Big Brother 18: Frank Camtalks Vote Plans & Next Evictions

Frank Eudy took advantage of a little alone time this morning in the Big Brother 18 backyard and shared his thoughts with Feedsters on the upcoming eviction vote and who he wants to see go next.

Frank Eudy in BB18 backyard

Victor had just been chatting with Frank when he turned and headed back inside. Frank turned to the camera and gave his Hi’s to family before going through his latest thoughts on the game.

Frank is expecting a full sweep against Victor with a 10-0 vote on Thursday night. That’s what I’m counting from our perspective as well. It’s going to take something big to shake this plan considering Frank isn’t even worried enough to change the target this week to the vulnerable Tiffany.

So what’s next for Frank and company? Bronte and Tiffany are his top picks and says he’d go with either one for the next eviction. Things have been running according to plan so far, says Frank, but he admits that’s no guarantee it’ll keep going that way.

Tiffany has moved up Frank’s target list thanks to word coming to him from the likes of Da’Vonne yesterday telling Frank that Tiffany is leading the calls for his eviction and seeking support around the house. True, but only partially true as the Fatal Five collective discussed this idea before putting the blame on Tiffany.

A little later Paulie has joined Frank and they’re talking about what needs to be done next. Frank tells Paulie about what he heard regarding Tiffany coming for him and both agree she’s got to go before that idea can take root. Flashback to 9:19 AM BBT 7/5 to hear more of their talk.

Previously we heard Frank suggesting a Roadkill nomination would be the way to go with Tiffany so it was anonymous, but now he’s saying if he gets HoH then he’ll put her up right away and let her crack under the pressure.

Frank suggests Tiffany should have waited until she held HoH before launching this campaign against him. I’m just surprised it’s not putting her in more danger considering they could probably make her eviction happen this week if they decided it needed to happen.

Takeaway here is that this week has already been decided and they’re not going to waver on it. Next week though, we could get some fireworks as the Eight Pack is showing signs of stress fractures and potential infighting. Time for the remaining Revolution newbies to take cover and let this play out.

What do you think of Frank’s plan? Good idea to go after Tiffany before she can get him or are they all just playing in to Da’Vonne’s plans instead of doing what’s best for their own game?


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  1. I actually quite like Day, but her reckless game-play with all the lying – especially so early on – will likely make HER the target before long. And although the Victor eviction is almost certainly a done deal, there still exists the possibility that the girls will get their act together and go after the boys after this week, so the boys best strategy is to get the girls to align with them to evict Tiffany and Bronte next.

    • Even though Frank, Paulie, and James are aware of some possible plotting against the males going on by the gals, they don’t seem that concerned about it yet, as they are voting out another male. So whether it is kudos to the ladies or ignorance on the guys part…to be continued. I hope something happens soon to liven things up.

      • Victor is a big threat to paulie so I can see why he’s eliminating V. who is definitely coming after paulie.
        I think the girls need to separate themselves from Tiff and Day asap before they become implicated in all the lies going around.
        I’m kind of feeling sorry for Tiff now that Day has spread a couple of lies about her.

      • I can’t see Z ever separating from Da unless one of them is evicted. Da’s actions toward Tiff could be a little in your face payback to Van.

      • Oh I agree, Day probably can’t wait to get back at Van and I’m willing to see her POV there. She’s already building her case against Tiff and I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see if that’s good or bad for Day.
        If Tiff gets her act together she could probably run circles around Day if necessary; as long as she doesn’t cry and make a scene.
        I’m a little concerned that Zak could go down with Day and I’d hate to see that happen.
        At least she has Paulie at present but who knows if he’s just a shallow flirt like Cody.
        I’m still getting caught up so I’m probably way behind on what’s been happening.
        Fell asleep watching BBAD – must be due to my upcoming birthday lol.

      • Enjoy the few days you have left as a 59 year old. The days go by so fast at our age; they do to me anyway. 60 is just a number. :)

      • Oh believe me, I’m enjoying them while I can. Can’t wait for all those senior citizen discounts coming my way now. Just think; 70 is just a few years away, can’t wait for that either :(

      • Ha! But really, my life is starting to flash before my eyes Have a great day Karen :D

      • The absolute BEST thing about getting that age is Medicare! I save so much money compared to what I was paying before. A true godsend.

      • To Deb in SF – On the premiums, I’m saving a great deal of money, too, but my AARP Humana RX plan stinks, and I’m about to change to something that actually pays for more than just a very few generic drugs. I was shocked at how lousy it turned out to be.

      • BOO HOO HOO! Well, at least I’ll have BB to keep my mind off of my forthcoming bday.

      • It’s because that first week Tiffany went to Michelle n told her n the girls not to trust Day also n has been talking about Day to them saying she doesn’t trust her. But she set needs to chill cause she is gna get blown up about the fatal 5 I see Tiffany telling it all!!!

      • I missed a lot of the first week so this is news to me. In fact, I’ve been hearing that Day was spreading lies about Tiffany. Now I’m really confused – or perhaps they both need to go. I think Tiff is correct about Day the more I learn.

      • Bb – I agree. Tiffany is running her mouth too much. I was disappointed in her gameplay.

      • Day has completely charmed Zak I agree. I’m hoping zak will socialize elsewhere and make connections with others.

      • I really wish this seasons houseguests would forget about Van and just concentrate on this seasons players. No one seems to be targeting Paulie because of his brother Cody. Get rid of a player based on their performance THIS season.

      • When there has been a player like Van and there is someone in the house who reminds the HGs of her, personally, it would be very difficult for me to forget about Van. Comparing Cody to Van is like comparing a volcano to peaceful flowing creek, imo. Van was torture for me the last few weeks. If you didn’t feel that way, I can understand your post.

      • I didn’t care for Van because she was making all the moves for the houseguests that were HOH. The show is more fun for me when everyone doesn’t vote the same as in following like sheep. I like to give each new person a clean slate, Now with that being said, after watching Tiff try to win the Veto which would have jeopardized Victor leaving she can now go. Tiff winning could have ruined everything and she was shown to be untrustworthy.

      • I would love a season where everyone didn’t vote the same and “expect the unexpected” really rang true. I’m hoping things start heating up and we don’t wind up with one person controlling the house. That sucks!

      • Looks like this group may have their own minds. Pretty sure Victor will be gone tonight but it will be interesting who the next target will be, esp. if it’s Frank. Groups seem to be all over the place. I do agree with all of your statements. It gets really boring when everyone votes the same.

      • I agree, Tiffany really isn’t as bad a Vanessa was in her season. I think her meltdown on Frank was warranted as well, though I think she shouldn’t have reacted as dramatically as she did.

      • Tiff screaming ‘male chauvinist” at Frank probably wasn’t a good idea I agree.

      • I just read on Jokers that Victor told Paul that if he wins HOH he’s going to put up Frank and Paulie.
        No, Tiffany isn’t as bad as Vanessa – doesn’t talk near as much. Remember last year on BBAD Vanessa would talk in the HOH the entire show? It was unwatchable.

      • I see we are kindred spirits where BB is concerned. I almost didn’t watch this season after last year’s train wreck, worst season EVER. Thanks goodness Van didn’t win, I’m thankful for that.

      • I don’t see Tiffany and Vanessa as the same at all. Tiffany is as cunning as her sister as far as I see so far. The only similarity is the crying. Yet Vanessa cried as part of her strategy, Tiffany cries because she is emotional. I don’t see her as a threat whatsoever.

      • India Ink – I agree. Vanessa was so paranoid that she changed her target constantly. She targeted so many people, even her allies, that I was surprised she lasted as long as she did. I thought she’d sink her own ship.

      • I will NEVER understand how Vanessa lasted as long as she did. Sometimes I think DR interference is involved is these puzzling BB outcomes. The same as Andy…how the heck did he win?

    • Yeah Day plays in away that indicates she learned nothing from her first time on the show. When she had to go tell everybody the DR didn’t tell her what she shared, it’s enough to get her out

  2. Victor is a comp beast, they have to get him out this week. Besides, since Victor is Paulie’s No.1 target, Frank and Day don’t want to be seen as undermining Paulie’s HoH by pushing to evict Tiffany who happens to be close with Paulie as well.
    I am curious tho, Paulie is quite diplomatic, when he agrees with Frank about evicting Tiffany, does he really mean it or he just wants to be in good terms with Frank? Unless he camtalks about it or we see it in the DR. Tiffany is not coming after him and would be probably voting for him in jury, so I don’t think Paulie really wants to get rid of Tiffany next week before jury.

    • Agree. And Paulie can’t be the next HoH. If Frank gets it, and wants Tiff gone, Paulie will probably honor his wishes out of respect for the HoH. But Tiff could get HoH and may try to take out Frank by putting him up with 2 other guys to get the women to vote him out.

      If Tiff gets the girls to vote out Frank next week in some crazy coup, and HE fights his way back in on the winback – watch out, ladies after he hears the vote count – scorched earth a’comin’. Lol.

      • Does Tiff know Da told Frank that stuff (about Tiff trying to rile up a female power move)?

      • I don’t know yet bb, I haven’t had a chance to read Jokers today. Hopefully Matt will have a new article giving us more info since there’s a lot of stuff I need to catch up on.

      • India Ink – to the best of my knowledge, she doesn’t, although the others girls in the Fatal 5 know.

      • If Nic hears them pounding their chests (the males), she will be wrecked and will probably get a little more proactive in that direction. :)

    • Will be interesting if the next HoH considers targeting Tiff, Paul & Bronte, for example. Paulie may try hard to make a case to target Bronte first, since everyone knows Tiff is emo charged. Frank can use what Da and what Bridgette told him about Tiff shooting for a girls alliance on top of James saying Tiff was speaking with the girls privately til he walked in. Frank will have a case to make in that regard. But Paulie might really push for Bronte first, then Tiff. Meanwhile, Paul skates by and says ‘yes’ a lot. Lol

      • I def think he vibes with her – don’t know about a F2. But I do not think (even if he does have a F2 with her) at this time, that it is set in stone. He has options with his boys, Frank and Corey.
        I think he’d like for Tiff to stay around awhile though.

      • I thought that when she told Paulie that she is Vanessa’s sister, they shook hands. I like Tiff. Day had it out for her cuz of Van. I think Day isn’t going to stop till A Tiff is gone or B she breaks Tiff down. Which is sad. I know it’s part of the game. I still don’t like it.

      • At the beginning of the season Paulie did mention that he had a little bit of a crush on Van last year so maybe he is really attracted to Tiff ‘in that way’. I see the connection between them too, he’s the only one Tiff is comfortable with it seems to me.`
        I don’t want to see Zak’s feelings get hurt either.

      • At this point, I think Paulie is playing one of the best games. He has many allies and no enemies, and isn’t coming off as a big threat to anyone. His game reminds me more of Derrick’s than his brother’s, but he doesn’t seem to be in the mastermind category as was Derrick.

    • Paulie’s hard to read because he gets along so well with everybody and doesn’t seem to be high on anyone’s radar.

      • Yeah he gets along with most HGs but we do know that he’s close with Zakiyah, Corey, Frank and Tiff. He will use the rest of the HGs for his advantage. Bronte, Bridgette and even Natalie might be targeting him tho if given the chance. One thing for sure, he’s one of the safest HGs at the moment along with Zakiyah.

  3. Agree. Two of the 4 returning vets are hated by America. Three of the 4 made it to jury. So why was Day brought back?

    • They were all 4 liked on their original seasons. Many people still like all 4 of them but Frank is starting to become less likable and Day is starting to get reckless

      • Jackson – ITA. I liked Frank at the beginning in the beginning of the season, but can barely stand to listen to him now, he’s so mean spirited. And Day is getting too mouthy again, just as she did last year. They can’t seem to hide their true character for long, lol!

    • There was a good bit of mournful outcries when Day was evicted last year – a very emotional reaction, so like you I fail to understand the whole Day Phenomena from the start.

      • People were in complete hysterics on multiple sites you couldn’t even escape it. Day can be entertaining at times but her atrocious gameplay last season shouldn’t have sparked such agony when she was evicted.

    • I think Day was brought back for her sassy Diary Room sessions…. That seems to be what she’s best at.

  4. The 8 pack alliance has 2 weak links, Day and Tiff, and the sooner they are attended to the better. They can bring in Paulie now and once Bronte is gone Natalie might be malleable.

    • Agree that if you dismiss Bronte, you can get Natalie’s loyalty. She will have nowhere to go. In my mind, Paulie is already an honorary member of the 8 Pack if nothing else. Tiff is perceived to be a loose cannon so I just think it is a matter of time before her number is up by either side. The only people who might go to the mat for her at this time are the newbs: Nat, Bronte, and Bridgette. (I don’t think Michelle would at this time.)

      • I would like to see Natalie separated from Bronte quickly, I don’t think Nat is able to read the type of person Bronte really is either. Bronte would betray Nat in a heartbeat while I think Nat is more loyal.
        Have you seen the beginning showmance between James and Nat? They’re already talking about going on TAR together lol.
        Agree about Paulie, he’s already Frank’s loyal right hand man, that does bring back memories doesn’t it ha !
        I still can’t understand Bridgette’s motives. They don’t show enough of her on BBAD for me to get a good read. Last night she was just stirring up trouble and ratted out Tiff to Frank. I just don’t know what to think…another Christine maybe?

      • Wow – Christine – Bridgette may find herself in that category (disliked by lots of folks) if she is not careful. I do not care for her, myself.

        I agree that Bronte would cut Nat’s throat in a heartbeat if she needed to do so. I just don’t think Nat has a lot of places to turn to but her laying low is probably the best she can do right now. Her being kinda close with James will help her, too.

        I’m not big on Nat’s showmance with James. Feels like to me that is all it is – a convenience. But if they’re having fun and keeping each other smiling while stuck inside a house for 3 months – more power to them. They might be cute on TAR together. But there is a lot of game to be played between now and then. :)

      • I don’t want to see James get hurt either; don’t know if Nat is being sincere with this but she doesn’t seem to be faking it; maybe she’s a little star struck?
        Nat seems so friendly and likable – I hope I’m not misreading her. It’ll probably be another Meg type of relationship, just friends. I enjoy seeing James flirt; he’s hilarious
        I don’t get Bridgette either but what I’ve seen I don’t like. She doesn’t seem to be dealing straight with anybody in the house and is seeking fame as a villain.

      • If Bridgette is seeking fame as a villain…it’s working. Don’t like her. She seems to be trying to play both sides of the house. Can’t tell where her loyalty really lies.

      • Well Lisa, we’re about to find out! I don’t have any idea what Bridgette is going to do as HOH.

      • Bridgette is going to do whatever Frank wants her to which is why this will be a lousy week unless someone else wins Roadkill. Just too bad Frank can’t be nominated. This is the only area I don’t like about the teams.

      • I don’t trust Bridgette for a minute because I can’t read this girl at all. I won’t believe she’s following Frank’s wishes until the nomination ceremony is over. Don’t forget, she’s going to enjoy her camera time and might do something unexpected.

      • That would be great if Bridgette does something unexpected other than being Frank’s spy. we will definitely see where her loyalties lie this week.

      • This will be the worst week ever so far this season. They should just make Frank HOH.

      • Didn’t he talk about doing TAR with someone from his previous BB season? He’s just talking; he’s a flirt, and not very discriminating it seems to me. I’m ready for him to go.

      • Me also. He never has impressed me. Plays like a 5 year old. I want to see BB . Send him home

      • May not matter but wondering how the alliance will begin cannibalizing. Mostly depends on who wins HOH, I know. But I mean, say they get rid of Bronte, Paul and even Tiffany next after immediately putting out whomever wins the buyback.
        Time to look around the table / outer circle for the next round.
        Think Nat would be a fairly easy target then for the guys. Then Bridgette. But Frank will fight for her as long as he can, I think. He will be having some competition from Nicole and the others in later comps so as long as he can stack the Jury House, I think he can let her go. She does not impress me that she can win a lot of comps.
        As the herd thins out, and the stakes getting higher,I would expect to see Da, Zak and Michelle winning some comps. Corey – does he stay with Nic or roll with the guys? Who knows?

      • Both Day and Zak plan on taking out Frank if they win HOH next – or so they say – it might just be all talk.
        I wouldn’t be surprised if Day leaves very soon among the vets as she certainly lacks loyalty. She was fed up with her team in about 2 days and started backstabbing them
        Maybe it would’ve be wiser to try to work with Jozea before sealing his doom? She could’ve suggested he cut out the Messiah nonsense and set him straight.
        I want Nicole to separate herself from trouble making Day immediately.
        Nicole and Michelle seem to be in a good place.
        The annoyance factor could seal Paul, Bronte and Tiff’s doom. Frank needs to be careful about being too annoying as well.
        So many possibilities here it’s absolutely mind-boggling for me to contemplate lol.
        Hmmm, will Corey roll with the guys or girls?
        For his reputation’s sake he might need to roll with Nicole LOL.

      • True, from what I’m hearing Day has been behind a lot of Tiff’s problems, spreading untruths and other such things.
        I don’t like to see anyone bullied unfairly like this.

  5. I can say one good thing, we are seeing players who are recuits being targeted and sent home for not properly knowing how to play. Never been a fan of returning players, sad part of BB trying to rekindle our showmance with past HG. Dude it was a summer fling, now go away!!

  6. Oh and ya’ll do know there is about to be a power shift, they don’t like it to be one sided for too long so look for a newbie…non 8 pack to win HOH soon if powers to be have anything to say about it.

  7. Is anybody else having trouble with Disqus? I’m not getting notifications for some reason.

    • Personalities clashing. Doesn’t help that Da’Vonne is adding fuel to the fire, either.

  8. There will come a point very soon that the most threatening player in the house is going to be Frank. Just a matter of time, who has the courage to take a shot at him.

    • Indeed. Reading now how Frank is digging a bigger hole for himself on Joker’s now. His ego is getting too big for the house and he doesn’t quite yet realize the house is slowly turning against him. It’ll be interesting to see who sinks first, though—Da’ or Frank. What happened to the vets not playing hard and fast the first couple of weeks, which is a newbie thing?! Tsk tsk.

      • I think by mid part of the season, we’re in for some good cutthroat gaming, once they get rid of the uninformed HG’s…I don’t really enjoy watching them play.

      • Yes! I agree, Cyril. My complaint with BB18 is that the uninformed HG’s are horrible. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Once they are gone, I’m going to enjoy it more.

        As an aside, I read that Frank smacked a few of the girls butts and they aren’t happy. Frank better be careful.

    • Oh yeah definitely. People, especially the girls, are already becoming wary of Frank. He’s being way too cocky and confident for his own good. He needs to tone down his ego; I just think that even if he does, it’s probably too late for it to make a difference at this point.

    • Nobody so far, except maybe Tiff. Day talked about it but wants to depend on one of the fatal five (it is conviently five again) to win roadkill, which is too risky.

  9. Am I the only one not really “feeling/enjoying” this season? Not sure what it is exactly but I think it’s mostly the thing we usually complain about…Bringing back old players. There haven’t been any outstanding personalities for me. Last year whenever James scared people it was fun. Now it just seems like, “Meh…Been there done that.” It kind of feels like 4 Seniors in High school hanging out with 10 Freshmen and two Sophomores. Or am I the only one who feels this way?

    • I definitely agree about James. He could be evicted now and I would not miss him. Childish BS and no intelligent game play. UGH. I want to like Da’Vonne but she’s making it difficult. Also, I like Tiffany. Maybe they should have waited a season or two before bringing her on; it doesn’t seem fair to her that she’s SO tainted by her sister.

      • Yes! I agree completely. Da’, James, Nicole, Tiffany, Paulie. That means 30% of the house was involved/related to someone involved during the last two seasons. I know complaining doesn’t do anything. I apologize for that. It just doesn’t feel new at all this season. I know we’re only a few weeks in but ratings are down a bit this season from last. That’s not a good way to start. But it’s always easier to be an armchair quarterback in the comfort of our homes, isn’t it? Hopefully it gets a bit more exciting and hopefully one of these days they invite more than one person in who’s 40+. Last year someone had a brilliant idea to have a 50/50 house. 50% 40+/50% <40. Sorry…Rambling. Apologies! Thanks for your thoughtful reply!

  10. Sending Victor home instead of Tiffany is just dumb. And it’s not like we know a lot more than the houseguests. I fear this will turn out like last season where it got SO OLD watching the Vanessa creature.

    • I don’t think we’ll see that. Many HGs fear that Tiffany is going to be a rehash of her sister already. I’d say the next time she has a meltdown, she’s unanimously evicted tbh

  11. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing an all-girls alliance this season. The girls are all pretty good exlcuding probably Bronte just because she’s mean… I just think if the girls are serious about this, then they gotta get rid of Day and Tiffany. Those two are the problems and they’ll be the reason why the alliance wouldn’t last.

  12. First time commenting, so go easy here folks. I don’t get why people are getting on Da about lying, when they all lie, it is part of the game to get people to believe your lies.

    • Welcome!..Not me, Lying is up there, on the lists of BB strategies. Dumb moves that’s detrimental to their own game irritates me.or just being stupid of the game. lol……….exhibit 1 Jozea

    • I just think she is unnecessarily stirring the pot, and it will come back to bite her in the butt.

  13. I’m now remembering why I disliked Frank and Boogie during BB14. Frank is extremely obnoxious. He must also be stupid, because Day is playing him like a fiddle, lol, and he’s buying it, hook line and sinker! I’d like to see him go, and yesterday would not be too soon.

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