he had any luck Tuesday.


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Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, July 26, 2016:

9:30 AM BBT – HGs are starting to get up for the day.

10:15 AM BBT – Nicole trying to figure out if Frank is campaigning, but Corey says he hasn’t heard anything.

10:40 AM BBT – Paul is sure Frank has been campaigning as he tells Nicole and Corey. Paul says Frank is trying to stay over Bridgette.

11:15 AM BBT – Zakiyah tells Da’Vonne she’s worried about Nicole and Corey but is worried that Corey is too close to Paulie to talk to Paulie about this concern. She tells Day that Paulie isn’t so sure about trusting Nicole anymore after the HoH comp details from Frank. Day is confident that if someone does try to flip the vote then Paul will let them know.

11:25 AM BBT – Da’Vonne asks Michelle if there’s a potential vote flip, but Michelle says she hasn’t heard anything. Day says the plan is to get Frank, then Bridgette, Victor, and Natalie out.

11:30 AM BBT – Day camtalks that she wants Bridgette out unless she wins HoH in which case she’s okay with Nicole going next.

11:55 AM BBT – Michelle tells Paul she doesn’t want Frank to go and actually likes him. Paul says he likes Frank too, but not in this game.

12:15 PM BBT – HoH camera has arrived.

2:05 PM BBT – Nicole and Paul agree this season will be great. Nicole says Paul is surely making the show and he’s gotta be a big part of it being so good.

2:15 PM BBT – Nicole tells Paul she’s less worried about Bridgette coming back than Frank since Bridgette would be second and return to no one. Nicole promises Paul she’s voting out Frank.

2:42 PM BBT – Zakiyah tells Nicole about Frank telling her Nicole shouldn’t be trusted. Nicole says she doesn’t care. Zakiyah talks about Nicole working with Frank but Nicole says that was only the first week.

2:56 PM BBT – Nicole is worried she’ll be in trouble for going into the secret room to hangout.

2:28 PM BBT – BB calls for an indoor lockdown. Frank thanks a banner plane was about to fly by.

3:20 PM BBT – Michelle, Paul and Victor are in the secret room. Michelle want Bridgette out but the guys say Frank has to go. Da’Vonne joins the secret room group. They’re just investigating the room and hanging out.

4:04 PM BBT – Bridgette and Frank are rating the other HGs based on how much they hate them.

5:12 PM BBT – Corey and Nicole talk about whether or not Frank is going to stay. Corey says Paulie and Michelle are leaning toward keeping Frank.

5:45 PM BBT – Nicole says Frank just gave her the middle finger.

6:46 PM BBT – Nicole has syled Victor’s hair into pigtails.

8:25 PM BBT – James and Day talking about next week. James says the targets should be Bridgette and Victor but worries about him going up himself. Day says she doesn’t want Corey or Nicole to win HOH because she feels like they’re targeting her.

8:30 PM BBT – Da’Vonne tells James they need to get ready for the possibility that Frank ended up with the ticket that will allow him to re-enter the house upon eviction. They say they’ll be screwed.

8:34 PM BBT – Paul tells Zakiyah and Da’Vonne that Frank called Bridgette fat and that she needs to “burn off some of that chub.” Day and Z are shocked.

8:42 PM BBT – Paulie tells Frank he’ll vote Bridgette out this week. Corey joins them and they start talking about who else they can get to vote out Bridgette. Corey tells Frank he should talk to Nicole. Frank seems  like it won’t do any good.

8:52 PM BBT – James says he doesn’t care if Bridgette wants to go home, he wants to keep her over Frank. Natalie agrees that she’s not as big a threat. Corey says he’ll do whatever but then changes gears and says Frank does keep throwing him and Nicole under the bus and Nicole really wants Frank to go.

8:56 PM BBT – Paulie is talking about his favorite topic: voting out those girls who haven’t won anything. Victor agrees when he says he wants Da’Vonne out, and calls her the head of the snake. Are these guys for real?

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  1. Day came up with the whole plan and wiped the target off her back. Might be the best in comps, but day is a strategist beast.

    • I agree. Da’ is a beast. And a mean girl. Da’ is a meeean girl, she is a meeeean girl; she is a meaaan girl; she is a meeean girl; she is a meeean girl….

      • I don’t know who I want out most Da/Paul/Paulie. Da is mean, Paulie just plain arrogant and Paul needs some mental health help.

      • I think you’re right about Paul. Having worked with the mentally ill, I never want to make a judgement without actually meeting someone; however, Paul’s actions, definitely show he may need help.
        I can say with almost complete certainty that Paulie exhibits SOME narcissistic traits.

      • I think Paul’s insecure and tries too hard to want to fit in or belong! Paulie, for sure he’s narcissistic!

      • I feel the same way, Paul is insecure and constantly feels the need to puff himself up to others. He still has a lot of maturing to do as well.

      • He reminds me so much of my brother Dan when my brother was in his 20s…just not as loud. Annoying just the same! :-) My brother is not like that now in his early 50s, but he still has that “kid” mentality from time to time! Cracks me up!

      • I’ve seen men like Paul before too and it’s usually really short men who can talk the loudest lol.

      • he is still an ass-hole.. attacking Bridgette was really sad.. then attacking Frank when he said all that crap to Bridgette.. PAUL IS A MENTAL CASE.

      • For a second think of this; (and maybe hard to believe but hear me out)

        Maybe, just maybe, Paul is being annoying to get himself to the end….he could then say that he really should have gone after The messiah & Victor but got picked up by Paulie & ended up staying when he started playing both sides. I think his ‘strategy’ will plummet & he will get gone but it will get him to jury…. Where they continue to get paid!

        Think about that one, maybe…. If he wins ewwwwwwwe!

      • Oh yes, he’s still an a$$hole Dianna, no argument there! We were just discussing WHY he might be such an a$$hole. I still don’t understand the boy :D

      • Yeah, DA has a mean streak, but I think Z & Michelle are up there too, not sure who I like the least. Wouldn’t mind seeing them go out the door with Paul!

      • Too bad they don’t have a triple eviction! Hey, now THERE’S a twist I could get behind. Talk about ‘expect the unexpected!’

      • Right? Then they could (maybe) get Da’, Michelle and Paul at the same time. That would be T-riff!

      • I think whatever ticket Frank is holding will be similar to a Diamond Power of Veto as presented in Season 4 and Season 12, where it allows him to return and another be nominated and forced to leave! If that’s the case I have a feeling Nicole or Day will be the one James chooses to replace Frank with. Won’t that be exciting?

      • I may be wrong Joni, but I’m almost positive that when Matt got the diamond POV in season 12, he was able to name the replacement himself and put up Kathy. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen that season though so feel free to tell me I’m crazy :) I don’t think that’s what we’re looking at with this, though

      • I forget where I read it..but do remember them saying that it’s been used before in two other seasons although a bit differently is all. I’ve slept since then, so it’s a bit confusing again! :-)

      • It seems like they’re always changing the rules on us every time so we never know what it will be anyway. And the older I get, the less I trust my memory. Lol. I had completely forgotten the one from season 4.

        The DPOV essentially allows the wearer to override ONE of the HOH nominations and appoint whoever they want up for eviction. Compare this to the regular Power of Veto where the winner can save one nominee but the Head of Household gets to choose the replacement nomination.

        Here’s an example.
        Lets say Matt was awarded the DPOV. Brendon is the winner of Head of Household, His nominations are Matt and Ragan. The regular POV contest is played and Ragan wins the Power of Veto. During the POV Ceremony Ragan uses the Power of Veto and removes himself from being a nominee. Brendon being the Head of Household has to nominate another player for eviction. He nominates Lane, Now Lane and Matt are up for Eviction (Remember that Matt still has the DPOV) During the Live Eviction show right before the house guests vote for who is sent home Matt uses the Diamond Power of Veto. He is then removed as a nominee and he now has the ability to nominate another houseguest instead of Brendon. Matt makes a power move and nominates Kathy.

      • Thanks for clearing this up for me! Let’s see what the ticket holds in store for Frank and/or Bridgette come tomorrow night! This may be Frank’s only last hope of staying in the game!

        The DPOV essentially allows the wearer to override ONE of the HOH nominations and appoint whoever they want up for eviction. Compare this to the regular Power of Veto where the winner can save one nominee but the Head of Household gets to choose the replacement nomination.

        Here’s an example.
        Lets say Matt was awarded the DPOV. Brendon is the winner of Head of Household, His nominations are Matt and Ragan. The regular POV contest is played and Ragan wins the Power of Veto. During the POV Ceremony Ragan uses the Power of Veto and removes himself from being a nominee. Brendon being the Head of Household has to nominate another player for eviction. He nominates Lane, Now Lane and Matt are up for Eviction (Remember that Matt still has the DPOV) During the Live Eviction show right before the house guests vote for who is sent home Matt uses the Diamond Power of Veto. He is then removed as a nominee and he now has the ability to nominate another houseguest instead of Brendon. Matt makes a power move and nominates Kathy.

      • It would be exciting to use it on Da’, but even if Frank is saved, he’s still going to be the on to go next…UNLESS he wins HoH and is able to take a bulldozer to Paulie the House.

      • JAMES is a fool who listens to da.. AND I DON’T KNOW WHY.. HE SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN WITH FRANK AND BRIDGETTE AND NATALIE AND MAYBE VICTOR.. are the members not in the club.. just not seeing the club?

      • I guess it’s easier to see the point when you’re looking from the outside in, but they all have to live with each other in there with no outside contact, so maybe have trouble gaining any sort of perspective when chaos is constantly amok!

      • She also seems so crabby and sullen all the time. I started the season rooting for her but now I cannot stand her. She is mean and plays a personal game which I do not like. Frank is playing a bad game but at least its not personal – or wasn’t until this week.

      • IF this was a couple of years ago.. and she was white.. Political Correctness idiots would be attacking her.

      • He’s also being annoying like Peter Brown from Canadian Big Brither.
        That guy still yells all the time too. And maybe that’s why he landed a job with a show called…..’the side show!’
        I can’t stand him at anytime let alone on that show yelling his ‘opinion’ cuz he’s such a, ahem, great player & knows everything.

  2. 2:05 PM BB TIME: Natalie and Paul agree this season will be great.

    Obviously they don’t know how the viewers feel. LOL. Especially Pizza Rat Paul.

    • The houseguests always seem to think that their season will be a good one. I don’t know why they seem to think that. Of course, this is coming from two recruits who don’t understand how the viewers hate the going/voting with the house idea. Or the many times they say, “I don’t want to get blood on my hands.”

  3. conversation between Frank and Bridgett shows how dam dumb Bridgett is..She is pathetic…who ever cast her should have taken into consideration her 10 year mind set…Bridgett is not an adult by any means…

    • That is OK, I know a guy that knows a guy that knows a guy that has a panel van that says free candy on the side for Bridgette LOL.

    • NO.. THAT IS FALSE.. Frank like Bridgett.. but he doesn’t want to get out.. and you are being as nasty as Day about the Great Person who is Bridgett.. she plays her own game.. WHICH IS MORE THAN I CAN SAY FOR THE REST.. PAUL, DAY, NICOLE, AND Z AND NATALIE, JAMES. MICHELLE IS DOING BETTER THAT THOSE (6)

      • I have to disagree with Bridgette capable of playing on her own….

        Bridgette couldn’t even figure out who to NOM on her HOH.. How does she play her own game?

        Frank told her to let James win the HOH… does she play her own game?

        She pretty much looks at Frank to move seats.

        When James called a house meeting up in the HOH room Bridgette stayed in her chair (in the kitchen) until Frank said to come upstairs too….. How does she play her own game?

        I don’t dislike her I think she made some poor choices in the GAME.
        It’s hard cuz you think you’re in the right alliance and then ka-pow-eeee!
        You’re getting picked off!

        But my hunch is if she stays that she won’t be voted off next week. Someone will come along & pick up that wounded bird & use her for votes.

        Just sayin’!!! Lol

    • I just decided I am gonna vote Frank…He may be a jerk but he is the smartest one of the bunch…

      • I’ve said this before, I really like Frank and was EXTREMELY excited when I found out he was coming back this season! But at this point, I almost DON’T want him to stay. I don’t enjoy seeing him there any longer. He’s being targeted–whether justified or not (not), and it sucks. I’d rather he go home to his girlfriend and enjoy her the rest of the summer, instead of being sequestered with these yahoos (if he’s saved this week and makes it to jury). I’m so conflicted.

      • I know how you feel because I feel the same way. I hate what has happened, but even if he came back I don’t see any of them changing their mind. Even if he won HOH they would be with him for the week and then go after him again. He doesn’t want to spend the summer in jury. As I said to littlefly I would vote him for AFP. Can you imagine the look on all of their faces if that happened?

      • I’d LOVE to see the look on their faces!! I don’t want him to make it to jury. That sounds like we’re giving up on our Frank…but we’re not. We just don’t want him to keep going through this BS over and over. Like you said, even if he stayed and won HOH, he’d have to continue winning every single comp put in front of him. Not that he couldn’t do it! But unless he could demolish the HOUSE and pull a Dan, he still can’t win.
        Don’t go to jury. Go to your girlfriend; enjoy the summer; be thankful for the 2nd chance, and thank goodness that you’re out of that loony bin!
        Too be fair–those people (with the exception of Da’, who is simply despicable) are simply kids who think they’re at summer camp. God love ’em. ;)

      • Absolutely agree and NO we aren’t giving up on Frank at all – this group was absolutely the wrong group for him. Even the other vets who I liked in their season with the exception of Day aren’t playing the same and imo have taken on the mind set of the newbies. You would think they were all in junior high by their actions. Notice I couldn’t even say high school lol. Even if he could pull a Dan and demolish the house they would never vote for him at the end. Frank – enjoy the rest of the summer with your girlfriend and hopefully come back at the final and win AFP!!!

      • If Frank is somehow able to stay, win HOH and put up Da and Paulie it would be worth it, even if he was the next one voted out. At least a big move would have been made. Hot temps are definitely affecting me.

      • Bridgette. She’s the only one that doesn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth. Honestly—everyone else there is…just rotten.

      • Why are you so bitter? There are a few I still like such as Nat, Bridgette, James and Victor has been laying low since he came back…unless I missed something. Stop laughing at my choices.

      • Oh, I’m not laughing at your choices! Honest! Lisa, I think the amount of pain I’m in is truly clouding my judgement this year. I haven’t been posting much over the last few days because 1) it hurts a lot to sit at the computer and 2) I’ve noticed that I’ve been really sarcastic (and not in a good way). I’m not usually sarcastic without being ‘funny,’ and I’m not liking that about me. It HAS to be the pain. I forgot about James…he’s cool. I wouldn’t use it on Victor only because he hasn’t been back very long. I think, as much as Corey bugs me, he deserves it—he has been a HN so many times—maybe it’d be nice for him to get the no slop pass.
        I see a Neurosurgeon soon, so hopefully I’ll be back to my cheerfully snarky self soon! :) But honestly Lisa, I wouldn’t laugh at you or your choices.

      • Sorry to read that you are in so much pain. Seems like you have been for awhile. Hope your doc can get to the root of your pain.

      • Thanks, Lisa. I do know what it is. Some benign tumors between vertebrae and also, some cysts between each side of a couple other vertebrae. That’s why I’ll be seeing a Neurosurgeon.
        What do you think about giving Corey the pass?

      • I’m thinking maybe Bridget. She needs help since Frank is gone and last night I didn’t even see her on BBAD. Still not sure how I feel about Corey yet. Maybe if he distanced himself from Paulie.

      • Yeah, I didn’t see her either…she should get all the help she can. I feel bad for her. She really DOESN’T have any friends in the house. Makes me sad for her.

      • Hey Jacee2, where have you been? Are you alright? I’ve been worried…I haven’t seen you in a while. I hope you’re OK. Sending positive thoughts your way! :)

      • I agree. The only one that I could vote for AFP. I can not with good conscience vote for any of the others

      • Count me in for voting for Frank for AFP. I could care less who wins at this point with those that are left. Now I can’t wait until they get to the point where they have to start picking each other off. What would make this season end perfectly is to have Frank win AFP. It would let all these yahoos who thought they were so great know just what the fans really thought of them and I would love to see the look on all their faces.

      • Da fits that category too…I about died laughing when she told Paul, Paulie and Z that Nicole and Corey are the reason that they weren’t able to know about the secret room…when it was really Paul! LOL

      • I thought her problem was that Nicole didn’t want to wake them. Z was the one that had to wake Paul, Da and Mich.

  4. One thing that I think the HGs AND some fans are forgetting….THIS IS BIG BROTHER – YOU DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO TO WIN THE MONEY!!! If that means you lie, you lie. If that means you make deals then break them, you make deals then break them. If that means you play both sides of the house, you play both sides of the house (hell, if you’re good enough to do it, why wouldn’t you – it keeps the target off your back for a while and ANDY won by doing it)!!! Da’ has made up alliances in her stories to other people all season & played both sides of the house (up until that Frank blow-up with the butt-smacking), but when someone else does it, they’re shady??? Girl, bye. They’re PLAYING THE GAME, just like you are!!

    • Yep.

      But… most only whine when their fav’s enemy lies. They don’t GAFF when their fav lies, because “they’re just playing the game”.

      • That’s a very fair statement. Personally, I’m not a fan of liars, but that’s in REAL LIFE, not the game of Big Brother!
        I try to keep in perspective that they ALL do it IN the game, with the intention of furthering their own game in an attempt to win $500k.

    • I agree. I think it’s funny how people look down on those strategies, but like you said, it’s Big Brother! Ya gotta do what ya gotta do! And I actually like Da, she doesn’t bother me as much as Michelle and Z. Ugh, I can’t stand those 2!!

    • Most of them are not even playing. It is only Paulie and Frank that has been playing so far. James had his chance at making a big move to further his game and he just let others use his HOH! He is a useless player. They should have brought back Zach, fruit loop dingus! Atleast, we would have been entertained!

      • Oh, Zach would’ve been great!! I’m not happy with their selection of vets this time :(

      • Zach would have been a much better choice an Nichole. And I really mean much much much better!

      • I agree…everyone would then know what a fruit loop dingus was, something Bridgette knew nothing about!

      • I have to respectfully disagree with you. Just because a HG is not playing the game the way we as viewers *think they should,* it does NOT mean that they’re not playing the game at all. Each one has their own way and style of playing – who are we to judge who is and isn’t doing so? I despise the “Ride a stronger player’s coattails to the end” strategy (in BB AND Survivor!), but it’s a valid way for some people to play and they DO get to the end. Hell, sometimes they even win – Sandra Diaz Twine on Survivor and Victoria from BB16 are perfect examples!

        As for James, what “Big move” do you think he should have made? Isn’t getting Frank, who is a BEAST when his back’s to the wall, a big enough move for you? He steamrolled in S14 when he was nominated for half the season and almost made it to the end – if getting out a player who is notoriously hard to evict isn’t a big move, I don’t know what is.

        We have to remember that it’s MUCH easier for us to be judgemental because we get A LOT more *objective* information than they do. They are hamsters in a cage and all they have is each other. We have the benefit of Live Feeds, Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Flashback on the Feeds, episodes on CBS and the DR sessions that Production gives us…..can you imagine NOT having that and trying to make decisions?!?!?

      • True but as you say, we have all the benefits they don’t have. One thing I will point out is this, Frank has had his back against the wall several times this season (whether he knew it or not) and he still couldn’t pull out a win in VETO or HOH. I don’t see a beast player this year (maybe he was in BB14) but so far this year it has been strictly social for him. A big move for James would have been Paulie or DAY (from our vantage point’s but he doesn’t see it that way.

    • I agree with what you said but when you flat out lie to get for the sole purpose of blowing up other people’s game, that is nit very cool at all and that is why I have no respect for her or her game.

      • Day has a one note strategy to win BB – tell lies and more lies. I’m surprised she’s still in the house.

      • I absolutely agree with you and @littlefly:disqus on this one!!! Lying is part of the game, but blowing up another’s to try to save your own is dirty. Christine 2.0, anyone? Lord, I despised her game!!!

    • I understand BB gameplay is all about lies & backstabbing to get to the end…But when the lies and backstabbing is for the sole purpose of hurting a HG I am not in agreement..

    • First let me say I do not think a man or woman should put their hands on someone else. If it is going back and forth then it is up to the one who feels offended to say no. The. It is up to the other to respect that person. I believed frank when he apologized to Day for the butt pat. But I also think da was equally to blame for the names. I think Da is a big minipator. So when she saw the attention that the butt pat did, I think she continued padding the story to make people turn on Frank. I liked Tiff and I was sad to see her go. This is exactly what Da wanted. She could get Van so she got the next best thing. Little sister.

      • I agree with you. I honestly believe that Frank meant his apology, too. Da never told him that it bothered her – she told everyone else & let the outrage build until she flipped on Frank. That’s on Da 1000%. She’s a HUGE manipulator….and more of a snake than Nicole could ever dream of being! She’s behind almost 100% of the drama in the house and I want to see her & Paulie go after each other sooner rather than later. I wanted to like Tiff, but just like the HGs, I saw way too much Vanessa in her (and I couldn’t stand Vanessa!), so I’m not awfully sad that she’s gone. But, that’s my opinion & I respect yours, too.

      • I don’t want to see her in jury. She holds a grudge. So if someone deserves to win and maybe had a hand in getting her out, she will vote against them. Did not like her last year. I dislike her even more this year.

  5. How can anyone trust Paul when he feeds information to everyone? Most of it lies! He is like the snitch Andy Herren and he might win it in the end if they are too stupid to evict him now!

    • He doesn’t feed all information to everyone. He’s obviously most loyal to Paulie and the 2 of them are working the whole house. They are playing the best game this season so far easily.

    • For a guy that macho to be that secure in himself that he let Nicole give him pigtails and let them in all evening was pretty impressive to me, not gonna lie. :D

      • From watching BBAD it would seem that Victor has a little bit of a crush on Nicole – hope Natalie doesn’t notice.

      • It’s either that or he’s just trying to get under Corey’s skin – I honestly can’t tell which. Victor knows it bugs the stuffing out of Corey when he (Vic) flirts with Nicole, so I think he’s smart enough to use that as strategy. Guess we’ll find out.

      • I don’t think this is very good strategy at all for Victor as he tries to irritate Corey to death in various ways. If Corey goes home at least Nicole can fall back on Victor as her ‘person’.

  6. Ya know, I really try to like Frank – I really do try, but his demeaning of women has GOT to stop! Calling Bridgette fat and that she needs to “burn off some chub”…. Really?! That behavior makes him looks uglier than he is. He has the potential to be so cute if his personality was better LOL!

  7. Victor is right, Da is the head of the snake. See is in the background deciding who goes and stays based on her game and people are listening to her – at least the girls are.

    It still amazes me that no one has caught on to Paul and his lies. Even when he talks about beers or cheese you can tell he is full of it. He’s 23 and he knows everything about everything? LOL

    I don’t see this power to come back into the house as much of a deal unless whoever has it wins the next HoH. Otherwise whoever comes back will go right back out with the next eviction. Its not like Victor coming back because there were several weeks from when he left to when he came back. Feelings changed.

  8. Lol. If the eviction order does goes like that: Frank – Bridge – Vic – Natalie… That last week will torture poor James. Nat in the jury house at least a week with Victor AND with the 2 people he put up (Frank & Bridgette) after lying and saying they were safe, who might encourage Vicalie just to spite him. Lol.

    • If Frank or Bridgette get evicted this week, they won’t get to go to jury. Next week’s evictee will get to. Paul said he wanted Bridgette to go next week so she’d end up being surrounded by a bunch of a*holes as she referred the rest to being.

      • Here’s a thought. What if Frank or Bridgette have the boomerang ticket. Does that mean next week’s evictee goes home and not to jury? If that is the case, I hope Frank or Bridgette, whoever is evictee has the boomerang card and Day goes home next week. When she goes, I don’t want to see her till she is on stage on finale night. Like she was last year.

      • Either someone is chosen right then or there to go home or they have a double eviction next week, one goes home, the other to jury!

      • So THERE is a chance that Da will go home. But now after reading about Paul and the way he was during comp, I kinda what him home. He is horrible and mean and plays dirty

      • Ya, I’ve had enuff of him. He yells in the DR & completely ignored ‘Da when she said to come upstairs (or leave Frank alone) but 2 seconds later Paulie tells him to leave Frank alone & Paul goes with him. (The kitchen scene)

        Mostly him yelling in the DR….& his friendship thing; whatever that is about? Goof!

  9. This is kind of off topic, and bear in mind that I don’t have the feeds; but I do catch SOME of BBAD every night…but I have yet to see James in the HoH bed; let alone in the HoH room very often. That kind of thing drives me nuts!! Has anyone who has the feeds seen him actually get to take advantage of HIS HoH bed? All I ever see is Corey in there.

    • I have feeds and James and Natalie do spend time up in the HoH room & bed. One of the things that James is very aware of, though, is that when you isolate yourself in the HoH room, you miss out on A LOT of game/strategy talk. Yesterday afternoon, someone asked him if they could use “his” HoH bathroom and he said, “It’s not *my” HoH bathroom, it’s Big Brother’s.”

  10. They could have picked vets from different seasons, don’t understand why they pick 2 from last season, anyway there’s more vets deserving to come back than who’s playing right now.

  11. Nicole needs to wake up and get a clue. If she doesn’t make an “unholy alliance with the devil” and flip the house then she could be the next out of the house. She needs to keep that bigger target in front of her.

  12. So, now Day has Nicole in her crosshairs…I don’t recall this..but did Frank and Bridgette have a F4 with Corey and Nicole..I don’t recall that ever being made official..I know that Nicole and Frank made a F2 very early…another Day lie? I was watching BBAD and I didn’t think that Frank was serious when he told Bridgette she was fat…they were wrestling around..I didn’t take it seriously…but, then anything coming out of the rat Paul’s mouth you can’t believe..he is just awful…when and if Frank goes..Bridgette will sit gameplay…at least with Frank we had gameplay. Season 18 is going down the drain for me…may as well just go ahead and write Mr. Ego and Mr. Hypocrite Paulie the check…unbelievable that these minions are following their leader..when he has told them over and over that he took alot of advice from Derrick…DUMMIES!!!

    • Frank wanted to make a final 2 with Nicole the first week, but that all went to the wayside really quickly and never brought it up again. Frank decided to make Paulie his lackey to get to F2.

      • I saw Nicole approach Frank that first week about having a F2 with Frank and then one other time she approached him again and asked if their F2 was still a go, but I couldn’t give you the exact time that took place. I just remember her asking are you being serious with me because she said she couldn’t tell. More recently it was Frank and Bridgette who talked to both Nicole and Corey about the four of them working together and they agreed, but I don’t remember a true alliance with a name. I couldn’t tell for sure if it was sincere because both Nicole and Corey would report back to Paulie about different things that Frank had said. Of course the real alliance is a F2 between Paulie and Corey. Corey is what Cody was to Derrick and just recently Paulie said no one suspects we are as close as we are. I don’t think anyone knows about their F2 deal including Nicole. Bigger question is I wonder where Paul fits in and what he will do if he finds out. I think Paulie is using Paul in the sense of people thinking they are really close.

      • Thanks for the update. And yes, Paulie is using Paul as his gopher, similar to what Van did with Steve…which eventually led to her downfall. Don’t think Paul will be so lucky though, because he talks way too much!

    • They did talk about it when Nicole was running back and forth between evicting Da or Tiffany. I’m not sure if Corey was there but Br, Frank and Nicole spoke about it. I think it was around the time when Nicole said she would do Frank’s dirty work that Da’s.

    • He’s making personal moves against a player that is a dead man walking. You want to bring Bridgette to your side? Awesome, and you want to lie to do it? All is fair in the game. However, the tactic of lying about Frank to make Bridgette not like Frank is ridiculous. It’s not a game move.

      • I agree it’s not a game move at all. Paul said he was going to go all out in making Frank miserable his last few days and then turn right around and do the same thing to Bridgette next week. It is personal and like Skyline Jackjr said – “Paul is a douche!”

  13. Too bad Nicole and Corey didn’t get rid of Day when they had the chance.
    Instead of doing what was best for their game they did what was best for Paulie’s game so now Day has them as her targets.
    I can’t believe Paulie is even believing half of Day’s lies either.

    • I don’t honestly think that he is believing Da’s lies. Notice that when Da’ has a conversation with any of the crew (Z, Paulie, James) about Nicole, they usually go back and have a conversation with Nicole at some point. I would think that if they all were believing what Da’ is throwing out there, they’d be gunning for Nicole, not going back and talking to her about any of it. That’s just my opinion, though. I could be dead wrong.

      • I don’t have the feeds Heather and it takes me a while to get caught up over at Jokers so thanks for letting me know Nicole is not in serious trouble after all.
        I hate the fact that Frank has been bullying her too – what in the world did he think he would gain by that?

      • You’re most welcome. :o)
        I’m not saying that Nicole’s out of the woods, because she’s not. Da’ is still definitely going to look to get her and Corey on the Block together, sooner rather than later. Da’s problem is, she needs to win that HoH to make it happen because I’m not sure anyone else would be willing to go after them just yet.
        I think Frank thought he could rattle her with being a jerk to her (I really hesitate to use the word, “bullying,” because I feel like it’s overused). What he doesn’t realize is that Nicole doesn’t blow up like Da’Vonne does. She cries easier than blows up, which isn’t going to get him anything.

      • Must be awful for Frank not being able to make Nicole ‘blow up’ bless his heart. I hope somebody is at least telling Nicole what Day has been saying about her. Maybe Paulie will tell Corey.

      • JMO Heather, but Frank didn’t start behaving that way to Nicole until she lied about what Day had said about wanting Frank out during the last HOH comp and went on to lie about the two of them having a F2 deal. He really wanted to work with Nicole and Corey both, but figured he couldn’t trust her anymore. The other thing is you are right Nicole doesn’t blow up this season, but she sure is a whiner and crier. She seems to worry more about her relationship with Corey than the game itself. I liked Nicole her prior season, but to me she is not the same Nicole. The other day with the secret room incident and Corey not telling her the code right away as Natalie did for James she went on and on and on whining about it. The only time she stopped was when the two of them got into bed. That’s something else that surprises me about her this season. What goes on beneath those covers at night. She was worried that she was going to come off looking like a brat after finding out that during Corey’s DR session they talked about her whining non-stop, but more people seem concerned with her behavior under the covers. Z has talked to Paulie about not trusting Nicole and he does agree with her. I think the only reason he doesn’t want to get rid of Nicole before Day is because of his F2 with Corey. They still plan on getting rid of her just not right away. Again, jmo.

    • I love Nicole, too. Da’ knows she CANNOT beat Nicole – in comps OR with her social game – THAT’S why she’s going after her. I don’t like it, but I understand why Da’ sees Nicole as a threat.

      • Let the bullying of Nicole commence :(
        I’ve always like Nicole too and would hate to see her leave.

    • I’ve always liked her too, but the past couple of weeks she’s really been getting on my last nerve. She’s much more concerned with that chauvinistic pig Corey than making good game decisions. ?

      • ITA with you regarding that. I really liked her on her prior season, but she is so different this season and as you said lately she is definitely more concerned about Corey than her game. If she only knew that Corey has no problem getting rid of her for HIS game. I believe she thinks he would take her to the end when all along he has a F2 with Paulie. She seems to really love the male attention this season as now that Victor is back in the house you can tell she likes him flirting with her.

    • You folks are funny. Nicole has been going after Day since week 2. Now that Day sniffed it out thanks to Frank, she’s the mean one.

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