‘Big Brother 18’ Final HoH Round 2 Awaits Houseguests Today

The Big Brother 18’s Final 3 Houseguests are tucked away waiting on their last big chances to compete and win their way to the Final 2 on finale night next Wednesday, Sept. 28th. Round 2 of that final HoH is anticipated to arrive later today.

Update: The competition got off to a very late start at just before 11PM BBT. Awaiting results.

James Huling building a house of cards

We’ve been listening in on the Houseguests as they plan their next moves and study for the competition ahead. Read on for the latest details of what we know and what we expect to happen.

The past recent seasons have delivered a combined physical and mental competition in Round 2 and these are rarely “easy” challenges but after losing in the first round the remaining two players have no other choice if they want the chance to control their own destiny.

Paul won the first round and that means Nicole and James will face off here in the second competition. Paul has been working hard to encourage Nicole and get her ready while trying to distract and dissuade James from winning. That might not be an issue since James has already joked to Nicole that he may end up maxing out on the comp’s time limit. Meet the new Victoria.

Over the past few years this competition has been held on this same Friday night so I’m expecting that same schedule again this round. It’ll most likely be an individual competition and it’s not necessarily fast so we could be waiting a few hours for the results once the Feeds go down.

Here’s a look back at the last three season’s worth of the final HoH Round 2 competitions to give you an idea of what Nicole and James could end up facing tonight.

During BB15 Andy and Spencer had to climb a giant wall amid an underwater setting and arrange the season’s evictions for Round 2. Mental challenge was low but physical was high with all that climbing. Andy demolished Spencer in the challenge.

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In BB16 Derrick and Victoria faced off in “BBgypt” where they had to climb up the giant wall again but this year they had to arrange the final nominees from each week. This one was a harder mental challenge since you had to know twice as much and not screw up with the original noms vs any renoms of the week. No surprise in the results where Derrick swept it away from Victor.

Round 2 of BB17 pitted Steve against Liz and while the monster climbing wall was back this time they had to complete a crossword puzzle while also figuring out the answers. I’d say this one was an even higher mental challenge level with the same physical difficulty as the others. Steve won here.

So what will the Big Brother 18 Round 2 deliver? I think we can safely expect the wall but who knows on just what the mental aspect of it will be. Could be something about the original BB18 teams since that’s unique to the season or maybe another puzzle like last year. Either way, I’m giving the edge to Nicole over James for this round.

Nicole has performed very well on mental comps especially when compared to James who admits this won’t be an easy battle for him to win. I really do expect her to steal this one away from James and move on with Paul to the third round, but there’s always a chance Nicole gets hung up on something in the puzzle and the win could go to James.

What do you think will happen in the Final HoH Round 2 competition? Will James pull off the upset or does Nicole have this on lockdown? Is it time for something different from the walls of the recent years on this challenge? Share your thoughts and get ready for tonight’s results.

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  1. i see james throwing this away…physical +mental he will tire himself out rahter quickly if the slip n slide was any indication of him being fit enough to complete it…added with the mental challenge on top of that i just see him not doing it…nicole can win it she is in way better shape so i see this going to her 1 way or the other

  2. If you are throwing comps at this point, you really do not deserve to win. I think there’s a chance James shows up and wins, but also he could throw it or just not be as good. Edge goes to Nicole, but who knows.

    • I disagree. This game is social on top of being competitive, and if he knows that he has a good chance of going to final 2 with paul or nicole, why would he fight against them? He needs to be conscious that one of them is going to jury house, and if you feel safe (granted no one is 100% safe here, but he is as close as they come really unless nicole and paul are stupid enough to take each other), I don’t see a problem with throwing it.

      • How can you trust them enough to know, really? This is the end and neither one is sure to take him in my opinion. I am someone who thinks you should compete at the end. Generally I don’t like throwing so many comps. We can disagree though.

      • He’s an idiot if he throws this. And Paul would never take him. James has let everyone carry him to the end and hasn’t done anything. If he’s in F2 it will be a very disappointing ending.

      • Both Nicole and Paul will take James because Nicole and Paul in Final 2 could go either way! Paul probably has a slight edge over Nicole but, against James will win easily. Nicole against James and Nicole probably wins easily as well!

  3. James has no clue of days or any of it. Even if he could physically do things..mental is not with him. Only way is if they were side by side and he looked to see Nic’s answers. Even then..I think James is too out of shape. Nic has this one in the bag.

    • I completely agree with you here. He’s even said many times that mental/puzzle challenges are not his thing and look how terrible he was at BB Comics, not to mention just about every other comp
      he’s played in. Oh, and it will be an individual comp and I do not
      expect him to even be trying all that hard, since he thinks he’ll be taken to the final 2 anyway. Has he even been studying much? I don’t think so. Unlike Nicole who has been spending a lot of her
      time alone, going over & over stuff. In fact, halfway through the comp she could probably take a nap and still beat James! Ha!
      This isn’t his1st rodeo but he’s a 1 trick pony(standing on walls).

    • Do you know if we will be able to watch the 2nd comp on tonight’s episode? Nicole HAS to win the next 2 comps in order to win. I still haven’t figure out who Paul will take to the finale but I suspect it’s James.

      • Your question wasn’t directed at me but thought I’d go
        ahead and answer it anyway-ha. No, we will not be able
        to watch the 2nd comp on tonight’s episode. They will
        only be showing the 1st comp and “Memory Lane”, I
        believe. Far as I know, we don’t get to watch part 2
        until finale night. Far as who is taking who, it’s so
        very hard to tell because everyone seems to just be
        covering all of their bases at this point. Nicole’s only
        chance of winning it all is to win these next 2 comps
        and take James, I think. Even then, she may get 2nd.

      • Thanks Brocks, too bad we can’t watch the comp tonight.
        I’m off to Jokers to try and find out who’s taking whom and who’s lying.

      • I don’t understand why everyone thinks James can’t win look at the Jury. Paul and Nicole are crazy if they don’t take each other. Especially Nicole if Paul goes to jury he Vic Meesh Nat and Davonne will vote for James Boom 5/4 vote.

      • From what I have been seeing on the feeds. Paul definitely is helping Nic. I think he wants it to be him and her in F2. Nic is also not happy with James ..so I would be surprised if she would take James. They only showed a part of the HOH part 1 tonight unfortunately. Not sure why they wouldn’t let us see it Wednesday night when it was happening. They are ripping us off on the live feeds this year!!

      • I guess we won’t know until Wed. night if Nicole is really that upset with James. I think she will pick James and I hope so.
        Did you just see the article where Julie chen predicts Paul will win? Welp, that kinda seals the deal I’m afraid lol.
        Nicole’s only hope is winning that final Hoh comp.

      • I am hoping it doesn’t seal the deal about who is winning this year. I think the jury house is more divided than Julie comprehends. It for sure is going to be interesting Wednesday night! Can’t wait!! Go NIC!

      • Go NIcole!! If we’re lucky Dr. Will will think that a female should win this season :D
        Poor Allison Grodner, she’s been wanting a female winner for ages and now that she’s close Julie Chen speaks negatively about Nicole in her interview with THR, calling her gameplay snake like.
        How original of Julie.

    • I agree. And he isn’t even studying for it. She has all the days, HOH’s, POV’s nominations all memorized.

  4. I have finally detached my personal feelings from this game, it took me a while but it was hard not to be so dissapointed with this season. Still am, but there’s nothing i could do but embrace what is happening. Paul and Nicole are the most deserving to win out of the F3. Its gonna be tough if they are both in F2. I cant deny Nicole has played the game to the best of her ability, and with all the productions help why wouldn’t she. I was being petty with the last sentence. Good luck to Paul (FTW) and Nicole.

    • i didn’t like this season as much as i have past ones it had it’s moments but overall it wasn’t my favorite, i was done with the game when vic was done so with no dog in the fight i am just watching to see how it ends…ready to move on to the next

      • I agree this season they seemed to pick the girl’s with the MOST annoying voices in the world. It’s like nails on a chalkboard when they talk. I’m a woman and can’t even take it.
        Glad to see Natalie and Meesh go so I could use my mute button less. Now just stuck with Nicole’s voice but I’ll deal cuz she’s a great competitor.
        Doesn’t production realize how annoying their voices are???

    • I detached myself completely from BB when Boogie won. The most horrible and obnoxious player in all of the seasons. Evil Dick comes in second for me.
      There hasn’t been one season that I was rooting for the person who won.
      I think when Jordan won it was exciting, but Now I know that BB producers want a showmance player to always win.
      Jordan, Rachel, and now Nicole.

      • Derrick was with Cody even if they didn’t have a romantic showmance it was still that.
        So was Will and Boogie, and evil Dick with his daughter.

      • Jordan and Jeff are my favorite BB couple. I loved them in TAR as well. I wanted Jordan to win, I just don’t think she played that great of a game to deserve it. I also wanted Nicole to win on her season, but she wasn’t that great of a player either.

  5. if it is a single comp, no time limit and both physical and mental. It will be hard to say who will do the best. Physical I give the edge to James but mental I give the edge to Nicole. i think this could go either way.

  6. James will just dangle from the wall, flailing away until Nicole wins…even if it takes her hours…because in his “gut” he knows he is going to the final two…(let me bang my head against the wall some more)…..sigh

  7. Have clicked on every spot I can find but give up. Please tell me how do I go about cancelling these sh*tty feeds? No interest in the next batch of morons. Thanks!

      • Thanks intc. Am quite embarrassed to admit this but don’t even know how to find my dad-blasted payment page. It’s a senior thing.sigh.

      • i meant account page sorry, there should be a drop down menu.towards the bottom, there should be unsubscribe in the menu

      • MB, if it makes you feel any better, I truly am computer illiterate and type with two fingers. It might be a senior thing but that is no indication of ignorance; just that times have changed, and in my case, I find other things more interesting. So I learn what I need to when I need to. I enjoy your posts very much. :)

      • It’s ok, MB. Those type trolls don’t have enough integrity to own their words so they have to make different accounts, continually changing. They deserve no attention, but thank you for the support.

      • Hi, lady. I’m just going to say a big thank you and you know what for. I’d hug you if I could. Even if you’re not a hugger, I’d do it anyway to watch you squirm. Ha!

      • OMG you are such an angel! I so love yours & Cyril’s posts the most. And Joni’s. I am so sad to report the advise given me on how to cancel the bleeping feeds went down the toilet. Can’t find the buyer’s/account/own your butt page. No dropdown thingy. I would like to drop down CBS’s thingy! Sh*t! On another page,so Pissed to see that Thomas Gibson got fired. Dammit. Lost Baby Girl’s love Shamar & now gotta deal with Hotch being gone? Help me Lord!

      • ok..I’m on the site right now..Go to CBS..On top, you’ll see, “shows’ full episodes..and so forth. On the top right you’ll see the name of the account with a little arrow/drop down menu, Click that and find find “CBS All Access”..From there, you’ll see..’you’re subscription..’your account info”..and the 3rd to the right is “Payment”..Go down and you’ll see..”Cancel Subscription.

      • Holy Sh*t! I thank you profusely & am sorry I already had a strawberry/rum slushie. But dammit, I am going to kill this bleeping live feed crap tonight! Thanks for specific instructions. This will happen tonight despite the rum! You are a sweetheart Cyril.

      • Lol, let me know if you need a translator. I’ll send you my “Ewokian for Dummies” book….not available online. I ordered it directly from Endor.

      • Not a clue what you’re talking about now. Went to see Who’s Live Now in Lansing MI last night. Ryan Styles was the lead. My daughter-in-law provided a slip of paper for them to read. Said “You can not enter”. Meant squat to me. The audience of 5,000+ went nuts. But my bit of paper was also read by Ryan, he said “It’s kinda like seeing Elvis” & they all lost it. He wanted but couldn’t finish my line for them. I said “It’s kinda like finding Elvis in Michael Jackson’s shower.” Yes, am an MJ fan. My pic shows me next to the plaque in his yard in Gary IN. We all have addictions. Mine is Big Brother, Survivor & Michael Jackson! Might need some prayers.

      • I LOVE MJ’s music. I still get chills when I listen to him sing “I’ll Be There”. How old was he? What a talent gone too soon! I made my 16 yr old granddaughter watch him do the moonwalk online a few months ago. She couldn’t get enough of it. No one could ever do it like him.
        And, lol, to your line read by Ryan. I guess we could pray for each other. :D

      • He was only 16 when he sang that He had no clue what it meant. Just sang with feeling. I miss MJ a lot. Thankful for his old videos & you tube bits.

      • I was too until the p.d. released the details of his bedroom and the alarm that would sound if someone was headed towards his room. It was utterly disgusting what they found in there. So now I just turn him off if I hear him on the radio. It makes my stomach churn thinking what he did to those children.
        I didn’t believe it till the sheriff itemized a laundry list of very peculiar things that couldn’t be explained away.

      • Not sure just Google p.d. Release of evidence and it should come up. They have video of their investigation in his house too. It’s beyond disturbing. He was filthy to boot.

      • how the bleep do you guys keep misspelling stuff so damn well? Wonder where mickey is tonight? Can she still read us but not comment? If so it must be driving her nuts. YEAH!

      • Jesus H Christ! Cryril you’re killing me here! Will not do all that crap no matter how much I respect your intelligence. SH*T

      • I so love your posts. Isn’t it sad that we are all avoiding the live feeds? They got a deck of cards today. Poor fools are going nuts over them. Can’t imagine how fu**ing bored they must be now. So many days left having to act like they like each other. Jeez, I could not possibly act that well.

      • lol Thanks MB ..I’ve been reading your posts, and I know we’ll get along, because you seemed to just Get it’.. I was going to cancel my subs, but I kinda intrigue with this ‘over the top’ BB show, So I’ll check it out, see if it’s any good.

      • I’ll be watching for reviews to see if it is worth watching after all of these holidays are over. I should be able to view it online somewhere maybe. I hope it is a good different. Know what I mean, Verne? hehe

      • Wow, you are very brave! Am still trying ti kill my live feed loser account. I will still cheat & see what’s going on from Matt.

      • Do that..we want you presence here…Are you a fan of Survivor?.. If you are, you can go to Survivor Fandom also..coming soon.

      • Hi Cyril! I would love to keep contact with you after this fiasco. You think like me. I will be hanging around any Survivor feeds after this baloney. Hope to find you there! Molly

      • I’m sorry, but you are making me lmbo because you seem to be able to have a sense of humor although it is very frustrating. That’s a good thing. Cyril and Joni are hoots and it looks like Cy is coming in on his white horse. Good luck!

      • Thanks, much needed! And that’s not the first time you have took the time to help someone, including me. So you are knighted! lol

      • Sorry I missed you all while I was away. I got a 56 mile ride request…was gone for 4 hours – 100 mi round trip, one accident during rush hour traffic made me an extra hour late getting home. I wanted to scream at all the cars, but since they wouldn’t have heard me, I just turned the volume up really high on my radio and rolled down all the windows…and said, “Can you hear me now?” No response. Oh well, I tried! :-)

      • Hope you found out how to cancel your subscription by now. You can cancel your account too if you want…I kept the account, but cancelled feeds last year. Since I had an account at the start of this season, I wasn’t eligible for my one week free subscription. They don’t tell you that anywhere! hahaha

  8. I want James to win this so he can face Paul in the 3rd round which if I’m not mistaken it’s mental, and he’ll lose.

    • I’d like this too….But is there even a glimmer of hope that James will win a mental (if even only partially mental) competition against Nicole?

      He couldn’t even remember what Natalie said to him in her eviction speech lol (he thought she said she’d “be with” him forever)

  9. Not sure if this has already been asked … Matt says the finale is the 28th; I thought it was the 21st and BBOTT started the 28th. Anybody?

  10. So, would that possibly means that whomever wins Round 2, Nicole or James might actually win the game. Andy, Derrick and Steve won in their respective seasons, and they all won the 2nd round…interesting

  11. No wonder Nicole and Paul want James in F2….he’s a looser at all mental or physical challenges. I’m pulling for Paul and hoping fans realize Victor should win the Fan’s contest.

  12. If it’s a physical final challenge, I hate to admit but Nicole will “dig in” and find strength to endure. Sometimes “light-weight” people have an advantage in these type comps. Paul….win for Victor, please endure it!!!

  13. It would still be nice to know why this isn’t being shown on feeds. Even if they are relatively inexpensive, they should not cut to fish anytime something interesting or eventful happens. Still wondering about the reasoning behind this season of fish.

  14. This is definitely my favorite final three because I went home last night and I sat down with post-it notes, I’m kind of a geek. (Laughs). I sat down to see any combination that is possible for final two and who would win and by how many votes. And I had 5-4 in every combo. And that’s what you want in a final three! I don’t know if James deserves to be there, but Nicole and Paul certainly do. So I would say for the most part when we got down to final five, even six, you didn’t have any floaters. If anything, James put the least amount of effort into this game and got so far. – Julie Chen

  15. Julie Chen thinks Victor is going to win AFP!!!!

    I think he’s [Victor Arroyo] going to win that! He’s won the respect of a lot of people because you really got to know him when he went back in the house. When he left, he was this young hot dog and you didn’t really get to know what a sweet guy he is and good competitor he is.
    – Julie Chen

  16. Julie Chen is rooting for Paul to win!!

    I am too because Nicole disappointed me this year. I guess she’s playing the game, but I didn’t like how she wasn’t loyal to anyone but Corey. I didn’t like her being a snake as Michelle would say. My calculations show that no matter who Paul is sitting against, he wins. He has at least one more vote than the other person. – Julie Chen

  17. James is getting 2nd place 50K bonus for the season n prob 50k for Americas favorite player .. No way Paul or Nic are taking each other to F2 with half a million on the line

  18. Does anyone else not feel emotional for Nicole crying next to Corey’s pillow which has pictures of his dog?

  19. Julie was so right. Nicole can’t be trusted. She just made a F2 alliance with Paul but she turns around in says she lied in the DR. smh

  20. Didn’t realize how mean and cruel Big Meech really was. She was also so emotional over little things.

    • Then you haven’t been watching the feeds close enough, my friend. Michelle was a horror, worse than her cousin!

      • Eh, it’s about the same for me. And Nat-Nat and Paul are right up there. So that should tell you a bit about how much this season annoyed me.

      • And let’s not forget Doofus is just another Paulie wanna be laughing and clapping along with him. Also his little annoying goat story and how funny he thought it was watching a pal of his trying to set a goat on fire. And the constant annoying undercover action for WEEKS from Dingus and Doofus. Yes, a bunch of annoying people, for sure.

  21. It was a very emotional season. It’s not as easy as it looks to be in the BB house. Everyone just sits here and passes judgment because they are not experiencing everything these HG are.

    Only more reason why Vic should win AFP! Hope everyone placed their 20 votes for him today.

  22. Natalie really made this season fun along with Paul and Vic. This flashback episode reminds us that. ?

    Would love to see all of them back but not sure it would be fair to torture them through another season. They are just too nice and genuine.

    • Nat-Nat made the season more annoying than it all ready was.

      Paul played a great game, but that’s all that can be said for that racist, sexist pig.

      Vic… well, the biggest flaw for him was that he was evicted every time he was on the block because he was considered too big of a threat. But he seems like a nice guy and I wouldn’t mind to see him back for another season (despite knowing that he’ll probably be the first targeted for any future seasons he appears in).

      • I’m going to go lie down a bit. I have someone who’s going to PM me and let me know if they’re having the comp one way or another late tonight!

  23. My friend just texted me to say that BBAD is showing reruns, which usually only happens when the feeds go down.

  24. Dr. Will’s all ready conducted his session with the Jurors. Sounds like he was pleased with the results. Zap2It has the article.

  25. so… BBAD is saying that they are in a comp right now. and there is a previous episode playing til they can wrap it up. anyone else see this?? more like competition is going on right now so how can they be saying not tonight????

  26. Quotes by Dr. Will from the Zap2It article.

    “This is the best, most opinionated, most entertaining jury that I have seen in my four years of participating in the jury debate. They are confused, conflicted and tormented, which is the sign of a good jury. When a juror comes in to this segment with a set opinion, it shows lack of intelligence. A great juror is someone with an open mind because it means that they understand that the show isn’t over and they still have an influence on the outcome.”

    “Some that I expected to be bitter aren’t and others that I anticipated would be totally objective are very emotionally volatile. Unstable, you could argue.”


    “Well, the conspiracy theorists go bananas when I make a prediction. Example: For Season 14, very early on I predicted that Ian would win, and he did. And so many people complained that the winners were predetermined. I promise, promise, promise they aren’t … but I really don’t want a bunch of nerds click-clacking on their computers and complaining to my Twitter accounts just because my reality acumen is stellar.”

    • And who pays Dr Will to go in there and “moderate” akin to the way DR “moderates” those sessions? I wouldn’t expect him to say anything different.

  27. I think that Nicole will take James to the end and vise versa b/c of their pregame deal. Playing a social game deserves a win as much as playing a physical game. It keeps you below the radar and requires skill to get along with others. Living everyday with the same people and no outside contact cannot be easy. Remembering that this is a game is number one and everyone comes to it with a different strategy. Staying in it is the goal regardless of your method.

  28. I am so shocked by this final 3. I honestly didn’t see it coming. When jury came, I never would’ve guessed these 3. Maybe James, but not Paul or Nicole.

  29. To make them start a tough comp this late at night is cruel.

    It couldn’t have happened to better people haha!

    I love karma.

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