‘Big Brother 18’ Eviction Prediction: Who Will Be Voted Out Tonight?

Only one vote tonight will decide this week’s second eviction from Big Brother 18 after Paul Abrahamian won the latest HoH competition and set himself up to move on to the F3. Now it’s time to take a look at who will be joining him in the next round.

Big Brother 18's James Huling will be voting tonight

Corey Brooks watched from the sidelines as Nicole Franzel lost the tiebreaker in the HoH comp and put their game together in jeopardy, but they both had one more chance with the Veto comp to force James Huling out instead. Who is about to pull it off? Read on to find out who will be evicted tonight.

When the Feeds returned we discovered that sure enough, just as everyone expected, Paul nominated Nicole and Corey, but really it all depended on who could pull off the Veto. Unfortunately for Nicole and Corey, it wasn’t either of them. Paul secured the Veto in what sounds like was a contentious battle as Corey vocally disagreed with production at times and now one of the Nicorey duo will be eliminated.

Flashback to 9:45 PM BBT 9/13 on your Live Feeds to watch. (Free Trial)

James is upstairs talking with Paul after listening to Corey and Nicole badger him for details on which of them James will be voting out. Since Paul is both HoH and the Veto winner this week he gets to pick who does the voting, but he actually has no way to control the vote other than to hope James does what they discuss.

As Paul and James talk it’s clear they both want Corey out of the game. It makes sense since Corey is a strong player and James has a better chance of pairing with Nicole if Corey is gone, though James’s plans came in to question with a later camtalk session. I’ll have more on that later. Though Nicole is also a big threat especially in Jury. Does Paul have any great options here?

James tells Paul he’s going to do whatever Paul asks of him with this vote since Paul is effectively saving James by not using the Veto. If Paul did use the Veto then whichever half of Nicorey was down from the Block would vote out James. He’s grateful to stay in the game and will give Paul control of this vote in exchange. I believe he’ll stick to this plan when the vote is announced.

Now jump ahead to 10:00 PM BBT 9/13 as Nicole is heading up to the HoH room for her private talk with Paul.

Paul tells Nicole there’s no way he’s keeping Nicorey together in the game so just go ahead and let that idea go. He wants her to not feel bad about Corey going instead of her. Paul promises to try and keep Nicole safe by pretending with James that they (Paul and James) have a deal and Nicole is better for their game to keep.

Yes, it sounds like Nicole and Paul have some sort of deal together that was crafted during the blackout, but once again later talks call that in to question when Nicole was alone with Corey. All the same, Paul is confirming to Nicole what she already appears to know. Corey should be voted out tonight and Paul has James agreeing to fulfill that promise with the vote.

After their talk was done Corey came up for his turn. Flashback to 10:20 PM BBT 9/13. Paul gently lets Corey down and tells him both Nicole and Corey are his friends but Corey is the bigger threat to his game and will have to be the one to go. Corey has calmed down by now after being understandably agitated earlier. He understands and doesn’t put up much of a fight or argument here.

So there we go. Everyone in the house is on board and expects Paul to decline to use the Veto leaving James as the sole voter. He will announce his vote to evict Corey and the Final 3 will move on to the last HoH competition of the season with the first of three rounds delivering and endurance battle so make sure to have your Live Feeds ready! Use promo code FALLACCESS for one free month when you sign-up to get the Free Trial.

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  1. If Paul or James win veto nominations will remain the same and James will send Corey home, why wouldn’t he? With Corey gone James knows Nicole will 100% take him to F2 over Paul. Keeping Corey is more of a risk, he could easily take Paul thinking he’d be easier to beat with jury. James is a “veteran favorite” so taking him to the finale isn’t really smart unless you too are a veteran favorite. If Corey wins veto he’ll obviously send James home because again Nicole would 100% take Corey to F2 over Paul, no questions asked. If Nicole wins veto she’ll send James home because she trusts Corey to take her to F2 over Paul, James could easily take Paul to F2 thinking he’d win. I wouldn’t be surprised if Corey decided to take Paul but he’s not going to vote her out incase the decision is hers. It’d be nice if Nicole went tonight as she the most obnoxious person alive but realistically her staying there another week is best for all their games so she’s safe as can be, fingers crossed she wins veto and sends James packing for good. Please CBS do not bring him back ever again.

  2. This feels like a 3rd grade English/reading test where you read the little story/passage and then answer the question.
    Question: “Who Will Be Evicted?” ?
    Oh wait, let me go recheck real quick.
    *reads passage over*
    Oh, Okay, I pick A.Corey ?
    I hope Paul’s making the right decision. I hope he’ll be able to beat Nic. Whoever wins deserves it in my book. If Paul’s plan backfires, it’s his fault.

  3. OMG BYE COREY! And since Corey is getting evicted and I can watch again, I have to ask: Are the previous episodes worth watching or are there are lot of Corey in them?

  4. I thought Corey may be the one going. I really think this is a good trio to go with, I would have liked Paul out and Corey to stay but I am happy with two of my three favorites.. Remember this is a game, and these are all great people, please be kind, and not cruel.

  5. I think Paul is making a mistake in wanting to keep Nicole. Of course it doesn’t really matter because he can’t vote. But Nicole is a more well rounded competitor than Corey and will be harder to beat in the first two rounds. Neither would take Paul to F2, I believe, but he would have an easier time getting the votes over Corey.

    • I totally agree. Most hgs know Cirey has been riding Nicole’s skirt tail. Although he pulled important wins when he needed to.

      James is such a coward. He couldn’t tell nicole to buzz off. She tried to guilt him in the it’s Paul’s decision when all of her evicted were her decision.

      • Corey did, and all his big moves were made when there were no other options.

        I know, that really irritated me. It is James’s choice and his choice alone. Although his lack of a backbone may hurt him when it comes to jury votes, if he makes it to F2.

  6. I can see Nicole beating James in the final vote, but not Paul. She has made enemies of several people in the jury house. But based on James’ past behavior, he is dumb enough to take her if he gets the chance.

    • I think Paul would beat them both. James has done nothing but backstab and Nicole is hated by the entire jury pretty much. I think Nicole would win over James but barely, it won’t be a landslide if she wins. I really really really hope Paul can win the final HOH, he deserves it way more than those other two.

  7. I think Paul is doing the right thing by getting Corey out. More HGs like him and dislike Nicole. He has a better chance of winning against either Nicole or James.

  8. Unfortunately for Paul…he’s still in a tough spot stuck with the lesser of two evils being Snakole and James. Truly hope he realizes his only real ally is himself.

  9. I think they should send Nicole packing. Nicole is strong mentally and physically. I think she will win the endurance and could possibly win the mental challenge. Just my thoughts.

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