Big Brother 18 Eviction Prediction: Who Is Going Home Tonight?

There was so much back and forth for the Big Brother 18 Houseguests again this week that it looked like we might get another vote flip, but after continued debates on the final night failed to shift key players the vote appears locked.

Big Brother 18 Week 4's final nominees

Frank didn’t give up this week while campaigning more against Da’Vonne than in favor of Tiffany and really that came down to being a key issue for the HGs. Last week Tiffany was saved to mess with Frank’s game, but what reason did they have to do it this week?

Eight votes appeared split over two nominees but bless little Natalie as she still wobbled with fear of eviction while being completely overlooked by all voting parties. With votes splitting across Tiffany and Da’Vonne there’d be the chance for a tie-breaker and that decision was also made clear.

Frank, and by extension Bridgette, want to keep Tiffany and they’ll need three more votes to get it. Like I mentioned above this isn’t really about keeping Tiffany, it’s about getting Da’Vonne out. Frank doesn’t trust her as she’s proven he shouldn’t. Then for Bridgette she’s just playing Frank’s game at the moment so there’s her vote too.

Frank & Bridgette: Vote to evict Da’Vonne

Nicole and Corey have spent all week wavering back and forth only to convince themselves or let someone else convince them to keep Da’Vonne. I’ve been surprised by how much Corey wants Day out especially considering how much Paulie wants Tiffany out as I expected Corey to fall in step with Paulie, but he’s moved out on his own with this one. Nicole is too afraid to join Frank and take a stand. She’d rather wallflower this one and that’ll drag Corey along with her.

Nevermind that Tiffany is a teammate for them and they’ll be down to two out of four thereby reducing their chances at safety for however long the twist lasts. Corey, Nicole, and James talked this out last night with Nicole rolling over and Corey unwilling to fight for his preference of Da’Vonne being evicted.

Nicole & Corey: Vote to evict Tiffany

James’s ally is Natalie and she’s on the Block so he’s voting alone this week. If it ain’t Natalie going then James won’t care and so he should be happy this week. James has had his moments this week when it looked like he’d consider voting out Day, especially after she foolishly told James the showmances needed to go and he ran that back to Paulie.

I think James’s biggest hang up this week is “why?” Why should he vote to keep Tiffany? James is in a great spot and voting to keep Tiffany would upset Paulie while Frank already knows she’s probably going and even if Frank is upset at James, well Frank is already a big target himself and has more important HGs to go after.

James: Votes to evict Tiffany

Zakiyah is becoming less and less attached to Da’Vonne as she gets closer to Nicole, but that doesn’t mean she will vote Da’Vonne out. And again, she has no reason to want to keep Tiffany nor any reason to want to go against Paulie.

Zakiyah: Votes to evict Tiffany

Michelle comes off like a bitter, petty Houseguest. She told Frank that she doesn’t like Tiffany and wants her out. Instead of wanting to work with her teammate and a strong potential protector and ally in Frank we see that Michelle doesn’t like Tiffany. Michelle seems to like Da’Vonne though so maybe that’ll work out for her. I’m not getting much out of Michelle, but I do know how she’ll vote.

Michelle: Votes to evict Tiffany

Paul is thrilled to finally belong in something that’s not putting him in the target zone. Nevermind that he was warned Da’Vonne was telling HGs that she thinks he’s playing both sides and can’t be trusted. He wants to vote out Tiffany because that’s what Paulie wants. In fact, at times it’s seemed like he’s more resolute to this mission that Paulie. He ain’t flipping his vote.

Paul: Votes to evict Tiffany.

Running down that list we’ve got 6-2 with Frank and Bridgette as the hold outs. It’s possible that they may flip back to join the crowd, but Day knows what’s up and neither seems to feel the need to hide it.

Late last night conversations suggested a plan to let Tiffany know about an hour before the show so she wouldn’t be blindsided. Considering most the campaigning this week has been by Frank I don’t expect much resistance or thrashing from Tiffany once she learns the news of her fate.


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