Big Brother 18: Counting The Votes In Week 5 [POLL]

We are back to nine votes this week on Big Brother 18 after the Battle Back twist brought another voter in to the game and that means the bar is set at five Houseguests’ votes required to send someone out the door. So who will fall just one round shy of Jury? It’s looking pretty obvious right now.

James and Natalie count the votes on BB18

Of course with the new Round Trip Ticket twist in play who knows if we’ll be seeing this week’s evictee again, but with just a 1:12 chance we should get ready to say goodbye to this round’s target.

With the Veto Ceremony out of the way our final nominees for the week are Frank Eudy and Bridgette Dunning. One of these two will be sent out the door and it looks like that’ll be Frank. No surprise.

The only Houseguest at this point who would vote to keep Frank is Bridgette and she’s up on the Block with him, so there goes that. We could get a complete shut out with 9-0 votes on Thursday night.

Will Frank campaign against Bridgette? According to Paul that’s already started. This morning he informed Nicole, Corey, and Michelle that Frank was campaigning against his close ally.

A little later this morning Da’Vonne talked with Zakiyah and expressed hope that if the vote starts to flip or if Frank starts working on it then Paul will report it back to her. Soon after that Michelle confirmed to Day that Paul had informed her of Frank’s alleged efforts. I’ll have to go back and see what Frank may have said since it’s coming from Paul who tends to be lying if his mouth is open.

Michelle and Day continued to discuss the votes a bit more (Flashback to 11:28 AM BBT 7/26 Cams 1/2). Michelle wondered if there might be an option to flip the votes, but Day doesn’t want that to happen. I still think Michelle would entertain the idea since she desperately wants Bridgette out which would give her Frank back as she noted her jealousy over their closeness. I don’t believe Michelle could find the other four votes to make this happen though.

So what happens if Frank walks out the door and his Big Brother Airlines card has the golden round trip ticket in it? Then right back inside the house Frank will go and he’ll rejoin the game. It’d be hilarious to watch the House freak out over that, but for now I wouldn’t hold my breath.

What do you think will happen? Vote now in our eviction poll for your expected elimination this week. Will it be Bridgette or Frank who is sent out this week?


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  1. As much as I would want Frank to stay, I think his time in the house is over. My gut tells me that he doesn’t have the round trip ticket ,,,,,Frank you gave it a good run but all good things come to an end. See you on the other side.

    • Agreed. Frank was definitely my favorite HG this season and I hate to see him leave but it’s definitely his time to go. He was way too trusting of too many people in the house.

    • Even if he came back though, what would he come back to? It would be the same thing next week (unless he won HOH or Veto) in which case another wasted week.

      • It’s his time to go. I don’t want him there any longer. I love the guy…but I don’t even want him on jury. I want him to go home and enjoy the rest of the summer with his lovely girlfriend. Get the heck away from these goofs!

      • Same here. It’s one thing to campaign for yourself, but to campaign against the only one that trusted you, throwing her under the bus, is the pits!

    • It’s funny because I loved Frank, then I hated him, and now I like him again. I still didn’t like his rude behavior and his big ego but he’s definitely found redemption since then. It’s kinda sad seeing him leave, and if he came back he would just get targeted again so I guess it’s his time to go.

  2. Big Beetch is trying to cover all her bases, now she’s trying for America’s Favorite Player, by pulling house pranks like James did, but she dosen’t have a snowballs chance in — for that!

    • If she thinks pranks is what it takes to be “AFP” she is mistaken…it takes a social game and sportsmanship (believe it or not) to get AFP and Michelle has neither of those attributes but then again I see “no” Hg in the house as having social game or sportsmanship at this time…so I do not have a favorite and may not have one to vote for at the end..

    • For the first time ever I don’t think there will be an AFP. They’re all so horrible!!! How can you possibly like any of them? Frank should win for a 2nd time but leaving this early makes it pretty impossible. I guess I’ll vote for #notgaycorey

      • Everytime I see one of your short to the point posts, such as this, I can’t help it, I always lol. Love you, BHFan. :D

      • K, is James really your fav? I guess I’m just not seeing enough of the show. He’s a sweet kid, but I think Gnat has tainted him.

      • I do too Mj65; I do too. I just don’t see it happening. Call me cynical…call me doubtful….just don’t call me late for dinner. ;)
        Seriously though—I just don’t see it. :(

      • I don’t see their schedules and locations to be in conjunction with one another. But stranger things have happened. :-)

      • Nat did say that James is the type of guy she goes for & she thinks he’s cute. That was way back maybe 2nd week? But she did say that or similar in DR.

      • OK, OK Tink! I give up! I’m wrong on every count! And BTW, the ‘blood on my hands’ comment—go back and read my reply. Other than that—I surrender…I’m waving my white flag.

  3. I agree that Paul is a huge liar. Its funny no one has figured him out yet.

    That said, I was hoping Frank would stay but at this point it doesn’t make a difference. If I were one of the girls I would rather have Frank in jury than Bridgette but I don’t think the dummy girls figured that out yet.

    What I find fascinating is how the girls are playing this like once Frank and Bridgette are out everything will be cool. They don’t realize once the two big targets are gone THEY are the big targets.

  4. With all these people “reporting back” to her we’re going to have to change her name from Mama Day to Queen Day.

  5. Yeah I don’t have any hope for Frank. Even if he does return, he’s still public enemy number 1.

  6. The fact that the cards are opened by Juile makes it extremely easy for production to rig. They can put 2 cards in each envelope and then just tell Julie which card to pull depending on who got evicted.

    • Risky… HGs really could at some point agree to all open them to void the ticket back … or, more likely: open them in 4 weeks when that twist is over and the ticket back becomes a souvenir … if you are going to rig, better to have all the tickets “one way” and then call Frank into DR and give him the ticket back in.

      • Ya I guess,it would be risky if the houseguest opened them or kept the. Do the houseguest have to sign non-disclosure agreements? I wasn’t saying its rigged for Frank,just that they could rig it for who ever they wanted.

    • It would be even easier to rig the system without 2 cards in each envelope. Imagine if all the cards in that room were one-way tickets when Paul entered…then they switched them all to two-way tickets for the “right” houseguest.

      It really wouldn’t take much time for production to quickly change out all the remaining cards in the room while the houseguest they wanted to win was on the phone dialing and then listening to the phone message. Then when they leave, production could switch all the remaining cards back to one-ways again.

      Conspiracy-ish for sure…but not impossible.

  7. Tryin to figure out what would happen if Frank the Tank did get a R/T ticket and march right back in on Thursday.

    He might not blow up everyone’s game if he knows he MIGHT come back in. He might be more strategic about what he tells and to whom if he is planting seeds. Surgical hits, if you will. Lol

    “Get to steppin’!” – phrases not to be heard on BB again until this twist is over.

    • Get the R/T plus win HoH and start building an alliance…that’s tough. He’s a comp beast but he always lack on strategy.

      • He has to get rid of Paulie before he can sleep at night. Paul will keep Vic wary of trusting Frank. But he can win POV and Bridgette can win HoH. Possible, yes. Likely, no.

      • I think he knows…do you really think he doesn’t? Of course, bear in mind that I don’t have the feeds and fall asleep during BBAD.

      • Sadly Paulie is not on his radar yet. Day and Nicole are probably his targets as he mentioned to Bridge before.
        Actually I would love it when he walks in and wins HoH he would put up both James and Natalie together and says to them sorry it’s just a game. Payback is a beach.

      • If Frank came back (much as I love him) same thing will happen to him. I’d rather he leave now. :(

      • If anybody wants a shot to win, Paulie has to be evicted soon. He already has Paul, James and Zakiyah on his side and they should hurry before he gets the numbers. Frank wouldn’t even have Paulie on his radar if he came back I don’t think

    • He has already blown up Nicole’s game. She has mistakenly not done damage control or even lied well to fix any of it. She is toast. She will be out before Paul

      • I guess he really did trust Nicole as much as he said he did. I think he is bummed that she played him so he feels he should blow up her game. If nothing else, just to make himself feel better

      • I think it will be good for Corey to focus on his game instead of Nicole whining and fixing her hair bun.

  8. Will Paulie think production/audience is pulling for Frank? (If he wins r/t tkt)
    And if so, will he team up with him, even if on the down low?



    3 BIG BROTHER – SUNDAY CBS 2.0 2,481

    4 THE BACHELORETTE ABC 1.9 2,440


    6 BIG BROTHER – THURSDAY CBS 1.7 2,217


  10. What a stupid bunch! Right now it’s 6 males vs 6 females. So why would the boys vote out a boy? Such idiots

  11. Why not.tell Bridge that Frank IS actually campaigning to get her out of the house? It might make her mad enough to throw him under the bus by telling what she knows.

    These house guests do not know how to play!

    • He’s not campaigning against her, and they talked about it. Bridgette wants to go home and he is campaigning just for him.

  12. It’s tiresome when one person has all the power (Paulie) because his lackeys keep him in power (Paul and James). Like season 3. Boring.

  13. Honestly as much as I want Frank out I just have this feeling that tells me that he is the one who has the ticket. Idk why I have this feeling but I don’t want that to happen ☝☝???

    • Noooooooo, please say it ain’t so. Do you think production switched envelopes each entry to set their pick back in the house. Please God. Don’t let it be Frank.

      • Hahaha hahaha hahaha,

        OMG, yes and it is unfrekking real! Wow, but they sorta blew over the Romeo incident. How much did he get paid to not bring suit against them?

      • Poor Rachel can’t catch a break. I wonder if she’ll kill him once she realizes what he’s doing to her?

      • Oh man, I can not wait to find out! I love, love, LOVE that show! I saw her on “Watch What Happens Live,” and she is teeny-tiny. I knew she was small; but she’s TINY. But yeah..can’t wait to find out! Only 2 episodes left. :(

    • When they got in that argument, Frank shamed him mentally. Seem like Frank was arguing w/a 10 year old.

      • I think Paul may have the mentality of a 10 year old…the first time I saw him on BBAD, his entire convo consisted of how he gets f’ing TRASHED, and how fun it is; over and over and over and over and over and over again. At his birthday party and on Halloween. And every day that ends in ‘y.’ How much fun it is to get f’ing TRASHED! Every other word was the F word and every sentence was about getting TRASHED…and how his Mom makes THE best Sangria, and how you can get TRASHED on one glass! Maybe he suffered from fetal alcohol syndrome.

  14. Paul’s game is trashing people behind their backs to take the target off himself, he’s a chronic liar, and I don’t believe anything he says about himself in or outside the house, i don’t see how the house hasn’t sent him out for being obnoxious and irritating!

    • Paul act like he has some mental issues! He’s also very very negative nomatter what day it is or what’s going on! I notice he talks like he knows everybody if you know someone and he has done everything better than what you have done! If you listen closely he’s a compulsive obitual liar. Only thing he is good for in that house is to keep being Paulie’s flunky.

  15. Why is that u simply cant be social and friendly in the house?? Victor is being friendly with Frank & Bridgett and Nichole is calling it suspect…I suspect Nichole to turn on Corey anytime… shes sooo stupid…

  16. What BB should do, is whoever else is sitting on the chair, should go out, for instance, if Frank were to come back in, Bridget automatically goes out the door. There would be no vote. Lol

  17. I honestly don’t know why Da’Vonne wants Frank out so bad. It doesn’t really benefit her getting rid of Frank. She is the next target. Yes she isn’t aware of that but Day’s targets are basically Frank’s targets.

  18. Why is Paul having a full conversation, with the live feeds about is beard and tattoo?? Did I miss the question of someone caring?? This season can’t end fast enough

  19. I really am not enjoying this season at all. Makes me sad. I have watched BB since season one..I am a superfan…I just don’t have the urgency to jump on the feeds like I have in the past…if I don’t’s not a big deal..hasn’t been like that in a long time. I need this show to do alot of research and take their time in casting..find more than three people who actually know how to play the game.

    • This season started out with promise with the Roadkill. I think it was a good twist. They got rid of it too soon! Fine with getting rid of the groups but, should have left the Roadkill in! Nobody wants to play because everyone feels too safe picking off those isolated ones like Frank and Bridgette instead, of playing for themselves to win!

    • Hopefully next week one of the mean girls will be evicted and HGs start to scramble to protect themselves instead of going with the majority.

    • Most were called up at the last minute. That may be why the vets returned because if slim pickings (I can’t imagine that). But they have to stop casting 20 somethings looking for exposure to advanced their careers, free summer vacation or increase their social media following.
      The fans want people that know how to play Big Brother

      • Ya they need to cast older people who are true fans. I know the older players get picked off early but that’s caused of the young ones. But if everyone is in 30’s, 40’s, 50’s that may not happen. People, even CBS’s demographic, would prefer to see good game play rather than no game play

      • Yep! I agree cuz at least the older demographic has had life experiences & hopefully has developed more skill than trying to get a guy to kiss you.
        Good call!

    • That is why I’m hoping frank stays or gets the round trip ticket at least he is playing the game and the thought of him going out before bridge Mich and a few others is crazy. All we will be left with are showmances ugggg I think, no, I know if frank leaves this may be the one season I stop watching which has never happened before and I have watched all of them. A bunch of brainless girls just wanting to find love ugggg

      • I agree with u 100% , well said !! I am a hugh super fan !!! Frank tries his dammest to play this game hard but he just gets shut down by everyone except Brigette. All Da’vonne does is gloat in the DR about Frank being on the block. Besides that, she has no game play ! Michelle is jealous Frank bonding with Bridgette instead of her, again no game play ! The others r just falling in luv or maybe forgot they were in the BBH playing or decided just to watch Frank play. How obnoxious for Paulie to say to Framk give up buddy ur making an ass out of yourself !!! Someone plz show Paulie the finger ALRIGHT !!

  20. I Love Frank. I love him. But I want him to go home. I don’t want him to go to jury. Go home to his lovely girlfriend, and let these yahoos yank-off. I know I sound bitter; I’m not. I’ll still watch…just not with the enthusiasm I had anticipated and looked forward to all year. Paulie The House and Pizza Rat Paul can duke it out with Victor The Vapid; while Michelle The MEANingless pouts and rants about how unfairly she’s being treated by Blunt Bridgette. Meanwhile, Da’ The Detestable can deal with Natalie-I’m-Playing-With-James’s-Heart-Just-Wait-Until-The-Show-Is-Over-And-Watch-How-Fast-I-Can-Hit-Ignore-On-My-Phone; while Z–America’s Next Top Model—can avoid the gaze of Dead Eyes Corey. Oh, and then there’s Nicole…don’t need to mention anything about her, since she doesn’t seem to know she’s playing a game. And then there’s James…get prepared to be ignored once the show is over–oh, and don’t expect to win. Especially since you wuss out and VOTE WITH THE HOUSE. I am so sick of that excuse, I could vomit…but at the end of the day, I wouldn’t want to get any blood on my hands.

      • That was rude. Lol!…Unless you used ‘Hiyo’ in the positive; in which case, Thank you!

        Hey, can I ask you a question Cyril?

      • Well, that’s what I figured…but for a split second (since you won’t let me ask you a question), I thought maybe you were giving me a sarcastic ‘Hiyo.’ I should have known better. ;-D

    • Bravo, well said. But wasn’t it funny when James says if he hears that, he’ll know that the time has come. LOL.

    • About the whole James thing. While it wasn’t a good move and he’s just blindly following the house, what if he didn’t put up Frank and Bridgette? Then who would protect him? Just saying.

      • Good question; but wouldn’t it have been incredibly exciting to see someone go against ‘THE HOUSE’ for a change? Maybe if he had, we’d have been surprised by how many people would have followed suit…

      • True, but blindly going forward not knowing who will go along with you isn’t a good thought when you’re prob already paranoid based on not knowing what’s true & what’s not.

        I guess you gotta go with that ‘gut feeling!’ Hard to play a game & make moves based on that.

      • Honestly, I don’t think they have his back anyway, they will drop him like a fly. They just needed him to do their dirty work !!

      • I disagree but then I like James & think he’s not as stupid as ppl think he is…… Here’s hoping anyway!


    • Nicole squirming like a squirrel trying to get away from a cat all night last night, driving Corey crazy was too funny. She’s knows her bun is cooked because of Frank exposing her.

      I was happy Paul spoke up for Bridget but boy is she stupid for listening to Frank this week. He’s playing her like a fiddler would.

      She also seemed a little miffed when Paul tried to tell her about his sister who was bullied suffered from anorexia when he was actually trying to be kind. She took the target from maybe Day or Zak and put it squarely on her back.

    • It’s not just about blood on hands it’s more about SAFETY for the next eviction. If ppl see you as a ‘team’ player you’re more likely to stay for a while anyway!

      • Lol…that was MY comment about MYSELF. ‘…I could vomit….(but) I wouldn’t want to get any blood on my hands.’ Lol! This season of Paulie The House and Paul The Rat has given me an ulcer—which in turn has made me vomit blood.

      • Wow! Relax, its just a reality show….maybe a glass or 2 of red? Or maybe white (red is the color of blood… lol )

  21. Nicole stated that James and Day have wrong Frank more than she has. BS with a capital!.

    Bridget flirting with Frank is barf worthy . . . yukkkkkkkkkkkk

      • Can’t believe she’s a nurse. I didn’t give the meds to the patient who died, so and so did. Lol

        Wait til her job sees how easy it is for her to deny the truth, badly no less.

      • They all lie or bluff or whatever you want to call it. No one is completely honest. It’s big bro

      • Ok……I guess I just read some posts too quickly & don’t find the funny stuff ppl are intending….. Lol oh welllll!

  22. on the live feed cameras- two cameras are on The 2 D-Bags, Paul & Paulie, and the other two cameras are on Davonne, and Michelle, who’s operating the darn cameras, i mean give me a _____ break already!

  23. James is delusional, Natalie is way way way out of his league, and he thinks he has a chance with her. LMAO

    • If you base it on looks, you might be right, I guess. But if you base it on intellect and personality, she’s way beneath them all. She is extremely stupid.

      • HA! It’s funny because it’s true. I rag on mean girls, because I can’t stand them…but it’s true…she’s none too bright.

    • I hate the way people always judge whether couples should be together based on looks. How much more shallow can you get?? James is adorable inside and out. He deserves a woman 10xs more beautiful than Nat and one a million times smarter. ?

  24. the only 2 people worth a damn in that house are Frank and Bridgette.

    …liars,cowards,backstabbers,bores and bitches are all that remain.

    • What are you talking about. You don’t think Frank has done ylthe same????? Especially, trying to affect people’s self esteem !!!!! He’s taking it a little too far as far as I am concerned

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