Big Brother 18 Eviction Prediction: Who Is Going Home Tonight?

There was so much back and forth for the Big Brother 18 Houseguests again this week that it looked like we might get another vote flip, but after continued debates on the final night failed to shift key players the vote appears locked.

Big Brother 18 Week 4's final nominees

Frank didn’t give up this week while campaigning more against Da’Vonne than in favor of Tiffany and really that came down to being a key issue for the HGs. Last week Tiffany was saved to mess with Frank’s game, but what reason did they have to do it this week?

Eight votes appeared split over two nominees but bless little Natalie as she still wobbled with fear of eviction while being completely overlooked by all voting parties. With votes splitting across Tiffany and Da’Vonne there’d be the chance for a tie-breaker and that decision was also made clear.

Frank, and by extension Bridgette, want to keep Tiffany and they’ll need three more votes to get it. Like I mentioned above this isn’t really about keeping Tiffany, it’s about getting Da’Vonne out. Frank doesn’t trust her as she’s proven he shouldn’t. Then for Bridgette she’s just playing Frank’s game at the moment so there’s her vote too.

Frank & Bridgette: Vote to evict Da’Vonne

Nicole and Corey have spent all week wavering back and forth only to convince themselves or let someone else convince them to keep Da’Vonne. I’ve been surprised by how much Corey wants Day out especially considering how much Paulie wants Tiffany out as I expected Corey to fall in step with Paulie, but he’s moved out on his own with this one. Nicole is too afraid to join Frank and take a stand. She’d rather wallflower this one and that’ll drag Corey along with her.

Nevermind that Tiffany is a teammate for them and they’ll be down to two out of four thereby reducing their chances at safety for however long the twist lasts. Corey, Nicole, and James talked this out last night with Nicole rolling over and Corey unwilling to fight for his preference of Da’Vonne being evicted.

Nicole & Corey: Vote to evict Tiffany

James’s ally is Natalie and she’s on the Block so he’s voting alone this week. If it ain’t Natalie going then James won’t care and so he should be happy this week. James has had his moments this week when it looked like he’d consider voting out Day, especially after she foolishly told James the showmances needed to go and he ran that back to Paulie.

I think James’s biggest hang up this week is “why?” Why should he vote to keep Tiffany? James is in a great spot and voting to keep Tiffany would upset Paulie while Frank already knows she’s probably going and even if Frank is upset at James, well Frank is already a big target himself and has more important HGs to go after.

James: Votes to evict Tiffany

Zakiyah is becoming less and less attached to Da’Vonne as she gets closer to Nicole, but that doesn’t mean she will vote Da’Vonne out. And again, she has no reason to want to keep Tiffany nor any reason to want to go against Paulie.

Zakiyah: Votes to evict Tiffany

Michelle comes off like a bitter, petty Houseguest. She told Frank that she doesn’t like Tiffany and wants her out. Instead of wanting to work with her teammate and a strong potential protector and ally in Frank we see that Michelle doesn’t like Tiffany. Michelle seems to like Da’Vonne though so maybe that’ll work out for her. I’m not getting much out of Michelle, but I do know how she’ll vote.

Michelle: Votes to evict Tiffany

Paul is thrilled to finally belong in something that’s not putting him in the target zone. Nevermind that he was warned Da’Vonne was telling HGs that she thinks he’s playing both sides and can’t be trusted. He wants to vote out Tiffany because that’s what Paulie wants. In fact, at times it’s seemed like he’s more resolute to this mission that Paulie. He ain’t flipping his vote.

Paul: Votes to evict Tiffany.

Running down that list we’ve got 6-2 with Frank and Bridgette as the hold outs. It’s possible that they may flip back to join the crowd, but Day knows what’s up and neither seems to feel the need to hide it.

Late last night conversations suggested a plan to let Tiffany know about an hour before the show so she wouldn’t be blindsided. Considering most the campaigning this week has been by Frank I don’t expect much resistance or thrashing from Tiffany once she learns the news of her fate.


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  1. I hope Tiffany gets back in and shows these idiots up. Davonne is much more dangerous in jury than Tiffany. Tiffany will weigh all sides. Davonne will just cause trouble and she won’t win her way back in the house. Tiffany possibly could

    • I hope Tiffany comes back, I’m tired of Da’s nasty attitude! Everything started because of Da, this is how she did on her own season except they were smart and sent her packing w/in 2 weeks.

      • I’m team Da, for now…..but I see your point. I didn’t like her behavior on last nights show. Petty and pointless.

      • It’s so frustrating to watch them pretty much singing kumbaya with each other forgetting it’s a game! Can’t wait til they start going against each other. That’s going to be fun, umm, hopefully. Theyve let us down before. Game looking promising at the beginning only to end up being pretty much a knock off of love island or the bachelorette. Paulie’s brother Cody even pretty much stated his disappointment with his brother. Especially the showmance part and him gunning so hard for tiffany. Ugh.

      • I liked Day the first 2 weeks until her real self came out. I agree her attitude is nasty. She dug her own grave by going to everyone with a bunch of lies and stirring up trouble when she wasn’t even on anyone’s radar.

    • Both of those ladies are crazy….. It wouldn’t matter because the both of them would/will be bitter that they did not make it far in the game.

  2. If Tiffany goes Paulie will be my new favorite because
    1. He Cody’s brother and 2 he is controlling the house

      • I agree. Liked him at first too but now his head is so big he can’t fit through the door.

    • Cody is actually pretty disappointed in his brother’s game so far. He said he’s pretty much going against all the advice he and derrick gave him. Especially the showmance part and laying low. The controlling of the house upfront has proven to be dangerous. Look at Frank’s place now.

  3. I think Nicole and Corey will vote out Da’vonne and James may try to do the same since he is in a supposed showmance and she may try to go after him and Natalie. I’m hoping that my prediction is completely wrong. I want Da’vonne to be one of the final two.

    • James doesn’t want to go against Paulie, and Nicole and Corey won’t do it without having the numbers.

    • James don’t think for his own self or for his own game! James is a waste, he will not go against Paulie. Paulie have him in check just like he has the rest of the house under his control. Nicole and Corey is the most two do do’s in the house, they are too scared to even think about going against Paulie.

      • I still like James, but he is another one who has checked out of BB and into a whole other show i.e. The Bachelor/Bachelorette. It is annoying to watch the showmance’s takeover the game.

      • With a cast of mostly fit 20 something’s I think that was what the show was hoping for IMO! They should rename it the Dating Game.

      • Yes, this house just lay around all day and talk about their showmances, it’s going to be a loooong season of BB! Sheesh!

      • NO a better name would be Grodners Minions,as she controls everything, in the game except who the winner is ,and i,m not so sure she doesn,t control that too.

      • Yup it’s sad. I still think Nat is using him. I don’t know why. I just can’t shake that feeling off. I hope I’m wrong though.

      • If they had the numbers they would. But they only have 4. It would be stupid for them to go against what Paulie wants if they don’t have the numbers. Why piss him off when they’re in an alliance together for now. I think they’re playing smart.

    • Nicole won’t do it, she is afraid of going against the HOH and making a big play for herself in the house and Corey will simply follow what Nicole wants and does.

    • Game wise, it is in Nicole’s, Corey’s, Jame’s and Paul’s best interest to vote DAY out over Tiffany this week. If Tiffany’s goes (it is looking like this is the case). then DAY will be even harder to get out . The longer she stay’s in the game the more stronger she will be and when/if she is voted out, she will be the biggest bitterest person ever in Jury. These people need to get their heads in the game or they will wonder why they didn’t make it to final four.

  4. My issue with Tiffany is that she looks and acts just like her evil sister. I hope she gets the boot this week alllllll the way home. I cannot stomach another season with Vanessa 2.0!

    • I 100% agree. Many people watching the feeds say they really aren’t that much alike but I really can’t get over some of the similarities. I’ve even caught myself in my head calling Tiffany Vanessa. I wasn’t trying to be cute or anything, my brain just did it. They may not be twins but they’re too similar for me.

      • I know I think so but I’ve seen people say otherwise. I don’t know for myself anything but what I see on the show or occasionally read here. *shrug*

      • I just think they look alike bcz of DNA and both emotional. Van was more cunning, manipulative, cut throat, and in your face. Van will run circles around Tiff and anyone in that houz. If you think of it, Paulie look like his brother and is playing Derrick’s game. Some that come in the game try to play one of the past vets game or take a couple of pages out of their book. Just my opinion.

      • Except Derrick was more about making the people think it was their idea to vote someone out. He is too controlling just like Vanessa but not as smart as she was last year.

      • He did and Nicole should know better, how Cody did her. She should of not believe Paulie and play her own game, but she too busy letting Corey play w/her pie hole!

      • Very similar. On the feeds sometimes I think she’s Vanessa. That’s how much they look and sound alike.

      • This could only be me but Van was a lot worse than Tiff. Tiff’s worst problem is that she is always being compared to her sister. I wonder if she would get so much hate if it weren’t announced that she was Van’s sister in the beginning of the season, tho they do share a strong resemblance to each other.

      • I seriously doubt many fans of the show wouldn’t have picked her out without it being advertised.
        I do agree that she’s not as bad as her sister….yet.

    • Same. I can’t stand her. Day hasn’t been my favorite for the last week or so due to stupid gameplay, but she doesn’t irritate me as much as Tiffany.

      Day will add drama and so would Tiff, but I think Tiffany would be more of the crying/pouting variety and I’m sick of that.

  5. I could not believe Frank was begging Paulie for Tiff to stay and the only thing Paulie kept hollering is, “She is her sister!” What a hoot, Paulie has officially checked out!

    • I really don’t like Frank, but….I’m giving him points for at least being in the game and trying to get the votes in tiffs favor. Don’t want her to stay, but like that he is willing to do something about it. I can’t believe I just said that. LOL

      • Franks my fav if that hasn’t become obvious yet. It’s because he’s a gamer. I want to see people that are actively playing the game

      • Yes, I like Frank! I am ready for Frank to flip this house back in his favor! It’s time for him to win HOH and do real damage!

      • Do you know that I’ve been actually praying that he wins. lol! Literally praying he wins HOH and that Tiffany comes back. Lol. I have issues! Lol I just want something BIG to happen. So sick of the showmances. I like James but is disappointing me with his showmance. He is way more worried about that , clearing things up, making sure she is isn’t flirting with others (which she clearly is) than the damn game. I’m pretty sure he could use the money for his daughter! *long sigh*

      • I pray too that Frank pulls it off! This will be some good tv. James has officially lost it. James is not worried about his daughter or the game, and I think Nat will drop him soon as she gets out the house, bcz she is too much of a flirt and dusty, lazy James is too needy!

      • So needy. He doesn’t look happy, to me anyhow. He constantly looks worried and insecure. It’s cringeful to watch.

      • I’m hoping that James is just observing and will make a big move if he ever wins HOH.

      • no doubt Frank is doing what’s beneficial for Frank. Like I said, he’s playing the game… and for himself.

      • Frank’s the only vet that seems to remember what he is there for. I’m not rooting for him as much as I did his first time around, but that could change.

  6. All Davonne can do is stir the pot and they are onto her, she never won a comp they would be crazy to vote her out over Tiffany this week.

    • Her word of mouth is dangerous, she has started war in the house alone all because of her mouth.

  7. Da’Vonne is just so obnoxious that I cannot stand watching her. So dramatic and acts like she has more power than she does. I hope she goes home tonight.

    • She is way over the top! If she don’t leave tonight I hope they will catch her next week, but I would not let her go to jury. Paulie is not thinking about the jury, and if he sends Da home next week, she will turn the jury against him.

      • Exactly and he doesn’t get that. He’s so adamant that he’s not taking a girl to F2 so it doesn’t matter but he should think is she gonna vote for me if one of “my boys” is next to me? I still don’t buy he’d be in F2 but still.

  8. – At this point Tiff is a goner
    – Everyone needs to watch out for Day, because she’ll be on the warpath
    – Frank and Bridgette are in trouble if Day stays
    – Paulie needs to think with his head, instead of voting based on relatives (irony!)
    – Corey and Nicole need to realize that this isn’t high school and this isn’t prom
    – It’s sad when Paul is likable, since he’s pretty funny and can make good muffins. That and he hasn’t rocked the boat with anyone

    • I am very curious about his muffins…I wonder if they’re actually good or if they’re so tired of the food they have that anything is an improvement lol

      • All of the reactions seemed more like they were placating him rather than giving a compliment.

      • I suppose that could be too. My great grandmother used to make the worst crabcakes in the history of man. They were practically crackers. But she was so damn proud of them that we never said anything. I’m not sure who had it worse, us for having to eat them or the crabs that died to end up in such horrible food….

      • ROFLOL – Like the pickles episode of Andy Griffith. Barney called them “kerosene cucumbers”.

      • The maple syrup made me gag! He is going to put those peeps into a diabetic coma, maybe that is his game play??

      • He just throw and kind of concoction together. The other day when he was cooking those fries and all of that salt. Paulie and James were eating like cows

      • I mean nobody is complaining about them so far. And if that’s Paul’s strategy to stay in the house, it seems to be working.

    • True! But, I still don’t care for Paul! He has said so many things that I just can’t forget that made me dislike him in the first place! ;)

      • I feel the exact same way! He started out as my least favorite HG, but along the way I’ve strangely grown fond of him. I still won’t forget the horrible things he’s said and done (his aggression towards women, calling James “the little chinaman”, etc.) but he has grown on me. Just goes to show ya that these HGs are human at the end of the day, and we’re all flawed in some way or another.

        I do hate his current position as a spy that’s playing both sides, but it’s clearly working for him, and this “homeboy” will coast all the way to the end if things keep going the way they are.

      • Yup! Exactly!

        You know I am having a hard time figuring out who I like the most this year! Which is so strange because usually by now, in the game, I always have had my favorites picked out.

        I did like Nicole…….but lately I just am not feeling her anymore.

        I wonder if this is just me!?

      • Looks like we’re on the same wavelength! Nicole started out as my favorite, but my feelings changed about her as I observed some pretty bad game decisions. Also, her infatuation with Corey is sickening to watch. She places that guy on too high of a pedestal imo. If I had to choose a favorite then I’d choose Tiffany because she’s genuine (unexpected in a BB game), nice and she wears her heart on her sleeve. Not exactly the ideal personality of a BB winner, but it’s difficult to choose a favorite from this season so I might as well choose someone I’d like in the real world lol.

  9. I guess Da is officially staying! Wrong move! She does not hardly speak to Nicole, it’s no way I would keep her, she’s showing Nicole all the warnings and Nicole will steadily ignore them until it’s too late!! Da is going to strike one of those showmances and I think it will be Nic/Cor if she does not go for frank and bridg first. Da can’t win any comps and horrible, but her mouth is a war in itself to get things rolling.

  10. Bridgette should be mad when she sees last night’s episode that Paul got a baking segment and she didn’t lol..Paul is the Muffin Guy”

    • It’s a decent strategy though, isn’t it? Bridgette floated under the radar for a while because she was seen as the sweet girl who bakes. Paul’s trying to get in where he fits in LOL. And I’m sure Paul knows that Bridgette will be PISSED that she didn’t get the baking segment.

      • Well Paul was clueless in the beginning, but he learned the game, and playing it. He knows how to suck up and can win comp. While I’m not a fan of the Andy/rat like strategy, I have more respect for him than Bridgette. I don’t think Bridgette understands what she’s doing is a strategy…she just wants to be in the Jury, and also Nat.

  11. This might be the dumbest group of houseguests ever. Why is everyone following paulies lead, the guy is a mimbo. Just like his brother who couldve evicted derrick, all but assuring himself 500k. No he keeps him and loses. Bad genes. Paul might be the favorite in my mind, because he was so close to going home but now he seems to have the target off of him and can coast for a few more evictions i think. Sorry for rant lol

  12. Rooting for Frank to win the next HOH, he has to shake out the Big Brother House to its core! Too much lame ass, not able to think for themselves. I am referring to Nicole, Corey and most especially James! If Frank wins, he can really make a huge effect on the game because he will put them on the block! I hope it is Paulie and Davonne with Zakiyah as the backup nominee!
    Hoping for Tiffany to win the right to come back then! It will really be full of drama! Tiffany needs to win the next HOH to increase the drama and break the alliances up! Let us have more drama!

    • Didn’t Paulie say he was NOT taking a “girl” to F2….that he will cut Z when/if he has to but it’s just game; outside the house, after the game, he would like to pursue her.

      • He’s a stooge. Franks plays the game. I SO want Frank and Tiff to blow that house UP. They could…anything is possible–and if things go right–it will happen; and NOTHING would make me happier!! Give them the power and get rid of those people who have no clue about how this game should be played. Showmances? Seriously?! UGH! Just there to make it to Jury or to further your modeling career? Double UGH. Frank and Tiff can blow this thang UP!! C’mon…bring some excitement—not just Da’ in the DR…even that is becoming tiresome…not entertaining.

    • I’d never thought I’d say this, but I kinda want Frank to shake up the house if either or happens. Because at this point something has to happen. The last good move was the Austin blindside.

  13. I definitely don’t think Tiffanys game is even close to Vanessa’s. Vanessa’s was way better.

    • Vanessa was a bully. Maybe that’s why Tiff’s game isn’t the same; and why I prefer Tiffany so much more. Will it win her the game? Maybe—if she and Frank can stay together. V bullied and mind-screwed the entire house last year and she didn’t win…so who knows? Vanessa played with aggression being aggressive is one of the ways to win this game.
      I LOVE your avatar! I have a similar one in my bedroom. great daily encouragements. Have a good one, Sarah C.!

      • Vanessa did intimidate people and cry, and she did snap at people. But regardless she played a pretty good game compared to other people in 17.

        Tiff on the other hand, just never got a chance to prove herself. Blame Frank and Paulie

      • Vanessa played a very good game, she had me confused and rattled when she went into interrogating. She would make a good lawyer.

    • Yep he’s scared of a girl! Omg did you see that confrontation before the POV ceremony? He made a total fool of himself, and it was apparent as the whole room was silent.

  14. They should’ve evicted Tiffany last week over Bronte They made a big mistake, and now they are regretting it.

    • Really? Why do you think that (bear in mind that I don’t get the maybe you can give me some inside info)?

      • No, Bronte needs to be gone, so glad I don’t have to listen to her voice anymore.

      • Amen to that…I really didn’t understand why she was there. WHY was she cast? But seriously, WHY was evicting Brontesaurus-Blech a mistake?

      • Mine either. I has HAPPY when she was evicted. I’m just curious as to why ‘The’ thinks it was a mistake. So far, I haven’t seen many who thought her eviction was a mistake OR that anyone in the house thought it was a mistake either.

      • Hmm…interesting. Wonder why? I have to tell you, I am so disappointed in Nicole this season. She hasn’t been playing a good game…I thought maybe she could actually come in and win; well, if Frank didn’t.

      • The Big Regret is for the failure of winning HOH and getting rid of Frank.. That was the only reason she was kept and failed at it.

      • I couldn’t believe nothing Da say bcz right now she is a yes man for the votes, and Nicole is just lost and a waste w/no common sense.

      • It wasn’ t at all. She says she is a mathematician but doesn’t know what 9×9 is, well girl, here is your chance to study up before you go back to school.

      • You are very mean today. Lol. There are alot more annoying people left in the house…Nicole, Michelle, Da, Paulie who thinks he can do no wrong…

      • I am, aren’t I? Lol. You know, I’m so over Da and Paulie! I wish there was a double eviction tonight and they were going home. I ‘m also over Nicole & Michelle who add absolutely NOTHING to this game. Am I really being mean?

      • Tiffany is more dangerous as a player than Bronte was. She could have been good for an extra vote to get others out.

  15. Feeds keep going off, then they come back on for a little bit, then they go off again, WTF is it that were paying for?

  16. Is it a done deal that Tiffany is going home? I remember PLENTY of HG’s that were absolutely, positively going to be evicted and they weren’t. Why is everyone so positive? Other than the pat answer, ‘they have the numbers?’ Between now and tonight, for all we know, the house could decide floater Michelle is going.
    I won’t believe anything until I see it with my own two eyes.

    • I think she will be gone. But you never really know in BB….that is why I love this show!

    • I’m wondering who production would prefer to keep. Who do they think is better for ratings?

      • Lol…Hi Sophie! Haven’t seen you much! I can’t imagine they’d want to keep Da’ or Natalie over Tiffany. None of them are particularly stellar…but I seem to like Tiff best and think she could turn things upside down. But, whatever production wants…*sigh*

      • I tell ya I surely do Not trust the BB production after that BB16 Frankie Grande fiasco!

      • Hey Sharona! I’ve been very quiet this season. Watching, but not checking in here much at all. Occasionally pop in for spoilers, but haven’t been following much “behind the scenes.” It’s been a bit of a hectic summer. Well, I also tend to get more invested later in the season too. Although this year ….. hmmmmmm.

  17. Has Paul been ordered by “King Paulie” to throw the HOH comp ??? Not likely that Davonne or Zak (his team mates) would win a comp but u never know…Then too the teams maybe dissolved when the returnee gets back in the house..

    • It looks horrible..goes along with Paulie’s personality. Cody was my favorite HG in 16..but, Paulie..I really dislike! I really hope Tiffany makes it back in that house! He was so consumed with the whole Vanessa/Tiffany crap..she never stood a chance with him.

      • Right at the beginning I liked Paulie, but he caught HOH-itis quickly and I was done. Now he thinks he’s all that when he really isn’t!

      • Omg! I know! Hahaha! You noticed it too!?
        Oh Lawrdy! I really hate his Diary room talks to the camera……he just seems so fake the way he talks, moves his body, hands, and head around! I wish I could explain it better!
        But ya he surely has caught the HOH bug! He thinks he is All That! Te-hee! ;)

      • LOL, I know! Those DR’s of his are so corny and canned, can’t stand them. And when he does the double handed point, barf!

      • YES! You know what I am talking about! Lol! ;) Yes, the double-handed pointing thing…..I know! It comes off so douch-iee and Fake! Hahaha! I love that you know what I am talking about! ;)

    • I wish someone would Shave Paul’s beard! I really wanna see what he looks like without it. Plus, I don’t care too much for beards! Hahaha! ;)

      • Nooo Davonne’s courage is in her jaws.. If she was as brave and unafraid of Tiffany as she claims she would have confronted Tiffany to defend herself…Once in the jury house their “game” is over so they both would be instructed by handlers to chill out and enjoy their final days of vacation..

    • Awkward in the beginning, but they always manage to put their differences aside. More so after the reunion, they all become friends. Realizing it’s only a game.

  18. imagine…Davonne competing in one of the wall comps with all those weaves on her head…imagine how heavy they would get with water raining down on Davonnes head…imagine what those weaves would look like with bird poop, paint or slime thrown on Davonnes head…just sit back close ur eyes and imagine….it could happen….lol

      • what???? MY DAM POST WAS NOT RACIST..I know white girls who have weaves the same as Davonne…My post involved “hairstyle” not skin color…. its people like u that try to start crap on the feeds when there is no reason…another word for somebody like u is troll…

  19. I hope Tiffany comes back in the battle back. She’s grown on me and I wanna see her take Paulie down herself.

  20. I hope Glenn gets to come back needs to play the game little bit more
    his time in the house was short lived.

    • I agree! I would like to see him play some!

      I really do Not want that wannabe “messiah” to come back in the house…….he was just too much of a Jerk, who was so full of himself!

    • I feel like Glenn got jibbed by the twist. I feel like he has more potential as a player.

  21. If Tiff is voted out, the Battle Back will be epic! Day would make it easy for the guys. Question: Is the Battle revealed after the vote or before?

  22. As of right before the feeds went down, another huge push for a vote flip went on again (Frank, I love you buddy) and Nicole looks like she’s ready to commit to voting out Da (as of right now).

  23. I believe Day is doing exactly what production tells her to do to keep it lively in da hawse!

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