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Big Brother 17: Vanessa Promises Liz Loyalty & Final Two

Preparing for the Big Brother 17 finale we’ve heard talks from Steve alone on his plans for one last eviction, but what about Vanessa? She made it extra clear this afternoon in a private talk with Liz.

Liz Nolan and Vanessa Rousso discuss their F2 deal – Source: CBS All Access

Alone in the backyard Vanessa addressed her concerns about Steve by asking Liz if there had been any talks between the two of them for what his plans may be come time for the final eviction.

Flashback to 11:10 AM BBT 9/21 as Vanessa asks Liz if Steve has approached her to explain what he’s thinking of doing on Wednesday night if he wins round three. Liz assures Vanessa she has not talked to Steve one bit. She explains Steve hasn’t said anything to her which makes her (Liz) confident that Steve is planning to cut her. Of course we know Steve is planning to keep Liz and evict Vanessa and he may have hidden that well enough from Vanessa.

Vanessa tells Liz that “no matter what” she hears from Vanessa and Steve this week, the deal between Liz and Vanessa is still good that she’ll take Liz on to the F2. This goes back to Steve pushing for Vanessa to tell Liz that Vanessa and Steve have had a F2 deal for the majority of the season. Vanessa has pushed back on this plan, but Steve continues to suggest they should do it. Seems more likely Steve is just messing with Vanessa to put her in an awkward spot while having little doubt that Vanessa is actually also planning to cut him.

While Vanessa thinks she can win round three she does admit to Liz that she’ll be forced to make a F2 deal with Steve to cover herself in case she loses the last competition. Even then, Vanessa promises, she won’t honor it if she wins on Wednesday night (and neither will Steve).

Looking ahead to Jury Vanessa says she that even if she can’t take Liz to Jury she hopes she still has the Austwins’ votes. Speaking of votes, Vanessa promises Liz that if Steve does make a surprising move (surprising for Vanessa perhaps) and evicts her over Liz then Vanessa will not vote for Steve.

Vanessa again pressures Liz that she can never tell Steve about their F2 or it’ll “ruin everything” which she really just means “ruin her plans.” Vanessa says she really wants F2 to be two women so they can show that women can play just as well as men on Big Brother. I’d think a non-fake sobbing all the time persona would prove that better for Vanessa who was a stronger player than the victim she portrays, but you know.

This should all confirm for us how Wednesday night is lining up for two scenarios: Vanessa vs Liz in F2 or Steve vs Liz in F2. Liz doesn’t know it yet, but she is sitting pretty heading for finale night with at least $50K locked up while either Vanessa or Steve will be walking away with just their stipend. Ouch.

Do you think Vanessa or Steve will get to make that final eviction at the BB17 finale? And what about that vote promise from Vanessa? Would she really vote for Liz if Steve beats Vanessa in R3 and evicts her? If Vanessa believes she’s the best player and Steve beats her, then should she vote for him instead of Liz?

Update: For those looking for it, at 11:23 AM BBT 9/21 Vanessa tells Liz “if I won, like, the people who have been good to me in this game are going to have a f**king Merry Christmas… I’m a big sharer. All my success in life I’ve always shared with other people.”

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