Big Brother 18 Eviction Predictions: Who Is Going Home Tonight?

The first Big Brother 18 eviction is nearly upon us as one of the season’s sixteen Houseguests will be sent packing following the fourth competition in the two-night premiere. So who is going home tonight on Big Brother?

First Eviction Tonight On Big Brother 18
First Eviction Tonight On Big Brother 18 – Source: CBS/YouTube

There may be sixteen people playing, but only four of them are in danger tonight. However, unlike Jodi Collins (BB14), these few HGs will have had four chances to dodge this eviction. Here’s their last way out.

Team Nicole will now play an individual competition after losing three straight comps during the first episode. They’ll each have their own wobbly island and a palm tree from what we see in the sneak peek for tonight’s promo. Initially I thought this was going to be an endurance comp with the HGs hanging on, but there may be more to it than that.

If you look closely there are steps on the palm tree trunk so they could be racing up and down to collect items, coconuts?, and maybe even spelling out the SOS message on their island with pieces from atop the tree. That’s just guessing based on what we can see in the image. No matter how it goes, the last one to finish will be D-U-N.

So who is in the most danger? We’ve got Nicole, Tiffany, Corey, and Glenn in the running for the first elimination. When I thought it might be a vote my knee-jerk reaction was Glenn. Then when I saw it’d be a competition, possibly endurance, my immediate thought was Glenn. Yikes. Sorry, Glenn.

If it’s just a running around and getting a puzzle together, well this team already demonstrated that puzzles might not be their thing. Glenn thought some pieces were out of place with the sand castle, but he didn’t act on it strongly enough to save them. Now maybe those puzzle skills will save him when working on his own.

Since I have to go ahead and pick someone for our first eviction prediction of the Big Brother 18 season I’ll go with my initial expectation and say it’ll be Glenn Garcia. But hey, maybe there’s another twist and the first few evictees will head to sequester instead of back home. We’ll have to wait and see.

Who do you think will be evicted first from Big Brother this summer? Bronte took the top spot for the first eviction in our preseason polling, but she’s obviously safe now thanks to Victor hanging on in round one. So who will it be instead? Nicole, Tiffany, Corey, or Glenn? Vote now in our poll below and then share your thoughts on what you think will happen. See you back here at 9/8c to find out!


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  1. I hate that someone is getting Jodi’ed. It’s a horrible twist. I would prefer the person who loses in this competition gets automatically nominated.

    • Really it’s not Jodi’d though aside from the early departure. Jodi had just one comp to contribute in and then someone else decided her fate. Here whoever goes will have had 4 chances and it’s entirely in their hands in this last comp.

      • I think it would be cool if they had two people win this competition and the two losers go on the block for a vote.

    • I thought that is exactly what they are doing. Whomever loses the last competition is automatically out.

  2. You truly believe Glenn will be evicted? I have my doubts about that. If it’s a physical comp, based on what is shown above, I believe Nicole won’t do all that well and the remaining team members will want to evict her. I see a hurricane in her future and the eye of it is on her.

    • Could depend on how fit Glenn is compared to the HGs 20-30 years younger than him. If they’ll be climbing up and down for 15 pieces of the puzzle then he could run out of steam quicker.

      • You could be right. But if they just have to climb up the tree then hang on for dear life while they throw stuff at them, he could do well…similar to the movie, “Impossible” based on the true story of the tsunami, where the girl had to hang on to that lone tree in the middle of raging waters. Okay, maybe that would be a bit of a stretch. My imagination is working overtime it seems! :-)

  3. It’s a shame that the token old person may be first out. Wish they would cast a more diverse group of people.

    • No, it would be GREAT if the token old person was the first one out. Maybe then the BB casting people will learn their lesson and stop doing this every season.

      • Maybe what they need to try is casting people in their 40’s and 50’s except for a token know-it-all-20-something twit.

      • It’s just that a 20 or even 30 year old is more likely able to take 3 months off then someone in their 40s or 50s with an established career. They need to make the season shorter.

      • No, it’s that more people will tune in for 20-something boobs and muscles. And 20-somethings are way more likely to act like complete morons.

    • They do that because it’s a live action soap opera and they want as many young, hot bodies as they can have.

  4. There’s no way to predict without knowing what the comp is. Anybody who says they know for sure at this point who’s leaving is delusional.

      • It’s the same as always. Somebody always “knows” who’s going next because they’re like super intelligent and hits.

        Oops. Misspelled the latter.

    • I think they probably always have that as a backup plan in case somebody that production like a lot is evicted early.

  5. I really misunderstood how this 3 part comp worked. if it’s a hanging on or climbing type of comp, I’d think glen would b loser.

  6. What if it’s s survivor type thing and they have to slowly climb the tree using the toe ledges? Bye Glen.

  7. Nothing against Glenn but of the four houseguests he’s my least favorite, tbh I prefer see out first Paul or Jozea (my two least favorite houseguests of the season) but sadly they are not in jeopardy :(

    • Paul and Frankie wannabee, as well as equally annoying should go home sooner than later. I cannot stand either of them.

  8. Can someone explain to me which teams are safe and for how long they are safe for? Julie didn’t make that clear to me.

    • Team Unicorn won safety for the next two evictions. I think most of us assume that means the one tonight and the one next Thursday, but who knows what Grodner has in mind.

      Teams Category 4 and Big Sister are safe this week (or at least, tonight).

      Team Freakazoid will compete tonight as individuals. The loser is evicted and the other three decide among themselves which of the three becomes HoH.

  9. Hey hey everyone! Hoping old friends (and some new friends) are in for a fun season. A bit disappointed they’ve pushed the ‘reality’ representation yet again (of all models, actors, and token individuals from different people groupings)….but…for what it is, I’m hoping it’ll work out ok. DaVonne seems to have not learned much since her last time on.

      • Lavendar! Hey hey glad to see you back… and yes, I honestly was rooting for her to come back and show a new & reformed person (I love stories of repentance and coming back to win the day)….sadly that doesn’t seem to be happening here and DaVonne looks like she’s determined to be everyone’s enemy yet again.

      • agree I remember Boston Rob on surivor I could not stand the guy until he did the season that he won he had changed and I ended up rooting for him its not gonna happen with DaVonne not for me lol

      • Yeah…sad but true. Now James, Nicole & Frank? They are awesome… I really wish they got Donny back, he’s my all time fave player who showed character and true sportsmanship! :)

      • I try not to form an opinion until after a week or so and after I watch some of the feeds. Usually most of the people I like on day one I don’t care for by day 10. And some I don’t like in the beginning I end up really liking. I couldn’t stand Vanessa last season but so far I really like her sister.

    • I don’t get throwing 1 older player in there, Glenn who’s 18 years older than the next one, Tiffany who is 32 and the only one over 30.

  10. The only old guy that didn’t ruin Big brother was Evel Dick but, Glenn is the one old mistake that BB made. Glenn isn’t a good fit for Big brother.

  11. I put all my bet on Mr. Garcia. Climbing up and down the coconut tree is gonna be hard for him. Oh, and one his favorite player is Frankie Grande…just for that, he should go home. lol

      • Hey Matt, You ready to diagnose some people here? haha. just kidding man..good to see you again.

      • By the end of each season’s comments with never ending put downs it makes me feel as if I need to be diagnosed! But you know me, if I need to come to the defense of those who are being beaten up I will….

  12. Glenn is short and heavy and this may be bad for him, but I think Nicole is the weaker player from that team. Nicole and Hayden are no longer an item and I really find her a bit annoying in just the first day of BB. I’d rather she goes over the old guy.

  13. Tiffany did fall first in the rocket competition. Hopefully that’s not a sign of things to come. She cannot go home tonight.

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