Big Brother 17: Week 11 Veto Ceremony Plans

Later today in the Big Brother 17 house the Power of Veto Ceremony will be held and this week’s Head of Household, Steve Moses, will be forced to make a decision. Houseguests all suspect what’s about to be done, but that shouldn’t stop the planned noms from shedding a few more tears.

Julia puts on her game face for the Veto Ceremony
Julia puts on her game face for the Veto Ceremony – Source: CBS All Access

Yes, game plans were disrupted in this week’s Veto competition, but this went back to proving the point of why the original noms had to be done the way they were. Just imagine the mess Steve would be walking in to otherwise.

Austin won the Veto and will soon take himself off the Block. There’s no chance that he’ll use it on Liz as he’s made it clear he wants to stay and feared he’d be the target if he remained on the Block. Sure enough, Austin was the target, at least for Steve.

So with Austin out of the mix Steve will have to name a renom and he’s made his choice clear. Julia will be going up on the Block. His only other choices were Vanessa and John which wouldn’t make sense for him to use his allies. There’s no chance that’ll happen today.

Speaking to the cameras last night, Flashback to 2:52 AM BBT 9/7, Steve said “I am skeptical of Vanessa, but the Austwins need to be broken up. I’d be a fool to do anything else.” True. At this point the Austwins have survived far past at point of when they should have been cut. I’m still disappointed in the majority of them for allowing that to happen in the first place, but I suppose better late than never.

With the twins up on the Block the House will have to decide who is best to go. Of course Vanessa is working on that plan, but she’s presenting it as a choice the twins want to make themselves and then the house should just lay down and let them pick. That’s crazy. There’s no way anyone outside the Austwins should want Liz to stay another day. She’s the much stronger competitor and has a tighter bond than Julia has available to her.

I’m sure there will be plenty of discussions later in the week over the merits of which twin to keep, but for now we can rest assured that they will be the final nominees of the week. We’ll get the formal Big Brother spoilers later today and have them posted on the site when it happens.

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  1. Would anyone be surprised (with the way this season has gone) that Steve would put up Julia and the rest of the house evicted Julia instead of Liz this week? I wouldn’t. But hopefully the rest of the house sees that Liz is the bigger threat, the leader of Austwins and without her being the glue, that alliance might just fall apart. Hopefully the house evicts Liz this week.

  2. so Sigmund Freud neurologist has become sigmund and Freud lione act in Vegas? Oh dear its Sigmund and Roy and its tigers not lions and no they have nothing to do with the good old doctor Thank you twins for the laugh lol

  3. —Of course Vanessa is working on that plan, but she’s presenting it as a choice the twins want to make themselves and then the house should just lay down and let them pick. That’s crazy. There’s no way anyone outside the Austwins should want Liz to stay another day.—

    I agree that Liz SHOULD be the choice to go, however I think Vanessa would like to keep Liz. That’s why she’s pushing for the twins to decide who goes. After the veto ceremony, I think Vanessa will privately “work” the twins into agreeing to keep Liz.

    Why would Vanessa want to keep Liz? It makes Liz and Austin a stronger duo. Follow me here for a minute.

    Vanessa CAN’T vote with Austin to keep Liz then turn around and tell JMac just how dangerous Austin and Liz are together. However, if everyone agrees that the twins should decide, Vanessa has her out!

    Vanessa can say, “Well now that we allowed Liz to stay WE ALL (JMac, Steve and Vanessa) need to work to target Austin and Liz.” The interesting thing in this scenario is that the ONLY ONE that will be “working” to target Austin and Liz is JMac because he will be the only one of Vanessa, Steve and JMac playing to win HOH.

    And that brings me to my point. VANESSA WANT TO THROW THE NEXT HOH!

    Austin and Liz will nominate Steve and JMac, with Steve being target one. If Steve or JMac come down, Vanessa goes up, but she stays because the vote will be one to one with Liztin (whoever wins HOH) breaking the tie and keeping Vanessa.

    JMac will target Liztin, if either come down, Vanessa goes up. Vanessa is kept because the vote is one to one with JMac saving Vanessa.

    THAT’s why Vanessa really wanted Austin gone, the twins are an obvious big threat together and very easily manipulated. Austin and Liz are a big threat, but Austin is less easily manipulated. Austin and Julia could spell trouble for Vanessa as the two of them together may not be enough of a threat to JMac for Vanessa to feel comfortable enough top throw the next HOH.

    Long post, but I hope I provided some interesting food for thought! Have a great Labor Day!

    • Nawww…Julia would be much easier to manipulate than Liztin as she is now an individual than a trio…Julia has never liked Austin…she only tolerated him. She’ll team up with Van after Liz goes.

      • Like I wrote above, Julia and Liz together WOULD be much easier for Vanessa to manipulate, but Julia and Liz staying is not going to happen.

        At this point Vanessa isn’t worried about manipulating Julia for the rest of the game, Vanessa is interested in safety for NEXT WEEK. Vanessa wants to throw the next HOH, so she can play in final four HOH.

        Vanessa needs two clear STRONG SIDES –
        Steve and JMac
        Liz and Austin

        Each side will target the other. Vanessa will play each side like she is working with them. That way Vanessa will “float” through the middle right to the final four HOH, the winner of which is automatically in the finals.

        An Austin and Julia pairing threatens her plan.

      • That assumes that Julia and Austin would work together. With Liz out of the picture, my guess is Austin would try to get closer to anyone else – and julia would only be a backup choice. She is the weakest one left

      • She’ll be safe either way you look at it, even with Liz gone! She’ll still be able to play either side making either side stronger with her on it than the other. All depends on how the cards are played next. She’s definitely a swing vote this week.

      • I love the thinking here. Vanessa likes having ‘human shields’ and ‘reasons’ so that people know why and who really sent them home. Then she double talks them until they are dizzy. They leave, have quiet time in Jury and realize that it was her. She plants seeds weeks ahead of time and harvests which ones work on any given week.

    • Liz has to go. Vanessa realizes that and will convince others. She wants to take Julia to the final two. She wins if she does.

      • Really?

        If Vanessa wants to get rid of Liz, all she has to do is tell JMac that we need to vote out Liz! She hasn’t done that. Vanessa is the person pushing to let the twins decide their fate. Why is she doing that?

        When analyzing the game, we have to speculate on why the players are doing what they are doing, not on what WE would like them to do. Vanessa is pushing for the twins to decide which one will get voted out.

        As far as final two.

        Vanessa can carry JMac to the finals and beat him just as easily as she beats Julia. She can carry Austin to the finals for an easy win. She has many avenues open to her for the win.

        Truthfully, if Vanessa gets to final two, the only way she doesn’t win is if there is a bitter jury.

      • ..and I think there might be a bitter jury. Becky, Jackie, and Meg..I don’t think, would vote for Vanessa..maybe Dr. Will will make an appearance and tell the jury you can’t hold it against a player because they were smarter than you and got you out of the house..hear that, Becky? Can’t cast a vote based on personal have to look at their all-around game for the entire season.

      • You can vote however you want, you shouldn’t hold game play against them but in the end your vote is your to do what you want with it.

      • And if she’s against JMac they love him. And also Shelli would vote for JMac. I’m just hoping he can make it to final 2.

      • I think she wants them to think it is their idea on who goes, but she will manipulate them into selecting the one she wants. That way she isn’t to blame for picking one, but still gets what she wants. Those two lap up everything she says and does to them and then thanks her for the opportunity. Idiots.

      • And there is a bitter jury. Their all recruits. JMac has a lot of friends and I think would win. And Vanessa is saying to the twins for them to decide who should go only to make herself look good for whichever one stays. Just watch how she spins things over the next 4 days. She wants Liz gone and I’ll bet that’s who goes.

      • Agreed… assuming that Julia is the re-nom, Van wants Julia to stay they all do except Austin… she plants the seed “let the twins decide”, the twins decide Liz… the vote goes 2 – 1 and as Liz is leaving Van whispers in her ear “I was the 1 vote but the boys went against you”.

      • Why would either side gun for her? Both sides THINK she is working with them!

        Liz will FORCE Austin to target Steve. Steve was already targeting Austin this week.

        What would make you think all of these people would change their plans and target Vanessa?

        JMac, Steve and Austin all think they have a final two with her.

        Your speculation is nothing more than wishful thinking.

      • Steve and JMac have already discussed it. If JMac wins, he puts up Austin and Liz/Julia. If Austin wins veto, Vanessa goes up and goes to jury. Austin is in it to win it. He knows Vanessa is in his way.

      • Plus after Liz or Julia is gone, really you have Steve / JMac vs Austin / Twin… the most dangerous person is Vanessa both sides know she has to go, she can swing both ways and she does, what’s the best way to get her? All four against her and then you have a 2 vs 2 best team, best man or woman wins.

        Sit down talk it out, hell let Vanessa in on the talk, wait, let don’t go nuts here. LOL.

        If I was Steve/JMac I’d want Austin/Julia rather than Austin/Liz.

      • No if you watch the feeds Steve already thinks she’s being shady. You can only play both sides for so long before you get burned.

      • It’s hard to beat Vanessa in F2..and that’s a big incentive to take her out. This is the time when players starts thinking who can they beat in the end.

      • LOL… what would make you think all these people would change their plans… LOL… how’s Vanessa not going to have to change her plans with F2s w/everyone. You’re assuming JMac, Steve & Austin plan of F2 w/Van is real. Since at least Steve & Austin & probably JMac have F2s with others too which one do we believe is their true F2… they probably don’t know themselves.

        Your speculation is nothing more than assumption.

    • One last point about Vanessa throwing the next HOH.

      If Vanessa does throw the next HOH, as I wrote earlier, she gets to play in final four HOH. If she wins that HOH, she doesn’t have to tip her hand on who she is really working with.

      She guarantees herself a spot in the finals AND she lets the other house guests battle it out for the other two spots. This frees Vanessa up to work with whoever she chooses because every house guest THINKS they are working with Vanessa.

      • She’s a fool if she throws it and she won’t because she’s not stupid. HOH and POV are the only way you are for sure safe. If there was a lot of people left to put up then that’s different. But this late in the game she would be stupid to throw it. Say JMac wins and puts up Austin and Julia. One of them win POV and JMac will not put Steve up so Vanessa goes up. There would be a good chance she gets voted out because everyone knows she is a strong player. So much for throwing HOH.

      • That would have been a lot of work down the tube for NOTHING were she to throw it and get evicted… you have to be thinking get rid of 1 more HG that is least likely to keep me safe.

      • Are we watching the same game?

        Austin, Liz on the block, one comes down Vanessa goes up. Steve votes out remaking Austwin, Austwin votes out Vanessa, JMac votes out Austwin and keeps the person he has as his F2, Vanessa.

        This isn’t that hard or difficult. In that scenario one Austwin left with 3 from the anti Austwin alliance.

        YOU may not want JMac and Steve to keep Vanessa, but WHY would Steve and JMac want to go into final 4 with the odds for sure being 2 – 2. That’s what it would be if they voted out Vanessa.

        By keeping Vanessa they MAY have 3 – 1 odds. Pretty basic math!

      • Yes I am watching the same game. I also watch the feeds and what makes you so sure Steve doesn’t vote out Vanessa? He’s already saying he doesn’t trust her. He’s already questioning why she would take him to the finals when she stated Steve would beat her. You may want Vanessa to stay but why would they keep her? It’s not that hard or difficult to know that nobody should throw HOH or POV with so few people left in the game. Anyone can flip. Remember Marcellus???

    • If Vanessa votes for Liz, what is to prevent her or Austin if they win HOH not to put up Vanessa and Steve? That would be the smart move on their side if Vanessa makes that very bad move. Then, Vanessa is evicted. Vanessa’s side needs to still win the next HOH and keeping Liz in the Big Brother House will enable Austin and Liz to come back and take out Vanessa, Steve and Johnny Mac.

    • I am not as convinced that vanessa throws HOH this late in the game. I also think vanessa is better off if liz goes. She then has a great spot with all of the remaining HGs. Both Austin and Julia are closer to her than each other. If Julia remains and Van wins HOH – I think she throws her lot in with Austin and Julia and targets steve.
      If Liz stays her options are much trickier. While Liz is a much better competitor – van may (or at least has to fear being) at the bottom of a Austin/Liz/Vanessa trio. So if Liz stays vanessa, might be forced to target them if she wins HOH. Put another way, I think Liz staying decreases vanessa’s options. So (despite what others think), I actually think steve and jmacs move is to keep liz. If julia stays – then steve is dependent on either jmac winning HOH (otherwise steve likely on block as target) or steve winning veto.

    • Well, I set up two strong teams to go against each other… here let me stand over here out of the way, just forget I’m even here… ready, set, go after each other. LOL.

      At this point if you don’t get rid of strong players (Liz) when you have a chance and on top of that throw HoHs, I’d say keep your eyes open for 2 guys with a strait-jacket.

      Almost forgot… I hope Van does throw the next HoH… bye-bye Vanessa.

    • Vanessa has a final two deal with Julia and also Austin, Steve and JMac. The only one she doesn’t have a final two with is Liz. She wants Liz gone.

  4. How can someone hate Vanessa? She has dominated the whole game and gotten every vote to go her way. She even managed to make the people on the block think they have the power to decide the outcome. If she was a male people would be saying she one of the best ever. People say she is a “bully” and how they don’t like that type of game play but when Evel did stuff 10 times worse he was the favorite of the season.

    If anyone is Hypocritical its all the Vanessa haters

    • Vanessa is the best player in this game, but unlike other great players in all of the seasons she is a crier.
      Whenever people tell her to her face that she lied, manipulated or bullied then starts to cry and hate on that HG. I can’t stand her because I always root for the nice guys. I am not a fan of floaters, and I don’t think James was one so he was my fave. Johnny is somewhat of a floater, but he threw comps for them when he was able to win it and I hope he makes it to the end even if he doesn’t win.

    • If Vanessa was calm, cool and collected in her manipulations, I would have more respect for her. Instead she bullies and plays the victim. She is like evil Dick who I also couldn’t stand and was disappointed in his win. It has nothing to do with gender.

    • I am not a Vanessa hater. I have defended her play on here several times. She deserves the win. I have enjoyed watching her play this game. She deserves the win, hands down!

    • Evil Dick was not liked our a favorite during his season. I hated him, most people did. Just because he won didn’t mean he was liked.

    • Evil Dick was a dick to the jerks and the entitled lot, I honestly found his approach refreshing, he was brutally honest and he still ended up winning his season. Vanessa is whiny and too emotional, she freaks out if someone barely looks at her funny, I would be all for her as a player, but its not a complete gameplay plan. maybe if she actually revealed her strategy in DR and correlated her strategies, she would be impressive. but she never does. she simply cries around and relays information, so it’s not all on her. its also because of how many recruits CBS decided to cast this season. which means its not very competitive at all, just predictable.

    • It’s not hard for me to understand why she is the best player in the house and at the same time not well liked across the board. It’s a balancing act.

    • I think that Vanessa is the hardest working woman in TV. She is endlessly mindinf effing these people and has since she got there. She cries when necessary, lies, deals, loses, wins, wears that smelly (I’d be shocked if the green hat isn’t funky) hat, ALL shooting for the end game. She looks like she about to go Jerry McGuire, take the fish, and have a nervous breakdown. Honestly, I’m a fan. Other than Jmac (whose DR shouting and voice immodulation issues give me nosebleeds), she’s the only non-moron in the joint. I LIKE HER!

    • I went from not being able to stand her, to being in absolute awe of the Machiavellian way she has manipulated the entire house. Not that I admire it, or agree with it, but I’m mind-boggled at how she can get into people’s heads and make them believe they actually came up with what are actually her ideas. I imagine the inside of Vanessa’s brain as being like a bee-hive of activity – neurons going off ten times as quickly as the average person’s, little, reflexive messages making her eyes bug out and dart in different directions while still managing to look blank (because she’s really in her head and only partially in the physical world), the furrowing of the brow. She needs to leave her brain to science, because I guarantee it’s not like yours or mine. Of anyone in the house, she deserves to win, hands down. There’s not a single HG who came within 10% of Vanessa’s level of scheming and plotting out future scenarios.

      • AGREE!!!! CIRCLE GETS THE SQUARE!!!! Van has worked her asssss off! Becky and Jackie figured her out and is even winning the game for her in jury by ‘exposing’ her schemes. She has pimped that entire house! Her game has been nothing short of poetic. Didn’t like her offering cuts of money, though. Took the fun out of the game. You can’t buy a win… then it’s no win at all.

  5. Regardless of which twin gets booted, I can’t wait to see the look on dim or dimmers face, at the jury house, when the other twin walks through the door next or later. I know I am dreaming. Lol!

  6. Someone posted that their ability to accept Vanipulations game would be easier if she shared her strategy in her DR sessions. I believe that would be foolish. If production does manipulate the game, why chance any information that would allow production to “salt your game”. If information is secret, you tell not a living soul. I do not personally care for Vanipulations gameplay, but I have to admit she has ruled the BB house this summer. “Win at all costs” may seem unsporting to me, but the lesson lost here on most is that $500,000 drives a whole bunch of greed, and folks will lie cheat steal and manipulate any way they can for money. Human nature.

    • SUCH a good point! I love that Vanessa is in on the joke of this whole thing and is playing like she is. But the house ALWAYS wins, right? She’s not going to outsmart the network or producers of that show. It would defy the purpose and that won’t happen.

  7. I have a terrible feeling that Steve is going to put Vanessa up to keep that dumb final 5 with the austwins and to seem stealthy and badass. If this happens, I will be forced to retire for the season. Also, do the twins know that they are being filmed and broadcasted? They are marketing interns; they MUST know how unlikable and hateful they seem. Whatever schools that they went to seriously failed them. That being said, I actually like Julia much better than Liz; she’s the more ‘substantive’ of the two.

      • OMG! FIRST, I’m a lifelong Ny-er, born and raised in NYC (we’re like the North American Yeti – rumored to exist but difficult to find) and MEG is not a typical Ny-er. She was so ineffectual and just absent, gamewise, that she was just there for comic relief! How do you vote her out? And how can you be mean to that? She’s so likeable and unoffending in every way possible that I’m surprised that she’s not mass produced and sold at Wal-Mart. It takes a special kind of ‘Mean Girl’ to be catty about Meg. But her eviction was Vanessa’s way of showing loyalty to the twins, who, ever so stupidly, thought she was a threat. Whew! I’ve been holding that in all week…

    • Steve won’t put up Vanessa. He is a coward. I would love it if he did. But Steve is a coward. COWARD! COWARD! COWARD! COWARD! COWARD!

      • I wouldn’t call him a coward; he’s volunteered to be filmed 24/7 for months of his life and we’re on a message board behind keyboards talking about HIM! He’s not a coward at all!

      • I’m getting so sick of hearing this “big moves” crap. The goal of the game is to win, not make big moves. Big moves are fun for the audience, but they can sometimes end you game (see James).

      • I hear you… They are a bit much but they seem genuinely annoying. Jace was contrived, with that damn hat and the streaking and the ‘Bro’ this and ‘Bro’ that. Omg! And then he dragged Indiana Jones into his crap! That is holy ground. He needed to go for that alone.

      • I think Liz is more shrewd and adept at getting what she wants but not more intelligent. I mean, they’re both in their early 20’s or something. I was a HOT MESS in my early 20’s and that was before people spent time photographing themselves and Tweeting about their breakfasts (late 90’s).

  8. Steve is an idiot for voting out Meg last week. Now he’s screwed. The sad part is that his mom was on some talk show last month talking about how brilliant Steve was. She was talking about how Steve would never do what Cody did last year. She said Steve would’ve taken Victoria to the finals, and not Derrick.

    Well she was completely wrong. Steve voted out the Victoria (Meg), and if he wins the top 3 veto, he will most likely take the Derrick (Vanessa) to the finals, and lose. Deja vu.

    • How is Steve screwed for voting out Meg last week? Meg hated Steve, and Steve put Meg on the block previously in the week he evicted Jackie.
      He’s also said he’s not taking Vanessa to the final 2 with him.

    • Well, Steve still has Julia, who seems to be a lock for F3 at this stage of the game. That could be Steve’s Victoria.

    • At least he recognizes Vanessa is a threat, as the column stated. Seems John and Austin do, too. Hopefully, this translates into not bringing her to the end. I mean, that should be crystal clear to them all by this point.

  9. Game play aside… I just have to say that Steve’s stress related, middle of the night, puking in the sink was EVERYTHING! Did anyone else find that mindblowing? Will someone please give him a Xanax, some camomile tea, and a hug? Poor kid… He’s a beast underneath the anxiety. If he pulls off getting to the final two with any one of the Austwins, he’ll win and drop the effing mic on this rat bastard season.

  10. What I can never get over is how ignorant the twins are for supposedly
    being college graduates. They come off as being women who would have
    barely managed a High School diploma. Even Austin rolled his eyes at
    them last night. I can’t stand watching him, but he does at
    least come off as being somewhat articulate and intelligent. Why would he want to
    mix his gene pool with something like Liz? What on earth did the twins get
    degrees in, “Undercover Activities 101″? ” How To Sicken and Irritate
    People Without Even Meeting Them”? I get the feeling they were very
    spoiled kids, even more so because of being twin girls, and aren’t used
    to not getting their way. I can’t figure out where they picked up their
    speech habits, although the way they sound definitely ties in with being
    whiny, entitled brats. “Mommmmmmmm-ah!” “I want thahhhhhhhhht-ah!” I
    will be so very, very, very happy to see Liz (hopefully) walk out that

    • Wow…! They have really bugged you this season! Lol! And, from a feminist’s perspective, Liz and Jackie are tied for most embarrassing women to share a gender with this season. Meg was no help but, atleast, wasn’t vapid…just overly delicate.

      • Liz, in particular, irritates the pee out of me. From a fellow feminist, everything Liz did was offensive. Pretending to like Austin, then supposedly “really liking him”, being willing to use her body for personal gain (on camera, no less), sitting with Julia discussing how gross he was, then “getting back” with him – manipulative, sleazy behavior that makes people lose respect for women.

      • Eh. I don’t really care that she used her sexuality; men go in there with that as a goal. She just chose the GROSSEST man in there. Austin was kind of interesting, being a meathead wrestler with a master’s in lit but then he opened his mouth. As for Liz, the unnecessary meanness, the whining, and just pure ignorance is what bugs me. I get that they are young but they are shallow and, really, quite offensively Kardashian…you know?

      • I do agree. Some of the stupidest people that I’ve known in life have advanced degrees. Higher ed in America is an industry now. Pure and simple. I worked and went to a private university and, being behind the scenes, burst my bubble on higher ed years ago. And you really do get out of it what you put in.

    • I really do hope that the whole ‘we’re dumb bottle blondes/who is Sigmund Freud’ thing was an act. It was almost terrifying at how stupid that was.

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