Big Brother 18 Live Feeds Week 3: Sunday Highlights

It was a quiet day but a loud and drunk night in the Big Brother 18 house as the some of the houseguests were treated to a special dinner from Outback Steakhouse and Zakiyah’s birthday was celebrated with some Magic Mike antics.

Michelle, Zakiyah, & Nicole dressed up on BB18

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, July 10, 2016:

10:40 AM BBT – Houseguests have started their day as James and Corey are chatting in the backyard. They talk targets for next week, specifically Frank and how to keep the wool pulled over his eyes. James admits he’s been feeding Natalie information but says he generalizes it first to remove sources.

10:45 AM BBT – James says Natalie just wants to get to Jury so she can get the paycheck. And we can assume James just wants Natalie to make Jury so in worst cast he’s hanging out with her for a few weeks.

11:10 AM BBT – Michelle talks with Da’Vonne about Tiffany thinking she may be staying this week. Day thinks Tiffany will be in too much shock of being evicted to blow up their game in her last few seconds out the door.

12:30 PM BBT – Bridgette and Michelle discuss their favorite past comps. Stay or Fold along with BB15’s froyo comps are discussed. The latter was pretty funny. Surprised we haven’t seen it again.

1:00 PM BBT – Corey discussing being unable to sleep in the HN bumper cars. Production won’t let him sleep on the floor & he can not physically fit enough to sleep. Pretty messed up.

2:15 PM BBT – Frank camtalks that he feels good about Bridgette, Paulie, Nicole, & Corey working with him. He’s still hoping to get Da’Vonne and Michelle out. He hopes Michelle can get HoH though so she can nom Bronte and Natalie and get Bronte out.

3:20 PM BBT – Frank talks with Corey about future evictions. He shares his idea to get Michelle HoH. Frank is also worried about Da’Vonne. Corey argues against breaking up their own group while they’ve got a good thing going.

3:50 PM BBT – Corey runs back to Paulie with details of his talk with Frank and wanting to target Da’Vonne.

4:00 PM BBT – Paul shows up and Paulie does his usual word vomit of everything he knows to Paul about Frank and his sneaky game. Paulie can’t keep anything to himself.

4:25 PM BBT – Frank gets worked up retelling aspects of Dan’s game in BB14. He claims Dan’s Funeral didn’t do anything. Frank is crazy.

4:40 PM BBT – James has warned Tiffany the Veto is unlikely to be used.

5:25 PM BBT – Paulie also tells Tiffany Bridgette probably won’t use the Veto, but he promises her Bronte should be the evictee, not her.

6:15 PM BBT – Paul’s nose ring infection continues to worsen. Bridgette urges him to see the medic.

6:45 PM BBT – James warns Michelle that Frank wants her out. She’s scared he’ll find out they’re conspiring against him.

7:15 PM BBT – Houseguests getting ready for their Outback dinner reward. Bridgette won Team Frank a meal and they picked Team Da’Vonne to join them.

7:30 PM BBT – Day thinks it’s suspicious that her team was picked to eat Outback. Nicole thinks it’s so Day’s team wouldn’t be left alone in the house with her team.

8:01 PM BBT – Nicole tells Corey she doesn’t trust Da’Vonne. She says Day puts a target on them even if she doesn’t mean to. Nicole says Day doesn’t like their five (Nicole, Corey, Paulie, Z and Day).

8:07 PM BBT – Corey says they should get rid of Bronte this week instead of Tiffany. Nicole said she’d like to but they can’t trust Day to do that and then they’d have a bigger target on them.

8:56 PM BBT – The Outback dinner is over. HGs seem a little drunk, especially Michelle.

9:04 PM BBT – Z, Nicole and Michelle are having a “Frank Sucks” dance in the storage room.

9:15 PM BBT – Paulie tells James that the girls just want to go after each other and they can coast on through.

9:17 PM BBT – Bridgette says she wants to pass out so she cuddles up next to Frank in the HOH bed. Frank says Michelle is really wasted. Bridgette is laughing and slurring her speech and whimpering. They drank a lot of beer.

9:18 PM BBT – Frank tells Bridgette he wants Michelle to throw up on Tiffany. He says he’s mean to people who don’t like him for no reason. He calls Paul a hot mess.

9:19 PM BBT – Bridgette and Frank start sizing up the house. Frank said he wanted Corey out this week before Tiffany started after him.

9:21 PM BBT – “Day’s dangerous too,” Frank says. He says she’s an influencer. Bridgette says yes because people respect her as a strong single mother. He says he’ll get one of the boys to get her out. Bridgette said she’s not going to be the one to go after day.

9:22 PM BBT – Now Frank is on Michelle. No one is safe with him. He says Michelle feels too safe and is complacent.

9:30 PM BBT – Bridgette calls Zakiyah a floater. Frank says he wants her around to the end because she’s easy to beat.

9:35 PM BBT – Frank admits to Bridgette that he won RK week one and put her up and how he won this week and put up Bronte because she’s a strong competitor. She says the other girls in her trio don’t trust him, but she does and they won’t go against her.

9:42 PM BBT – Frank tells Bridgette he might prefer getting Day out over Paulie and Corey because he wouldn’t want her in jury knowing he got her out. He says they’ll have to see how HOH goes next week.

10:20 PM BBT – The guys are planning a dance number/striptease for Z’s birthday.

10:35 PM BBT – Michelle and Nicole are “spying” on the guys’ rehearsal.

10:43 PM BBT – It’s showtime. The guys are ready for their show.

10:46 PM BBT – Zakiyah gets a lap dance from Paulie.

11:20 PM BBT – Da’Vonne lets Nicole know that she heard Frank is coming after her (Day). She says Paulie told her. Now she wants HoH so she can nom Frank.

11:40 PM BBT – Paulie and Zakiyah discuss this week’s eviction. Tiffany should go this week then Frank next followed by Bridgette. Paulie thinks he could throw it to her, Da’Vonne, or Paul and one of them could beat out Frank.

11:45 PM BBT – Natalie is STILL talking about Victor breaking up their showmance. Good grief.

12:15 AM BBT – Paulie, Michelle, and Nicole go over their evict-Frank plans. Bridgette will be their back up plan if he wins Veto.

12:40 AM BBT – Tiffany helping Nicole study the days and events. Tiffany has them well rehearsed.

1:30 AM BBT – Houseguests out enjoying the hot tub.

2:15 AM BBT – Paul pulls Bronte aside. He tells her Tiffany is this week’s target, Frank will be targeted next week, and Frank has won two RKs and put her up.

2:25 AM BBT – Nicole is talking to herself that she should try and work with Frank but fears that would mean Corey would have to go.

2:50 AM BBT – Nicole asks Corey if he’d keep her to F2. He promises he would.

3:00 AM BBT – Nicole feels guilty about not trusting Da’Vonne after getting reassurances from her tonight.

3:40 AM BBT – Tiffany talking with Da’Vonne that she’s glad they have each other to trust.

3:45 AM BBT – Day tells Tiffany she thinks Zakiyah would cut her (Day) over Paulie because of their showmance.

Talks overnight of keeping Tiffany and sending out Bronte would definitely shift the game. If Da’Vonne decides she needs a new ally then maybe it’ll happen. It’d sure make for an exciting Thursday night and follow-on HoH competition!

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  1. Come on Day!! Convince everyone to keep Tiff!! It’s the best chance you’ve got right now.

      • Absolutely. I’m not a fan of Day but I will admit she’s been better this time. I just want Tiffany to be able to show if she’s really any good or if she has anything to offer. I like her and think she should have a chance without Frank breathing down her neck. Plus I would LOVE to see Frank’s face when she doesn’t get evicted lol!!! PRICELESS!!!

    • If Day was smart, she would team up with Frank and Bridgette to clean house. Problem is, she is not willing to talk things out with Frank.

      • I wouldn’t either if I were her. 2 or 3 people can’t take over the house if everyone is against them. You would have to win every week. Other than that I wouldn’t give either of them the satisfaction of winning any money. They both deserve to go home pre-jury.

  2. I would love for Tiffany to stay and Bronte to go home on Bridgette’s HOH. Teach Bridgette a valuable lesson in keeping control to herself.

  3. I simply don’t understand why they don’t keep Tiffany and get rid of Paul. Day should realize they should keep one of her allies. If the women band together, it doesn’t matter what Frank wants. The women have the numbers — it would be a vote of 5-4 to evict Paul. And I’ll bet James and Corey would vote him out, too.

  4. Seriously from all HGs I thought Paulie would be the one who’s willing to keep Tiff, since she basically had done nothing to him and they have the sibling pact. Anyway glad that Day, Corey and surprisingly Nicole want to keep Tiff. They only need 2 more votes. Please make it happen!

  5. Is Victor the 1st guy to dump Natalie in awhile? Girlfriend’s having a hard time letting it go. Lol.
    He was there, what – a week or 2? And she’s that broke up about it?

  6. I really hope Day can start winning some comps! I am so not ready for her to go!!! I love how she picks up on do much in the house.

  7. I think Frank spent so much time on the block in season 14..that he doesn’t know how to play the game if he’s not being nominated. He has been ruthless so far this season..he got Tiffany on his radar..heaven forbid that a female disagree with Frank Eudy….and he has been relentless in his bad treatment of her. When I was watching him and Bridgette in bed last night, which made me want to throw up…she is so ridiculous..while he was talking about HG’s he wants out..he would go from laughing about something with Bridgette one second and then the next second he goes to a complete evil smirk on his face…it was very telling to me…I really want Tiffany to stay..Paulie obviously can’t keep his mouth shut..not sure if he is a good 8pack replacement for her..I hope they can make it happen! Frank would be so pissed..which would be so much fun to watch!!

    • What was even more disgusting was how Bridgette just ate up everything he said INCLUDING the fact that he was the one who put her up week 1!! She’s an absolute idiot.

      • Absolutely agree! She’s already ratted out the girls to Frank by telling him they don’t trust him and to stay away from him.

    • Its also sad that he thinks Dan’s funeral did nothing. I’m sorry was he drunk that time? And by that I mean of power.

      • He was really upset with Michelle for going on about how much she liked Dan and his game. I don’t know if she was purposefully doing it to aggravate him, but anything that aggravates Frank gets kudos.

      • Yes, that is exactly what he was. He was so smug, he couldn’t see through his own bullchit. A**hole!

  8. OMG, just watched the clip of Frank going off on Michele. I can’t believe she actually just sat there as calmly as she did, phew-eeee! I would have gone off on that fool. He berated and belittled her like she was his little kid, are there still people out there co-signing onto this ish other than Grodner. Frank is a misogynistic chauvanistic pig and that is being kind! Beat it Frank, feel sorry for the women in your life.

  9. I really want Frank to go before jury.I can not stand how he is running the house and turning everyone against each other and how he is also manipulating everyone to do what he wants or your gonna be his next target

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