Big Brother 18 Live Feeds Week 2: Saturday Highlights

Pressure was on today for the Houseguests preparing the next stage in their Backdoor plans with the Veto competition coming up. They were hoping for a Victor shutout from the draw but then also preparing plans for if they faced him in the comp. Read on to see how their luck turned out.

Tiffany Rousso shocked by Big Brother 18

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Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, July 2, 2016:

9:00 AM BBT – HGs got their wakeup call, but no one is stirring. Feeds cut.

10:00 AM BBT – Feeds return from Have-Not reveal. Da’Vonne, Paul, and Zakiyah are the HNs for coming in last in the HoH comp. They’ll be eating berries and yogurt for the week. Well that was nice of production.

10:40 AM BBT – Natalie and Bronte know they need to get on Frank’s good side. They think he has a lot of sway in the controlling alliance.

11:30 AM BBT – James and Corey chatting with Tiffany about her RK nom. James is assuring Tiffany she’ll be good and that even if Victor gets to play in the comp and if she loses it to him then they’ll still get Bronte out. It won’t be a big deal, James promises Tiffany.

12:25 PM BBT – Feeds returning from drawing players. Frank is excited and says the comp will “just be for bragging rights.” Victor was not drawn to play. Zakiyah and Da’Vonne are the two additional players.

12:35 PM BBT – Frank tells Da’Vonne they need to target Victor then Bronte then Tiffany and then Paul.

12:55 PM BBT – Paul and Paulie sharing strategy ideas. Paul thinks Bridgette is hiding more to herself. They worry about the Spy Girls being so close.

1:00 PM BBT – Day and Zakiyah discuss getting Frank out soon. They don’t want him getting to Jury. Day also wants Corey out to prevent a showmance from growing there.

2:20 PM BBT – Frank and Paulie talking game in the HoH room. Frank worries about after a few more evictions when their alliance make start thinking of looking inside their alliance for targets. Few more rounds then they want to get out Tiffany.

2:45 PM BBT – HGs discuss chances of a returning evictee. They wonder if Jozea would come back improved or bitter.

3:50 PM BBT – Tiffany and Paulie talk about the Veto comp. She wants to know if it’s okay to fight for it. Paulie says she should. Paulie thinks they should tell Victor before he gets renom’d.

4:00 PM BBT – Feeds cut for Veto comp.

6:30 PM BBT – Feeds return. Paulie won the PoV. This was the spelling comp.

6:35 PM BBT – Da’Vonne is upset that Tiffany revised her word to make sure she beat Day. She thinks that’s suspicious since they were all supposed to be working together.

6:50 PM BBT – Natalie and Bronte believe the house is still working toward the BD Victor plan.

7:05 PM BBT – Paulie discusses with Paul that he’ll take him down then renom Victor. Paulie wants Victor to think this was all his doing so he isn’t mad at everyone.

7:45 PM BBT – Tiffany and Da’Vonne discuss next targets with either Paul or Bronte. They wonder if James will protect Bronte. Day isn’t happy about Frank trying to protect his team while hers gets picked off.

8:00 PM BBT – Paulie warns Frank that anything they tell Paul will go straight back to Bronte and Natalie.

9:00 PM BBT – Da’Vonne and Nicole talking next targets. They worry about Paulie and Tiffany having a bond over their siblings. They want Bronte out soon since she seems to be the leader of the remaining female Revolution members.

9:30 PM BBT – Nicole and James discover alcohol in the Storage room. James jokes that they should drink it themselves.

9:55 PM BBT – Frank and James think it’d be best to get Bronte out next then Tiffany. Frank worries about Paulie and Tiffany bonding too much. They have the chance to evict her this week, but want to wait on that. Both agree that if an all-girls alliance was forming then Day would warn them.

10:40 PM BBT – Spy Girls discussing the week’s plans. Bridgette confirms that Victor is the plan but he’s been told it’s Tiffany.

11:15 PM BBT – Bridgette tells Bronte that Natalie isn’t here to win and she is going to pull back from talking game with her.

11:40 PM BBT – Victor discusses only have a few allies in the house. He still doesn’t know he’s the target this week.

12:00 AM BBT – James telling the newbies about Jury House and how nice it is there with a handler to get you things and take care of you.

12:50 AM BBT – Bridgette working on Tiffany that they need to get out a Vet, Frank or James, by using Bronte to make it happen.

With Veto out of the way and it securely in Paulie’s hands the house can rest easy, even Victor for another day, but the rest of the week could be uncomfortable. They’re anticipating a very upset Victor though he may settle when he sees there’s no way out.

Since Monday is a holiday the HGs are expecting the Veto Ceremony to be moved up a day earlier. Seems reasonable. Watch for Veto meeting results on Sunday and we’ll keep you posted.

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